Trump Nominating Jay Clayton to SEC, Obama Tells Dems to 'Stay Strong' on Obamacare, Hillary Clinton Attending Inauguration: P.M. Links


  • State Dept

    Donald Trump will nominate Jay Clayton to head the Securities and Exchange Commission. Barack Obama told Democrats to "stay strong" on Obamacare. Hillary Clinton will be attending the inauguration along with her husband.

  • Prosecutors referred to a journal by Dylann Roof where he wrote he had no regrets in arguing he be sentenced to death.
  • Some writers are upset Milo Yiannopolous got a book deal and are helping to get him more publicity.
  • Mark Zuckerberg wants to visit all 50 states in 2017.
  • Fourteen months after the election, Haiti has a new president-elect.
  • North Korea has a government-customized Android tablet.