Brickbat: They Got Some Crazy Little People There


KC police
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Steve Woolfolk, director of public programing at the Kansas City Public Library, is facing a charge of interfering with an arrest after attempting to keep an off-duty police officer from removing a patron from the library. The library was hosting a Truman and Israel Lecture by former diplomat Dennis Ross. At the request of the Jewish Community Foundation, private security guards, employed by the foundation, were present at the event. But library officials say their agreement with the foundation was that no one could be removed from the event without the OK from the library. Jeremy Roth-Kushel asked a question of Ross. After Ross answered, Roth-Kushel began to speak again, when one of the security guards, who were off-duty cops, tried to remove him. Woolfolk tried to step in and was himself arrested.

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  1. Another for the long list…

    Never ever _____________________________ a cop for ________________

    I’ll start:
    Never ever hire hire a cop for private security.

    1. Morning, how about never trust a cop.

      1. Why do terms like *cop a feel* exist if not for cops being guilty molesting cunts.

        1. Cops also have a very high rate of domestic violence, is that a ‘feel’?

    2. Let’s not forget the people who hold their leash

    3. I’ll bite on the mad libs:


  2. You are so busted!

    1. heh, heh heh…you said bust, heh heh,heh

  3. If you make a cop feel unsafe, he has the right to retreat to his safe space, which is defined by the Supreme Court as the space on the other side of the handcuffs he puts on you.

    1. I figured it was the space he puts in your chest when the bullets pass through.

  4. The man asked a question about the U.S. and state sponsored terrorism.
    Given there were cops in the room, not the best idea.
    “Psst, dude.” *Points discretely over shoulder*

    1. He made the mistake of asking a question with out knowing the consequences.

      1. The Socratic method is to ask a question and then drink hemlock?

        1. ‘I drank what1’ still cracks me up. And ,once again,your most likely having an adult beverage while I have coffee. [ shakes fist at the screen ].

          1. adult beverages all around!!!

          2. Jack Butler:
            You wanna beer?

            Ron Richardson:
            It’s 7 o’clock in the morning.

            Jack Butler:

  5. aren’t police officers not allowed to do police stuff when they’re off duty?

    1. You guys didn’t mention the kneecapping

      After Woolfolk tried to intervene, officers arrested both men. Woolfolk said he suffered a torn medial collateral ligament in his knee when a police officer kneed him in the leg. Kemper said the library is paying workers’ compensation for the injury.

    2. Capt. Stacey Graves, a Kansas City police spokeswoman, said the off-duty officers acted appropriately and with the full authority of the department, though they were on that night employed by the Jewish Community Foundation.

      FYTW. They’re cops even when they’re not.

      1. I’m surprised anyone bothered to ask a police official rather than going to the real power source: the union representative.

    3. When you’re a cop, you’re a cop 24-7. Even when the cop is being paid by a private party, the cop is free to disregard the terms of his contract. Laws don’t apply to a cop, why should contractual obligations?

      Yet another example of why you don’t call a cop unless you expect their misguided interpretation of the law to be enforced.

      1. If you want someone killed, call a cop.

    4. No. Or perhaps your forgot being a current (off duty or on) or FORMER police officer is a 50 state license to conceal carry.

  6. This type of thing is a disturbing indicator of the direction we’re headed as a country.

    What’s the JCF’s position on this? Do they approve? It was their security.

    1. At the risk of being Eddie-like, I’ll respond to myself:

      The Jewish Community Foundation and the Truman Library Institute co-sponsored a program featuring Ambassador Dennis Ross on May 9, 2016 for which the Kansas City Public Library served as the venue. In the spirit of encouraging dialogue, the event included a live question-and-answer opportunity. During this period, a series of actions by a questioner and a library employee began that resulted in their arrests by local law enforcement. We take this situation very seriously.

      Although we were not consulted on the charges and are not a party to the court proceedings, for many weeks The Jewish Community Foundation has been engaged in the matter to encourage a resolution that would be acceptable to all parties. We continue to cooperate in this matter.

      Know that we respect and will always support First Amendment rights. While it is inappropriate for the Jewish Community Foundation to comment further because of pending legal proceedings, we will share additional information as opportunities arise.

      1. Awful lot of lawyer words to say “The police are wrong.”

      2. Responding to yourself is acceptable, as long as you don’t continue to thread. That way it’s an extention of the original post and doesn’t look like an ongoing conversation.

        There are rules to this.

      3. Just once I’d like to see an organization say they don’t take the situation seriously.

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