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Influential Ex-Marines Commandant Wants Next President to Make War on Human Trafficking More Like the Drug War

His new organization, Generation Freedom, will "press the next President to make human trafficking a top priority" with a significantly higher budget.


Georgia National Guard

Retired Gen. Charles C. Krulak, a former commandant of the U.S. Marines and president of Birmingham-Southern College, is calling on the next president of the United States to ramp up spending on fighting human trafficking, which Krulak refers to as "modern slavery."

Denouncing the "glaring disconnect between espoused ideals and demonstrated commitment" from federal lawmakers, Krulak complains in a CNN op-ed that "each year the federal government dedicates less than $150 million to combating human trafficking—compared to $30.5 billion for the War on Drugs." 

Considering that the War on Drugs is now roundly viewed as one of biggest boondoggles in U.S. history—a fiscal and humanitarian disaster of such scope that even conservative Republicans and many former Drug Warriors can't deny that it's not working—I'm not sure why that's supposed to serve as an endorsement. But consider this one more clue that America's war on human trafficking—which in practice is seldom more than a war on adults consenting to commercial sex—is indeed the next target of all that displaced Drug War effort. 

And there's more. Citing the same bad statistics that have routinely been debunked by myriad sources, Krulak announces the launch of Generation Freedom. This coalition of more than 70 organizations has come together to push for greater "financial investment by the U.S. governments." 

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  1. I know I said this on the weekend thread, ENB, but the winding down of the drug war is going to necessarily wind up the war on “human trafficking” (or, more properly termed, the war on sex), because all that money and government power has to go somewhere, and this is the most politically expedient place.


    Ok, I’m happy to report I got MY Libertarian moment this morning.

    Seattle’s ordinance allowing garbage collectors to look through people’s trash ? to make sure food scraps aren’t going into the garbage ? was declared “unconstitutional and void” Wednesday.

    It is in Seattle that the constitutionality of the city checking what was in that teriyaki carton in your garbage became a court case.

    On Wednesday, King County Superior Court Judge Beth Andrus ruled that what was in that carton stays private.

    She ruled that the city’s ordinance allowing garbage collectors to look through people’s trash ? to make sure food scraps aren’t going into the garbage ? was “unconstitutional and void.”

    She entered an injunction against its enforcement.…..itutional/

    1. What are they odds she saw the workers going through her trashbins?

      1. Well, to be fair, they go through my trashbins every tuesday. Whether they study the garbage contents or not I can’t say because I’m usually at work. I’m just ecstatic to see the courts ratcheting down the Nazi in this city by .1%.

        It’s refreshing.

        1. Hows that ammo tax and $15 dollar minimum-wage working out?

    2. I never understood what the supposed goal of that ordinance was. What was the justification?

      1. Punish your enemies, see them driven before you.

        Ok, but seriously…

        You have to understand the Seattle mindset. The law was meant to signal how serious Seattle is about recycling, composting and the environment in general.

        “If we catch you not recycling and composting, you will be punished. That’s how serious we are.”

        Then Seattle lined up and complied. And I mean really complied. Even the mayor was pleased at how many people got behind his final composting solution. If there’s one thing Seattlites are, it’s compliant and obedient. So pleased was the Mayor, he even publicly stated that the fines didn’t really matter, because so much of the city quickly pledged loyalty to the Recycling & Composting Party.

        the problems as I saw it was there was no due process. The methods for fighting fines weren’t clear. It’s essentially a ticket. How do you fight that ticket? *blankout*

        They also kept the fines very small which I think was a way of saying “the punishment is so insignificant, that it won’t be worth fighting in court”. Death by a thousand cuts.

  3. So… he wants to wreck neighboring countries while simultaneously increasing the amount of sex trafficking and incentivizing traffickers to be more violent?

    1. It’s the American way!

    2. The Mexican Ass Sex cartel is known to “behead” their victims and leave the foreskins laying out in public as a warning to anyone else who thinks of fucking with them.

      1. Wait, don’t they actually want more people to think of fucking with them?

        1. They don’t get fucked with. They do the fucking.

          Two lawyers are stranded on a desert island. Years later a naked woman washes up on shore.

          “Let’s fuck her” says one lawyer.

          “Out of what” says the second.

    3. If he gets his way the numbers of murdered trafficking victims will skyrocket.

      What a fucking genius, because the drug was is going just swimmingly.

      1. Statists gotta state, Suthenboy. Plus, do remember that a huge majority of cops are ex-military, so this is as much about keeping up employment for them as anything.

  4. If Hillary is elected you can be sure she will jump on this. For the womens

    1. And not at all for the forfeiture opportunities, no sirree Bob, regardless of what happened at

      1. Playboy Mansion hardest hit.

      1. Are we still doing phrasing?

  5. It’s about time someone decided to get serious about the sex trafficking epidemic.

  6. How many victims are in fact willing participants who, when busted, claim to be have been trafficked?

    1. It’s the same as addiction – “I got mixed up in the wrong crowd” and “I didn’t want to use drugs but I had to anyway”. LOL.

  7. Denouncing the “glaring disconnect between espoused ideals and demonstrated commitment” from federal lawmakers…

    Krulak said, “I’ll show you pencil-necked pansy bastards how glaring disconnects from espoused ideals are done.”

  8. They are already pumping out the propaganda. A few days ago I watched a video about a father who claimed he was going to pick up his daughter who was ‘rescued’ from a Superbowl sex trafficking ring. Evidently she was going to Reno with some people who he knew really well. It was obvious propaganda – fortunately this time around we can detect it more quickly and debunk it before it gets out of hand. (‘Famous last words’, I know.)

  9. Well, expect more road rage. Baning sex while in traffic will surely deal a blow to commuters, one which I don’t think they’ll be able to swallow.

  10. I was at a mandatory training session yesterday, which was supposed to be about sexual harassment and assault prevention, but it turned into an hour about human trafficking (which we already have a separate training for). So in it, a person who was trafficked was discussing issues, but also heavily pouring in a Christian message. She ran away from home as a young teen (14) and put to work selling cocaine. Then she was pushed to prostitution. She managed to get out of it after a long time.

    But then she goes off on some tangent against strip clubs, general prostitution, and pornography. She said if you watch pornography, you are raping the women in it. She claims that every one of them is a victim and no one actually chooses it, but circumstances put them in it.

    Granted, there are people who are legitimately forced into all stripping, prostitution, or pornography, and that should be prosecuted vigorously. But most people who enter into those professions do so willfully and continue to be a part of it out of choice.

    1. I’m probably more angry at stupid statist people who call themselves “Christians” than you are.

      -An-Cap Christian Fundamentalist

  11. Sex trafficking is showing up in the relentless crime dramas my wife watches every night. (As I’ve said many times on this board, prime time TV is three hours of statist propaganda every night.) On one show this week (all I know is it wasn’t the one with Mark Harmon), they rescued three girls from a shipping container. Get it ? They were literally being trafficked, three young white girls being shipped off by some vaguely middle eastern bad guys.

    Whatever moral panic the government is pushing, you can count on prime time TV to get on the band wagon.

    1. Sex trafficking is showing up in the relentless crime dramas my wife watches every night.

      Yes, it affects everything. So much so, that a local man whose wife disappeared while hitchhiking alone through remote Mexico is literally convinced his wife has been “sex trafficked”.

    2. I’ve noticed this as well (not that it tries to be subtle). Moreover from the 3-hour block of statist cop dramas, all the superhero programming does this to great effect as well. Pretty sure in BvS, Batman’s first scene in the movie of him being back on the streets is beating the piss out of a bunch of dudes in a projects house who renovated their downstairs into prison cells and were house at least 30 woman. In the DareDevil show, he definitely has gone to the pier to stop the “regular” outgoing shipments of woman in literal cargo containers.

      Human trafficking is going to derp derp explode in some horrific way, the catalyst will be the day the Feds finally catch some cartel running girls across the border. All the Feds have right now is simply berating prostitutes into believe they have been trafficked.

      1. Wouldn’t one say it’s reasonable for rambling typers to be given edit buttons?

      2. Maybe the Feds will start supplying them with the shipping containers undercover.

  12. More like the drug war? You mean totally ineffective at stopping the trafficking, but making the trade far more dangerous and creating new opportunities for violent criminal gangland warfare and police corruption?

  13. There’s a coffee shop near my house with the gimmick that it sends all its profits to fight human trafficking. All its workers are volunteers, unpaid.

    So they incentivize people into going there and giving them money for a supposedly good cause, and they don’t pay their workers ? an atrocious exploitation of good people via a made-up epidemic.

  14. A few things:

    1). There is no such thing as an ex-Marine.
    2). This is the guy that led the anti-hazing charge to the point where push-ups are hazing.
    3). Correctly identifies bloated war on drugs budget and naturally decides a war on human trafficking with corespondent bloated budget is the best way forward.

    Human trafficking isn’t cool, but it’s been my experience traveling the world that poor people are more susceptible to this than more well off individuals.

  15. Like the drug war — an abject failure?

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