Gun Rights

Democrats Sit-In for Secret Lists and Maybe Even a Police State

Still shamelessly exploiting emotions without regard to the dangerous consequences.



Democrats are holding a sit-in on the floor of the House, demanding action on gun control.

"The time for silence and patience is long gone," said Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), a former civil rights leader who's taken the lead in the sit-in. "The American people are demanding action. Do we have the courage, do we have the raw courage to make at least a down payment on ending gun violence in America?"

Details are scarce. reports that House Democrats would like to force a vote the way Senate Democrats did through a filibuster. The Senate voted on four gun bills on Monday night, with all four failing. The most egregious wanted to deny the right to bear arms for anyone who was put on the federal government's terror watch list, a list the federal government can put any American on without even the pretext of due process.

But there do not appear to be any bills similar to the ones in the Senate that have actually been submitted to the House. I called the DC office of Rep. Lewis to ask for which legislation the sit-in was intended but was told there was no "specific" legislation but rather a push to get some kind of vote. After asking a follow-up, the person who picked up the phone told me he did not speak for the office and gave me the contact information for Lewis' communications director, who has not responded*.

It's not surprising that there's no specific gun bill House Democrats have in mind. Despite their rhetoric, gun control has not been high on their legislative agenda, and they appear to be simply exploiting emotions surrounding the Orlando shooting, an exercise I've noted was dangerous for the way it can be used to limit civil liberties, restrict immigration, and even expand America's military interventions abroad.

Sit-ins were used in the 1950s and 1960s to protest segregation. Activists would "sit in" places they weren't welcomed in order to demand equal treatment. Today, Lewis and other Democrats are sitting in a chamber that they are a part of and that they controlled not so long ago.

Democrats controlled both houses of Congress and the presidency from 2009 to 2010 but did not pass any gun control legislation then. The four bills considered by the Senate all violated the civil liberties of Americans to one degree or another. Democrats' hobby horse in the gun debate this time around is demanding that people on the terror watch list (which could contain more than a million names) be stripped of their constitutional right to bear arms, a basic violation of due process.

Yet Lewis manages to use the language of "injustice," tweeting that what Democrats were doing was "speaking out against injustice." It's as good an opportunity to remind Lewis and others who are leveraging their connections to civil rights movements from the 1960s to the present day to push their partisan agenda that gun control has an indisputably racist history. "Crazy negroes" with guns helped defeat Jim Crow laws, while fear of guns in the hands of black people drove gun control laws in the 1960s. Even today, while mass shootings are convenient high-profile events on which to pin a gun control push, gun control advocates often cite inner city violence as a reason to act on gun control. Many cities with significant African-American populations, like Chicago and New York City, have among the strictest gun control laws in the country.

Anti-gun advocates point to island nations like Australia or the United Kingdom or largely ethnically homogenous, small countries in Europe as examples of gun control working, instead of countries like Brazil, which are closer in population, demographics, and history to the U.S. Voters in Brazil rejected a law to ban guns, understanding it was just another way to exacerbate the income inequality gap. Cops in Brazil and even Uruguay have been suspected of selling weapons to gangs. Strict gun control laws in that country, and elsewhere in the Americas, have been ineffective in lowering gun violence. Donald Trump is called a racist for insisting he's going to build a wall on the border, but given the availability of firearms in the Americas, anything approaching "effective" gun control measures would require something like a huge wall to stem the flow of traffic of weapons that become highly controlled in the U.S.

Similarly, the results anti-gun advocates demand would require a ramping up of enforcement in inner cities, where a disproportionate amount of gun violence occurs, by the very same cops the anti-gun left just a few short months ago insisted it understood were engaged in systemic brutality of marginalized communities. Today John Lewis and his colleagues are sitting in on the House Floor to demand just that, cloaking themselves in emotional fervor and exploiting a culture of fear, not that far from what white supremacists in the 1960s did when they demanded more laws to control African-Americans and deny them their rights.

*We will update this post if she responds, but won't let foot dragging by congressional press folks slow down a story.

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  1. I called the DC office of Rep. Lewis to ask for which legislation the sit-in was intended but was told there was no “specific” legislation but rather a push to get some kind of vote.


    uhhhhh, not sure



    1. Its like a mini Occupy Movement.

      1. I’m so glad the Occupy junk is done. That was annoying as hell.


      1. One, two, three, four – repeal those and than some more!

        1. What do we want? Tyranny! When do we want it? Now!

    3. I’m tremendously inspired by congressmen who pretend that they are so powerless that they need to use political tactics pioneered by petulant high school and college students.

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  2. Two sad things about this. First, let’s go back to things that were fresh and effective in the 1950s.

    Second, and I posted this earlier in another thread, in recent years, I’ve become increasingly saddened by what’s happened to some of the original civil rights leaders. People like John Lewis and (to a lesser extent) Julian Bond were, in my mind, genuine heroes. But, then they got into politics and just became typical hacks.

    1. They’re the same people they were before, but when they were fighting Jim Crow they were fighting actual wickedness, a policy so bad that they looked good in comparison.

      When they’re fighting regular political battles they look like regular politicians.

      1. Seriously, if Patton had never fought the Nazis, he’d just be a weirdo talking about his past lives.

        1. for those who want to laugh, laugh for those who are serious continue reading. I have had vision in I was younger before my love for history grew. These vision was me as General George smith Patton, these visions layered turned out to be past memories about true documentation. I’ve had these vision when I was 7 I didn’t start learning about this till I was 9. These vision are historically true and therefore I believe that I was General Patton in my past life. As we also share many of the same qualities and opinions of life. Thanks for your time

          1. A brain that works this way would be very interesting to neuroscientists!

      2. I guess, but Lewis was almost beaten to death during one of the Freedom Rides. That’s gotta have a long term impact in all kinds of ways.

        1. I guess, but Lewis was almost beaten to death during one of the Freedom Rides.

          Something that probably wouldn’t have happened if he was armed.

        2. Multiple blows to the head would explain a lot, its true.

        3. This is why we need better access to mental health providers in the US. It would do out batshit crazy bureaucrats a world of good.

          Interesting how they want gun control but mention nothing about improving access the mental healthcare, when, in fact, that has been the catalyst in all of these mass shootings. I think Democrats are afraid that all of their leaders will be called out for being fucking insane as a result.

        4. It is strange to see oppressed racial and cultural collectivists joining the national socialists in occupying the Reichstag to press for more Kristallnacht laws. It’s like a 1938 pep rally before the German Christians versus Bolsheviki world cup game all over again, but all of it confined to These States under the starry banner and the Second Amendment.

      3. Evil people fighting evil people for dominance in the political arena is not exactly a historical oddity.

        The original civil rights leaders were largely sleaze, with MLK Jr. among the sleaziest. For year, the oddest aspect of that discovery was that all of the details of the sleaze-baggery were right out in the open and discoverable for all–as far as I could tell, no one actually denied that MLK Jr. was an intellectual fraud, a serial plagiarist, a philanderer, a socialist (this was back when that still meant “bad” to people of average intelligence and above), or that he told dirty jokes about Jackie O. crawling over the car to a room full of parties/CR “activists” mere days after JFK’s assassination or that he and JJ showed up to JFK’s funeral drunk, a fact that he recalled proudly for years afterward. It’s not as though the media squelches this stuff, as you can search for and find confirmation of it everywhere–they just drown it out with propaganda about what a hero he was, and that fiction is propped up by establishment figures in virtually every institution.

        I used to think that he was sort of an asshole who was very important politically. Now I’ve come to the conclusion that he was a giant asshole, which is why he’s so important politically in an era dominated by an increasingly hysterical left. If he had been a decent human being with the least amount of shame, he never could have been the hypocritical, sleazy BHO of his time.

        1. So, if Trump gets whacked, does that mean in thirty or forty years a certain segment of the populace will show him the reverence that MLK gets now? Maybe we actually will get a white history month.

        2. Um, I’ve heard it’s the people of way below average intelligence who constantly talk about other people…

        3. Once you accept the fact that everyone is an asshole then its just a matter of which assholes become political. Its that easy.

    2. It’s hilariously pathetic. Members of Congress sitting in in Congress? Who’s going to try to drag them out of there? Think they’ll help the cleaning staff?

    3. Nixon was hoping the Party of Principle would also turn into a pack of presstitutes when he signed the anti-libertarian law in 1971. But we’re still here, and the Smothers Brothers could replace Bonanza this election, voters willing.

    4. For leftists, every War is Vietnam, every injustice is Jim Crow and every scandal is Watergate. Like so many generals, they’re fighting the wars of the past using the same old tactics they think worked in the past.

    5. For leftists, every War is Vietnam, every injustice is Jim Crow and every scandal is Watergate. Like so many generals, they’re fighting the wars of the past using the same old tactics they think worked in the past.

  3. Is there anything the left does that isn’t idiotic?

    1. Puppet show protests? ha – just kidding.

  4. Look at such luminaries as Hank ‘Guam’Johnson. Kneel and acknowledge their greatness.

  5. Hey Democrats, remember after 9/11 when everyone was like “We must do something!” and we got the Patriot Act and the government surveillance that you now vehemently oppose? Remember when drugs were everywhere in the 80s and everybody was like “We must do something!” and we got the bipartisan War on Drugs that led to mass incarceration and devastating effects on the black community? Remember when crime was so high in the early 90s that everybody was like “We must do something!” and the bipartisan Clinton Crime Bill was passed that led to even more mass incarceration? THIS IS THE SAME EXACT FUCKING THING.

    1. +1,000,000 unnecessary new laws

    2. I was expounding on this inanity to a friend. I can understand all sorts of crazy and evil — Manson, anti-semites, rapists — at least I can understand that they are just plain psycho or deluded or had mommy issues.

      I cannot wrap my mind around people who scream like crazy about Bush executive orders and then turn around and praise Obama for the same, or vice-versa. Can they not comprehend that their Top.Man will not remain in power forever and that they need to consider what their worst nightmare would do with the same power?

      There was the lunatic yesterday or day before who wanted Obama to unilaterally repeal the Second Amendment. But he cannot think for even a moment how that power would be abused by Trump or Cruz.

      I just cannot understand that kind of short-sightedness in people who can dress themselves.

      1. I use this argument DAILY. It amazes me how people don’t understand it.

        I also use it when people say “that sucks, but I don’t break the law, so this surveillance doesn’t effect me”. We end up in a conversation about today their going after people you can’t stand, but what about tomorrow they’re coming after you because someone decided that whatever it is you do is against the law.

        People cannot imagine it happening to them or to their side. Crazy shit happens.

        1. The Holocaust was only an issue if you broke the law by being Jewish. I mean… c’mon! Just do what you are told and all will be fine forever.

        2. European Jewish culture is all about following the rules and staying under the radar. I am sure that the Nazis were counting on that.

      2. Years ago I heard Barry Farber speaking mostly approvingly of Europeans who outlaw Nazi parties in their countries. “Isn’t that a slippery slope that could lead to taking away everyone’s political rights?” “No, we just ban the Nazis.”

        It makes sense if you think you’ll always be holding the gun. If you literally are, you can simply shoot everyone else in the room who reaches for it.

        1. I was a bit glib there. The way it’s expected to work is that some position is considered so outre, such an outlier, that you can always limit the oppression to suppressing them, & there’s never so many of them that you’re oppressing many. It probably works most places & times. So it’s not that you’re the outlier holding the only gun, it’s that there’s never expected to be any but a small # of targets.

    3. To be fair, they were only really vehemently opposed to those things until Obama was in charge of them.

  6. something, something industrial woodchipper

  7. Naturally, Iowahawk pwns the posers:

    In 1963, Martin Luther King was a gun owner on an FBI watch list.…..3299243008



    2. Seriously, though, Iowahawk hit ’em from the top ropes with that one. Very well played, Mr. Burge.

    3. Damn. I bow to Iowahawk – epic.

  8. So not only are these people getting paid by the taxpayer to not do their jobs, they’re getting to not do their jobs while agitating for laws that blatantly violate the Constitution they all swore oaths to uphold and defend.

    1. This and the not-really-a-filibuster filibuster from last week are examples of actual obstructionism, but I doubt we’ll see that word come up very often when people talk about it.

    2. Precisely why it’s pure posing for those spoiler votes the Communist Party USA might siphon away from the Dems… Remember when Econazi Nader bled off a bunch of those votes? The Dems immediately became virulent econazis and elevated climate fraud into a State Religion. But kristallnacht laws for everyone require repealing the Second Amendment, and opening the gate for us to repeal the income tax amendment in the bargain. The income tax is the entire reason for disarming the looted! Besides, as Scott Adams remarked today,

      But Democrats are unlikely to talk Republicans out of gun ownership because it comes off as “Put down your gun so I can shoot you.”

      So let’s talk about abolishing the DEA, repealing interventionist treaties, and dropping out of renting US troops as the European Union’s private security guards.

  9. Civil rights leader staging protest to strip away civil rights.

    Now that is irony! (well, maybe not)

    1. Thought you might be thinking of this.

        1. *Scuffs toe in dirt, feels embarrassment and regret.”

    2. Well, it sure ain’t bronzy or goldy.

  10. my nephews did this in the grocery store last I went to visit. I was embarrassed.

  11. I read elsewhere Elizabeth Warren is also there on the House floor. She must identify as 1/64th Representative.

    1. She would have been a Senator and a Representative if it wasn’t for gerrymandering.

  12. If I were Paul Ryan, I’d send in the cleaning staff to dust and vacuum around these clowns. Just for the lulz.

    1. Or just turn off the lights.

      1. Too small; think out side the box. I’d send someone to the nearest pet store to buy a bunch of snakes and tarantulas and scatter them about the floor.

        1. The military should [omitted] the Capitol Building.

          1. I hope they don’t sit still for too long, it would be terrible if they were to develop a blood clot.

  13. How stupid and worthless do you have to be to get elected to the House these days? Is this some kind of charity program for retards?

    1. “How stupid and worthless do you have to be to get elected to the House these days? Is this some kind of charity program for retards?”

      Three words:


      1. Three more


  14. So they’re holding a sit in to force a vote, but they have no particularly bill in mind? Ryan should show up with the rest of the House and say that “We’re here and ready to hold a vote on your bill Mr. Lewis. What do you mean you don’t have a bill to propose?”

    1. Which would obviously prove Ryan is a racist.

      1. DAMMIT, you’re right. I did not think this through.

        1. No vote: we win.
          Vote: you lose.

    2. Vote on one of the bills that were rejected by the Senate? That’d be something.

  15. They want a discussion and they’ve had zillions of them, the public have spoken and want guns.

    They keep demanding votes the way the Japanese kept waiting for the decisive battle and the way Hitler kept wanting a secret weapon in WW II.

    1. It reminds me also of the joke abut the devout fundie who refused to evacuate before the flood. Deputies came to his door; he refused to leave. “God will provide.” Motor boat came by his second floor window, he refused to leave. “God will provide.” Helicopter hovered over his roof, he refused to leave. “God will provide.” He dies, stands before St. Peter, whines that God didn’t provide, and St Peter blew his stack. “He sent deputies, a boat, and a helicopter. What more did you want?”

  16. So apparently they’re also having food brought to them during this “sit-in”.

    Twitter link

  17. No way John Lewis’s prostate lets him sit there for very long.

    1. Que the waterfalls white noise playlist.

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    1. hmmm….

      ‘my step-mum just bought a new cream Toyota Highlander only from working off a pc.’

      The jokes write themselves.

      P.S. Reported as spam. If you want to advertise, buy space; this one is ours.

      1. Nah, she’s spreading her legs in a whorehouse.

    2. Perhaps these pols can make a quick buck during their little pout show. Hell, even this scam seems more honest than their current profession.

  19. Meanwhile, three times as many people die every year from alcohol as guns… Why aren’t these brave sit-in-ers taking that on? Because their constituency hates shotguns, but love shotgunning beer?

    1. Because alcohol might help them tolerate the existence of the Bad People, but guns interfere with their ability to get rid of the Bad People.

  20. Hopefully they’re cranking the Talking Heads.

    1. It breaks my heart every time I see someone who was anti-establishment throw their fame behind the efforts of the state. It really is like once you become just a little famous someone from the government comes by with a check and a bullet and offers you a choice.

      1. …or more likely, they were never anti-establishment, they were anti-(not being in charge themselves).

  21. Christ, look at the mugs in that picture. My infant daughter gets that look on her face when I don’t let her chew on the remote. She also pitches a fit without really knowing what it is she wants or whether or not it would be a good idea to have it.

  22. They should be dragged out of there just like anyone else.

  23. Keeping Congress shut down and doing nothing might be an enormous favor to the side of liberty.

    1. +1 don’t just do something, sit there.

  24. And the amount of mass shooting any “watch list” that would have prevented in the last 5 years is…… almost ZERO. There were more government employees / contractors that shot up people than anyone on the government’s list.

    Cognitive dissonance is an indelible feature of the liberal experience. Just imagine their fury if a cop stopped and searched a random person of color on the street because he matched a description of a suspect in some “database”. Racial Profiling! Rape of due process!

    Should we secretly monitor people on the no fly list? Bug their phones, trace their internet life, and tail their movement? Oh no, invasion of privacy! Big brother watching! Edward Snowden! But wait….. if someone on a no fly list is too dangerous to own guns, then why leave them alone? You would just let them meet up with radicals and ask others to make straw gun purchases?

    So which is it? Do you protect due process and civil rights, or do you ignore them and enact laws that would “save even one life?” Because stops and search is LITERALLY gun grabbing and will likely prevent mass shootings better than any background checks.

    1. Why stop? Why search? Just follow them everywhere they go in public, forever. Doesn’t violate anyone’s civil rights, because you’ve got as much right to be there as they do. The tail on their left has the drop on them if they point their gun at the tail on their right.

      And we have enough police in the world to actually do this, if the list is serious & not a catch-all. Practically nothing else in the world is as important a police job. It would be the best crime-fighting program ever. Seems to me nobody’s actually serious about preventing crime, though!

      1. Seriously, it seems like there’s some romance in the gen’l popul’n about letting crimes occur, then identifying the bad guys. Why not keep them from being bad guys in the 1st place? It’s like we’d rather play cops & robbers, like little kids, instead of taking an adult approach.

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  26. I think this is great: it’s hard to engage in the usual corruption and crony capitalism while these people are glued to the House floor. Please stay there. Even better, handcuff yourselves to the tables.

  27. If some GOP rep wanted to troll, he should put out legislation that bans people on the no fly list from buying pressure cookers.

    1. I guess add knives, cars, etc. Anything used as a weapon in at least one terror-linked incident. If someone says, “stop trolling, they don’t kill lots of people like guns”, you can always whip out “if it saves even -one- life”.

    2. If there is anything to praise Trump for over this, it’s his overreaction to restricting the basic rights of Muslims and Immigrants. That is, it would be if it would help the gun-grabbers understand the ugliness of their own collectivist overreaction. But, alas, it hasn’t, and likely never will.

  28. The media is going to play this out as the greatest thing since Ghandi’s salt march of 1930. Expect the Pope to weigh in on this.

  29. Jesus Christ! It never ceases to amaze me how shameful and utterly ridiculous these politicians are.

  30. Sitting members of congress throw a self congratulatory tantrum in protest of civil liberties.

    What a time to be alive.

  31. Gettin’ worried, Ed?

    1. Fuck off and die in a fire, Joe.

  32. Cunts, all of them.

    Why do they fight to destroy our rights?

  33. . . . . holding a sit-in on the floor of the House . . .

    These people are fucking children.

    What’s next? They lie down and start kicking and screaming?

    1. I hope they do. It would cause the fence sitters to jump to our side.

    2. “What’s next? They lie down and start kicking and screaming?”

      Man, what is WRONG with you?!
      They’ll form a drum circle, and that witch Warren will perform a war dance!

    3. Not before they play a jolly ol’ game of duck duck cuckservative.

  34. Anyone who presumes ‘gun control’ will reduce gun deaths has not the slightest knowledge of Chicago.
    Nothing more needs saying.

  35. i would suggest that they should blame their democratic counterparts in the senate, because there are two “somethings” that could’ve been on their way to the house already if they really wanted to work together towards common sense whatever….but i’m glad they didn’t, so i won’t suggest it, but it’s still worth mentioning.

  36. uckin’ hippies. Still, I find it odd that a libertarian would be exploiting an emotion like shame. A libertarian scribbler shouldn’t be so hypocritical and logically inconsistent, but at least he’s true to form in being shameless about it.

  37. Meanwhile, there is the equivalent of a Pulse nightclub every 2 to 3 months in Chicago, where longtime democrat rule has resulted in most of the ‘reasonable, common-sense gun laws’ that they’d like to implement on a national level.

    Cue the crickets.

  38. How come the republicans never pulled stunts like this whenever Reid or other democrats blocked votes on something the republicans wanted. this is why republicans look like do nothings even though the dems are doing nothing but putting on a show.

  39. Reacting to tragedy with legislation-by-filibuster and tacking hasty gun control legislation onto unrelated bills isn’t the best way to go about things. Take the time to come up with a valid solution that might work. A mass shooting sucks, but the bigger tragedy is 30000 Americans a year are dying due to gun violence.

    The genie is out of the bottle. Guns are everywhere and a criminal can have one within 30 minutes of deciding he wants one. Changing laws won’t solve this.

    So realistically the only way to combat criminals with guns is with law abiding citizens that have guns. Handicapping law abiding citizens with oppressive legislation simply tips the scales more in favor of criminals who don’t abide gun control laws in the first place.

    1. Those “30,000” are mostly suicides.

  40. These are the people who excoriated the Republicans for a fake government shutdown – forcing some furloughs to make a point is not a shutdown. Disrupting Congress is okay, however, if you want to make a point about gun legislation. Democrats and Republicans use similar tactics, yet one party only is criticized for obstructionism.

  41. No maybe about it, in my view.

  42. The folks of Moonbattery have a good sense of humor about their sit-in.

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