Trump to Meet Canada's Trudeau, Anti-Trump Protests in Mexico City, Tibet Hopes Trump Can Help Open Dialogue with China: A.M. Links


  • White House

    President Trump will meet the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, at the White House today. Meanwhile, about 20,000 anti-Trump protesters hit the street in Mexico City. The prime minister of the government-in-exile of Tibet says he hopes Trump can open a dialogue between the Tibetan government and China. The Kremlin suggested there may be a meeting between Trump and Vladimir Putin before the G-20 summit in July.

  • Nearly 200,000 people were told to evacuate the area after an emergency spillway at the Orville Dam in California was found to be at risk of failing.
  • The U.S., Japan, and South Korea called for a U.N. Security Council meeting after North Korea tested another ballistic missile.
  • Cancer patients in Yemen face medical shortage as the civil war continues.
  • A court in Kenya found doctors union officials in contempt and ordered them jailed as a medical strike continues.
  • The president of Turkmenistan won re-election with an official tally of nearly 97.7 percent of the vote.
  • Nightly mass protests continue in Romania over corruption in the government.
  • Adele won Record and Album of the Year at the Grammys.

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  1. Adele won Record and Album of the Year at the Grammys.

    They’re still doing those things?

    1. What’s a “Record”?

      1. I thought the hipsters were all into vinyl again because of how pure the sound is (or something like that). Did that change again?

        1. Rich forgets that the term ‘Record’ does not expressly describe a vinyl disk of acoustic audio data, but anything recorded, including 3000 year old clay tablets of gran inventories.

          1. It was a rhetorical question!

            *** pouts ***

        2. Nope. It’s like a broken record.

          1. If by warm you mean “static filled and muddy”, then yes

            1. No, that is how I describe Lena’s wool undies.

            2. Oh, hell, people drive Model T Fords and go hunting with back powder rifles. A passion for LP records is far from the silliest fad out there, and largely harmless.

              And, to be fair, this “warm” nonsense was started by the crappy digitizing work done on some classic albums in the early days of Compact Disks. “Perfect Recording” doesn’t help if you run the signal through a hand cranked gramophone first, and some of the early CDs sounded like they might have done just that.

        3. The underlying argument is that vinyl captures the analog nature of music, whereas CDs are inherently digital. The problem with the argument is that the frequency of the digital presentation is well beyond the human ear’s capacity to recognize as anything other than continuous.

          1. Shut up, Bill, you’re wrong. The gold-plated connectors + Monster Cable I use to rig up my $5000 sound system amplify and shape the analog artistry of the source music. Fuckin’ Nyquist, how does it work?

          2. It’s always continuous but it’s correct to say that the reconstructed spectrum is broad enough to capture anything the human ear can detect.

      2. What’s a “Record”?

        A statistical milestone.

      3. In this case, Song of the year goes to the Writer and Composer, Record of the year is for the performer so it should probably be more properly called “Recording of the Year”

    2. Hello.

      Re Justine: Bring back Doug Henning’s Natural Law Party!

    3. Giving awards for soulful yelling? Yes

  2. The U.S., Japan, and South Korea called for a U.N. Security Council meeting after North Korea tested another ballistic missile.

    Can North Korea actually hit anything but North Korea yet?

    1. Everything belongs to North Korea, so technically no.

    2. Based on the reports the missile they tested probably could hit Japan and definitely Seoul. I plan on cleaning out the old tinfoil bunker once they have a missile that has the range AND payload to deliver a nonconventional warhead.

      1. I mean, they could get the missile that far. Whether it actually hit its intended target or not is an entirely different story.

        1. The Koreans will look where it hit and then declared “We shot at [whatever the missile landed on] and successfully hit our target”

          1. “Because FUCK that whale, that’s why.”

            1. “Gotta nuke something”

            2. “Moby Dick was an enemy of the state.”

          2. If they actually hit any civilian or military target, it would likely be the end of North Korea as we know it now.

            1. Neither South Korea or Japan has nukes, so while that would likely turn out badly for the Norks, it’s possible lil Kim might be able to survive such an attack.

              Nuking the U.S. — not so much so.

              1. The US might be likely to retaliate if either South Korea or Japan were hit by a nuclear strike.

                1. Japan would start to feel singled out at that point.

    3. The basic question that needs to be answered here is “Is North Korea a wholly owned subsidiary of the People’s Republic of China, or is it largely independent. If the former, then we need to decide what China wants that they are trying to get with this maneuver. If the latter, then whoever is screwing around with missiles in North Korea will cease to be a problem as soon as Beijing concludes that he is a menace to Beijing.

      1. This. China is the key to dealing with the Norks. If they go off, I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t China that would retaliate and bitch-slap them. North Korea is putting China in a terrible position.

  3. President Trump will meet the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, at the White House today.

    A vapid summit.

    1. I head they’re flying in Soave to complete the Hair Trifecta. Once those three heads of hair touch, it will assemble into mega-mop and rule the planet with a keratin fist.

  4. The prime minister of the government-in-exile of Tibet says he hopes Trump can open a dialogue between the Tibetan government and China.

    A dialogue without hashtags?

    1. 140 characters maximum.

  5. the Orville Dam in California was found to be at risk of failing.

    Get ready for some *awesome* selfies!

  6. A fun story from ENB on twitter (something something cocktail parties)

    ElizabethNolanBrown ?@ENBrown 2h2 hours ago

    At a DC liberal party Sat. Drunk girl: “you’re libertarian? But sometimes regulations increase freedom!”
    “OK such as..?”
    “Net Neutrality”

    ElizabethNolanBrown ?@ENBrown 2h2 hours ago

    I ask how net neutrality aids freedom. Her: “It stops big companies from paying to slow web traffic down for small sites ”

    ElizabethNolanBrown ?@ENBrown 2h2 hours ago

    Me “that’s not what net neutrality is”
    Drunk liberal girl [shrugs] “that’s how the tech policy guy at my think tank explains it”
    Me [dies]

    1. Drunk people talking about politics.

      DC is truly hell on earth.

      1. Seriously. Burn the city to the ground and salt the earth where it once stood.

        1. Drain the swamp? Fuck that, flood the city and leave its ruins as a reminder of its decadence.

            1. Only if it comes with a young Jenny Agutter.

              1. +1 Logan’s Run nudity

      2. Seriously. Burn the city to the ground and salt the earth where it once stood.

        1. Those squirrellz on a low-sodium diet?

        2. 2x to be sure

          1. Shucks that’s what I was going to say
            *kicks pebble*

      3. I have stories about DC cocktail parties (which I stopped attending when I was about 25 years old)

        1. You should offer a Cocktail Party Tale of the Day.

        2. I would probably buy a published copy, just sayin.

        3. BOH-RING.

        4. Does it involve a cock or a tail?

      4. Maybe I’m just old fashioned. But talking politics sober sounds like the real hell.

    2. that’s how the tech policy guy at my think tank explains it


    3. my think tank

      Nice band name.

      1. Belay that. Too close to “My Morning Jacket”.

    4. Wasn’t the one case where this happened the exact opposite?? They were slowing down Netflix, and asking Netflix to pay more. It was slowing down big sites until they paid more to support their bigger traffic.

      1. Not even that. Netflix’s service provider (Cogent) was doing the throttling not the end users’ ISPs.

    5. See. DC cocktail parties.

  7. President Trump will meet the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, at the White House today.

    Please say something about Margaret Trudeau’s ass, please say something about Margaret Trudeau’s ass…

    Alternatively, Trump can make a sudden movement and Zoolander will scurry behind a chair.

    1. Trump: ‘No, I didn’t grab her pussy. Everyone else did though!”

      Trudeau: I’d like to discuss feminism…
      Trump; Hm, hm, hm. You’re momma…
      Trudeau: …and NAFTA….
      Trump: I tell ya…all those hands grabbing her pussy….
      Trudeau: ….and the pipeline….
      Trump: She sure had a pipeline of her own if you get my drift.
      Trudeau: Sir, I find this rude!
      Trump: Why is your head flapping?

      1. your

      2. What’s the odds on Trudy wetting himself during the meeting?

          1. Without Swiss here…I don’t know what to… Damn you all to hell!

            1. Swiss is our conscience of bad puns.

            2. It’s a pun free-for-all???

        1. I guess we’re about to find out if it’s considered an act of war when the president gives a prime minister a wedgie.

      3. Someone on here, I can’t remember, told a story about how he found Margaret getting double-teamed by hockey players in a hotel once. I wish to god Trump would tell Zoolander that story.

        1. Were they giving her the Old King Clancy? Or was it the Two Handed Zamboni?

          1. Wow. I don’t know what either of those are. And I’m not thinking about it until I figure it out either.

            But I laughed anyways, while maintaining my “purity”.

        2. Or maybe telling the joke that was going around in the 70s where some guy said he’d heard Pierre had got a new patio built because Margaret laid the stones*.

          *(as in Rolling).

      4. I love it that Canadians embrace Southpark’s stereotypes of them selves.

  8. Nightly mass protests continue in Romania over corruption in the government.

    Could they be as corrupt as the grammy government? Is that even possible?

    1. Nicolae Ceau?escu got nominated for key grip.

  9. Also on Twitter: Sarah Silverman can’t figure out the difference between swastikas and surveyor’s markings. But it’s not her fault for making the mistake, because bad racist people, or something.

    1. I hope for her sake she never visits Sri Lanka or Northern India.

      1. Or Japan. Swastikas are frequently found at Buddhist Temples and are used on maps to identify there location.

      2. Lots and lots of Native American artifacts contain swastikas. It’s pretty unfair that the Nazis so thoroughly destroyed what up until then was a poplar and benign symbol in many cultures.

      1. All of the replies are excellent. Thank you JB.

      2. They’re all pretty excellent. One shows picture of a guy standing there in a constiruction worker’s outfit with the line “If you a see a guy dressed like this on the street, punch him”

    2. Fantastic reply:

      Stephen Miller ?@redsteeze 14h14 hours ago
      .@SarahKSilverman Check it out. I even spotted a couple of Nazis in broad daylight testing some sort of abortion prevention laser device

      [attached picture of surveyors.

    3. Those replies are brilliant.

    4. Those Tweets responding to her stupidity by that guy Miller are HILARIOUS.

    5. She must have a hell of a time dealing with string quartets.

    6. Prog humor = intuition – knowledge

    7. People are trying to say that she was just joking. But that’s BS

      1. If she was joking, she would be mocking her own pantshitting. So, I’m thinking NOT.

        1. Exactly, doesn’t seem like that’s the way the joke should go.

      2. She admitted her mistake in a weak-tea callout of people mocking her. Apparently it’s a perfectly reasonable mistake to make since the country is rife with Nazis.

        1. To be fair, she smokes a LOT of drugs.

        2. ” the country is rife with Nazis”

          What progs literally believe.

          After all, Trump almost got half of the vote.

    8. Next she’ll watch The Man in the High Castle and think it’s a documentary.

      1. I had a friend post that he needn’t watch MitHC because it was happening for reals. He’s a good guy, but a dipshit.

    9. This was awesome, thank you.

    10. Awesome!

    11. I used to want to grudge fuck her, now I think I’d opt to smother her with a pillow. “Shhhh, just let it happen.”/humanitarian response

      1. Why not both? Slip it in, cover with the pillow. You both finish at the same time. Magic.

    12. Did Andy Kaufmann leave her all his fans in his will?

  10. A court in Kenya found doctors union officials in contempt and ordered them jailed as a medical strike continues.

    More evidence from his country of origin of how reaganesque Obama was. (I don’t know, there’s a line there somewhere. You find it.)

  11. KKK imperial wizard Frank Ancona is found dead

    Well, you know we *all* must die sometime.

    1. Frank Ancona

      Weird that a Klansman chose to name himself after a Russian Jewish atheist’s literary character.

      1. People usually don’t choose to name themselves at all. It is weird, huh?

    2. Why are Italians in the KKK? And why are Armenians eating lasagna?

      1. Why do Italians try to make pizza?

        1. To satisfy Little Caesar?

      2. It works like this: it’s common knowledge that all Italians love to eat lasagna. The Italian fascists were allied with the NAZI Germany. NAZI Germany perpetrated a genocide. Armenians were an ethnic group subjected to a genocide. Therefore, Armenian lasagna.

        1. Les Nessman approves.

  12. President Trump will meet the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, at the White House today.

    This stinks. I took Kevin in the “First Trudeau to visit the White House” prop bet.

  13. Nearly 200,000 people were told to evacuate the area after an emergency spillway at the Orville Dam in California was found to be at risk of failing.

    It’s California! They never expected it to be filled with water!

    1. Just mud, fire, or riots!

    2. Muh Infrustrutshur Projikt!

    3. What we need is some common sense flood control.

  14. The U.S., Japan, and South Korea called for a U.N. Security Council meeting after North Korea tested another ballistic missile.

    Hopefully, at some point, Japan, South Korea, and North Korea can agree on how totally embarrassing and tyrannical the United States government is now.

    1. I thought Abe and Don were best buds this week.

    2. Nikki Haley gets to grandstand!

    1. ‘Acid must have been pretty good back then.’ And it was! People I know did shoot up acid. Even I never did that. Shooting up acid is really radical.”


  15. Hey Canadians! Why am I seeing ads for health insurance on Canadian TV?

    1. The Canukistani courts ruled that it was illegal to prevent people from buying health care from private institutions, so the next step would be insurance to get real care from real hospitals and not have to rely on the bureaucracy.

      1. The blurb at the end of the ad went through a rapid-fire list of things not covered by Canadian “universal” care. I don’t remember what they were, but I’m pretty sure that whatever wasn’t covered in Canada would be racist in the U.S. Pretty sure.

        1. That’s pretty much it. Things like drugs, dental, chiropractic etc are not covered by most (if not all) provincial plans. Private insurance has always been available (and lots of companies include such plans in their benefits packages)

          It has nothing to do with the Quebec court ruling on the right to go outside plan. That ruling only applied in Quebec.

          1. That’s what I thought. This seemed to be supplemental insurance. It also told me that if the canadian healthcare system doesn’t cover prescription drugs, then that’s a potentially big thing.

            All I ever hear about in the US is how this or that drug costs eleventy thousand dollars a month. If that’s not covered by the Canadian system… then that seems like a pretty big talking point when comparing the two national healthcare systems.

            1. Dental too.

    2. Which province are you in?

        1. AFAIK, Ontario does not cover vision, drugs, dental or chiropractic and maybe some other things.

          My daughter’s employers have always included these plans in her benefits.

          1. Huh, pulled the trigger on my post above too fast. So provinces have distinctly different medical coverage?

            1. The federal legislation requires the Provinces to create a plan which provides a certain minimum level of medical and surgical (not drug, not dental) coverage which must be universal and portable* and also must prohibit offering services privately for a fee (except to non-Canadians). IOW, no covered services can be offered to a covered person (ie a resident of the province or someone visiting from another province who is covered by that province’s plan) for a fee.

              The Federal government pays a percentage (

            2. contd due to HTML error

              (less than 100% IIANM but I could be wrong). The federal legislation requires the provinces to provide a minimum level of Medical and Surgical coverage (not drugs, not dental, not chiropractor, not shaman or witch doctor etc) which must be universal and not available for a fee. IOW doctors are not allowed to charge covered patients (anyone who lives in the province or anybody visiting from another province) any fee for any covered service. Doctors and hospital are only allowed to charge fees to non-covered persons which pretty much means foreign visitors (like Sarah Palin’s family using the emergency room in the Yukon because there wasn’t one in their part of Alaska).

              Provinces are free to provide coverage for additional services and are also free to provide other services through the general welfare system. EG, most provinces pay for birth control for poor women through the welfare system and some school districts have a “school dentist” available.

              1. When I say doctors cannot charge fees, I mean, of course, they cannot charge the patient for anything. They must submit their claims to their province’s Medicare and accept the approved fee as compensation. This, I have heard, leads them to require patients to make a different appointment for every question a patient has. This is important since the GP is the gatekeeper in Canada. You don’t get to see a specialist without a referral from a GP.

                1. And GPs are discouraged from referring patients to specialist because Medicare doesn’t want to pay “unnecessary” specialists’ fees . So the GP will refer you first for tests and radiology and imaging (an MRI can have a waiting list of months) and only then will you get your appointment with a specialist (which can have its own waiting list).

                  Essentially, Canadian Medicare is an HMO on steroids. I would love to see Canadian Medicare collide with the USA’s victim driven tort system. You would never see such a trainwreck ever in your lifetime.

    3. Why did I see Joe Biden appearing in a Law & Order promo?
      “There is nothing worse than a person abusing his power”.
      I almost puked.

      1. Ripped from the headlines story of gov’t official abusing his powers to sexually assault the wives of underlings?

  16. The prime minister of the government-in-exile of Tibet says he hopes Trump can open a dialogue between the Tibetan government and China.

    By sending Ambassador Kyle MacLachan to China in character as Agent Dale Cooper.

    1. Or he can be in character as the mayor of Portland.

    2. He can fight with the Dalai Lama over who is the true Kwisatz Haderach.

      1. His name is a killing word.

    3. +1 fine cup of coffee

  17. President Trump will meet the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, at the White House today.

    Let’s just hope that somebody tells Trump that when Trudeau says he wants to talk a boat trade, he’s not offering to swap watercraft.

    1. You bastard. I did not want to laugh at that.

    2. It’s a BOOT trade/swap timberlands.

  18. For anyone interested, especially those who are considering stepping away from the Reason comments, whether temporarily or permanently, I co-admin a private email group strictly for the Reason commentariat. We’ve currently got about two dozen active members. It’s Tulpa-free (with verification) and anonymous (unless you wish to voluntarily self-identify). For an invitation, email me at dgroves140 AT gmail DOT com with your handle, and we’ll get you verified and added to the group.

    We’ll post this on the AM and PM links every day this week to give everyone a chance to see it.

    1. Shit…. that was a mistake. I wanted the gmail address in my handle. You can use either e-mail to contact me.

    2. Worst semi-quasi secret gossip society EVER!

    3. I would never join any private email group that would have me.

      1. I wouldn’t have you in mine. Does that make you feel better?

        1. It does and it doesn’t, bro.

    4. I’m pretty sure you’re going to sell our e-mail addresses to Russian kiddy porn marketers, but why not.

      1. In that case, i’m in.

    5. So will the email address we use be visible to everyone in the group?

      1. The people want to know.

        I guess we could all make reason email burners ? la Tonio.

      2. If you post via e-mail, yes. There is a group page where if you have an account you can post without exposing your e-mail address. Group admins know all members’ e-mail addresses because it is the only way you get access. You can e-mail me at the address above if you want to know more.

        1. Just sent you an email.

  19. Nearly 200,000 people were told to evacuate the area after an emergency spillway at the Orville Dam in California was found to be at risk of failing.

    It’s a good thing the state of California hasn’t poured money into a boondoggle like a stupid high speed rail instead of something important like water infrastructure.

    1. It’s like the Air Force. If you spend all your money on golf courses and huge commissaries, then Congress will have to give you more money to build the things you actually need, like runways and hangars.

    1. That looks like fun. I hate you. (not really)

    2. I forgot you went on vacation. I was was m wondering where you had gone.

    3. Vail or Keystone maybe?

      1. Copper

        1. I’ve done Copper quite a few times back in the day. Season pass for Copper, Keystone and Breckinridge for about $250. Loved Copper because it was just off the highway, but Breck had the best scenery. Enjoy yourself.

          1. Already home 🙁

            Breck is too big for me. Vail is too expensive/snooty. Copper is absolutely perfect for my needs.

            1. Just don’t go to Taos. Taos sucks ever since some billionaire bought it and replaced a 45 minute summit hike with a 5 minute lift ride.

              1. I was there two years ago in mid January (hell, that was the first year it was there) but anyways, it still hadn’t run yet that year because there wasn’t enough snow. And even if you take that lift up it only gives access to a small portion of the high ridge. You’d still have to hike to get to portion over towards where you hike up. I’m sure this sentence is grammatically correct in every way.

                Also, those billionaires really are trying to overhaul the whole place into super modern resort which I think will kill whatever charm it had.

      1. I never took any pics of hot young dudes in the bar during apr?s, and anyone who tells you differently is a damned liar!

  20. People clearly can no longer rely on government to take care of them. This is the lesson spreading around the world. In other news.

  21. So my parents are strongly against the concept of assisted suicide, and are now flipping out about the current provincial plan for Ontario. Although they’ve got some good points (doctors in Ontario who are against assisted suicide don’t have an exception yet) they then begin to go on and on about how this means they can’t trust doctors anymore because they’ll all be secretly planning on killing them. I point out that the nature of public system requires rationing of care regardless of assisted suicide and definitely already creates a ‘limit services for people who are too far gone’ factor, and that if you’re actually interested in that you should be pursuing private options.

    They then respond that they have no interest in that because it costs too much money and will make us like the Americans.

    *throws hands up in air*

    1. They then respond that they have no interest in that because it costs too much money and will make us like the Americans.

      1. Put elected leaders in charge of everything.

      2. Complain that elected leaders are in charge of everything.

      3. Demand elected leaders remain in charge of everything, because someone needs to be in charge of this mess.

    2. It IS part of the rationing process. Hospitals aren’t interested in keeping deadweight alive. It’s part of the cost-centric reality of the system.

      You’re right of course, but you’re up against the most powerful populist jingoism in the Canadian nationalist lexicon: At least we’re not American!

    3. You’ll never be American.

      1. Doesn’t have anything to do with the subject at hand, and not a goal of mine anyway.

        Thanks for the input Stubby.

        1. America, fuck yeah.

    4. *throws hands up in air*

      I was lead to believe you Canadians usually *drops gloves* at this point, eh?

      1. I’m not going to give the left-right to me mom Bacon, a man has lines he doesn’t cross.

        1. How do you guys eat with gloves on? They have to be taken off sometime, don’t ya know?

    5. “this means they can’t trust doctors anymore ”

      remember- just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean everyone isn’t out to get you.

  22. *Oroville Dam

    1. Well, we did wish for California to vanish beneath the waters…

    2. When reason goes to WordPress, I wonder if they’ll start correcting their typos (since it will be redonk easy to do)?

  23. Hillary Clinton Is Running Again
    Here’s the proof.

    Consider. Since Clinton’s shock-the-world, hysteria-inducing defeat last November, the Clinton Global Initiative has dramatically scaled back its operations. The CGI?the most scandal-plagued arm of the Clinton Foundation?was a ground zero of grief for the Clinton campaign. Labeled a slush fund for political operations, paid for by foreign governments, it was an endless and easy target of complaints about conflicts of interest and graft. Yet despite pleas to do so by various supporters throughout the 2016 campaign, the Clintons time and again refused to shut it down or shrink its mandate until Bill Clinton made the announcement just weeks before Election Day. Which raises the question: What advantage, other than a political one, is there to actually going through with it now?

    Similarly, why did the Clintons allow rumors to circulate?rumors they still haven’t officially quashed?that the former secretary of state was/is/might be considering a run for mayor of New York City? For the thrill of it? Out of spite toward the current mayor, who supported her candidacy for the White House? Or might there be another reason to keep alive the idea that Hillary Clinton’s political fortunes aren’t in the rear-view mirror?


      1. I have very little doubt that she is physically addicted to power. Hilary Clinton is the archetype of a power junkie.

      2. I was hoping for a link to a SF story.

      3. I thought Addiction was just a Myth.

    1. I can believe the Clinton’s are egotistical enough to want to run again. I have a hard time believing the Democratic party will let it happen.

      1. Is there any evidence the Democratic party leadership is no longer the Clinton Political Machine?

        1. Political “loyalty” is all about what someone can do to or for you. At this point, Clinton ran and lost. There’s not much she can do to or for anyone. They’ll turn on her if she tries to reassert herself and they’ll smile and wave if she makes herself a supportive fixture.

          1. I’m getting a chubby just wanting to believe this is true.

      2. She needs to shake up her identity by declaring she is a pre-op transexual women.

        That will rally the party behind her.

      3. They will let it happen. They’ll just ‘re-invent’ her again as a Muslim lesbian and move her a few notches to the left. She’ll come out with the Pantsuit replaced by a burqua and double down on identity politics. The newest new Hillary with more screeching and cackling than ever before!

      4. I would love to be there when HRC pitches another presidential run and someone at the DNC has to explain to her that they just aren’t that into her anymore.

    2. Spooky? Not sure I’d describe it that way.

      I mean, look at it this way:

      You may not be able to trust Hillary Clinton, but you can always trust Hillary Clinton to be… Hillary Clinton.

      1. We are creatures of habit.

        1. “We are creatures of habit”

          Get thee to a nunnery.

        2. This is why there are so many jacking off euphemisms

          1. This is why there are so many jacking off euphemisms

      2. This is the part in the movie where that guy says, “Zombies? What zombies?” just before they eat his brains. I don’t want to be that guy.

    3. Or, maybe CGI scaled itself back, because investors can’t see how they’re going to get a return on their investment, given Hillary’s epic political failure?

      1. This ^^^^^^

    4. Christ, what an asshole.

    5. Hillary will be running for president until she falls over dead.

    6. She loves to ‘serve’ so much she needs to do this. At this point, if she and her narcissism were to return and you’d vote for her, I’d question your sanity. How can anyone vote for such a wickedly empty person hooked on corruption?

      1. How can anyone vote for such a wickedly empty person hooked on corruption?

        I’d vote for her to get rid of Deblasio.

        I’m not even sure if I’m kidding.


    7. Who said it had to be Hillary?

      There is another Clinton who will be 40 years old in 2020

      1. Don’t call it into being! We never say certain things.

    8. She’s 69. In 2020, she’ll be 73. She already almost certainly has significant health problems. She isn’t running for anything. But, the Clintons need to keep the prospect of their return alive to maintain their relevance. For these guys irrelevancy would be a fate worse than death.

      1. Other than peddling influence, how are they going to earn? A woman’s got to earn.

        1. Ya doesn’t have to win crap. She just needs to convince a few Saudi Arabians that she might win. That’s another 4 years of income right there. Surely she has enough in her 401K to eek by after that.

      2. Wow, the marks still believe this? Clinton has supposedly been days away from death for like two years now. I guess you will believe literally anything Alex Jones tells you.

  24. Why am I not surprised that most of you faux-Libertarians are actually Canadians?

  25. A court in Kenya found doctors union officials in contempt and ordered them jailed as a medical strike continues

    I assume anyone who thinks healthcare is a right is cheering this move.

  26. One thing that makes me happy to be back in this fucking hellhole (the whole DC area, not my job) is there was a mission patch from SpaceX sitting on my chair this morning. I think that’s pretty nifty.

    1. So the guy in accounting has a crush on you.

      1. Or my (female) colleague who left it on my chair! :-O

        1. So your female colleague has a crush on you. Nothing wrong with that.

        2. There’s always scissoring.

    1. Poor thing. Hope she has another way to earn money.

      1. With an ass like that I’m sure she does.

        1. This. It’s enough to make one want to vote for Trump.

        2. It’s the best looking Trump dress I’ve ever seen.

        3. Make Ass Great Again?

          1. The “T” in “TRUMP” is wrapped around in front of her when she’s facing away from the camera. Just a well thought out dress.

    2. I want to start buying her music just to reward her trolling. But I’m poor, so I’d rather buy food.

    3. She obviously is a misogynist who thinks a woman’s placed is in the kitchen.

  27. “Meanwhile, about 20,000 anti-Trump protesters hit the street in Mexico City”

    Instead of protesting a president of another country, maybe they should be working to fix things in their own country? Just a thought. Maybe if they did that, they wouldn’t want to leave.

    1. And they’re totally cool with the flood of Central Americans pouring over their southern border.

  28. The U.S., Japan, and South Korea called for a U.N. Security Council meeting after North Korea tested another ballistic missile.

    That’s useful. I’m certain something productive will come out of a UN meeting.

    1. Hey, if things go well they might even be able to produce a sternly worded letter to go along with the billion dollars in food aid they hope will persuade the Norks to behave this time

  29. Trump proved that a country can stand up to its dictators. It is an inspiration around the world. Oh the ironies.

  30. ‘Nearly 200,000 people were told to evacuate the area after an emergency spillway at the Orville[sic] Dam in California was found to be at risk of failing.’

    From the linked article: The cities of Oroville, Gridley, Live Oak, Marysville, Wheat land, Yuba City, Plumas Lake, and Olivehurst were all under evacuation orders.

    I live a little north of there and have driven through every one of those cities. Sagacious people know that any flood damage can only cause millions of dollars of improvement to Gridley and Live Oak.

    1. What damage, this is a stimulus package

  31. I wish to thank everyone who continues to ignore attention grabbing troll. Im glad he finally found his capsloc key.

    1. must… not… feed……

    2. You mean the short stretches of white space peppering the comments?

      1. I enjoy watching him go from calm to frothing at the mouth insane after a couple of days of being ignored.

        1. It’s pretty special watching the number of white spaces start to ramp up as people continue to not reply.

  32. The millions of people who protested said to American military and law enforcement: “Don’t even think about it.” The ‘protectors’, in turn, wondered, “What the hell am I doing?” It’s a bit of an existential crisis. Don’t worry, we’ll muddle through. Things will be fine I promise, my darling anarch0-frankentrumpkencucks. 🙂

  33. Well, it’s not got much Trump in it!

  34. It’s ok daddy I’m safe now. 🙂

  35. The Department Of Education Misspells Apology For Misspelling W.E.B. Du Bois’ Name

    One day in and that rich jesus-monster DeVos has already insulted one of the few historically renowned black people smug white people pretend to know about.

    1. Why can’t black people just choose proper white names? smdh

    2. Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses. Amirite?

    3. Good lord. Lefties are turning the spelling mistake on a surname as though it’s a moral transgression. “How dare she misspell his name, IN BLACK HISTORY MONTH no less!”

      1. I’m surprised this didn’t make my morning news. Instead they went with “local West African communities in solidarity with their Muslim brothers from Trump’s targeted banned countries”.

        So much red meat to choose from; too bad they only have 15 minutes out of every 30 to cover the latest outrages.

      2. I’d bet that it was tweeted out by a disgruntled bureaucrat for exactly this kind of response. And partisans are stupid or shameless enough to take the bait.

      3. If they’d confirmed her sooner, they could have been misspelling things last month instead!

  36. Nearly 200,000 people were told to evacuate the area after an emergency spillway at the Orville Dam in California was found to be at risk of failing.

    They can build a $69 billion choo choo to nowhere but they can’t be bothered to maintain a dam. Yeah, California is totally competent to leave the union. Letting California leave the union is like letting your Down’s syndrome teenager move out on their own.

    Here is a nice photographic essay showing just how retarded and negligent the State of California is. Gerry Brown should go to prison for this. This is criminal negligence.…..cepalm-73/

    1. I beg of you a working link for the maniac with owl glasses please. Thank you!

        1. Ty. Just as charming as I imagined.

        2. “Inspirational”. Yeah, people writing divisive messages and flipping me off is inspiring as hell. I recall being similarly moved by the opening lines of “High Flight” by John Gillespie Magee, Jr:

          O, I have slipped the bonds of surly Earth
          Go fuck yourself and die in a fire, bitch

          1. The woman who tweeted it, Andrea Castillo I am pretty sure right wing. The contrast between Castillo, who is pretty smoking hot, and the ugly broads in the picture is pretty striking. I don’t see how the left is going to survive much longer if it continues to be the movement of homely women and the right of good looking ones.

            1. I’d say the majority of actresses and singers are leftists, so they’ve got that going for them.

              1. True. But if you look at social media and journalism, the contrast is striking. There is an endless number of hot women who are on the right. And an equal number of dog ugly women on the left.

                1. *There is an endless number of hot women who are on the right. And an equal number of dog ugly women on the left.*

                  This is because the uglies are the losers in the mating game.

                  Same reason poor & lazy people are always commies. They’re the losers in the capital game.

                  Both sets of losers want to change the rules of the game after they’ve already lost.

                  Nothing new under the sun.

    2. KDW asks: Where does the money go?

      There’s the train, of course. California is spending an estimated $68 billion (it will end up costing much, much more than that) on a high-speed rail project, the first leg of which will connect the massive urban centers of . . . Merced and Bakersfield . . . . If all goes according to plan (ho, ho) the high-speed rail will tear through the Central Valley at terrific speeds, connecting Los Angeles with San Francisco in a trip that will take only three hours, rather than the current brutal flight time of one hour and ten minutes.

      Dumb, sure. And more than dumb: recklessly stupid, willfully wasteful, self-aggrandizing, corrupt (the bidding process is rigged for the benefit of political constituencies), harebrained, screwy, and preposterous. But that isn’t really the problem, either.

      California’s government, like the federal government and most other state and local governments, spends its money on salaries, benefits, pensions, and other forms of employee compensation. The numbers are contentious ? for obvious political reasons ? but it is estimated that something between half and 80 percent of California’s state and local spending ultimately goes to employee compensation. (Interesting analysis here.) That is where the money goes.

      1. The public employees unions looted all of the money. What started with deteriorating roads is going to end with collapsing dams.

        1. Those goddamn Republicans didn’t allocate enough money to pay for pubic sector salaries AND refurbishing infrastructure.

          (And the choo-choo train.)

          1. Thoseat goddamn Republicans didn’t allocate enough money

            FIFY (I mean, how many Rs can there be in CA?)

          2. Forty years of total control of the California legislature just wasn’t enough to undo all the damage those evil Republicans did.

          3. Everything that goes wrong in California is the fault of the Republicans (and Prop 13)

      2. All of you fools that talked shit about True Detective Season 2, who’s laughing now? Huh??

        1. Something something guaranteed cost overages

        2. Seriously though, that was a big letdown in so many ways. Diluting the focus from what was in a way a dual-character study to four main characters, one of which I found highly implausible (cult child female cop whose character introduction is shocking her boyfriend with vague butt stuff or somesuch, and who is obsessed with protecting herself with knives despite weighing like 115 and being able to carry a gun) and one of which I just found bland and uninteresting (tormented closetcase motorcycle cop with some silly PMC backstory).

          I wanted to like Vaughn but the lines he was given were just clunky much of the time. Pretty obvious that Pizzolatto had been working on the story of the first season for a while and didn’t expect the success or simply didn’t have another one in the pipe. Also I’m tired of somehow totally-unaccountable PMCs being a story fixture and point of obsession for certain folks. It’s like the focus on private prisons, endlessly harping on the private bit while totally ignoring the whole shebang around them, because private = bad and profit is evil.

      3. But when you fly someone makes a profit!

        Although considering the history of most airlines, that might not be true.

        1. I saw a CNBC documentary about American Airlines. If they’re lucky, they make a couple grand (literally, like $2000) on a single flight. That assumes the plane leaves and arrives on time, has enough full-fare passengers, doesn’t divert or get into a holding pattern, and has an average-weight luggage load. No idea why anyone would go into the airline business.

          1. It has the same problems any shipping market has. Once you are flying the plane anyway, the marginal cost of adding another person is very small. So, the market really can’t function. Whenever one competitor loses, it just undercuts its competitors and ensures everyone loses. Sure, they are still losing money, but they are losing less money than they would have. Meanwhile, the competitors that in a healthy market should have won and made a profit end up losing as well because their competitors with nothing to lose sell seats at a loss.

            The airline market is a great example of why antiTrust laws are a bad idea.

            1. I wonder about Allegiant’s model (which United is semi-imitating and causing Tits Schumer no end of heartburn because he hates poor people).

              Allegiant is dirt, dirt, dirt cheap. They sell you a ticket, then charge you for a seat assignment, use of the overhead, and checked bags. Like a la carte flying.

              1. The Allegiant model is basically misleading the customers about the actual costs of the flight so that it becomes nearly impossible to compare the offers from different vendors in a meaningful way.

            2. Southwest Net Income 2012-16:

              2012: 421M
              2013: 757M
              2014: 1.14B
              2015: 2.19B
              2016: 2.25B

              net margin over 10% the last two years.

              Somehow they have figured out how to make a profit in the industry.

              1. Same numbers for AAL (American):

                2012: (1.88B)
                2013: (1.83B)
                2014: 2.88B
                2015: 7.61B
                2016: 2.68B

                That is with twice the revenue as Southwest. Not sure what the 2015 deal was, looks like a 4B drop in COGS. Was that when fuel prices tanked?

                1. Was that not around the time they acquired USAir? Might have something to fo the accounting of that.

              2. My guess (since their epic fuel deal which pushed them to prominence to begin with is no longer there) would be fewer staff because of their straightforward fare and boarding systems. But I’m old and I need a seat assignment. I can’t do the Southwest mosh pit anymore.

                1. (referring to SWA)

                2. The change to strict ordering of entry has taken a bit of the most pit away, compared to when it was just group A, B and C.

                  I rarely fly and havent flown with them in a number of years, but always price them out first.

              3. Be fair though, Southwest is a liquid fuels hedge fund that operates an airline as a side business.

      4. The other problem California has is that when qualified engineers on their public payroll make common sense suggestions, they get shot down. My uncle is a certified looney liberal, and also a water engineer for the county Santa Barbara is in. He has suggested drought relieving things to his superiors many times (and ones that don’t involve much environmental damage, since he factored that into his planning), and they promptly refused because of the amount of grief they’d get from environmental groups. It’s funny listening to him talk about it, since he doesn’t understand the consequences of his own ideology.

        1. Well, there’s no doubt some Republican comptroller somewhere who can take the heat if this thing fails.

  37. I am running on a platform to utterly abolish safe spaces for trolls. Can I count on the votes of my darling canadarch0-frankentrumpkencucks?

  38. Turmoil at the National Security Council, From the Top Down

    Three weeks into the Trump administration, council staff members get up in the morning, read President Trump’s Twitter posts and struggle to make policy to fit them. Most are kept in the dark about what Mr. Trump tells foreign leaders in his phone calls. Some staff members have turned to encrypted communications to talk with their colleagues, after hearing that Mr. Trump’s top advisers are considering an “insider threat” program that could result in monitoring cellphones and emails for leaks.

    This account of life inside the council ? offices made up of several hundred career civil servants who advise the president on counterterrorism, foreign policy, nuclear deterrence and other issues of war and peace ? is based on conversations with more than two dozen current and former council staff members and others throughout the government. All spoke on the condition that they not be quoted by name for fear of reprisals.

    Two dozen? The Times is just rubbing it in.

    1. I wonder how many were former and others throughout in that two dozen

    2. And while Mr. Obama liked policy option papers that were three to six single-spaced pages, council staff members are now being told to keep papers to a single page, with lots of graphics and maps.

      “The president likes maps,” one official said.


      1. “When he’s feeling grumpy we get out the map of Florida, and he just laughs and laughs.”

      2. We wouldn’t have to deal with Maps if Gary Johnson was elected

      3. Well, I guess we won’t be hearing about the fifty-seven states of the US from Trump with that preference.


    A Sense of Dread’ for Civil Servants Shaken by Trump Transition

    How did the AM links miss the feel good story of the year so far? You are weak Ed, weak.

    1. “All of a sudden, you are faced with a real moral dilemma,”

      Whether to continue sucking on the public teat or get a real job?

    2. There is this misconception that the federal government exists to provide jobs, that any job provided by the federal government must be by its very nature necessary and good, and that those federal employees have no naked self-interest whatsoever.

      1. This game works on so many levels:

        There is this misconception that the federal governmentEPA exists to provide jobssave the environment, that any job providedenvironment protected by the federal governmentEPA must be by its very nature necessary and good, and that those federalEPA employees have no naked self-interest whatsoever.

  40. I miss AddictionMyth. 🙁

    1. Forget your password again? You know your browser will remember passwords.

      1. Jesus fuck, John, do NOT respond to it.

        1. He lost the password to Shrike. So that is probably what has happened again.

          1. You’re feeding it, it will follow you and leech your intelligence and soul.

        2. And I thought everyone was doing so good. Now I have to wait an extra day for his meltdown.

      2. Which one is this troll?

        1. Its all one troll with various franchises. Being retarded he forgets the password to some of the franchises once in a while. The sad part is he uses the same password on every franchise.


    Another feel good story. I have friends and relatives all over America who have spent decades hoping to live the dream of actually being able to shoot communists and hippies. Could this finally be the year they get to live the dream?

    1. Did they lose their xtube password? Maybe they can borrow Bernie’s.

    2. We’re one national sponsor away from a repeat of the Red Army Faction.

    3. These guys are the mother of all projection.

    4. The anarchist dismissed the common perception that what they do is actually rioting which hurts the left. “The black bloc is not a protest. It is a direct action. It is not a riot.

      You fucking retards set fires and smash up businesses in predominantly lefty areas. Not only is that by definition rioting, it’s rioting against fellow lefties. You dumbfucks are taking direct action against lefty institutions in lefty cities. I suppose if your aim is raising insurance rates then you might consider it an unqualified success.

      1. Did you notice how the reporter mentioned the burning of the limo at the Inauguration but didn’t mention that it belonged to a Muslim immigrant and likely ruined his livelihood? These dumb asses have three months to plan the big Inauguration riot and they managed to burn a single limo that belonged to a Muslim immigrants. That is some top flight direct action there.

        1. In general, all the people they hurt are lower income. When they smash these storefronts, it’s hurting the owners to some degree, but they have insurance. What they’re doing is hurting the people that work in those stores, who are generally not able to afford the amount of time they’re going to be off work because some asshole decided to “protest” by smashing windows.

          1. The Inauguration is a big day for street vendors. There are a half a million people or more on the mall you can sell shit too. Not this year thanks to those assholes. Sticking it to some guy trying to eek out a living selling water and hot dogs from a cart is really sticking it to the 1% man.

            1. It’s almost like they don’t actually give a shit about the issues, they just want to smash stuff.


        2. I think they destroyed a couple of bus shelters, which we all know are used frequently by the 1%.

      2. You fucking retards set fires and smash up businesses in predominantly lefty areas.

        It is an intelligent expression of self-preservation. That shit ain’t gonna fly in an area where 2% of the population may be carrying firearms.

      3. There’s been quite a lot of sophistry recently about how property damage isn’t violence. Of course, this is one of those things where if the black bloc dipshit were having their residence or iPhone damaged instead of inflicting it on others, it would be the end of the fucking world.

    5. Not anarchists

      1. These assholes:anarchists::progressives:liberals

  42. “President Trump will meet the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, at the White House today.”

    Look, we’ve all had our jokes about “peak derp”, but the reality is until today, we never really had a real world example of what it might look like.

    1. A grown-up foot in stained footie pajamas, stamping on a face, forever.

      1. *wild applause and furious gyration*

      2. Hot chocolate stained footie pajamas.

        1. That’s… not chocolate.

          1. Someone needs to say it. That’s bum-juice. Stinky, stinky bum-juice.

            1. It’s buttmud, homie.

              1. Adult feetie jammers with the crotch cut out; padlock at the collar ensures that the zipper cannot be disengaged without tearing or bolt cutters. Wedding tackle protrudes, no built-in butt flap for pooping.

                1. Or as Crusty calls it, “business casual.”


    More feel good stories out of Washington. I just don’t understand how people can say this is a negative time in America. They must not be aware of uplifting stories like this.

    1. Their tears are so sweet….

    2. I would think leftists would love this shit! I mean, it’s like late term abortions which are their favorite!

    3. I wish Reason would cover actual libertarianish things like this instead of 15+ pants shitting articles over the “Muslim Ban”. BTW, Im not supporting the EO and no I didnt support Trump.

    4. “My biggest disappointment is a majority in Congress ignored the will of the people,” said Pizarchik,

      I don’t even have any jokes about this line that could make it funnier. Don’t add paint to a masterpiece.

  44. As a millenial, I was happy to subsidize the healthcare for my frumpled uncle trumpkencucks. I was also happy to mortgage my future to pay to keep their jobs stateside, and to pay for a wall which they could use as a pretext to round up and imprison millions of ‘voting felons’. After all, what else do they have to look forward to in life?

  45. I think it should be illegal to misrepresent yourself materially online. For the sake of the children, of course.

  46. Why are there dams in California? I saw a 1 minuted documentary featuring Yvon Chouinard and the American Express Members Project telling me that dams are evil.

    1. Because California was once a civilized place inhabited by people who were not retarded.

      1. To be fair to California, this does give them a historical advantage over Washington DC, which has always been retarded.

        1. To be fair, DC was built specifically to accommodate them.


    David Frum rages at his allies on the left. They just don’t know how to stop Trump!!

    1. They already stopped him. That’s why the Frumpkins are crying.

    2. I refuse to turn off my adblocker of whitelist them so I dont get to read this.

      1. My AdBlock just prompted me to hide anit-AdBlock message, and now the article is visible. Huh.

        But… I can’t make it through that drivel. Frum doesn’t have any discernable beliefs, does he?

        1. Android phone. Shitty slow loading Firefox (only browser that has fascr). My adblock didnt give me that option and Im too lazy to get Macbook.

          1. Im too lazy

            HyR – and the rest of the internet – work better with the capabilities of a real computer, keyboard, and mouse at your disposal.

            1. I would have to get out of bed. Walk 20 feet to get Macbook. Walk 20 feet back to bed. Lay down. Turn on computer. Wait for bootup. Find article. Make comment.

              You think I have time to waste on this kind of bullshit? There is an mid morning nap to be had instead.

    3. I wish someone would work to top Trump. Wall-to-wall coverage is getting boring.

  48. Would you like me to dance for you?

  49. It’s a war? And people die? Including old ladies and little kids? And if you don’t like it we’ll kill you too? (Asking for a friend.)


    Black lives matter leader says white people are sub human and genetically defective. Considering all of the stupid white people who live around me who have BLM signs in their front yard, I can’t say she might not have a point.

    1. Damn that Yakub and his white debils.

      1. Live by the Tricknology, die by the Tricknology.

    2. What the hell is “humxn”?

      1. Dammit people, there are folks in the Balkans would are starving for those vowels that you son casually discard!

    3. From a link to another story in this one about the same lunatic.

      She claims Trudeau’s invitation to people from seven Middle Eastern countries banned by the US is a “manipulation” and a way to continue the oppression and “genocide” of indigenous people in Canada, which the country “is founded on.”

      “When Justin Trudeau responded to the Muslim ban that this coward, this white supremacist coward, Donald Trump put forward, what did Justin Trudeau say? He said he wanted to accept everyone who’s not allowed into the US Border to Canada,” she said to a mass of protesters in Toronto.


      “When Justin Trudeau says that he is a liar! He’s a hypocrite! He is a white supremacist terrorist! That is what he is,” she said. “Do not be fooled by his liberal bull****. Do not be fooled.”

      Hes a white supremacist for allowing in brown people?…..r-trudeau/

      1. Afrocentrism is one hell of a drug.

    4. I see the lunatics are running the asylum. Yet my local media keep taking them seriously. Interesting, that.

    5. Yeah, the racial superiority bullshit is bullshit.

      1. Is there any point that doesn’t go over your head?

        1. What, that you think your white neighbors are genetically defective? Yeah, that’s bullshit too.

          1. I don’t know if they are. But the fact that they have signs in their front yard supporting a movement that considers them to be so does give one pause.

            You really are just not very bright or capable of understanding subtle points aren’t you?

            1. News flash:

              The BLM lady who thinks white people are genetically defective, is wrong.

              If you think your white neighbors are genetically defective, you’re wrong.

              If you think calling your neighbors genetically defective for supporting a cause that you disagree with is funny or witty, then you’re wrong.

              1. Again, you really are that stupid. Wow.

  51. Found a live stream of the Oroville dam and what looks like an attempt at repair; one concrete truck pumping concrete into a rock pile at the ’emergency’ spillway:

    Not sure that’s a lot better than trying to lower the level with a bucket.

    1. Dang. This isn’t going to end well. I wonder how quickly it’ll take to blame Republicans. Katrina redux!

      1. It was built in the sixties, so… about 5 minutes.

    2. The damn has failed now.

  52. How does someone fuck up a pot of coffee this badly? Seriously, it’s like someone strained motor oil through used cat litter. Who does that? How? And why am I still going to drink it?

    1. Went to Starbucks, eh?

      1. Office brew. Worse than Starbucks, if you can imagine. And Starbucks always tastes like liquid burnt toast.

        1. Starbucks doesn’t sell coffee, it sells coffee-tinged milkshakes and smug.

    2. Caffeine is a hell of a drug.

      “Yes, i’d like to have a fresh pot of coffee sent to my room… Because the first one tastes like my ass on Sunday. Thank you.”

      1. How do you know… never mind.

    3. Next step you’ll be mainlining it with a dirty needle. (I’ve seen this movie before.)


    Interview with the always interesting John Waters. He is right about the subversive nature of humor. I wonder if he understands just how incapable of humor his friends on the left are. Even worse from his perspective is that the only people with any sense of humor seems to be the alt right. If there is anyone out there who has picked up the subversive mantle left by Waters, it is probably Milo Yiannopolis. If Milo decided to make a film, it would look a lot closer to the old Waters’ films in spirit and subversiveness than anything from the left.

    1. Is Milo “alt right”? A white-supremacist might get rogered by black guys, but wouldn’t boast of it.

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