Police Abuse

Naked, Unarmed Man Tripping on LSD Mauled by San Diego Police Dog

Officer justified K-9 attack because the man was on drugs and thus had "a high tolerance to pain."


LSD doesn't make you superhuman.
Michael Pereckas/Flickr

San Diego police sicced their K-9 on a naked, unarmed man tripping on LSD after encountering him wandering through a canyon.

In gruesome police body cam footage of the August 2015 incident (obtained by NBC Los Angeles), a police officer orders the man to climb a hill and approach the officers. Once he reaches the top, the man — who had been muttering about a person called "Josiah" — is ordered to turn around. He defiantly screams "No!" twice, but never makes a move toward the officers, nor is he warned by them in any fashion.

Yet, just seconds after reaching the top of the hill, an officer orders his K-9 to latch its jaws to the man's leg, which the dog proceeded to maul for an excruciating 44 seconds. As the man is screaming and writhing, several officers pin him to the ground, with one telling him that the dog will cease biting him if he stops resisting.

Once the K-9 officer finally orders the dog to let go, the man's leg can be seen ripped to shreds.

The San Diego Police Department claimed the officers' use of force was justified. Via The Washington Post:

"This video shows the agitated and defiant demeanor of a man under the influence of LSD," Lt. Scott Wahl, a department spokesman, said in a statement.

"When played in its entirety, the video shows our officers trying to gain his compliance before he became defiant. While the split second decisions of police officers are easy to second guess when you know the outcome, keep in mind the deployment of our K9 is intended to prevent the situation from escalating."

The unidentified man attacked by the K-9 told KNBC that he was 25 at the time of the incident and ended up wandering the canyon that morning after a night of "partying." He also said he was never charged with a crime, and settled with the city for $385,000 because he will never have a fully functioning right leg again as a result of the mauling. His lawyers argued police "acted with unnecessary, cruel and despicable conduct and in wanton disregard for the civil rights, health and safety."

Police justified the use of the K-9 at the time of the incident because officers believed the man was high on drugs and therefore, they concluded, he had a "a high tolerance to pain."

Unedited footage of the incident can be seen here, but be warned it is graphic and disturbing. A shorter and censored clip can be seen below:

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  1. We did no wrong, but rather than risk a jury thinking otherwise here’s nearly half a million dollars to make you go away. Smooches.

    1. Y’all got anymore of them police dog attack settlements?

  2. Police justified the use of the K-9 at the time of the incident because officers believed the man was high on drugs and therefore, they concluded, he had a “a high tolerance to pain.”

    And what medical training did they have to justify this diagnosis?

    1. The same medical training elected officials had when they put cannabis on schedule 1?

    2. They know this by trying the shit out in the evidence room.

    3. Yes. If there’s one thing LSD is known for, it’s the way it dulls things like fear, anxiety, and pain.

    4. In what way does having a high tolerance for pain justify setting an attack dog on someone?

      If they saw a guy in a wheelchair with paralyzed legs, would they let the dog gnaw on him because he can’t feel it anyway?

      1. That’s the point here — there was no reason at all to sic the dog on the poor guy. Just talk to him and maybe find a blanket for him.

      2. Is it an Assault Wheelchair, coming right for us? Then dogs, with bees in their mouths, are fully justified.

    5. You misunderstand. They only ordered the dog to attack because they wanted to confirm how much pain he could take. A perfectly valid investigational technique.

  3. It’s the SDPD, they have a luminous history in these types of cases. He’s probably lucky they didn’t just shoot him.

    Police were justified in using deadly force in the shooting Feb. 8 of a mentally disturbed homeless man armed only with a tree branch, Dist. Atty. Paul Pfingst concluded Friday.

    But Pfingst suggested that a barking police dog might have contributed to the deadly turn taken by a tense standoff when it startled William Anthony Miller, 42, into running directly at officers. Three officers opened fire, hitting Miller seven times.

    The dog’s handler had positioned the dog behind Miller rather than behind the officers as suggested by Police Department policy.

    emphasis added

    1. You can easily kill a person with a tree branch.

  4. Those brave officers acted in the interest of their own safety. Guy might have been carrying a concealed weapon.

  5. I’m suprised he didn’t eat the dog. Did you know that LSD can make someone so strong that they pick up an entire cop car full of cops and throw it like 100 feet in the air? The cop should have called in tanks and air support.

    1. Dude. PCP does that.

      1. Dude, no, it’s Marijuana that does that, don’t ya know.


      2. Marijuana also. PCP is fucking horse tranquilizer, so I doubt it makes anyone strong.

        1. Dude. It was a Terminator joke.

        2. It can make people fucking crazy, which can be similar.

        3. It’s a dissociative anesthetic. The only people I know who have taken it both did so unknowingly, and both ended up punching through (flimsy) building materials. Neither noticed any particular pain at the time. Later, oh fuck yes.

          LSD, not noted for that effect.

  6. Screaming and writing. Some people are just good at double-tasking.

    1. Beat me to it. Apparently LSD just makes you that super creative.

      1. Well, you think you are super creative when you are on it, but then can never figure out why you thought so afterwards.

        1. So it’s like dropping a tab of art school?

          1. I cried

        2. I took enough to eventually figure out why. It’s because when you’re peaking, figuring out that you can relieve that uncomfortable sensation in your crotch by realizing that you have to go to the bathroom, working out a plan for getting yourself to one, and executing said plan without injury and with minimal mess makes you feel like a freaking genius. When you come down, you remember feeling like a genius, but you don’t remember why.

          It’s what taught me that feeling smart and being smart are two totally different things.

    2. What’s the legal code that makes screaming and writing illegal?

    3. Screaming and writing.

      If this were illegal Maureen Dowd would be serving a life sentence.

  7. Chaperons are not just for datura, kids. Don’t trip alone!

  8. The San Diego Police Department claimed the officers’ use of force was justified.

    He might have been carrying a concealed weapon!

    uh, ok maybe not. Its gross to touch naked people!

    1. TIL GILMORE is a nevernude.

    2. I have very few kind things to say about the Austin, Texas police force, but they do have a much better track record of dealing with crazy naked men than most other departments. We have one guy who, whenever gets released from the state hospital, takes all his clothes off and sits on the side of a tall overpass, dangling his feet in the air. The cops close the overpass and talk Naked Dude into going home, usually back to the state hospital. (I have been late to work twice because they close the overpass.) Dogs, tasers, and other forms of deadly force never figure into their interactions with Naked Overpass Sitter.

  9. San Diego police sicced their K-9 on a naked, unarmed man tripping on LSD after encountering him wandering through a canyon.

    Don’t be too quick to judge. Do YOU want to wrap your arms around a naked man making basketball moves and wrestle him to the ground?

  10. So, did they test this guy and find that he had LSD in his system, or did they just make that shit up?

  11. I just watched the video. Looks like a white man.

    1. White legs matter!

    2. He’s privileged to be alive.

  12. The police are so afraid that they are laughing before they sic the dog on him.

  13. As the man is screaming and writing…

    Just like anyone doing scripts for The Big Bang Theory.

  14. Poor wittle pwoggies is hopeless, waaaahhhhhh!


  15. Is anyone else following Kurt Eichenwald’s twitter meltdown? He went ballistic last night, then claims he had a seizure induced by someone tweeting a strobelight gif at him. He’s now on a tear threatening everyone involved in the “cross-state” assault, and from now on will only be tweeting legal documents pertaining to subpoenaing Twitter.

      1. He appears to be the type of guy who investigates a minor selling image of himself by sending the kid money:

        In 2005, Eichenwald wrote a group of articles about online child pornography. One of those articles was about Justin Berry, a then-18-year-old who was selling pornographic images and videos of himself both as a minor and as an adult, creating and selling pornography involving other minors and adults. Eichenwald stated in testimony before Congress that his contact with Berry began as an effort by him, his wife, and his minister to rescue someone who seemed like a child in danger…during the time Eichenwald was working to rescue Berry, he?along with his wife and minister?decided to pretend they were Berry’s customers and use money to convince him to identify himself. Once Eichenwald began reporting, he demanded repayment because of the potential conflict of interest. However, Eichenwald only asked for $2,000 that was paid by check to be returned; he later stated he did not remember another $1,100 was paid through PayPal. Berry did not return that money. In an October 19, 2007 interview with NPR’s David Folkenflik, Eichenwald stated that, due to the severe backlash from the Justin Berry story, he felt compelled to disclose that his epilepsy had caused “severe memory disruptions” and that he had a “deeply unreliable memory for names, facts and events” which he compensated for by his “meticulous reporting methods.

    1. A quick Google search says he’s a journalist? I don’t know anything about him.

      Given what I’ve seen from other journalists since Trump lost, nothing I see from that bunch surprises me anymore.

      They’re like the new post office workers. There used to a phrase, “going postal”, which meant you lost your mind and went on a bizarre shooting spree for no apparent reason. That reference is so dated now, but we could replace it with “going journalist”.

      They’re all losing their minds. I guess they’ve been living in a dreamworld for the past eight years.

      It’s like they say how you’re not supposed to wake someone up when they’re sleepwalking? This is what happens when journalists wake up from eight years of sleepwalking, I guess–they lose their freaking minds.

  16. Nudity isn’t probable cause in San Diego.

    People change in public all the time.

    One of the best surf breaks in Southern California is at a nude beach in San Diego.

    It’s just not a big deal.

    1. Nudity is dangerous.

      Have you not heard the cautionary tale of how a nude Warty took down the 12th Reich?

  17. Back in the day, the cops beating your or sicking the dog on your meant they’d at least let you go for petty stupid shit. You took your beating like a man and your on your way. I find that much more preferable to the current arrangement.

  18. China steals American underwater drone. US demands its return. Would be funny as shit if Trump flew to China and negotiated its release.

  19. Are all cops cowards? Or sadists? Or both?

  20. I pray to one day see a “cop confronting a tripping dude”-video where the cop goes,

    “hey man, have you ever like, really looked at your hands? like, crazy, right?? Hey, have some water. Sharing is cool. Let’s share. hey, its cool you’re embracing your natural self and all man, i can dig that… but you’re scaring the people in the cars, man. they’re freaking out, dude. lets maybe take it indoors. we’ll have OJ and cookies and i got this wicked Zappa record you need to check out.”

    1. You mean like this?

      You’re trippin, dude.

      You’re so 60s, dude. That’s no fun. Why do you hate cops having fun? “He was coming right at us! I feared for my life, good shoot!”. Get with the times already.

  21. Given the puppycide defenses, you would think that police would understand how terrifying a dog can be.

  22. “Come on up here! We’re here to help! We have a medic!”

    And by that I mean, “We’re going to have our dog rip your leg to shreds if you don’t submit to arrest immediately even though you had done nothing illegal!”

    “Yup, come on up. That’s right. There ya go, buddy. We gotcha.”

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