Stop Sharing News That Trans Teen Suicides Spiked Post-Election—It's Not Just Wrong, But Dangerous to LGBT Youth

This false epidemic going viral could drive real suicide attempts among struggling teens.


Calls to mental health and suicide hotlines spiked this week after Donald Trump was elected president, according to four major crisis-prevention hotlines, with much of the increase coming in calls from LGBT people. Even worse, the election results allegedly triggered the suicides of at least 10 transgender Americans—the majority of them teenagers—within the few days following Trump's win, according to reports rapidly circulating on social media.

But while the Trump/Pence win and the return of Republican power may have created apprehension among the LGBT community, there's no evidence to support rumors of a recent wave of transgender-teen suicides and very good cause to doubt them. Tragically, though, this false epidemic going viral could help drive up real suicide attempts among struggling teens.

The news of a wave of trans teen suicides began circulating on Wednesday, when a few people posted Facebook updates claiming that the information came from private support groups for parents of transgender children. It was given legs Wednesday night by Guardian writer and Out magazine editor-at-large Zach Stafford, who tweeted that "at least 8 trans youth have committed suicide in the wake of Trump's win." Stafford's tweet was retweeted more than 13,000 times before he deleted it, explaining: "as we continue to investigate the reported suicides, I've spoken w/ GLAAD and we feel it best to take down the original tweet. …until families can come forward & we have better facts. Currently there is fear of suicide contagion due to the social media."

Nick Adams, director of the GLAAD Transgender Media Program, told BuzzFeed News that there were "unconfirmed reports that some trans people died by suicide in the hours following the election," though at that point it was "not possible to substantiate those rumors." He added that "it's important that mainstream media outlets and people on social media do not spread incomplete or inaccurate information about suicides, as it can lead others to attempt self harm."

But while mainstream media may have heeded his warning, the rumors escalated on social media and blogs, spread by activists, journalists, and thousands of scared and saddened individuals. By Friday, a list of names was circulating: 10 transgender Americans who had killed themselves since Tuesday for reasons directly related to Trump's election. It's unclear where this list originated, but soon it was filling Facebook feeds and Twitter timelines.

I had mentioned the transgender-teen suicide rumors in passing in an earlier post, and if there was evidence showing them to be true, I wanted to update the post. But the list immediately raised red flags—everyone was a "revolutionary communist activist" or had a pregnant fiance or a family wherein Trump's election somehow resulted in there only being enough money for one of two trans siblings to transition. So I started looking for more information about any of the named people. If I could find anything affirming these heartbreaking incidents, I wanted to share it. If not… well, what kind of sick person makes things like this up?

In countless comments, tweets, and Tumblr posts, people were sharing the list with genuine grief, worry, anger, and fear. Countless young LGBT people and sad, scared kids were likely seeing this. I'm no expert on social contagion or teen suicides, but the people who are seem to think this is exactly what we don't want: a tide of unsubstantiated suicide rumors that could normalize, glamorize, or otherwise encourage suicide attempts in already depressed or vulnerable young people.

But in trying to confirm that any of the named people had committed suicide, or even existed, I've turned up nothing. Most of their names don't exist in web search results outside of the numerous shares of this list. The more common names yield some people with those names, but none that appear to be dead (i.e., they're still posting on social media) or match the ages or descriptions given. If the named people exist, they appear to have had no online presence prior to their suicides, even though several of them are described as being prominent activists. They had no Twitter profiles, or marriage records, or White Pages listings, or any of the normal online trails you might expect at least the adults to have. Nor was there any record of any of their existences in Nexis' national databases for people, press releases, and news stories.

Figuring the first names given here may not match legal names, I re-tried the Lexis searches using just last names and ages where given. I tried just last names with words such as obituary, funeral, death, suicide, and transgender. I tried just last names in any media mentions in the past seven days. Assuming maybe some of the spellings were off, I tried variations on them that were suggested by search engines (Murano for Murrano, Ryan for Reyan, etc.). I tried full names and last names only in a database of obituaries from the past two weeks. Nothing.

I then searched Nexis for any mentions of suicides, teen suicides, or teenager deaths in the past week, under the theory that maybe the names listed were pure pseudonym but the stories were still based in reality. But this turned up no suicide news and no teen deaths that weren't accounted for otherwise (i.e., a car crash).

Searching Nexis and Google more generally for teen suicide or teen death news, I came across all sorts of older local news articles, including many where the minor was not named but the story of their death still made the news. Teen deaths are relatively rare, and tend to be the subject of at least a local news story whatever the cause of death. I understand only a few days have passed since the election, and the families and loved ones of people who committed suicide may still not want to talk about it publicly. It would be unreasonable to expect all of the stories to have some identifiable record online already. But it's also unreasonable to suggest that none of the them making it online in any way is normal. Even if the parents of trans teens were staying silent, surely there would be at least a grieving friend, gossipy classmate, other family member, or someone in the community who would grieve them anywhere online or talk to a reporter or something. Teenagers in small towns don't just die without anyone in the community noticing, and teenagers in 2016 don't just die without anyone who knew them so much as mentioning their death online for days afterward.

None the above absolutely disproves the listed stories, and people will certainly push back with why they could still be true. But at this point, I don't think there's any reason to believe anything about that viral list.

Of course, this still leaves open the possibility that the transgender and/or teen suicide rumors are true, just not as described therein. Earlier this week, Snopes looked into election-related transgender youth suicides and ruled it neither true nor false but unproven (and unproveable, as no details at all had been provided; this was pre-list of alleged names coming out).

In a statement to Mic, Debi Jackson, the moderator of a private Facebook group for parents of trans children, said that the election results "left many people across the LGBTQ community (as well as other marginalized communities) feeling incredibly anxious leading to acts of self-harm and desperation, including a few suicides and multiple suicide attempts." But she did not say that the suicides and attempted self-harm necessarily involved transgender people specifically, members of her group, or teens.One of the women who first posted about trans suicides later edited the post to clarify that "when I say 'kids' I should clarify that I'm just speaking about someone child… that child could be anywhere from a teenager to an adult."

None of this is to diminish the sadness of suicides that weren't committed by trans people or teenagers, nor to discount reports of increased calls to mental health and suicide prevention hotlines, and certainly not to mock whatever feelings of apprehension LGBT youth feel about the future. It is not a denial that transgender people in general, and transgender and gay youth in particular, have particularly high suicide rates. Rather, it's a suggestion that feeding false information about an epidemic of trans-youth suicides to folks struggling with depression and alienation in the midst of a national climate of panic may not be the best way to support their mental health.

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  1. This might sound harsh in the event that any of these actually happened, but if you kill yourself because someone you don’t like is elected president, that’s 100% on you.

    And if you did it while you have close family and young children who rely on you, you’re kind of a dirtbag.

    1. I’m torn when it comes to things like this. On one hand, these people are being fed such misinformation that they are backed into a really horrible mental state when things don’t go their way. On the other hand, I agree that it’s all on you if you decide to off yourself.

      I would hope that people would stop their existential panic for long enough to get their suicidal friends some help and to put the election in true perspective when people blow it way out of proportion.

      1. This.

        Implicit in ENB’s skepticism and the entire article is the idea that Trump’s election is not remotely something worth killing yourself over.

        Yet, if LGBTPDQWERTY kids are offing themselves over it, just where would they have gotten the idea that Trump was the sort of monster whose election is a cause for the ultimate end???

        That this sort of meme even has legs among certain crowds speaks volumes about their tenuous grasp of reality.

        These memes are not only dangerous, they are embarrassing. And they should also be damning to the people who have been spreading the extremist rhetoric that Trump is somehow an existential threat to all that is proggy and secular-holy.

        But, admitting that would require a degree of self reflection not present among those who claim to be most interested in the welfare of those very kids.

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    2. If you’re a Jew and Hitler got elected, maybe it seems somewhat more understandable; but even I would suspect the person would likely do it anyway, as leaving the country seems a lot easier. Even then and there I don’t think the Jewish suicide rate started to go up until well into Hitler’s reign and antisemitic policies.

      1. MarkLastname|11.12.16 @ 10:29PM|#
        “If you’re a Jew and Hitler got elected, maybe it seems somewhat more understandable; but even I would suspect the person would likely do it anyway, as leaving the country seems a lot easier.”

        Szilard got out of Germany on about the last day you could as a Jew. Einstein got out a couple of day earlier. When asked why, Szilard said: “He’s Einstein.” Both were some few years later.
        The point being that neither one of them left the day Hitler was ‘elected’ (scare quotes on purpose); both geniuses spent some time looking for actual results.
        The US left isn’t filled with that sort of mental acuity; see commie-kid.

    3. Louisiana and other southern states have criminal statutes on the books at this moment that criminalize gay sex. If the conservatives achieve their stated goal of a socially conservative Supreme Court these sodomy laws would likely regain the full force of law. Gay marriage would vanish as well in these states. The good possibility of a socially conservative Supreme Court is reason for panic. The idea should trigger a fight or flight reaction.

      1. If the conservatives achieve their stated goal of a socially conservative Supreme Court these sodomy laws would likely regain the full force of law. Gay marriage would vanish as well in these states.

        Right. Look how abortion was eradicated after the Reagan and Bush administrations.

      2. After the Republicans nominate a conservative judge to replace Scalia, we’ll have a Supreme Court with the same ideological balance as we’ve had for years. That hardly sounds like any kind of reason for panic. As for other vacancies, there’s guarantee that there will be any during the next four years (let alone before the mid-term election when Democrats will have an opportunity to re-take the Senate).

      3. Uhm, Supreme Court precedent doesn’t work that way.

      4. Objection, your honor; supposition. Assumes facts ont in evidence.

      5. “If the conservatives achieve their stated goal of a socially conservative Supreme Court these sodomy laws would likely regain the full force of law.”

        Probably not but certainly possible and that would be unfortunate. At the same time the entire progressive program is about fucking with people’s lives and dictating what they are and are not allowed to do. They reap what they sow.

      6. Sodomy laws were fully repealed by a 6-3 decision in 2003, and the 3 dissenters largely dissented on the basis of stare-decisis, and so would not support overturning precedent once again. Also two of them are no longer on the supreme court.

      7. I grew up in Louisiana. Southern Decadence has been around forever. My gay godfather died of AIDS there in the 1990s. Nope, Louisiana won’t be doing anything to stop gays from fucking.

        1. Having the law around but unenforced isn’t much better, as it becomes just another way for police to abuse people. The original Lawrence case, was basically a guy getting swatted and the police, upset at getting called out on a fake call in the middle of the night, decided to use the sodomy law as an excuse to rough up the occupants of the apartment in retaliation.

      8. First of all, those states, or some other entity with standing, would have to take a case through the court system. Then, the Supreme Court would have to decide there is a compelling reason to overturn precedent established by a 6-3 decision, when the dissent was based on precedent to begin with?

        Even then, why would trans people be particularly likely commit suicide over the existence of such laws?

        And what about all the liberties progressive judges DON’T think we should have? People commit suicide over losing their property or facing ludicrous prison sentences. Is there some reason I am not supposed to care about them?

      9. There is a lot of dumb crap on the books, doesn’t mean they’re enforceable. Reasons why they’re still “on the books” is cost and time, changing the books whenever there is a change, whenever something is added or removed, etc, costs money and takes time to change.

    4. This. My advice. Put your mouth over both barrels.

      And yeah, if you have kids, you are an exceptional piece of shit. That why Fuck Kurt Cobain.

      1. “Costs money…”
        Since when did that matter and what better use of the people’s money than to end opportunities to incarcerate them and get a gun pointed at them. Lawsuits cost money too.

        Unenforceable does not mean un-arrestable. Why have more avenues for cops to enable one to beat the rap but not the ride. What a foolish rationale. It was not to expensive to create in the first place.

      2. “Stop Sharing News That Trans Teen Suicides Spiked Post-Election?It’s Not Just Wrong, But Dangerous to LGBT Youth”

        What?!! And miss the chance to reduce the number of people with obvious mental instability that will try to undermine my liberties and security at every turn. Let nature take its course. Survival of the fittest. What doesn’t kill them will only make them stronger.

  2. If not… well, what kind of sick person makes things like this up?


    1. You know who else was Bush?

      1. The band that sang Glycerin?

  3. Well, leftists do not care who they cause to kill themselves or who they have to kill themselves. The end goal is all that matters. And yes, they will have caused it by turning young adults into infants.

    1. Go ahead, be on the wrong side of history.


      1. The left were on the wrong side of history from the get go.

        1. “Wrong side of history” is an inherently Marxist premise that argues for the dialectical outcome of the progress of history (i.e. primitive, slave state, feudal, capitalist, socialist, communist utopia of workers). It’s an nonsensical premise to begin with.

          1. Anyone alive in the mid 1930s would’ve likely told you fascism seemed like ‘the right side of history’ and liberal democracy was on its way out. With the exception technology, history is more cyclical than linear imo.

            1. “History doesn’t repeat, but it rhymes.”

              Fascism is just localized socialism.

          2. It implies that there is a moral direction that history should take and is taking and that their philosophy is behind that direction.

            It actually boils down to a simpler premise then. That there’s a right way and a wrong way and that theirs is the right way. That is a false dilemma as there may be some way that is superior to all of them that maximizes human happiness and minimizes human tragedy and we’ve simply not found it. Implying that there is no third way is fallacious on its own.

            In that simplest form then it is actually just a mutation of Pascal’s wager, in assuming as a basic premise that there is one right moral way for history to end up on. Pascal’s wager has already been reduced to dust by numerous arguments. Thus, we can reduce the claim to a previously solved problem. QED.

          3. The period during which Marx was working on his “theory” was one in which the common misconception of the Theory of Evolution that held that Evolution was a directional force was a major social influence. Marx described societies as ‘evolving’ to give his claptrap a veneer or scientific respectability.

            1. Darwin’s effect on Marx does not remotely get the attention it deserves. It is well recognized within Marxist circles, but outside there it is treated like a fart in church


      2. /AmSoc

        Folks, I am asking you to think back to the miserable days of white indian.
        Commie-kid is not here for any purpose other than the juvenile craving for attention; not one of that asshole’s arguments is intended in good faith.
        I’m sure Ms. Postrel is not pleased with “fuck off, asswipe”, but perhaps a tidy “get lost” might accomplish the same result.
        Once asswipe finds he gets no attention, as a poorly developed human (I’m being kind), he will go elsewhere repeating his lies and seeking that attention.

        1. Jesus Christ. Drink a glass of Chablis and take a Xanax. You aren’t responsible for admission to Club Libertarian so you can relax. You aren’t a bouncer.

          1. You’ve been made a bouncer for Club Butthurt Fuckwit. Don’t worry, none of us is even trying to get in. Easiest job you ever had (even easier than not paying your mortgage!).

            We’ve even gotten you an official dunce cap for part of your uniform.

            Keep on crying though, just like this. Your tears are delicious.

    2. How’s the view from up Sean Hannity’s ass you revolting cretin.

      1. You’re baaaaack!!!! We were worried about you. You really go under appreciated around here. In our best efforts we couldn’t create a straw man that was more straw than you. You really are great for our self esteem.

        1. 3 bales of hay and a flannel shirt crafted by blind lesbian lumberjacks. it came close, but didn’t have the same durability.

          1. “blind lesbian lumberjacks”

            Dude, that’s like the baddest ass band name in a long time.

      2. OMG! Tony, it’s you. We missed you so much. Tell us again how Hillary is ahead of all Republicans by over 50 points!

        Also, would you like a free industrial size barrel of my famous butthurt lotion? I almost sold out after Brexit and man, the Trumpocalypse has really made it hard to keep up with demand. But I’ve saved a barrel just for you, Tony! And I’m including a free tool for you to shove it up your arse!

        1. I don’t think a single barrel’s going to be enough. For all that he’s managed to pull out of his ass, I’m inclined to believe that it’s an aircraft hangar.

          Maybe the biggest source of butthurt for him is going to be when Trump parks his Boeing 757 in there and assumes control of Air Force One.

    3. You got both of them with one post.

      Well, we now know that these two haven’t gone off-station for the last time.

  4. But while the Trump/Pence win and the return of Republican power may have (understandably) created apprehension among the LGBT community

    Trump made one or two offhand comments about not supporting gay marriage, surely for political reasons – a position identical to that of The One before he changed his mind – for political reasons. This is flat-out hysteria generated by the Left. And if the trans teen suicide trend is not the hoax it so obviously appears to be, the Left ought to own up to its part in creating it.

    1. Again, Trump had a yuuuge gay businessman avow his gayness at the Republican convention.

      If trans teens think a candidate like that is a threat, that indicates that maybe trans teens have some confusion about reality.

      1. Trump had a yuuuge gay businessman
        Wait, Big Gay Al is real?!

      2. “No gay man would support a Republikkkan — he’s not gay, he’s just confused.”

        — Gaystapo

        1. The Advocate has already pulled a no-true-Scotsman on Thiel.

          1. Uncle Tom of Finland?

          2. “The Advocate has already pulled a no-true-Scotsman on Thiel.”

            So he screws wymyns now and then?!

            1. No, he’s not authentically gay if he strays from groupthink.

            2. Bisexuals must also be erased for gay politics to be monoculture.

              1. Monocultures are really unsustainable. They ever think of that?

      3. the fact they’re “trans” shows they aren’t in touch with reality.
        “some confusion”? Some?

    2. I enjoyed watching the meltdowns as much as the next guy, but it’s gone beyond simple pantshitting into psychosis. When your entire philosophy is built on state enforced violence, you can easily slip into violence when things don’t go your way.

    3. For Mexicans and Muslims, some apprehension is understandable. For anyone else it’s pure hysteria. For LGBT people it’s just madness. They should be celebrating the fact that this is the most LGBT friendly Republican president ever. The fact that his running mate is a garden variety Republican is only a slight downer on that front.

      1. And besides, it’s not like the government now has official lists of registered homosexual couples.


      2. Well, suicide is sort of the definition of madness

        1. “Madness is committing suicide again and again and expecting different results,”

          1. Its funny cuz its true!

        2. suicide is the end result of madness.
          The “trans” are mentally ill,some of them are going to suicide,and for all sorts of “reasons”.
          No matter what we do or don’t do,outside of getting them COMPETENT psych help,which isn’t possible in the PC-socialist environment we have today in the psych fields.

      3. Well, you know how it goes – first they came for the Mexicans and Muslims and so on.

        1. Yeah, but I’d say we should wait till they actually start coming for anyone before we declare the end of the world imminent. Trump has already walked back on stopping Muslim immigration, and flip-flopped on illegal immigration too (plus Paul Ryan has already started shutting Trump down).

          As I’ve said before, Trump is a Berlusconi, not a Hitler. He makes grandiose, stupid, remarks, bloviates, and then uses his power to help himself and his friends. Berlusconi said worse things than Trump – he said the West would conquer Islam, claimed to have used his ‘playboy skills’ to seduce the female Finnnish president, called himself the most persecuted man in human history, and praised Mussolini, incidentally, on a Holocaust memorial day. In the end, Berlusconi was rather harmless, if enormously corrupt.

    4. To the extent I can identify any real basis for this concern, it’s in Trump’s elevation of Pence to head of his transition team. Pence might reasonably be assumed to have more of an actual agenda, and a regressive one, with regard to gay issues than the basically opportunist Trump, but how much real impact he could have simply at the level of suggesting and vetting cabinet appointments isn’t clear to me. Nor do I have much reason to think that Pence won’t fade into the background after Inauguration Day like pretty much every VP I can think of other than Cheney.

    1. sponsored by BestBuy

    2. Not sure if satire.

      1. Unintentional satire. Some people just don’t get satire.

  5. They are desperate for bad news. They need Trump winning to actually cause harm to a minority of some sort. If it doesn’t, then they look awfully silly for their overblown fears.

    1. If it doesn’t, they’ll do what they always do: fabricate events of supposed bigotry.

      1. Only thing they know how to do, really.

      2. Never minding that it might eventually lead to some confused, impressionable, marginalized person to actually kill xerself over NOTHING.

        Nope, no moral culpability there.

    2. When the mood of the country is bad, people don’t look silly for freaking out even if they are in fact total idiots. Just the wisdom of crowds.

    3. A friend of mine from Portland Ore. said, ” My worst fear is that Trump won’t be as bad as we believe he’ll be”…

      1. if Trump gets things working better,then it shows their worldviews are wrong,and that’s something they don’t want to face.

        1. Exactly. To them, reality is poison. They’ve completely lost touch with the reality outside of their hugbox and if they look outside, they have to face it.

  6. If the candidate who told Katelyn Jenner she could shit wherever she wanted is driving trans people kill to themselves, I don’t think we’re losing the cure for cancer.

    1. We’re taking kids who have some issues and encouraging their delusions.

      Seriously, will that increase or decrease the suicide rate?

      1. You and I see this and think “Kids are going to get hurt — why isn’t anyone talking them into their senses?”

        Progressives see this happen and think “2020: Make America Love Again”

        1. This^

          Progs run on emotion. They’ve just spent 4 days crying out a ton of their emotion, and they need to recharge their batteries. Nothing does that faster than dead teenage trannies.

          1. Nothing does that faster than dead teenage trannies

            I take that back. I have witnessed something that does it even quicker on my Instagram feed…. sad animals.

            1. Sad transsexual furry zoophiles.

              I’ve given the Left their newest focus group and created a new form of porn that the FBI can run websites on. Someone should be paying me for this.

              1. Sad transsexual furry zoophiles

                I have a friend who checks all of those boxes except the trans one. He’s a piece of work.

                1. I’m sure trips to the zoo are fun.

                2. Did he like Zootopia? Pondering watching it tomorrow night…

                  1. Is that the Disney money or the doc about the guy who got raped to death by a horse?

          2. You don’t think the party bosses pushing this crap actually believe any of it themselves in any way, do you? More dead fruitcakes from the peasant class is fine with them; nothing but sensational headlines & increased voting by ignoramuses.

            You really think people like John Podesta or Kamala Harris or Anderson Cooper care if some “genderqueer” teenage plebe takes their poisoned propaganda tactics seriously and commits suicide over it? It’s just more money in their pocket.

  7. Remember, Democrats claim to be the party of reason.

    Not that it was ever true, but they are completely losing their minds. People on NeoGaf are panicking, thinking they are possibly going to concentration camps…

    Because you know, not wanting to let certain immigrants in = concentration camps.

    1. They’re also the reality-based community.

      And nothing proves this more strongly than a person with an XY chromosome pair claiming to be a woman or a person with an XX chromosome pair and female genitalia claiming to be a man. Because reality is what you feel.

    2. People on NeoGaf are panicking, thinking they are possibly going to concentration camps…

      The video game forum? Seriously?

    3. And exactly which party was in control when we actually had concentration camps???

    4. In fairness, they are actually muslim illegal alien members of ISIS, so they might be right on this one.

  8. Blame the media, blame Hillary’s campaign, blame Madonna, but don’t blame Trump. More pants-shitting has happened as a result of people unaffiliated with Donald Trump or the Republican party spreading FUD than from anything either has said or done.

    Shit, the other night I was, god help me, looking at the Facebook post from a local news station about the protests/riots in Baltimore. Every other post was about racist white people saying shit in the comments, including one charming young lady (who, ironically or conveniently lists in her profile that she works for the state’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene) threatening to find “racist whites” who use their real names on Facebook and exact vengeance. I spent a good fifteen minutes looking for any first-cause racism and found nothing.

    1. I remember the pants-shitting when Bush II was elected…. I vaguely recall similar memes during the reigns of Bush I and Reagan…. But the current pants-shitting… my god, it’s on a whole new level. It certainly reflects the infantilization of society.

      1. Thom Hartmann, the lefty radio shill from Portland, still can’t make it through five sentences without mentioning Reagan, whose presidency ended thirty years ago.

        Hell, when I took a freshman “university writing” class in college in 2009 (ostensibly strictly about academic writing) we were assigned to read some left-wing screed about Reagan’s speech in Europe on the anniversary of D-day. It described Reagan’s speech in such negative terms that I looked up the footage only to discover that the article was essentially a bald-faced lie; Reagan explicitly said the opposite of what the article claimed.

        When I brought it up in class the ‘teacher’ (a twentysomething grad student pursuing his MFA) claimed with a straight face that politics had nothing to do with the assignment. This was a $50,000/year Ivy league school.

      2. You shouldn’t be at all surprised. This is the first generation of everybody-gets-a-trophy voters, and they didn’t get a trophy when they lost. Of course they’re going to go crazy.

    2. Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

      Because that’s not a terrifying phrase at all.

  9. I was just wondering where Tony is, I miss him.

  10. When the hell did this site turn into Snopes?

    1. Dunno, ENB decided to try to be different and research facts of the story, and a good job she did.
      They’ll put out something by Richman or Dalmia tomorrow to make up.

    2. Think you might enjoy this. “Write this sentence in the past tense”.

      1. Argh, screwed the link up. The test says to write the following sentence in the past tense: I live in Tokyo.
        Student’s answer: I live in Edo.

          1. Sally Struthers would like a word with you.

          2. The compilation video that this led me to is even funnier. Well played, HM, well played.

        1. ? Why was “Tokyo” put under wraps? ?

          1. er… “Edo”… you get it.

          2. That’s nobody’s business but the Turks’!

  11. Real journalism? The fuck? This is 2016, and what we do is find a rumor and consider that rumor to be fact – no matter how absurd that rumor seems – just in case it’s true, for the children. We must save the children!

    That’s how I know Donald Trump is being controlled by the murals inside the Denver Airport.

    1. Journalism is about truthiness, not facts.

    2. Not the murals. It’s the blue demon horse at the airport entrance.

    1. Moneyshot

      It’s like someone accuses you of fucking dolphins and you start frantically defending yourself before realizing, “Wait a minute. Nobody fucks dolphins.”

        1. TL;DR but that picture is great.

        2. I asked Wallen why it’s considered acceptable to manually stimulate animals in order to collect semen for breeding purposes when the same behavior is often forbidden in a research context. “It is strange, isn’t it, that masturbation for commerce is seen as normal and appropriate, but masturbation where its end point is sexual arousal is not,” said Wallen.

          There’s a HUUUUUGE difference. As far as I know, when you’re collecting semen from a bull, you’re not giving the thing a handjob. You set up a rig that simulates a cow, and you let the bull go to town on it.

          Similarly, when you’re in a fertility clinic, the nurse doesn’t come in and give you a handie. She gives you some porn and a specimen jar and lets you do your own thing.

          1. *scratches sperm donation off bucket list*

          2. No, it’s not that simple. A lot depends on the type of animal, equipment available, purpose of the collection, etc., but like most everything else having to do with animals it’s not for the squeamish. For hogs you grab the penis and squeeze tight for a lo-o-ong time as they ejaculate a pint of semen; for bulls you may be putting your arm up their anus in order to insert the prostate stimulator. And so forth.
            Only someone who objects to the existence of domestic animals (like PETA, and HSUS although they won’t say so in so many words) has any business objecting to any of this. And the idea that researchers should not be able to stimulate animals to observe their sexual response is so preposterous I would have never imagined such a rule would exist. I fail to see how the matter of whether a handie is given or a device is used makes any difference whatsoever, let alone a HUUUUUGE one, other than making it a bit more comfortable and convenient for the human.
            Humans perform their own stimulation in a medical context simply because they can be instructed to do so. Direct professional assistance might indeed be called for if a donor could not stimulate himself (e.g. quadriplegic). The right person to do that would probably be a sexual surrogate, a medical professional who assists those with sexual dysfunction of any type by directly performing sex acts upon them. Legitimate and legal in all 50 states.

          3. Similarly, when you’re in a fertility clinic, the nurse doesn’t come in and give you a handie.

            That’s exactly what happened to me at a Planned Parenthood clinic when I was getting a semen analysis to check my fertility. Not joking. Almost worth a Penthouse letter.

    2. He did a video for a Canadian right-wing channel about Trump winning.

      And yes, he’s also a Canadian. His video guides to Canada are pretty fun.

    3. I don’t. He’s a racist piece of shit. Irritating as fuck, too.

      1. It’s come off that way sometimes, but he’s had a few white nationalists on his show before, and by the end he seems genuinely uncomfortable.

    4. Lady Gaga asked that we “say a prayer America” and then blew Trump’s mind by standing outside one of his buildings with a sign that said “Love trumps hate.” This is a powerful message because Trump hates love. He was hoping that eventually he could wipe out all the love in America but Gaga was ensuring him that no matter how hard he tried, it would still be there


      1. “Lady Gaga asked that we “say a prayer America” and then blew Trump’s mind”

        Trump’s mind is a pathetically fragile as your own.
        Enjoy your dope away from a keyboard.

  12. fucking something is pissing me off
    sensitivity has a janky alley played by
    Yale pro creepers and Harvard prog gardeners
    but aside from fucking Marxist basement steps
    leading naive clouds onto the rabbit wings
    of unknown and therefore new struck pages

    sensitivity is not fucking evil, man.
    It is just that sensitivity unbridled on the
    cold furry breathe of winter gorillas
    playing in AV Idol Bear mountain spas
    where the fucking skin crepes like
    old pianos fucked by Manhattan poltergeists…

    sensitivity is oil spinning dreams under a hot sun
    sweating the fear of a tired junkyard dog hungry
    for a goddamn human finger

    sensitivity is Emily shuffling about under the 1900 on cold winters
    peering out her frigid fragile future of crying notes

    sensitivity is children unsure of tomorrow and gruff teachers

    sensitivity is little hamsters your boy or girl begged you to bring home and the
    fucking smidgeon pumping thing fell asleep in your palm

    sensitivity is the codes unraveling through the songs
    that loft you under the waterfalls of gentle escapes
    where eyelids drag and pupils get released to make jello clowns

    sensitivity can be construed into the hardening of the great mind…
    but make no mistake
    let our side be careful how far we fire off that rocket…. our greatest minds
    were cutting edge sensitive

      1. The Juggler doesn’t spin sworls and bills
        on palms unpracticed
        in gardens where golden ghosts watch…

  13. The cold lakes always host their notes printed on the frigid palms of poets
    who stoop to hieroglyphics they planted in leaves that enter their mouths

  14. To be fair, Trump has a fair number of people with an anti-gay record around him. But as with so many things Trump, people are projecting their fears onto him and the election in general. Some of those fears may turn out to be well-founded, some not.

    1. How are we defining “anti-gay”? Because the definitions I’ve heard are fairly, shall we say, broad.

      For example, Pence is deemed “anti-gay” because until pressured into backtracking, he tried to defend the First Amendment rights of “homophobes.”

      And I would imagine that anyone who says marriage, the union of one man and one woman, precedes the state and cannot be legitimately redefined by the state, is also anti-gay.

      1. At this point any guy who hasn’t at least gone down on another guy once is anti-gay.

      2. “if you’re not for them,you’re against them.”
        IOW,if you’re not supporting their positions,then shut up and submit….or else.

    2. Mike Pence might be a dope about conversion therapy, but he’s never suggested rounding up all the gays and forcing them into the chair. He strikes me as a “love the sinner, not the sin” kind of guy.

      1. Maybe anti-homosexuality is a better label than anti-homosexual. I can understand why that is a distinction that many gay people won’t take much comfort in.

        1. And unless he’s completely tone-deaf, I don’t envision him getting all anti-homosexuality in this day and age.

          1. Time will tell. But he just got swept into power by a wave of anti-PC sentiment. That might be emboldening.

            Regardless, it’s something for political pundits to speculate about, not something that should be throwing people into a deep depression.

          2. But don’t you understand, “this day and age” is an age in which we can elect someone like Trump. And Trump is the kind of guy who will bring into his administration a bunch of homophobic goons who want to round up gaps and have them gassed. (The fact that he’ll also probably be the most pro-gay president we’ve had, other than Obama (Bill “DOMA” Clinton obviously doesn’t count) we’ll have is irrelevant.) So yeah, meltdown and panic is totally appropriate. /sarc

            1. “goons who want to round up gaps and have them gassed.”

              Is that what happened to County Seat stores back in the Reagan/Bush years?

    3. Trump has a fair number of people with an anti-gay record around him


      wasn’t that Omar Mateen fella a big right winger? And I heard Trump took like hundreds of millions in money from homophobic countries like Saudi Arabia and Oman and stuff. To his foundation thingy. Pretty sure that’s what happened.

      1. Trump is not how Hillary spells her last name.

  15. if you are new to this room
    the alphabet is pyramids spinning suns
    and little clicking limbs we all carry into
    the spines of the edges
    where the doors open into very long stretches i am even afraid to go down because i have journeys i can take you on that if you were to call on some day and ask, hey ‘agile, bro, I hear you have these odd rivers you rent boats and large ships on… how much and when?..” and so on…
    well, I’ve only gotten back on some of this shit in one piece only a few times and if I take some lonely lovely jive rockets on a trip and I leave a long boy or girl and he or she never comes back…..

    i fucking love purple kale and underneath the property I own i can hear the whispers of Indians and they jiggle my bed every night

    1. I knew some Indian jigglers once. They were attached to a head case, but man did they jiggle.

  16. Honestly it’s a shame those crazy attention-seeking “gender-benders” didn’t just take the easy way out. At least then my daughter wouldn’t have to use the same bathroom as those creeps. Maybe with our new president we can restore some sanity to this country!

    1. Are you ready to rumble?!

    2. Hey buddy, fuck you.

      Your hilarious fears about an tiny, harmless minority of people show how easily you are manipulated.

    3. “…At least then my daughter wouldn’t have to use the same bathroom as those creeps….”

      Maybe she’s lying to you…

    4. Congrats, you’re the first legit instance of “emboldened bigot” I’ve seen since Trump got elected. Was starting to worry there were literally 0 of you guys out there.

  17. Good news: looks like we’ll have Joe Arpaio and John Bolton in the government. Thank God we showed that Clinton bitch the door. A victory for libertarianism!

    1. Arpaio? That LOSER?! Trump White House has only room for winners!

      Coming next week – firing Pence and installing Keith David as Vice-President.

      1. Feed vermin, they come back.

        1. Some of us like vermin. Tastier than other animals.

  18. Oh my. You poor bastards are fucked. Fucked!

    Clinton blames defeat on FBI director.

    Expect Tony with new marching orders on Monday. You poor fuckers, you thought 2000 was bad…

    1. No, it was idiot White people who blamed immigrants for their dead-end jobs. That and There wasn’t enough Black people this time to bail them out. It’s going to suck for them when Trump explodes the deficit to pay for Republican wars and tax breaks for assholes on Wall Street.

      1. NO pure socialist would call theirself american, love

        1. Upton Sinclair has a sad. Agile, you beast!

        2. I hear what you’re saying. In my defense I think nationalism and militarism are modern scourges.

          1. Fuck off, asswipe

            Folks, I am asking you to think back to the miserable days of white indian.
            Commie-kid is not here for any purpose other than the juvenile craving for attention; not one of that asshole’s arguments is intended in good faith.
            I’m sure Ms. Postrel is not pleased with “fuck off, asswipe”, but perhaps a tidy “get lost” might accomplish the same result.
            Once asswipe finds he gets no attention, as a poorly developed human (I’m being kind), he will go elsewhere repeating his lies and seeking that attention.

      2. As opposed to idiot socialists who blame foreigners and scabs for losing their jobs. Much more enlightened.

        No one who favors minimum wages or opposes free trade has a right to complain about Trump’s immigration stance. Either supply and demand apply to labor markets or they don’t.

      3. “Benghazi!”

      4. american socialist|11.12.16 @ 10:49PM|#
        “No, it was idiot White people”

        Fuck off, asswipe.

        1. Even the morons here think you’re a fucking idiot.

          1. Fuck off, asswipe.
            You got the answer you deserve.

          2. Hey, it’s Tony! How’d your political predictions turn out?

          3. Oh, Tony, you aren’t a moron – just a cockroach.

            1. Tony aspires to be a moron. Right now he’s just a lesson, but one day he’ll get there.

          4. Speaking from experience, twerp? Hope you cut yourself in anger on election night.

    2. i don’t know if that’s the brightest move.

      I’d think the idea is “she should lay low and not peep” until when Obama tries to pre-emptively pardon her before leaving office.

      Because spitting on the FBI sorta suggests ‘obama let that happen’ – and if obama *doesnt’* validate that claim by shitcanning Comey … well, it suggests he doesn’t actually agree that’s the case. and it just muddies the whole situation.

      particularly if he tries to pardon her for things the press hasn’t even really bothered to take note could be a serious fucking future problem – e.g. the foundation, which could be rife with dirt.

      …or possible wrongdoing by associates. Would he pardon a whole raft of her people? I doubt it. It would look terrible.

    3. “James Comey’s announcement of a new inquiry into her use of email while secretary of state shortly before election day had stopped her campaign’s momentum, Mrs Clinton said.”

      Is she gonna send him Christmas cards for his ‘get outa’ jail’ earlier pronouncement?

  19. Threads are takers
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    and flower throated
    peckers billing trills

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    of fucking barky timber

    yew strutting on gray rivers
    spoiling for village killings

    is threads where up and down
    tumble tunnels of fucking spash

    gird for the lurching iron
    hate from the old prog giant

  20. The tables in the five dollar halls
    once cried a few days ago

    and now they smash cocaine
    and feverish political meth

    The tables in the five dollar halls
    now cry super fucked up commie generals

  21. Good News: No Evidence of Transgender-Teen Suicide Spike Post-Election



  22. little refrigerators
    make swell condominiums
    for sore communists

    1. This one is excellent.

  23. None of this is to diminish the sadness of suicides that weren’t committed

    wait, what?

    1. I read it as “that were committed” as it made more sense with the rest of the sentence. I don’t think ENB is mean enough to have intended it.

      Although she may be going the full Autostraddle here

      We heard from readers who were upset that we labeled the taco a lesbian when it seems more likely that she was bisexual. We heard from readers who questioned the consent of the sexual encounter between the taco and the hot dog bun. We heard from readers who found the taco to be a damaging portrayal of a predatory queer woman.

      No, this is never gonna not be funny and no, this is an attempt to fight against madness by using irony. Much as a writer in 1970s Poland or Romania would.

      1. I read it as “that were committed” as it made more sense

        I would have guessed it was a typo as well…

        …except she specifically says, “she turned up nothing”, and that “I don’t think there’s any reason to believe anything about that viral list”

        that whole last paragraph seems like one big confusing apology… for daring to point out that ‘what sounds like bullshit IS bullshit’?

        Which wouldn’t seem something you’d need to apologize for.

        I’d actually expect something more like “a request to the named people who sourced these rumors to either put-up some facts, or apologize themselves for spreading sickening rumors”

        Although i like the rhetorical dodge employed by the 1st guy = he’ll “continue to investigate” . Yeah, he’s totally on top of that.

        Next time i say something blatantly false, and someone corrects me? I’m going to say, “we’re continuing to investigate that”

  24. 18 and up: Who the fuck cares?
    17 and under: Still not clear what the point is. We supposed to blame Trump for this? Especially since LGBT seem to be the only people he ever met who he doesn’t have a problem with? Glad to see kids taking such an interest in politics these days, but I hope everyone whose mental health is so fragile that they kill themselves when their preferred candidate doesn’t win an election is able to get the help they need.

    1. what is this diego? F?

    2. During the first propaganda push for this she-male crap a couple years back the media was publicizing a story about some teen who committed suicide by jumping in front of a truck.

      The usual wackos were claiming the kid was “murdered” by his family because his parents wouldn’t refer to him as a biological female. Random strangers actually harassed and threatened the parents who had just lost their child. Now the same cretins are claiming the Trump campaign “murdered” these made-up fictional identities.

      And of course there was never a single word of sympathy for the trucker who had to clean tranny out of his grill and live with the memory of killing a human being for the rest of his life.

      1. + In Memorium of JT Le Roy
        (holds lighter)

  25. far as this fucking rear window wiper swipes
    and my fucking goddamn face is numb as fuck on shit
    but words are my jesus and praise god balls for elizabeth
    so these fingers will pretend to raise smidgeon angels in a garden
    of mental dysfunction or so and
    jesus fucking christ what the FUCK was THAT shit about?
    one of these days i will stab a truck into my head but until then

  26. if your elbows shiver
    it is likely your envelopes
    bleed dark memories

  27. If the lgbtqzyx community has convinced their young snowflakes that only perpetual single party rule is worth living, then shouldn’t we blame the older gays?

    Something tells me the real alarmism is by proxy. I think real gays have lived through much worse than Trump.

    1. zuppa wahha wubba bubbe jones
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      community bubba jones and his community of young snowflake lovers

      bubba jones and jesus and his entire heart of disciples and suppers

      pooper wopper

  28. future is very grainy for my bolts
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    the face of the clouds can make leather trunks
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  29. Has no one heard of Natural Selection? Oh why does everyone hate science?

    1. aljubs beelzebulbs alls is the goddamn direct monosaural branchializ stupendous subversive book triggered incident of vamps occult key switch back 80’s meth forgotten late 70’s super pot wind up gods and so Feynman/Ayn/Sartre/Moore/Popper/Russell/

      1. You’re full of buzzwords.

  30. enb is da lady gaga of libertarianiz

  31. all the strokes penetrate like cakes
    into us and singers and impressions act
    as tanks smashing into even the blurring
    gods and goddesses that writhe
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  32. if you look out upon the lakes your knees eat
    and then the hearing of your heads
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    do not look at my tappings, sister
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    always be careful young people
    searching for roots out there
    pilots are fakey and those
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    I am a pilot with no passengers
    i aim to keep it that way
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    on a teepee of weeds….

    I am pilot with no passengers

  33. if you look out upon the lakes your knees eat
    and then the hearing of your heads
    turns about unto the cliffs

    do not look at my tappings, sister
    these dead hands have felt the hinges
    of many lost ships and dealers

    always be careful young people
    searching for roots out there
    pilots are fakey and those
    that offer trips that bring home are
    mostly fake

    I am a pilot with no passengers
    i aim to keep it that way
    because i have killed my brain
    a thousand times and my being
    is carving hummingbirds on the dick
    of jesus and his army of earth specials

    I am a pilot with no passengers
    i aim to keep it that way
    because I am about to kill my dreams
    on a teepee of weeds….

    I am pilot with no passengers

  34. SJW’s and a lot of conservatives may hysterically declare that our society is just about to descend back into the middle ages. I’m hear to tell you that “we” never left. Our original sin is ignorance and a penchant for duplicity and commonly held delusions about everything. Doesn’t look like mass literacy has helped matters all that much.

    1. “Doesn’t look like mass literacy has helped matters all that much.”

      We aren’t eating lichen, getting beat by the local baron, wearing the clothes our folks didn’t get buried in, or (for some of us) answering ‘Yas Massa’,
      We do have to tolerate ignorance (yeah, commie-kid, you and more than I care to count tonight), but there might be some progress on the horizon.

  35. all sorts of alleys bright and shadowed cannot be pulled
    from demanding fucks on the silver streets

  36. paul wrote songs no man or woman could reel to and agile visited his shadows but
    paul penned agiles favorite trip song and and and and and and the tunnels didn’t work underneath but above
    the gods pulled agile up and and the clouds culled the lonely dark souls and up beyond i prayed for them as
    my godless soul was offered a feast at the gigantic rivens of the gods outside of my impending death my collapse
    realized that a million years passed before my ghost understood the nature of this thing

  37. the cracked tombs
    hide my arms
    and wings
    but I try
    to break from the junk
    of the arks
    and i wish the spirit within
    my reason was a golden
    eating the neck of the universe
    and I wish the spirit within
    my fucking tears fought
    the lost angels and tragedies
    of our torn deserts

    lost writers no one ever
    heard sing into me and
    i feel relief no masters of
    power found them their coffins
    i visit daily….

  38. the cracked tombs
    hide my arms
    and wings
    but I try
    to break from the junk
    of the arks
    and i wish the spirit within
    my reason was a golden
    eating the neck of the universe
    and I wish the spirit within
    my fucking tears fought
    the lost angels and tragedies
    of our torn deserts

    lost writers no one ever
    heard sing into me and
    i feel relief no masters of
    power found them their coffins
    i visit daily….

  39. OK, I didn’t see the question asked:
    Is there any way we could possibly measure a spike in such an esoteric metric 4 days after the election?

    1. You’re not supposed to ask questions, Sevo.

      You’re supposed to stop laughing at Hillary supporters.

      “Even worse, the election results allegedly triggered the suicides of at least 10 transgender Americans?the majority of them teenagers?within the few days following Trump’s win, according to reports rapidly circulating on social media.

      Anybody who believes anything because it’s according to reports rapidly circulating on social media is an idiot.

      Not only am I still laughing, I’m laughing harder than ever!


    2. Is there any way we could possibly measure a spike in such an esoteric metric 4 days after the election?


      1. 13,000 twitter trolls can’t all be wrong!!!


        And a Chamrro is gonna be deported to Guam, ’cause Trump!
        What, four days now? The best the left can do is ‘WAAAAAAAAAA! We LOST!.
        Is there that lack of self awareness that the left can’t see what the gripe is?

  40. Now the claim is ‘a bar in LA’, and LA, as we all know, is a hot-bed of right-wing conspirators:

    “Nanjiani said on Twitter that two young white men, “who’d been there for hours” approached him and his co-star at the bar with the intention of defending Trump. After Nanjiani told them he didn’t want to talk about politics, the actor says the Trump supporters got combative.
    “I go ‘Hey we don’t wanna discuss politics right now.’ His friends goes ‘oh they’re cucks.’ Then starts yelling at us. ‘CUCKS CUCKS CUCKS!'” he wrote.”…..610683.php

    I’m gonna guess that SIV can’t afford to go to bars in LA and that the ‘stars’ agents figured it was a good way to get some press.
    File under Straws, Grasping.

    1. File under never happened as with all of these.

    2. Even if that completely one-sided account of an argument was 100 percent accurate, which it undoubtedly isn’t, he just looks like a whiner. Wow you got called names by drunk guys in a bar. Did they at least say stuff that could be construed as racist or something? Outrage standards are so low nowadays.

    3. “Cuck” is a label thrown at treasonous and cowardly republican politicians. Not random opponents.

      So yeah, this story is pure bullshit.

  41. “Stafford’s tweet was retweeted more than 13,000 times before he deleted it, explaining: “as we continue to investigate the reported suicides, I’ve spoken w/ GLAAD and we feel it best to take down the original tweet. …until families can come forward & we have better facts. Currently there is fear of suicide contagion due to the social media.”

    yeah right. So if you actually get corroboration that the rumor is true, then publishing it and causing “suicide contagiation” is warranted?

    1. ‘Cause Trump!
      I was amazed that the gopers could nominate a candidate so pathetic that he made the hag *almost* sympathetic. Almost.
      Now that the not-quite-worst candidate has won, the MSM is doing their best to make sure I find that blowhard likeable.

  42. 3 down.

  43. i wandered an alley when i was a boy
    the walls were painted with dreams
    i never dreamed

    I wandered and alley when I was a boy
    and dragons melted down from the roar
    of my clouds and i ran so far I lost my dreams
    i never dreamed

    i wandered above the schools and experiences
    of my boyhood and found that lines run into infinity
    and arms melt into horizons and the monikers
    of my times were smelted on the pages of comics and
    battlefields drawn from the throats of old prophets

    I wandered under the veil of leaves of self
    where an old friend played a piano from between
    the knees of her thighs and the large boy wrote
    a messy song no one heard but agile hears every day

  44. soft memories erupt from between
    the rain clouds of winter and picnics on the
    banks of bitten endeavor near the breath of
    your love and the frost of shaking ancients

  45. In related news, Gloria Allred, the political activist/lawyer who’s representing the bukkake/gangbang porn star that’s accusing Trump of kissing her without asking and being demeaning to women? She says that if Trump keeping lying about her clients, they’re gonna sue Trump for defamation.

    “Allred noted that at this time, her clients have not planned to sue the President-elect. However, if he continues to fabricate lies about the women, Allred said, “It is my recommendation that they consider filing a lawsuit against him for defamation.”

    I kinda want to see that one go to trial. I want to see what a jury makes of a porn star that does bukkake and gang bang videos and sues Trump for defamation.

    We live in an age of wonder.

    1. “6/10. Fake tits, crooked tooth, low energy. Now, if you want a show, those Czech girls will really make your head spin.”

  46. 14 Obama regs Trump could undo

    Tell me again how there is no real difference between Trump and Hillary from a libertarian point of view.

    1. I think the view around the office at Reason was more that Hillary was better than Trump from a libertarian point of view.

      Does not compute.

      1. “I think the view around the office at Reason was more that Hillary was better than Trump from a libertarian point of view.”

        I’m quite sure a lot of them found the blow-hard obnoxious, and he certainly wasn’t my first choice. But he was a choice far up from the hag, and that seemed to be what I saw.

        1. The coverage was heavier of Trump. But I don’t recall seeing anything the least bit positive about Clinton here.

      2. He’s come out for nationwide concealed carry, too. Reason is really missing a chance to jump on this bandwagon.

        1. Reason is really missing a chance to jump on this bandwagon.

          Perhaps they’re waiting to see what he does, not just hear what he says.

          I’m willing to be hopeful, but I was hopeful (for a couple weeks, anyway) that Obama was going to keep his promises about the wars and transparency.

      3. I think what we saw in this crapfest was people returning to the safety of their roots. So all of the northeastern cosmotarians ran back to their Democrat base, and all of the flyover country “Don’t Tread on Me” libertarians ran back to their Republican roots.

        People who really, truly, deep-down in their hearts have come to accept that there is no safety to be found in either of the major parties stuck with Johnson.

        1. So you’re saying that one set of ‘libertarians’ went out and voted for someone actively working against liberty, while another group of libertarians went out and voted for someone who doesn’t support liberty enough.

          Hmmm…………….seems to me that you’ve pretty much shown that only one set of these people IS actually libertarian.

      4. Hillary was for open boarders and that’s the only issue that matters to true libertarians, like Reason.cosmos.

      5. DemocRATS;
        anti-1st Amendment; pro-Fairness Doctrine,anti religious freedom,anti-free speech.
        anti-2nd Amendment; all the way.
        anti-4th Amendment; pro-civil asset forfeiture. pro no-knock warrants.
        anti-5th Amendment; taking of private property for public benefit instead of the Constitutional public USE.
        anti-13th Amendment; pro “public accommodation” laws (involuntary servitude.)
        no “innocent until proven guilty”.
        to them,rights are what they deign to allow you.

        They’re pretty much against the entire Constitution,except where it benefits them.

    2. I’m hoping that we’re going to get so sick of how great America has become that a lot of the local regulations that strangle prosperity get swept aside… well, one can dream.

  47. In all seriousness, what really sucks about the left’s overreaction to Trump’s win is that when principled people really do start taking principled stands against something awful Trump does, our message is going to be undermined by the perception that they’re just another bunch of crybaby social justice warriors.

    How could average people differentiate between us and them right now?

    I remember when opposing the Iraq War, people would come here and denounce us for being latte-swilling liberals.

    Even worse, latte-swilling liberals would come here thinking that because we were against the Iraq War, we were on their side!!!

    Prepare for the day! It’s all coming around again.

    1. Hypothetical:

      During the campaign Trump talked a fair bit about school choice. Suppose he attempts to impose some sort of mandate for education vouchers in the national level? Clearly this is not within the purview of the Federal government.

      Is it libertarian to oppose this sort of Federal overreach?

      Or does it represent an undoing of other, prior Federal overreach that should be at least tolerated, if not outright supported?

      1. why do you presume Trump would “impose a mandate” for vouchers? Why wouldn’t he (Congress,actually) just allow states to enact them if they choose? Or prohibit states from banning vouchers.
        Why does FEDERAL money -have- to go to schools? What business is it of theirs?
        They can (and should) set minimum nationwide education standards,I suppose,but for the rest,they need to MYOB.

        I’d get rid of the entire Dept.of Education. that would save a lot of taxpayer dollars. School emphasis needs to be on the basics;reading writing,math,science,and history. And some shop classes,some practical knowledge for getting a starter job other than McD,etc.

        All President Trump can do is sign or not sign whatever bill Congress passes concerning school vouchers,based on whether the bill fits his position. and Congress can override a veto if they can muster the votes.

  48. bricks stacked on the memories of my
    fucking lawn where little cats danced
    on the dew of my cheap din

    sprinting clouds unleashed from the
    upper downwards magically caught
    me dreaming about today when i was a child

    i once visited a goodwill on Miracle Mile in 1980
    when my legs were short and my memories
    were afraid because the streets jutted like jesus
    from the hammers of my youth

    winds are forever, man
    and the sun will smile even
    the smashing storms
    -your mom taught you this, love

  49. I’m just going to post links to music.

    Because fuck politics.


    1. felicitous Diane, the sparkly brook
      whispering under the tall pines red with time
      the delightful queen spilling rainbows
      and forever off glances spent on suns

  50. flowers rust
    and dreams melt
    clouds disappear
    and ghosts try to
    make good mothers

    streets are skins we
    dance on
    lights are stars serenading
    our demand for romance
    little bears glittering stars
    smashed from prisons
    never made on this fucking

  51. black holes spin around
    musty tall glass windows
    where main street smudges
    thick with generations of brushings
    reflect the unsteady rivers of
    yesterday sending boats into

  52. OK, before bailing, I’m gonna toss this out again for your consideration regarding commie-kid:

    Folks, I am asking you to think back to the miserable days of white indian.
    Commie-kid is not here for any purpose other than the juvenile craving for attention; not one of that asshole’s arguments is intended in good faith.
    I’m sure Ms. Postrel is not pleased with “fuck off, asswipe”, but perhaps a tidy “get lost” might accomplish the same result.
    Once asswipe finds he gets no attention, as a poorly developed human (I’m being kind), he will go elsewhere repeating his lies and seeking that attention.

    1. Do you remember crayon? Just sayin.

    2. Gotta just ignore him, as hard as that can be at times.

    3. the obtuse nature of this posting deserves a quantum collapsing of a goddamn galaxy JUST for the fucking sevo singularity

    4. I remember “Reasonable”. Or my browser does, anyway.

      Peace and quiet is just a click away…..

    1. Against my better judgement, I clicked on that link. When someone describes a story as “conspiracy theory”, just take them at their word. No need to follow the link.

      Here, let me demonstrate by pointing you to some conspiracy theory stuff at this link.

    2. Fun fact, Besta is “beast” in Portuguese. Beast Pizza ?

      Portugal isn’t particularly known for pizza , but certain circles know that the age of consent is 14 in Portugal.

      Besta Pizza is 2 doors down from Comet Pizza

      After all of the internet detectives examining the businesses in this area, and pointing out the known pedophile symbol in their logo , Besta Pizza decided to remove the symbol from their logo a few days ago

      I just want these important facts made clear on the blockchain:

      Besta Pizza logo contained known pedophile symbolism
      Best Pizza logo removed symbolism within the last few days
      Andrew Kline owns Besta Pizza.
      Andrew Kline worked/works as an attorney in Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit of the DoJ
      Andrew Kline was appointed to this position by Bill Clinton

      Illuminatipedo Confirmed

      1. I’m not necessarily buying this theory, but it’s fun to watch people try to assemble evidence.

      1. Fucking garage gave me its bricks and
        demanded I find a goddamn song for such a sky scraping queen and fuck….
        terribly sorry but you remind me always of the first snow and
        i won’t reveal what else

    1. Maybe if we’re nice enough, Agile will point us to his source for whatever amazing space weed it is he uses.

  53. a bunch of elves ran into my asshole
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    agile will telegraph tickets if i can
    find a place to pound a fucking poile
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    boddles and so on, dear lovely

      the mystical canyons captured the fine lost diners
      peering into the demise of their futures….

  54. you understand if dirt is
    on snow it will make your
    heart work to be happy
    because dirt on snow makes
    me terribly fucking sad

    and trees with no leaves
    while i walk down a long drive
    under a grey dawn leaves my
    heart terrible fucking dad

  55. J-Rawls, tribute to Dilla.

    To understand the genius of this, here’s the original piece of music which was the inspiration and sample:


    1. Clair is an expression of dancing and connection
      shared between the shivers and angst of
      vessels landing and bonding on the stars
      of gray buildings and long neighborhoods
      where gigantic space samurai smash quantum
      qualls into the fucking floating malls of out there

  56. a wall of bottles does not understand the alley it hopes and dreams under the sun of forever
    a well of descriptive oddities shines under the reflective shit of this fucking bending ocean of lapping liquid Reynolds
    a will of tall cliffs pretends to be some goddamn special shit and all humans love alternative dimension, cliffs, absurd sirs, and Diane Reyn [D Rain}

  57. Travail is not actually a whisper on the fucking winds because
    wind is always new and young
    only wind that presses upon hell understands its exchange with the death and fucking hell

  58. old sidewalks in the rain
    if you forget them
    rain does not understand
    why it falls
    and if love is thick in your
    personal juke box on a long
    dark icey night please be
    wings and i would enjoy
    on some night meeting
    lovely Diane

  59. so agile is supposing that his plink fingers cannot rest ion the clues of this shit for hours? watch me while you all FUCKING FALL THE goddamn into the sleepovuerse of goddamn human drugs

  60. Related at Popehat. The author may be a fine first amendment lawyer, but he sucks at any kind of understanding of reality. It’s a long screed in response to Trump winning, how we should all look for Mexicans, blacks, transgenders, I forget the whole list, and thank them for being alive and staying in the country.

    I presume it’s the same as the facebook post a relative shared, where the twit said that all the gays, transgenders, blacks, browns, and so on are all fearful now, not just unhappy like white straight males have been for 8 years of Obama, but actually literally fearful for their lives, and that this isn’t fair, and yada yada yada.

    The Popehat comments are a pretty good set of rebukes and sarcasm. The author posts a lot of similar stuff, makes me wonder why Ken@Popehat puts up with his political whining and grandstanding. All such posts get a pretty good putdown.

    1. Before Trump won, I figured he was less dangerous than Hillary simply because he is a crazy clown, while she is focused on exercising power and ramming through all sorts of policies that she doesn’t understand and really doesn’t care about (such as enforcing a Syrian no-fly zone to get leverage with the Russians).

      But this kind of wailing and moaning is delicious! If I had had any inkling that they would react so poorly, with riots in Portland and beating up Trump supporters, well, that’s just amazing. I am sorry for their victims, of course, but to show their true colors like this is far more than even the safe spaces with coloring books and puppies which I also did not quite expect, but which didn’t much surprise me.

      Four or eight years of this is going to be delightful, and make up for some of the disgust at whatever stupidity Trump will do.

    2. Related at Popehat.

      Those were some interesting platitudes about group feels, or what passes for conventional wisdom among them. Maybe members of those groups should be thank white men instead of cursing them, since white men are perhaps the most tolerant and inclusive of groups on planet earth, in the first place.

  61. First: Diane Reynolds is a sanguine blasting diamond Queen
    Second: My bros are jizzalicious bulls
    Thirdly: i was ejected from a spacecraft I did not know existed and I hope i survive – though i have survived tons of goddamns shit… but i am floating in my office and i am being pulled through my window that is locked

  62. let the christians be as long as they not deconstruct
    agile’s world
    let the muslims be as long as the figure the fuck out how to not deconstrust
    agile’s world

    let the god’s be revealed and loved by the ships of adherents

    I promize not to persecute my god believers and odd god believers if they promise not
    to stamp my agile powers… peace out

  63. Jesus lasers should raise up his
    armies into the most vast calvaries
    and emerging religions may they fucking
    learn from the goddamn christians in a
    free country because agile does not trust
    the fucking Muslims … may they produce
    peace within the world

    1. AC, always good to see you. The day HyR loses you is a dark day indeed. Glad you made it through all the turmoil and emerged victorious on the other side.

    2. Worshiping Xtian ideology is slightly better than worshiping Muslim ideology, yes!

      But best of all is worshiping Government Almighty!

      Scienfoology Song? GAWD = Government Almighty’s Wrath Delivers

      Government loves me, This I know,
      For the Government tells me so,
      Little ones to GAWD belong,
      We are weak, but GAWD is strong!
      Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
      Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
      Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
      My Nannies tell me so!

      GAWD does love me, yes indeed,
      Keeps me safe, and gives me feed,
      Shelters me from bad drugs and weed,
      And gives me all that I might need!
      Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
      Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
      Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
      My Nannies tell me so!

      DEA, CIA, KGB,
      Our protectors, they will be,
      FBI, TSA, and FDA,
      With us, astride us, in every way!
      Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
      Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
      Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
      My Nannies tell me so!

  64. Question for Tony: Now that the GOP and right-wingers have absolute control of the government what bullshit issue will said right-wingers bring up to convince poor White people that it’s still progressives and Leftists that are holding them back? Clinton emails? homos? Kenyans? TravelGate? Whitewater? Monica Lewinsky? SJWs?Obama coming for their guns? communistic Millenials? Their list of grievances is long and their travail is great.

    1. Sure, 95% of the people who work for the government are doing the same big government socialist things today that they were yesterday, but suddenly it’s all the fault of the “GOP” and “right-wingers” because that’s how bureaucracy works.

    2. Bet enumerated powers never looked better.

    3. You keep telling yourself that poor people have no legitimate concerns. It worked so well this election, I’m sure it’ll be a winning strategy in the future, too.

      1. Oh, yeah… I forgot about the media, George Soros, effete Silicon Valley techie weirdos, Venezuelans, Castro. Anything else?

        1. Sanity. Ya forgot sanity! (Evidence of one’s senses… Socialism has never worked!)

        2. Yeah, you’ve really got your thumb on the pulse of America. Keep on trucking, moron.

  65. Did anybody stop to think maybe these kids didn’t off themselves but maybe it was…….poisoned Halloween candy?

    1. And Reason helped cover it up! How deep does this rabbit hole go?
      You’d better drop off the radar Jerry.

  66. I am sure that most of these young “adults” do not truly believe Trump is Hitler (A wrong headed bore is not an Hitler), because a third of the country is not leaving. College age kids not running for Canada like in Vietnam era, the celebrities who can afford to go are not running. As evidenced by a lack of feet or money being put where mouths are, I’d say this is just temper tantrum.

    1. And a decent number of useful idiots.

      I’m most interested in the media’s actions.

      They have been outed in the Podesta emails as operatives not just for the Democrats, but specifically for Clinton. People all over the media have been busted taking direction from the Clinton campaign.

      We always knew they were spouting DNC talking points in large numbers, but the confirmation from wikileaks just makes it official that this is not just like-minded individuals parroting conclusions they happen to agree with. They are following marching orders.

      The coverage of the post-election reaction has been pretty naked in this respect. When you had pundits, columnists and party operatives saying it was tantamount to treason to refuse to pre-accept the results of an election it kinda sets a set of expectations and rules in place for their subsequent coverage. I.E., if Trump had lost and then people had said “not my president”, they would have beaten them with a cudgel of “treason!”

      But he didn’t lose. Their team lost. So instead they cover all the whining and crying as if it were a legitimate reaction that deserves to be the primary narrative post election.

      The entire election has been covered as the tragic loss. First it was so, so sad that Clinton’s team had to say goodbye. Then it was horrific that we had to live in an America that rejected Clinton. Then it was terror of minorities who are being attacked. Then it was hate crimes.

      All faked or overblown. And irrelevant.

      1. I didn’t see it but Dave Chapelle said on SNL last night he “hasn’t seen white people this furious since OJ”. That sums it up about perfectly. I live in a city with a large black population. The black people I see and know didn’t support Trump but they didn’t seem to be that concerned about him winning either. White people were in contrast inconsolable. The contrast was pretty striking.

        1. black people largely still have not clued in on the fact that DemocRAT policies are NOT GOOD for black people. Letting in millions of illegals and muslim refugees isn’t going to help black employment in any positive manner,their economic policies of higher energy prices isn’t going to make it easier for black people to buy food,get to work if they DO have a job,or pay their electric bill. Their education policies haven’t raised the education level or employability of black people. Obamacare hasn’t made getting medical care any cheaper or easier to get,just the opposite.
          But DemocRAT policies ARE good for keeping black people angry and disadvantaged,and dependent on government largesse.(that the DemocRATS get to dole out…) Keeping blacks “on the plantation”.

      2. While I’m not keeping track, nor am I digging around looking for it, the only real Hate Crime I’ve seen is this beating and robbery of a white man by a group of black men. They explicitly cheer beating him because he is a Trump voter.

        Which would dovetail nicely with the narrative uncovered by O’Keefe when he got democrat operatives to detail their hiring of paid rabble-rousers to incite violence at Trump rallies. You’d think that would merit coverage at the national level. I mean, a major party presidential campaign paying people to go cause violence at their opponent’s rallies? It should have really pissed the media off that they were being used to lie about Trump’s supporters like that.

        And now their behavior results in copycat violence in the street? Real race-motivated physical assaults on random innocent people…. egged on by a willing accomplice media machine…

        If there was anyone in the national press corps with the least bit of personal morality and integrity, they should be aghast at what they have been duped into doing. They should be excoriating Clinton and the DNC machine that set this in motion.

        Yet they continue their role as cheerleader and propaganda machine for their team. And judging by the reaction of those around them, they don’t even realize that they might be in the wrong.

        1. It is pretty irresponsible and cynical to tell people Trump and his supporters are fascists who intend to take over the country and lock up their enemies. What do the people saying those things expect to happen? Do they think everyone is as cynical and self absorbed as they are and that no one will take them seriously and act accordingly?

        2. Once again, all the talk of the horrible things republicans would do turns out to have been projection.

        3. Here is another incident.

        4. Why would the leftist media care? Their brownshirts have been very useful to them.

        5. Posh, Cyto. The Left is all about love and unity. They keep telling me so.

  67. But tragically, this false epidemic going viral could help drive real suicide attempts among struggling teens.

    Which is exactly what the people who started this false epidemic hope will happen, because it would be politically useful and give them more power. These people are evil Elizabeth.

  68. That said, it is hard not to think, from a historian’s point of view, Trump’s election changes our perspective on President Obama and his impact on the country, knocking him down a few pegs,” he said. “A huge swath of American people were hurting, the so-called forgotten American, and President Obama failed them.”……html?_r=0

    That is racism. Straight up.

    1. I find people’s lack of self-awareness interesting. In the article you link, he sees racism everywhere in Trump and his supporters. Even in oblique references to things like “take America back”.

      But speaking of the Obama presidency”

      Suddenly, the progressive, post-racial, bridge-building society he promised has given way to an angry, jeering, us-against-them nation to be led by a new president who relishes reality-show name-calling with racial overtones.

      Suddenly? I suppose he doesn’t remember Obama taking office and on day 3 saying to congressional republicans who wanted to work with him: “Elections have consequences, and at the end of the day, I won.”

      And a couple of months later, a racist college professor buddy of his got caught on TV railing against a white police officer who questioned him for trying to break into his own house. Once his identity was verified, they said thanks and goodbye, but his buddy Gates couldn’t let it go and unleashed a racist tirade toward the officer and got himself arrested. Obama stepped in to council the police officer and the nation about their racism against rich black college professors.

      Where he had an opportunity to unite, he divided.

      When Trayvon Marting got shot by a “white hispanic”, he stepped in with his personal judgement that the poor black kid was an innocent victim of a racist white man. Again dividing rather than uniting. Obama created Trump, plain and simple.

      1. On the political front, the first major initiative of his presidency was healthcare reform. Republicans were explicitly excluded from any of the discussions and machinations. As were most democrats, for that matter.

        Then at the end of the process, when it looked like they wouldn’t have enough votes for cloture in the Senate, he had a meeting with Republican leaders at the White House. They had a nice, substantive discussion of healthcare reform issues. Not one syllable of which was factored in to the bill being worked on. Rather publicly so, as well.

        So he used the Republican leadership as props for a photo-op so he could claim to have reached out to them, without actually reaching out in any way. They then bribed the last few Democrats with hundreds of millions of dollars with pork and passed it on a straight party line vote.

        These are the actions of the most divisive President in at least 40 years. Reagan worked extensively with Tip O’Neal. Bush worked across party lines and lost the presidency because of it. Bush II worked for bipartisan support of things like the Prescription Drug benefit and the Patriot act and war resolutions.

        Meanwhile, Clinton publicly embarrassed his congressional opponents. It was one of his main strategies. Yet he was happy to take credit for the bills they passed over his opposition. Obama followed his lead minus the parade jumping. He added in ruling by executive order.

        Who exactly is the uniter here?

        1. What is also forgotten is that Obama didn’t run on healthcare reform in 2008. He never mentioned it. No one knew what Obamacare was or thought they were voting for healthcare reform in 2008. It was only after he took office with majorities so large it even surprised the Democrats that he suddenly decided that he couldn’t let a crisis go to waste and healthcare was going to be his legacy.

          People voted for Obama thinking they were getting a pragmatist who would unify the country and end the ugliness of the Bush years only to be told “fuck you, I won you are getting healthcare reform” once he was elected.

    2. Jawn should read The Forgotten Man in Sumner’s original format. It is about the libertarian voter, not the unemployable communist. Just as FDR changed the meaning of The Forgotten Man, so mystical GOP nationalsocialists struggle to make “liberal” mean unemployable communist. Both packs of altruists are lying through their false teeth.

    3. the so-called forgotten American[s], and President Obama failed them

      Yeah, they were crying out for a nuclear Iran and solar panels to save them. Now that dream is dead.

  69. I think Haven Monohan killed all those people to celebrate Trump’s victory

  70. Why not? The message in Atlas Shrugged is that altruism kills. It sure as hell did in Germany and Russia. Remember The Killing Fields of Cambodia? I knew none of these things when Nixon beat McGovern. But now I realize they were the same thing, just as the GOP and Dems are the same thing (except for girl-bullying)

  71. What we’re seeing here is merely a symptom of Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder. I fear it’s a terminal case, however.

    1. Trump Derangement Syndrome,TDS,describes it better.
      Because most of their fears are irrational and without factual support. Bat-shit crazy,even.

    2. T.A.R.D. – I like it…

  72. Some people are really going through it. But overall the suicide rate will drop. First of all because many people voted for Trump instead of killing themselves, and secondly because many people now realize they have problems bigger than themselves.

    Trumpkin bullying may increase suicide of vulnerable classes. The key is to speak out when the bullying happens, not stand back in silence. “Evil triumphs when good people say nothing.” – Einstein, Weisel, etc.

    1. The prog left has lived in a bubble for a while that exists in The Daly Show, Salon, HuffPo, NYT, etc. They thought that they have had a mandate since 2008 at least but have failed to understand that Obama was elected twice only because more of certain demographic groups voted for him because he was one of them, and he appealed to younger voters because he was, well, younger and more hip. He did not seem intentionally dishonest either. They ignored the fact that democrats have lost Congress, the Senate, a number of governors, and hundreds of state legislative seats during his presidency. Now, an ethically questionable old hag who changes her positions more often than her undergarments loses to a reality TV star who spent a fraction of the amount and took pride in being a complete fucking asshole. That has to really hurt. Like Wile E Coyote realizing that he has run off a cliff with nothing between him and the canyon floor-they are finally realizing that they are in free fall.

    2. jesus christ, you people have so bastardized the concept of bullying that no one knows what it means anymore. Not that long ago, when people got fed up with a bully, they punched him in the mouth. He moved on because bullies are cowards.

  73. “well, what kind of sick person makes things like this up?”
    Uh, democrats.

  74. They’re actual suicides are unimportant. What matters is the increased power of our social signal broadcasts right now. /Left

  75. By all means stop reminding people that divisive, extremist, false rhetoric can have real world consequences. Particularly among a young impressionable cohort who have already been inculcated to perceive themselves as helpless victims.

  76. Wait, so I am supposed to be glad that the named individuals aren’t dead? I guess I could be glad that they probably don’t exist, but the gladness is tempered by knowing people just like them, do, in fact, exist, and probably aren’t going to off themselves.

  77. I love how two of the individuals on that list are described as “communist revolutionary activists”. I’m supposed to feel sad because a proponent of a murderous and retrograde ideology put a bullet in their head?

  78. This just confirms the sad reality that those suffering from gender disphoria are disproportionately more likely to commit suicide and need counseling.

    1. Maybe they need counseling before they permanently mutilate their body in an effort to switch genders, something that cannot be done with current medical technology. In the case of male-to-female “transitions”, the patients end up with a distinctly masculine musculoskeletal structure, an artificial vagina that cannot lubricate itself, and an aging process that will bring the whole facade crashing down.

      I’d imagine it’s quite disappointing to be told that you can just get some magic surgery that will turn you into a natural woman in every way and then looking like a drag queen with implants.

      I know it sounds harsh, but that’s just reality. Sex change operations just create a facade; nothing more.

      1. “lipstick on a pig” comes to mind.
        all they’re doing is enabling the fantasy,and sooner or later,their fantasy is proven false,and by that time,they’ve invested SO much into the fantasy,so it’s exceptionally disturbing when it falls apart.
        They’re not addressing the source of the problem,they’re avoiding it.

        and “progressive” PC policy prevents them from getting COMPETENT psych help,because psych people are prevented from working on the real problem,by the real threat of losing their livelihood and reputation.

      2. told that you can just get some magic surgery that will turn you into a natural woman in every way

        Are there any doctors, like, anywhere, selling this line?

        [citation needed]

  79. The proggy hysteria has gone beyond retarded-I have avoided derpbook since around 1 am on election night because I couldn’t handle so much shit flying at once. It is juiced by all these new alphabet identity groups thinking they will soon be loaded into boxcars. I would disagree that being transgender is a mental illness-there have been many throughout human history who have found ways to live their lives as they wish. What’s new in the past couple of years though is that all these kids are somehow in crisis, which I think has much more to do with self-absorbed parents wanting attention and someone to pay for therapy for their kid being different. Some boys are girlish and vice versa and can find ways to express that, but now you have to slap a label on the kid and take them to a doctor and give them hormones so they can have reassignment surgery, which is going to fuck them up even more. Medicalizing it has made it worse for them.

    Be careful how you define mental illness because potentially any behavior that is somewhat dangerous or not state-approved could be defined that way (smoking, drinking, liking guns or motorcycles, not loving the government).

  80. until I looked at the paycheck saying $4730 , I did not believe that…my… brother woz like actualy bringing in money part time from there computar. . there friend brother started doing this for less than 7 months and resently paid for the morgage on there home and bought a new Cadillac …….


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  82. The list would not be complete without:

    – Alice Adderton, transgender woman. Disheartened by the election results, foolheartedly outed herself to her car club full of redneck southerners. In what was obviously a trap and a trick, they all embraced her and assured her that she was still part of the “family.” Some elevated the ruse so far as to say that if someone could not accept her, then, and I quote, “they’re F’n wrong!” Although she is still alive, her days are surely numbered.

    The above would probably be printed as eagerly as Sokal’s paper on social constructs. In truth, this transgender woman only was disheartened that a truly Constitution-abiding candidate did not win, but I am nevertheless greatly relieved that there is still a little more hope that I would still have some vestige of liberty with which to work to pursue my own self-determination goals BY MY OWN EFFORTS!

  83. But it’s soooo politically useful for the Proggy movement, which is “saving” these kids.

  84. Some people really don’t think about what they say, or, rather, what it means. Trump was the most LGBT friendly Republican candidate ever. If LGBT people are really killing themselves over his election it is seems to indicate that that those who associate LGBT with deeper emotional or mental issues may have a point.

  85. Why of course they have to kill themselves. The current president elect was endorsed by the KKK which brags a yuuuge massive membership of 5-8 thousand members in the United States.

  86. until I looked at the paycheck saying $4730 , I did not believe that…my… brother woz like actualy bringing in money part time from there computar. . there friend brother started doing this for less than 7 months and resently paid for the morgage on there home and bought a new Cadillac …….


  87. This is just my two cents, but if there is a chance that suicide attempts have increased we cannot afford to ignore this. We should be extra cognizant and vigilant. Just by saying it happens doesn’t mean you will encourage someone to follow suit. It also appears that a few readers do not have a solid understanding of what the catalyst for a person attempting suicide is. It isn’t because someone won an election and you don’t like them. It is because this person already suffers from anxiety and/or depression. They probably aren’t very supported and then add all of the hate speech and anger- it tips the scales. Hopefully this is something you will never ever understand. I didn’t either until my daughter took her own life. We had battled depression and anxiety almost her whole life. So try to be a little more understanding and kind right now. It won’t hurt and it doesn’t cost you anything. And please dont ignore it.

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