A.M. Links: Clinton and Trump Tied in New Poll, Gary Johnson Picks Up Another Newspaper Endorsement, Self-Driving Ubers Available in Pittsburgh


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    New poll: Hillary Clinton 42 percent, Donald Trump 42 percent, Gary Johnson 8 percent, Jill Stein 4 percent.

  • The Union Leader, a prominent New Hampshire newspaper, has endorsed Gary Johnson for president. It's the first time that the paper has not endorsed the Republican candidate in over 100 years.
  • A United Airlines flight was diverted yesterday en route to San Diego due to a "potential security concern."
  • "In an extraordinary hearing in the Philippine Senate, a witness claimed Thursday that President Rodrigo Duterte paid him to carry out executions that involved feeding a body to a crocodile, chopping up corpses and dumping slashed bodies into the sea."
  • Self-driving Uber cars are now operating in Pittsburgh.
  • The city of Orlando is releasing additional 911 calls from the Pulse nightclub attack.

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    1. Hello.


  1. Hillary Clinton 42 percent, Donald Trump 42 percent, Gary Johnson 8 percent, Jill Stein 4 percent.

    So very not close.

    1. Double-dipping, Fist?

    2. Win one state -> Election thrown into the House -> Johnson is bipartisan compromise

      1. There is a semi-non unreasonable 266-266-6 split if Johnson can take Utah.

    3. Jesse Ventura was at 13% in the polls that this stage of his campaign.
      He would, however, receive the benefit of being included in the debates.

    4. It's been over for a long time. Enjoy HRC or Trump.

  2. 231) The reaction to the NC bathroom law from around the rest of the country?the boycotting and moving sporting events and so forth?seems wildly disproportionate to me. I mean, the bathroom bill, at least the part about bathrooms (most of the bill actually is about prohibiting cities from setting their own minimum wages and labor laws), only applies to government buildings (including schools), and in any case is nearly unenforceable. Moreover, nobody is being prohibited from using a restroom.

    Should other states conduct boycotts against New York state or Chicago because they restrict their citizens' rights to bear arms? That appears to me to be a much graver infringement, a more basic right, and applying to a vastly larger group of people.

    1. These silly boycotts are generally proggie things, and proggies support infringement of the second amendment.

    2. Tell you what, if I ever see an obvious case of 'it shouldn't be in there' (like the dude I saw who was clearly a dude with poorly applied make up and amateur coiffed hair in high heels) where my daughter is concerned, I ain't letting her in.

      It was at a Giant G. Yeh, magine him going in to a bathroom and allowing my 11 year-old in there? Yeah-k.

      I'm not saying they're all pervs but it just doesn't seem responsible on my part.

      Unless I'm misreading this whole movement.

      1. I'm not saying they're all pervs but it just doesn't seem responsible on my part.

        Unless I'm misreading this whole movement.

        I think you're exactly right and that's standard I would use as well. They are not all pervs, but they are mentally ill and the gender dysphoria that they literally wear like a costume might only be the tip of the ice berg, I do not intend for my daughter to find out the hard way what the other mental problems are that lurk beneath the surface.

        1. So do you keep him or your daughter out of the bathroom?

          1. Well, assuming that I knew he was in there, I'd have my daughter wait until he wasn't in there. Pretty simple.

      2. I can certainly understand your feelings here when it comes to your daughter.

        But the unseen dangers are probably greater. You'd never know if there was already some creepy dude lurking in a bathroom waiting to do something nasty. Or if a regular woman or more talented transvestite in there would do something.

        1. And, I should add, both the seen and unseen dangers are very small.

        2. What's stopping me from slapping on a wig and a dress and lurking in a woman's room now?

          1. go on...

          2. Your bedrock sense of decency? Uh oh...

          3. What's stopping me...

            You say that like you're not doing it already.

          4. You really don't need the wig. Get caught in the girl's room -> claim you identify, but aren't dressed as a woman that day -> go about your business.

            Who are THEY to question your stated gender identity regardless appearances? That would be WAY offensive, insensitive & probably a few other ives /sarc, of course

          5. Just a bunch of deplorable in North Carolina.

      3. Typical SJW manhating.

        All men are rapists, keep them away from the wimmins and girls because ALL men are rapists.

        Yet no one has any problem sticking all those perverted men with our young boys. Because protecting young boys isn't a concern. Only protecting the wimmins is important!!

        1. I mean, if my wife saw a man with cheap wig and bad makeup going into the men's, I'd probably advise my wife not to send him in there at the same time.

          1. *send my son. This is why I shouldn't work and comment.

        2. Yet no one has any problem sticking all those perverted men with our young boys. Because protecting young boys isn't a concern. Only protecting the wimmins is important!!

          Not that I support your thesis, but there is actually a biological imperative behind this "double standard".

          Our precious little girls can become pregnant. Our boys cannot. This is the root of this protective instinct. The need to be confident in the paternity of your children is a primal instinct for men. For the entirety of our evolutionary history this has only been possible through controlling access to the females. So it is entirely predictable that the desire to protect women from rape would be a deeply rooted instinct.

          1. Our precious little girls can become pregnant.

            Not really the little ones. They are generally pretty medium sized when they get to the point where they can become pregnant.

            1. This assumes that instinctual behavior has fine controls and operates under a rational and analytic process. It doesn't.

              Foods that can poison you are perceived as revolting and your body will try to prevent you from eating them. Telling you that it is perfectly safe and has only been prepared to simulate putrefaction won't change that instinct.

              I'd also say that protection of children has a completely separate instinctual basis of operation (in addition to any gender based protective instinct). That instinct is so strong that it seems to span beyond the human species to the protection of infants of other species that exhibit similar youthful traits, like big eyes, etc.

              1. Sure, I was just being pedantic.

                Yeah, there are evolutionary psychology explanations for fathers of daughters being overprotective. And for parents being protective in general.

                But the good thing about being human is that we can overcome the less useful instincts we have with our intellects. Or that's the idea, anyway.

                1. But the good thing about being human is that we can overcome the less useful instincts we have with our intellects. Or that's the idea, anyway.

                  Have you met people?

            2. Our precious little girls can become pregnant.

              Over at Brown University, "precious little girls" aren't the only gender that can become pregnant.

              Otherwise, why put tampons in the men's room?

              Also, is it still politically correct to refer to a restroom that is typically used by males as a "men's room"? What's the politically correct term for the one typically used by females? Is it still politically correct to distinguished between such people with such antiquated words as male and female?

              1. Otherwise, why put tampons in the men's room?

                F-M trannies menstruate.

                1. Tampons?

                  I thought they were diarrhea plugs.

      4. What about your sixteen year old daughter and a high school shower?

        What about your nineteen year old daughter and a shower at Bally's?

        The bathroom thing is a smokescreen for the real problem - removing pervs from the women's shower.

        1. What about your [somebody else's] nineteen year old daughter and a shower at Bally's?


        2. What about the lesbian pervs? How come no one is worried about that.

          1. *grabs notebook with list of things I worry about re: 12 year old daughter - turns page, another, another, licks finger tip, keeps turning*

            Ah yes, here we are.

            *grabs pen - scribbles "#537: lesbian pervs"*

      5. Do you own the Giant G? So "libertarian" here now means "getting physically violent with people so I can force private property owners to comply with my policy preferences".

        1. physically violent? Huh?

            1. What part of what he said makes you think he's going to beat his daughter to keep her out of the bathroom? "Honey, don't go in there until that man leaves" is not physical violence.

      6. I figger that since having the equipment to make rape possible means all penis-equipped humans are ipso-facto-fucko guilty of rape, then bathrooms should be thought of "rapers" and "non-rapers".

        If you got a penis, use the penis bathroom, regardless of your mental makeup. That's one reason it's got urinals, because they are hard to use without a penis.

        1. because they are hard


    3. NC also has the fastest growing economy in the US.

      What if people boycotted, and the state kept growing anyway?

      1. One of the fastest*

    4. I read yesterday the ACC is moving some conference tournaments out of NC. Can the ACC be sued for breach of contract?

      1. There is talk they may have to pay for both venues.

        1. Excellent.

        2. You can't put a price tag on self-righteousness!

          1. It turns out you can. Its the price of renting out both Charlotte and Orlando stadiums.

    5. in any case is nearly unenforceable

      The entire point of these laws is to prevent the nuisance lawsuits that are so often deployed in these culture war touch points. Nobody's going to go around checking anybody's parts because of it.

    6. Not only is it a ridiculous overreaction, but it also punishes all of the people in NC who oppose the law or don't give a shit.

      1. Honestly, it's an issue tailor-made for civil disobedience. The penalties for a person violating the law are not severe. Some trans-rights organization needs to recruit some cute co-eds to go, and very publicly, make a big deal of going into the men's room at the local courthouse. Dare the police to begin arresting blonde-hair, blue-eyed dainty ladies en masse. Clog up the local court dockets with these cases.

        1. I assume the bailiffs will be having fistfights in their squadrooms over who gets to monitor the men's rooms.

      2. They are the NC government, so it's their own fault.

        1. Now who sounds like a prog?

    7. I'm living in NC right now and this is such a stupid fucking issue made even worse by the blatant misreporting of it. A couple cities in the more progressive parts of the states make it illegal for a business owner to have sex-specific bathrooms. The Bathroom Bill wasn't passed out of the blue, it was in response to specific liberty-infringing choices by localities within the state. If some record store in Asheville wants to open its bathrooms up to someone who thinks they're a giraffe they're welcome to do so. Have at.

      I hate having to speak up and defend this stupid law but I do because of how incredibly terrible the reporting on it has been.

      1. That's because it isn't about gender equality or transgender rights or any other right of any sort.

        It is about having a wedge issue. That is all it is ever about.

        The only reason the cities in question were even petitioned to impose the new regulations on bathrooms was as a play for grievance politics. And the only reason the state moved to respond in the way they did was the same desire to win the day on a wedge issue. (if they had pure motives, they simply would have passed a law saying that state law trumped all in this matter and left it at that, without imposing any restrictions pro or con).

        These people are so mendacious that they don't even know that their motives are dishonest. They make up a bullshit wedge issue and then immediately believe it to be the most important thing of our time.

        It is a form of narcissism. I used to work for a narcissist, and the sociopathy associated with it lead him to believe his lies as soon as he concocted them. It made him a fantastic liar, because he truly believed he was right.

        That is who these people are. They invent a slight out of whole cloth and then hew to that newly created garment as if it were presented to them by the Lord on High.

        1. ^^^Great Fucking Comment^^^

        2. "They invent a slight out of whole cloth "

          Grievance culture!!

    8. Fuck the NCAA. They'll virtue-signal all day long by removing tournaments, but I guarantee they'll still make sure that they rake in the TV money from Duke-North Carolina games this year.

      1. +1 Fighting Sioux

    9. Well, mostly, the proggies are lying about what the NC law actually does.


      (a) allows businesses to set their own bathroom policy and

      (b) gives transies the right to use the other bathroom if they have, essentially, a permit to do so.

      Quelle horreur, non?

  3. Self-driving Uber cars are now operating in Pittsburgh.

    Driving people in droves away from PNC Park.

    1. I was going to make a joke asking if anybody was at PNC Park in the first place, but actually, attendance there is not too bad: http://www.espn.com/mlb/attendance

      1. Everyone I know who has been there said it is a beautiful ballpark. It may provide the best fan experience in baseball. It also isn't Filthycrapia.

        1. Got to go to a game there a coupla years ago. Real pleasant night weather-wise. Great view of Downtown Pittsburgh looming over the stadium. Awesome place.

          OT (sorta): Wife currently up in Pittsburgh on business. Few days ago she was bemoaning the idea of spending 3 days in "Steel City". Told her, just wait. You'll completely change your tune once you see it. She did. Clean, cool city. Gets an unfair rap, far as I'm concerned.

          1. Pittsburgh downtown is nice. It's problem is getting around - the rivers and hills are limiting.

      2. Should be even better. That place is a gem.

        The Burgh does love its Buccos, though. I was impressed by how rabid random fans in random parts of town were. Could be because I went there during their first winning season in a hundred years, but very cool nonetheless.

    2. The Pirates quitting the season in mid-August probably had more to do with it.

      1. Gerrit Cole getting hurt didn't help. I don't think they had enough pitching to make a run at this year anyways.

  4. Left cries double standard at press treatment of Clinton

    "This is the day historians will see as the most important day of 2016, because it's the day the political news media lost its mind," liberal MSNBC anchor Lawrence O'Donnell said Monday night, a day after a wobbly Clinton was filmed receiving help to get into her van.

    He then launched into a 16-minute-long diatribe about how a candidate's health is low on the list of voter concerns.

    O'Donnell's voice was echoed by other liberals.

    "There's a near-fanatical attitude amongst the press over anything having to do with Hillary Clinton that most politicians get a pass on," one Clinton ally told The Hill.

    "Some of this is because their bosses are desperate to create a 50-50 race because that drives more clicks, and some are terrified of right-wing accusations of bias. This is where false equivalency comes from, and it's helping to keep Trump in the race."

    1. I wonder if these idiots actually believe their own bullshit, or if they just think they are fooling the unwashed masses.

      1. At some point, that question needs to be asked, doesn't it? The phrase "willing suspension of disbelief" comes to mind.

    2. "There's a near-fanatical attitude amongst the press over anything having to do with Hillary Clinton that most politicians get a pass on,"

      But I remember the age and health of McCain, Dole, and Reagan was a huge deal. I guess that doesn't count though.

      1. Confirmation bias is a powerful thing. O'Donnell is a brilliant man. Which only means that he is even more susceptible to fooling himself.

        This is what people who fall for scams fail to understand.... it is the power of your own mind to fool itself that makes scams successful. If you want to believe something, your mind will find a set of facts to support your desires.

        This is why "team" politics works. But it is also why people by homeopathic remedies, or anti-oxidant Acai-berry tea, or believe that their line is always the longest. Because we cherry pick the bits that fit our own model of the world and reject the rest.

        That is why really smart politically active folks like O'Donnell can espouse completely indefensible positions with great condescension and disdain. Because their own biases don't allow them to see any contradictory evidence, and cause them to project the same information onto others - so if you don't agree with them it is because you are fundamentally flawed in some way.

        It is amazing to me how strong this effect is. It produces a clarity and certainty that is unassailable.

        Hence we get the Giant Douche and the Turd Sandwich garnering exactly similar support levels to every other national election, despite overwhelming disapproval of both of them.

    3. A need to create a horse race actually makes some sense to me. I'm not seeing the claim that the media is being unduly harsh on Clinton, but if that were the case, this would be a good explanation.

      1. I think it's absurd to say that the media is unfair to Clinton. So basically Fox News and RT are the only cable or broadcast television networks that are saying negative things about Clinton, i.e. "reporting facts about her", while the rest of the networks do nothing but cover her tracks and watch her back. Outside of Fox and RT, only online publications and relatively lesser known blogs are doing any actual reporting on her.

        1. I agree. Clinton gets a tremendous amount of undue positive coverage, while Trump only gets positive coverage from Breitbart and Rush.

          1. I don't listen to Rush every day or even every week, but the last couple times I listened to his show during my drive, his statements about Trump range from disappointed resignation about his candidacy to thinly disguised disdain. Now Sean Hannity, there's a guy that's in the tank for Trump, but in either case Hannity and Rush aren't claiming to be objective journalists.

          2. Ah. I haven't listened to Rush at all since, probably, early August. At that stage he was pretty enthusiastic. I jsut can't listen to Hannity for some reason.

    4. My mind is really fucking blown that anyone could watch this election cycle and think the problem is the media is to biased for Trump. Like, that person and I can't exist in the same dimension.

      1. We have reporters flat-out saying that they have a duty to be in the tank for Hillary because Trump is so bad. And then they wonder why trust in the media is at all-time lows.

        1. ^This

    5. First, we were told we were paranoid because we questioned Clinton's health.
      Then, on 9/11, her campaign said she got "overheated."
      Then we were told she was dehydrated.
      Then we were told she had pneumonia.
      Now we're being told that we're sexist for being interested in her health.

      These people always pretend that they believe the most recent story that the campaign issues. If being dragged, feet scraping the asphalt, is "helping someone get into her van", fine.

      But so help me god, this is the absolute weirdest pneumonia I've ever seen. In the few hours between collapsing and walking out of Chelsea's apartment waving and smiling, there must have been some new, miraculous pneumonia drugs administered.

      1. And hugging children. While having pneumonia.

        Honestly, her telling the truth on that would be more damaging of my opinion of her than this just being her lying again.

        1. the "hu-wuh" noise that audibly emanates from her


    6. Health becomes a big concern when candidates chuck up a lung on national TV and pass out on a widely distributed Youtube video.

      Nobody would care too much about her health if she wasn't stumbling around, wearing special glasses, claiming head injuries have impacted her memories and doing Gollum impersonations.

      1. The really appalling thing about Hillary's health isn't the cough and the stumbling.

        Its her admission, more or less under oath, that her concussion was so severe that it seriously damaged her memory. That's her reason for not remembering any security briefings.

        You don't have to make things up or speculate. You just have to take her at her word, and its still unacceptable.

    7. This is the day historians will see as the most important day of 2016

      "Finally, September 11 will go down in the history books."

    8. They are absolutely right that there is a double standard, still, for covering Hillary.

      Of course, its not one they should be complaining about.

  5. A United Airlines flight was diverted yesterday en route to San Diego due to a "potential security concern."

    Now we know what happened to Epi.

    1. He's in the pen?

        1. Stickler.

          1. Can't take a little needling?

        2. Is that now the official HnR icon for 'narrows gaze'?

  6. Self-driving Uber cars are now operating in Pittsburgh.

    For optimum chaos, I hope they think the roadways in the city are a grid system.

  7. ...a witness claimed Thursday that President Rodrigo Duterte paid him to carry out executions that involved feeding a body to a crocodile, chopping up corpses and dumping slashed bodies into the sea.

    Lacks Clinton subtlety, but I can see this being true.

  8. "a witness claimed Thursday that President Rodrigo Duterte paid him to carry out executions that involved feeding a body to a crocodile"

    You know how in some states criminals to be executed can choose between a couple different methods? I think I would choose this. Painful, sure, but a cool way to go.

    1. Take 'em out to a croc-infested bayou. Tell them if they can swim across, they get to walk.

      I wonder how many would take the offer.

  9. 'We need human interaction': meet the LA man who walks people for a living

    He walks humans for $7 a mile around the streets and park near his home, pioneering an alternative to dog walking that requires no leash, just an ability to walk, talk and, above all, listen.

    The idea initially struck the underemployed actor several months ago as a joke, an imaginary way to make extra cash, until it became real.

    "The more I thought about it, the less crazy it seemed," said McCarthy, draining a bottle of water ? he now takes hydration seriously ? and heading out into the sunshine for another walk, this time with the Guardian trotting in step.

    A homemade scrawl across his T-shirt declared him The People Walker, low-budget, mobile advertising. "I've been doing walks almost every single day for the past week and I'm getting repeat clients, which is what you want."

    1. Humans are fucking pathetic.
      Does he pick up their shit?

    2. But does he clean up after they do their business?

      1. Alright, you win this round, Princess Trigger.

    3. "he now takes hydration seriously"

      Hillary continues to teach us so much.

    4. It's not a bad idea. If you want to walk and vent to someone who won't blab to the people you're venting about.

      1. His next business adventure will be pricing tiers, for $7 he walks with you, for $14 he keeps quiet about what you say.

        Remember, you're not paying for the hitman, you're paying for the hitman to keep quiet.

      2. isn't this what barbers/hairdressers are for?
        plus, you get a haircut while paying for them to listen to you.

        1. I would have said bartender, but same principle.

    5. So he's a male escort?

      1. A friend for rent, at least.

  10. A United Airlines flight was diverted yesterday en route to San Diego due to a "potential security concern."

    To borrow from Mitch Hedberg, we're sorry for the convenience of taking you to the place with basically perfect year-round weather.

    1. Is "potential security concern" like "possible risk" or "alleged suspect"?

  11. "In an extraordinary hearing in the Philippine Senate, a witness claimed Thursday that President Rodrigo Duterte paid him to carry out executions that involved feeding a body to a crocodile, chopping up corpses and dumping slashed bodies into the sea."

    They are more efficient there- no Vince Foster corpses. Trump will be better at this than Clinton.

  12. Nobody wants Hillary Clinton's new book

    Hillary Clinton's newest book is a certifiable flop by the publishing industry's standards, The New York Times reports. Stronger Together sold only 2,912 copies in its first week of sales according to Nielsen BookScan, which charts about 80 percent of nationwide physical book sales. By comparison, Clinton's 2014 memoir Hard Choices, which also didn't meet expectations, sold over 85,000 copies in its first week, and Clinton's 2003 memoir, Living History, sold six times as many copies as Hard Choices.

    Stronger Together is co-authored by Clinton's running mate, Tim Kaine, and "presents [their] agenda in full, relating stories from the American people and outlining the Clinton/Kaine campaign's plans on everything from apprenticeships to the Zika virus," the Amazon description says. One Amazon reviewer remarked that Stronger Together was "far more interesting than I'd thought this book would be," giving it five stars. Most negative reviews were about the candidate, and not the book itself.

    1. My coffee table would pull off it's own leg and beat me to death if I put that on it.

    2. That is a bad sign for the campaign, since donors and PACs usually drive up the sales for them by buying in bulk, Seems to indicate they don't want spend the money on a potential loser, or someone who will die early in office before they can collect on favors.

      1. Or it could be that she's winning this election, and they're trying to save money because of the lower ROI.

        538 still puts her chances at 66% or something.

        1. Or it could be that she's winning this election, and they're trying to save money because of the lower ROI.

          Trump's gaining ground on her in the polls (they might as well be even at this point), and given her health problems, it's bad optics for a candidate's book sales to be tanking so soon after release because it looks like her support is lukewarm at best. That's something the spergs at 538 tend to not take into account because they can't quantify it.

    3. How many memoirs does she need? Her life hasn't been *that* interesting.

      1. I can sum up her life story in 13 words:

        Ridin' coattails. Bill stuck his dick in it. Oh no, fucked up again.

        1. Rearrange that a bit and you have a haiku as well.

          1. Riding coattails
            Bill's dick in everything
            Damn, fucked up again

            1. That's only 4-6-5. Try this:

              Riding those coattails
              Bill just keeps dicking bimbos
              Damn, fucked up again

              1. Bill's Dick in ev-er-y-thing


              2. coat-ta-ils. I know the actual official pronounciation is 2 syllables, but stop oppressing my art!

          2. Riding on coattails,
            Bill stuck his dick into it,
            Oops, fucked up again??

            1. Sensitive to heat
              Besides, i don't like water
              It's NOT Parkinson's

  13. Dnc leaks reason??? Pay to play? Dicking bimbos? Hill dawg not liking Obama still?

    Hillary Clinton projecting onto Donald trump via Twitter lacking self awareness?

    1. Whoever approved those 20 tweets is an idiot of the highest order.

      1. Agreed wow was that bad. All those questions can be turned on her for which she is clearly worse

        1. 'shout the loudest about the things you yourself are guilty of' seems to be a common strategy.
          It confuses the easily perplexed

          1. What amazes me is she is clearly flailing and decides to bring those issues up again? What was the goal of it?

            She is rightfully getting ripped in the tweet replies.

      2. Her social media presence is largely managed by SJW Milennial staffers, a specific demographic known for a distinct lack of self-awareness and projection-as-lifestyle. It could be that there's a few moles in her media team that hate her guts and are sabotaging her social media division, but I doubt it. these people are nothing if not true believers and honestly think that Hillary has no flaws as a candidate.

  14. That's a marshmallow. That's a dog. That's a child. Do I want to fuck it?

    NSFW or home or public libraries.

    Also, if showing off surgical scars is considered brave I have a hernia scar that will rock your world.

    1. Do I want to fuck it?

      Don't even front, Crusty. We all know you would.

    2. "Stop objectifying me!

      Hey, look at my body!"

      The whole,thing reminds me of this

      1. After seeing those pics, the barrel in the mouth scene would fit, too.

    3. Crusty needs to be banned for this.

      1. I approve of this message

      2. Don't blame me for your poor choices.

    4. *scribbles "Crusty Juggler links - don't click" on a Post-It note - sticks it to monitor*

  15. A fairly well-written piece in Salon of all places on the number of BKs in the oil industry this year.

    Unfortunately, the comments are predictable.

    1. The stupid, it burns

      It's nice to see the fossil fuels industry writhing in pain for a change. After price gouging the public for decades they should not be surprised to find an unsympathetic citizenry. I thought the whole idea of drilling more, was to bring the price at the pump down. That's the mantra they've been shoving down everyone's throat as long as I can remember. Now that we have achieved that, they are whining about it? Most people can now spend the money they're saving, because of lower gas prices, on other consumables and that helps the entirety of the economy. This must really piss off the oil industry, not being able to dominate the whole system.

      1. Bah. I was just engaged in a climate change debate with my cousin.

        It was horribly depressing. One minute he's telling me he doesn't need to read my sources because he can see, the other he's telling me I'm a shill, the other hysterically bashing fossil fuels while claiming nuclear is the worst. He firmly believe wind and solar can do the trick.

        I closed by telling him he's a Luddite. Nothing more, nothing less.

        1. I know he's a relative, but why didn't you just punch him in the face?

          1. Or fuck his wife. That'll teach him. Oh, wait...

        2. We all know you're on the take Rufus.

        3. You're first mistake was talking to a relative.

        4. I have a good friend from college who married an idiot/loser/deadbeat for a husband who assured me that the oil companies have stopped us from having electric cars. Never mind that we have electric cars today and they have huge downsides and also for some reason he doesn't drive one.

          1. What about the one where in the 1970's there were cars getting 70 mpg or some crazy shit like that, but they were suppressed by big oil and car?

            1. Ah yes, the super efficient carburetor design, because carburetors are sooooo much better than fuel injection.

            2. I'm reminded of an episode of "The Lone Gunmen" where the evil oil company plot was to disseminate plans for the water powered car widely because a water-powered car was still made with plastics and lubricated with oil.

            3. Honda's use to be more fuel efficient, too, when they weight about 1,000 lbs less in the 1980's. Of course you probably didn't like what happened when you got into a serious collision...

              1. 'cactly - so many cars today are overweight pigs, even heavier than my departed body-on-frame Caprice and Roadmaster.

                1. 'cactly - so many cars today are overweight pigs, even heavier than my departed body-on-frame Caprice and Roadmaster.

                  They're pretty fat, but on a pound-for-pound basis vehicles today combine power and fuel efficiency in ways that seemed a pipe dream 30 years ago. A Toyota Camry V-6 has more horsepower than Magnum PIs Ferrari, with an extra 20 MPG or so to boot. Today's V-8s move half-ton trucks that are far larger for equivalent or better gas mileage. You can get a Hellcat engine with 700 HP and it will still get 20 MPG on the highway. That's unreal levels of engine efficiency. And they're far safer today than they ever were 30-40 years ago on top of it.

                  1. And the damn things last forever.

                    It used to be that 60K miles was about what you could expect before the repair and maintenance bills really started piling up. Nowadays, its more like 100K or more.

          2. We have electric cars, dummy.

            That's like progressives I encounter who still complain we need universal healthcare. Umm, we now have Federally-run universal healthcare.

        5. It was so surreal.

          And what was utterly disheartening was the assertion he was not interested in reading up on it.

          He was also screaming about the 'hockey stick'. Each time I tried to point him to the other perspective, it was all the usual left-wing (which he's not by the way which made it weird) talking point rebuttals; denier and the like.

          1. Send him The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels.

            And ask him to stop using plastic toothbrushes, synthetic clothes, heating his house, driving his car, using airplanes and stuff.

            1. Heh. I read that and did send it!

              1. Although saving fossil fuels for chemical precursors and eschewing burning them for their energy content would probably be the smarter course in the long run. If we could just come up with a similarly cheap form of ubiquitous energy.

          2. The hockey stick has been thoroughly discredited. In a rational world, Mann would have been excommunicated from scientific pursuits and shamed into exile.

            This article covers his fraud pretty well.

            What they found was that 99% of the time you could process random data using Mann's techniques and it would generate a Hockey Stick shape. This meant that Mann's claim that the Hockey Stick graph represented an accurate reconstruction of the past climate was in tatters.

            Here are some examples. Below are eight graphs. Seven were made by processing random numbers using Mann's techniques. The eighth is the actual Hockey Stick chart from Mann's paper. See if you can spot which is which.

            McIntyre and McKitrick submitted a letter to Nature about the serious flaws they had uncovered in the methodology used in the Hockey Stick paper. After a long (8-month) reviewing process Nature notified them that they would not publish it. They concluded it could not be explained in the 500-word limit they were prepared to give McIntyre and McKitrick, and one of the referees said he found the material was quite technical and unlikely to be of interest to the general readers!

            It also substantiates the scientific consensus groupthink that has occurred within the field of climatology. They're not scientists anymore, just priests.

            1. Yeah, that's been common knowledge for ages. Anyone still prattling about the hockey stick is an idiot. And that was before the warming "pause" that we are still, as far as I know, in.

      2. US is the home of capitalism and Saudi is the home of oil. It is trickle down economics when Saudi controls the market and the US takes the rap. Ayn Rand will be happy!

        Yeah, that oil market sure is an unregulated train wreck of capitalism. No government involvement at all on either side of the globe.

        Jesus Christ.

      3. "After price gouging the public for decades"

        ??? This is one of the most competitive industries in the world, and declines in the price of oil are reflected at the pump within days or weeks.

        1. and rises in the price of oil are reflected at the pump within minutes

          1. That's accurate if you ignore the fines for making your pump price reflect them within minutes.

          2. They aren't in business to lose money. The owner of an individual gas station generally makes fairly small margins. I don't know where you live, but where I live, every gas station that's not a Wawa, Royal Farms, or Sheetz (i.e., a grocery store and restaurant with a gas station attached) is a fucking dump.

            1. I forgot about Costco, which isn't a dump. But it has no amenities whatsoever (can't even wash your windshield), doesn't take cash, and requires a membership fee.

        2. Yeah, but what about when Standard Oil had a monopoly and price gouged the citizenry from 26 cents to 8 cents a gallon of kerosene?

    2. Burger Kings?

      1. You're Jewish, which means you're related to,several lawyers. I'm sure you know BK means bankruptcy.

        1. Shockingly, not a single fucking lawyer in the family tree, otherwise I could have gotten a better divorce settlement.

          1. They're all doctors?

            I wish my family wasn't all lawyers, then maybe I wouldn't have become one. Bah.

            1. Don't be racist. I'm sure there are a few accountants. Maybe even a jeweler on the Europeans side of the family tree.

            2. I was the first male in several generations of my family to eschew a law(yer) career.

              I wear the resulting red-headed-stepchild status proudly.

        2. Fun story: I got into a cab once driven by an Eastern European immigrant driver. He asked me where I was from. I told him I moved here from India, and he asked me: "Do you own a gas station? Or are you a doctor or software engineer?"

          He left out "taxi driver" for obvious reasons.

          1. Jeez. I bet he felt stupid when he dropped you off at the Motel 6 you owned.

            1. Only if his name is Patel.

            2. LOL. Just an FYI, motels are usually owned by Patels and other Gujaratis. They also own a lot of Subway franchises.

              Restaurant ownership is variable, but I've noticed that Punjabis own a lot of them.

              1. Beat you to the Patel comment.

                I am so proud.

                That is my entire knowledge of the subcontinent.

                1. I'm impressed, robc. Most people don't know stuff like that.


                  1. I used it once. Was on a trip with friends, we stopped at a hotel for the night in Dalton, GA. Friend went in to get our rooms, I saw desk guy was Indian, told his wife: "Bet his name is Patel."

                    She freaked out when her husband brought out the business card.

          2. "No, actually i am a taxi driver. Today's my day off, but i like to keep my hand in the game."

    3. This is strictly about the price per barrel. When enough consolidation has taken place, leaving a small handful of survivors controlling the industry, they will be in a strong enough position to push the price higher again through manipulation so yes, we'll see $4-5 a gallon gas again and those consolidated survivors will reap massive profits.

      The jobs that were lost were good paying jobs with benefits. As much as I want to see us move away from fossil fuels it seems odd to cheer the demise of what few good paying blue collar jobs we have left in this country.

      But rest assured - the current downward cycle on prices won't last forever. I see plenty of people who have gone out and bought a new behemoth gas guzzler since gas is so cheap again and those people will be singing the blues when prices go up - which you can be sure they will. It's just a matter of time.

      So the normal liquidation of debt and consolidation of sources in an overcrowded market bubble is manipulation.

      The economic ignorance is astounding.

        1. I thought it was a small toilet.

          1. No, it's a song sung on a small toilet.

      1. As has been aptly put before, every single rational economic decision that a business can make can be cast as some form of manipulation. The only thing that's pure and noble is the government.

        Don't look too closely at the fact that modern publicly traded companies behave they way they do because of the IRS and SEC.

  16. Sexploits of Diego the Tortoise save Galapagos species

    He's over 100 years old, but his sex life is the stuff of legend. Diego the Tortoise is quite the ladies' man, and his exploits have helped save his species from extinction.

    Diego, a Galapagos giant tortoise, has fathered an estimated 800 offspring, almost single-handedly rebuilding the species' population on their native island, Espanola, the southernmost in the Galapagos Archipelago.

    "He's a very sexually active male reproducer. He's contributed enormously to repopulating the island," said Washington Tapia, a tortoise preservation specialist at Galapagos National Park.

    Diego is a Chelonoidis hoodensis, a species found in the wild only on Espanola.

    1. "I would have been even more active, but sometimes it gets annoying to have a bunch of pervert scientists watching me all the time."

    2. Wait, but won't this drive that island's tortoise population's coefficient of inbreeding up by quite a bit in a generation or so??

      1. Because there's been no inbreeding before on a small island in the Galapagos?

  17. Substitute Irish for Black and Italian for Latinx.

    If you are reading this, I hope you understand that being confused is not your fault, that having questions is okay, and that you're not the first to learn to accept your full Black self and your full Latinx self.

    Let me get something clear: you are not an impostor!

    You do not need to explain to anyone why you're Black, why you're Latinx, or which identity you feel closer to. We, Afro-Latinxs are out here and, at some point in our lives, we have felt, and we will feel a little lost. But that's just the process of living at the intersections of two beautiful cultures, herstories (lol wut) and blueprints of resistance.

    If there's anything I have learned is that we, as an Afro-Latinx community, need to first let go of the mindset that we are only x% Black or x% Latinx. When we begin to think of percentages, we begin to see one identity as less important, which is something that as people of color, we cannot let happen as it erases our experience as mix-race people.

    1. Good grief, I saw "Latinx" in the comments here the other day and I thought they were joking. How are sjws able to generate their bullshit jargon so quickly? We need to look into harnessing that ability for alternative energy or something.

      1. Actually, that one's fairly old, they co-opted an existing term (again)

      2. Yeah, I thought they just screwed up the function call and meant to type latin(x)

      3. You'd think they'd at least choose a vowel, so it would be pronouncable. "Latini" for instance. Sounds like a tequila-based girly drink, sure, but still better than "Latinx"

        1. I assume its pronounced Latinks. Which is stupid, true. Way too close to "Latwinks". Can't imagine how the lace-panty SJW crowd missed that one.

        2. I've been seeing "latin@" lately to eliminate the latina/latino gendered language thing...

      4. I am half-Mexican and don't know a single relative who embraces this shit. I've seen a few people on college campuses who do, but even there the vast majority are happy with Latino/Latina. The "x" thing is only big for those who are LGBT, or are hardcore third wave feminists. Their visibility and online presence makes them seem more representative than they actually are

    2. I am going to start telling people I was a herstory major. Really make myself unemployable.

    3. Latino/a/x isn't a racial category.

      And how the hell does any shared characteristic make a "community"?

      1. Its an ethnicity, because if you tell a certain type of hispanic they aren't white, you're inviting a fistfight.

        1. Which is obvious if you watch Spanish-language TV at all, since it's full of blue-eyed blondes.

        2. And if you tell another certain type of hispanic they are white, you're also inviting a fistfight.

          1. Right. That's why we just let them be Latinx/Chicanx/Puerto Ricx/Cubxn/Mexicxn, or however else they choose to ethnically identify.

      2. Ethnic insularity and beating the snot, socially or actually, out of race traitors. Keeps the flock in line.

  18. It's the first time that the paper has not endorsed the Republican candidate in over 100 years.

    That says more about whether Trump is actually a Republican or Johnson is actually a Libertarian?

    1. Trump's working as hard as he can. What don't they like about mandatory maternity leave and taxpayer supported child care?

      1. If Hillary drops out of the race, Trump can switch his affiliation back to Dem and take her place.
        He knows that he would beat any Repub they find to take his spot on the R side of the ballot.

  19. After a Youth Pastor Raped a Girl, Their Church Asked the Victim to Apologize to the Pastor's Wife
    The girl's mother said in court that church officials told her their family couldn't return to the church until she apologized to Mitchell's wife.

    Because her "relationship" with the pastor was all her fault.

    1. And you missed this one?


      Former Ohio mayor and Christian conservative admits to raping little girl.

      A Former Ohio mayor who dedicated his life to Christ admits he raped a four-year-old girl but claims his victim initiated sexual contact and was a willing participant.

      1. I guess he knew he needed some forgiving.

      2. he raped a four-year-old girl but claims his victim initiated sexual contact and was a willing participant.

        Just put him down, like a rabid animal.

      3. Religion is like Marxism: Great on paper (read: , shit due to its implementation.

        Do as I say, and please god do NOT do as I do.

        1. Libertarianism is like Marxism, great on paper, but shit to its implementation: Compulsory Nazi cakes and gun control, for example.

          Wait, you're saying that those two candidates don't represent *all* libertarians?

          Get out of here with that shit - any given libertarian represents all the others!

          1. Exactly, just like any given (crazy) Trump supporter represents all Trump supporters, and even Trump himself.

        2. Because most religions, especially Christianity, claim humans are perfectible and sinless.

          / Sarcasm

    2. "Mitchell's lawyer said he was unaware of that happening, and no one has confirmed or denied that aspect of the story, but it wouldn't be the first time Christian church leaders have blamed the victim."

      And the post starts with an Update that the church denies the charge.

      Not saying I believe them, just that the degree of evidence isn't as great as the headline would indicate.

      1. Also,

        "it wouldn't be the first time ___ have blamed the victim

        Pick any group at random and fill in the blank. The statement will almost certainly be true.

  20. N.C. woman finds snake in dishwasher

    Can you imagine doing the dishes and discovering a snake in the dishwasher?

    Well, that's the shocking surprise a Salisbury woman discovered at her home when a snake slithered up the cabinet and into the dish rack. The woman declined to speak about the incident, but provided pictures of the snake peeking out near her dishwasher.

    1. Salisbury snake for dinner

    2. This is no joke. I check the garage daily to make sure we don't have any slithering visitors and have the keep the leaves from accumulating at the fence line to keep their habitat options limited. Honestly, if we weren't renting I'd tear down the raised porch and replace it with an enclosed concrete patio.

    3. Sheese, it's just a gray rat snake. Stop freaking out people.

  21. The Guardian: Eugenics: the skeleton that rattles loudest in the left's closet
    ...Such thinking was not alien to the great Liberal titan and mastermind of the welfare state, William Beveridge, who argued that those with "general defects" should be denied not only the vote, but "civil freedom and fatherhood". Indeed, a desire to limit the numbers of the inferior was written into modern notions of birth control from the start. That great pioneer of contraception, Marie Stopes ? honoured with a postage stamp in 2008 ? was a hardline eugenicist, determined that the "hordes of defectives" be reduced in number, thereby placing less of a burden on "the fit". Stopes later disinherited her son because he had married a short-sighted woman, thereby risking a less-than-perfect grandchild.

    Yet what looks kooky or sinister in 2012 struck the prewar British left as solid and sensible. Harold Laski, stellar LSE professor, co-founder of the Left Book Club and one-time chairman of the Labour party, cautioned that: "The time is surely coming ? when society will look upon the production of a weakling as a crime against itself." Meanwhile, JBS Haldane, admired scientist and socialist, warned that: "Civilisation stands in real danger from over-production of 'undermen'." That's Untermenschen in German....

    1. Endorsed by guys like tom friedman

    2. Push a progressive to the logical ends of their positions. You will be frightened at what they will concede and admit.

      The ghost of eugenics still lives.

    3. And look, nearly a century later they look upon the production of pissy-eyed pussies with weak grip strength as a benefit to humanity.

    4. "Stopes later disinherited her son because he had married a short-sighted woman, thereby risking a less-than-perfect grandchild."

      Short-sighted indeed!

    5. He reveals some facts which are embarrassing to the Left, but somehow manages to use these facts to back up modern lefty ideas:

      "But we need a reckoning with this shaming past. Such a reckoning would focus less on today's advances in selective embryology, and the ability to screen out genetic diseases, than on the kind of loose talk about the "underclass" [etc]"

      OMG look over there! No, not at the destruction of human embryos for eugenic reasons, but at "loose talk about the underclass!"

  22. A United Airlines flight was diverted yesterday en route to San Diego due to a "potential security concern."

    Someone was put on the No-Fly List mid-flight.

    1. Flight attendant: "Attention, please. Will the passenger in seat 47b please direct your attention to the overhead. A parachute is deploying. Please strap it on and walk to the nearest exit. The pilot will slow down to aid in your departure. We know you have a choice in airlines.... thank you for choosing us and if, in the future, you are able to sort out your placement on the no fly list, we look forward to seeing you again."

  23. It's Getting Harder and More Expensive to Make Cars in Mexico
    Manufacturers and parts suppliers are poaching workers, paying bonuses and offering perks, chipping away at the country's low-cost advantage

    Toyota Motor Corp. , BMW AG , Ford Motor Co. and several other auto makers have committed to spend a combined $15.8 billion to build new assembly plants or expand existing factories. That is on top of the more than a dozen plants already in operation and billions more being spent by auto-parts suppliers to keep pace.

    The competition for employees?both finding and retaining them?is nudging up labor costs. Retention and retraining programs are becoming the norm as are bonuses for employees who agree to stay in place, especially those with valued skills. Some factories are luring recruits with perks such as a new cowboy boots. Vacancies are becoming the norm.

    "We have a huge supply gap in Mexico that needs to be resolved," says Stephan Keese, a Chicago-based partner at consulting firm Roland Berger, which works with manufacturers in Mexico. "We've only seen the tip of the iceberg of this shortage. Labor rates going up will be unavoidable."

    1. Re: Lord Humungus,

      The competition for employees?both finding and retaining them?is nudging up labor costs.

      Better to hire slightly more expensive Mexican workers (compared to other times) that keep dealing with UAW assholes. I'll take that for a dollar!

      1. Exactly. Let me know when adding another Mexican worker costs more than $25000 up front +$60/hr to the company. Then you'll see jobs flow back across the border. Unless protectionism has driven the cost of hiring American workers up.

    2. Of course, the potential end of globalization will be little price advantage based on labor rates, except by worker quality.

  24. Hillary Clinton, 'weak'? Not from where I'm standing

    it's not hard to imagine why Clinton wasn't keen on sharing her diagnoses. Any time Clinton coughs or is in the vicinity of a pillow, conspiracy theorists on the right insist she's dying of some horrific and well-hidden disease. (Let's call it AgingWhileFemale-itis.) Her departure from a 9/11 memorial service in New York, followed by a video of her looking woozy and stumbling, only heightened the frenzied speculation.

    Using health concerns as a cudgel to criticize women's participation in public life, however, is nothing new. Our supposed fragility was a common anti-suffrage argument, for example, and suffragists were often painted as mentally unwell ? their very desire to be part of the political process proof of their "hysteria".

    It wasn't a coincidence, either, that when Politico reported on Clinton's illness they described her dizzy spell as "swooning" ? a term rarely used to describe men. Even Trump's comments that Clinton doesn't have a "presidential look" signal a particular sexist disdain.

    1. Yes. Well-known right wing attack site Politico.

  25. Why is GayJasy flashing the v-sign in that picture? If i was British, i'd be offended.

    1. The British got offended at "hook em" too. But dont we all?

      1. \m/.

        It sucks to go to a college with uglier girls, worse sports, and a crappier environment.

  26. Exposing the Myth of Nordic Socialism
    ...Debunking Utopia Swedish author Nima Sanandaji explains why this is all wishful thinking. Certainly, some aspects of Nordic welfare states, such as childcare provision, merit the admiration of liberals. But overall, it is a unique culture based on hard work, healthy diets, social cohesion and high levels of trust that have made Nordic countries successful. Sanandaji explains how the Nordic people adopted this culture of success in order to survive in the unforgiving Scandinavian climate. He systematically proves that the high levels of income equality, high lifespans and other signs of social success in the Nordics all predate the expansion of the welfare state. If anything, the Nordic countries reached their peak during the mid-twentieth century, when they had low taxes and small welfare states. Perhaps most astonishing are his findings that Nordic-Americans consistently outperform their cousins who live across the ocean. People of Nordic descent who live under the American capitalist system not only enjoy higher levels of income, but also a lower level of poverty than the citizens of the Nordic countries themselves....

    1. ...A Scandinavian economist once said to Milton Friedman, 'In Scandinavia, we have no poverty'. Milton Friedman replied, 'That's interesting, because in America, among Scandinavians, we have no poverty, either'. Indeed, the poverty rate for Americans with Swedish ancestry is only 6.7 per cent: half the US average (US Census)....

      1. Generally, that seems to be the case with all ethnic groups.

        Everyone from Pierre Omidyar to Jerry Yang to Satya Nadella to Carlos Gutierrez have thrived under American freedom and Rule of Law than in their respective countries of origin.

        1. Who are these people? Has their immigration status been checked? Are their countries of origin sending their best?

          1. "it is a unique culture based on hard work, healthy diets, social cohesion and high levels of trust "
            yeah, that's gonna fly here

    2. "Perhaps most astonishing are his findings that Nordic-Americans consistently outperform their cousins who live across the ocean."

      Yet another good reason to be a Nordic-American!!

      And here I thought the only use was as a free pass to set monasteries on fire and then denounce people who try to stop me as being "racists oppressing my proud viking culture and traditions".

  27. Leaving on a jet plane? 'Bigfoot' sighting caught near Provo Airport

    Surprising or not, "Bigfoot" sightings in Utah County are not extremely rare.

    Perhaps the creature is attracted to the mountains and their wilderness, or maybe Utahns are just extremely superstitious -- or at least a little stitious.

    This month, another supposed Bigfoot sighting happened near Provo Airport when a family was driving past cornfields and a child passenger caught a large, dark blur crossing through while filming one of Utah's many beautiful sunsets.

    The "sighting" happens at the very end of the YouTube clip, with the child exclaiming, "What was that?"


  28. Tied at 42%? Christ on a stick, what the Hell does Hillary have to do to be seen as less desirable than other candidates? I'm beginning to think that she could die on international TV and still poll in the mid double digits.

    1. We just had a dead man win a primary in New York.

      1. To add more detail - he was under indictment for a double-digit number of charges of corruption, killed himself, and still won the primary.

        1. New York values.

    2. It's a New York Times?CBS News poll. Make of that what you will.

    3. Christ on a stick, what the Hell does Hillary have to do to be seen as less desirable than other candidates?

      Run against a black man?

      1. I LOLed.

        I was ashamed of myself for doing so. But I'm over it now.

  29. Posted on my facebook by the Mises institute:

    The champions of socialism call themselves progressives, but they recommend a system which is characterized by rigid observance of routine and by a resistance to every kind of improvement. They call themselves liberals, but they are intent upon abolishing liberty. They call themselves democrats, but they yearn for dictatorship. They call themselves revolutionaries, but they want to make the government omnipotent. They promise the blessings of the Garden of Eden, but they plan to transform the world into a gigantic post office. Every man but one a subordinate clerk in a bureau. What an alluring utopia! What a noble cause to fight!

    From Mises's Bureaucracy.

    1. If all men are created equal, that is final. If they are endowed with inalienable rights, that is final. If governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, that is final. No advance, no progress can be made beyond these propositions. If anyone wishes to deny their truth or their soundness, the only direction in which he can proceed historically is not forward, but backward toward the time when there was no equality, no rights of the individual, no rule of the people. Those who wish to proceed in that direction can not lay claim to progress. They are reactionary. Their ideas are not more modern, but more ancient, than those of the Revolutionary fathers.

      - Calvin Coolidge

      1. Thanks. I hadn't seen that quote before.

      2. it's the best part of a rather long speech on the Declaration of Independence: http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/?pid=408

      3. That was awesome. Thanks for sharing.

      4. Spot on, Cal.

        If you look at the progressive view of human society, its central conceit is straight out of Hobbes - people are inherently predatory upon each other and need a strong government to keep their awful natures from tearing each other apart. This is not just an illiberal idea, it's a pre-liberal one, and every piece of research in economics, sociology, and psychology since the 1700s contradicts it.

        1. This is not just an illiberal idea

          It is also a contradictory one. Where do they find these better men to rule us, if we're also so morally depraved?

          1. I have yet to discover anyone proggish who can answer that question.

            1. Tony at least makes a pathetic attempt at saying "democracy" will find these better people. There's no actual logic to the argument, and it really just boils down to deflection and a false dichotomy.

    2. Yokels, Paleos and just antisocial freaks. How dare you to have that posted on FB.

  30. Man accused of mailing dead animals to school job winner

    Tarrants began harassing the successful applicant because he was chosen over Tarrants for a basketball coaching position and fourth-grade teaching job at the Springs Valley School Corp. in French Lick, WISH-TV reported.

    One of the packages intercepted at a post office contained a dead raccoon and a message that said, "Resign! It Will Not Stop," documents said.

    Investigators also believe that Tarrants placed four phone calls to the Indiana Department of Child Services, making claims that the teacher/coach was having sex with an underage student and was sexually abusing the daughter of an acquaintance.

    Letters alleging a sexual relationship with an underage student also were sent to both teacher/coach and his fiancee at their jobs, documents said. One contained a picture of a man's genitals and the teacher/coach's telephone number.

    1. I'd like to point out that the guy mailing dead animals and pictures of his junk is not me.

    2. Sounds like the hiring committee made the right choice here.

    3. Principal: Maybe we hired the wrong person?

  31. London Mayor To Set Up Police 'Online Hate Crime Hub' In 'Partnership' With Social Media Firms
    The office of London's first Muslim mayor has secured millions of pounds to fund a police "online hate crime hub" to work in "partnership with social media providers" to criminalise "trolls" who "target? individuals and communities."
    The London mayor's office for policing and crime (Mopac) will spend ?1,730,726 of taxpayer's money policing speech online after applying for a huge grant from the Home Office Police Innovation Fund (PIF), it was announced in a statement.

    "The purpose of this programme is to strengthen the police and community response to this growing crime type" is was announced, and will "involv[e] a dedicated police team" backed by "volunteers"....

    1. Google To Go After American Far-Right
      Google's Jigsaw will target the American far-right in the same manner it has been targeting Islamic extremists.

      "We're partnering with the Gen Next foundation in order to have a North American focused second phase of this project. Which focuses not just on jihadism but also on far-right extremism," Ross Frennett, co-founder of Moonshot CVE, said at a Brookings Institute event Wednesday.

      Moonshot is a start-up that uses technology to counter violent-extremism. Frennett said Moonshot will as well work with Jigsaw on "phase two" during the event....

      1. Where is all this far right jihad?

        1. Obviously you haven't been to a pastry shop or barber lately, shitlord.

          1. why does no one ever go after the American Far-Left?

            1. Because people like Kazinsky and Oswald and organizations like Weatherman Underground and Black Panthers and ELF fell out of favor after the far-left became the establishment.

      2. The interesting thing about how they behave is they're a little bit more brazen online these days than ISIS fan boys

        Yes, isn't that so interesting that people who aren't associated with beheading mass murdering sex slavers are less likely to act like they have something to hide.

  32. Cops pepper spray woman in restraint chair. Just another day at an American jail.

    Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer said Tuesday that he hadn't viewed the video footage, but he acknowledged that Swink was pepper-sprayed while restrained, violating his department's use-of-force protocol.

    He called it "an isolated incident."

    "Thirty percent of my jail is people suffering from mental illnesses," Plummer said by telephone. "There are a lot of situations that the police officers should not be dealing with, but everybody wants to blame the police."

    Late Tuesday, Swink filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Ohio, accusing members of the sheriff's department of using excessive force "that amounted to torture." The filing also alleges that department officials orchestrated a coverup aimed at destroying evidence of the incident.

    Plummer ? who had not seen the complaint at the time he was interviewed ? said he could not comment on specific accusations from the filing.

    But, he said: "We will definitely oppose the lawsuit. This isn't that egregious where she's walked away with any serious injuries. The officer she spit on should sue her."

    1. If placing someone in a restraint chair and then pepper-spraying them "isn't that egregious", I would like to know what else these fuckers have been up to.

      1. And then to follow that up with "The officer she spit on should sue her" is just the icing on the cake of stupid. Restraining someone in a chair and pepper-spraying them?? No big deal!! Saliva?? Clearly the cause of "serious injuries" worthy of lawsuit!!

    2. +1 John Yoo

    3. "his isn't that egregious where she's walked away with any serious injuries. The officer she spit on should sue her."

      Okay tough guy. Let's play role reversal.

      1. So... spit = egregious, pepper-spray != egregious. Got it.

    4. He called it "an isolated incident."

      Because there was a tape of it?

    5. "Thirty percent of my jail is people suffering from mental illnesses. We've been strapping them into chairs and pepper spraying them but Jesus, nothing seems to work."

    6. "The officer she spit on should sue her."

      He could have sued her sans pepper spray. Might even have a better case.

  33. Looks Like the Melania Trump Immigration Story Was a Case of Bad Reporting

    According to Wildes, the documentation he reviewed showed that "Trump's first entry to the United States was on August 27, 1996 pursuant to a B-1/B-2 visitor visa." She then acquired an H1-B visa to work as a model in October and was reissued those visas every year until 2001 when she became a self-sponsored green card holder. This was four years before Melania was married to Donald Trump. She then became a citizen in 2006.

    After disclosing that he had worked for Trump companies including Trump Models and the Miss Universe Organization, Wildes proceeded to go point-by-point through the outstanding questions about Melania's immigration process.

    "It has been suggested by various media outlets that in in 1995 Mrs. Trump illegally worked as a model in the United States while on a visitor visa," Wildes wrote. "Following a review of her relevant immigration paperwork, I can unequivocally state that these allegations are not supported by the record, and are therefore completely without merit."

    Wasn't there a Reason article on this (too lazy to look it up).

  34. The ironic thing is progressives are very very conservative (not the political con).

  35. Camel, teen driver collide far from desert on Alabama road

    Sardis Police Chief James Harp tells The Gadsden Times that the camel's owner was leading it across the road when the crash happened Monday evening.

    The police chief said camel owner Terry Turk waved his arms to get the driver's attention and leaped out of the way to avoid the car. But the camel crashed onto the hood, showering glass onto the driver, who was treated for minor injuries including cuts.

    The chief said the camel had to be euthanized.

    1. Think they saved the toe and gave it Lena. Oh, and FU Crusty.

    2. America, the melting pot.

    3. "The chief said the camel had to be euthanized."

      Tough times for Crazy Hassan's Used Camel Emporium...

  36. Trump's Path to Victory Is Starting to Look Very Real

    This is most dramatically shown in the state-by-state projections from Daily Kos (a pro-Democratic but, if anything, rather impressively pessimistic outlet), which now gives Trump an advantage not only in the previously red but blue-trending states of Arizona and Georgia, but also in Florida, Iowa, Nevada, North Carolina, and Ohio. Add all that up with the states everyone expects Trump to carry and he's at 259 electoral votes.

    Other state-by-state projections (the Upshot has a nice table of them) have Clinton ahead in Florida, Iowa, Nevada, North Carolina, and Ohio (though a new Bloomberg poll of Ohio showing Trump up by five points among likely voters could change estimates of that state's trajectory), but none by such margins that a tilt by a couple of points nationally would not topple all or most of them into Trump's column. Then comes the point when it starts getting harder for Trump to get across the line to 270. But it is clear that if he can move Pennsylvania ? a "blue" state that has been trending "red" and where the demographics offer him some strategic avenues ? into the hypercompetitive category, then all things are possible for him.

    1. The people who count Trump out don't realize that the biggest leaks have yet to come. The scandals haven't even hit their peak for Hillary.

      There's zero enthusiasm for one candidate. Her entire campaign at this stage is predicated on beating the other guy. The other shit people have been saying since the get go.

    2. I still dont get the Pennsylvania thing. He can win without it if he wins NH and ME's 2nd district. And if he wins Colorado then he doesn't need those.

      1. I believe the latest poll shows him leading in Colorado.

        1. PBS News Hour sent Gwen to Colorado to concern troll Republicans about their choice for President.
          A few timidly said they'd be voting for Gary.
          I am having trouble picturing the News Hour doing an equivalent segment that concern trolls some wavering lefty segment of the population. They would first have to rent a right-leaning reporter

    3. And if anything is being undercounted, the polls undercount Trump support.

      1. millennials are perpetually under polled. cell phones instead of land lines

  37. Beer tax would increase more than 200% under Michigan bill

    The beer tax hasn't been raised since 1966. It's currently $6.30 per barrel, or about 1.9 cents per 12-ounce can. House Bill 5873 would raise the tax to $21.70 per barrel, or 6.5 cents per can. The additional revenue would be directed to state recovery programs, drug treatment courts and police departments for additional enforcement of underage drinking laws.

    Hooker said that alcohol has its own set of societal costs, and this bill would help address that.

    "If you think of all the traffic accidents that are alcohol-related and the deaths that occur as a result of that, I think it's obvious that something needs to be done," said Hooker.

    The bill is supported by Michigan Alcohol Policy Promoting Health and Safety, a group that advocates for laws that reduce the harmful use of alcohol.

    1. The bill is supported by Michigan Alcohol Policy Promoting Health and Safety, a group that advocates for the return of prohibition.

      Fixed that for them.

    2. "directed to state recovery programs, drug treatment courts and police departments for additional enforcement of underage drinking laws"

      i.e. taxing users of a legitimate product to pay for a bunch of bullshit harassing of users of said product

    3. No, it really is not obvious that anything needs to be done.

  38. Latest Wikileaks dump

    For its part, CNN reports that "this batch doesn't appear to have any damaging emails regarding the DNC."
    Perhaps true, in the Hillary sense of true, but CNN is currently ignoring the pay for play spreadsheet of FCC and ambassador assignments.

    1. Pay to play?
      Looking for special deals of oil in Libya?

      There were some other glaring ones.

    2. "this batch doesn't appear to have any damaging emails regarding the DNC."


      "this batch doesn't appear to have any damaging emails regarding the Int'l Olympic Committee"

      "this batch doesn't appear to have any damaging emails regarding transgender bathrooms"

      "this batch doesn't appear to have any damaging emails regarding Bill dicking bimbos"

    3. Wikileaks is taking big dumps on HRC's campaign.

    4. A hacker who American intelligence officials believe has ties to the Russian government...

      ...The release was apparently the work of Guccifer 2.0, a self-identified Romanian hacker

      I thought we were supposed to accept whatever people self-identify as.

      So what if the hacker's Russian? He self-identifies as Romanian and that should be it.

      1. The "hacker has ties to the Russian government" thing was made up out of whole cloth to deflect from the actual contents of the emails.

        1. and Donna Brazille is making a public service announcement warning us to not read the material because it might be infected with malware

      2. I self-identify as a billionaire, but you don't see the yacht dealership approving my credit application, do you.

      3. I like how they aren't even bothering to deny the emails are legitimate, and are just going into full-on "but the HAXXORS tooks 'em!"

        As though all the shit they're up to would just be fine and dandy as long as it could be kept a secret.

  39. Fucking erosion, how does it work?

    In Dawn Wilson's classroom, fourth-graders are writing a story about what they would need to survive if their families were forced to quickly leave their homes and relocate down river. Astutely, her young students tick off the essentials: food, clothing, guns, and ammunition.

    In this remote Yup'ik tribal community on Alaska's southwest shore, this sort of brainstorming is not an abstract academic exercise. It's a real-life lesson built around the environmental forces now threatening to upend the already-hardscrabble existence of some 400 people for whom hunting is essential to eating.

    HURRY UP! No time to pack! Global Warming is coming right for us!!!!!

    1. "Ammunition"? We've got to get these kids out of there to less violent places!

      1. Yeah, the writer forgot the "guns=bad" talking point there when he said the kids "astutely" ticked off guns and ammo.

        1. Given the reliance on guns for hunting that arctic natives had... I'm sure it was a toss up between the anti-gun narrative or being branded as racist and culturally insensitive.

      2. Weird fact: kids in Chicago get the same talk.

    2. They're Yup'ik. They're no stranger to fighting against nature or events like river erosion (which I guess is global warming's fault??) If a river moving could take out the Yup'ik, they'd all be dead by now.

      To be fair, it looks like every direct quote from the Yup'ik seem to be about soil erosion, with only the author of this linking in the dread specter of Global Warming. The author seems to be doing a lot to exaggerate the situation. like saying "will leave their sinking village and abandon the land their ancestors have lived off of for generations" as if the "semi-nomadic" Yup'ik people have been firmly settled there forever, when in reality the permanent settlement on eroding land is only due to BIA bureaucratic meddling and shoddy schoolbuilding that has resulted in a permanent town emerging only as recently as the '60's.

      Overall this is a story of the BIA establishing a permanent settlement in a terrible location and how the traditionally nomadic people of that settlement are planning to deal with the erosion problems of the bureaucrat-chosen location, but the author would like to instead paint it as a story about Global Warming because muh narrative.

  40. Where is Sick Illary hiding out right now, anyway? Diane Reynolds' pad? Creedmoor? The Mayo Clinic?

    1. Sick Illary. That one. Right there. Oh, man.

    2. Probably spooning with Andrea Mitchell.

  41. I just finished refurbishing a Rancilio S24 commercial espresso machine and it is FANTASTIC.

    1. Should we expect extra jittery posts, today?

      1. He has the machine - he never said he had the coffee.

    2. Now that is an obscure masturbation euphemism.

    3. I know, right? My Saeco just keeps pumping out black gold. Damn, I love that machine. And if my wife ever contemplates divorce, I'm pretty sure she'd sue for custody of that thing.

      1. I settled on distilled jug water only and 2 detergent-free backwashing pulls after a brew session.

    4. My $30 Aeropress is also fantastic.

        1. I use it at least three times a day and I have had it for almost two years.

          1. How does the crema compare to a prosumer or commercial pull?

            1. Fancypants, I am sure your commercial espresso machine is far superior to my $30 gadget.

              1. Perhaps you misunderstand me. I would be thrilled if it produces crema superior to a stovetop moka, and I am genuinely interested in getting one for the road/vacation. That price point is hard to beat.


                2. I was being a shit. Gosh. I only use it to make what I believe is considered an Americano, and I only drink it black.

                  I like simple pleasures Pomp, like butter in my ass, lollipops in my mouth, and a smooth, inexpensive cup of strong, black coffee.

            2. A concatenation of euphemisms right there.

      1. Gotta agree on that one. Surprisingly good, and really handy if camping or traveling.

      2. I just use a French press. Or make a giant jug of ice coffee.

    5. Jeez, don't they have Starbucks where you guys live? You gotta go there if you want a really good cup of coffee.

      1. You know it's good because they have to dump a bunch of syrup into it to cover up the taste

      2. There is NO reason to act like a Houstonian in this matter! This is serious.

      3. I'm not a big fan of caffeinated industrial sludge.

  42. Safety recommendations unfulfilled 7 years after Flight 1549

    Of the 35 recommendations made by the National Transportation Safety Board in response to the incident involving US Airways Flight 1549, only six have been successfully completed, according to an Associated Press review of board records. Fourteen of the recommendations issued to the Federal Aviation Administration and its European counterpart, EASA, are marked by the NTSB as "closed-unacceptable." One has been withdrawn, and the rest remain unresolved.

    "The FAA was very upset back then that we made any recommendations at all," recalled Tom Haueter, who was the NTSB's head of major accident investigations at the time. "They thought this was a success story."

    But to investigators, the event turned up problems. "This could happen again and we want to make sure that if it does, there are some better safety measures in place," Haueter said.

    Recommendations that got an "unacceptable" response deal with pilot training, directions for pilots facing the loss of power in both engines, equipping planes with life rafts and vests and making it easier for passengers to use them, among other issues.

  43. Hmmmm, I'm starting to see a new talking point floating around the Journolist now that Sick Illary's real problem is that she's chronically dehydrated because she doesn't like to drink water.

    Sorry scum in the Journolist, but I don't believe that one anymore than I believe she simply has pneumonia. Keep trying though!

    1. " Mandrake, have you ever seen a Commie drink a glass of water?"

    2. Mandrake, have you ever seen a Commie drink a glass of water?

      1. Damn you, Homple.

    3. I like how every single cover-up they have attempted so far is based around painting Clinton as an utterly incompetent buffoon. "Elect the moron, she's the one!"

  44. "New poll: Hillary Clinton 42 percent, Donald Trump 42 percent, Gary Johnson 8 percent, Jill Stein 4 percent."


    Nobody wants Hillary because she's a lyin'-ass, corrupt piece of shit. The should put that on the questionnaire, too! And don't just ask the people who are voting for Trump, ask everybody, even the people who are voting for her, "Do you think Hillary is a lyin'-ass, corrupt piece of shit?

    And she may lose to Trump! Oh,how humiliating that will be. She'd probably rather lose to Clay Aikin or somebody who ate bugs on Fear Factor. Everyone hates Hillary--and not in a good way. It's not how like people love to hate Simon Cowell or Amarosa. She'd probably rather lose to Amarosa!

    Everyone hates Hillary because she's a lyin'-ass, corrupt piece of shit. Nobody actually likes her, and why would they? She's a lyin'-ass, corrupt piece of shit.

    P.S. Lyin'-ass, corrupt piece of shit

    1. I am starting to wonder if Trump has a a lot of silent support

      1. Pollster: "Are you voting for the first woman candidate, or that unhinged racist POS?"

        Voter: "Who would vote for an unhinged racist POS? Naah... I'm with Her."

        (voter turns around and votes for Trump)

      2. His campaign has certainly been doing better since he fired his staff,brought in the new bunch, and started keeping his mouth shut.

        The secret is that Hillary has far less "support" than is generally understood. No on wants Hillary. And every time Trump would open his mouth and say something obnoxious, that would give swing voters more reason to vote against him.

        That's the secret to winning for Trump. Hillary is so unpopular, he doesn't have to give swing voters in swing states a reason to vote for him to win; he just needs to not give them a reason to vote against him.

        They already don't want Hillary. Nobody actually wants Hillary, not even her supporters want her. She made it through the primaries on name-recognition and the perception of inevitability. "We have to show our support in the primaries because she's going to be the nominee".

        1. These DNC leaks will hurt as well. The media is obviously in the tank for her which just further damages their cred....of course will they self reflect and learn? Doubtful it will just be a double down.

        2. Some especially stupid Tulpa incarnation tried making a point about "Trends" after the DNC convention.

          he/she/it didn't understand that a 'trend' wasn't simply what you call it when the numbers are up.

          I pointed to this trend, which i think says it all. The more people see, the less they like.

  45. A local Somali rapper tried to put on a show for a block party, but was shut down by other Somali activists. They were mad because the rapper is trying to create a HBO show and the Somalis are mad because they are worried he will portray them as a bunch of terrorists.

    It is a stupid article about a bunch of dumb activists. I only bring it up because of this gem:

    Mohamud Noor, a community leader, is among those supporting the HBO show, because it was conceived and is being led by "one of our own." Amid Saturday's mayhem, he said: "The youth have every right to be angry about something they know nothing about. But it should not have escalated to this level."

    Emphasis is mine.

    Not sure if Barfman or Derpologist need to be paged.

    1. The youth tend to do that generally.

      Corporations, economic growth, environment... the list is long.

      1. I'm left out this choice quote because I think it is one of those gaffs that come from not being a native english speaker:

        "We are against what K'naan and Kathryn Bigelow and HBO and anybody that's a part of this and supporting this are doing," she said on Saturday, at times leading "Shut it down" chants. "The whole goal for the movie series they're doing is to portray Somalis as terrorists, and our community is more than that. If they want to portray Somalis as hardworking, new Americans who are integrating, we're all for that," she said. "There's enough press about us being pirates and being terrorists, and we don't want to feed that narrative."

        I don't think that she really meant, "Sure we are a bunch of terrorists, but we also have many other wonderful things going on."

        1. There's enough press about us being pirates and being terrorists, and we don't want to feed that narrative

          Crazy thought here...and i'm just spitballing.... but, *what if*... instead of worrying about 'how you're depicted', you... got rid of the pirates and terrorists??

          Well, it was just an idea.

        2. they're doing is to portray Somalis as terrorists, and our community is more than that.

          "We're also grifters and welfare mooches, bringing economic diversity and culturally enriching you stupid white people! Have we mentioned that we hate white people? Now give us your money, racists!"

        3. If they want to portray Somalis as hardworking, new Americans who are integrating, we're all for that,

          If they want to pitch a false narrative that ignores our faults and exaggerates our virtue, we're all for that.

    2. [H]e [Mohamud Noor] said: "The youth have every right to be angry about something they know nothing about. But it should not have escalated to this level."

      Speaking of rights.... where does that leave the rapper's rights, Mr. Noor?

      Everybody has a right to be angry. That doesn't mean everybody has a right to trample on other people's rights and anger is certainly not a valid justification.

      1. Hey, at least the rapper isn't criticizing the Koran, or his head would be separated from his neck in short order.

    3. "A local Somali rapper tried to put on a show for a block party, but was shut down by other Somali activists. They were mad because the rapper is trying to create a HBO show and the Somalis are mad because they are worried he will portray them as a bunch of terrorists."

      So he's going to show the wonders of Libertarian Utopia??

  46. In a poll which will thrill low-info watermellons:

    "Poll: Americans favor slightly higher bills to fight warming"
    "If the cost of fighting climate change is only an additional $1 a month, 57 percent of Americans said they would support that. But as that fee goes up, support for it plummets. At $10 a month, 39 percent were in favor and 61 percent opposed. At $20 a month, the public is more than 2-to-1 against it. And only 1-in-5 would support $50 a month."

    Short read and worth it; full of all sorts of hypocrisy and posturing.

    1. Lol as if $1 a month would actually fight warming and reduce emissions. May enrich some people though!

      Warming = how can we funnel citizen money and feather the nests of our cronies.

    2. That $1 a month will go to paying bureaucrats and increase deadweight loss on the economy. But I digress...

      1. Imagine if the gov't were honest about what *it* proposes would actually cost...

        1. Over promise benefits, under estimate the costs....over and over and over

          1. I got a Bay Bridge to sell you!

      2. I remember when $1 a month would feed and clothe an Ethiopian child.

    3. I like this one... http://www.worldbank.org/en/ne.....s-jobs-gdp

      It's not full of Right-wing virtue signaling about how they're the ones helping poor people by allowing oil companies to pollute.

  47. Stupid Brits will stupid:

    "Britain considers a nationwide firewall to protect from cyber attacks"
    ""It's possible to filter unwanted content or spam. It's possible to filter offensive content. It's possible to block malicious content. So why aren't we doing more of it."

    Should kicked their asses back to the stone age...

    1. But the porn is coming from INSIDE the country!!!!

      1. Don't worry; it's the Brits. They'll block that too.

    2. Yeah, the British government doesn't exactly have the high ground here. "We totally won't use it for other purposes" they say, with their fingers blatantly crossed behind their backs.

  48. Hillary Clinton is set to return to the campaign trail for her first public appearance since her pneumonia diagnosis

    Technically, the second. Or= the first since they made it up.

  49. Thou art not free to gam...yadda yadda yadda


    Philly Jesus is preaching a message of forgiveness after being found guilty of trespassing stemming from his arrest at a Center City Apple Store earlier this year.

    "The son of man will triumph over these bogus charges," said Michael Grant, aka Philly Jesus, ahead of Wednesday morning's trial.

    1. "No prophet is welcome in his own country!"

  50. I like the photo of Johnson predicting the percentage of the popular vote he's going to get. Doubling the total of the last election sounds pretty good.... At this exponential growth rate we'll reach 50% in only 5 more elections!

    Libertarian Moment 2036! You heard it here first!

  51. Trumps line yesterday in Flint may have won him the election.
    Something about how it used to be that they built cars in Flint and you couldn't drink the water in Mexico, but now they build cars in Mexico and you can't drink the water in flint.

    1. Better speech-writers. Keep it up.

  52. I used to read everything at Ars Technica every day.

    That was in the 1990s.

    It always had an elitist progressive slant, but things got worse after they sold it to Conde Nast,. It's become progressively worse in terms of being progressive.

    I don't think I can read two or three article without reading something to be disgusted by anymore.

    Today's example:

    "In 2009, professors and graduate students from China Agricultural University went to live in farming communities in Quzhou County, about 300 miles south of Beijing. In order to determine why crop yields were so much lower than they could be, the scientists devised a clever experimental design: they asked the farmers. It turns out the farmers were not planting the best seed varieties for their local soil, they were not planting them at the optimal densities, and they were not applying fertilizers properly.

    Much of this was due to market confusion. These farmers are marketed dozens of fertilizers and seed varieties but given very little information about them, so they often ended up making purchasing decisions just like we do when paralyzed with indecision upon facing too many delicious varieties of Doritos in the supermarket aisle: they bought based on price and advertising schemes rather than which one is best "


    I'm taking them out of my bookmarks. If I wanted a nauseating headache, I'd call one of my ex-girlfriends--or read something by Robby.

    1. So limiting their range of choices to just what some scientistic bureaucracy determines is the best possible method derived from lobbying pressure and regulatory capture is surely the best way to go about bumping up crop yields.

      1. And the only important factor in gauging success is crop yields.

        For all we know, those farmers are losing money they could be making if they were growing something else.

        Then there were observations like this:

        "Farmers were also not sowing, irrigating, and harvesting during the optimal time windows, primarily because they are often working other jobs."

        Farming may not even be the highest and best use of their time.

        But, no, let's blame consumer choice for everything.

      2. CtP, do you really NEED toilet tissue?

    2. I mean, its almost like they need a bunch of Agricultural and Mechanical Institutions in every province to help train the farmers of tomorrow on scientific agriculture!

      1. It's hard to believe that elitist communist party officials would report that what peasant farmers really need is direct supervision by elitist communist party officials.

    3. I stopped reading Ars a while ago. You couldn't through five articles before there would be some hamfisted case for the government to save us from the ravages of people doing unapproved things in unregulated ways.

        1. Hmm, I've always pronounced it like "ahrz" but "arse" would actually be closer to the proper Latin pronunciation.

  53. I'm a middle class White guy. Generally speaking, I've always thought that middle and working-class Black people were smarter and had more common sense than their White counterparts. White people think Mexicans are taking their jobs and that if only we'd get rid of the EPA and the Social Security Administration they'd be rich. Black people also-- curiously and inexplicably to an embarrassing portion of Whites-- don't believe an asshole plutocrat is a panacea to their problems.


    1. So, you are a racist. Where is my shocked face?

    2. If someone else said that and replaced the word 'white' with 'black', and 'black' with 'white' you'd be certain they're a racist and their arguments don't deserve a moment's consideration.

      1. What he's saying about black people has nothing to do with any actual black individuals or their opinions, and is based solely around the fact that the "black vote" is overwhelmingly for Democrats.

        Fun fact: working-class blacks are not actually big fans of illegal immigration.

        1. is based solely around the fact that the "black vote" is overwhelmingly for Democrats.

          Fun fact: working-class blacks are not actually big fans of illegal immigration.

          I'm not disputing that even slightly. I was commenting solely on his hypocrisy. Like almost all leftists on issues of race, his logic is completely contorted and inconsistent.

          1. Not only that but when is he going to hold his party accountable to those standards...seeing how they haven't done anything.

          2. They live by the axiom "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds," but substituting "any consistency."

          3. Hypocrisy + Epistemic closure = Right to rule

            Makes sense, yeah?

    3. Really? "Black people be like THIS, but white people be like THIS" is how you're gonna play it?

      Whoever's running the american socialist sock puppet, give up. The schtick is worn out.

      1. Not if you're still responding to it, it isn't.

        1. Reasonable add-in for Chrome FTW!

    4. But a corrupt plutocrat in hillary is?

      Curious when are the dems going to actually be the panacea to their problems? Funny how you ignore this.

    5. Socialist i need money, can you help me out?

    6. "I'm a middle class White guy. Generally speaking, I've always thought that middle and working-class Black people were smarter and had more common sense than their White counterparts."

      The word of the day is "sanctimonious".

      Full Definition of sanctimonious

      1: hypocritically pious or devout

      1. How so? Because I applaud when Black people tell Trump, in so many words, that he's full of shit? Shouldn't that be our job as libertarians to go tell people like Trump and his fellow travelers to go jump in a lake. I'm uncompromising in my disgust with where the RP is these days. What are you doing here, Ken? Making excuses for assholes? That's nice.

        1. I have always found racialists obnoxious, benighted souls trading intellectual rigor for the meager sustenance of emotional self-satisfaction. You want to tell Trump he's full of shit? That's fine, I do, too. You want to hold up the voting patterns of race-baited and baiting blacks as proof of their intellectual superiority? You're just as obnoxious and benighted as they are.

          I'll take a single aging Thomas Sowell over all the millions of votes you promise to deliver.

        2. Being against your own "privilege" despite being white is what middle class, progressive piety is all about.

          Why should libertarians care that you're white and think black people are smarter? How could any compelling observation or argument ever be predicated on that?

          What could you thinking that working class black people are smarter than working class whites ever support--other than establishing your own progressive piety?

          So you're a sanctimonious shithead. So what?

          1. "What could you thinking that working class black people are smarter than working class whites ever support--other than establishing your own progressive piety?"

            Sorry... Come again?

            My argument is essentially that I think not voting for Trump is pretty smart and that voting for Trump because you think Mexican immigrants are criminals, or that women who have an abortion should be punished, or that you think crime rates justify the kind of police state that Trump is talking about, or that you are for a massive escalation of the war in Syria is pretty dumb.

            What kind of libertarian are you, anyway? ? ? I'm confused.

            1. You still don't get it, and I understand why--it's a character flaw.

              Establishing your piety as a progressive with observations about your own piety isn't a legitimate premise for any argument.

              It just shows you're being sanctimonious--and nothing else.

              So you're sanctimonious! Congratulations.

              What is anybody supposed to derive from that?

            2. "I'm confused"

              You sure are.

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