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De Blasio to Immigrants: Drop Dead

New York's mayor hangs on to broken windows policing despite deportation risks.


Mayor Bill de Blasio re-iterated his support for broken windows policing at a press conference on crime in Astoria, Queens, despite the risk to which low-level petty law enforcement expose illegal immigrants in New York, which considers itself a sanctuary city. "We believe in quality of life policing," de Blasio said, "we believe it's one of the reason this city has gotten safer from a quarter of a century."

"We are not changing a formula that works," de Blasio continued. "It's demanded by neighborhoods all over the city," he noted, saying many of the leads are generated by 311 calls. Despite de Blasio's high-minded rhetoric about protecting illegal immigrants from overzealous immigration officers, his continued support for broken windows policing in the face of its human cost should not come as a surprise, even though the causal link between broken windows policing and lower crime is far from clear.

De Blasio showed a similarly uncompromising commitment to aggressive enforcement of low-level petty crimes in the summer of 2014, after the killing of Eric Garner while in police custody and a number of other police brutality incidents in New York made the news, despite insisting he was concerned about police misconduct and glomming on to the cause rhetorically. "The law is the law," de Blasio said back then. The New York City mayor had a similarly tautological response today about immigration raids in the New York City. "They're gonna do what they're gonna do," he said.

Asked whether police officers were finding cooperation harder to come by in immigrant communities since the election of Donald Trump, the new police commissioner, James O'Neill, said he had not heard such complaints about lack of cooperation, though de Blasio re-iterated their belief it would be inappropriate for local cops to be placed in a "federalized role" in terms of immigration enforcement because it creates barriers between police and the communities that they police.

In the press conference, de Blasio talked about the overall decrease in crime in New York City (with the exception of homicide, which saw a small uptick this February, with 20 homicides compared to last February's 18), giving credit for much of the decline to 2,000 additional police officers being put on the street. He also promised all police officers would be equipped with body cameras by 2019—no officers in New York City are currently equipped with such technology.

As de Blasio and police brass noted, there are 170 offenses considered "violent and serious" crimes for which a conviction triggers NYPD cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement on removal. De Blasio has indicated he's open to adding to that list, and says deliberations about that are continuing.

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  1. But go ahead and get as many DUIs as you want! As long as you don’t kill anybody you’re fine!

  2. To be fair, being shipped out of the country is probably the best outcome most people could hope for from an encounter with the NYPD.

  3. De Blasio to Immigrants: Drop Dead
    New York’s mayor hangs on to broken windows policing despite deportation risks


    Perhaps Open Borders isn’t Uber *Alles*.

    This is De Blasio satisfying his short term personal preferences over long term systemic Inner Party goals. He wants to control. That is the goal on the Left. Open Borders is the long term play for systemic power. But he *wants* you under his thumb *now*.

    1. I don’t understand how people don’t acknowledge that most of these cities with abusive police forces and incidents of black men being shot by cops have been mostly Democrat run for decades. Baltimore, Charleston, Chicago, New York, LA, etc. Everybody thinks it’s those damned racist rednecks in Southern rural areas who are the threat to blacks, but how often is there national news about a black kid being gunned down in a rural white town? How much power do those impoverished white southern racists we all like to mock have? Zero.

    2. Yep, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of politicians is “long-term strategic thinkers”.

    3. Or he wants to you know get re-elected. NYC only works if it’s safely insulated from the implications of its virtue signaling. Things can get bad in a hurry in NYC because of its density and extensive public transportation networks (crime committed outside ones own neighborhood follows public transportation lines).

      1. Sure if we define facts as being entirely based on anecdotal evidence of Reasonoids complaining about bad Cops and public sector unions, than sure Libertarians hate Cops.

        Or, libertarians simply oppose public sector unions and the bad cops the unions often protect while praising good cops like the ones who refuse to unnecessarily escalate confrontations with citizens over matters such as cigarettes and pot.

    4. That is the goal on the Left. Open Borders is the long term play for systemic power. But he *wants* you under his thumb *now*.

      Well, if the Left wants to do the right thing for the wrong reasons, that’s fine by me.

      And make no mistake about it: sending illegal aliens home is the right thing.

      1. Home to their home? Or home to their former home?

  4. Why don’t we just allow illegals to ignore all laws? After all they are the chosen ones who will convert the USA from a horrible waste land into the next Somalia.

    1. Why don’t we just allow illegals to ignore all laws?

      After all, it’s not like they’re *citizens*!

      1. Citizens, what losers!

  5. “We believe in quality of life policing,” de Blasio said

    I have no idea what this means.

    1. Pretty sure it means there’s a wrong way to have a good life and so help you if they catch you doing it wrong.

    2. It means a thousands-deep backlog of unsolved murder, assault, theft, and rape cases and many crushed windpipes for selling loosies on the street.

      1. NYC’s crime clearance rate is the envy of the USA. It get it libertarians hate cops (this is a fact) and resent the implication that they aren’t a net negative but policing in NYC has been nothing less than a miracle.

    3. Trans fats and big sodas.

  6. Christ, what an asshole.

  7. Not every petty crime results in an Eric Garner, and bringing him up every time the city (and its residents!) proclaim that they don’t want to return to the days when such crimes were completely ignored is not helping. I might suggest that the problem is not the petty crimes that you seem to want to ignore, but the thuggish behavior of the animals we pay to enforce them. And WTF does any of this have to do with immigrants?

    1. But isn’t Garner really about the thuggish behavior of the cops and not about the broken windows laws? I mean nobody really wants to make it about the laws apart from a few cranky libertarians.

      1. “New York’s mayor hangs on to broken windows policing despite deportation risks”

        The author seems to be insinuating that “broken windows policing” requires an Eric Garner now and then. Either that or we’re supposed to accept drunks pissing on walls, gangs defacing property, and punks stealing rides from the subway system as just another cost of being a “sanctuary city”. I’m not sure which is more ridiculous.

        1. Well if you’re going to institute broken windows policing in a city where the cops are entitled thugs with no consequences for abusing and murdering people, Eric Garner is inevitable.

          1. You can say the same about *any* law, not just the low-level “quality of life” stuff.

            1. True, but its harder to justify a choking a guy out on the street for tagging or jumping a turnstile than it is for assault or burglary.

  8. Okay how many of you Reason staff members live in shitty fucking neighborhoods overrun with crime?

    Yeah I thought so.

    Broken Windows Policing Works. Look at NYC and Giuliani. Then look at Ferguson when the police pulls out

    1. They should apply the Broken Windows theory to policing the police.

      1. This would be a good idea. But again NYC needs the police more than the police need NYC. Giuliani’s crime policies created billions upon billions of dollars of value for its residents. Libertarianism refuses to grapple with the reality of human nature- a segment of the population sucks and will harm others unless it is controlled. People joke about Somalia as a libertarian paradise because it’s a good joke that sends libertarians into sputtering rage- but the reality is there aren’t an actual libertarians in Somali because they don’t have that luxury.

        if open borders supporters could point to a success story like Guiliani’s transformation of NYC they wouldn’t have to torture data to find infinitesimal positive effects for open borders.

        1. a segment of the population sucks and will harm others unless it is controlled.

          IIRC, doctrinaire libertarianism dictates that *all* people suck, to various degrees, but the best way to mitigate the effects of such suckitude is not via government coercion, but by private cooperation.

          Your statement sounds like one from a statist, quite frankly.

          1. IIRC, doctrinaire libertarianism dictates that *all* people suck, to various degrees, but the best way to mitigate the effects of such suckitude is not via government coercion, but by private cooperation.

            Get your flavor of libertarianism right. You’ve described Anarchism, not Minarchism. Under Minarchism the state has a legitimate role to play in enforcing laws and punishing lawbreakers. Under Anarchism the state has no such role since the state doesn’t exist.

          2. IIRC, doctrinaire libertarianism dictates that *all* people suck, to various degrees, but the best way to mitigate the effects of such suckitude is not via government coercion, but by private cooperation.

            Opening the borders to a social welfare state results in massive coercion of the existing citizens, who have to pay for social services for economic refugees, and whose elections will be hijacked by people from dysfunctional nations with no desire for liberty.

      2. They should apply the broken windows fallacy to demonstrate that broken windows policing is a huge economic drain to communities.

  9. So, De Blasio supports the continuation of broken windows policing and we don’t like that because it might get more illegal aliens deported.

    Did the article really need the number of words Krayewski used? I do not think they added any more information.

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  11. I guess if you were trying to sell people here on broken windows policing, job well done?

  12. Well, if you don’t like the laws in place, change them.
    But that does require a few things, that for all the incessant caterwauling, Libertarians have failed to be able to accomplish.

  13. Who’d the idiot who wrote the title of the article? The article is about illegal immigrants. Legal immigrants are not affected by this.

    1. To the open borders advocate, and illegal immigrant is an immigrant who’s subject to immoral laws. It’s no accident the title doesn’t make the distinction. You see that sleight of hand all over the wider immigration debate. You’ll note the attention-grabbing headline is clarified in the article since not to do so would make the story complete fake news.

  14. De Blasio to Illegal Aliens: Go Home and Stop Violating our Laws


  15. Wait–how does this affect immigrants?

    Reason has told us, repeatedly, that they rarely commit any crimes. Wouldn’t broken windows style policing only heighten the disparity between the law abiding immigrants and the crime committing locals?


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