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Pot, Video Games, Whatever. Teens Must Be Addicted to Something, Says Expert.

How to turn good news about today's youths into a demand for more government studies.


Nora Volkow
Lloyd Fox/MCT/Newscom

You don't have to buy into the drug panic narratives or drug addiction as a public health threat to believe that it's good news that today's teens are smoking less marijuana. If use of alcohol and smoking among teens went down, we'd see that as a good sign, too. Those substances are legal (as it seems marijuana is destined to become) but it doesn't mean we want kids using them at such a young age.

But when your career involves promoting teen addiction panics as a way of shaping public policy, well, perhaps that's not the best news. Jacob Sullum noted this morning that Nora Volkow, national director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, had no explanation why on earth this could possibly be happening. They were so certain that marijuana legalization would lead to a culture where teens thought toking up was just fine and the numbers would go up.

Nevertheless, Volkow was quick to try to turn good news into bad news. Teens aren't better off, she wants to insist. There's still a crisis! It's just a different crisis!

"The development of very, very fancy video games has resulted in a pattern of compulsive use of these games that may serve as a substitute for drug-taking," Volkow said in an interview. "I'm speculating, but it needs to be tested."

"I'm speculating," says the professional research psychiatrist who commands a remarkable amount of media attention. Her speculation made it into headlines of news coverage by Tribune News Service.

It doesn't take a whole lot of speculating to figure out what could prompt such a quick attempt to redirect. The rest of her response, "it needs to be tested," says a whole lot. It's a call for more research, more funding, more spending. The problem can never be "solved." There's more to do! If one panic gets disproven, look for another where the information is spotty to call for more research.

Analysis of video game addiction research compiled over at Psychology Today in 2013 shows that there's not enough evidence at the moment to suggest it's significant. The research shows that .5 percent of all gamers and 1.7 percent of ninth-graders show symptoms of psychological affects from playing too many video games. That's a pretty small percentage given how extremely popular video games are.

And even then, it appears as though video game compulsion often seems to be more of a symptom or a consequence of several other issues the person is dealing with. After looking over the research, Romeo Vitelli notes:

The motivation for playing also seems to be a factor in addiction. People who game for fun or socializing are less likely to become addicted than people who are caught up in the need for status or simply to escape from the problems in their lives. If you're dealing with real-life failure, escaping from that stress by playing games that give you a sense of victory or control over your life can be a helpful way of coping. Spending too much time online or "shutting out" the real world with intense gaming can be a different story, though.

That description sounds an awful lot like the difference between people who smoke marijuana casually for recreational purposes and those who become addicted to drugs. Given that video games themselves are not an actual drug and not a thing that you smoke or inject, if video game addiction exists, maybe consider it actually serves an indictment of some attitudes about the neuroscience of addiction.

When I read flippant and irresponsible public speculation about video game addiction by the likes of Volkow, I grow concerned about how the perceive gaming culture and what it actually means. Right now, thousands of gamers of simply fans of video games tune into social media sites like, where they can watch other men and women like themselves play games live. There are guys on there who play games for hours on end, even sometimes having marathon 24-hours streams for their audiences.

Signs of addiction? Hold on. First of all, these are often very social experiences, at least for the most successful streams. The gamers interact with their audiences and sometimes each other. It's far from an isolated, lonely experience. Furthermore, there's an economic angle that is very relevant in the current job market (where millennial men have been dropping out due to lack of options). Viewers can tip these gamers, and streamers can also arrange for advertising and sponsorships. There are quite a few of these folks who are making living (or attempting to make a living) by streaming gameplay. As with any sort of entertainment industry pursuit, there's going to be a small number of participants who do very well, and many, many more who either struggle to get anywhere or are just doing it for their own fun.

We should be concerned about a psychological environment that uses potentially arbitrary standards like time spent gaming to determine what a "compulsion" is. I'm not saying that is happening here, but the desire to study "addiction" has embedded in its subconsciousness a desire to find a problem. A … compulsion … if you will. That Volkow just tosses out video games as a replacement for marijuana suggests strongly that she at least sees this form of entertainment as a threat to teens. We should be concerned about what sort of government spending could be encouraged in order to keep psychology-based teen panics ongoing.

Reason contributor and addiction expert Stanton Peele has been of the addiction-focused approach to drug use by the likes of Volkow and her peers. Last year he explained how the field of psychiatry was essentially contributing to addiction culture. Read his analysis here. Peele has a more pointed critique aimed directly at Volkow here.

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  1. Nora Volkow, national director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse

    Well, that’s a position we can certainly do without.

    1. If drug abuse is institutionalized, does that mean we need to start a shelter for abused drugs to ensure that they only go to loving homes?

        1. I’m fairly confident with some crafty drafting of the articles of organization and some creative grant writing we could get it funded before anyone really figured out what we were up to.

      1. Your handle (12:48 poster, not Switzy, obviously) is a GIFSCI of a bloody dagger/sword, right? Did you post as something else previously?

        1. In a word: No. Perhaps I’ll post as something else someday, but I’m generally not so crafty as to adopt other personalities to advance an argument. Admittedly I was somewhat surprised to find that there were so few weapons around here. Although I’ve come to understand there are quite a number of tools.

          1. Oooooh nice. Not buying your no answer, sir. I think you’re Irish back from the racist blog he keeps.

            1. Ahhh, the joys of pseudonymity. Should I take that as a compliment? My understanding of the gestalt regarding Irish appear to be a mix of awe and disdain.

              1. I liked Irish so short answer is yes.

              2. [Perform bitmoji analysis]
                Yep, definitely not an adult.

          2. I was not accusing you of morphing.

            1. NTTAWWT

          3. +1, very funny, sadly, very true.

        2. Tonio,
          I’ve asked him/her/xe/xer/it several times.

          1. Thanks. I’ve lost interest due to the snotty response I got above. Not the morphing thing, which was legit though disappointing.

            1. Why are arrogance and erudition so often confused? I just happen to like words.

    2. NIDA is basically another federal agency that exists to fund jobs programs for the overeducated, underqualifed middle/upper-middle class. In this case, it provides grants so that people with expensive PhD and MPH degrees (and few other job skills) can have comfortable careers as addiction researchers.

      1. I’ve met Nora on a couple of occasions and she’s definitely part of the ‘substance-abuse treatment world’, where everything is an addiction, and individuals have no agency. Addictive things make us all powerless!

        1. “individuals have no agency” –

          So in other words, she fits in perfectly with the proggy worldview.

        2. I can’t stop reading these comments…. help meeeeeeeeeeeee!

          1. It’s like being trapped in a spiderweb

  2. Victims! Get me more victims to save!

  3. What about WHACKING OFF? Why hasn’t someone briefed Ms. Volkow about the scourge of teenage boys and girls WHACKING IT like crazy?

    1. Talk about addictive behavior.

    2. Ooops.
      Scooped again!

    3. Indeed.

      Addiction is characterized by inability to consistently abstain, impairment in behavioral control, craving, diminished recognition of significant problems with one’s behaviors and interpersonal relationships, and a dysfunctional emotional response.…..-addiction

    4. Please, they brought the hammer down on “Sex Addiction” a long time ago, partially in an attempt to stop pr0n. The prudes will always be with us, they’ve just swapped gods.

    5. I used to whack it like crazy, now I just settle for whacking it like normal.

      1. Quitter.

  4. She’s the great grand daughter of Leon Trotsky. What more do you need to know?

      1. Ice pick?

        1. Only if registered with the appropriate government agencies.

  5. I’m amazed how often I have to talk my sister, a grade school counselor, down from the latest moral panic about kids. I don’t have kids and demon spawn in my neighborhood, don’t seem all that bad. But she is fed a non-stop torrent of propaganda from these shits and from the Cops. It’s amazing. Last spring she even brought up that Crocodil panic. She’d heard it from a cop (of course). She then passes all of this on to her teacher cronies and the parents.

    1. a grade school counselor

      Another position that the taxpayers can well do without.

      1. First (and only) time I ever talked to a guidance counselor was junior year of high school when I needed to know about SATs and college applications.

        1. Last time I talked with a guidance counselor was about 25 years ago and it went like this:
          Guidance counselor, “You are in danger of failing every course this semester because of your attendance record.”
          Me, “Oh, well, what credits do I need to graduate?”
          Guidance counselor, “Let’s see”
          Click click click
          (Blushes as much as woman of color can)
          “You have all the required credits to graduate.”
          Me, ” Sweet!, I’ll be at the ceremony!”

          1. Ha…great way to say fuck you.

            1. If you were a few years younger I’d think your my buddy in high school. He had all credits he needed and attempted to get a zero gpa for the last semester. One teacher though gave him a D for no reason other then to screw over his plan. He’s probably still pissed that he’d didn’t get the grade he earned.

      2. But! but who will try to indoctrinate kids in the idea that they MUST go to college, thereby driving further up the inflation of the college degree?

    2. But she is fed a non-stop torrent of propaganda from these shits and from the Cops

      One of my best friends is on the ski patrol, which requires he be a qualified EMT. Same shit, and he believes anything and everything they tell him.


      1. The only thing I was told by cops that turned out to be prophetic (way back when I was an ASA) was an IL State Trooper saying “this meth thing will probably catch on – too easy to make and highly desired.”

        1. you dont need to be a psychic to predict that people will like drugs

    3. In her defense, I’d imagine it’s a professional necessity to learn and ramble on about all this crap, otherwise her colleagues will consider her woefully uninformed and endangering the lives and welfare of the childrenz. If your paycheck comes from working around True Believers, you sorta have to be one, also.

  6. As I think about it, when I’m not at work most of my time is spent gaming. I guess they could say that I only work to support my addiction. I might even agree.

    1. We all work to support our addictions/hobbies. *looks on xbox live for Sparky’s gamertag so he can dog stomp him on a first person shooter of his choice while blaring mashups of Taylor Swift and Kanye West songs

    2. I used to be the same way, but my “addiction” must be wearing off. But I have been playing since Pong first came out when I was 5. Actually, trying to get my hands on the retro NES so I can waste many hours old school.

    3. Overwatch just got updated, and the holiday boxes are only dropping for a limited time…
      Nostalrius is coming back on Saturday…
      I think I’m going to be busy too.

      1. Mei is bae

    4. I’ve often thought we should hold interventions for Olympic athletes. The sort of screwed up lifestyle they have to live and their obsession with exercise just can’t be healthy for them.

      1. My nephew’s a baseball addict. Maybe I should give him some weed or tequila for Christmas.

        1. Porque no los dos?

  7. “The development of very, very fancy video games has resulted in a pattern of compulsive use of these games that may serve as a substitute for drug-taking,” Volkow said in an interview.

    You know, fancy games are a problem, it is known. Very fancy games? Even worse. But very very fancy!? My God, what have we done? We’ve gone too far!

    1. This is why I only play elegant games.

      1. The Last Guardian?

        1. Badminton and Whist

      2. Victoria 2?

    2. very, very fancy video games

      There has been an outbreak of pipe-smoking and debates about proper waistcoat fabrics among today’s teens.

  8. “I’m speculating, but it needs to be tested.”


    1. it needs to be tested

      Bullshit alert. Anyone who claims that things have needs is obviously bullshitting; that person is speaking only for herself but wishes to pretend otherwise, presumably having learned the hard way that saying “we [all] need to do [whatever]” doesn’t end well for the speaker.

      1. She is addicted to authority and taxpayer money.

        1. Nicely done.

        2. It needs to be tested.

          Someone get a duck, we shall use my largest scales!

  9. From what I can tell from my teenaged nieces and nephews, they don’t seem to be addicted to anything more dangerous than Instagram, Spotify, and Pokemon Go.

  10. Hormones. That’s what teens are addicted to.

  11. “People who show traits of not being goodful workers must be mentally ill, because otherwise we would have to confront that value is subjective and some people will not choose to be goodful workers.”
    — The Government

  12. This is literally one of the derpiest things I have ever read.

    “The development of very, very fancy video games has resulted in a pattern of compulsive use of these games that may serve as a substitute for drug-taking,” Volkow said in an interview. “I’m speculating, but it needs to be tested.”

    1. Yeah, very fancy games aren’t addictive.
      You read it here first.

    2. Unlike those of us who spent weeks playing Tetris.

    3. I like the way she makes a categorical, definitive statement (“has resulted n a pattern”) and then says its speculative.

    4. Look. Kids are having fun, and that’s not okay.

    5. Also, how do you “test” whether a gamer would have been a junkie if they didn’t have that XBox in their room?

    6. Herren Volkow herself is the best caricature of a meth product I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen some hideous wreckage. But it does make sense. If the idea is to demonize everything Christian National Socialism deems a gateway to Demonic Possession by the Devils of Loudon, her Nosferatu/Dracula speedfreak image is as good as it gets. Christianofascist Amerika, meet Little Orphan Amphetamine straight out of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers comix!

    1. Two Best Friends Play

  13. You can come take my Xbox from my cold dead hands you slimey sacks of shit.

    That said I very well could be Hikikomori.

  14. The development of very, very fancy video games has resulted in a pattern of compulsive use of these games that may serve as a substitute for drug-taking,

    But…muh jerb!

  15. Speaking for myself, I liked the youth a lot better when the were addicted to things.

      1. This. This this this this this.

  16. What would reporters report on if there weren’t any hyper-powerful government agencies giving press releases?

    1. Actual reporting is hard!

  17. And you know by “it needs to be tested”… she’s just sending a message to the various psych/sociology departments around the country that rely on federal moral-panic funding to “GIN UP SOME DATA, STAT” so that people like her can wave the ‘study’ around and continue to justify their own existence

    1. A few years ago when I was working from home I was doing a bunch of Mechanical Turk surveys for some extra cash during slow times. It was blatantly obvious what conclusions the people doing “research” for their sociology degrees wanted to reach in advance virtually all of the time.

      1. Did you earn $8563.22 a month working from home?

        1. Heh, not then, but when I could still play poker online as a US citizen before the federal government rained on that parade…

    2. ^This. It’s an ongoing scam on the taxpayers.

  18. I have to butt-chug at least a liter of video games every day just to fight the shakes.

    1. +1 Jenkem

      1. I think you’ve just discovered a novel new way to induce toxic megacolon.

  19. Wait, I thought it was creepy prowling clowns that was the latest crisis? Or was it sex trafficing? When I was a yute, it was pool parlors and Elvis’ hip gyrations then the Beatles long hair.

    1. Goodness. Are you Sevo’s dad?

      1. “And with a shower of glitter, children, and the lingering odor of taco farts, a meme was born…”

    2. Yeah, whatever happened to the fucking clown panic? I don’t think I ever once saw an actual photo of creepy clowns luring trusting children into the woods.

      1. Check Crusty’s facebook feed.

      2. One of them won the presidential election, and another one lost.

      3. How I miss the clown panic. I was addicted to the hilarity of the panic and now I can’t get a fix anywhere. I waste tens of otherwise productive hours searching for this high I got from reading this.

      1. What is the significance of refastening your knickers “below the knee” ?

        1. It’s code for being a drug dealing, gay pedofile.

          I thought everyone knew that.

  20. I’m addicted to addiction.

  21. Speaking of fancy games, I’m looking to become addicted to my new Gear VR. Any recommended apps?

    I am looking less for games, more for atmospheric experiences that I can see while I’m on the most deadly boring piece of exercise equipment known to mankind.

    1. That’s a pretty harsh thing to say about your husband, Kurmudgeon.

      1. *rimshot*

      2. And that ladies and gentlemen is why you come to HnR. You may get older, but you can always act immature.

        1. I sound like Tom Hardy’s Bane while I make a doo.

          1. If I replaced your toilet paper with sandpaper, would you die?

      3. LOL. Totally sending this comment to the Squeeze.

        1. You should send it to your husband, too.

      4. (now I’m wondering if there’s an app that’s just Ron Swanson or Mike Rowe making sex noises/faces)

        1. Market opportunity

          1. Needs shrink wrap and a parental advisory ….

          2. I think the stampede of womyns trying to get at the Mike Rowe one would make Pamplona look like a stroll along a garden path.

        2. There is a holiday video of Nick Offerman just sitting in front of a fireplace for a half hour. It is incredibly sexy yet totally safe for work. [fans self]

          1. Do a YouTube search for Nick Offerman Yule Log. He’s also drinking single malt scotch.

            1. *KK disappears for 3 days*

          2. I’m very much aware of that video. I played it last Xmas as we were opening prezzies.

            Mercifully, I will be spending this Xmas at my own house, watching 24 Hours of A Christmas Story with Alton Brown’s Aged Eggnog and my dog.

  22. How to turn good news about today’s youths into a demand for more government studies.

    I couldnt find the exact quote, but Thomas Sowell pointed out that when government agencies succeeded, they often lost funding, but when they failed, they inevitably used that as an excuse to demand more funding.

  23. I mostly play PC games. I had been in the habit of keeping my pinky finger raised while operating the mouse. You know, in an attempt to have more fancy video games.

    My techie workplace also has a very casual dress code, so I no longer own a business suit. However, I’d lately been considering donning a smoking jacket and ascot whenever I sit down at home to play a video game — just to kick things up a notch to “very fancy” territory. (A raised pinkie only goes so far when you’re wearing a t-shirt and jeans.)

    Thanks to Dr. Whackoff’s timely warning, I will halt these practices before I become hopelessly addicted. Thanks NIDA!! Who says government agencies only exists to waste money?

    1. eBay can come through on cheap smoking jackets.

    2. For +1 to fancy:…

  24. It’s a call for more research, more funding, more spending.

    I’ts very hard to get a man to understand something when his paycheck depends on not understanding it.

  25. “The development of very, very fancy video games has resulted in a pattern of compulsive use of these games that may serve as a substitute for drug-taking,” Volkow said in an interview.”

    Oh, we got trouble!
    Right here in River City!
    With a capital “T”
    And that rhymes with “V”
    And that stands for video games!

  26. “a pattern of compulsive use of these games that may serve as a substitute for drug-taking” & “motivation for playing also seems to be a factor in addiction”

    The breadth of such declarations, the reach to unfalsifiable generality, is akin to blaming mankind’s problems on original sin. It is a liturgical psychiatry solemnly read by religious nuts like Nora Volkow. Can’t we keep zealots like her in some nunnery for the impulsively buttinski?

    1. “Can’t we keep zealots like her in some nunnery for the impulsively buttinski?”

      We already do. It’s called government service.

      1. But they run around with guns.

    2. And that is what they seem to be waging a war on, Sin. We are unique among the Animal Kingdom for our ability to defy our instincts, but that doesn’t mean we ALWAYS should. Nor should we give in and lower ourselves to the other primates. However, people like Volkow seem to think that there can be no middle ground. That we have to ignore all our base instincts. The fundamental religious zealots think so, too, but for the reason that the less we act like Animals, the more we act like God, which is a flawed argument.

  27. She is Trotsky’s great-grandaughter? I do not think a person should be held accountable for the sins of their relatives, but…Trotsky?

    1. Don’t worry, she’s building a statist rap sheet of her own so that you have reasons to dislike her regardless of heritage.

  28. The funny thing about this (well, it would be funny if it weren’t so closely tied to the humanitarian tragedy known as the Drug War) is the jarring cognitive dissonance on display. On one hand, to be taken seriously in addiction medicine, you need to publicly wed yourself to the notion that addiction is an entirely biological phenomenon – essentially, that drugs, alcohol and tobacco break your brain, and no one addicted to these things has any choice or responsibility for their addiction. Yet, on the other hand, you have to be perfectly fine with expanding your authority into non-substance addictions (eg, video games, sex, gambling), even though that completely undermines the biological theory.

    1. mother of god.
      ITS BOTH!

      1. I would agree. The people at NIDA would not.

    2. Except that they have brain MRI studies which show the same brain areas light up in gamers and cokeheads when presented with a game or cocaine. Addiction is addiction whether to a behavior or substance according to the high priests at NIDA.

      1. Something something cause effect …

      2. You really should spend time with a genuine opiate addict in cold withdrawal to learn the meaning of the words these idiots bandy about. It is not pretty, and gets worse for some 40 hours or more.

      3. The addiction as a disease model is garbage. Trauma, past and/or present, is the main cause for addiction. The brain then is changed by the use of drugs/alcohol/etc. Then, ignorant people use those scans to say “see their brain is different!”

    3. Well said! If I were the kind of person who made things compulsory, I would make your comment compulsory reading for addiction specialists.

  29. I’m still waiting for the moral panic over Crusader Kings 2 (probably won’t happen since their market is somewhat small).

    “This is a game where you can engage in incest, murder children, and abduct women and make them your sex slaves.”

      1. Tribal succession is bullshit because it divides all your lands up between your sons. But I have discovered a solution:

        Once you hit 60 or so, you find your best son, then imprison the rest and have them executed. Sure, everyone thinks you’re a tyrant, but you’ll probably be dead in five years, and the realm is secure!

        Then you kick your feet up and drink from your World’s 1# Dad goblet until you croak.

    1. Needs a ‘Gorean Chronicles’ add-on

  30. I have often wondered if there exists a person who is not addicted to something. I have known Mormons who guzzle Mountain Dew by the gallon. There are Buddhist monks I guess, but I would bet that they are addicted to their chanting/meditation routines. If there truly is such a person, they are probably brain dead.

  31. Nora is shaking after seeing all the ads and youtubes featuring adults and children alike passing around the VR headsets so casually, and then completely losing their shit. It will take a village to rid us of the coming VR headset scourge.

    “You’ve GOT to try THIS!!!” says one hapless VR headset addict to another in a Samsung ad.

    Google “Woman Freaks Out While Riding Virtual Reality Roller Coaster” to see the tragic anti-social & deleterious effects of this new addictive menace! Users behave erratically and temporary lose ability to see and hear their surroundings!

    The poor will enter a cycle of spending their money! on new devices and ever more powerful VR apps! seeking further ways to escape the menial drudgery of their pathetic lives! No doubt, users will begin to transmit skin diseases, rashes and vermin through careless sharing of VR headsets!

    And then there will be people driving on our highways while using VR headsets! Depriving us of our RIGHTS! We need MORE STUDY before allowing this!!

    1. I think a lot of public health research is at a point now where the prime cuts have all been taken and they are scraping the bucket to come up with new ways to keep all these government workers and grantees employed. So things that were once considered hobbies are now addictions. Its kind of like when beef got really expensive a few years back because the Chinese were buying so much of it, so you had 4-star restaurants serving up cuts that used to be made into dog food like bone marrow burgers and flank steak.

  32. The thing is, I’m not all that sure I buy into the idea that certain bad behaviors among teens are on the decline. I’ve read for years that teen smoking is down, while seeing all around me anecdotal evidence that the opposite is true. I don’t know how you would test it, but my theory is that what is shrinking is the percentage of teens who are willing to trust authority figures when they are told “all answers will be stricktly confidential”.

    Of course, that would be good news of another kind.

  33. The faith-based mystics infiltrating federal and state jurisprudence use a definition of “addiction” that applies as perfectly to donuts, dolls, videogames, fad diets, junk foods, cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, vaping, christian, hindu and mohammedan superstition, boyfriends 15 years younger and lady lovers 15 years older than the person the Political State seeks to brand an addict for deportation, loss of Second Amendment rights or other loss of rights. In the real world of forensic medicine and interrogation, the only thing that is genuinely addictive is poppy goo, plus its derivatives and imitations such as barbiturates. But German National Socialism gained much coercive power labeling all deviations from Jesus myth altruism as “jewishness.” So American National Socialism does the same by defining targets of its oppobrium as “addictive.”

    1. Actually, the shift in the accepted meaning of ‘addiction’ was substantially driven by the anti-tobacco Crusade. Actual physical addiction to niccotine isn’t terrably had to beat; the stuff is out of your system in three days or so and the withdrawal is milder than that from caffine.

      That didn’t match too well with the need to demonize smoking.

  34. Remember: nothing is more dangerous than a government agency facing obsolescence.

  35. True, but you don’t go far enough. There are no “neurobiological causes” of any addiction. Even the heaviest intravenous heroin users are not compelled to do what they do by some kind of brain disease. There simply is no causal brain pathology.

  36. Well, so what if they are?

    My only real problem is that video games are increasing taking advantage of people with gambling habits by use of gambling boxes.

    China, of all places, has apparently had enough and will implement a rule that requires companies to publish the odds of these boxes.

    While to a certain extent if you gamble without knowing the odds you get what you deserve, but at the same time some people really do have a mental compulsion towards it

  37. I used to be an addict like you until I took an arrow to the knee.

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  40. “The motivation for playing also seems to be a factor in addiction. People who game for fun or socializing are less likely to become addicted than people who are caught up in the need for status or simply to escape from the problems in their lives. If you’re dealing with real-life failure, escaping from that stress by playing games that give you a sense of victory or control over your life can be a helpful way of coping. Spending too much time online or “shutting out” the real world with intense gaming can be a different story, though”

    It sounds like the Comments Section will be the next great addiction panic.

  41. Her problem is she *needs* something to be wrong with kids and teens. A psychologist really ought to sit down and talk with her. Why does she need something to be wrong with them?

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