Police Abuse

Philando Castile May Have Been Pulled Over Because Police Thought He Looked Like a Robbery Suspect


When Philando Castile was pulled over Wednesday night by officers Jeronimo Yanez and Joseph Kauser, purportedly for a broken tail light according to the video account of the aftermath of his being shot and killed by Yanez made by passenger Diamond Reynolds, the officers' real reason for wanting to pull them over and check I.D.s is because they thought he was a robbery suspect, according to scanner audio obtained by KARE 11 NBC TV in Minneapolis.

Philando Castile Facebook

The station did verify the license plate mentioned was that of the car Castile was driving, and the "locations mentioned also correspond" to the stop. They did not get police to authoritatively state that it was indeed scanner audio preceding the incident.

An officer says "I'm going to stop a car and check I.D.s. I have reason to pull it over, the two occupants just look like people that were involved in a robbery. The driver looks more like one of our suspects just 'cause of the wide-set nose." A minute and a half later, "shots fired" is said on the audio.

KARE could identify only this, from July 2, as a near-in-time robbery that St. Anthony police might have been investigating.

KARE also said in another story that it has sources that have confirmed that Castile did have a carry permit issued by Hennepin County, though permits in Minnesota are not matters of public record.

Hat tip: I found the newsclip originally at Rare.

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  1. All robbery suspects look alike.

    1. He was suspiciously black.

      1. It was the nose.

    2. And they usually bring along a 4-year old girl so people will think they aren’t robbers.

      1. The robbery was days prior, and in the same local area. I’ve seen CCTV pictures of the robbery suspect, and Castile absolutely fit the description. Not saying he did it, but the cop had totally reasonable suspicion to investigate at the very least.

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  2. Most burglars use women and children as cover, so blast away.


  3. In rolls the “but he was a particular individual” defense

    1. Aren’t we all?

  4. Remember that deep down, they are just government bureaucrats. Their stupidity in trying allay blame is as hilarious as a DMV employee trying to speak English.

  5. It’s those calm robbers telling you they have a carry permit that you gotta watch.

    1. Remember the lady who was carry licensed in another state that suddenly realized she was in New York and turned herself in? In retrospect getting thrown in jail was a stroke of luck.

    2. We don’t yet know whether that actually happened; all we have to go on is the Facebook video his girlfriend made. We DO know that he did not, in fact, have a carry permit issued by that county.

  6. He was black… of course he looked like a robbery suspect.

    1. Suspect is a black male, between 4’5″ and 7′, 100-400 lbs, wearing clothes. Possibly a hat of some kind.

      1. With a wide nose. That narrows it down some.

        Where is swiss?

  7. The driver looks more like one of our suspects just ’cause of the wide-set nose.”

    Reminds me of an old SNL bit: “I don’t judge a man according the the color of his skin, I judge him according to the size of his nostrils.”

    1. Yeah, “black male with wide-set nose” is like…3/4 of black males, right? I mean I’m not taking measurements or anything but that’s a ludicrous reason to pull somebody over.

      1. Yeah, I suspect “wide-set nose” is a euphemism for “black” here.

          1. So wrong….

    2. You know who else had a wide-set nose?

      1. John Belushi?

      2. Andre the Giant?

      3. Cyrano?

  8. Always move the goalposts.

  9. Despite the fact the shooting officer was named “Jeronimo Yanez,” obviously not a white man, this shooting is somehow being falsely chalked up to “white racism.”

    While this shooting was a tragedy that took the life of an innocent man, the reason that many police shootings involve blacks is because (a) the black violent crime rate is higher, leading to higher levels of black suspects, and in fact, (b) the percentage of police shooting victims who are black is lower than the percentage of police officers who are shot or killed by blacks.

    For some relevant crime data, see here: http://goo.gl/NmLVGj

    1. All police have white privilege. Ask the experts at BLM.

      1. Its the old 1 drop rule in reverse, don’t cha know?

      2. Weren’t most of the cops involved in the Freddy Gray thing black? Most of the Baltimore police department is black. Some black cops who are part of a majority black department in a majority black city kill a black suspect and somehow the whole thing just shows how racist white people are.

        1. Its racist because all cops are blue first and every other color second. That’s the problem.

          1. *Not ALL cops. Too many cops. Even if its only 10% blue first and 88% who would rather keep their job than do the right thing.

          2. I am not blue and neither are 99% of the white people in the world. So how about you leave us the fuck out of it?

            1. I agree. Its got nothing to do with the average white “civilian” being racist, or even the average non-black cop being racist. It has everything to do with black people being poorer, poor people being more likely to be both perp and victim of a crime, and cops interacting with both more frequently.

              1. Actually, there are some interesting studies that show that even black people are racist against black people.

                Seriously. Even black people have more automatic negative reactions towards and distrust of, other black people.

              1. I was expecting Papa Smurf

                1. I’m not sure if this guy was a Libertarian or not.

                2. Nope the Smurfs are a bunch of commies.

                  1. A bunch of Belgian commies. The worst kind of commie.

                    1. Well, the little commie bastards finally got what was coming to them!


        2. Baltimore City police are certainly not majority black and, from what I understand, most Baltimore City cops live somewhere other than Baltimore City, with significant numbers in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

          1. Meh. Its always been that way. NYC cops tend to grow up in the city and move out to Long Island or New Jersey. Just like everyone else who works in a big city, but can’t afford to live in the decent parts.

          2. Yes they are.

            Of the 2,745 active duty police officers in the department ? 1,445 ? more than half are African-American, Hispanic, Asian or Native American, according to data provided by the Baltimore police department to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

            * Four of its top six commanders are either African-American or Hispanic.

            * More than 60 percent of the incumbents at the highest command levels hail from minority communities.

            * Among the 46 Baltimore police officers who hold the rank of captain and above, 25 are from ethnic or racial minority groups. That constitutes 54 percent of the command leadership.

            Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2015/05…..z4DqXRHDVa

            1. Majority minority, sounds like it’s pretty close to about half, certainly not “most of the Baltimore Police Dept”.

              1. What do you think “most of” means? It means more than half, which is precisely what 1,445 of 2,745 is. So, yes, more than half of the Baltimore police force is a minority. On top of that, the representation in the leadership ranks is comparable.

                1. More than half are from some minority. Less than half are black, almost certainly.

            2. John puts the pop in apoplectic.

    2. He was a “white asian” apparently.

      1. Asian = White for some definitions of White.

    3. Maybe the black violent crime rate is higher because police enforcement is higher in black neighborhoods. I’m not saying that enforcement is the entire reason for the black crime rate is higher. But, if you break it down into categories you will find evidence that yes, in fact, enforcement does seem to be skewed towards black citizens. All you need to do is look at drug enforcement statistics. Black people use drugs at the same rate as white people do. Yet, they are arrested and convicted for drugs at much higher rates. So, how do you explain that discrepancy?

      1. The black incarceration rate is higher because of enforcement. The black violent crime rate is just higher. Young black men are more likely to die a violent death before they are 25 than young American men during World War II. The black community has an enormous violence and criminality problem. And I am not talking about bullshit non crimes like drugs. I mean real crimes like theft, assault and murder.

        1. “The black violent crime rate is just higher.”

          That’s ridiculous. Nothing just is, there is a cause somewhere out there. You don’t think that the skewed enforcement of petty bullshit has any causal effect on the criminality problem within the black community? I personally don’t see how it couldn’t. But, I’m curious as to what you think the reason that the “rate is just higher”.

          1. You don’t think that the skewed enforcement of petty bullshit

            No. I don’t. Unlike drug crimes, violent crimes have a victim. And victims usually notice that the crime has occurred and expect the police to do something about it. If white people were out committing all of these violent crimes and getting away with it, there would be a whole lot of victims demanding justice. There are not.

            Actually, Sally Cohen tried to claim this. And it was so ridiculous even politifact wouldn’t buy it.


            1. I’m not saying that the violent crime rate isn’t higher in the black community. But, it’s not “just because”. I personally see where petty enforcement of bullshit laws can cause higher violent crime rates in an community. When someone is arrested for drugs or even just a jaywalking warrant. Their employment prospects are diminished. Over time that can have the effect of forcing whole communities into black markets to support themselves. And, violence is the only recourse in a black market.

              1. The war on drugs is certainly to blame for a good part of the extra violence in black and other poor urban communities.

                1. Don’t forget the astounding percentage of blacks that grow up without a father.

                  1. That doesn’t help either. And is also in part due to the war on drugs.

                    There are big problems in black culture and government programs make them far worse.

                    1. Exactly, In my opinion welfare contributes quite a bit to the single parent household. I think the way it’s structured, it incentivizes single parent households.

          2. Well it can’t be the government assistance programs. That would mean indians would still be struggling.

          3. That’s ridiculous. Nothing just is, there is a cause somewhere out there.

            Psychopathy rates have an inverse relationship with average ethnic IQ. The search for the magic environmental bullet that will cure violence is on par with the quest for the Fountain of Youth.

            1. Probably too pessimistic on my part. Gene therapy, superintelligence, or some other technological leap may give us the means of boosting IQs in the next few generations, which would almost certainly reduce crime rates in all populations. Even a modest boost to 100 or 110 would go a long way toward eliminating most violence at the societal level.

              1. I’m pretty sure Hitler tried that through Eugenics. It didn’t work.

                1. So Jews actually have a lower IQ than Germans?

                  1. You do understand what Eugenics is right?

                    Eugenics: It is a social philosophy advocating the improvement of human genetic traits through the promotion of higher rates of sexual reproduction for people with desired traits (positive eugenics), or reduced rates of sexual reproduction and sterilization of people with less-desired or undesired traits (negative eugenics)

                  2. Everybody has a lower IQ than Germans, just ask them!

                2. Embryonic gene therapy is a different animal than proggy eugenics. If an expanded understanding of the genome would allow us to create an entire generation of 160+ IQs, it would solve virtually all of our crime issues. Among other things.

                  1. While I have no doubt that we will probably be able to raise IQ’s through gene editing. I’m not sure it will have the effect that you think it will. You are just as likely to end up with a generation of Ted Bundy’s. IQ isn’t the best indicator of violent criminality. Education and Socioeconomic status factors are better indicators.

                    1. +1 Khan Singh

                3. I’m pretty sure Hitler tried that through Eugenics. It didn’t work.


              2. However, the scale is always renormalized to 100. People who test at 80 now would test 100 in 1916. Nothing changed except the average.

          4. Nothing just is, there is a cause somewhere out there. You don’t think that the skewed enforcement of petty bullshit has any causal effect on the criminality problem within the black community?

            No, I don’t. The “enforcement of petty bullshit” was an ill-conceived attempt to reduce criminality, but high rates of criminal activity were preexisting.

            High rates of criminal offenses occur in marginalized groups; in the case of African Americans, the marginalization is largely self-imposed.

            1. I’m not sure that petty policing is all that new for black communities. The Jim Crow days where not that long ago. And, you could argue that Jim Crow just morphed into petty bullshit policing. Or maybe that was always there. Jim Crow was pretty much a southern thing if I’m not mistaken. And, the petty policing seems to be a nation phenomenon.

              1. High crime rates in black communities in the US probably have existed since before the US was founded: it’s what you often get in poor immigrant groups, and it was exacerbated by massive abuses and discrimination.

                Jim Crow was a combination of post-slavery Southern whites trying to maintain their privileges and progressive racism, eugenics and paternalism. Of course, petty policing came out of that combination of attitudes: Democrats and progressives believed that blacks needed close government supervision and “assistance” because they thought blacks were incapable of handling their own affairs (a belief that persists to this day in the Democratic party).

    4. For (b), those statistics are not comparable. You’d need to either change one side to “The percentage of people who are shot by black people who are police” or change the other side to “The percentage of black people who are shot where the shooter was a police officer”.

    5. you sure Yanez isn’t this thing called ‘white hispanic’?

      1. Looking at his picture he clearly is not a “White Hispanic”. As I said, its the old 1 drop rule in reverse.

      2. I thought he was Hmong. He looks more white than black in the picture I can find, but I think he is neither. Not that it should matter.

        1. It’s collectivism all the way down. Individual cops in various cities have shot various individual suspects, some justified, some less so, some deserving criminal charges for the cop, some of which avoid convictions. Other cops in other cities are not responsible for those actions.

    6. Hispanic isn’t a race. There’s nothing exclusive between white and Hispanic.

  10. A bit off topic, but my God is the New York Times racist. They published an article today about how the Dallas shootings “further divide America by race”. WTF?


    I don’t know a single person black or white who has much disagreement over Dallas. Apparently the NYT actually thinks that black people support the indiscriminate murder of police officers. If they don’t, then exactly what about Dallas divides the country by race?

    1. When the only tool you have is a hammer…

    2. When a racist or group of racists (still not sure what the official details are yet) go out and shoot some people of other races out of declared hatred for that race, I could see how you could say that the event “divides the country by race”.

      That being said, I sort of suspect the NYT doesn’t mean it that way…

      1. I think you could say at most that it represents a divide that is already there. Unless you can show that the two races disagree about the event, I don’t think you can say it further divides things. It only further divides things if the races disagree about the event, which necessarily implies black people excuse it or support it.

        1. The planet will begin to heal. The oceans will recede…

          1. So the personal Jeweler for Kayne West has like 700 thousand twiter followers and a “verified account”. The guy has been openly calling for the execution of cops and celebrating what happened last night. Twitter hasn’t so much as taken away his verification much less suspended his account. Meanwhile Twitter took away Milo Yiannappolous’ verification because he is a big meanie and Anna Sarkesian doesn’t like him.


            We have to have standards you know.

            1. Kanye West”s jeweler has more credibility than Kanye.

        2. No, that is not the point. The point is that this will anger white people.

          1. It angers black people too, unless you think they all want cops dead.

  11. Soo… instead of waiting for backup and ordering the guy out of the car while remaining in a safe and controlled defensive position, the officer went off to be a hero, and then upon realizing that he wasn’t a hero, just shot the guy. Well, that make murder okay, right? Why even indict the guy?

    1. Brett – those officers went home safe that night. That’s all that matters.

      1. I would say that criminal negligence definitely only applies to the little people. Apparently neither cops nor Clintons can be criminally negligent. The problem is that justice is the only societal answer to feuds and vengeance. If people feel they can no longer rely on getting justice most of the time, they’ll start trying to take revenge instead. In this, I agree with John, its a terrible world to live in. But it can only be solved by restoring the societal faith in justice.

        1. Lighten up, Francis.

        2. But how will we get our social justice?

  12. Why yes, he does look like two middle-aged asian women.

  13. Well…..all you mammals do look a like.

    1. Silence, tautara.

      1. Tuatara

  14. I’d like side-by-side pictures of the actual robber and the guy who got shot for “looking like” the robber.

    Until then, I’m skeptical of this defense.

  15. This can and will be used to justify the shooting.

    1. Yes, absolutely a “good shoot” now.

  16. Oh, well, LOOKING like a robbery suspect is certainly worth of being a capital offense.

    1. This is why I shaved my Hitler moustache.

  17. , the two occupants just look like people that were involved in a robbery.

    “There’s a sketchy looking criminal type driving that car, Bob. Let’s roust him.”

  18. Until the law specifically requires cops to shoot black motorists on sight, the black on black crime rate means exactly fuck all on the side of the road when the cop asks a cooperative driver to produce his license and then shoots him when he attempts to produce it.

  19. RE: Philando Castile May Have Been Pulled Over Because Police Thought He Looked Like a Robbery Suspect

    All civilians (non-police officers) look like robbery suspects and deserved to be shot.
    That’s just one of the many benefits of living in a police state.

  20. He was a robbery suspect and also a member of the notorious gang the Crips



    1. I think I may have done some irreversible damage to my intellect by reading those two posts and their comments.

      You’ve got to be borderline retarded to think flipping off a camera and holding alcohol makes someone a gang banger.

      1. The authors are likely Trump supporters. There’s no borderline retardation there.

      2. Castile’s Facebook page was all about Crips,and wearing blue,the Crip color.
        Check out the conservativetreehouse.com,they’ve got some good stuff on this. They show the store surveillance photos,that look exactly like Castile.

  21. Old Philando Castile was a Gang Bangin thug who knocked over convenience stores. The commentators at Reason are perhaps the dumbest on the NET.

    1. the dumbest

      Please, we’re not even in the bottom 200.

    2. Have you told your sister Happy Anniversary yet?

  22. He looks like spike lee

  23. Here’s the girlfriend and Castilo the day before, getting stoned in the car ? with the 4-year old kid in the back seat ? driving under the influence.


    Anyone want to guess why she was so “calm” during the incident?

    This case gets thrown-out easily….

    1. Castile’s “GF”,that he called his “side B_tch”,now is selling T-shirts and has a GoFundMe page raking in $1000’s.

  24. If your argument can be summarized as “He didn’t live as a saint, so his roadside execution is NBD”, please PLEASE remember that you’re supposed to [redacted instructions for seriously injuring/killing oneself with household cleaners, because I’m a pussy who fears our police state’s disturbing interest in wood chipper related activities] before using either: You could hurt someone important with your fucking ignorance if you forget.

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  26. and Castile,by his own Facebook page,is a Crip.

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