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Malia Obama Allegedly Smoking Pot Isn't a Big Deal, President Obama's Foot-Dragging on Marijuana Reform Is

Misdemeanor drug convictions can still ruin young people's present and cripple their future.


Malia Obama turns 18
Aude Guerrucci/CNP/ADMedia/Newscom

Malia Obama, an 18-year-old adult woman who will be headed to Harvard University in a year, attended the Lollapalooza music festival in her hometown of Chicago last week. While there, she appears to have taken at least a single drag off of a cigarette containing substances of unknown provenance, according to EXCLUSIVE video obtained by RadarOnline.

Was it a marijuana joint? Or was she pulling off a tobacco cigarette in a way that sort of unnecessarily makes it look like a joint the way her father, the president, claims he was in doing in this famous photo from his early college/post-"Choom Gang" days?

The correct answer is "who really cares?" especially when even conservatives don't seem all that morally outraged at the possibility of the elder First Daughter engaging in some harmless recreational drug use at a summer concert.

The right's reaction was mostly limited to talk show and social media grousing about how differently the coverage of Malia's tug on a smoke was compared to the coverage of George W. Bush's twin daughters — Barbara and Jenna — getting busted in 2001 for using fake I.D.s to buy a few margaritas at a Tex-Mex restaurant at age 19.

Perhaps the only teachable moment to be gleaned from the Malia mystery cigarette is that we still live in a country where marijuana is classified by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as a Schedule I substance, which among other things makes it a federal crime in most cases to grow, consume, possess, or ingest — even in states which have voted to allow medical marijuana or recreational marijuana use.

To its credit, the Obama administration has dialed back its earlier massive crackdowns on medical marijuana dispensaries and has shown little interest in interfering with states that allow for recreational use. But it remains disappointing that President Obama — who has written extensively about his own drug experimentation yet was able to attend elite universities and ascend to the highest ladder of public office only by the grace of not being arrested for a drug crime as a young man — continues to do nothing to end the immoral policy of marijuana prohibition.

In 2009, President Obama laughed off a question at an online Town Hall meeting asking whether he would support taxing and regulating marijuana the way we do with alcohol. Yet in 2014, Obama told the New Yorker's David Remmick:

As has been well documented, I smoked pot as a kid, and I view it as a bad habit and a vice, not very different from the cigarettes that I smoked as a young person up through a big chunk of my adult life. I don't think it is more dangerous than alcohol…" (emphasis added)

Obama can't legalize marijuana on a federal basis himself, Congress must do that. But the president has also tried to punt the issue of reclassifying marijuana to Congress, which he doesn't need to do. According to the 1970 Controlled Substances Act, the attorney general is empowered to "remove any drug or other substance from the schedules if he finds that the drug or other substance does not meet the requirements for inclusion in any schedule."

The attorney general works for the president. The president could make this happen if he wanted to, and while it wouldn't un-complicate the lives of so many young people who have already been denied federal student loans or jobs or housing because of misdemeanor drug convictions, rescheduling is an important step on the road to the decriminalization of marijuana.

For now, the president should be happy that his daughter — if she indeed was enjoying some totally "normal" soft drug experimentation — wasn't arrested at Lollapalooza. For a "normal" young person, such a stain on one's criminal record is just the kind of thing that could put something like an early admission invitation to attend Harvard at risk.

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  1. Marijuana joint? Smoked in the Sahara Desert?

    1. The Redundancy Department of Redundancy is calling on the red and white courtesy phones.

      1. Is there an opening for a technical fact checker in the Redundancy Department of Redundancy? Smoking a tobacco cigarette is, technically, banned from public parks in the city.

    2. It was actually a burger joint.

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  2. One rule for Party Members, one for the proles.

    1. yep exactly this. Her daddy throws people in cages for this very thing but I suspect somehow that will not be the fate of daddy’s little princess.

  3. I’ve got three words for people who think pot turns kids into losers:

    Michael Fucking Phelps.

    1. Here’s three more:

      Carl Fucking Sagan.

      1. Are they related because that’s an unusual middle name. And you know who didn’t smoke pot?

        1. They’re characters in Kurt Vonnegut’s novel Slapstick.

          I’m gonna say Hitler wasn’t a big fan of the chiba.

          1. How about the last three Presidents of the United States are admitted pot smokers. That alone says all that should ever need to be said on the subject.

            1. That’s a very good point. It didn’t seem to affect either Chris Ballew, Jason Finn, or Andrew McKeag.

            2. Would you really consider it as a ‘success’ if your kid ended up president?

              1. Regardless of what I think of the government or office it is a pretty impressive accomplishment. The campaign process alone is more grueling than I would be willing to endure. It definitely undermines the argument that pot makes people apathetic losers.

              2. An old libertarian cowboy friend of mine,when his daughter was in college and thinking about going into politics told her “I would rather see you go down to Nevada and work in a whore house than get into that line of work and associate with those kinds of people.” And he was dead serious.

            3. Half-Virtue, Half-Vice|8.11.16 @ 4:41PM|#

              How about the last three Presidents of the United States are admitted pot smokers. That alone says all that should ever need to be said on the subject.

              So life sentence for weed? Those 3 jokers would not be the people I held up as examples of why marijuana is ok to smoke.

            4. So, it does cause brain damage!

            5. Citing three power-grubbing scumbags isn’t really a pro-pot argument.


        2. Richard Fucking Feynman.

      2. I never realized so many people had that middle name. Now I feel less self-conscious.

        1. John Fucking Stossel?

          1. Bill Fucking Murray!

        2. I do feel self-conscious about not refreshing before posting.

      3. Rob Fucking Van Dam.

        1. Jean Claude, as the second child, was then named after his two grandmothers.

    2. Smokey F’ing Yunick

  4. Privilege!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Do as I say not as my daughter does.

  6. “What kind of cigarette is that?


    “Joint? They don’t make ’em very good.”

    1. Whatever, Mr Nussbaum.

    2. Fucking thing smells like a skunk!

  7. Go Ask Malia!
    When she’s Ten Feet Taaaaaaall!

    1. And the Donald is talking backwards
      And the Clinton Queen’s off with her head

  8. “I learned it from YOU, Dad!!!!”

    1. And she learned from Aunt Hillary that she’s too important to be punished for it.

    2. I lold

  9. “The correct answer is ‘who really cares?'”.

    Pretty much this. The only people who will get their tits in a knot over this are the partisans and the drug-warriors.

    FWIW, they should really spare us with the “it was a pretend joint” narrative. But of course, that would compromise their current drug policies/reputation.

    1. I care because for the last eight years he has had no problem with overseeing agencies who arrest people for doing exactly what his daughter did.

      1. that, and the bullshit double standards for the children of Ds compared to the children of Rs as mentioned in the piece.

        1. I care less about that, but sure. “Michael Phelps smoked, too!” is a terrible response, unless it helps lead to un-scheduling marijuana, which it will not.

          1. Speaking of Michael Phelps… Guy is killing it tonight.

          2. That’s the sad part to me.

            People don’t care she smoked it up.
            People don’t care they’re throwing others in cages over it.

            People don’t care.

            * sniff *


            1. What’s that you said? Free d?colletage? I’m ok with that…

    2. Daddy. It was only a pretend joint, and pretend beer. And I was only pretending to have sex with that boy.

      1. She’s getting a pretend abortion, and a pretend prescription for pretend herpes.

        1. At least she won’t be punished with a baby.

  10. SBF, 18, 5’1″, slim, well educated, 420 friendly, drinks occasionally, likes being surrounding by strong men packing.


  11. Didn’t her fat pig Wookie mom ever tell her that smoking is bad for you, the way she lectures all the rest of us peons about health issues? All those carcinogens and other poisonois toxic crap particles going directly into her precious lungs and all that other stuff we’ve seen in a million commercials the last 20 years?

    Oh well. I guess the bud doesn’t fall too far from the stem.

  12. Just curious, but a serious question nevertheless: at what point does the SS step in when a law is being broken?

    Never, as long as safety is not a concern?

    Would a bystander who’s snorting a line of coke be arrested (via the local cops)? Or would the person under the SS’s eye just be hustled away?

    1. I think that would depend on how badly the SS agent in question wants to get relocated to northern Alaska.

    2. Unknown. Yes. Yes.

      I would like to think if the protectee went Al Capone with a baseball bat that they’d step in but I have no confidence in that.

    3. Ask Jack, Gerald Ford’s son.

  13. “I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone”….?

    1. “I’ve got a joint, let’s smoke and bone”

  14. Most every Politician defers to, ‘well, the difference between me doing it and you doing it, is I didn’t get caught’.
    To say, Malia will never ‘get caught'(dragged before a Judge).
    The problem isn’t a harm issue, many things are more harmful.
    what is relevant is the commerce. There are two parts of existing commerce.. and those participating in THAT.. commerce wish control, of the commodity.
    One Part is the Drug War monies, >

  15. Democrat privilege.

  16. Doobie is no big deal, but if it were a Marlboro in Malia’s mouth, you bet there would be a plethora of panicked proggie pants-shitting.

    1. False. Her dad smoked (smokes?), it’s the patriarchy’s fault, and she’s just a victim.

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  18. there is a really overly simple solution to this issue that most people seem to be overlooking, especially the Libertarian party. that is, vote Libertarian. Removal of cannabis from the federal governments schedule of illegal substances is part of their platform.

    as a matter of fact, the two time (fake republican) Libertarian Governor of New Mexico advocated for cannabis legalization while Governor of NM many moons ago. the party has never “flipped” on this issue.

    in case i forgot to mention, the aforementioned Governor left the State on NM in the green ($$) after his two tours. now i think that is one “green” we can all agree it can be a good thing.

    in the meantime i challenge anyone to convince any one of our elected representatives to get this done. but please keep in mind, after you are mentally exhausted and utterly defeated you can always decide not to try and change the “establishment” parties; but instead vote Libertarian.

  19. Does anyone else remember when Jeb Bush was governor of Florida and had a real hard on for sending drug users to PITA prison? Then his daughter was caught being a coke head and suddenly *that* was a private, family matter?

  20. Worry not. Bill’s and the independent (ho, ho, ho) DOJ’s War On Drugs will neutralize the problem.

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  22. The correct answer is “who really cares?”

    That is not the correct answer. Everybody should care when Obama keeps laws on the books that wreck peoples’ lives, but his wealthy and privileged daughter gets off free.

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  25. Thanks, Malia, for highlighting the huge hypocrisy of your father and almost all the corrupt politicians!

    Obama says marijuana is “not very different from the cigarettes that I smoked as a young person up through a big chunk of my adult life. I don’t think it is more dangerous than alcohol…”

    Yet he has failed to stop the insane war on millions of good Americans who prefer near harmless marijuana over addictive, very harmful alcohol! – Clearly, he cares more about the profits of prisons, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, police, prosecutors, drug testing, bogus “treatment” and money-laundering banks than he does about the freedom of Americans.

    End the federal marijuana prohibition with two clicks!


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