Hillary Clinton

Clinton Cash

Both Bill and Hillary Clinton continue to thrive despite their remarkable record of sleazy dealings.


This week, as Democrats fawn over Hillary Clinton, I'm struck by how both Clintons continue to thrive despite their remarkable record of sleazy dealings.

The just released documentary Clinton Cash, based on a book by Peter Schweizer, explains how they make big money by selling access to themselves.

On my TV show, Schweizer said the Clintons use "speaking fees" to get around bribery laws.

"If somebody gave a politician or family member money for a favor, that's breaking the law. But if you say it's a speaking fee, and you pay double or triple the normal rate, that seems to be legal."

Since Bill Clinton left office, he's earned more than $126 million giving speeches. Nothing wrong with that. Bill likes to talk, and if people want to pay big bucks to hear him or just to say they were near him, so be it. It's their own money.

But what suggests influence peddling, says Schweizer, is that before Hillary became secretary of state, Bill's usual fee was less than $200,000. But after Hillary became secretary of state, he made as much as $750,000 per speech.

That's "evidence that people paying him expect to get something in return," says Schweizer. "She becomes appointed secretary of state, a friend of the president of Nigeria suddenly offers (Bill) $700,000 apiece for two speeches. An investment firm in Moscow that's tied to the Kremlin who had never paid for him to speak before suddenly gave him $500,000."

Those are just two of many examples cited in Clinton Cash.

Sometimes the Clintons launder the money through the Clinton Foundation. It's collected more than $2 billion to "improve global health and wellness."

But Sean Davis of The Federalist examined Clinton Foundation records and concluded only about 15 percent of the money goes to actual charity work to help needy people.

Most is spent paying Clinton cronies and other well-connected people to schmooze with governments and charities, which supposedly helps those governments and charities help people. I doubt it helps much.

Even the earthquake in Haiti became a moneymaking opportunity for the Clintons. After the earthquake, the Clinton Foundation announced that it would work with governments and businesses to help rebuild Haiti. Actual rebuilding has been meager.

A Clinton Foundation press release promised an industrial park that would create "up to 60,000 jobs." Just 7,000 jobs have been created.

What the Foundation has managed to do is help Clinton "friends." One, Irish billionaire Denis O'Brien, runs Digicel, a company that wanted a grant to build Haiti's cellphone network.

"Four weeks after their application," says Schweizer, Digicel sponsored a speech for Bill Clinton in Jamaica and "paid him $225,000. Within four months of that speech, Digicel would receive the first installment of that grant money."

Hillary Clinton's brother, Tony Rodham, even managed to cash in. The Haitian government awarded an exclusive gold mining contract to a company called VCS mining. VCS, says Schweizer, "has no experience in mining, very little experience in Haiti, and it raises the question, of all the companies out there, why did the Haitian government pick this one company?"

The Clintons will tell you that it had nothing to do with the facts that Hillary's brother got a job with VCS and the chairman happens to be a Democratic donor.

The worst example in Clinton Cash, says Schweizer, is the Ericsson telecom deal. The Swedish company Ericsson was in trouble with the State Department because it sold telecom equipment to repressive regimes.

Says Schweizer, "WikiLeaks cables show the State Department sort of busting up the Swedish foreign minister, saying you need to get Ericsson into line. Ericsson decides that this would be a great time to sponsor a speech by Bill Clinton. They had never done so before. They decided to go big, $750,000 for a 20-minute speech. Bill gives the speech and literally seven days later, the State Department comes out with a statement saying we're not going to take further action against Ericsson. We're going to ask them to police themselves."

Hillary Clinton would like you to believe that electing a woman (Electionbettingodds.com shows she is favored 67 percent to 32 percent) means you've picked an "outsider" who will put a stop to Washington favoritism. Don't believe it.

I hope Clinton Cash gets the attention it deserves.

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  1. "If somebody gave a politician or family member money for a favor, that's breaking the law. But if you say it's a speaking fee, and you pay double or triple the normal rate, that seems to be legal."

    I very much doubt that anyone other than a high-ranking Democrat would be able to get away with this scam. We've an agency in the habit of seizing bank holdings from peasants merely under suspicion of malfeasance, and holding it without bringing any specific complaints. Let's not pretend that the IRS or FBI lacks a legal case. They lack motivation.

    1. Exactly, In other contexts, the government has no problem identifying sham payments made under a pretext. But with the Clintons, its always [shrug] waddayagonna do? we don't have them on verified videotape explaining their scam from end to end with explicit statements of criminal knowledge and specific intent.

      1. Hillary said that they were broke when the left the White House. Sixteen years later their combined net worth is estimated at about 100 million dollars.

        They didn't start Facebook or Amazon. They didn't invent a smart phone. They didn't overhaul a Fortune 500 company.

        They merely sold access to themselves and, by extension, the federal government. This is the very fucking definition of political corruption.

        1. Maybe Hillary invested in some cattle futures.

          1. More likely she invested in cattle manure - she certainly seems to have an endless supply of bullshit.

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  2. Posted this earlier: Just in time for the DNC Convention:

    The Latest: Prosecutors drop charges in Freddie Gray case


    Don't worry, the left won't exploit it for political gain.

    1. Don't worry, the left won't exploit it for political gain.

      Perish the thought.

      *draws line across throat*

      Perish it.

    2. Well, deep-red Baltimore has been so run into the ground by its uniformly Republican government for the last several decades tha---wait, what? Really? Oh, nevermind. Nothing to see here, folks.

      1. I've seen people on Facederp actually argue that. It's almost as though they couldn't bear to admit that decades of cannot-fail progressive programs had failed.

        1. Those programs have only failed because of Republican obstructionism. It is known.

          1. "These programs haven't achieved their full successful potential because they haven't been implemented at a State National GLOBAL level!!"

            /Prog "evolving on the issues"

          2. Note: this does not actually require any Republicans to hold positions of power in the locality in question.

            1. MD has a Republican governor. So that's gotta be the cause.

          3. Next time, when they do it harder, faster, and more expensively; right after the krugabite invasion, those programs will work like they were intended to.

        2. It is why they love the BLM movement. Same with gun control. It gives them a warm blanket to wrap themselves in that will allow them to dismiss their policy failures. Poverty creates crime. But they can't admit that the locations where poverty happens are the exact places that are experiments in their liberal ideology. So blaming the gun is easier. With BLM they can dismiss that the very places where blacks are in dire straights are again places they run. Baltimore is just an example.

          1. i'm confused... i thought dire straights was where you got your money for nothing and your chicks for free

  3. Those damn conservatives have no faith in people; they don't believe a man can raise himself up through hard word and honest endeavor. They're suspicious of others' success.

    1. And sexist, to boot!


    2. Enlighten us to what Clinton has done in the way of "accomplishments"?
      One that would explain hundreds of millions of dollars that allow them to live like royalty?
      I see donations from people who had business before the State decided favorably upon receipt of the cash....
      ...The very definition of influence peddling. This is Clinton legacy as SoS, now extrapolate for POTUS.

  4. This is exactly the kind of thing Citizens United was supposed to stop.

    Not the pay-to-play politics and bribery, but the documentary exposing it.

    1. Nice one.

  5. 'C.E.O 's make too much money.Far more then the people who actually do the work and create the money earned .The Koch's and Walmart are making money on the backs of 100's of thousands ( millions? ) of people they employ.." - Every Bernie and Hillary voter.

    1. Those people are bad because they have the wrong politics. If they had the correct politics then the left would bend over backwards to excuse their wealth.

  6. $750,000 for a 20-minute speech

    Goddam, I'm not sure I could maintain my integrity knowing that I could work 20 minutes a year and live better than I am doing now.

    1. Woah woah woah...he may have spent an hour or so writing that speech!
      Or was that his speech writer?

    2. Hookers,blow,brother,hookers and blow.

    3. I'd be dead in a month

      1. From profligacy or from horning in on the Clintons' turf?

        1. Suicide by gun to the back of the head.

    4. If you extrapolate this out to an actual 2,000 hour work year, Bill would make $4,500,000,000 a year.

      It's good work if you can get it.

      PS- CEOs and Executives are over paid? That's cute.

      1. "PS- CEOs and Executives are over paid? That's cute."

        The very idea that an employee of a private company is "overpaid" is screwy to begin with. They're being paid by people who are voluntarily choosing to deal with them. If CEOs are paid an outrageous amount, it will be reflected in the prices of their product, and if consumers don't like it, they don't have to buy those products.

  7. Ordinary federal employees are pounded with requirements to avoid even the *appearance* of conflict of interest or corruption. The level of, um, pettiness amazes contractors.

    1. The Clintons are so not-corrupt that it doesn't even occur to them that meeting with the Attorney General while under the highest-profile FBI investigation in decades might be perceived as inappropriate. They're that honest. /actual argument I read

      1. The Clintons are so not-corrupt that they have faced no consequences in all this time. I wonder whether the people making that argument would hire Dennis Hastert as a babysitter.

        1. Speaking of pay for play. Can someone explain to me how a man who spent his entire career on the public dole, most of it as a school teacher, was able to afford the hush money this creep was forking over?

          1. If I recall correctly one of Schweizer's earlier books discusses some of Hastert's land deals.

            1. I knew It had to be something like that. You don't amass that kind of wealth on a teacher, or even Congressman's salary. You know, it's just amazing how well all these congress critters do with their real estate dealings.

              1. I need to get some investment advice for their investment advisors.

              2. Look up the STOCK Act and weep. Who needs land deals?

    2. Hell, we have a pretty hard and fast rule in my hospital (and in every hospital I've ever worked at): not one red cent of our money can go to any office-holder or a member of their immediate family. Period. Full stop. No exceptions.

      1. you're one of those crazy exceptions. I'll bet you even have a policy against doing warrantless anal probes every time a cops tells you to.

        1. In both my EDs, the staff has personally witnessed me refusing illegal searches by cops. I'm pretty confident they got the message.

          1. I don't doubt it. I was being sarcastic. I have to be rational, calm, and objective all day at work so I get on here to let my inner asshole self get some exercise.

          2. Sadly, though, I think I am somewhat of an exception.

            1. I know for a fact you are R C, although I'm not sure what position you actually hold.

      2. That's probably because hospitals are over regulated and you'll be prosecuted at the drop of a hat if you pull that. I imagine if you pull it with the right office holder it's quite lucrative though. Especially if you're, say, screening refugee's on the border of Mexico for the government?

      3. You obviously did not work in the same hospital as Moochelle.

      4. What's your job, exactly?

  8. If he went into the writing supply business, he could sell pencils for $100,000 each and he'd find buyers.

    1. And the true believers would say that they are special pencils that are intrinsically worth that much.

    2. And you'd just know that every one of those pencils had been up a chubby intern at some point.

      1. *starts saving up, just in case*

      2. Paging SugarFree.

    3. I'm imagining Bill with sunglasses ,a cane,a dog and a donation cup on the street corner.

      1. How about sunglasses, a cane, and peddling souvenirs, novelties, and party tricks?


        1. I don't want to see his 'party tricks'.

        2. Actually, that reminds more of Nick Gillespie.

    4. More accurately, they'd "sell" pencils for $100,000 each but as a courtesy they'd come with a secret closed door meeting between the Clintons and the buyers and, in unrelated news that has absolutely nothing to do with the $100,000 per pencil transaction, said buyer would receive many lucrative contracts from the government.

  9. I'm struck by how both Clintons continue to thrive despite their remarkable record of sleazy dealings.

    This is because the only people capable of holding them accountable have no desire to do so. Everyone should have realized all along that Hillary would face absolutely no repercussions over her server for exactly this reason.

    1. Indeed. The civil servants who could go after them don't because they value their jobs more than their integrity. The politicians who threaten the jobs of those civil servants want to dip their beak.

      And thus the rule of law dies, cold, lonely, and neglected in a roadside ditch.

    2. Well, *technically* voters could have and can hold them accountable, too. But we are a stupid country.

      1. Since the Republicans are literally Hitler, anything the Clintons do must be excused.

        1. Wait, when did the republitards become left wing?

    3. I'm pretty sure that like 90% of the commentariat here said exactly that all along.

  10. OT: Ronald Reagan's attempted assassin to be released from mental hospital 35 years after the shooting

    Hinckley will be moving to his 90-year-old mother's home in Williamsburg, Virginia

    Hillary accepting the nomination and Reagan's shooter getting out? How fun!

    1. I spent some time there.The wife wanted to see the sights. It's right behind our trips to Pittsburgh to go to IKEA as most boring. Although,eating at the Grand Concourse by the river made the trip worthwhile.

      1. How did you get tickets to Hinckley's Mom's house?

        1. Bill was giving a speech there...

    2. Sirhan Sirhan fucked up, he should have shot a Republican.

    3. Hillary accepting the nomination and Reagan's shooter getting out? How fun!

      I don't suppose he still carries a torch for Jodie Foster, perchance?

      1. Not unless he digs lesbians.

  11. Let's look at a case in which the FBI was motivated to investigate: namely, the case against conservative filmmaker Dinesh D'souza, who, in 2012, was indicted for and eventually convicted of election contribution fraud. He had promised to reimburse two friends for making contributions to an old college chum's campaign. She lost in a blowout, and he went to jail. Let's set aside the fact that campaign finance laws are dumb and selectively enforced: after all, in that same year, D'souza had released an inflammatory film critical of Obama. Let's set aside a case rife with political retribution (for his indiscretion, D'souza spent eight months in a halfway house, was fined thirty grand, and will perform eight hours of community service every week for his five years of probation, in addition to mandatory therapy). Let's assume the punishment fits the crime. In the end, the FBI prevailed in investigating a man for political fraud. They recommended charges, which were duly taken up by an Attorney General. The system worked, such as it is.

    1. Contrast that with the rampant international corruption of the Clintons, and how little interest either the FBI or the IRS has in pursuing the rich tapestry of threads coming off it. Yes, the IRS has undertaken an investigation helmed by Lois Lerner's former subordinate, from the same office which targeted conservative tax-exempt groups, no less. You'll forgive me if I wouldn't trust Koskinen to pick up my mail while I'm away. His gambit is crystal clear: take the House Republicans' recommendation to investigate, toss it to a corrupt department sympathetic to Democrats, and let it lay fallow until after November. Then, presumably, he'll quietly bury it. Meanwhile, the left scratches its collective head when conservatives complain about the crumbling rule of law. Sure, it's alive and well: we nailed D'souza to the wall, didn't we?

      1. To add to this, the Clinton Foundation had "errors" in their tax returns for the entire time Clinton was Secretary of State. Basically for a half decade, they misfiled until they issued 'corrections' quietly.

        The IRS never even though to maybe investigate.

      2. This whole charade is so that they can "clear" the Clinton Foundation before the election, as another commenter pointed out.

        1. Maybe to clear it by attrition a la Benghazi, but not outright vet it before the election. Giving it the boilerplate treatment (it's being investigated, let's wait for the facts, you people are jumping the gun) will prove much less damaging to Clinton's credibility than an obvious political hack giving it official approbation the first week of November, even if it's no repeat of Comey's performance.

          1. This is more their play, I think.

            If the IRS does rush an exoneration, it will be a sign of desperation.

    2. Mandatory therapy? Like, anyone who criticizes Obama must me mentally ill, in the eyes of the law?

      1. Ho, ho, citizen, very funny. Imagine that, mandatory therapy being used as a punishment for ungoodthinkful behavior. No, peasant, the therapy is meant to help D'souza and other Republ?er, offenders to recognize the errors of their ways when it comes to arbitrary campaign finance laws.

        1. On the subject of campaign finance laws: it's really funny how "progressives' idolize countries like Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, yet they never mention that these countries have little to no regulation of which entities can make political contributions or in what amounts.

      2. Naturally.

  12. (for his indiscretion, D'souza spent eight months in a halfway house, was fined thirty grand, and will perform eight hours of community service every week for his five years of probation, in addition to mandatory therapy).

    Political dissent is a psychosis. Stalin smiles down on us from his place in Heaven.

  13. How come during the email scandal it was never mentioned that Comey was on the board of HSBC before becoming Director? Once you know that his decision not to prosecute makes perfect sense.

  14. John Stossel, here to do the grunt work of ripping Hillary! that the Reason kiddie corps just can't even.

    1. You wouldn't want too many of them Yokels getting comfy here.

      1. Yeah. Next thing you know there's a bunch of dudes with meth hair pissing in Bud empties in your living room, and an unreasonable number of skinny dogs on your porch.

  15. Fuck you!
    *rushes barricade only to find he's all alone*

  16. There was a time when I believed that the Clintons would actually get charged and convicted for some of their most flagrant dirty dealings, but that was when I was naive enough to believe we lived in a Constitutional Republic instead of a being ruled by a political aristocracy.

    1. So how did they do it? A failed governor in a low-ranking state, a transparent political whore who never uttered an analytical nor substantive answer to the nation-state conundrum. So how?

      Crises, controversies, kleptocracy... Yet still ticking, each of them destined for their portrait hanging in the ignoble halls of this phony republic.
      They fooled hundreds of millions, maybe billions. A sleazy, lying, adulterous car salesmen. An addle-brained, northeastern-educated economic illiterate....
      Who got the last laugh?

      And we're gonna make progress selling individual liberty and self discipline? Yuh.

      1. To quote a fella named Brett Maverick, "You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time...and those are pretty good odds."

  17. If only there were some way, some written document or something, written in plain English so people could understand it, and posted online somewhere so people could refer to it, that limited the power of presidents and senators so we wouldn't have to worry about what they would do with the influence they are selling!

  18. wow...just wow.

  19. I love Stossel, but to me the most damning part of Clinton Cash (which I was able to watch for free on YouTube last weekend) was the Uranium One deal. It is such a completely blatant selling of 20% of the US uranium supply to Russia for $135 million in donations to the Clinton's and their foundation. Yet, a solid paper trail and even a 3000 word story on the front page of the NY Times isn't enough to make anyone actually care.

    But, hey, what if maybe we suggest it was Putin that hacked the DNC emails to help Trump? That's a REAL scandal!

    1. This seems like pretty much the best time ever to mention exactly that.

    2. Seems to me that there is an element of similarity between the Clinton's and heroin and opium. Both are poison, both are habit forming.

    3. Have you considered the possibility the reason Hillary helped arrange the sale of uranium to Russia, is because Russia has Clinton's emails? Why did the DNC claim it was Russia who hacked them without providing anyone any evidence? After all, I believe Putin would prefer Clinton to Trump as president.

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  22. Two points, if I may.

    1. Electing a woman could show that "Washington favoritism" will be checked, or "stopped", but not when that woman is the Hilary Clinton we know so well.

    2. 15 % of Clinton Foundation monies went to actually help people in need. I'm surprised that it's that much.

    1. It depends on what the definition of 'need' is

  23. Yet she wants a Constitutional Amendment to Repeal Citizens United?

  24. "Ericsson ERIC 0.40% did pay Bill Clinton $750,000 while Hillary was Secretary of State, but the assertion that the company faced sanctions isn't entirely true. Yes, the SEC did send Ericsson a letter in 2010 asking it to explain the nature of its operations in Iran, but Ericsson's response makes it clear that the business it did in Iran was for commercial rather than for military purposes.

    The book is unable to show any evidence that the State Department wanted to quash the business Ericsson was doing in Iran prior to Bill Clinton's speech. In fact, there is evidence that the Clinton State Department and the rest of the Obama Administration wanted to spread the use of communications technology?like that which Ericsson provides?in Iran, in order to help dissidents combat oppressive governments.

    But even if the payment from Ericsson didn't end up affecting policy (and we can't say for sure either way), it was probably not a good idea for Bill Clinton to accept money from a company who had business in front of the State Department while his wife was running it."


  25. Sean Davis is being kind, as I've looked at the IRS 990s from the Clinton Foundation and saw only about 10% of their spending going to charities, and I'd bet a lot of that is corrupt and doesn't really go to charity.

    And Stossel is being kind, in his statement about what the Clinton cronies do to get money from the foundation. A lot of what they do is charge for consulting, which is another way of getting around bribery law. If you want my opinion, I won't charge you a 5 or 6 figure fee, unlike Clinton operatives who do work for the Clintons and claim it's consulting for charity on their tax returns. It's not "to schmooze with governments and charities" for charity, it's to work with politicians and government officials to help get Hillary elected, and for the Clinton's and their cronies to make money selling government favors.

  26. Violence and intimidation go a long way and so does the "Good 'Ol Boy" network.
    Elect Clinton and you will see corruption on an industrial scale.
    She has already proven she has nothing to fear from the laws little people answer to.

    1. To true mate, to true.

  27. I might be letting personal preferences cloud my judgement, but the description of how the Clinton's make money, some would call it stealing, sounds about right to me. Also, what might well be the dodge known as "speaking fees" sounds like a very god fit too. Just think, all Willie Sutton did was rob banks,and look at the criticism he received.

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