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140+ Arrested, 300+ Officers Reportedly Involved in Crack Down on Dakota Pipeline Protest Camp

Protesters set up multiple roadblock; police from at least six states are in the county.


Nima Taradji/Polaris/Newscom

Police in Cannonball, North Dakota descended on a camp protesters put up on property recently purchased by the company building the Dakota Access Pipeline which is supposed to run from the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota to an oil tank farm in Illinois, making 141 arrests according to the local sheriff.

More than 300 riot cops were involved in the operation, according to an account from protesters organizing as the Camp of Sacred Stones, which reported at least eight ATVs, five armored vehicles, and two helicopters as part of the operation to take down the 1851 Treaty Camp, named after a treaty protesters and tribal leaders argue had made the land unceded Dakota territory that was part of the Standing Rock Reservation. It was reportedly the first time protesters had placed themselves directly in the path of the proposed pipeline.

In a statement, Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier claimed protesters had "escalated unlawful behavior this weekend by setting up illegal roadblocks, trespassing onto private property and establishing an encampment," which had "forced law enforcement to respond at this time," as NBC News reports. According to the AP, protesters used burned vehicles and sheets of plywood to block a state highway as well as a local bridge.

One woman at the protest fired three shots, "narrowly missing a sheriff's deputy," a spokesperson for the North Dakota State Emergency Services said. Authorities say law enforcement officials did not fire at anybody, while protesters say pepper spray and percussion grenades were used against them as well as shotguns with less lethal ammunition and a sound cannon, and that at least one protester was tased and another hit in the face by a rubber bullet. No serious injuries were reported, according to the AP.

The governor of North Dakota issued an emergency declaration for Morton County, where mass protests over the pipeline have coalesced, activating the Emergency Management Assistance Compact, the product of a Clinton era law creating interstate agreements for emergencies, and bringing law enforcement to Morton County from at least five other states.

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe has gone to court to challenge the Army Corps of Engineers' decision to grant permits related to the pipeline, according to the AP, which reports that a judge last month declined to order construction be suspended while a number of federal agencies have stepped in to order construction be suspended around Lake Oahe on the Missouri River. Construction has continued on privately-owned land.

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  1. Construction has continued on privately-owned land.

    Privately-owned land still exists in the United States? Is Obama aware?

    1. Hush, Crusty! That’s a sure way to get him killed his attention!

  2. I so want to live in a place called Cannonball.

  3. percussion grenades

    I’m not a fan of the band or the lyrics, but at least you can tap your toe to it.

    1. The veritable Buddy Rich of all weaponry…

    2. Not to be confused with “Bombgos

  4. … at least eight ATVs, five armored vehicles, and two helicopters…

    Well that’s not very good for the environment.

    1. Probably didn’t emit near the amount of “bad stuff” as all the tires and vehicles the Eco-terrorists burned though. But it’s all in the name of saving the environment.

      These mental midgets who call themselves “Water Protectors” burned piles of tires, vehicles, and assorted trash on top of bridges…over waterways…

      1. They also made multiple attempts to slam valves shut on existing pipelines, apparently not realizing the potential to cause the very spillage they are supposedly there to prevent.

        1. Yeah. Mental midgets.

          The saddest part of all this is that the majority of the idiots are out of state, professional Eco-warriors. So after all this is over, they go home but the Standing Rock reservation gets the blame for it all. Of course, they made their bed when they partnered with Earth Justice to file lawsuits for them…

          1. I have little doubt the reservation sees them useful idiots. I read through the complaint against the Corps of Engineers several weeks back, and the tribes are really pulling out all the stops.

            The whole things smells to me like old bad blood between the Corps of Engineers and the reservation.

            The Corps of Engineers looks to have deliberately left the tribes out of the investigations process for clearing land for construction, and the tribes responded with a big, fat “fuck you” of a lawsuit alleging anything and everything they could think of to be as big of a pain in the ass for the Corps of Engineers that they could possibly be.

            I’m sure they’re watching all the bourgies stir up so much dust in protest and just laughing their asses off.

            And seemingly, not one of the activists who went to try to shut down one of the (many) existing pipelines running through that land said to themselves, “gee, I wonder how this pipeline got here and why the tribes only just now got excited about that particular pipeline over there?”

            1. To understand the activists, one must think less and emote more.

            2. “The Corps of Engineers looks to have deliberately left the tribes out of the investigations process for clearing land for construction”

              It’s my understanding -and an Obama appointed Federal Judge’s opinion- that the tribe was invited to participate in the process many, many times (I think he said “dozens”?) and they chose not to.

            3. Wrong, the tribe was invited to participate during the planning process and they declined. The route was changed in 140 places for varying concerns as a result. The tribe said fuck off. The Corps (or should I say we) built them a 30 million dollar water system that will be on line soon. A lot of the route is existing RoW. These fuckwits don’t have a leg to stand on.

              1. Clearly, more than enough wampum was spent accommodating these folks. Maybe they should just sit down and smoke’ peace pipe.

                OT: More progtards keeping’ it classy:


  5. police from at least six states are in the county.

    Could this be because there are very few police officers (typing those words put a thrill up my leg) in that region, and the local pd is borrowing what they can from others? Is that even a thing anymore?

    1. I live in ND. I don’t have any hard numbers to throw around, but I do have anecdotal evidence; I can go literally days without seeing a cop. Maybe even weeks.

      1. Damn that must be nice. I live next to two cops all though I just heard from the owner he is about to evict their asses for failure to pay rent. Their excuse: Yeah we know we owe you money but we’re cops.

      2. Nelson County. Population 3000+. I think there’s 4-5 police in the whole county now days. Too many if you ask me. Used to be only the Sherriff and a deputy.
        I concur with you Mike Schmidt. Months between cop sightings.

    2. There are very few police officers.

      The ND State Police has somewhere between 150 and 200 full time officers tops.
      Figure that they have 1/3rd on duty at any time and you got 50-65 for the entire state. Then consider that of those, some are desk jockeys.

      If you end up putting even half a dozen of them at a single location, you’ve basically got over 10% of the entire on duty force in one location for what is a fairly large state.

      Morton County, having a population of about 30,000 probably has no more than 30 to 40 officers itself.

      In short, they are very outnumbered.

      1. I’m jealous, my home town of 30,000 has 75 city cops alone, is the county seat so we have all of the county cops, the state, TSA and the idiots just got an MRAP. Talk about being over staffed and equipped.

    3. Cannonball is in Sioux County, population 4000. There might be 2o county mounties….might. That’s 4 grand in te whole county. It’s bumfuckville.

  6. One woman at the protest fired three shots, “narrowly missing a sheriff’s deputy,” a spokesperson for the North Dakota State Emergency Services said.

    Yet i doubt we’ll see editorials explaining how these people are domestic-terrorists

    1. They’re not armed with assault rifles!

    2. One woman at the protest fired three shots, “narrowly missing a sheriff’s deputy,… No serious injuries were reported…

      If this had happened in any large city, that women would be dead.

  7. “…Camp of Sacred Stones…”

    A-1. You lose. Fuck off.

  8. Construction has continued on privately-owned land.

    I imagine that the privately-owned land where construction continues unabated is owned by people who a) are not affiliated directly with the Dakota Access Pipeline and thus are under no obligation to conform to company policy and b) are not pussies when it comes to shooting trespassers. Because ranchers WILL shoot you if you even think about ‘protesting’ in THEIR land.

    1. Uh, OM, it was in the first paragraph:

      “a camp protesters put up on property recently purchased by the company building the Dakota Access Pipeline”

      1. Yeah, the land owners recently sold it to the pipeline company because they were sick of trespassers and were worried about the liability associated with people on their land. My guess is they will buy it back from DAP after all this blows over. I have no proof of this, just seems logical to me…

      2. Re: Sevo,

        “a camp protesters put up on property recently purchased by the company building the Dakota Access Pipeline”

        You missed the point – the DAP would never shoot trespassers. Bad PR. Ranchers are not concerned about PR, therefore – dead or wounded trespassers. THAT’S why these ‘protesters’ are protesting in land owned by the company.

  9. And it’s incumbent upon us to always point out in relation to stories like this:

    These protesters believe they are saving the world from the scourge of oil spills by doing this.

    Just like people who think opposing prison construction will mean less people will go to prison, these people think if they shut down a pipeline, the oil will just be left wherever it was found rather than being shipped by truck or train, both of which are an order of magnitude more likely to result in a spill.

    1. It’s a symbolic action over native rights. Those things don’t matter. And that’s not snark.

      1. This is exactly it. All the “Water Protectors” bullshit is just that. I’m sure there are some extremely well intentioned -but completely uniformed- people who think it really is about “saving the water”. But more and more, it is obvious that many (most?) are hard-core “you took our land” extremists.

        They keep referencing “unceeded” land and the Laramie Treaty. Apparently none of them have read the Laramie Treaty because there is a clause in there stating the tribe will not interfere with “utility projects”. Oops

  10. RE: 140+ Arrested, 300+ Officers Reportedly Involved in Crack Down on Dakota Pipeline Protest Camp
    Protesters set up multiple roadblock; police from at least six states are in the county.

    Making roadblocks so commerce cannot continue is an excellent idea.
    This way, the crushing capitalist machine that have oppressed the masses for so long will finally slow down to a trickle, the little people will not be able to get food, gasoline, and other necessary items for everyday life. Now the little people will go hungry, not be able to go to school, work, the hospital, etc because the enlightened students take the necessary action to make the unwashed masses see the folly of their free market ways. Soon, all the everyday hoi poiloi will resign from their oppressive task masters, stop eating, bathing, buying needless items, cease to use fossil fuels, etc and welcome in the Glorious Peoples Revolution our socialist slavers (and their cronies) have been wanting to launch for decades. Then there will only be cooperation, love, peace, prosperity and happiness throughout the land. (Wipes tears from face.)
    Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?

  11. Police evict and arrest trespassers.

    Does the DOJ know that police are actually enforcing the law somewhere in America?

    1. Yep, they do. The Standing Rock tribal chief sent them a letter a while back demanding they come and see all the unlawful acts committed by the protesters terrible behavior of the LEOs

      1. The chief owns the only place to get fuel and supplies for miles around the camp. That fuckers laughing all the way to the bank…a nice retirement looms.

  12. I am glad that reason finally decided to cover this story so the commentariat could tell me what is going on. Now I know these guys are probably assholes.

  13. The Sitting Down Sioux (do they work?) imagine the tribe owned the Dakotas, Montana and Wyoming, before the “invasion” by nefarious euro-Americans. So do all their left-wing soul mates and unthinking people everywhere.

    Hunter gatherer culture doesn’t convey ownership to the lands their wander over. If they build huts and farm, as the Mandans did in North Dakota, or the Creeks in the Southeast, that’s different. They own their huts and tilled ground, but not the Great Plains. Good luck trying to explain this to these people, including their pals the eco-freaks, who are dedicated opponents of human flourishing.

    Of course, they’re right about potential desecration of ancestral holy stuff. Commercial industrial activity will have to stop in Germany, England, Scotland and Ireland; my ancestors are buried there.

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