Bill Kristol's Clownshow Has Made the Moobs-Stripper Party Look Sane

While #NeverTrumpers continue playing Fantasy Election-ball, Libertarians do the hard work to compete


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This has been a clarifying week for the many of us who A) do not fancy a Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton presidency, and B) seek a competitive alternative. As I write today in The Spectator (UK), some establishment conservatives like Bill Kristol are beclowning themselves with hopeless green-room fantasies while the allegedly lunatic Libertarians prepare the only credible alternative in town. Here's how the piece begins:

Not since Geraldo Rivera opened Al Capone's vault 30 years ago has a media stunt landed with such a wet thud. Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol, longtime horse whisperer to the Republican half of Washington's political establishment, had promised on Sunday that after months of begging any hawk with a pulse to run against the hated Donald Trump, there will finally 'be an independent candidate — an impressive one, with a strong team and a real chance.' Monday came and went without any such announcement, and then on Tuesday we learned that Kristol's white knight was a mostly obscure conservative commentator in Tennessee named David A. French. Who doesn't even know if he wants to run. Kristol's clownshow machinations managed the unimaginable: It made the political party with the man-boobs stripper seem comparatively sober and sane.

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