Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Just Turned the Democratic Party Into the Party of the $15 an Hour Minimum Wage

The Democratic frontrunner proves she's willing to take a dangerous, irresponsible gamble with the economy.


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At last night's presidential debate, the Democratic Party became the party of the $15-an-hour minimum wage.

Facing off against rival candidate Bernie Sanders on CNN, Hillary Clinton seemed to endorse the idea of a national $15 minimum. Asked whether she would, as president, sign a bill mandating a $15 federal minimum, Clinton said, emphatically: "Of course I would."

That's a new one for Clinton. As she noted in the rest of her response, she has previously voiced support for activists pushing for a $15 minimum at the local level. But she's also endorsed tiered approaches that raise wages higher and faster in wealthier urban areas than in their poorer rural counterparts. And when asked about a national minimum, she's always said that as president she would try to raise the national wage floor to $12 an hour.

In a follow-up, Clinton's campaign clarified the candidate's statement, saying that she "supports a $12 federal minimum wage—but believes the federal minimum is just that, and encourages states, cities, and workers through bargaining to go even higher, including a $15 minimum wage in places where it makes sense." But the fact is, she clearly said that as president she would sign a bill raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour everywhere in the U.S. if it came to her desk. That may not be a flip-flop on her part, but it is, at least, an update of her old position.

And it represents a major shift in both the Democratic party and national politics. Just a few years ago, President Obama's endorsement of raising the federal minimum to $10.10 was big news, and it helped organize the rest of the party around that number. In the years since, the figure has only grown, with relatively centrist figures in the party like Hillary Clinton endorsing $12 an hour (while trying to play nice with $15-an-hour activists) while activists pushed for a higher figure. Legislation to impose a $15 minimum wage around the country, in places like California, the city of Seattle, and New York, has only intensified that pressure. And the presidential race against Bernie Sanders, who has rallied supporters around his calls for a $15 an hour minimum, appears to have been the final push for Clinton.

As the Democratic party's likely presidential nominee, Clinton is the de facto leader of the party right now, or at the very least, one of its most influential voices, particularly when it comes to setting the party's policy agenda. So just as Obama's endorsement of a $10 minimum moved the party three years ago, Clinton's clear willingness to approve a federal $15 minimum wage, even if it's higher than what she might propose herself, is certain to move the party toward a general endorsement of the $15 minimum. At the very least, Democratic legislators who are concerned about a $15 minimum will likely quiet their criticisms; if nothing else, Clinton's movement shows how difficult it is for Democratic politicians to resist pressure to support a national $15 wage.

Which means that one of the major parties now effectively backs a minimum wage that is supported by essentially no economic evidence or experience whatsoever, a figure that is so high that it makes even economists on the left who support raising the federal minimum from its current $7.25 an hour uncomfortable.

That includes people like Arindrajit Dube, the co-author of a study which found "no detectable employment losses" from U.S. minimum wage increases in the past, who told Timothy Lee of Vox that substantial job market losses could be the result of California adopting a $15 minimum. California's plan, he said, was a very big, very risky experiment with a massive state economy: "If you're risk-averse, this would not be the scale at which to try things," he told Lee. 

And it includes people like Alan Krueger, a former Obama administration official who conducted some of the most widely cited research suggesting that some types of minimum wage increases would not result in job losses. Writing in The New York Times last October, he warned that increasing the minimum to $15 could well hurt economies across the country. "$15 an hour is beyond international experience," he wrote, "and could well be counterproductive. Although some high-wage cities and states could probably absorb a $15-an-hour minimum wage with little or no job loss, it is far from clear that the same could be said for every state, city and town in the United States."

Again, this is not the position of some anti-minimum-wage crusader. This is from an economist who worked in the Obama administration and whose research has been critical in building support for a substantial hike in the federal minimum wage. Even he cannot go as far as Bernie Sanders has gone, and as far as Hillary Clinton went last night.

The point is that there is simply no precedent for a minimum wage hike at this scale, and there is no evidence to support the belief that it definitely would not backfire. Indeed, there is good reason to believe that it would be very harmful, especially in rural, less wealthy communities where wages are typically lower than in high-cost urban areas. (Another thing this reveals is just how beholden to the demands of activists living in those high-cost urban areas the Democratic party has become.)

The most generous way to describe Clinton's stated willingness to sign a $15 an hour national minimum wage into law, then, is to say that she is willing to make a massive gamble on the nation's economy and the jobs of millions of citizens based on essentially no direct evidence that it would pay off. It is a dangerous and irresponsible position on its own, and it is likely to move both her party and the nation in a dangerous and irresponsible direction. Would she really be willing to take a risk this big? Apparently the answer is: Of course she would. 

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  1. At last night’s presidential debate, the Democratic Party became the party of the $15-an-hour minimum wage.

    I think they’ve been that for a while.

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        1. Lina_angel is a go-getter.

          1. Well, you have to be a real trooper to get gang-fisted by midgets on cam for $15 per hour.

      1. By this time next year $64,000 will be couch-cushion money.

        1. Eventually there will be dollar parity with the yen.

          1. But imagine how convenient it is to not have to write, print, or type decimal points when writing dollar amounts! No more .00/xx on handwritten checks–think of all the carpal tunnel syndrome we will save just having to write 00 and not having to write the . and /xx!

  2. It’s almost like they want to tank the value of the dollar or something like that so they can effectively renege on much of the value of the national debt without actually repudiating it.

    1. Im always below you, but nothing is below me.

    2. It’s almost like they want to snuff out small mom-and-pop businesses so that the giant corporations (who can easily afford the new minimum wage) can gobble up the market share so that politicians can then point to the dominance of large corporations as evidence that we need more government intervention in the markets.

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  3. We need to start the Fight for 50 movement. Anyone that argues this will result in unemployment for many workers is obviously a corporate shill.

    1. I think it should be $80. Do you think that a person working full time at the minimum wage should be able to afford the average Manhattan rent, or are you an unfeeling monster?

      1. Which points to the other idiocy of a national minimum wage: the wide range of the cost of living.

        1. The “wide range of the cost of living” is a result of minimum wage differences, not a constraint.

          Once there is a national minimum wage cost of living differences will disappear. Everywhere will be as unaffordable as San Francisco. Until Bernie or Hillary imposes price controls, thereby producing massive shortages in everything the cost of living gets spent on.

          Just like Venezuela’s toilet paper shortage.

        2. There should not be any *national* minimum wage at all.

          1. Richard Nixon’s wage and price controls brought the Libertarian Party out of the woodwork and conscription became a thing of the past. But the exact technical term for a race in printing up collectivised wage “rights” like so many Weimar Deutchmarks is “playing chicken with the economy.”

      2. Look, people by their nature have a right to live happy, healthy, fulfilling lives. It’s a natural right. Tying a person’s survival to their labor is slavery, wage slavery. You put the number up as high as you want. It’s still slavery. We shouldn’t stop until there is a guaranteed minimum income for all individuals, regardless of how little productive work they do.

        1. Damn, I’ve been a wage slave and never even knew it. It’s insidious!

          1. As Groucho Marx once said, “You don’t want to be wage slaves, do you? Of course not. Well, what makes a wage slaves? Wages! I want you to be free! Strike off your chains!”

            1. There was often some real wisdom in Groucho’s words. If Karl had been Groucho, the world would be a wiser, and happier place.

        2. This is what progs actually believe.

          1. As did the USSR. We already have a field trial of this theory on a grand scale over 7 decades learn from, or not.

        3. I’d almost prefer to do this and end the welfare bureaucracy.

        4. Guaranteed minimum income, you say? What are you, some sort of evil cheerleader for inequality?

          Everyone should be guaranteed the same income, period, regardless of what you do for work, how much you work, or even if you work at all. Why should some Wall Street fat cat, or a professional athlete, or a landscaper working 12 hour days, or a single mom with two jobs earn more than me if all I want to do is sit at home and post comments on the Internet all day?

        5. Yes, the invisible hand that feeds the unproductive hands in a Wavy Gravy Mobius-strip closed loop. Got it!

      3. $100/hr. Then everybody will be considered “rich” and can enjoy being taxed extra hard like the many small business owners or dual-income families that make $200,000 to $250,000 year but don’t feel or live all that rich.

        1. Now you’re talking. Give them $100/hr and tax them at 90% so they end up back at $10/hr.

          1. Q: Why did the chicken cross the Mobius strip?
            A: To get to the same side.

    2. Let’s go for parity with Japan and demand 780$/hr.

      1. Some would at least learn the difference between demand and effective demand.

        1. No. They wouldn’t. They would just blame the ‘EEEVUL’ corporations and screech for even more government protection.

          –Hey, nice economy you got here; it’d be a shame if somethin’ BAD happened to it.

          While we are developing idiot-proof arguments, God (and the education establishment) is hard at work making better idiots.


  4. OT: Recently when reading on my phone ive been getting redirected from this site to the app store like four or five times a day its gay as fuck make it stop its worse than the money begging stuff. i dont know for sure reason is doing this but its never happened before

    1. gay as fuck

      I assume you mean with a dude

      1. He’s awfully close to a meaningless tautology.

        1. I have a hard time with gay but i love a challenge so my first priority is to learn the meaning of tautology

          1. The first rule of Tautology Club is the first rule of Tautology Club.

            1. If 1,000,000 people join this group, this group will have 1,000,000 people in it.

            2. that’s racist

    2. Reason must be selling ad space to infected ad networks.

      The only solution I have found that really works is to turn off Javascript in your mobile phone browser. All the ad blocker apps fail because the hackers are paid to stay one step ahead of the blockers.

      Turning off Javascript does render some websites unusable, but they aren’t typically sites one cares about. Yelp, for instance, absolutely won’t work without Javascript.

      1. I wish Reason would re-think their ad strategy. I understand that websites have to make money; I’ve run websites and sold ad space before.

        But why not do some reviews of libertarian-themed books and put an affiliate link in the article for those who want to buy the book? It’s much less intrusive, and it’s providing something that people might actually want.

  5. I would send her a basic economics book in the mail, but I fear I would get arrested for terrorism or something.

    1. You’ve forgotten the first lesson of politics.

      1. Don’t hold up a baby when someone yells “SHOOTER”?

        1. Of course not.

          Check for cameras before you hold up a baby, etc.

    2. She would have an intern making who is making nothing send a message back to you saying “Mrs. Clinton will say anything to win, and when I say anything, I mean anything.”

      1. We need to throw away the economics books and make the populist case against this bullshit. The technically economics case is of course true but it doesn’t resonate. What would resonate is to call out the hypocrisy of rich white liberals on this issue. They think it is great when one of their little snow flakes takes an unpaid internship in college to get ahead but then deny the opportunity of middle class and poor kids to take a low paying job to build their resumes. Unpaid internships are great if you have mommy and daddy to support you. If not, then not so much.

        The minimum wage laws are nothing but government ensuring only rich kids get a chance. And they need to be portrayed as such. The minimum wage laws create the situation where you can’t legally work for less pay than the government deems appropriate but it it’s somehow okay to work for free. So, basically, if you need money and don’t have the wherewithal to volunteer, you can go fuck yourself. Change the narrative from these laws helping the more into what they are; laws that protect the children of the rich from competition for jobs.

        1. Or the do-nothing jobs they secure for their sprogs, like Chelsea’s CNN gig, while consigning the poor to a tough job market, unemployment, and welfare dependency.

          1. Exactly. Without powerful family connections, Chelsea isn’t nearly hot enough to score a high paying TV gig like that even with a real resume to back her up.

        2. I would like to think that Democrats will get the message when the unemployment rate soars to 50% in the inner city but who knows.

          1. Inner city, Midwest, Deep South, any rural area, really

            1. Except the Democrats don’t give a shit about the Midwest, the Deep South, or any rural area.

              1. They give a shit about the Midwest every four years, because they need it to carry the electoral college.

                Other than that? I’m not seeing many shits to be given.

          2. Black youth unemployment has been at or near that for decades and they never have gotten the message. So, I am skeptical. Their solution is generally “more leeches”.

            1. Nah, it’s “only” like 25% now.

              1. That’s okay, the Democrats can still count on their votes anyway.

                1. It’s Bush’s fault, anyway. Or Obstructionism. Or Sean Hannity. Or Trump.

                  I forget. The important thing is, continue voting Democrat because it’s always someone else’s fault.

            2. Progressive Plantation

        3. I think I’ve made some people question their assumptions about minimum wage that way. The young, inexperienced worker angle is a good one. Sympathy for small business owners can work too.

          Libertarians could make this kind of argument a lot more. There are a lot of things we rail against that fuck over the poor more than anyone else, from the war on drugs to onerous business regulations.

          1. Yet GayJay argues for a new federal 30%consumption tax that will only increase the misery of the “less fortunate “.

            1. Does he?

              30% seems high, but I’d be open to almost anything replacing the income tax. Of course, the income tax would have to be banned first or we’d be stuck with both.

              1. I would be open to rounding up the progtards, executing the really egregious ones (AmSoc comes to mind) and redistributing THEIR wealth to those they have harmed. After all, those faggot cookies believe in ‘reparations’ right?

                1. what I don’t get is why dems tend to be against federalism, like why does the communist utopia have to be 3000 miles across? nobody is stopping anyone from starting their own little private communes or whatnot. and wouldnt the rest of us see how preferable that system is and it would end up being nationwide anyhow? I somehow get the feeling they’re not always 100% upfront with their goals.

                  1. If you allow other people to do what they want, then may do things you don’t approve of. Therefore, they need to be coerced into to doing what is obviously right.

            2. Bullshit. You are taking the rate out of context to intentionally lie.

              1. I assume he would replace the income tax with it. That said, a consumption tax is going to be regressive as hell, unless you put in all kinds of exemptions. Putting in the exemptions, however, defeats a lot of the point of having a consumption tax.

                I think a flat income tax is better and more equitable than a consumption tax.

                1. No it isn’t. It’s trivial to make it progressive without exemptions. The fair tax that siv is misrepresenting is actually a flat 23% rate when compared the same way to current income taxes. Progressivity (how i hate that word) is achieved by prebating the tax that would have been paid on spending at the poverty level to everyone. So if you only consume at the poverty level you pay no federal tax.

                  Payroll taxes are eliminated too.

                  Consumption taxes are proportionate, efficient, and equitable. Income taxes punish work and thrift and reward laziness.

                2. I don’t know why the LP has a thing for the Fair Tax which is an unrealistic proposal to soften up antitaxers for a VAT

                3. Income taxes require too much personal information to be turned over. That’s why I prefer sales or consumption taxes.

                  1. Zeb,

                    A sales tax is no better. Is it better to have your income tracked or your purchases? I don’t see a difference.

                    1. Why (and how) would your purchases be tracked? That’s not how sales taxes work now. It’s certainly not necessary.

                    2. I’d prefer a sales. No property, no income.

                    3. The stakes are much higher when you’re talking the IRS and a30% levy. Cash would be outlawed.

                    4. I don’t want to be tracked. I am not a migrant deer.

                4. That said, a consumption tax is going to be regressive as hell,


                  Seriously, the idea that taxes have to be “progressive” to be “fair” is pernicious nonsense. Unfortunately, its so deeply ingrained there’s probably no getting rid of it.

          2. One almost gets the impression that the left doesn’t actually care about the poor as much as they claim. Almost.

            1. I’m sure a lot of them care. But good intentions count for jack shit when you have terrible ideas that have failed repeatedly in the past.

              1. I suspect many actually do care, but I do not believe Hillary is among them.

                1. Yet if she wins the primary, a good many of them will still vote for her…

    3. And end up on a Democratic donors call list for the rest of your life.

      1. Figure out the most expensive place to ship to in the world and put that as your return address.

    4. Try emailing it to her.

  6. What was it CAGW promoters want to do about people flatly denying the science?

    1. I thought the CAGW promoters were supportive of the people flatly denying the science.

  7. “I live 50 miles from Canada……They’re doing ok”


    I can see Canada from my house!

  8. The Democratic frontrunner proves she’s willing to take a dangerous, irresponsible gamble with the economy.

    So, like Trump and Sanders and the last three presidents and the major party candidates in *those* elections.

    Lets not forget Barak ‘PPCA’ Obama, George ‘TARP’ Bush, William ‘free medical care for all’ Clinton, Al ‘Global Warming’ Gore and the rest.

  9. It’s a no lose proposition for the Democrats. All those lost jobs increase the welfare rolls ie their core base. But it makes them appear to care to those who do not understand math ie their core base.

    1. If that were the case the the Republicans would be voting for it also. *Both* parties love welfare because it gives them an ‘in’ to justify their control of you.

      1. A couple of years ago the republicans in congress finally got some balls and voted to cut off long term unemployment benefits after a certain time period (I think it was around two years or so), and the democrats and the scum in the JournoList (but I repeat myself) went absolutely bonkers.

    2. Once again, they jack ass party shows how easy it is to care when it’s someone else’s money.

  10. She’s going to give poor people a raise!


    1. From $7.25 an hour in wages to $300 a week in unemployment bennies.

      1. And after that permanent disability! Hooray!

      2. This is, and has been, the true goal for some time: a permanent majority through permanent dependence.

  11. Just what the Democrats want and exactly what the country doesn’t need – more people on food stamps. As an added bonus you get even fewer people paying into social security.

  12. New Libertarian Moment coming: Clinton vows to create new agency to assist illegal aliens


    1. As long as she promises to enact more barriers to them finding or creating work, why not?!

  13. Very well, if that is the way the winds are blowing, let no one say I don’t also blow.” ? Mayor Quimby/Hillary Clinton

    1. Thanks a lot. That was one image I didn’t need, Hildebeast blowing.

  14. I’ve reached the point where I’m in favor of $15/hr. Maybe (MAYBE) when the theoretical costs are no longer theoretical, the supporters will recognize, though probably not acknowledge, that everything comes at a cost.

    1. Exactly. It’s like aikido. We can keep fighting this with experts to no avail, or we can just use their retarded momentum against them. You want 15? Here you go, everywhere, no union exceptions either.

      1. Precisely. Everywhere, no exceptions, starts in 30 days. I’d vote for this in a heartbeat.

        1. It would change nothing, because the resulting disaster would be the fault of the greedy corporations.

          1. Or it would become Bush’s fault in the history books. Look at how the left and historians (but I repeat myself) view Hoover’s presidency vs. FDR’s. Hoover basically went and did a lot of the same policies that FDR did, but on a smaller scale, and it crashed the economy again, so FDR was elected, did those things bigger, crashed the economy again, got a little reined in, and got lucky as hell Germany and Japan decided to get frisky when they did, since the resulting war destroyed most competition for U.S. industry for two decades.

          2. Both of you are right.

    2. Prices will go up. Most people, especially Democrats, will not connect the MW and similar policies with the consequences.

    3. No. That shit never works. Have you ever known a proggie to see government inefficiency and fraud , and say to themselves, “Wow, it turns out government really is evil.”?

      No, they just double down.

      1. Also, just like business had to cut employees and hours for Obamacare, no one considers that Obamacare’s fault—rather, it’s the fault of kkkorporashuns!

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    1. $100/wk is not a living wage, ammythomas1458. What are you, some sort of raceist teathuglikkkan?

  16. A question for those of you who know something about economics: I’m working on a proposal for the city right now, for $1.5 mil I’ll burn the town to the ground. Looking at the economic benefits of re-building the town – the construction jobs created, the sales of building material and furnishings, the secondary effects of the construction workers and the supply stores having more money to spend – I’m figuring the town’s coming out ahead by easily $100 mil or so. Should I raise my price?

    1. I figure at $1.5 mil, it’s a modest proposal but I’m not sure at what point it becomes immodest.

      1. Are you going to title your proposal ‘A Modest Proposal’?

        Plus – never let people know what you’re bid is.

        Because now I’ma go underbid it to see if I can get the contract.


    2. You’re totally low-balling that. The federal aid alone will surpass $100M. You need to *at least* double your price.

      1. Triple it if he’s going to handle the aid/grant/subsidy paperwork as well. Those t’s won’t cross themselves, you know.

    3. Only if you use trumpcrete and feed your workers trump steaks and trump water. Oh, and everything has to be paid for by an infrastructure bank.

  17. Bluto: “Grab a brew. Don’t cost nothin’.”

  18. Hillary: “Of course I would. It ain’t MY money.”

    1. Hillary: If we raise the minimum wage to $15/hour, just think how much more I’ll make in fees for my next Goldman-Sachs speech!!

      1. It would be hilarious if her speech fees were tied to the minimum wage.

        “50,000 times the minimum wage or GTFO.”

  19. I’m figuring the town’s coming out ahead by easily $100 mil or so. Should I raise my price?

    Don’t forget the MULTIPLIZER. You’re leaving millions on the table.

  20. You have to wonder if these people advocating for a $15 per hour minimum wage realize that the median wage is right around $15 per hour. That means fully half of all workers would see their mandatory wages go up

    Do they really think that raising the minimum wage so it goes from 3% of all workers earning it to 50% of all workers earning it isn’t going to have some serious negative consequences?

    1. Well it would reduce income inequality, wouldn’t it?

      1. We keep raising the minimum wage yet 20% of Americans are in the bottom quintile of income earners!

    2. Insert progressive half-truth about some country with a high nominal minimum wage here.

      1. Japan has a 780 JPY/hr average minimum wage! Look how well it’s working for them! We should institute a 780 USD/hr minimum wage!

    3. Actually, the median income is closer to $25/hour ($51,939/year divided by 2080 work hours in a year, $24.90). But that is the point few people realize/talk about. There is a very large portion of our workforce that are skilled workers, but make less than $15 (but more than min. wage). When we mandate that unskilled workers get a raise to $15/hour, the skilled workers that were making less $15 must also receive an equal raise so they are earning more than unskilled workers. Eventually, all those raises go through our entire workforce, leading to unskilled workers making $15/hour back below poverty level and needing welfare. Then the cries for $20/hour begin.

      1. $51939 is the median household income, not the median wage as most households have more than 1 wage earner and income includes non wage income as well.


        As of 2014 the median annual wage was $28,851, which on a 40 hour week would work out to $13.87 per hour however since the average work week for all workers in the US is only 35 hours a week that works out to a median wage of $15.82 per hour.

        So a national $15 per hour minimum, assuming no changes to the structure of jobs and hours worked would have somewhere around 49% of all US workers earning the minimum wage

        1. And I’m just certain that all those workers will be satisfied to suddenly be making minimum wage once it gets raised to $15. It’s not like they would want more money in return for their greater skill and experience than all the unskilled, inexperienced workers now making the same wages as them.

          1. That’s just crazy teathuglican talk.

            Havn’t you seen that meme going around about the paramedic who says that such jealousy is how companies hold people down and we should be glad those poor downtrodden folks are getting a pay raise?


            1. … when did paramedics become authorities on anything other than paramedicine?

        2. But of course raising the pay of all the people below will put pressure on employers to raise the pay of people making around the new minimum. John the semi-skilled mechanic isn’t going to take kindly to making the same as Jim the unskilled janitor. It will have a cascading effect.

        3. I for one, earn much more than the minimum wage per hour at both my jobs, and would be very unhappy if all of my progress away from the minimum wage was destroyed again. It already happened once, when I went from earning $2.40 over the minimum to $0.25 over the minimum, and now I’m more than that gap over the minimum, I would be pissed if my costs of living were to rise by that much, and my income not rise to be the same gap above minimum that it is now.

  21. So Hillary says one thing and her “campaign” says another. If she wins, she’s covered no matter what. You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

  22. she is willing to make a massive gamble on the nation’s economy and the jobs of millions of citizens based on essentially no direct evidence that it would pay off.

    Yep. Like much legislation. That’s why such gambles should require the writers, sponsors, and signers to have skin in the game beyond not being re-elected.

  23. I can’t remember where I saw it, but somebody did a nice, concise rundown of the basic tax effects of bumping the minimum to $15.
    TL,DR version: On net, a lot of people are going to get fucked over. The big winner? The tax man.

    1. If anyone could find the link, I’d like to share it.

    2. They’d (probably) redefine the brackets and the standard deduction. Or just keep expanding the EITC.


  24. She isn’t moving the party. The socialist party is already fucking there. She’s just pandering to them.

    Ooooo, but they’re soooooo good on civil liberties!

    1. Anwar al’Awlaki and his son agree with you

    2. they’re soooooo good on civil liberties

      Except all the ones that matter, like self-defense, political expression, private property, …

      And we’ll look past the socialists blatantly abandoning what little “civil liberties” they claim to care about and protect whenever their policies don’t produce the intended results.

      1. No, no, no. If liberal policies fail, it’s because of libertarianism.

  25. Oh yeah one more thing. There is no way this wouldn’t cause massive inflation.

    Even if we assume that companies paying the higher wages were unable to pass the higher costs onto their customers prices are set by a combination of supply, demand, what it costs to produce the good/service, and what the consumer can afford to pay for it.

    The first thing that would happen after this is the cost to rent a home would increase by 25% or more overnight. Anyone that wasn’t in a long term lease would see an immediate increase in rent, everyone who was would get to wait a little while before they paid that new rent. That in turn would trigger a slightly smaller increase in home prices. You would see similar increases in the prices of used and new cars and most other high end commodities.

    And that would be one of the most damaging parts of this, the companies who are actually bearing the increased labor costs from the minimum increase would not necessarily be the ones who were able to raise prices and capture that new consumer spending but any way you cut it inflation would eat 100% of those pay raises.

    1. If costs are proportional to such a wage increase [and that is very inexact], a Big Mac with run somewhere around $9.50, add fires at $4 and a drink $3.50 and you happy meal is now $17.00. That is close to $70 for take out for a family of four, not including fried apple bars or sundaes.

      AI and robotics will give us the Automats of the 21st century [at least for big corps that can afford to invest in that sort of capital]; small business, not so much].

      1. You’re already seeing places like McDonald’s reducing the menu because of assembly times. The fight for 15 is causing them to drop their healthier items because they are more labor-intensive to prepare. Target and WalMart are reducing the number of SKUs like crazy.

        Bernie likes that though. He doesn’t like choices. Don’t worry comrade, Bern will make sure you get a living ration of bologna.

        1. I’ve noticed that the beef on Big Macs has gotten smaller?

          The Taco Bell by my house is remodeling? I suspect they’re putting in a Tacobot.

          The Chili’s near here has put in Ziosks to handle drink orders and payment.

          Time to invest in Momentum Machines!

      2. I do like their fried apple pies.

      3. [blockquote]add fires[/blockquote]
        I’m afraid a lot of businesses will do exactly that.

        1. Darn, I forgot it’s HTML tags, not message board tags.

    2. I’m curious as to why rent would go up so much so quickly. The long-term trend is already upward, and increasing the MW would increase the rate of change, but I would think it would take a little while to manifest noticeably.

  26. There is no way this wouldn’t cause massive inflation.

    That’s precisely the point. The Yellenites are constantly moaning and groaning about how no matter how hard they try, they cannot seem to “boost” the economy. “Deflation” is the enemy; it’s holding us back.

    Just one more example of the mumbo jumbo school of economics which elevates the significance of a number (GDP) above the actual real thing it represents.

    1. Maybe not inflation necessarily, but certainly unemployement!

  27. John Jackson: “I say your $15/hour minimum wage goes too far.”
    Jack Johnson: “And I say your $15/hour minimum wage doesn’t go too far enough.”

    1. Great, so we’re getting Nixon.

  28. “A chicken in every pot.”

    1. Every man a king!

  29. Hillary Clinton Just Turned the Democratic Party Into the Party of the $15 an Hour Minimum Wage
    The Democratic frontrunner proves she’s willing to take a dangerous, irresponsible gamble with the economy.

    Maybe the danger to the economy is posed by free market fetishists who think everything will be solved by Monsanto and rich people. Up until the early 1970s it was this idea that was ahistorical

    1. american socialist|4.15.16 @ 1:35PM|#
      “Maybe the danger to the economy is posed by free market fetishists who think everything will be solved by Monsanto and rich people. Up until the early 1970s it was this idea that was ahistorical”

      Maybe the danger is lefty ignoramuses hoping for free shit.
      Pay your mortgage yet, free-loader?

    2. Free market = Monsanto and the rich.

    3. Re: American Stultified,

      Maybe the danger to the economy is posed by free market fetishists who think everything will be solved by Monsanto and rich people.

      “Socialism means never having to say I’m coherent.”

      If someone is a ‘free market fetishist’, why would you think they would say that the solution is with Monsanto and ‘rich people’ rather than the Free Market? It’s nonsense. You can’t even compose a cogent criticism.

      1. You’re just a logic-fetishist Old Mex

    4. Monsanto is a corporation and the corporation was created by the government?

  30. Just remember that when people call for a $15 wage set by the feds, they’re calling for doubling the strictness of a federal mandate on already floundering Puerto Rico and rural Alabama while imposing absolutely no additional constraints on Seattle and L.A.

    To me, some 20-year old Berkeley student demanding that the president ensure Puerto Rico’s economy is run exactly like Seattle’s isn’t just stupid, it’s morally repugnant.

    If they insist on price fixing wages, then it should be as a fraction of each individual city/county’s median wages, but of course that’s too complicated to put on a picket sign.

    1. I mean, fuck, even the federal government payscale has locality adjustments.

      1. I think, technically, that the adjustments only go upwards. So the “Alabama rate”, if you will, is the base rate, while the “DC rate” is the base rate + adjustment.

        What I’m saying is, they just might make locality adjustments to the federal minimum wage. Upward adjustments.

    2. If they insist on price fixing wages, then it should be as a fraction of each individual city/county’s median wages, but of course that’s too complicated to put on a picket sign.

      We keep setting the minimum wage to the median wage but the median wage keeps rising!

    3. If they insist on price fixing wages, then it should be as a fraction of each individual city/county’s median wages, but of course that’s too complicated to put on a picket sign.

      A geographic cost of living adjustment (or similar adjustment) to minimum wage and income taxes is a good idea and would go a long way to making the minimum wage and income tax more fair and less onerous (or less shitty).

      1. Or we could just let each state decide on its own minimum wage. I suppose that would be too radical, though.

  31. Is a $15 minimum wage another example of smart power?

    I wonder if the GOP will finally take a principled stand and demand that the minimum wage should only be $12.38.

    1. I fully expect the GOP to come out for a $20 minimum wage, and compromise at $25.

      1. Trump will def do that.

  32. And in other news, the sky is blue.

    Have you slept through the last couple of years?

  33. Apparently the Dems believe that the best way to fix the economies of States they have destroyed, is to make the cost of living everywhere else just as expensive.

  34. What – ONLY $15.00 an hour!!

    Why not $50.00 an hour!!!

    1. Can anyone really live on $100k per year?

      $100/hr would put most people in a comfortable place.

      Of course a Big Mac would cost $80.

  35. She’s pulling an FDR. Compromising with socialists on policy.

    1. Not compromising, embracing. The Hildebeast is a commie at heart. But she knows Bernie sounds crazy to most, so she’s becoming commie-light. Pink! It’s her color and reminds all about her parched crevice.

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  37. Next time I hear a “progressive” pontificating about the minimum wage, I’m going to pretend to agree. Then I’ll say this:

    “If a minimum price on a given commodity is such a great benefit to producers of said commodity, why not apply that to other areas like organic produce? I think the government should set a price schedule for them: an organic onion should cost $20, a pound of organic kale should be $50, and a bag of organic apples should run $100. I mean, we want to make sure that these organic farmers can get a living wage, right?”

    Let’s see how quickly they remember the basics of economics.

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  42. These economists are shocked that people are using their studies to raise the wages?

    These guys have been pro minimum wage and set out to prove it wouldn’t have much effect but now they’re expressing doubts?

    Sounds like they don’t really believe their own work.

  43. Hillary Cunton? No thanks.

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  46. RE: Hillary Clinton Just Turned the Democratic Party Into the Party of the $15 an Hour Minimum Wage
    The Democratic frontrunner proves she’s willing to take a dangerous, irresponsible gamble with the economy.

    Now don’t anyone worry.
    She won’t be affected by all her economic mistakes.
    I’m sure everyone is relieved knowing this.

  47. The next time you find yourselves in conversation with a Dem who supports a $15/hr Fed min wage, hold off asking “why not 30 or 50”, and instead ask them if they think it is economically wise to force businesses to pay the same hourly minimum to those that live in Temple, TX and those that live in Menlo Park, CA? If the answer is yes, shoot them.

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