Sex Trafficking

Influential Ex-Marines Commandant Wants Next President to Make War on Human Trafficking More Like the Drug War

His new organization, Generation Freedom, will "press the next President to make human trafficking a top priority" with a significantly higher budget.


Georgia National Guard

Retired Gen. Charles C. Krulak, a former commandant of the U.S. Marines and president of Birmingham-Southern College, is calling on the next president of the United States to ramp up spending on fighting human trafficking, which Krulak refers to as "modern slavery."

Denouncing the "glaring disconnect between espoused ideals and demonstrated commitment" from federal lawmakers, Krulak complains in a CNN op-ed that "each year the federal government dedicates less than $150 million to combating human trafficking—compared to $30.5 billion for the War on Drugs." 

Considering that the War on Drugs is now roundly viewed as one of biggest boondoggles in U.S. history—a fiscal and humanitarian disaster of such scope that even conservative Republicans and many former Drug Warriors can't deny that it's not working—I'm not sure why that's supposed to serve as an endorsement. But consider this one more clue that America's war on human trafficking—which in practice is seldom more than a war on adults consenting to commercial sex—is indeed the next target of all that displaced Drug War effort. 

And there's more. Citing the same bad statistics that have routinely been debunked by myriad sources, Krulak announces the launch of Generation Freedom. This coalition of more than 70 organizations has come together to push for greater "financial investment by the U.S. governments."