Donald Trump

How Trump Could Doom the World

He'll unleash the illiberal demons of developing countries


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American liberal democracy may well survive a Trump presidency, bruised and battered. But whether the rest of theworld can is an open question. Trump might well unleash forces of illiberalism and barbarism in other countries that may well be hard to contain.

Among them is India, I note in my column at The Week, where some Hindu nationalist militants last week held a public prayer ceremony for Trump's November victory. Why would they root for a guy who constantly talks smack about their country? Because in Trump they see a kindred spirit when it comes to anti-Muslim hatred. "As far as they are concerned, if the most successful country on the planet votes for Trump's anti-Muslim platform, it'll be a vindication of everything they've long believed but haven't been able to openly push," I note.

This will expose India's Muslim minority to even more bloodshed. Ditto for other endangered minorities in other countries where the majority has a beef with them. But even that doesn't fully plumb the depths of the damage that a Trump presidency do to the world.

Go here to find out what that is.

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    1. Doom! DOOM!!11!!!!

      What part don’t you get?!

      1. I am become Trump, the Destroyer of Worlds, for openers.

  1. Well Trump is going to definitely cause global warming, lot of hot air. And he’s Hitler. So who’s going to the showers? This nationalist movement needs some fresh demons! It can’t be liberals, they’re all moving to Canada. What about the Macedonians? Blame Macedonia!

    1. You know we have in the last two elections elected a guy who attended a Madress as a child and goes out of his way to praise Islam at every opportunity. So I guess that means the world loves Muslims right?

      Why does Trump make his critics go full retard? Its not hard for a libertarian to have reasonable and thoughtful objections to Trump. “The Libertarian Case against Trump” should be the easiest article Reason could assign someone. Yet, Dalmia, Suderman, Soave and numerous others continue to fuck it up. Why do they choose the retarded and stupid answer when there are so many reasonable ones available?

      1. because they’re lazy. it’s just been assumed that Trump is unfit for office and obviously this is all just a bad dream and the HRC is going to steamroll him, so why bother making reasonable cases against him when ridiculous shit like this generates clicks?

      2. It’s simple. He’s a Republican in a world controlled by a leftist media. If Rand was the candidate, the rhetoric from the leftist media would be almost exactly the same.

        Now those of us who are sane and unbiased, clearly see the differences between a Rand Paul and a Donald Trump. But to the media, they would make no distinction at all there. Everyone who is not a Democrat is Hitler reincarnated.

        1. That is true. But Soave and Suderman and Dalmia at least pretend to be Libertarians and not leftists. What the hell is their excuse?

          1. It’s the “pretend” part, I think.

          2. I think it’s pretty simple. They are likely surrounded by leftists in their social circles and all the leftists insist that you get on some Trump pants shitting or be publicly shamed.

            1. While I hate to agree with the Tulpa sock, it’s probably right: it’s all about generating page clicks. “MOAR PAGE VUEZ!!11!11!!!!!” /TheJacket

          3. It’s open borders.

      3. The all have their special lenses they look through – and never take a step back to see the whole picture. Dalmia’s lens is full-retard SJW with some Indian spice.

        1. Do retards make a good curry?

          1. I prefer my retards southern fried, personally.

      4. Madrassa. A madress is an article of clothing your mom wears.

    2. India has yet to recover from the last Macedonian invasion , or the cultural expropriation of its elephants

      1. that was more appropriation, cause, like, they actually took their elephants. they didn’t like the idea then go home and use Macedonian elephants.

    3. Yeah, fuck macadamia nuts! *smashes shit*


    1. Trump is the logical and predictable result of Global Warming.

  3. How Trump Could Doom the World

    Bailey hardest hit.

  4. Trump might well unleash forces of illiberalism and barbarism in other countries that may well be hard to contain.

    Ok, so what now?

    I note in my column at The Week, where some Hindu nationalist militants last week held a public prayer ceremony for Trump’s November victory. Why would they root for a guy who constantly talks smack about their country? Because in Trump they see a kindred spirit when it comes to anti-Muslim hatred.

    Ah, because of this trope that no other people in the world have any moral agency. So by merely electing Trump, we “enable” all of the evil in the world. The American Butterfly flaps its wings again with shockwaves felt throughout the next millennia.

    1. It is incredibly stupid if you think about it at all. All these normal, sane, peaceful Hindus, Muslims, etc. will suddenly be driven to radicalism and murder because the US elected a President who once said a mean thing.

      1. But it was really mean. And he refused to apologize, a mortal sin in and of itself. So there, that makes all the difference.

    2. So Hindu – Muslim relations have always been just great until Trump taught them Islamaphobia? No conquest, oppression, partition, or any of that – right?

    3. Yeah, I’m pretty sure the rest of the world is gonna do what they’re gonna do, regardless of who we elect. The only argument I can see is that maybe electing Trump will make it harder for us to hector and criticize those other countries for electing illiberal, authoritarian dickbags because they’ll be able to respond with “Hey, you retards elected Trump,” but that’s pretty weak sauce.

      1. I think we are already there with Obama.

  5. Ahh yes, it will all be Trump’s fault a bunch of Hindu nationalists go around acting like Hindu nationalists. Just like it was Obama’s fault I stubbed my toe this morning.

    1. A guy is eying some girl at the bar, and after a while he goes up to her and says “You remind me of my big toe.”

      She says “Because I’m short and cute?”

      He says “No, because I’m gonna bang you on the table in the dark.”

      1. Or maybe because you smell like toe-cheese, whatever.

  6. Yeah, I’m…I’m staying out of this one.

  7. “doom the world”

    but people laugh when I say Trump Derangement Syndrome is a thing.

    1. Obama Derangement Syndrome definitely existed, but thankfully, it existed mostly with people I don’t listen to. Unfortunately, TDS exists with people I do listen to, so it seems more grating.

  8. We’re definitely doomed. In about one billion years the sun will start to enter it’s red giant phase and then the real global warming begins. Between now and then, scientists have predicted that as many as 10 dinosaur killing size meteors will impact the planet. If we survive all of that by relocating somewhere else in the galaxy, sometime in the future the Milky Way will collide with Andromeda and then the immense tidal forces will rip both galaxies apart.

    That is I mean, if we somehow survive Trump.

    Poor Shikha, it can’t be too much fun living in a constant state of Donald paranoia.

    1. Fondly do we hope, fervently do we pray, that this mighty scourge of war may speedily pass away. Yet, if God wills that it continue until all the wealth piled by the bondsman’s two hundred and fifty years of unrequited toil shall be sunk, and until every drop of blood drawn with the lash shall be paid by another drawn with the sword, as was said three thousand years ago, so still it must be said “the judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether.”

      Either you are an atheist and at least should understand that it all is going to amount to nothing anyway or you are a Theist and think it is all going to the plan of a higher power which you can’t control. Either way, grow the fuck up and stop thinking all the world events revolve around you and your prejudices and desires.

      1. John, is that quote from the linked article? I don’t want to read it, I’m sure.

        1. That is from Lincoln’s second inaugural address. I can’t imagine the universe where Dalmia is erudite enough to sound like Lincoln. The sky must be purple in that universe.

    2. oh I think they love living in that state. they may claim that it’s awful, but it gives them such a (false) sense of superiority that it’s better than heroin to them.

    3. The Sun won’t go red giant for another 5 billion years. However it’s energy output does increase 10% every billion years so the Earth will be uninhabitable in that time. The galactic collision won’t tear both galaxies apart but with form an ellipitical galaxy when they merge.

    4. Actually, Hyperion, Robert Ringer says his Ice Ball Theory is his most important lesson. He’s right. Keep in mind that no matter what you or anyone else does, the Earth ends up a frozen ice ball.

  9. One of the gods Hindus worship is an orange monkey.

    So there.

    1. I don’t know, man. The little dude set an entire city on fire with flame from his tail. Sounds like kind of a badass.

      Hanuman, my little, but not-to-be-fucked-with orange monkey, I acknowledge your badassness & request your mercy on Dallas, TX. At least its northern parts.

  10. Trump is Hitler? I knew it!

    1. Everyone is Hitler sarcasmic. Didn’t you know that?

    2. Well, he’s supposedly a Republican! Duh!

    3. Just like Romney was Hitler when he ran against Obama.

  11. Shikha, you have outdone yourself!

    1. Also I’m sorry Trump would keep you from getting that imported wetnurse at below minimum wage. I know, it’s DOOM. Sorry Sorry Sorry.

  12. Ok, now I just think Shikha is trolling us.

    Well played, Shikha, well played.

  13. AGAIN, Trump is a symptom. He isn’t responsible for the world’s rabble. He’s the sign the world’s rabble are about to unleash themselves. Twenty years of metrosexual, transgender, muslims are nifty, grrrrl power, slacker chic is about to get a big punch to the face. Trump is simply the wind up for the haymaker.

    I don’t WANT this to happen, it simply that it is. And the time for pearl clutching and shocked sadness is over. Pick a side or sit on your roof taking pot shots at everybody, but at least prepare for what’s coming.

    1. sit on your roof taking pot shots at everybody

      That’s the H&R way.

      1. I was gonna say, that’s my plan.

  14. Absolutely. People love Trump because he is spoiling for war. Whether it’s against muslims, immigrants or blacks (or other vulnerable minority or even majority – women) doesn’t even matter. As long as they get their witch hunt. And he can eviscerate the First Amendment – as long as no one touches the Second. Yes, it has come to that.

    1. Although a lot of people see Trump as the long-delayed counter attack to the ongoing war against the middle class, against men, against white people, against American blue-collar workers, against traditional western culture and values, etc. etc. The left has been enjoying their witch hunt for quite some time, now the right is looking for some payback. As the Iron Law says, “Me today, you tomorrow”.

      1. Right, because if you disagree with someone then that gives you the right to kill them. Because Amurika.

        1. I can start killing people I don’t like if Trump wins? Hmmm…

        2. Tulpa is that you?

    2. We’re so lucky we have Hillary as an alternative. She would never dream of attacking the First Amendment or getting involved with a violent military intervention.

  15. Congratulations Reason, you are now as histrionic as

  16. It’s horseshit like this that makes the guy popular. Contributors to this website have themselves said as much. Still, some refuse to learn.

    1. So does that make them stupid or insane or both?

  17. Funny how these “Libertarians” get excited about bombing Muslims yet Freddie Gray is an American Hero to them. (Could it be that they are trying to undermine the party by acting like crazy anarchists?)

    1. Try making a little sense. Most commenters here oppose the constant murder-droning and bombing of wedding parties.

      1. the right is looking for some payback. As the Iron Law says, “Me today, you tomorrow”.

        OK good luck with your ‘surgical strike’ payback. I’m sure it makes sense to you.

        1. Hi Mr Sock guy.

    2. You saying all it takes to become a hero in America is to get thrown in a van for spurious reasons & knocked about until your neck’s broken? I thought it’d take at least 2 big pieces of bread.

  18. Well, lookee here. Someone forgot to change their handle back…

    AddictionMyth|5.23.16 @ 12:10PM|#|

    I think it’s funny how people who show nothing but contempt for people who get killed by American bombs in Syria and Libya suddenly think that Freddie Gray is an American hero. (I’m not saying he’s not, just pointing out the irony.)

    dajjal|5.23.16 @ 1:20PM|#|

    Funny how these “Libertarians” get excited about bombing Muslims yet Freddie Gray is an American Hero to them. (Could it be that they are trying to undermine the party by acting like crazy anarchists?)

    1. It’s Tulpa all the way down.

    2. I’m not sure studying comment content and stylistic markers is good for your health, Sugarfree. I’m only thinking about your well-being.

      1. And they are both active on a day when a new copsucker troll shows up and dunphy shits a new string of comments.

        1. “He was cyber bullying us, Mr Trump!”

          “Yeah I seen it too Mr Trump! He was ganging up on us with his sockpuppets!”

          1. Yeah, that’s going to work.

            1. “We’re getting *KILLED* by dajjal and AddictionMyth. I mean seriously it’s a blood bath! Our country does nothing to stop it! That’s gonna change now, folks. I mean, that’s gonna change right now I promise you.”

              1. Time to change your socks.

              2. I would try some lithium…if that doesn’t help….well, consult your mental health provider.

    3. Trigger Hippie|5.15.16 @ 10:24PM|#

      It’s Tulpa. Its entire argument is disingenuous. It mearly wants to start shit for the sake of starting shit.

      Don’t feed it.

      reply to this
      Shit Pyrate|5.15.16 @ 10:28PM|#

      I’m just wondering why it is not feeding me !!!!! =D

      reply to this
      Shit Pyrate|5.15.16 @ 10:29PM|#

      reply to this
      Francisco d’Anconia|5.15.16 @ 10:42PM|#

      It’s Tulpa.
      Naw. Tulpa is an asshole. This guy is a moron.

      Big difference.

      reply to this
      dajjal|5.15.16 @ 10:49PM|#

      This guy is a moron.
      And if you point out they will call you a ‘moron’ when you point out they will call you an ‘idiot’ for pointing out they will attack free speech to justify their bomb dropping and then deny it, they call you:

      reply to this
      Trigger Hippie|5.15.16 @ 11:16PM|#

      Tulpa (Tibetan: ???????, Wylie: sprul-pa; Sanskrit: ??????? nirmita and ??????? nirm??a; “to build” or “to construct”) also translated as “magical emanation”, “conjured thing” and “phantom” is a concept in mysticism of a being or object which is created through sheer spiritual or mental discipline alone.

      Al-Masih ad-Dajjal (Arabic: ?????? ???????? Al-Mas?? ad-Dajj?l, “the false messiah”, or “the deceiver”) is an evil figure in Islamic eschatology


  19. Doom the world? I’m as anti-Trump as most people here (except the resident Trumptards), but seriously? Get a grip. Oh wait, nevermind, it’s Shika-town.

  20. So what I’m hearing is that in addition to bring elected President of the US, Trump should be made President or India too, or pehaps President of the World? Can the world handle that much winning?

    1. Damn – Charlie Sheen for VP!

      And we can let him rule India as on-the-job training.

  21. How Trump Could Doom the World
    He’ll unleash the illiberal demons of developing countries

    I despise Trump.

    I hate defending Trump even more.

    There are so many legitimate things to say about Trump and his awful policy positions.

    Why not go with one of them?

    Some jackass somewhere prays for Trump to win, so I’m supposed to vote against him?

    1. ^This

    2. But I want to see all the exploding heads, Scanner style.
      That might make me a bad person.

  22. Donald Trump turned me into a newt!

    1. A newt!?

    2. Did you get better?

      1. By becoming a newt?

  23. As has been well proven, what is needed in the realm of International Diplomacy is the steady hand of Hillary Clinton.

    1. Yeah, but I conduct foreign policy with THIS hand!

      /Waco Kid

  24. Trump might well unleash forces of illiberalism and barbarism in other countries that may well be hard to contain.

    Yes, because Venezuela, Cuba, China, India, pretty much everywhere inside the Eurozone, Canada, etc – those places have all historically been ‘liberal and ‘civilized” but *Trump* will be what pushes them over into open fascism.

    In Scottland they arrest you if you train your pug to give the Nazi salute. In Venezuela they arrest you if it will distract people from the government’s massive fuckup. Dalmia *already knows* what India is and has been like.

    1. As ever, the dark night of fascism/barbarism/illiberalism/whatever is always descending on America, but managing to land somewhere else.

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