These Two Videos Help Explain Why You Hate Politics

Jimmy Kimmel and Stossel producer Rikki Ratliff confront Hillary Clinton supporters with Donald Trump's ideas


What to do when two serially flip-flopping authoritarians face off for president? If you're a clever TV producer, the answer is obvious: Shove the noses of the fans of Candidate X into the policy proposals of Candidate Y. Jimmy Kimmel's people recently demonstrated how it's done:

All of which reminded me very much of this great vid a few months back by Stossel producer and friend o' Reason Rikki Ratliff:

The Kimmel observation is depressingly familiar to libertarians—voters tend to follow politicians, not ideas, and will switch allegiance to the latter according to the whims of the former. But that's just why we beat on, boats against the current, etc. Have a Facebook friend or alleged loved one who sounds like a Jimmy Kimmel mark? Get them a gift subscription to Reason!

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  1. What to do when two serially flip-flopping authoritarians face off for president? If you’re a clever TV producer, the answer is obvious: Shove the noses of the fans of Candidate X into the policy proposals of Candidate Y.

    For Frith’s sake!

    My (very few) friends and associates/co-workers know that I have been doing this for years.

  2. Whatever the first comment says, I always associate with Fist, even if it was written by someone else.

    1. That’s only links, man, only links…

  3. It’s weird how Jimmy Kimmel is hosting the show that Johnny Carson had for so long despite having zero charisma.

    1. Consistency, Mr. Akston, constancy.


      1. I liked him when he had that show where they chugged beer and made bikini girls jump on trampolines.

        1. The Man Show was genius.

          1. Until Stanhope and Rogen ruined it.

    2. Carson was on ABC?

      1. Nope, you’re right. Fallon has the Tonight Show, and he’s even more annoying than Kimmel.

        1. Fallon drinks a lot. So I trust him.

          1. Fallon also can play an instrument, mimic, dance, sing; i.e. he’s actually sort of a professional entertainer.

            Jimmy Kimmel is a fifty year old frat boy frozen in time; the sort of frat boy who was always at the football parties even though he was never actually on football team.

        2. How d’ya think it would’ve been had Jean Shepherd caught on as m.c.?

    3. Still better than Fallon.

      1. Well, ya got me there. I do have to admit, whether you support Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, they’re both better than Jimmy Fallon.

  4. THAT’S NOT FAIR. Critical analysis beyond the name of the candidate? That’s for high-level thinkers. You know, Poindexters. Johnny Lunchpale.

    1. Your spelling is beyond the pail.

  5. What to do when two serially flip-flopping authoritarians face off for president?

    I vote for the LP candidate. What do you do Matt? Make sure your publication posts an obsessively high number of articles about one of those candidates, while completely ignoring the already committed atrocities of the other?

    1. “Completely ignoring.”

      1. Well, ok then.

      2. Ohhhhhh SNAP!

    2. Matt is one of the good guys. There’s a Nick article that needs some attention below.

      1. “10 ways the libertarian moment is for real happening despite the fact that millenials don’t listen to punk rock or get my dated pop culture references.”

        1. Join my polygamous harem!

          1. What’s in it for me? (Figuratively speaking)

            1. A rotating laundry schedule?

              1. No rotating laundry schedule. If you’re good at what you’re supposed to be good at, I’ll do all of the laundry.

                1. What’s the point of a harem if not the division of labor?

                2. Word got out about my amazing banana bread?

                  1. Call me when you’ve got a good zucchini and flax seed recipe. Those carbs are a bitch.

                    1. Then you probably don’t want any beer bread

                  2. Word got out about my amazing banana bread?


                  3. No, word got out about my amazing banana.

      2. I only think Matt’s cool because sometimes he posts that picture of himself from college when he had long hair and was holding a 40-ouncer. At least he was cool at one time, I mean.

        1. He was smuggling blue jeans through the velvet underground straight to the Kremlin, man!

        2. 40s are out of necessity. Was it even Steel Reserve?

    3. Dude, we all hate The Apprentice, but “atrocity” is a bit strong.

  6. It’s never been about issues or principles. It’s a religious war between zealots. Trump tramples on holy ground and violates the taboos of political correctness. That’s why some hate him and some love him.

  7. In the Kimmel short, one of the respondents, when told he’d been endorsing Trump’s tax plan, claimed that he was persuaded to vote for Trump. I suspect that was just to get out of the awkward interview, but who knows?

    1. But, is that a BETTER outcome?

  8. Wasn’t there also a Reason video (or maybe they just linked to it) last time where they told dems all the things Romney wanted to do , then after the dems heads exploded they told them that they were really Obama’s ideas? IIRC one guy actually was taken aback and said he might have to rethink some things. One Guy.

  9. What is the percentage of voters who vote solely on the basis of identity politics or social signaling who never take even a minutes time to validate the candidate or even learn anything about them? It has to be north of 90%.

    1. It’s 93 percent, but it used to be 95 percent so we declared a Libertarian Moment.

      1. John and some others assured me that most Trump voters are rational.

  10. Ever hear of fairweather sports fans?

    Well, clearly you can apply the same to politics. People are just not as engaged as much as they think they are or just pay attention to politics like we did bad subjects in school.

    1. Yeah, but at least people doing badly in math didn’t go around with signs reading “sine curves 4ever!”

      1. “I support Trump cos he’s against the tan gents.”

        1. “And he’s a successful businessman who has cosined many great deals.”

          1. I should have just said sined.

            1. He cosined for his kids.

              1. But he made them ride the rhom bus!

                1. Is there no limit to these bad jokes?

                  1. You are going off on a tangent.

                  2. They approach infinity.

          2. “His speeches might be hyperbolic or elliptical, but he understands the origin of a broad section of America. He doesn’t care if you’re X or Y. He knows your coordinates, and will not accept the asymptotic decline of America!”

            1. Infinity +1

              1. These jokes are getting exponentially worse.

                1. Speaking of worse – at least Trump is familiar with the concept of triangles.

                2. I will log your complaint.

                  1. Trump will bomb the axis of evil.

                    1. Alternate joke: Are Eucliding me?

                    2. That joke’s kinda derivative, Eddie.

                    3. I’m just trying to work all the angles.

                    4. You’ll 180 when you do that.

                    5. Yeah, well, yo momma so fat…

                      Sorry, my standard almost deviated from relevance to the math theme of these jokes.

                    6. I have my standards, Eddie. I should ring your head like a bell for that yomamma joke. My rage has a long tail.

                    7. Yo mamma so fat, she has an event horizon.

                    8. Yeah, yo momma so poor she’s hawkin’ her singularity.

                    9. Trump will never integrate?

        2. That would be a different angle.

          1. Great minds think alike.

            As do ours.

      2. No, but until a few months ago, which headline seemed more likely:

        A) Donald Trump, POTUS
        B) Mathematicians use supercomputer to find Pi digits have repeating pattern.

        1. Both are no longer irregular?

  11. I hate Trump for what he said about Canada’s health care system.

    We’re not ‘healthier’. If we had 330 million people I’m pretty sure those figures would probably dip a tad.

    1. Not to mention having the US nearby to fill in the gaps in the Canadian system

      1. Somehow I doubt that will factor in with the stats.

        That’s the little nasty fact about medical tourism. But we have a MASSIVE wall to climb over:…..-hospitals

        “Medical tourism represents a shift to for-profit, private healthcare. Healthcare in Canada is rooted in the notion of accessing services based on need, not ability to pay. Creating a second tier contravenes the principles of Medicare, and also establishes a precedent for the wealthy to access care ahead of others. It would be reasonable for a wealthy Canadian to ask why they aren’t able to pay for care in a Canadian hospital.”

        People like this dolt would rather we all suffer together because ‘equality’.

        The debates are so pathetic it’s depressing.

        1. Canadians can climb walls?

          This game of lemmings is the WORST.

    2. Yeah but you guys also let moose vote so there you go.

      1. Moose are reliably libertarian.

        1. What about beavers?

          1. Ask Peter Thiel.

          2. Those rodents?

            /narrows gaze.


            1. What about moose and squirrel together?

              1. Squirrels have no skin in this game.

                Caribou on the other hand…

                1. Bit your sister? That explains the skin in the game.

  12. Matt Taibbi nailed this point a while back =

    (*and I hate to credit Taibbi with anything)

    What these tweedy Buckleyites at places like the National Review don’t get is that most people don’t give a damn about “conservative principles.” Yes, millions of people responded to that rhetoric for years. But that wasn’t because of the principle itself, but because it was always coupled with the more effective politics of resentment: Big-government liberals are to blame for your problems.

    “We’ve got to do something to bring jobs back,” says one Trump supporter in Plymouth, when asked why tariffs are suddenly a good idea.

    Cheryl Donlon says she heard the tariff message loud and clear and she’s fine with it, despite the fact that it clashes with traditional conservatism.

    “We need someone who is just going to look at what’s best for us,” she says.

    I mention that Trump’s plan is virtually identical to Dick Gephardt’s idea from way back in the 1988 Democratic presidential race, to fight the Korean Hyundai import wave with retaliatory tariffs.

    Donlon says she didn’t like that idea then.

    Why not?

    “I didn’t like him,” she says.

    1. I’m sure Taibbi feels the exact same way about identity politics.

      1. In my head I always pronounce Taibbi as “tar baby”.

        1. You needn’t disclose that which resides in your heart.

        2. Racist!!!!!!

    2. I hear little discussion of the FedGov being worse for our economy than all foreign govts combined. Has the Trumpster touched on that?

      1. Where did the Trumpster touch you?

        1. On his Muslim parts.

          1. Brings up a question: can different parts of your body be of different religion? Or gender?

            1. My penis is Black Muslim.

  13. One point in favor of these voters – they know that the promises of the Presidential candidates generally don’t get fulfilled. What difference will it make next year what tax plan the winning candidate put forward, when they can just pass the buck to Congress and blame them?

    Likewise with the other issues – when candidates themselves don’t take their promises seriously, why should voters do so? Doing so would be dumber than the responses those voters gave to Jimmy Fallon.

    1. To clarify, I don’t see why a voter should waste her time studying the details of Candidate X’s 16 Point Economic Plan when it has fuck-all to do with what the candidate will actually do as President.

      1. Part of this point is all the campaign promises that really aren’t part of the job to begin with. Tax plans are supposed to be congress’s buck. Making the IRS do its job properly so that they process shit and answer questions correctly actually is in the president’s domain. Doin a bang up job, btw.

    2. I like the idea of ignorant voters. I like that politics isn’t central to a person’s life. That’s as it should be. Politics should be an esoteric field, like philosophy, or theology.

      I like even better the principle of subsidiarity, because it allows a person to be ignorant of national or even regional politics.

  14. People aren’t loyal to abstract philosophical concepts. They’re loyal to other people.

    1. People aren’t loyal to abstract philosophical concepts.

      you could have fooled me.

    2. Now abstract euphemisms, on the other hand.

  15. So these video teaches us that Hillary supporters are Trump supporters in drag.

    1. If you want to screw the voters, you need to be elected first.

    2. Would, would, would.

      1. And that’s OK. You’re shooting blanks.

        1. Well, Jesus, you wouldn’t want MORE of them running around.

  16. I appreciate anything that shows how stupid voters really are.

  17. OT: Michigan school board votes to close school due to lack of funding. Anonymous donor steps in and offers $800,000 to keep school open. Vapid, despicable prog gets FEEEEELZ hurt.

    I despise these people.

    1. NPR should tell its donors to contribute to poor school districts instead.

      1. They do, and then the donors use it for massive politiglam-attention and whine publicly about how they wouldn’t have to do this if the government would only give public schools all the money there is on the planet.

        Brian Jones isn’t a politician. He says he’s just a parent who’s angry about public-school money problems. So over the weekend, after hearing that Seattle Public Schools plans to reassign teachers as a result of lower-than-projected enrollment, he donated $70,000 to help keep one teacher in place ? and not at his own child’s school.

        We’re not even talking about closing a school… we’re talking about moving one teacher from one school and putting him/her in another because the school has low enrollment.

        So I guess now that teacher is sitting in a rubber room, or runs a class with 7 students in it (smaller class sizes!!11!!11) while they had to hire another elsewhere to teach where the students actually are.

    2. Why don’t they want to save teacher jobs?

  18. OT: Bernie makes ’em moan…..ut-hillary

    MITCHELL: I’m just saying that ? Sir, I’m just saying that Hillary Clinton’s ? the opposition to her, the negatives against her have been built up by Donald Trump just hammering away at her and, up until now at least, he has not been going after you as much. She’s fighting two big candidates and you’re fighting one.

    SANDERS: Andrea, Andrea ? oh, really? Really? Andrea, in every state that we have won, in 19 states, we have had to take on the entire Democratic establishment. We’ve had to take on senators and governors and mayors and members of Congress. That’s what we have taken on. So please do not moan to me about Hillary Clinton’s problems. I’m in this race to win. We’re taking on the Democratic establishment, we are standing up for working people, and we have a shot. It is a steep hill to climb, but we’re going to fight for every last vote that we can get, every delegate that we can get. And that’s what I intend to do in the next month, five weeks.

    1. Once again, Andrea Mitchell finds a way to make me feel bad for Sanders.

      1. I hope Hillary v. Bernie continues for a while, so I can enjoy the proggy catfights.

      2. He holds despicable views for the most part, but I do sympathize what he’s up against in a shameless, gutless, liberal media in the bag for a hag.

        Mitchell is such an uber-idiot. I mean really, who could possibly feel bad for Hillary?

        1. He holds despicable views for the most part, but I do sympathize what he’s up against in a shameless, gutless, liberal media in the bag for a hag.

          Exactly. Like Goebbels, Bernie Sanders believes what he says, but unlike Goebbels, I don’t think he understands the implications of what he says, so that gives him a shred… but just a thread of innocence. But this idea that Hillary Clinton is Besieged by the System is so laughable that Andrea Mitchell should resign in disgrace.

          1. Naive socialism.

        2. He holds despicable views for the most part, but I do sympathize what he’s up against in a shameless, gutless, liberal media in the bag for a hag.

          If i have to choose between a moron like Bernie with terrible ideas, but who is at the very least sincere and honest (as a politician can be)….

          ….versus a calculating, posturing scumbag like Clinton who will say, “I WILL DESTROY THE COAL INDUSTRY!!” for one audience, and then pretend she meant “I WILL SAVE THE COAL INDUSTRY FROM DESTRUCTION!” when actually campaigning in Coal-Country?

          (and even worse = who is protected by a media that will go out on a limb to *help her lies seem less odious*?)

          No contest. Give me the commie. at the very least we can have a battle of ideas.

          1. You know who else was a sincere socialist?

          2. No contest. Give me the commie. at the very least we can have a battle of ideas.

            What’s the expression? The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know? That’s it. At least with Bernie you know.

          3. Know what?

            I’ve come to a similar conclusion.

            He may still be a rat (I mean, all politicians have to be to survive) but he’s nowhere near the astonishingly cynical piece of shameless work that’s Hillary Clinton. That family has so many skeletons it makes skeletons nervous.

            ‘We know what’s it like to be poor.’ Fuck off.

            1. I think Bernie is sincere. He’s wrong about most things, but he’s sincere. You can deal with that.



              Ugh. I’m still panning to write in “None of the Above.”

          4. Gilmore’s libertarian case for Bernie Sanders.

            1. My libertarian case for Bernie Sanders: at least some of his voters will eventually grow up

    2. What if Bernie gets it?


      Anti-establishment vs anti-establishment.

      And some rogue third-party guy gets it.

      Could this be the libertarian moment?








      Haaaaaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      *tips a homebrew*

      1. The first time around I only read the first half of your comment.

        1. It and it aren’t the same it. Or something.

  19. OT: Re Blues v. Stars. Do people in Dallas ever sit down?

    1. What, you expect us to sit in those God-awful seats?

      1. Ah. So that’s why!

  20. Some atheists are having difficulty getting sign companies to erect a billboard near the Noah’s Ark park in Kentucky. The proposed billboard would read “Genocide and Incest Park: Celebrating 2,000 years of myths.”

    1. Good – as long as its private ad-space sellers deciding not to accept a client and there’s no state coercion involved.

      There’s a difference between defending your beliefs, proselytization, and being an asshole. And I say that as a stone-cold baby-eating atheist.

      1. They are better microwaved.

    2. How hard would it be to buy one of those signs? More expensive, for sure, but perhaps could be sold later at a price that could their sign pay for itself.

      1. ^ make

  21. I was surprised to see they presented Trump’s more conservative policies. Considering he’s all over the map, it wouldn’t be hard to find a few Democrat friendly policies of his. But I guess that would probably confuse the audience too much.

  22. So I moved downtown Toronto about a month ago and haven’t been keeping track of the election as closely as I was before. Is this thing over yet? God damn it, it feels like this election has been going on forever.

    On another note, I’ve noticed that there is a huge amount of smokers in the city.. at least around where I live in little Italy. Which makes me wonder why the Roger’s Center (where the Blue Jays play) does not have anywhere for people to go smoke. Once you enter the stadium, you can’t leave for a smoke and come back in. It is crazy. I know one wealthier guy who will have normal box seats and buy 4 nose bleed tickets so that he can go out and have a smoke and get back in with one of the unused nose bleed tickets. I like his creativity,

  23. OT: The queen finds the Chinese were rude. Well, she never.

    1. Doesn’t everybody find the Chinese rude?

      1. Little known fact is the Mongols actually built that wall.

        1. Fucking Mongorians and their shitty wall.

      2. Soup slurping aside, yeah, their elevator etiquette sucks.

    2. That’s not surprising, because Xinhua Jinping is a massive cunt that should die in a fire.

      1. *Xi. But damn if the autocorrect replacement isn’t uncannily appropriate!

  24. Nicholas Kristof tells liberals that their bias against conservatives is harming the discussion. Then the comments go and prove his point. The article appears more to be St. Nick’s attempt to say, “See how diverse we are? We even have discussions about how diverse we aren’t.”

  25. O/T, but who threw the shindig?

    And, no invites?? Damn, man….

    *Charlie Brown dejected theme*

  26. Sarah Palin birthed Trump politically:

    Some of their similarities, such as their curious ways of justifying their knowledge of Russia, are superficial. Trump, asked by NBC’s Chuck Todd where he gets his military advice, said: “Well, I watch the shows. .?.?. You know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows.” This had more than an echo of Palin’s reply to Katie Couric in 2008 about which newspapers or magazines she reads: “Um, all of them, any of them that have been in front of me all these years.”

    But the likenesses go much deeper, between the candidates themselves and among the followers they’ve inspired: The attacks on the media. The demonization of a supposed “establishment.” The huge and sometimes violent crowds. The prominent platforms given both candidates by Fox News. The racist responses among supporters. The paranoia about taking away guns. The suspicion of science. The scapegoating of Muslims. The portrayal of President Obama as something other than American.

    Well before Trump built his national political reputation by questioning the authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate, there was Palin. In December 2009, she called it a “fair question” and “fair game” and said “the public rightfully is still making it an issue.”

    Washington Post
    May 11, 2016

    1. Oh, good. You’re here. How do you think my Jack in the Box calls are going to do tomorrow?

      1. Should I go to Hawaii or the Bahamas?

        1. He’s googling where those places are now. Give him some time to cut and paste something that uses big words. You’ll be wowed.

          1. Yes, because I am not TEAM RED! I am a shut in idiot.

      2. I don’t know.

        My last buy has been a disaster. I used all my spare capital to buy ENDP for $16 after their earnings warning a few days ago. They are now $13.50 so I have to hold it for a long time. They will earn $4 a share this year for a sick low multiple. Their 52 week high is $88 I believe.

        I don’t mind admitting a mistake.

        I would buy the ITM calls but the market sentiment is terrible.

        Fast food is the one bright spot in the market from what I hear.

        1. Fast food is the one bright spot in the market from what I hear.

          There’s a great future in value meals. Think about it. Will you think about it?

          1. Fast food is the one bright spot in the market

            Especially when he starts earning $15 an hour.

          2. Two words for you kid – plastic handguns.

        2. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

        3. Fast food is huge. But what does that tell you about the overall market?
          I’ll probably rake in around 40-50k in profit from Jack in one day. They feed America.

          I’m shorting Shake Shack before their earnings call tomorrow. They suck. They’re the next Chipotle. These fads are over.

          Still haven’t heard from the earnings call for Ocean Rigs, and the sun has almost set. I assume they’re fucked. Which is what I planned on.

          1. JACK was near its 52 week low.

            Food fads are good shorts in a bear market. I recall Buffalo Wild Wing getting hammered recently.

            Long or short SONC? SONC is no food fad.

            Pantera is a food fad stock. Will you short it?

            1. I only invest or short in what I can see with my own eyes. Never been to a Panera, and I don’t know shit about the economics of bread sales. I’ve also never been to a Sonic, and I have no idea if they’re even around here.

              Chipotle is still overpriced, but I haven’t the time or patience to sit on it further.

              What I do know is that Q’doba is blowing up. Every time I get off the freeway, there’s a traffic jam at the drive thru for Q’doba. That alone is propelling JACK’s stock.

              When we’re talking about REAL (acknowledged) bear markets, places like JACK do well. You can eat a meal for pennies on the dollar. I don’t know how much of the tacos are actually meat, and I don’t care. Neither do the customers.

              Food fads can mean a lot of things. Depends on if it’s a luxury or not. Jack in the Crack isn’t a luxury. A good portion of their sales are EBT.

        4. Uhm – money isn’t capital. Its what you use to buy capital and its what you get back when you use capital efficiently.

          I’m *poor* and I know this.

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    1. Palin’s Buttplug has some good investment advice.

    2. “More than sure”?

      You’re giving 110% to your spamming effort!

  28. Doom! Doooooom! Doomity-doom-doom!

  29. The people who hang out in Times Square should not be taken as representative of any group other than amusement park junkies. While entertaining, the survey means nothing. It merely shows that the stupidest people attach themselves to a candidate and then ignore the details of that candidate’s positions. We knew that already.

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