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Florida Ex-Cop Indicted on Manslaughter, Attempted Murder Charges for Killing of Disabled Motorist

Investigators say he never identified himself as a cop


corey jones
family photo

Former Palm Beach Gardens police officer Nouman Raja is expected in court today after being indicted on charges of manslaughter and attempted murder by a grand jury for the killing of Corey Jones, a legally armed motorist whose vehicle was disabled, last October.

Initially placed on paid leave, Raja was fired in November. The police union president complained at the time that the termination happened "without getting the facts of the investigation."

According to the state attorney, who was criticized for sending the case to a grand jury in the first place, Raja was caught on tape because Jones was on the phone with a tow truck operator in a recorded conversation. The officer is heard asking Jones if he was "good" multiple times, before telling him to get his "fucking hands up."

Investigators say Raja did not identify himself as an officer, and he is also accused of lying to the 911 operator to make it appear Jones, a local musician and housing authority manager, was still armed when Raja shot him. Jones' last words on the tape were a plea for Raja to "hold on!"

"For him to have said 'hold on' like that, something must have happened," Jones' brother, Clinton, said at a press conference. "We've never had any reason to be scared of any cops, because we're on the same side as them."

Raja's bail has been set at $250,000.

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  1. I guess every murdered is guilty of Attempted Murder, it’s usually only the unsuccessful ones that get indicted on that charge.

    1. Maybe we should get rid of the ‘attempted’ charges – incompetence should not be a mitigating factor.

    2. Gonna go with not guilty.

      No attempted murder because the homes is dead.

      No manslauter because he was murdered.

      Chicago style.

  2. What just happened to all the articles below? They all disappeared.

    1. I think they want people to spend a little more time mulling over their immanent vote for Gary.

      1. They all just reappeared, that was weird.

      2. That immanant vote is imminent!

        1. Of all the words my phone tries to correct…

  3. So the cop attempted murder but only managed to pull off manslaughter? I bet he got laughed at good and hard back at the station.

    1. I don’t really understand that. Attempted murder? The guy is dead. How was it attempted?

      1. The cop meant to shoot him but didn’t mean to kill him? Maybe?

        1. Then… how is it attempted murder? He did attempt to murder him (intent), but didn’t mean to kill him?

          The story posted in the links last night seemed to say that the first five bullets are considered the attempted murder bullets, and the sixth one is the manslaughter bullet.

          1. So after the adrenaline shock wore off the cop was finally able to steady himself enough to get the kill shot?

            1. He has to void his bowels first.

        2. This was the State Attorney’s explanation. It makes absolutely no sense.

          The State Attorney said that five of the shots fired at Jones are attempted murder, but the single shot that killed him was due to negligence for various missteps they say Raja took before and during the shooting.

          Bullets that didn’t kill him: Cop was trying to kill Mr. Jones.
          Bullet that did kill him: Due to negligence and NOT trying to kill Mr. Jones.

          1. How the fuck…

          2. Raja then fired three shots in less than two seconds, according to the charging documents. Ten seconds of silence then pass before three more shots, each fired about a second apart, are heard.

            Immediately after the shooting, Raja used his personal cellphone to call 911. As the operator answered 33 seconds after the last shot was fired, according to charging documents, Raja yelled at someone to drop the gun even though Jones’ autopsy showed a bullet had pierced his heart and lungs and would have felled him almost immediately.

            Prosecutors say in their charging document that given the distance between the gun and Jones’ body ?” and the heart wound that would have incapacitated him ?” they believe Raja fired the last three shots after he knew Jones had thrown down his gun and was running away.

            1. So you see, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, that last shot that actually managed to strike and kill the suspect was completely by accident. The defendant had no way of knowing that the suspect had dropped his weapon as he was fleeing the scene. Plus he called 911, what more could you ask?

              1. Furthermore, he’s the kind of upstanding guy who stops to see if other drivers are okay even when he’s off duty. Model citizen right here.

              2. Raja was negligent in that it took so many shots to kill him, get his ass to the range!

  4. What a senseless death. Hopefully the jury will make the right decision.

  5. Two things,(1) the headline for the story was muddled to say the least. When I first read it, I thought the driver was disabled, not the vehicle. (2) I’m not sure he’ll get a murder conviction seeing as how there was no malice in the act (that we know of). Manslaughter seems appropriate since it seems he overreacted to the presence of a weapon, legal or otherwise.

    1. The headline is not muddled, just plain wrong.

  6. Cops are in a tough spot. But this has been happening for a long time. Now because of the ubiquity of recording devices the truth is coming out. Let justice take its course. Let’s not demonize a large group of people who are just doing their job (even if part of that job is creating more fodder for their job).

    1. You’re going to drive me to a heroin addiction with this trolling, Shriek.

    2. Pay your bet, fuckstain.

      1. Is this really shriek? It can’t be. I never got a conspiracy theory vibe from him. It has to be a new troll…. right?

        1. Don’t have the thread but pretty sure he outed himself.

  7. Fran Crampin
    For those gun-loving Americans, a little fun fact for you. In 2015 alone, American cops will have shot dead more US civilians than the UK police has ever killed of our own. Still, “FREEEEDOM” etc.

    I… what?

    1. If you own a gun, you deserve it when a cop kills you. Or something.

    2. I think US cops have killed more Americans than British cops have killed Brits? Not exactly surprising given the big difference in population.

      1. He’s comparing one year of dead americans to dead brits over all years.

        I’m guessing the massacres of indigenous peoples under british rule don’t count as “our own” there.

    3. And, of course, British cops famously didn’t carry guns for years. I think many of them still don’t.

      1. They don’t need to carry guns because Britain has common sense gun control.

  8. Serious question: Was Raja drunk?

  9. Is this going to be one of those cases where the (ex) cop gets off free because the jury finds that it was 2nd degree murder (not manslaughter or attempted murder), but 2nd degree murder isn’t one of the charges so whaddayagonnado?

    1. FL allows lesser included. So I think if it’s murder, you’re covered for manslaughter.

  10. So I guess he missed him with the first 5 shots, and finally plugged him with the last?

    I mean, what happened to the intent to kill between the 5th and 6th shots? There’s no attempted murder without intent to kill, so that was apparently present, but the fatal shot was negligent, so his intent to kill had to have evaporated between one trigger pull and the next.

  11. Just tell me when the acquittal comes.

  12. This happened on the I-95 exit ramp a mile from my office. I pass this site nearly every morning during the work week. BLM and other protestors frequently pull cars off the road here and put thier hoods up as if they are having mechanical troubles. I was quietly reserved about this from the start, but given the setting I was thinking this would not end well for the rookie officer.

    Now that this damning transcript is public, it is hard not to wonder if he will still get away with it. Or wonder how he likely would have gotten away with it if the phone transcript was not available.

    This is not the first incident in Palm Beach County of a plainclothes officer killing an apparently/presumably innocent person who happened to be out late at night.

    Officers who engage the public MUST be readily identifiable and announce themselves.

    Body cameras should be standard, and are well worth the investment. Body cameras are an impartial mechanical witness to protect the public and those who mean to serve the public. Think of how many officers and innocents have been protected by dashboard camera footage. Body cameras would only improve the quality of justice.

    This is such a sad and seemingly preventable tragedy.

  13. Isay off with that scumbags head at once.


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