Police Abuse

North Miami PBA on Shooting of Unarmed Black Man: Meant to Shoot The Autistic Patient With the Toy Truck

Union chief says it's "not what the rest of country" was going through.



The Police Benevolent Association in North Miami came out to defend a police officer who shot an unarmed behavior specialist who was lying on his ground with hands up and trying to help the officer with an autistic patient who was holding a toy truck, the Miami Herald reported.

The unidentified officer insists through his union that he was aiming to shoot the patient, not Charles Kinsey, who was trying to help him with the patient after he left facility grounds. Kinsey says when he asked the cop why he shot him, the cop said he didn't know.

"I took this job to save lives and help people," the officer said, according to the union. "I did what I had to do in a split second to accomplish that and hate to hear others paint me as something that I'm not."

During the incident, the patient was holding a toy truck. According to previous reporting, someone apparently called 911 mistaking the toy truck for a gun, and telling a dispatcher the youth was suicidal. Kinsey was attempting to return the patient to the facility he had left, and to help defuse the situation with police.

The PBA chief, John Rivera, suggested the officer may not have had crisis intervention training, a department requirement. "I couldn't allow this to continue for the community's sake," Rivera said at a press conference yesterday. "Folks, this is not what the rest of the nation is going through."

Kinsey was hit in the leg and is expected to recover. The shooting reveals a lot of the issues contributing to excessive police violence. The officer, on paid leave, insists he took the job to save lives—not relevant. He defends his actions, which could have cost a life, and apparently were intended to do so (just not the person he shot), by saying he had to make a "split second" decision, a common refrain in police shootings. He insists he's not a racist—also irrelevant. Meanwhile, the union floats the idea the officer may not have received crisis intervention training, likely to use lack of training as a defense against termination. If the officer wants to save lives and help people, and do the right thing, he would resign. Shooting the autistic patient, who was sitting on the street holding a toy truck next to a behavior specialist attempting to help the officer defuse the situation, would not have been a better result. If the shooting was accidental and this story is cover, he failed to adhere to basic gun safety guidelines. The officer ought to be well-trained enough and have enough respect for the profession he is in to leave it. Warriors, as cops often like to call themselves, did the right thing.

Several of the policy proposals of Black Lives Matter's Campaign Zero initiative would help to lower the chances of such an incident happening. One of them, targeting police union contracts, has been the subject of protests this week in Oakland, New York, and D.C.

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  1. Oh, you were trying to kill the autistic guy with the toy truck?

    We understand. Heck, that could happen to anyone.

    1. After what happened in Nice, cops have to wary of people with trucks.

      1. Damn, Cato…

    2. Shoot the hostage, shoot the patient, at this point what difference does it make?

      At least that’s what his training taught him. Or was it Speed?

    3. Yeah, they say this as though it is somehow better. Although I did call it the other day when I said it might be a case of the cop going for the autistic guy and displaying the typical cop marksmanship.

  2. Um, that is supposed to make it better?

    1. These guys are completely tone deaf.

    2. Exactly. It boggles my mind that they think this is better. Like we’re all going to say, “Oh! So you weren’t shooting the unarmed black man because you’re racist. Instead, you were heroically trying to shoot the autistic kid before he could attack the behavior specialist with a toy truck. In that case, you deserve a medal.”

      Firing three shots makes it pretty hard to claim it was accidental discharge. But now, they have to concede that he fired three shots without hitting his target and with one shot hitting the victim he was “protecting”.

      Just so much stupid that it’s hard to process all of it.

  3. Hmmm. I think I would have went with “accidental discharge”. Lucky for him nothing would have happened either way.

    1. Didn’t I read that his weapon discharged more than once? Plus, there is no Autistic Lives Matter movement. He, the union and the department are in damage control, suddenly made aware of the mood of the nation.

      1. The moron probably had a select fire AR set on 3 round burst.

        1. uhhh, i hope not. That is a class 3 weapon (and it wouldn’t be an AR15). Are you telling me this cop is a class 3 firearms dealer?

          1. Police Dept’s aren’t subject to the NFA like individuals and often have full auto.

            1. I find that exceedingly difficult to believe. Not because I don’t think cops would want it, but because, if true, our streets would be littered with the automatic weapons given their habit of misplacing or deliberately losing firearms.

              1. A quick google for “cops full auto” turned up a few articles about the thousands in police hands.

                As much cop fellating as the majority of the country does, it makes sense why they think they need them, and why they’re exempt from restrictions.

                1. How is that even REMOTELY legal? That is federal law!

                  /in before FYTW

                2. Half to two-thirds of murders committed with legal automatic weapons have been committed by cops.

                  1. Only half? I’ve never heard of any legally owned FA being used in a violent crime that didn’t involve a cop.

      2. At the very least, we finally got acknowledgement from a police union that we have problem with police taking innocent lives.

        “Folks, this is not what the rest of the nation is going through.”–PBA chief, John Rivera

    2. It would almost sounded better for cops to say
      “Just got done shooting smack, and kept nodding off with finger on trigger. Damn, those head shots are tough from 30 yards away.”

  4. I was wondering if that was the actual intent at the time.

    Not only bad decisions but bad shooting too.

    This guy is an 0fer all around.

    1. But, “Oh shit! I wasnt aiming at you” is the proper response to shooting the wrong guy, not “I dont know”.

      1. He is a chickenshit who panicked. His frontal lobes turned off and he had tunnel vision. A person in that condition is going to shoot at the first thing that moves regardless. He has as much business being a cop as I would being an airline pilot or a brain surgeon.

        1. He has as much business being a cop as I would being an airline pilot or a brain surgeon.

          Fucker should be fired, but of course he won’t be. He’ll be given a paid vacation, then put on desk duty for a couple more weeks, some “more training” and then released back out onto the streets to further terrorize the populace.

          1. Fired?

            I think you misspelled “prosecuted.”

            1. E) All of the above.

            2. Yes, but I figured that’s even less likely than being fired.

    2. Shooting somebody dead is definitely a cure for suicidal impulses, I suppose. The officer was just trying to help the guy achieve his goals.

      1. Suicide is illegal, citizen. It’s a capital offense!

  5. “I took this job to save lives and help people,” the officer said, according to the union. “I did what I had to do in a split second to accomplish that and hate to hear others paint me as something that I’m not.”

    Cry me a fucking river, you sack of shit.

    1. Yeah, what a whiny little bitch. Of course it’s all about him and his feelings.

      1. Would they put up with this “I’m such a victim” posturing from the suspects they deal with? Of course not.

    2. “I took this job to save lives and help people,” the officer said, according to the union.

      Bullshit. Blatantly transparent union boilerplate bullshit.

      1. Yeah, boilerplate. The union dick had to bitch slap the cop 3 times because he kept saying, “stop resisting” when prompted instead of the designated post fuck-up line of “I took this job to save lives and help people.”

    3. Yes, yes, you save lives and help people by shooting them. Got it.

    4. “I took this job to save lives and help people,” the officer said, according to the union.

      Bullshit. Blatant, transparent, union boilerplate bullshit.

      1. Also, skwerlz.

      2. So what? Fuck your intentions.

  6. “I did what I had to do in a split second to accomplish that and hate to hear others paint me as something that I’m not.”

    With great power comes great leeway.

    1. *applause*

      hate to hear others paint me as something that I’m not

      I didn’t hear anyone call you “competent”?

  7. “…Meant to Shoot The Autistic Patient With the Toy Truck”

    Ed, you aren’t doing this right. No where in the article did you tell me whether or not this was or wasn’t OK. How am I supposed to know how to feel about this if you don’t tell me?

    1. Ask Donald Trump?

      1. Officer Shoots at Autistic Man, and That’s Not Okay.

        Was that so hard?

        1. You forgot the “Here’s Why”

          1. Where These Bullets Ended Up Will Blow Your Mind

            1. “Away.” You keep forgetting to say “away.”

          2. ‘The trick police don’t want you to know to avoid homicide charges.’

            1. Wear a badge when you attempt to kill someone? Just make sure it’s an authentic sheriff’s badge and not one of the Juden stars…

    2. Krayewski’s getting too old for this shit.

      1. He’s retiring tomorrow, you know.

  8. This is example #1487965 why “I thought it was a gun, it looked like he was reaching for a gun, etc” isnt a valid defense. Verifying a firearm should be the first requirement, even if that means sometimes the perp getting the first shot off.

    The need to understand that as part of the job, sometimes they might have to die so that the innocent live.

    1. That is one of the bigger problems here with the police attitude. The officer going homes safely isn’t the most important thing. Innocent people just minding their business going homes safely is the most important thing. And if a cop has to take a risk or give someone the benefit of the doubt to make sure that happens, that’s the job.

      1. Very well said, Zeb. Theoretically, that is why the taxpayers give them a pension after twenty years of work. “Thanks for taking risks.”

    2. Exactly. If they’re just armed busybodies with special legal powers, we don’t need them. If they want to make 100% sure they all get home every night safely, then they shouldn’t take a job where there’s a risk of interacting with desperate people who don’t want to be arrested and might be willing to resist with force. Personally, I’ve never been shot or stabbed, and I feel that one of my secrets to success in that regard is not stopping shady looking characters and asking them if they’re carrying anything naughty. I’ve even managed to do that without inflicting any harm on anyone in my life worse than a decent bruise and some temporary joint trauma.

    3. I wouldn’t mind the “I thought it was a gun” defense if they were punished for being wrong.

      1. “…if they were punished for being wrong.”

        You may want to qualify that once you hear that the punishment is a loss of holiday pay (2) and last in line at the cop shop doughnut box for a month….unless you think that is harsh enough.

        1. Nicholas: Why is everybody eating chocolate cake?
          Chief Inspector: The Black Forest gateau is on Danny. As punishment for his little indiscretion.
          Nicholas: His… Sir, I don’t think driving under the influence can be called a “little indiscretion.”
          Chief Inspector: No, the gateau is for misplacing his helmet the other week. Last night’s incident will require something rather more serious.
          Nicholas: Good.
          Chief Inspector: Do you like ice cream?
          Nicholas: I’m sorry, sir, I don’t follow.
          Chief Inspector: Let’s just say that we won’t be short of Chunky Monkey for the next month.

      2. “I thought it was a gun, and I had a split second to decide what to do, and I was wrong”

        This is a reasonable thing to say and the officer should be protected from prosecution IFF:

        1. the conditions make such a mistake reasonable. (darkness, etc.)
        2. the suspect/victim made some threatening move with the object
        3. there were actual, not made up after the fact, circumstances elevating ordinary safety concerns in the case. (the suspect was being arrested for a prior violent act, there was a bleeding victim at the scene etc.)

        The problem is that
        1. they never append the I was wrong clause
        2. this shooting, and many others, occured in broad daylight
        3. this shooting, and many others, involved a supposedly suicidal person (hint: killing a person to prevent a suicide is insane)
        4. holding an object is not a threatening move, standing frozen in fear as an armed officer yells at you is not a threatening move, getting out your license, as instructed, is not a threatening move.

        Qualified immunity is immunity from honest error in difficult circumstances, which we grant because we ask police to go down the dark alley after the murderer. It is not (or rather should not be) immunity from prosecution for grossly negligent decisions. Shooting at autistic kid with truck in broad daylight should not be covered.

        1. 1. Police are never mistaken. It’s just that facts sometimes don’t comport with their intuition.
          2. Daylight can be just as misleading as darkness when it needs to be.
          3. Suicidal suspects are the worst sort of suspects because they’re stealing work from the police.
          4. Every movement is furtive movement when your heart is racing, adrenaline is pumping, and shit is leaking down your khakis.

  9. “I did what I had to do in a split second to accomplish that and hate to hear others paint me as something that I’m not.”

    It would seem to me that you came up to a situation that was already well under control, had plenty of time to assess the situation, could see that no one was brandishing a firearm or other weapon. Yet you felt the need to not only draw your weapon in this situation, but aim it at someone, and then fire a round.

    You aimed and fired at a defenseless and harmless man from short range, yet you had so little control the you hit another person – defenseless and *openly submissive*.

    So, you may not be racist – but you’re at a minimum criminally incompetent. So incompetent that there should be sanctions against the people who hired you and signed off on your training cert. The other explanation is that you are simply to fearful to be a police officer. And the final option is that you’re a psychopath who took this as an excuse to kill a man – only your incompetent saved you from yourself.

    1. That “split-second” shit seemed cliche given the on-going completely safe situation.

      1. It’s all cop union boilerplate bullshit, Drake. That’s why Dunphy was so easily parodied – he was like a low-grade AI that kept spouting the same phrases over and over again. If you pay close attention to the justifications used by/for bad cops they always use the same phrases.

    2. The officer “raised the rifle, then shot 3 times” at autistic kid with toy. He missed his target three times, and hit black “hostage” he meant to save.

      This seems a little suspicious, not automatically aiming at the black suspect as training dictated. Then 3 of 3 bullets swerved away from the white suspect. One round hit the “black hostage”, whom you immediately handcuffed, and left bleeding on the road for 20 minutes.

      One question. Why stop shooting when the threat wasn’t eliminated?
      Any chance you were shooting those new “Black Cripplers” we hear so much about? I know, you were probably using them to shoot black mugshots.

      BTW: When you tell a lie, its supposed to sound better than the truth. Otherwise, why bother?

  10. I called it.

  11. Maybe the rifle is secretly racist and decided to ambush the poor police officer.

  12. You’d think in a sane country that values to the rule of law, these stupid fucking pigs would be trained in fundamental rights, i.e. the constitution, before they are put on the street to enforce the laws. And that one of those laws requires them to NOT do something except to tell the special “autistic” snowflake to go fuck himself. But this is a country that is neither sane nor values the rule of law..

    1. Jesus Christ, i 90% agree with an AdditionMyth post. Man, i hate days like today.

      1. Mama told you there’d be days like this, there’d be days like this, your mama said.

      2. This is not is a sane country. I don’t believe this country values the rule of law. Who believes this was caused by ‘lack of training’? Fuck the difficulty of their job. Dishwashing is a difficult job. Telephonic sales is a difficult job. But you don’t any whining like fucking pussies. They signed up to be societies, fuck them.

    2. tell the special “autistic” snowflake to go fuck himself.

      What a shitty thing to say.

      1. And do you have some evidence that this kid is not autistic or are you just being an asshole?

      2. Look what sock said it….

        1. I had to read that twice. “He can’t possibly be saying what I think he’s saying.”

  13. I told my wife last night that the cop was shooting at the autistic kid. There is no way he actually hit his intended target.

    Whether or not he had “crisis” training, I am pretty sure he had firearms training. By his own admission he hit an innocent bystander by failing to 1) hit his target and 2) be aware of what was behind his target.

    I remain unclear on what part of a cop’s armed response would not be considered a “crisis” that would require training on day one of the job. In other words, how do you justify issuing a firearm to someone who is not trained to make decisions on when and how to use it?

    1. The cop comes off as catastrophically incompetent.

  14. “Folks, this is not what the rest of the nation is going through.”

    Incompetent, borderline-retarded sociopaths shooting people for little to no reason? Yes it fucking is, you mendacious fuck.

    1. They’re all a bunch of fucking liars and psychos every last one. When will people wake up and realize the police state is already here? At least Trump will get them under control once and for all. Take care of the crime on our streets and by these crazies at the same time. Get them the training or the ‘crate training’ they need.

    2. Incompetent, borderline-retarded sociopaths shooting people for little to no reason?

      And then their police union rallying around them to defend their actions and ensure that there will be absolutely no repercussions of any kind (other than a paid vacation for the sociopath and an increase to the department’s training budget). Yeah, this is exactly what the rest of the country is going through. What a fucking cunt. I hope he has run in with a woodchipper soon.

  15. If the claim is they shot at the autistic guy with the toy truck but just missed, then why did they handcuff the victim?

    1. Totality of the circs, brah.

    2. Because he was the only large black male on the scene.

  16. It’s the gun’s fault. Bullets are attracted to black men like magnets attracted to metal.

    1. That’s not even funny.

      “Did you know aluminum is not magnetic? I learned something today.” – Barack Obama, 2012

  17. Guys, it’s cool, he was just trying to murder the mental child.

    1. He was brandishing a truck! You never know, what with that dude in France!

      1. For all the cop knew, that “truck” might have been Optimus Prime.

  18. You know what’s going to stick in my head for a good long while? The hysterical voice of that fuckwit cop who murdered a legally armed citizen during a traffic stop. “I told him not to reach for it! I told him to get his head up!”

    And from now on, every time I read a cops justifications for shooting someone, that’s the voice I’m reading it in. “I took this job to save lives! I did what I had to do!”

  19. “I did what I had to do in a split second to accomplish that and hate to hear others paint me as something that I’m not.”

    “I mean, I may be a sociopath who shoots unarmed autistic people, but only if they’re white! I’m not a racist!” /retard cop

    1. And, hilariously, misses the hefty autistic guy and hits the supine black guy with his arms in the air. Cop guns are racist!

      1. Their guns are usually black, so self loathing and racist against their own race.

        1. The cop was using an Uncle Tommy gun.

          1. You win today. Collect your earnings from Rico Suave’s hair stylist(go to the hippest hairstylist in any major metropolis).

  20. Aren’t these post act justifications supposed to try to put it in a better light? I am not sure they understand this PR stuff

  21. I mean a truck did kill like 80 people in France. That toy truck could have probably taken out at least 5-6 people. This man should be given a medal. Also, great job at putting handcuffs on the shooting victim. You know, the one that posed zero threat the whole time, who you accidentally shot. You never know what those brown people will do. Give this man a medal.

    1. ‘I was trying to save his life. That’s why I shot and handcuffed him’.

      1. Maybe the cop subscribes to “leeching” as a form of healthcare. He was just trying to let the guy bleed out a sickness or something.

    2. Wikipedia has the Nice truck at 19 tons, or ~42,000lbs. That’s 525lbs per person killed. Assuming the toy truck is 12oz, it would inflict only about 1.5E-3 the damage of the Nice truck. But we are talking about lethal injury. Assuming the injury inflicted is proportional to the average weight of those killed which for convenience I’ll put at 180lbs (I know, I know, no Frenchie actually weights 180lbs… they’re 82kg, whatever that means), that means about three times the weight of the victim is sufficient to kill them. Likely more than sufficient, of course, but we are making a lot of assumptions here. Anyway, the toy truck probably weights more than a human heart, and could easily inflict permanent if not lethal damage with enough force. So, to wrap up: good shoot, officers went home safe, medals for everyone.

      1. Haha. I knew someone was going to do this. Damn fact checkers

  22. Also, I can’t get any traction talking to my wife or anyone else who leans right about this issue. They all hide behind the “cops jobs are hard” bullshit. Well no shit the job is hard, but if you are scared shitless everyday and are trigger happy, then don’t take the fucking job.

    Also, a follow up on that Gainesville Cop. – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=el4qyJFJmbI

    Maybe, he should give training to everyone. Also, I love Shaq!

    1. They all hide behind the “cops jobs are hard” bullshit.

      Not as hard as soldiers in the ME who actually do have people out to kill them. Somehow they manage to do a decent job of not shooting their civilian specialists, translators, liaisons, and attachs and, to the best of my knowledge, they don’t ever receive ‘crisis intervention training’.

  23. So can the department fire him for being the worst shot in the world?

    With a rifle, at less than 100 yards, he missed by several feet and shot a bystander instead! Holy shit. There’s a man who should not have a job that involves firearms in any way.

    1. What’s up with patrol officers being issued rifles, anyway? Why did the puppy killer in Oklahoma have the rifle he retrieved from his squad car to kill it?

      1. Policing is dangerous. Gotta give our boys in blue what they need to do the tough job we ask them to do and still make it home safely every night. That dog could’ve jumped the fence and taken his service weapon, after all.

          1. I needed that.

          2. What we need is common-sense wiener dog control!

          3. So that’s where Monarch of the Glen got it from!

    2. And there we have it. The cop can’t even claim that he reacted the way he did as a defensive reflex. 100 yards out is implausible as ‘self defense range’ against – well – just about anything that isn’t a rifle.

      You can imagine the excuse brainstorming that went on.

      Maybe it was a ‘long truck’.

      1. He was more concerned about the effluence his wife would have to scrub out of his patrol trousers.

      2. Nobody needs a truck longer than 10 inches.

        1. Or a penis for that matter

    3. I also read on a few gun websites that this officer was part of their SWAT team. Don’t know if that’s true or not, but if it is, it makes it even worse.

  24. Faith is the brutal raping of reason’s tiny asshole. Faith is exactly the state of rational inactivity police unions wish to be viewed through. Faith instills magic chattel into collective conscience when it exists as vacuum. Police unions have become synonymous with political deification and any intelligent person distant from the gods realizes that deities believed upon commit no crimes.

    1. You know things aren’t going well when Agile makes perfect sense to you stone sober.

  25. According to previous reporting, someone apparently called 911 mistaking the toy truck for a gun, and telling a dispatcher the youth was suicidal.

    If the youth were suicidal, he would called for the cops himself.

    1. A nice one.

  26. Hold on…I thought I was looking at Reason.com but this is clearly an article from The Onion…

    1. I thought it was the scene from Idiocracy with Frito’s car. Did all the local idiots start cheering?

  27. “I did what I had to do in a split second to accomplish that and hate to hear others paint me as something that I’m not.”

    The cop has a point: he’s not a racist. Instead he’s an armed idiot.

    This is kind of like the Hillary Defense. (viz: She was too incompetent to have had intent to break the law while he was too poor a marksman and too stupid for this to be a racist shooting.)

  28. Let me predict what will happen to the cop:

    “We find that he isn’t a racist, in fact he took a sick black person to the hospital once [heartstring-tugging details]

    “We find that he simply didn’t get the proper training for these special situations [wank wank]

    “We will give the whole department some new training and then they’ll play basketball with some black youths, and then Officer Friendly will be back on the streets helping people and saving lives.”

    1. “Heck, this cop was so traumatized we’re going to give him a raise by way of compensation.”

  29. “I did what I had to do in a split second to accomplish that and hate to hear others paint me as something that I’m not.”

    Such as the world’s worst shot? A hysterical mental case who should be wrapped in foam rubber to protect himself and others? The textbook example of the kind of person who should never have a firearm or weapon of any kind?

    With all due respect to police who aren’t utter embarrassments to the profession, this is why there are people who hear about the Dallas police shootings and think, “That’s a good start.”

    1. No, it’s not a good start at all, it’s murder and of course everyone who criticizes the police will be blamed for the actions of the murderers(s).

      1. Well of course it’s murder, and it reinforces the myth of the war on cops. But the reason you see shit like the Dallas shooting, and the reason that you see people actually seeing those murders as justifiable, or at least understandable, is because of rampant police abuse.

  30. “I didn’t mean to shoot the unarmed black man; I was trying to kill the autistic patient who was brandishing a toy truck” is quite possibly the most fucking retarded response these retards could have puked out.

    Now, I think we can all agree that mistaking a toy truck for a gun is something that happens to all of us. Right? Toy truck, gun; they’re basically the same object. I’d have to be within a few inches to tell the difference between a toy truck and a gun. Perhaps I’d need a pictorial guide, like the menu at Waffle House.

    But, how do you explain away the man laying flat on his back, with his hands raised, shouting at you that the person you are about to murder is 1) Developmentally disabled, 2) holding a non-lethal object, and 3) scared of you because you are screaming at him and pointing a gun at him?

    Golly gee, I have all the deference in the world for our Warriors in Blue, the way they keep us safe from marauding hordes of marijuana addicts and shoplifters and sellers of untaxed cigarettes. I’d just like to hear a more thorough explanation from the union about why this officer thought this autistic patient needed to die.

    1. Gods need never explain their funny business. Requiring otherwise is a performance in blasphemous heresy. The planet is awash in mystical figments and political manifestation racing toward collective infallibility.

    2. Maybe his aim was also off when he cuffed the unarmed black man and left him bleeding in the street. Probably meant to cuff some other person to save their life.

  31. Cop supremacy over this nation will rise like an aberrant rocket under the strict tutelage of Trump.

    1. To be fair, the same’ll happen to no lesser degree under Herself.

      1. Trump has embraced a prosperous police state as a distinct tenant of his platform and Hillary will never be the next president.

        1. Yes on the first part, hope you’re right on the second.

          1. I’d rather live in a prosperous Police State than a destitute one, but I’m far from convinced that either of them have embraced policies that will deliver the former.

            1. Makes you want to say, “EVERYBODY! LISTEN UP! Ok, just stop for a minute. These two candidates are awful. I propose a Hillexit/Trumpexit referendum for August. You vote to either allow both of them to run, or neither of them are allowed. I bet you’d get about 90% support to boot them both out.

        2. a distinct tenant tenet of his platform


          1. Damn your speedy fingers

        3. Agile I love you, but I have seen this one too often of late a tenant is one who occupies a rented dwelling. the word is tenet

          1. Nikki, is that you?

  32. Wait ’til this gets replayed when the cop shows up in an MRAP with a .50 cal. Getting shot in the leg is a mortal wound when it takes half your leg off plus kills the neighbor’s dog and the neighbor and a random pedestrian 6 blocks away.

  33. The idea that the cop was willing to shoot an innocent person of any color is reason enough to force a change in police tactics. Not to mention the fact that even with a rifle at close range that moron couldn’t hit the side of a barn from the inside.

  34. WTF. All that military equipment and not a fucking laser sight for this guy. Where are the priorities. Looks like there needs to be some more asset forfeiture since the gubermint cannot see to adequately equipping the heros in blue.

    1. Or, you know, a pair of binoculars. Why they’re not a standard component of an officer’s arsenal, I have no idea.

      1. I have no idea

        I do, actually: you can’t hurt someone with a pair of binoculars, and what you don’t know can’t hurt your job.

        1. A good pair of binocs are pretty heavy and make a good flail if equipped with straps.

          1. How heavy is a moral compass?

            1. *Shots fired*

    2. If you need a laser sight for a rifle at that short a distance… well, a laser sight won’t help that level of incompetence.

      1. Fuck lasers – every long gun issued should have a red dot reflex sight installed. Yes, even shotguns. If you can hold a rifle, and know which end is which, it beggars belief that you couldn’t hit somewhere near center of mass at 100 yards with one of them.

        Admittedly, it’s far harder to do with an adrenalin dump fucking with your head, but then – why would this kind of incident turn an alleged man into a pants-shitting neurotic? And the fact that it seemingly DID, there’s no place for a guy like this on the force. Least of all a SWAT guy, if that snippet of information turns out to be true.

  35. Anyone want to lay odds on a resignation?

  36. …”The officer ought to be well-trained enough and have enough respect for the profession he is in to leave it…..”

    I am waiting on pins and needles to read what this editor thinks is well-trained. My guess is he has not thought that through.

  37. The cops latter statement should be viewed as bull’s vomit! If his intent was to protect Mr. Kinsey by shooting Rinaldo ( the autistic man)? Why was his initial response to Mr. Kinsey “I don’t know” when he was asked. “Why did you shoot me?” If that was truly his intention, Why didn’t he say ” I was trying to protect you!” when that question was first asked? ….. Had more time to time of a questionable answer…SMDH Some need to taught more sensitivity training than word games! Especially when someone else’s life is in their hands!

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  39. Nonsense. IF it can be determined that the officer is sincere in wanting to save lives, and he has learned his lesson, he should be kept on the force. (Note the big “IF.”) Otherwise, we’ve lost somebody who is sincere and has learned his lesson, to be replaced by someone unknown. We should be grateful it wasn’t worse. The problem with “zero tolerance,” whether applied to police or to offenders, is that it treats everyone the same, regardless of their individuality and willingness to learn from their mistakes. The “danger to the public” factor is too important to make irrelevant to the question of whether this officer can’t be trusted in the future. Forgiveness is a virtue and so is common sense.
    I think we have a problem with ex-military and/or military-wanna-be’s being hired as police without sufficient re-training. That, and possibly too much time playing video games. We have a problem, clearly. While we’re at it, all officers should spend time in the K-9 unit learning how to be “calm-assertive” with dogs (and people).

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