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Should Libertarians Vote for Trump? Nick Gillespie Talks with Fox Business' Kennedy

And while we're at it, should libertarians vote for *anyone*? Tonight's show a preview of live debate in NYC on 11/1.


Andrew Heaton, Fox Business

I'll be on Fox Business' Kennedy show tonight discussing whether libertarians (a broad group that includes card-carrying members of the Libertarian Party) should cast a vote for Republican Donald Trump in next week's presidential election.

For more info on Kennedy and her show, go here. The program starts at 8 P.M. on the East Coast.

For Reason readers who are in the greater New York area, I'll be participating in a debate tomorrow, November 1, covering the same question. My sparring partner will be Loyola economist Walter Block and that show begins at 6:30 P.M. courtesy of the Soho Forum.

Attendance is free but tickets must be reserved by replying here.

More details on tomorrow's event:

November 1, 2016

Debate between Walter Block of Loyola University vs. Nick Gillespie of Reason

Resolution: "Libertarians should vote for Donald Trump in the presidential election."

What should Libertarians do this election? Vote for Gary Johnson? Not vote at all? Walter Block will argue that Libertarians should vote for Donald Trump, and Nick Gillespie will argue that they definitely should not.

Walter Block is the Harold E. Wirth Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair in Economics at Loyola University
and an Adjunct Scholar at the Mises Institute. Walter is the author of Defending the Undefendable, which has been translated into ten foreign languages. He has written 22 books, including The Privatization of Roads and Highways and Labor Economics from a Free Market Perspective: Employing the Unemployable. He has published almost 500 articles in scholarly refereed journals. As chief organizer of Libertarians for Trump, he has published the essay (June 4), "Hillary, Bernie, Donald, Gary: A Libertarian Perspective."

Nick Gillespie is editor in chief of Reason.com and Reason TV, the online platforms of Reason, the libertarian magazine of "Free Minds and Free Markets." He's co-author, with his Reason colleague Matt Welch, of The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What's Wrong With America. The Daily Beast, where he now writes a column, named Nick one of "The Right's Top 25 Journalists," calling him "clear-headed, brainy…[and] among the foremost libertarians in America." A typically irreverent moment on the Bill Maher show prompted Mayor Fetterman of Braddock Pennsylvania to propose to Nick that they "take it outside."


Tue, November 1, 2016

6:30 PM – 9:30 PM EDT

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Subculture Theater

45 Bleecker st

New York, New York 10012

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FWIW, tomorrow night on stage, I will be filling out my absentee ballot for Gary Johnson. The two-time governor of New Mexico and Libertarian Party presidential candidate "comes the closest to expressing my libertarian sentiments about the role of government. I like that he and Bill Weld are talking about cutting the size, scope, and spending of government and allowing people more choices in how we live our lives."

Read more about my vote—and those of many of my Reason colleagues—in our quadrennial presidential poll.

And come on out tomorrow night if you're in the New York area.

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  1. Hey, Nick.

    Care to explain how flooding the US with big government voters will make it more libertarian?

      1. Abortions for some, miniature American flags for others.

        1. You can't fool me. I'm voting for Kodos!

    1. Yeah, those Western Europeans should be kept out at all costs.

      1. Damn Belgians and their waffles. Their a scourge.

    2. PEW Research on Hispanic Americans

      Hispanics Lean Democratic over 3 to 1

      Hispanics Want Bigger Government Providing More Services over 3 to 1

      1. It failed in Mexico and the rest of Latin America. Aztlan: the Promised Land.

    3. PEW Research report on Muslim Americans

      Muslims Lean Democratic over Republicans over 6 to 1
      Muslims Want bigger government over smaller government over 3 to 1

      1. And clearly, for the sake of freedom, we must bad certain immigrants based on the thoughts they have.

        1. No dipshit, for the sake of freedom we should only allow a select few that actually value freedom. But since you are a progressive freedom isn't exactly something you value either.

          1. Redistribution of wealth is freedom.

            1. Up is Down!
              Top is Bottom!
              Taking is Giving!

          2. So if they were libertarians, then letting them in would be fine? We're seriously going to not let certain people enter the country because they hold political views that are perfectly legal for actual citizens of the country to hold? And we're doing this... for the sake of liberty?

            1. Libertarians do make the best neighbors.

              It's the same old argument. Democracy doesn't mix well with a lot of freedoms, including freedom of movement. The real problem is the immorality of a political system which does not protect property rights.

            2. Yeah, people who don't like the constitution shouldn't come here. That seems really basic to me.

        2. The cognitive dissonance is so strong, he can't even type a coherent sentence.

        3. For the sake of freedom, we should welcome only those who value freedom as we do.

          Why is this so hard?

          You don't invite people to your house who say they hate you and want to hurt you. You don't hire people who tell you at the interview that they intend to try to destroy your company.

          Yet we're supposed to welcome, with open arms, people who break our laws, want to impose the same shitty values on us that they're fleeing from, and openly wish for our demise.

          Fuck that shit.

          1. "For the sake of freedom, we should welcome only those who value freedom as we do."


      2. Republicans are different from Democrats in significant ways. Explain.

    4. The U.S. has magic dirt and once an immigrant steps on U.S. soil then voil?! Libertarian moment! Then the moment ends and they want free stuff after that.

      1. If a person is born in the US, they should have access to free shit forever. Immigrants, no way.
        That's the problem. No one should have access to free shit forever. It's not a birthright.

    5. Note that neither Nick nor anyone else in the Open Borders Uber Alles crowd has an answer to the question. They won't even attempt one. Haven't all year.

      Shrieks and snarks of outrage, but none of them can answer a straightfoward question.

      1. They have and it's this. A safety net shouldn't be cradle-to-grave handouts. Singling out immigrants as mendicants clouds your reasoning. The problem is cradle-to-grave welfare. That is the issue to be fixed.
        Immigration is a boon to the economy. Welfare not so much. Math is hard.

        1. " shouldn't be"
          You can make moral pronouncements all day about what should and shouldn't be, but that wasn't my question

          How, in reality, not in your moral theories, will importing big Government voters make the US more libertarian?

          You rail against the welfare state, yet open borders will only expand it and all government power.

          1. Libertarians don't dream up plans to import libertarians. They perhaps dream of US policy that makes the US not a haven for sponges. You've either lost your way or never arrived. Math is hard.

        2. " shouldn't be"
          You can make moral pronouncements all day about what should and shouldn't be, but that wasn't my question

          How, in reality, not in your moral theories, will importing big Government voters make the US more libertarian?

          You rail against the welfare state, yet open borders will only expand it and all government power.

        3. " shouldn't be"
          You can make moral pronouncements all day about what should and shouldn't be, but that wasn't my question

          How, in reality, not in your moral theories, will importing big Government voters make the US more libertarian?

          You rail against the welfare state, yet open borders will only expand it and all government power.

          1. Look, i don't really give a fuck and don't want to get into it, but since no one else has pointed it out...

            Your panic-attack about immigration being the source of some future demographic political time bomb is stupid. It fails to understand the evidence you're looking at.

            first of all, we don't even face a significant increase in the net "immigrant hispanics" at the moment. Its not the "border hoppers" you need to be worried about. Most future growth of the US hispanic population is going to come from within the people already here and your fulminating about Immigration & Borderrs doesn't do fuck-all about that.

            Meaning - if you are terrified of some future socialist brown-horde = surprise! you can build a fucking wall and it will still happen, because they are already here and they make babies.

            Also - the real future growth of immigrants to the US is going to be from *Chinese* They already exceed mexicans, and they'll be far exceeding them in the next 10 years. In 40 years, the hispanic share of the pop will only increase a few single-digits. The Asian share will nearly triple.

            Also = projecting current snapshots of attitudes into the future isn't how demographic analysis works. I could go on but i'm tired.

            1. Thanks Gil, some people don't get it. When I arrived at H 'n' R so many years ago, I didn't either.
              So many intelligent posts, one cannot argue against reason. I credit the postitariat for so much life-changing belief calibration.

            2. "first of all, we don't even face a significant increase in the net "immigrant hispanics" at the moment."

              We face a huge net increase in hispanic *legal* immigration, numbering 10-30 million, if Hillary wins and amnesties the illegal immigrants already here.

              " I could go on but i'm tired."

              Whatever you need to tell yourself to make it through the night. Cognitive dissonance is so soothing when you don't have an actual argument, isn't it?

  2. FWIW, tomorrow night on stage, I will be filling out my absentee ballot for Gary Johnson.

    Way to out yourself Nick.

    Next time you see a drone, duck.

    1. No worries, I heard that admitted Johnson voters get the camps with showers and teevee.

      1. The camp is at the end of this train line. Just get in the box car.

  3. FWIW, tomorrow night on stage, I will be filling out my absentee ballot for Gary Johnson.

    In other words, a vote for Hillary. smh

    1. Are you hard of reading, it says he's voting for Gary Johnson.

      1. Since voting for a third party candidate is the same as voting for [Insert Candidate That Makes Me Shit My Pants Here], I'd say he's right.

  4. Should Libertarians vote for Trump?

    How much is he paying?

    1. Not sure, but Tony said that Hillary's paying a full fifth of lower shelf vodka.

      1. Somebody warn Tony that "lower shelf vodka" means gallon cans available at the local hardware store paint department.

        1. SomeNobody warn Tony that "lower shelf vodka" means gallon cans available at the local hardware store paint department.

        2. It's too late.

          1. Tony: I love the smell of acetone in the morning, it smells like victory.

            1. When he's out of his favorite concoction supplied by the DNC, he sniffs finger nail polish remover and longs for his next fix.

              1. That scenario involves him being near a woman's boudoir. Highly unlikely.

      2. Cheap vodka and blowjob from Madonna? Count me in.

        1. you will need one to be able to endure the other. Your choice as to which is which.

        2. Yeah, but they charge you double for the antibiotics.

          1. Don't take them at the same time; booze swilling is contra-indicated when taken a course of antibiotics.

  5. *checks for hard hitting coverage of what is obviously a RICO case about to be leveled against a presidential candidate*

    Hey reason, suck my scaly reptilian cock you moist ass bitch mother fuckers.

    Don't worry I'll make sure there's a fucking Butt-Sex Food Truck serving up crow tacos to you fucking dicksmacks

    1. Dicksmack. I haven't heard that one in...hell, since I was a kid.

      1. Ya I had a good friend back in the 90's who dropped that one on me. I always thought it was an underutilized insult.

        1. How is it I'm 41 years old and only now hearing the term "dicksmack"? Curse my sheltered upbringing!

  6. Peter Thiel says so.

    I've always liked Thiel. And some of the stuff he's saying in the video makes a lot of sense. Especially the war mongering stuff.

    But is it just me... I mean is it the camera person or is it Thiel not looking at the camera, it's a weird angle?

  7. On election day,drink early and often. I'm staring now.

    1. Hillary approves this message!

  8. Should Libertarians Vote for Trump?

    As a lower case "l" libertarian that has very happily abstained from voting for over a decade, I am now somewhat hesitantly leaning toward "yes" right now. Two terms of unbridled narcissism and sheer idiocy in the executive branch has proven that progs won't ever pay even just lip service to a single libertarian ideal, so why should I give a fuck about any of theirs? Oh, so Trump is going to kick out the illegals and seal the border? Boo fucking hoo. Cry me a Rio Grande. I've always believed in freedom of movement and immigration and will continue to do so, but it has never been my main issue. It can go on the back burner for the next four years and I won't lose a wink of sleep over it. My own well being is my main issue. I've been hearing a lot about this "white privilege" that I'm allegedly blessed with - maybe it's time to pursue it, yes? I mean, you'd have to be an idiot not to. Don't hate the player, hate the game and all that. This election is about punishment for the outcome of the past eight years, and Trump is the ruler across the knuckles.

    1. Well, you little 'l', little dick fucker cucktarians are the fucking problem. You don't pass the purity test. You know what you can do? Get off my fucking lawn! /sarcasm

      I don't play lesser of 2 evils game myself, but not condemning you for doing so. Unless you vote for Clinton, then I'm condemning you in the strongest possible terms.

        1. Trumpet is the correct term.

          Turmpet: Anyone who doesn't support the Cankles.

          1. Trumpkin, because it sounds like munchkin and subtly reminds you that the Orange Messiah actually looks like a pumpkin.

    2. Two terms of unbridled narcissism and sheer idiocy in the executive branch

      And Trump is the the cure for narcissism and idiocy?


      1. I'm sorry. I should have qualified that as intersectional social justice doubleplusgoodthink narcissism and idiocy. Trump's got plain ol' vanilla narcissism and idiocy which is much easier to deal with.

    3. "I've been hearing a lot about this "white privilege" that I'm allegedly blessed with - maybe it's time to pursue it, yes? I mean, you'd have to be an idiot not to. Don't hate the player, hate the game and all that."

      Pretty much the moment the Dems could no longer sell racism to whites, they started selling it to non whites.

      The Left has been selling identity politics. It's the only thing they have left.

      It is inevitable that White Folks will not simply take it forever. It's shocking that it has taken so long for the tiniest stirrings of white identity politics to come back.

      Note for all the "racist!" shrieks launched at Trump, he hasn't uttered a peep about government mandated racial preferences against whites.

      Identity politics for none, or identity politics for all. There may still be time for the former, but the latter is coming like a freight train.


    1. People numbering in the six and seven digits who will probably end up a smoking pile of bones should Hillary gain the office concur.

      1. Oh it's just some SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE.

        1. Look, if it wasn't for Trump, Comey, and the KGB... yes, that's right, the fucking KBG! conspiring to take down poor old sweet granny Hillary, she wouldn't have to think about killing millions of human beings!

          1. Literally true according to Team Clinton:

            Carville Melts Down: Asserts FBI, GOP, and KGB in Cahoots

      2. STOOPID MAMMAL... Regardless of your choice 1/3 of your race will end up as iradiated well-done meat bumps after our initial orbital bombardment...as soon as your species stops being so fucking amusing in your political antics.

        1. as soon as your species stops being so fucking amusing in your political antics.

          Well, as long as you are waiting for libertopia to commence the bombing, we should have nothing to worry about.

          1. May the perpetual shit show that is your species protect you forever*

            *Unless you try to nuke yourselves, then we must prevent wasting good meat

        2. I, for one, am looking forward to (BLAM!!!!!)

      3. People numbering in the six and seven digits who will probably end up a smoking pile of bones should Hillary gain the office concur.

        At this point, what differences does...oh, fuck it.

        1. You joke, but I have no doubt she feels that way. For the greater good dontcha know.

          1. She want to invade Iran and setup a no fly over Syria. That's not funny.

            1. Hyp,

              Some of us have learned to laugh at the unfunny and even through tears birthed from a sad understanding of how the future seems to be developing/unfolding.

              1. Yessssddd, soon you will become Russians at heart!

                1. Yessssddd, soon you will become Russians at heart!

                  My wife said this very thing to me on our Wedding Day.

              2. I was referring to Suthenboy saying that TheZeitgeist was joking.

    2. waffles|10.31.16 @ 8:03PM|#


      See, even waffles knows the score!

      1. The SIVfluence strikes again!

        1. Is that less virulent than a Hihnfection?

  10. Best reason yet.


    1. That was pretty good marketing.

    2. Ok, I give in, I'm voting for Trump. Wait... can you add to that at least 3 proggies actually keeping their promise to move to Canada?

      1. We don't want them ? we're already choking on a surfeit of our own progs.

        1. Lets not be hasty - if they come over they can run straight into PM Zoolander's dick fucking over people who believed him. Their tears will be twice as delicious.

          1. Did Prince Zoolander legalize weed yet?

            1. Totally. Any moment now. For reals. Americans are to blame anyway.

              Also by the time he gets to it, it will be election time so there'll not be enough time to do it in current parliament. That is why next election will be even more important than the last one. Which was most important ever!

          2. Why do commies always look so fucking miserable and poorly dressed?

            I see that with the PQ. They're so ragged looking.


            1. Why do commies always look so fucking miserable and poorly dressed?

              Because you refuse to pay your fair share?

            2. Their practicing for the bread lines.

            3. To be fair, your Italian standards may be too high. I mean, Italian partisans had style. And a jaunty tune or two Bandierra Rosa is pretty cool, and I think Bella Ciao was a communist song too.

              1. I think you may be right!

          3. Forum's polling has found a majority of both Liberal and NDP supporters approve of sending peacekeeping forces to Africa, though New Democrats are somewhat less enthusiastic. But once respondents were told that these peacekeeping forces could come under fire, support plunged ? particularly among New Democrats.

            Have I bitched enough about how my fellow countrymen are military and logistically illiterate morons? I don't think I've bitched enough about that.

            "Hey, the military's screaming that they need more recovery time or better funding before we deploy them somewhere, let's send them to Africa! Wait, they might get shot at? Forget it!"

            1. They're not military - they're peacekeepers. I mean, come on.

    3. "A Government Business Council/ GovExec.com survey found that 14 percent of federal workers say they would definitely consider leaving their jobs if Donald Trump wins the Nov. 8 presidential election."

      Bullshit. Shilling for Hil.
      Until they found out they'd have to work for a living and produce results, then Trump didn't look so bad.

    4. Holy shit this, I was going to vote Trump just for the lulz and salty tears but this makes it actually a benefit to the country.

  11. John Podesta: Hillary acts like a retard and she smells like boiled cabbage, urine, and farts.

    I love you, Julian Assange, I'm thinking about leaving the wife for you.

    1. Why the fuck did that show up as a link? Weird, no HTML there at all.

      1. So you SFed the link, and you're trying to blame it on the server squirrels.

        1. No really. The actual text of that is exactly shown except I put italics tags around it. Maybe I accidentally did a hyperlink tag on the opening tag.

          1. Which makes me a liar since I said there was no HTML. Oh well, 6 beers in...

            1. Oh well, 6 beers in...

              That would explain why you fucked up the HTML.

              (I haven't touched alcohol since, well, dinner three hours ago.)

            2. You gonna link or you gonna whine and blame others like your dear President? Chop, chop. I'm waiting.

              1. I'm totally doing all of that. Does any of those pay well?

            1. About Podesta?

    2. I understand that it's a fake wikileaks email. I couldn't find it on wikileaks.org.

      1. Thanks for that. I wasn't sure, I found it on several sites, but not on wikileaks. There are several people swearing that it's real.

        1. "Hillary acts like a retard and she smells like boiled cabbage, urine, and farts."

          I definitely believe it's true. As to whether it's a real Podesta email...

  12. Everyone, shut up! An actor has something important to tell us about manbearpig:

    1. So, Dicaprio is now Al Gore's cheap sex poodle?

      1. Anthony Weiner is jealous.

        1. Damn,a green Weiner .

    2. Oh, Leo. You're such a cute little boy.

    3. And he's traveled all over the world in his jet studying it.

      1. Well, you gotta break a few eggs to make that climate omelette.

      2. That's how you know he's serious! He wouldn't have spent all that money on flying around if he wasn't serious!

        It's just like Al Gore and his beach front property. When the rising oceans wash it away, he can shout at the ignorant masses "I told you so!"

        1. Maybe he can drown like Canute. (Yes, I know that story is apocryphal.)

        2. Excelleor!!!

        3. The production of The Revenant was stymied by unseasonably warm weather in Canada, so the production crew literally flew to the other side of the world to Argentina where there was snow.

          I guess Leo wanted that Oscar more than he wanted to save the planet.

          1. So true. The locations were the star of that movie, too.

        4. "That's how you know he's serious! He wouldn't have spent all that money on flying around if he wasn't serious!"

          Well, if his spread on Lake Como is like Clooney's, it has solar panels!

        5. I'm sure that the jetsetting expenses were also totally not tax-deductible.

  13. Huffpo pinhead tries to argue Mohamed was a feminist. See if you can spot the error in his thinking:

    hint: "So radical were Muhammad's reforms that the status of women in Arabia and early Islam was higher than any other society in the world at that time."

    1. I've been hearing that fucking non-sense for years.

      1. Old Mo was a ruthless piece of crap.

    2. I saw that headline and didn't read the article. I'd sooner pour bleach in my eyes.

    3. The guy whose concept of heaven is "72 sex slaves for everyone" is a feminist?

  14. So did Kennedy constantly interrupt Nick?

    1. What do you think?

      1. 'Shut up and make me a sandwich'.

        1. Sammich. Shut up, Kennedy, make us a sammich. A nice sammich and then we'll mansplain this stuff to you. See if Matt and Kmele would have had those ballz, The independents would still be a thing.

    2. Kennedy is gonna interrupt her own funeral.

  15. So can we call it? Best. Election. Ever.

    1. I think Robby noted that the email thing has "officially jumped the shark," what with Carlos Danger's dick pix to an underage girl now playing a prominent role.

      That's just one of many examples.

      I'm gonna go with yes. This is by far the best election ever*.

      *For entertainment purposes only.

      1. The fact that after 30 years of utterly corrupt public life the Clintons might finally be taken down because one of their flunkies was a pervert out sending dick picks to under age girls is an irony so delicious that I am not sure even America, as long suffering as it is, deserves something that wonderful.

        1. Well, John, you know I'm not a Trump supporter, but if Clinton loses, I'm going to be adding delicious prog tears to my cocktails for years. Just the thought of that is euphoria. I seriously cannot imagine the epic butthurt if Hillary loses this. And it's looking like she might just lose.

          1. I always thought it was close. I never bought the polls that said she was way ahead. But I think she had been losing ground after the third debate and I think this has put her into a free fall. At some point, people just are not going to elect a President who is about to be indicted. They can spin this all they want but I really think this is going to be her doom. Her doom such that she won't be able to win by fraud.

            I just want to hear Dalmia and Suderman's tears. I would never have expected reason to support Trump. Trump isn't a Libertarian. But I do expect any Libertarian publication to take a pretty cynical view of all of the media pants shitting over Trump and to if nothing else admire his attacks on PC. Instead, reason joined in the pants shitting and did everything it could to defend political correctness. Reason's behavior this election has been disgraceful.

            1. Worth pointing out that millions of Americans have already voted and that's almost always to the benefit of Democrats.

              I read one guy from WaPo or some such source already declare that Hillary has won Nevada.

              1. A few million have already voted but tens of millions will vote. So, no I don't think it is worth pointing out. Lets say ten percent have already voted. How many of those people who have are people who are not hard core supporters of either candidate? If you bother to vote early, chances are you really want to vote for your candidate and are not in the group that would change your mind due to this.

                The Republicans were convinced Romney was going to pull it off in 2012 because the early voting really favored Republicans. They couldn't tell the vote but they could tell the party affiliation of the voter somehow. How did that work out? It turned out that people voting for Romney wanted to vote early not hat there were more Romney supporters.

                You really believe in Hillary don't you?

                1. My understanding was that Romney won the vote on Election Day but the Obama coalition killed him with early voting.

                  I could be wrong, of course.

                  In any case, here's beloved former Reason writer Dave Weigel on Team Hillary's flailing efforts to get out the minority vote

                  They're struggling with black voters but are having a lot of success with Hispanics. I'm sure you can guess why.

                  1. I thought it was the opposite. I thought Romney had all kinds of early voters but the Democrats rolled out the buses and got the poor people and anyone else they could drag to the polls to show up to vote on election. I could be wrong too but I seem to remember there being all of this optimism among Republicans about the early vote.

                    And if Hillary is struggling with he black vote, she is likely a goner. A Democrat cannot win without a decent black turnout and at least 90% of the black vote.

              2. And people are assuming that because the majority of early voters are Democrats, they are voting for Clinton, forgetting that Trump is basically a Democrat himself.

            2. I'm just thinking that if she wins, how bad it is going to be for the country. Constant scandal is a guarantee and a full on war boner mentality that the country doesn't want. With Trump at least you get full media scrutiny and a Congress who will check him. With Hillary I fear not only constant scandals, I mean that ones a sure thing, but media complacency or even compliance, and a revived NeoCon war monger dictate.

              1. The most believable explanation for why Comey started the investigation again is because he faced the real threat of mass resignations in the FBI if he didn't. If Hillary wins, that threat will still be there. So either we will have a President who gets indicted shortly after being elected or we will have a President whose not getting indicted caused half the FBI to resign in protest. It would be a fucking unbelievable mess. She couldn't govern. I don't know what we would do.

                1. Her need for pure power overrides your petty desire for your petty peasant delusions. Now shut up and comply!

  16. So I am being subjected to CNN at lunch today and one of the on air personalities says that for years black people have been saying how law enforcement is unfair to them and now the see the FBI going after Hillary. That is something the black community understands and can really be used to rally the black vote.

    That is some professional grade DERP there. I don't think your typical weekend idiot could come up with something that stupid. It takes a dedicated professional to come up with that kind of DERP.

    1. It's also mildly actually racist, with the assumed black stereotype of "solidarity with anyone who is down with the struggle."

      1. Yes. I think assuming that black people automatically side against he police and with an accused criminal is mildly racist to put it mildly.

    2. Holy shit! Whoever came up with that deserves some nice mid-range scotch from Clinton Foundation.

      Stupid is commonplace, but art like this needs recognition!

      Please please let her next speech start with"I was born a poor black child.."

    3. Hey, the kid's got curly hair!

  17. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/artic.....id-it.html

    Clinton inner circle knew for at least 5 years Weiner was out chatting up underage girls and did nothing. You would have thought they would have told him to knock it off because of the security risk to the criminal enterprise if nothing else. These people don't even make good gangsters.

    1. You know the Clintons were the ones who introduced Abedin and Weiner.

    2. Next up on prog unthink: Clinton may do dubious and possible criminal things yes but she does it because she has a heart and did it for the right reasons!

      1. Just like war.

        Bush: War bad!

        Clinton: War good!

      2. Next up on prog unthink: Clinton may do dubious and possible criminal things yes but she does it because she has a heart and did it for the right reasons!

        No, I have it on good authority that it's actually more like: "The emails aren't really important and the release was politically timed because Comey hates Clinton, and, I mean, come on, can someone who acts like Donald Trump actually be president? Clinton's just doing standard political corruption that everyone does, but Donald Trump is a racist and a misogynist."

        That's nearly a direct quote.

    3. The true paper of record ran the least possible flattering photo of Jennifer Palmieri.

      1. Ack. Who is she?

        1. The Clinton communications director, the one mentioned in the article you linked.

      2. That was disappointing, I was hoping that you had dug up a photo of her putting on her "taking a giant shit" face.

  18. OK, so I was at Halloween dinner surrounded by socialists and pinkos - aka friends and family - who were denouncing Trump, saying Gary Johnson was a joke (Aleppo! he sounds like he's stoned), saying how embarrassed and afraid Europeans were at the low quality of U.S. politics, and wishing Bernie could have been elected.

    I helped divert the conversation into dirty jokes. Less offensive than politics.

    Anyway, you guys are like the right-wing, dope-peddling, gut-toting uncles I never had. You're the best.

    1. I helped divert the conversation into dirty jokes.

      Share, please.

      1. Did you hear the one about the hard-of hearing genie who gave a man a 12-inch pianist? (Old hat to you, but they found it funny).

        Someone else told the one about the murderer named Artie who, to prove his worthiness, promised to kill someone for a buck. He stalked the victim and killed her in the produce section of a grocery store. When the manager came up he killed the manager. When a cop came up he killed the cop. He laid out his victims in a row when the cop's partner came and killed Artie.

        Next day's headline: "Artie chokes three for a dollar."

        1. And the bear who went into a bar and ordered a beer, bartender says "we don't serve beer to bears in this bar."

          The bear threatens to kill and eat one of the female patrons if he isn't served, but the bartender still says no.

          So the bear kills and eats the woman.

          Then the bear demands to be served and the bartender says "we don't serve bears who've been taking drugs."

          "I haven't been taking drugs," protested the bear.

          "Yes you have," said the bartender, "that was a bar bitch you ate."

          1. That cracked me up.

    2. Anyway, you guys are like the right-wing, dope-peddling, gut-toting uncles I never had.

      There's a weird sign/billboard at a bus stop I pass every day that throws together random, seemingly-incongruous descriptors and then "Voter." Example:


      Your quote reminds me of that. I wonder if they're trying to get libertarians out to vote... Nah.

    3. When Eddie of all people has to resort to dirty jokes....

    4. saying Gary Johnson was a joke

      And not the Ha Ha! funny good kind of joke.

      1. Zing!! When are these zingers ever gonna stop being stale??

      2. Try some Weiner gags, see how much the socialists really like dirty jokes.

    5. Gut-toting, or gun-toting?

  19. REDS UNDER THE BED!!! 'Veteran spy' tells Mother Jones Kremlin has worked 5 years to elect Trump!

    Mother Jones has reviewed that report and other memos this former spy wrote. The first memo, based on the former intelligence officer's conversations with Russian sources, noted, "Russian regime has been cultivating, supporting and assisting TRUMP for at least 5 years. Aim, endorsed by PUTIN, has been to encourage splits and divisions in western alliance." It maintained that Trump "and his inner circle have accepted a regular flow of intelligence from the Kremlin, including on his Democratic and other political rivals." It claimed that Russian intelligence had "compromised" Trump during his visits to Moscow and could "blackmail him." It also reported that Russian intelligence had compiled a dossier on Hillary Clinton based on "bugged conversations she had on various visits to Russia and intercepted phone calls."

    So we've reached the point where the last week will be Clinton toadies on cable news explicitly calling Trump a Russian agent.

    1. "REDS UNDER THE BED!!! 'Veteran spy' tells Mother Jones Kremlin has worked 5 years to elect Trump!"

      Good fucking grief. Can they even try to make up believable stuff?

      1. No. True test of faith is to believe the unbelievable.

        And if you don't believe? Then that's even better. Now you have to debase yourself every time you repeat the obvious untruth. You show obedience and fear, and everyone knows it but you can't stop repeating the lie or you will be torn apart by others, equally humiliated and looking to make someone pay.

        1. Everyone knows Trump was born in Kenya.

          -Harry Reid

    2. Serious question; just what is the party line here? Is it that Trump isa paid agent of the Kremlin here to take over the government for Putin or is Trump a crazed nationalist who can't be trusted not to nuke Russia and start Work War III? It seems like he is an agent of Putin on even numbered days and a crazed nationalist bent on World war III on odd numbered days. Can the party at least figured out what Trump is supposed to be?

      1. You know as well as I do the answer is: whichever one of those nets more votes. The Useful Especially Idiots, of course, will choose one or the other and, with great fervor, scream those talking points until they're hoarse.

        Just wait until Tony or Amsoc figures out which one makes greater sense; we won't hear the end of it for the next seven days.

      2. " Is it that Trump isa paid agent of the Kremlin here to take over the government for Putin"

        The Trumputin cannot be stopped! Seriously, what is left here? Is one supposed to make a serious comment on this blatant stupidity? I called this back when Clinton tried to blame Wikileaks on Putin. But now, they've decided to double down on stupid. They've completely left the world of stupidity and entered the world of the absurd.

        1. It is Kafka's world. We just live in it.

      3. nuke Russia and start Work War III


        1. nuke Russia and start Work War III

          For Krugman that is a stimulus program outlined with remarkable brevity.

  20. OT: I'm on episode four of Woody Allen's Crisis In Six Scenes mini-series on Amazon. As entertainment, it's okay; good enough that I've gotten this far, anyway. (The deeper meaning to it is: Liberal Good, Okay!) I didn't care for Woody's films starting with 2003's Anything Else, but I haven't seen the recent ones. Word is he's recovered some of his fastball as a filmmaker.

    But I hate hate hate Miley Cyrus as an actress. (I think she's abysmal at everything, so maybe I'm biased) She's not especially good-looking. Her voice, scarred from decades of singing, is too deep. It's awful to listen to.

    That's all I got.

    1. I had dinner with a friend and his daughter who is 22 and a part of the Hannah Montana generation. I could forgive her for liking Cyrus' music. I am old and that was the music she listened to growing up. We all have our blind spots from our youth. What I could not for the life of me understand was how she was convinced Cyrus is attractive. Cyrus doens't have a single attractive feature. She is just a homely skank. And my friend's daughter, who is drop dead gorgeous, thinks Cyrus is beautiful. Nothing I said could convince her otherwise. It was a real WTF moment.

      1. A lot of that generation tends to use words like "beautiful" more as signaling than anything else. It's a lot like the way people view abstract art. Maybe there are some who really "get it," but there are a lot of posers. I had a girlfriend a few years back who told me that she thought "people who looked more mixed were generally more beautiful." Maybe that can be true to some people, but trust me, this girl was just saying it to sound like she had an "interesting" and "different" opinion.

        1. See people who claim Beyonce is some kind of raging beauty rather than a moderately attractive black woman with a big ass for an example of what you are talking about.

          1. She used to be attractive until she started using crack. I mean, what it look like?

            1. I wouldn't kick her out of bed. But the hipster white people who over praise her very forgettable musical talent are pretty funny. Beyonce is definitely stuff white people like.

              1. I had a girlfriend a few years back who told me that she thought "people who looked more mixed were generally more beautiful."

                Your (ex?) girlfriend was spot on. Grace Kelly was ethnically half Irish and half German, for instance.

                1. And I'd rather have slept with Katy Jurado from High Noon. Kelly looks and comes across like an icy bitch; Jurado has a smoldering earthiness even though she's not conventionally attractive.

      2. What a lot of people miss about Miley: she knows how to work a camera. They confuse "looking good on camera" with "being beautiful". Like all trained actresses - she's competent at that - she can make herself look as attractive as possible. But I look at her features - there's no there there.

    2. Bananas and Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex are on Hulu - thanks for the reminder to re-watch them this month.

      1. Love and Death was on cable a while back. I had forgotten how funny that movie is. It is one of the funniest movies ever made.

        1. I was about to mention it. It still amazes me that a movie making fun of Tolstoy (and Bergman and other stuff, but it was like 90% War and Peace, and Levin bits of Anna Karenina) was made in US at some point. And it didn't look like it skimped on the budget ($3 million in 1975 cash, Star Wars was $11 million).

        2. I have yet to see that. It's on the list. Thanks!

        3. I haven't seen any of his movies after Sleeper. I mean, why bother?

          1. Zelig was very good.

        4. I noticed Love and Death is available on Amazon prime, for anyone who cares

  21. What happens when you run a country like the VA?

    Answer: Venezuela

    WeaponsMan is a generally interesting blog; I'm mainly posting this because I know there are a lot of 2A/gun aficionados in the house.

  22. Poll:
    Should someone suggest to Nick that The Jacket is, uh, a little old by now?
    Not like Clinton's 'old news'. More like The Beatles are OLD, man!
    Please record one "yes" vote.

    1. if u see this comment while scroling
      u have been visited by trumpet skelton of the abyss
      good bones and calcium will come to u
      but only if u reply
      'thank mr skeltal' to this comment

      1. HM's rep is gonna have to be far better than it is for me to click on that.
        FAR better.

        1. There is no link. There is no link. Spooky Halloween!

    2. The Jacket is Eternal. The Jacked endures.

      It was there when the Winter Palace was taken.

      It was there when Jazz was first heard.

      It was there when Enola Gay dropped its payload.

      It was in Ford Theater, on a grassy knoll, at the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles.

      It will take off Nick when it is time. Not before.

      1. So The Jacket abides?

        1. "abides" implies certain passivity in face of external forces.

          The Jacket is a more vital force. It Exists, as no other object truly does. It imposes its Will on the world around it, and by doing so, changes it into a Form more pleasing to it.

          1. There is no Jacket .

            1. eddie says there is!

            2. "There is no Jacket ."

              Just a space, evidently.

            3. They took Bubble Boy's proverbial jacket away; time to grow up they said, we have treatments.

              Don't do it Nick.

  23. I will just say it and all of you millennial nerds can take your best shot at me for it. Emma Watson has grown up to be kind of a homely woman. She is just not very hot. Her head is too big for her body, she has no boobs and that jaw seems to get bigger every year. She is Sarah Jessica Parker, younger and with an English accent.


    1. She continually looks like she's juuust hitting puberty.

    2. I'm no millennial and not smart enough to be a nerd - I prefer the term "dork" - and I guess because of that I'm more or less with you there. Though Sarah Jessica Parker is a bit harsh.

      My own choice for "young actress I thought would turn out to be a hotter adult" is Katherine Heigl.

      1. Yeah. Calling her Parker is a bit harsh. I thought the girl in Moonrise Kingdom Kara Hayward would turn out to be a lot hotter than she is. She is still pretty cute but I really thought she would be a real starlet and a big star. Instead she turned into a sexy girl next door, which is not bad but not what I thought she would be.

        1. I thought the girl in Moonrise Kingdom Kara Hayward would turn out to be a lot hotter than she is.

          Uh, she's 17 dude. Paging Chris Hansen.

          1. No she is not. She turned 18 this year. She is legal. And she is a very cute 18 year old. That isn't bad but she isn't going to be the raving beauty she looked to be when she was younger.

      2. "Though Sarah Jessica Parker is a bit harsh"

        A bit harsh? Is that another term for a horse face and a body that wouldn't turn the head of a 16 year old perpetually horny teen if she walked down the street naked?

        1. Yeah, that is pretty much what it means. And it does describe Watson. She is not quite the form of the type but she certainly earns the title.

      3. I think Amanda Bynes is a good answer to this one, even before the crazy.

    3. The whole "being attracted to a woman we were all introduced to as a 12 year old girl" is a little Anthony Weiner anyway.

      1. They don't stay 12 years old. And if her once having been 12 means you can never find a woman attractive, you should just go gay because they were all 12 at some point, even old broads like Helen Mirren. They are not born fully formed you know.

        1. Yes, all women are 12 at some point. This is also true of men.

          However, typically speaking, most people do not find themselves sexually attracted to women or men that they first came into contact with when they were underage children.

          There is a very clear pedophillic connection to all the people who want to fuck Hermione. It actually makes me feel pretty bad for Emma Watson and really all child actors. It's no wonder so many of them end up complete messes.

          1. I'm sure that she will get over it by crying into millions of dollarsBritish pound notes.

          2. So if a woman is famous as a child ever man who wants to fuck her as an adult is a pedophile? Yeah, that makes sense. I guess anyone who thought former child stars like Elizabeth Taylor or Natalie Wood are into children too?

            That has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

            1. I was gonna make a Richard Burton crack, but that I ran into this quote:

              Burton disagreed with others about Taylor's famed beauty, saying that calling her "the most beautiful woman in the world is absolute nonsense. She has wonderful eyes, but she has a double chin and an overdeveloped chest, and she's rather short in the leg."

              Nothing new under the Sun etc.

              1. Today I learned that Richard Burton talked about women using terms more appropriate for sizing up a racing horse.

            2. Depends.

              Someone who came across a child actor when they were already an adult obviously has no problem.

              Someone who has been fantasizing about having sex with a child star in a children's story from the very beginning is a pedophile. "Waiting until they're 18" doesn't change the fact that you wanted to fuck a child.

              Emma Watson is Hermione. I don't even know what she's done outside of Harry Potter. So everyone who knows her knows her for that.

              It doesn't take Freud.

              1. I am pretty sure Emma Watson is Emma Watson. You seem to have a hard time seeing that and are projecting that on everyone else.

                1. There's been countdowns to her turning 18 since she appeared in the first Harry Potter movie, which she filmed when she was 10 and came out when she was 11. You've got to admit that's weird.

          3. most people do not find themselves sexually attracted to women or men that they first came into contact with when they were underage children

            Apparently watching someone in a movie is exactly like knowing them in real life. TIL.

      2. Don't get John started on his Olsen twin fetish.

        1. Speaking homely train wrecks. Aren't they worth some ungodly amount of money though? I am thinking their bank accounts are likely fetish worthy.

          1. I know one of them is banging Nicolas Sarkozy's brother, so Humbert Humbert is definitely correctly cast here for the reality show version.

        2. Don't get John started on his ....

          I think you could have stopped just there and have made a rather good point, CJ.

    4. But she accomplished sooooo much!

      Trigger warning: 30 minute video of a British gent eviscerating a one-year anniversary of her idiotic UN feminist campaign.

    5. Emma Watson has grown up to be kind of a homely woman.

      She reminds me of an amalgamation of a few girls I knew in engineering school. You know, the ones who could be somewhat pretty if they decided to go to the gym a few days a week and learn how to use makeup properly. However, since they were super busy and were used to being homely, they never really gave a shit and just wore sweatpants and baseball caps to class every day.

      After college, they have their 15 minutes of hotness; they look really great in their wedding photos. Then they go back to homely when they get back from the honeymoon.

  24. a million lines of cum and not a single god or goddess

  25. tomorrow bleeds the nightmares of today-s blooms, sister

  26. I made a fort in the backyard of the strangest man i ever met when i was far too young to realize this fucking fact

  27. underneath the cheeky mess of this thing lies an army of rational thugs and thuggesses I wish not to interrupt with my supposings and shit

    1. cheeky mess

      I like that.

  28. if asteroids were rubber jumping off the edges of pink swimming comets they'd fall smack into the dreams of humans, brother and queens

    1. Platinum group metals, Cy. But so what, it's just catalytic converters.

      1. Ore
        The pieces are
        And the game
        Is meeky chess

        1. Some day on Mars,
          a trade will be made,
          a bucket of ore for a bushel of potatoes.

          1. Not seeing 17 syllables.

  29. Oh, goody... a member of Detroit's Algonquin Round table is here to save us from television.

    No wonder that city is shit.

    1. Before clicking on that I assumed it was Mitch Albom.

    1. He sees a consistency that I don't.
      I see a blowhard who's mostly like a broken clock; 2X/day. By accident.

      1. I've seen this type of rhetoric swirling around recently.

        If Trump loses, expect a deluge of concern trolling over the concerns of the white "working poor" and how "they" aren't going away.

        Of course, the answer will be to provide them with some of the entitlement ponies they've been stamping their feet over, as increased government spending is the one car of the MAGA Train progressives have no problem boarding.

        1. Why do you hate the poor?

          1. The short answer is that as a teenager, I read every single book (fiction and non-fiction) Ayn Rand published.

            1. I still really like Anthem. Mocking her writing has become such an internet stark standard that I think she has become underappreciated.

              One of my favorite Rand links is this letter she wrote to her niece. The author and her minions desperately try to mock dear Ayn, but as usual Ayn is the victor.

              1. In 2016 prices, that 25 dollars would be 251 dollars and 47 cents. That kind of adds a wee bit of context concerning her tone, no?

                My great-grandfather, who was a successful furrier, did basically the same thing to my mother when she asked for some money for baby supplies for me. I guess he was a horrible person as well.

                1. "My great-grandfather, who was a successful furrier,"

                  Not "trapper", but retailer of the furs? If it's not to private, where?

                  1. From what I understand, the furs were either sold wholesale to coat manufactures or they were made into coats in-house in his shop. The coats were then sold to boutiques. This was the 40s to the early 70s. If any vintage pimp coats were made in the later stage of his career, they were lost to time.

                    1. "From what I understand,..."

                    2. Please be kind and use the one that Mao Zedong didn't corrupt with his stupid social.engineering project. ??

                2. In 2016 prices, that 25 dollars would be 251 dollars and 47 cents. That kind of adds a wee bit of context concerning her tone, no?

                  I did the same research and made the same point to the person who shared the website with me.

              2. She created good archetypes, but her writing -- especially those speeches -- is polemical at best and turgid at worst.

            2. Yeaaahhhh

              Ben! Where ya been, buddy? We never seem to get to see you when your mom's not running for political office. Well, it's been real. See you in 2, 4, or 6 years!

  30. the chainsaw of this odd awkward fucking nonexistence thing should roil and coil on the thriving backwash sassy bitch of eye=rolling shroom hells slowly torquing the fucking pupil glaze of finger pulps splaying nights onto the black canvas of numb clamps and walls falling down into the collapse brains lightning where steel crush midgets get made and released

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      2. Do try not to be churlish , Quincy.

        (The first time I remember encountering that word was when reading Jack Vance's Lyoneese trilogy.)

  32. Q is the giant super mouth of an ocean of electric gods
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    1. Man, this is WEIRD!
      Next we'll have commie-kid for Hitler!

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  35. http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/7.....awlessness

    During the first six months of 2016, migrants committed 142,500 crimes, according to the Federal Criminal Police Office. This is equivalent to 780 crimes committed by migrants every day, an increase of nearly 40 per cent over 2015. The data includes only those crimes in which a suspect has been caught.

    The migrant policy in Europe that reason so championed and now refuses to even speak about has turned into the complete disaster all of the evil Muslim haters said it would. And reason just ignores it because they are cowards.

    1. Clearly the answer is to reclassify these crimes as "cultural differences".

    2. "During the first six months of 2016, migrants committed 142,500 crimes, according to the Federal Criminal Police Office."
      John, any data on whether those crimes include, oh, littering?

      "And the country has been hit by a spate of horrendous violent crime including rapes, sexual and physical assaults, stabbings, home invasions, robberies, burglaries and drug trafficking."
      'Drug trafficking' is always a reliable stat to run up the numbers; 'Hey bro, wanna score some hash?'
      You're gonna have to do better than an "Express" screed if you wanna make a point; commie-kid linked the NYT and got busted too.

      1. If anything they are saying is wrong, then tell me. Otherwise, it is what it is.

        1. I'm not disagreeing that it's an issue. Merkel did this in the worst possible way, letting in tons of people, far more than Germany could deal with, and seemingly made no effort to actually check to see who was coming in. Merkel's party is getting pounded in local elections, and rightfully so. Hopefully whenever the next time there's a federal election (sometime next year I think) her party's out of control of parliament.

          That being said, those numbers are worthless, in that they're not per capita.

        2. "If anything they are saying is wrong, then tell me."

          I dunno if they are wrong. The Express is a biased source and they offer no evidence at all that the claims are valid.
          If you are to make claims like that, let's see the data and where it came from.

  36. how did i get up in space with a sand wich i did not make and i see a pop star floating by tripped out with her tits out or am i actually here and shit and my fucking steel pencil just never took off but can someone explain the floating silver tits? her ass is dripping neon dreams and that shit just spilt all over me...

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  38. i think fingers spill effort
    pretending by brains
    distracted by their sexual weakness
    and clouds are tunnels for human
    killing lights filled with atomic electricity
    and Feynman poltergeists
    and shit

  39. The question I have: Every single one of the experts before the game explained why Minnesoda was going to win the game, so why are all the experts not now explaining why they were wrong? Especially asshole Gruden. Spent so much time having a fit over the Vikings 8-man front and how there was no way humanly possible to defend against this thing - like having a 8-man front doesn't automatically mean you only got 3 men covering the receivers you dumb ass.

    1. so why are all the experts not now explaining why they were wrong?

      Sophistry, Jerryskids?

      Foolish individuals, amateurs, ordinary folk, et cetera, are very often wrong, Jerryskids. Unlike you, most everyone seems to know that this is a fundamental fact.

      Experts, being by definition, experts, are far, far less wrong than the likes of you and I.

      Clearly you have mis-remembered. If you want the experts to explain to you why you did not and cannot understand what is obvious to greater minds than our own you are not only being selfish, but attempting to divert great minds from improving their exceptional expertness.

      Also this - Minnesota won before the game was even played.


  40. Just watched Carville on TV meltdown and, "Russia! KGB! Democracy under threat!". That cretin can be counted on to make the worst interpretation of political events every single time.

    1. You are a HERO for watching and reporting!
      So we pretty much have Rush on the left?

      1. Oh, and: Domo.

        1. I'm not exposed to this type of hyperventilating in my personal like you guys in the states are so my immunity levels aren't worn down. Watching so you don't have to is the least I can do. Tondemonai

          1. Do I read that as de nada?

            1. Yep. "No problem". I like to imagine it means "fuggidabowdit".

              1. Dunno if I mentioned that my Japanese was Okinawa dialect, late '60s. Wife (who learned in Tokyo area) corrects me now and then.

  41. "James Comey's decisions on email may affect his future with FBI"
    "Some Democrats, furious with FBI Director James Comey for putting the issue of Hillary Clinton's emails back in the public eye just before election day, are suggesting he has violated legal restrictions against federal employees trying to affect the outcome of an election."

    Pretty sure this is no real surprise to Comey. I've yet to see why he killed his career, but I have no doubt he knows it's true.
    I hope he did so to show that hag should be in jail rather than peddling the WH plumbing fixtures and making sure the 'the light is on for ya' for the Lincoln bedroom.

    1. I can only hope he did it because what was found on Weiner's computer was so obviously damn in that he had no other choice.

      1. That's all that makes sense.

        1. Y'all are a bunch of pussy grabbin' misogynists, unable to see Shrill-Bot and her Unbearable Lightness of Being-esque torment. It's very sad.

          WEEP FOR HER! WEEP, I SAY!

          1. Damn. That is the second time this year i have been insulted by a doctor.

    1. Somebody must have put Soave in charge of them.

      1. I've long suspected that "Charles Oliver" is really a fake handle account, much like the joke handles of yore, assigned to any editor or flunkey who hath displeased The Masters.

        It wouldn't surprise me in the least if Froot Sooshi ticked off TPTB somehow (most likely by snagging their lunch in the Reason HQ fridge) and drew "Charles Oliver" duty and a reflection of his known tardiness. Snackshack spilled the beans on that one, since he admitted one of The Commentariat (rts, resident of Canuckistan, IIRC) posted a link that Shuffleburger said was lined up as a future Brickbat (more proof that Brickbats are recycled ledes and lagging indicators). Froot Sooshi probably figured out the best way to avoid doing a job you don't like is to do so in a half-arsed and nonchalant manner, knowing that he won't be asked to do it again.

        It's the same logic that gets men out of doing many chores. Such as cleaning the kitchen, since wifey thinks hubby is so lax and incompetent going about it (You're DOING IT WRONG!), that she simply does it herself and foregoing asking me...err, the husband..., to do it at all.

        1. But enough about how Donald Trump is Putin's puppet

  42. Just saw where Hillary's talking about the FBI investigation into her aide's e-mails, expecting that this investigation is going to be a big nothing-burger just like that other FBI investigation into her own e-mails. CNN apparently has not gotten the memo because they're still talking about this thing as if it's Hillary's e-mail problem. No, no, no - see, this is Huma's problem, got nothing to do with Hillary, really. Except maybe if you want to fault Hillary for trusting too much in her aides, not looking over their shoulder every minute of every day to make sure they weren't making the least little innocent mistake in following the mind-bogglingly overly-complicated obtuse minutiae of handling routine innocuous personal communications. So fine - Hillary maybe is too much of a good friend, blame her for that if you think being loyal and kind and generous and trusting toward your friends is a bad thing, but you certainly can't blame Hillary for how Huma handled her e-mail.

    The only question in my mind is: Assuming Huma is not being thrown under the bus but is volunteering for the role of fall guy, what other hand-grenades is she willing to fall on for Hillary as long as she's going down?

    1. It could be that Huma had two choices: be the fall guy or get thrown under the bus.

    2. There are many outside servers with Hillary's emails on them -- namely, all of her email recipients. Huma's being just one of dozens, or scores, or perhaps 100's. Hillary is too smart to put herself in legal danger on daily email banter, and the FBI has already conceded that the few "secret" communications on a private server will not be prosecuted (otherwise they would also have to go after all the other politicians who used private servers, Colin Powell, etc.). So, the whole mess is being blown out of proportion. Clinton will become president, we'll have 4 years of continued crony-driven fascism in DC, and until we get high-wealth interests out of the political process, nothing ... absolutely nothing ... will change. It will only get worse.

  43. [W]hat other hand-grenades is she willing to fall on for Hillary as long as she's going down?

    These euphemisms are getting very war monger-y....

  44. Weld has reached a new low. On morning Joe today he read an excerpt from 1984 describing the 2 minute hate and compared that and big brother to trump.

    After a year if non stop hate, most of it irrational, against trump, this is cognitive dissonance in the extreme.

    Weld also refers to libertarians as them, and says he'll vote for his ticket but the most important thing is a trump loss

  45. Not to get all purist on y'all, but if you're voting for those statist fucks Trump or Clinton, I strongly suggest describing yourself as "libertarian", cause I'm guessing you're at best on the fringes of the libertarian sector on the Nolan chart.

    1. True, but I've read a bit of Walter Block (over at Lew Rockwell) and he appears to be a hardcore libertarian by anybody's standards. Apparently his position on Trump is based on foreign policy and the overriding horror of war. I guess I could understand that if Trump was spouting Ron Paul quotes on entangling alliances, etc. but he's not.

  46. Gary Johnson? Why would you vote for someone with an IQ of 105? That's not who I want running the country. Then again, I'm not voting for either Clinton or Trump, so who am I to call the kettle black.

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