The Fifth Column

When Kmele Met Denzel, Terrorism Met Shrugs, and Skittles Met Kristallnacht: The New Fifth Column

Guest Josh Zepps talks the trio through the tensions between constitutionalism and police power, speculation and irresponsibility, normal human beings and two-party politics.


It's hard out here for a non-black black man! ||| YouTube

Josh Zepps, host of the (Reason-friendly) podcast WTP_Live, and former (Reason-friendly) host over at HuffPost Live, joins The Fifth Column this week to chew over the smorgasbord of available news, including:

* Tulsa cops shooting and killing the unarmed Terence Crutcher.

* Authorities shooting and not killing Ahmad Rahami, the suspected pressure-cooker bomber of Jersey/Chelsea.

* The media hyperventilating over both of the above.

* Skittles.

* Gary Johnson.

* Hitler.

* Carl Bernstein's fantasy life.

* An unsuspecting Kmele Foster being bum-rushed in a red-carpet situation by Denzel Washington. Wait, what?

The latter is actually true—I've seen video evidence—and it kicks off the podcast, which you can listen to in full:

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