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Donald Trump and the Judiciary: Damon Root Visits The Fifth Column

Sorting through Neil Gorsuch, the travel ban cases and more, with Reason's resident court watcher


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On Friday night, when you people were heading out for your libertine revelries, Reason Senior Editor Damon Root, author of the terrific Overruled: The Long War for Control of the U.S. Supreme Court, was spending nearly two hours dissecting an amazingly busy week on the SCOTUS/judiciary beat for The Fifth Column podcast. With co-host Michael Moynihan making a rare-of-late appearance (along with medium-rare impersonations of Judge Andrew Napolitano), Kmele Foster and I cross-examined barrister Root on the 9th Circuit's travel ban ruling, the shoddiness of the government's arguments, Judge Napolitano's theory of the case, SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch's criticism of Trump's "so-called judge" remark, how Trump's court-bashing compares with Barack Obama's, what Gorsuch's record tells us, why media coverage of the Supreme Court is so awful, plus much more. Non-judiciary issues include the ongoing attacks against Yemen, Rand Paul's vote for Jeff Sessions, and The Decline of Western Civilization: Part II.

You can listen to the whole show here:

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