The Fifth Column

Happy Broadway-Boycott Thanksgiving From The Fifth Column!

Three-headed podcast takes on New York bubble-politics, the objectionable Jeff Sessions, Kanye's breakdown, and more


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Has it really been three weeks since we've recorded a new episode of The Fifth Column, your very favorite podcast that stars Kmele Foster, Hollywood Mike Moynihan and yours truly? Ha ha, no, I just wanted to reward those who have already subscribed, which is Latin for sorry pal too busy you don't know the half of it. In fact we did a post-election bit Nov. 11 with comedian Andrew Schulz, and then a pretty slurry one Nov. 18 with Kat Timpf, after which, as I explain in this week's installment, we learned about a case of reverse-Broadway discrimination that will blow your mind. Or at least make you feverishly Google through my terrible attempts to mask the drinking establishment in question….

Other topics include the lousy record of likely Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Kanye West's ongoing breakdown, and the great Saturday Night Live commercial for "The Bubble," which you should just probably watch right now:

Here is the whole Fifth Column episode:

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