These Two Videos Help Explain Why You Hate Politics

Jimmy Kimmel and Stossel producer Rikki Ratliff confront Hillary Clinton supporters with Donald Trump's ideas


What to do when two serially flip-flopping authoritarians face off for president? If you're a clever TV producer, the answer is obvious: Shove the noses of the fans of Candidate X into the policy proposals of Candidate Y. Jimmy Kimmel's people recently demonstrated how it's done:

All of which reminded me very much of this great vid a few months back by Stossel producer and friend o' Reason Rikki Ratliff:

The Kimmel observation is depressingly familiar to libertarians—voters tend to follow politicians, not ideas, and will switch allegiance to the latter according to the whims of the former. But that's just why we beat on, boats against the current, etc. Have a Facebook friend or alleged loved one who sounds like a Jimmy Kimmel mark? Get them a gift subscription to Reason!