Brickbat: They Got Some Crazy Little People There


KC police
conner395 via / CC BY

Steve Woolfolk, director of public programing at the Kansas City Public Library, is facing a charge of interfering with an arrest after attempting to keep an off-duty police officer from removing a patron from the library. The library was hosting a Truman and Israel Lecture by former diplomat Dennis Ross. At the request of the Jewish Community Foundation, private security guards, employed by the foundation, were present at the event. But library officials say their agreement with the foundation was that no one could be removed from the event without the OK from the library. Jeremy Roth-Kushel asked a question of Ross. After Ross answered, Roth-Kushel began to speak again, when one of the security guards, who were off-duty cops, tried to remove him. Woolfolk tried to step in and was himself arrested.