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The Canadian government has ordered Canada Post to stop delivering Your Ward News. Public Services and Procurement Minister Judy Foote says the newspaper violates a section of the Canadian criminal code banning the willful promotion of hate. The newspaper has reportedly run articles denying the Holocaust and praising Adolf Hitler, but a Toronto police investigation of the paper found it did not violate any laws.

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  1. The PQ’s hatred of non-Francophones, however, remains just fine and dandy.

    1. PQ should be given exactly what they want – expell them from Canada.

    2. Bill 101 VIOLATES free choice, speech and expression. But *apparently* that’s okay.

      1. As far as I can tell, Canada’s charter was written by crazy people and their lawyers.

        1. Pretty much. There’s nothing sacred or unique in it.

          I might add that limp sad excuse of a foreign affairs minister-ham Stephane Dion once called Bill 101 (a law revered by nationalist hicks in Quebec) ‘the great Canadian compromise.’ Here’s the kicker; he’s a constitutional scholar! What is it with these scholars who go full retard?

          I hadn’t realized segregating a language and marginalizing a linguistic minority, sometimes through punitive measures, was ‘a great Canadian compromise’.

          So much for our fucking great ‘values’ we keep babbling about.

          Many people (outside the francophone realm) who come to Quebec quickly leave I’ve noticed because of this nonsense.

    3. By the way, they don’t have a ‘hatred of of non-francophones.’ I feel it’s important to make note of this.

      They just think this thing about the English language makes sense and don’t see the unintended consequences. They’ve moderated somewhat. Still, it has xenophobic elements and sometimes it rears its ugly head. I would never support such a party from a basic liberty element.

      The real morons are in the Option Nationale and the other stupid run by Peppermint Patty – I forget the name.


    …using homophobic slurs like “f??” and calling women “sluts,” “whores” and “c?s.”

    -ags. -unts. -uck -y -ick -ou -ucking -ussies.

    1. So,transcripts of H&R comments ?

  3. I didn’t realize Canada even had libertarian publications.

    1. I see that you wasted no time in violating the first rule of Libertarian Club.

    2. I don’t see anything libertarian about James Sears. He seems like an asshole, actually.

  4. I was talking to this guy at my old job one time about the allegedly greater freedom in European countries. I brought up laws against Holocaust denial. He stared for a few seconds, then said, “well, I mean… That’s actually something that you SHOULD have to believe.”

    Isn’t it so fucking frustrating that people still believe that the government can and should regulate your speech and thoughts? I’m trying hard to make a good case for the libertarian philosophy whenever I have the chance, but sometimes I just want to move to a shack in Montana and hope the government forgets I exist.

    1. “…move to a shack in Montana and hope the government forgets I exist.”

      No. Shit.

      *I have kinda, sorta done that, just not in Montana.

      1. Me too, but in Canukistan itself.

        Perfect storm of progressives up here at the moment, best to distance oneself from their antics and be as self reliant as possible. The underground economy is booming due to a general resentment of all levels of government.

        1. My left-wing hippie sister went off the rails yesterday about how the country is not run by politicians but unaccountable and incompetent idiot bureaucrats and administrators which leads to higher taxes because of their general all around stupidity. Which, of course, is true in my view with the added feature of technocrats.

          Yet, she still sends me left-wing links on shit like gun control.

          I don’t have a big enough sofa for them.

          1. I reminded her that if the ignorant hacks pushing for the removal of the 2A or more gun control, emboldened, they WILL go after the 1A. It’s some ways at the lower levels of society (ie campuses) it’s already begun.

            Never ever never ever never ever support even intellectually a progressive cause or idea.


            It can’t end well.

          2. I don’t have a big enough sofa for them.

            What does that even mean? Is that some sort of canukistani euphemism, or do you have extremely large relations?

            1. To try and work out their logical and intellectual inconsistencies.

              1. Are you using it as a whiteboard? Or is it a metaphor for phsychotherapy?

          3. England is currently considering throwing off the unelected bureaucrats in Europe, so perhaps not all is lost got Western civilization. Or Canada!

            1. On the 24th, I’m hoping for a headline three miles high that simply says “BREXIT”

              1. You know what else was three miles and a DISASTER FOR HUMANITY?

      2. In my head, I’m already there. It’s frustrating indeed. Radio shows is LITTERED with this kind of thinking. It’s nuts.

        1. I went Galt 20+ years ago. You guys have the patience of Job IMHO.

          1. It’s taken me a while to deprogram. But it busted open abut six years ago when I started my business.

            1. I started working for the government – and then I saw how little competence there was on an organizational scale.

              1. Peter Principle. There is no limit to it’s reach. Look at the two choices.

            2. And now you are paying taxes which are used to fund shit like this which are antithetical to your beliefs. Fuggit. If they’re gonna do that, I’ll just go where I get no representation and the ass rape. It’s more honest at least.

              1. Exactly. Quebec’s ‘war’ on English is grating now.

                If my language is such a threat then I’m just gonna take my taxes elsewhere.

                This is how we see it now.


    3. Just don’t get Ruby Ridged, or Waco’d, or Malheur’d. They will eventually get around to you, especially if you make yourself known (they NEVER monitor deviant anti-statist website comment sections, and would never subpoena user information to harass those exercising their 1A rights in the name of TERRRRRORISM PROTEKSHUN) .

      BTW Costa Rica is incredibly beautiful, quite liberal (free, not progressive), relatively cheap, safe, and they welcome expats and their pensions.The Ticos (Costa Ricans) are also an amazing, hard working, and refreshingly responsible people. If you like fishing or surfing you will be very pleased. Check out Cabuya, on the Nicoya Peninsula. While I love Big Sky/Lone Mountain and the skiing, hiking, hunting, and fly fishing there, it simple does not hold a candle to Costa Rica.

  5. a section of the Canadian criminal code banning the willful promotion of hate.

    “I’m not talking about hate; I’m talking about *eight* — dinner at eight. So, let’s eat!”

  6. OT: Man Andrew Cuomo is an unbearable cunt. Listening to that prick lecture and browbeat over gun control periodically is infuriating.

    1. Every day I hope for news of an indictment.

      Mister Chipper hasn’t delivered yet.

      1. Is Mister Chipper related to Mr. Brightside?

        1. No, but his first time sounds like a bird squack. Preet. Preet.

          1. Or how I imagine Mary Poppins farts. Preet!

      2. Cuomo’s hyper-political message didn’t resonate with at least a few dozen at the gathering who booed the governor at times during his rally speech. One vigil attendee told TheBlaze that had he known political speeches were to be made by Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, he would have stayed at home.

        “To see it turned into a political rally is an insult to me. I revile these people,” the man, who attended some of the protests at Stonewall in 1969 said. “It’s an emotional time, and I didn’t expect to see a cheer rally for the governor, the mayor and the city council.”

  7. The newspaper has reportedly run articles … praising Adolf Hitler

    You know who else praised Hitler?

  8. Governments around the world consolidating power seeing just how much the sheep will stand.

  9. At least now we have some idea of the interests of persons who still take printed matter.

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