Hate crimes

6 Fast Facts About the FBI's New Hate-Crime Report

Hate crimes against persons decreased in 2015 over the previous year. Anti-black, Jewish, and gay-male sentiment was most common.


Data from FBI 2015 Hate-Crime Statistics

The FBI just released new information on hate crimes—defined as "crimes that manifest evidence of prejudice based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity"—that occurred in America last year. Here are six key points and takeaways that are crucial to understanding the data.

1. The new report covers incidents that occurred in 2015. This seems like the first important fact to note, since some people have already been trying to pass the data off as a response to Donald Trump's election as president. That's obviously impossible. Trump did start his campaign seriously in the summer of 2015, which leaves open the possibility for his influence on bias-based crimes last year. But other influential events of 2015 include major Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris and Turkey; the mass shooting carried out by ISIS supporters in San Bernardino, California; the rising refugee crisis in Europe; an array of "officer involved shootings," anti-police brutality protests, and Black Lives Matter activism within the U.S.; and the transgender bathroom issue breaking into the mainstream media/political scene for the first time, to name a few. Any serious explanation for a shift in violence against various minorities last year must take all of that (and many other factors) into account, so it's disappointing to see people immediately leap to pin new data to "Trumpism." One needn't feel love for Trump and his fan club to find any explanation that starts and stops with them woefully lacking, partisan, and, to the extent that it clouds out analysis of other factors, possibly destructive.

2. The data is incomplete + inherently increase-prone every year. The FBI collects national data on all sorts of crimes as part of its Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program. It has done so since the 1930s. In 1990, it started specifically collecting data "about crimes that manifest evidence of prejudice based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity," or what it calls "hate crimes." The first FBI hate-crime statistics included reporting data from just 11 states. Since 1990, the number of law-enforcement agencies participating in the FBI's hate-crime reporting program has grown relatively steadily, meaning that in terms of sheer number of incidents, part (or perhaps all) of any increases may be attributed to an increase in the number of jurisdictions and agencies reporting hate-crime data to the FBI.

The 2015 statistics include information from law-enforcement agencies representing some 283,884,034 people, or about 89 percent of the U.S. population. This is actually down from 2014 and 2013 (when 15,494 and 15,016 agencies participated, respectively), but up from 2012, when just 13,022 participated.*

3. Hate-crimes against persons are down over last year. The FBI reported a total of 5,850 incidents from 2015 that it categorized as hate crimes, up slightly over 2014, when 5,479 incidents were reported. Overall, 65 of these biased-based incidents were classified as "crimes against society," 3,646 as "crimes against persons," and 2,338 as property crimes (with some incidents counted in more than one category). This represents a decrease in crimes against persons since 2014, when 4,048 such crimes were reported.

4. Nearly two-thirds of all hate crimes involved no physical violence. Of all 2015 incidents that the FBI deemed hate crimes, a little more than one third—36.5 percent—involved some sort of physical violence against an individual or group of individuals. Simple assault accounted for 24.5 percent of all incidents, aggravated assault for 11.6 percent, rape for 0.22 percent, and murder for 0.14 percent.

Looking at just crimes against people, the most common occurrence was intimidation, which made up 41 percent of the incidents in this category. Simple assault accounted for 39 percent of crimes against people and aggravated assault for 18.7 percent. There were also 13 rapes and 8 murders in 2015 that were classified as hate crimes.

In the property-crime category, vandalism was by far the most common type of incident, accounting for about 73 percent of hate-crimes against property. Robbery, burglary, and larceny accounted for 22 percent, arson for 1.3 percent, and motor-vehicle theft for 0.9 percent.

5. Crimes motivated by racial/ethnic bias were the most common type of hate crime. Among crimes deemed "single bias incidents" (i.e., those motivated by just racial animosity, not racial and anti-gay animosity), bias based on race or ethnicity was by far the most common, accounting for nearly 57 percent all incidents. Religious bias drove a little more than a fifth of all incidents (21.26 percent), while crimes motivated by sexual-orientation bias accounted for a little under a fifth (18 percent). The remainder of the incidents were classified as bias against transgender or gender non-conforming people (1.94 percent), anti-disability bias (1.26 percent), gender bias (0.39 percent), or multiple biases (0.55 percent).

6. Blacks, Jews, and gay men were the most common hate-crime targets. For race and ethnicity-related incidents, anti-black bias was the clear leader, accounting for 1,745 of the 3,310 such incidents recorded, or around 53 percent. Crimes categorized as anti-white accounted for just 18.5 percent.

The rest of the racial/ethnic incident breakdown is as follows: anti-Hispanic or Latino bias, 9 percent; anti-Arab bias, 1 percent; anti-Asian, Native Hawaiian, or other Pacific Islander bias, 3.5 percent; and anti-native American bias, 4 percent. About 3.4 percent were classified as crimes against multiple races or ethnic groups, and 7.8 percent of the incidents were classified as "other." There were the exact same number of incidents deemed anti-ispanic or Latino in 2014 (299 incidents) as there were in 2015.

FBI 2015 Hate-Crime Report

For sexual-orientation based incidents, gay men were way more likely to be targets than lesbian or bisexual counterparts. Anti-gay male bias accounted for 664 of the reported 1,053 sexual-orientation based incidents, or 63 percent. Anti-lesbian bias was behind just 12.9 percent of the incidents, anti-bisexual bias 2.9 percent, and anti-heterosexual bias 1.8 percent. Around 19 percent of the incidents were classified as being based on general anti-LGBT animus. For incidents classified as hate crimes based on gender identity specifically, 64 percent were anti-transgender and 36 percent were against gender-non-conforming individuals.

For crimes motivated by gender-bias, women were the target nearly 70 percent of the time and men 30 percent of the time (though the total number of incidents in the gender category was just 23 incidents).

For crimes motivated by religious bias, anti-Jewish sentiment was by far the most common prejudice, accounting for 664 or the 1,244 identified incidents, or 53.4 percent. The next most targeted religion was Islam, with anti-Muslim bias behind 20.7 percent of the incidents. Non-specified religious bias or that which targeted multiple religions was the next most prevalent (11.8 percent of incidents), followed by anti-Catholic incidents (4.3 percent), anti-Eastern Orthodox incidents (3.9 percent), anti-Protestant incidents (3 percent), anti-other Christian incidents (1.2 percent), anti-Mormon incidents (0.64 percent), and anti-Hindu or anti-Sikh incidents (0.88 percent). There were two reports of hate crimes targeting atheists, one anti-Buddhist incident, and one anti-Jehovah's Witness incident. For comparison, in 2014, 154 incidents of religious bias were categorized anti-Islamic, while 609 were anti-Jewish, 64 were anti-Catholic, and 25 were anti-Protestant.

*Updated to add past-year participation numbers.

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  1. What about hat crimes against Trump supporters. I am reporting a definite uptick in hat crimes against Trump supporters since the election.

    1. Hat crimes? What about the Hair?

      1. Everyone loves the hair.

    2. We need more crimes with adjectives.

      That way, when a human is killed and happens to be another color than the murderer, this will drive home the difference between murder and murder.

      1. Sarcasm drives me into a BLIND RAGE! If I ever get my hands on you……

      2. Well, there’s murder and then there’s murder, and never the twain shall meet.

  2. 7) Black on White racist violence is not a hate crime.

    1. Absolutely not.

      Youths only protest and protesters only voice their discontent.

    2. As a friend of mine can attest, having been beaten severely about 20 years ago, apparently Indian on White violence isn’t even a crime, hateful or otherwise. His several jagged scars says something else, but wasn’t even worthy of a report being filed by the John Q. Laws. Oddly, he’s a little bitter over it. I THINK he probably voted Trump. He’s one of those asshole college educated white people who were supposed to know better.

      1. I like to bike through the city I live in a lot (until it gets cold) and this takes me through some poor black neighborhoods. Just in the few years I’ve lived here (not a bad city, sort of up-and-coming Midwestern city), and I would say at least once every few weeks one or some (groups are usually worse) of the local hooligans either throw bottles or rocks at me or start running after me (at which point are bike faster, needless to say) while shouting ‘crackuh’ at me or whatever. I wonder, if white people had a big racial chip on their shoulders and reported incidents of violence, muggings in which they were called racial slurs, threats, etc. as hate crimes at as high a rate as black people do (or even perceived them to be hate crimes), what would the stats look like.

        We always here about how we need to have an ‘honest conversation’ about race and racial ‘animus’ in this country. I suppose I don’t know what it’s like to be black, but I would have to be pretty oblivious not to notice that there is a strong strain of anti-white animosity running through poor black communities. And I’m pretty sure it hasn’t gone unnoticed among many white people who live near poor black neighborhoods. The fact that white progressive ‘elites’ in the media and politics insist on acting like it just isn’t there while they kiss Al Sharpton’s ass must, I imagine, only exacerbate the phenomenon of ‘white identity politics.’

  3. I also hate crime, but I doubt I would indulge myself by writing a whole report about my hate.

  4. Thanks so very much for this, ENB. Unfortunately, you are “preaching to the choir” as they say in these parts.

    1. Yes, but she’s been getting picked up. Her article arguing against an uptick in violence due to Trump’s election got picked up by at least RCP and Instapundit. I would keep digging the vein that’s producing gold, too.

      1. (getting picked up by neutral and liberal types, too, not just on the right, which is refreshing)

        1. Hold out for proper dates, ENB, you’re better than that! 😛

      2. Fact: somehow that story negated the actual negative acts that had been committed as a result of Trump’s election.

  5. These hate crime statistics stand in stark contrast to a person who is beat up due to love.

    1. It’s true – love trumps hate.

      1. Love trumps hate especially effective when it trumps it with a tire iron.

  6. How many of those are reports of Hugh Mungus style sexual harassment?

    1. Wot? Wot did you just say? ‘Ugh Mungus wot?

      1. “Yew Mungus wot”?
        Please say something that will curry favor with my dark overlords…
        “Yew Mungus wot?!”
        Please, fat man, please. The Gaping Maw is hungry for Oppression Crystals…
        “Yew. Mungus. Wut.!”
        Darkness comes, and I am forsaken…

      2. Literally records herself fabricating a sexual assault complaint, but no, women never lie about that sort of thing.

        1. Which is worse, the fact that she thought the video would make people beieve her? or that there were people who believe her?

          1. The nuclear outrage reaction she got from the chick in the background emboldened her… Thats when the crazy lady changed from “You spoke to me in a sexually harassing way” to “YOU JUST SEXUALLY HARASSED ME!!!!
            Her meltdown at city hall in Seattle was epic

        2. She shared that shit with a lot of SJW women and had a lot of them agreeing with her. They create their own little bubble and then live in it.

    2. What the fuck was that?

      Never click the links.
      Never click the links.
      Never click the links.
      Never click the links.

      1. Vertical videos trigger you, don’t they?

  7. FBI? You mean the people who killed HER? Disbelieve.

  8. First of all, the FBI instigates much of the ‘hate crime’ it reports. Secondly, the greatest ‘hate crime’ of them all was Comey’s attack on my girl.

    1. Jill Stein? Liar.

  9. As a misanthrope, I am concerned that any crime I commit can be categorized as a hate crime and therefore subject to enhanced sentencing guidelines. And having witnessed the last few years in American history, I would suggest anybody that ain’t a misanthrope needs to see a mental health professional.

    1. Nah, being a misanthrope is as blind and self defeating as being a Pollyanna insisting that everything is great. Take people as they come.

      1. I have to. I can only fit one at a time in my trunk.

        1. You can’t trade your current ride in for a good used SUV with a cargo area cover?

        2. Only one at a time? These are Wisconsonites I take it?

  10. 7. Hate crime is thought crime.

    1. I’m not a supporter of hate crime laws. But here’s a question I have on the subject.

      Requiring mens rea for a criminal conviction is a good thing, most around here seem to agree. Which means you are criminalizing the combination of thought and action.
      “Hate crime”, at least in the US where there aren’t laws against “hate speech” but only enhancements applied to crimes that definitely should be crimes, is sort of an extension of this same idea, no?

      I don’t think hate crime laws are necessary or a good idea. But I don’t think it’s unreasonable for a murderer to get a slightly longer sentence because of what motivated the murder as part of the normal sentencing process.

      1. Zeb- isn’t that the difference between “involuntary” manslaughter, manslaughter, and murder? If I kill someone by beating them over the head with a hammer 50 times, does it really matter if I said “nigger” between the 26th and 27th blows?

        Look at the stats comparing “black male on white female” rape and vice-versa. Since rape is not about sex, but about “power and domination”, does an interracial rape deserve a harsher penalty because of the choice of victim?

  11. Were the San Bernardino attacks counted as a religious hate crime? Will the Pulse Nightclub Shootings count as anti-gay hate crimes in 2016?

    1. These were exempted under “Tolerable acts of intolerance due to actor’s perceived intolerance of their intolerance.”

    2. Why do these all have to be “hate” crimes? Isn’t there a category for “mild dislike” crimes?

  12. More importantly, the past election has impacted so many couples that reports of hate-fucking are now on the rise. Hate-based fucking is not healthy, and I fear our new president will be the cause of even more loathsome lovemaking. We are not safe in our bedrooms, we are not safe in the back seats of our cars, and most appallingly we are not safe after we bring our dates behind the dumpster at Denny’s.

    Damn you, Donald Trump, damn you to the deepest throes of hell.

  13. “Looking at just crimes against people, the most common occurrence was intimidation, which made up 41 percent of the incidents in this category.”

    “Intimidation” means what precisely?

    Is this only about what the “victims” feel in their hearts?

    Was this some sort verbal “crime”?

  14. Something tells me “hate crimes” are defined so broadly as to be useless except for political posturing and fundraising by the SPLC.

    “We haven’t had a lynching since, well, ever; but some guy says nobody would stop and let him pull out of the Popeye’s parking lot.”

    1. that’s why I think the breakdowns by type are important here. intimidation can mean anything, but we can see that there were only 8 deaths deemed “hate crimes” last year, etc.

    2. “We haven’t had a lynching since, well, ever; but some guy says nobody would stop and let him pull out of the Popeye’s parking lot bake him a cake.”


      Seriously, 447 people killed in Chicago in 2015, 1,745 anti-black crimes in 2015, 664 *anti-Jewish* hate crimes in 2015… Muslims and Trannies hardest hit.

  15. we are not safe after we bring our dates behind the dumpster at Denny’s.

    Especially when a cop rolls up and says it’s his turn.

    1. I’m not that easy, Brooks.


  16. Sounds like future Donald Trump has got control of President Obama’s time machine.

  17. 2. The data is incomplete

    ARE. This triggers me.

    1. If it’s correct and “sounds wrong” it’s going to stop being correct because people won’t use it that way.

      1. You’re antisemitic. This is a hate crime. I note that ENB is a blondie, which makes it even worse.

        1. Data is a Latin word, though. Cultural appropriation!

          A ????????? for education level. I appropriate you back. Come at me, bro!

          1. Only tards have to put in the vowels.

            1. Which triggers you more, seeing ‘data’ being used as an ordinary mass noun or Hebrew with vowels?

              In the future we’ll all have to have cybernetic implants to catalog all the triggers each person in our lives have.

              1. Sounds like an episode of Black Mirror.

    2. In English we pluralize things with “s”. Start saying “datums” or GTFO, elitist Latin snob.

  18. Two West Virginia Officials Are Under Fire for Calling Michelle Obama An Ape

    Specifically, “an ape in high heels.”

    Which brings us to one of our most treasured flashback threads: “See Monkey, Go Beserk”

    1. If only he read the comments here and knew the correct term was “Wookie.”

    2. Love the photo Slate used with that article. Almost makes Michelle look like a top government official!

      I suppose using a photo of her overseeing the annual Easter egg roll, or tending the White House Organic Garden, wouldn’t have conveyed her importance to our country.

    3. Pretty uneducated. Every human ever to have worn high heels was an ape in high heels. We’re all apes – great apes, to be specific. There will be two new apes in the White House presiding over a nation of apes. Apes will write about them, apes will love or loathe them, apes will show indifference. An ape writes this now.

      1. I can’t wait for the Trump-chimp caricatures. It’s a tradition now, dating back to our original Chimperor.

      2. #allapesmatter

      3. Strictly speaking this is true. But common usage of the word “ape” still strongly implies a non-human ape. And comparisons to lesser primates have long been used to insult black people. Probably best just to steer away from calling black people apes or monkeys if you don’t want to be called racist.

        You could call her a “nigger” too with no ill intent, but no one is going to give a shit what you meant.

        1. Technically correct is the best kind of correct.

          It was mostly tongue-in-cheek humor. That said, really nobody should be offended at being called an ape any more than we should be offended at being called a mammal or vertebrate or any other classification that applies to both humans and non-human species.

          Back to your regularly scheduled jokes:

          What really offended Democrats was the implication that they were vertebrates and, therefore, weren’t spineless.
          Our reptilian overlords reject their classification as mammals as insulting.
          We finally elected our first orange-utan.
          In other news, Donald Trump was called “slime” today, prompting offense in the slime, ooze, and muck community and touching off protests. One protester was quoted, “We will not stand idly by while our peoples are compared to that multicellular troglodyte.” A spokesperson for troglodytes could not be reached at this time.

    4. So, these two people are important advisors to Donald Trump, right? Because I had a prog throw this in my face – “*now* will you accept that Donald Trump is the Beast of Revelations?”

      1. As a believer, aren’t you triggered that your prog friend pluralized the book of Revelation?

        1. Sigh, I’m somewhat paraphrasing.

          Apparently the tweets of some folks in Clay County, West Virginia are important, why? I’m sure Clay County has wonderful folks, the best, but are these two individuals actually key members of the Trump transition team or something?

          1. Pluralizing anecdotes (that would have been ignored otherwise as “not news”) to data.

  19. I don’t see clown hate crimes listed.

  20. I’m not sure how you count a made up category. This is like measuring the increase in psychotic tendencies as measured by phrenologists. It’s possibly useful as a measure of our descent into superstition.

  21. So 7,000 victims in a country of more then 300,000,000

    I must go clutch my pearls

  22. So, if I find a woman so beautiful that she’s intimidating, she is committing a hate crime against me?

    1. If she is unwilling to have sex with you, then yes.

  23. There are some other curious questions I have on these statistics.

    For instance, according to FBI statistics, there were 229 white on black homicides in 2015, and there were 500 black on white homicides in 2015.


    Those statistics sound really bad. If we assume racial hatred is a common factor in mixed-race murders, and the murder rate is representative of that, we might conclude that blacks are extremely racist and violent towards white people.

    It’s actually worse than the split suggests because blacks only make up some 12% of the population and whites are somewhere near 70%. If race is a common denominator in interracial murder and the murder statistics are representative of that, then blacks are committing the hate crime of murder at almost 6 times their proportion of the population ((500/729)/.12). Meanwhile, whites are committing such hate crimes at less than half their proportion of the population ((229/729)/.70).

  24. If interracial murder statistics are a guide regarding the proportionate share of hate crime across the board, then of that 57% of the hate crime that’s characterized as being about race, I’d expect 92% (6/6.5) of those complaints to come from whites who were targeted by blacks.

    If the data doesn’t show that, then I have three likely explanations: 1) serious bias in terms of how this data is collected 2) white victims are reluctant to characterize their experience as hate crime, 3) whatever we’re trying to measure by using the word “hate crime” is highly subjective.

    1. Not a single white murder victim reported the crime against them as a hate crime.

  25. Also =

    A handy map showing the concentration of hate crimes.

    New Jersey, Massachusetts, Washington, North Dakota, Connecticut….

    Strangely, the places that actual crimes happen are not that the other newspapers cite – which are states with the most “hate-groups

    They used to also tout that the number of hate-groups in America was (scary!) rising. But now that’s also falling along with the crimes themselves.

    The narrative here is to simply say, “hate crimes” at least once a day for the next few weeks so that it becomes ‘common knowledge’

    1. You do realize that noticing this and talking about it makes you just as much a racist as any Trump voter, don’t you?

      1. Saying anything potentially critical (*like that Hate Crimes are at a 20 year low) is effectively the same as Trump support.

        It is known.

        1. And supporting Trump is a hate crime.

  26. Donald Trump is a hate crime.

  27. “about crimes that manifest evidence of prejudice based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity,”

    Would the people dragging that man from his car and beating him while yelling “He voted Trump!” be a hate crime?

    1. No, no, no! That’s “punching up”, the oppressed bravely rising up against their oppressors.

  28. For crimes motivated by religious bias, anti-Jewish sentiment was by far the most common prejudice, accounting for 664 or the 1,244 identified incidents, or 53.4 percent.

    Is watching a Spike Lee movie a hate crime?

  29. I hereby define saying anything negative about Donald Trump to be a hate crime.
    Watch the crime rate soar under the Trump presidency.
    As Tarzan once said “You can call a jackal a lion, but it will not make him brave”
    Note to liberals and millennials; that quote is from a work of fiction.

  30. Skimmed through the article sorry if I missed it. Is this report based on convictions, or filed police reports?

  31. RE: 6 Fast Facts About the FBI’s New Hate-Crime Report

    I hate paying taxes.
    When do I report to my local gulag?

  32. If you examine the actual criminal justice stats (see the DOJ/FBI Uniform Crime Reports website) the vast majority of inter-racial crime is committed by “people of color.” For example, blacks commit something like half of all murders in America, and a totally disproportionate number of inter-racial rapes/sexual assaults. But this does not fit into the “narrative” which the race hustlers want to push. So they invent a new category called “hatecrime.” It’s Orwellian because it means that someone can be given a penalty enhancement for thinking thoughts which are not in line with the prevailing liberal mindset.

    You might look at the large amount of violence committed by Black Lives Matter and people affiliated with it. This has included arson, intimidation and assault. Consider this report of how unarmed teens from BLM beat motorists while chanting “Black Power.” How many of them were charged with hatecrime?

    Do I have to comment on the recent violence and attacks on private property initiated by Leftists because they did not like the outcome of last week’s election?

    And the vandalism of Confederate monuments and graves which has been occurring over the last year or so…is that hatecrime? Or do they not count?

    The reality is that there is a grotesque double standard at work to invert the reality of who is behind the wave of inter-racial crime in America.

    1. I agree with your comment regarding hate crimes not being labeled for what they are. I thought of the case you cited and MANY others. So many I can pull off the top of my head, recent and going back many years as I’ve been researching this for the last six months. Cases of people being set on fire and the perps actually saying they hate whites. None of those cases some involving children as young as 3, were not charged as hate crimes. Judging the thoughts of the perp isn’t an option in these instances but is arbitrarily applied it seems (like all laws it seems to me). I don’t know which is more disturbing- the viciousness and level of depravity of the crimes themselves, or the insidious denial which helps to enable these crimes. You’re racist if you challenge the narratives. Hostility based on ‘race’ has been stoked in this country. There are dozens and dozens of cases involving blacks sucker punching whites totally unprovoked (which resulted in death on numerous occasions) but can you show me dozens and dozens of whites or Asians doing this to whomever? No. I’ve tried to find those cases. It’s a ratio of 50 to 1 or even more. Hugely disproportionate number. People are married to narratives and it’s not as common as I wish it were for people to dig deeper than their biases allow.

  33. This data set is so deeply flawed it should be criminalized LOL. I’ve been researching cases which are absolutely hate crimes but are not being charged as hate crimes. The volume of these incidents mind blowing. Apparently a hate crime is only prosecuted as such under certain circumstances which remains unclear. If the perp isn’t white, and victim is white- it requires an act of God to get it charged accordingly. Let’s see- a recent rape & throat cutting case where black male stated “this is what you get for 400 years of….” Will it be handled as a hate crime? Is it not a hate crime? Or the Vanderbilt gang rape of white woman one of the black rapists urinated on her face said “bitch this is for 400 years of slavery” I suppose there’s some nuance in the law that categorizes these as not being hate crimes but let’s get real here. In a city where you have an epidemic of black on white strong arm robberies or black on Asian strong arm robberies- even when a pattern of abuse towards a specific ethnicity is obvious to anyone with half a brain it’s not acknowledged. I’ll likely be called a racist for wanting to point this out. The FBI hate crime database is bullshit. It doesn’t even begin to quantify the hate crimes that are happening throughout the USA. knockout game is another example of a hate crime pattern & one that is being aggressively denied.

    Social justice can’t be just for some rather than for everyone. Hate comes in a diverse rainbow of colors.

  34. 2015 was just an elaborate trap to lull us into a false sense of comfort. i mean, how else do you explain trump winning?

    and according to my cousin who’s a freshman at a reputable state college, there’s been a “huge surge” that should be apparent to anyone who isn’t an imbecile and watches the right news channels.

    i want to know what asshole thought it was a good idea to let people vote.

  35. hm.. the FBI chose pink to represent anti-gay hate crimes

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  37. Can’t wait for the Donnie Brasco sequel where they bring him out of retirement to make Hate-Crime Reports. Ought to get Michael Bay to direct.

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