Food Labeling

Federal Judge Rules Skim Milk Isn't 'Skim Milk'

This is what happens when government regulators control definitions of words.


Ocheesee Creamery
Ocheesee Creamery

When is pure, all-natural, pasteurized skim milk not skim milk? When a federal court says so.

Ocheesee Creamery is a small creamery in Florida's Panhandle that's owned by Mary Lou Wesselhoeft and her husband, Paul. The creamery caters to "health-conscious milk drinkers—people who demand an all-natural product with nothing added—no preservatives, no nutrients that don't come straight from the cow."

Last week a federal judge ruled that because Ocheesee doesn't add vitamin A to its milk, Florida may prohibit the creamery from labeling its skim milk as "skim milk."

How did skim milk in Florida become something other than skim milk? This is an ongoing saga I describe at length in my forthcoming book, Biting the Hands that Feed Us (which is now available for pre-order on Amazon).

Ocheesee's problems began in fall 2012, when a Florida state agriculture department inspector suddenly ordered Ocheesee to stop selling its skim milk. The inspector hadn't found any food safety problems at the creamery. Instead, he determined that the issue with Ocheesee's additive-free skim milk was not what it contained but what it didn't contain—mandatory additives. Ocheesee's skim milk was just too natural.

It turns out that Florida's standard of identity for skim milk, which governs milk obtained and sold entirely within the state (and which apes FDA rules), requires that creameries and dairies add vitamin A to their skim milk. The inspector wrote on his stop-sale order, which effectively rendered Ocheesee's skim milk as contraband, the sole reason for his determination: "FAILURE TO ADD VITAMIN A."

Ocheesee offered to label its skim milk as "Pasteurized Skim Milk, No Vitamin A Added." The state balked, telling the creamery it must add vitamin A in order to call its skim milk "skim milk." Or, the state said, Ocheesee could sell its skim milk without adding vitamin A. But it would have to label the skim milk as "Non-Grade 'A' Milk Product, Natural Milk Vitamins Removed." There could be no mention of "skim milk" on the label.

That was unacceptable to Ocheesee—which was selling the very definition of skim milk, not some eight-word imitation "milk product." Rather than give in, Ocheesee retained the Institute for Justice and sued the state, in an effort to protect its First Amendment rights to label its skim milk honestly and accurately.

"Businesses have the right to tell the truth, and the government does not have the power to change the dictionary," IJ's Justin Pearson, Ocheesee's lead attorney in the case, told me last year.

I've been honored to serve as an expert witness in support of Ocheesee and its customers. As an expert, I spent several hours testifying in a deposition administered by the State of Florida's lawyers. I also drafted an expert report describing how Florida's mandated standard of identity for skim milk does not serve the interests of consumers in the state and tends to mislead consumers.

My role as an expert in the case was chiefly, as I describe in my expert report, "to discuss whether or not, in my opinion, consumers would tend to be misled by the labels at issue in this case." In my report, I conclude that Ocheesee's skim milk, which contains only skim milk, is skim milk. I also conclude that labeling skim milk that contains only skim milk as "skim milk" does not mislead consumers.

Notably, I also point out that Florida's suggested alternative label suffers a variety of fatal defects. For one, it paints entirely natural skim milk as a milk product that no reasonable consumer would believe consisted solely of one ingredient: skim milk. The state's standard is misleading, too, in that it doesn't even allude to the very reason people buy skim milk—the fact it contains no fat. It's also deceptive because it infers that all of the milk's natural vitamins have been removed, when in fact most natural milk vitamins remain in the skim milk, with vitamin A occurring in lesser amounts than it does in whole milk. (This is the case because vitamin A binds naturally to fat, and removing cream from milk also necessarily removes that vitamin with the fat.)

Is the addition of vitamin A to milk essential? While it's an important nutrient, most evidence shows Americans already get enough vitamin A in their diets. If there's anything we know about consuming vitamin A, it's that there's a very real danger—particularly to children—from consuming too much of it.  In fact, Florida's own expert in this case cautioned state residents in 2013 against ingesting "too much vitamin A, because your body can store it and cause damage to the liver."

At trial, lawyers for Florida's agriculture department argued that Ocheesee's all-natural skim milk should be labeled as "imitation skim milk." In other words, the state of Florida considers pure, unadulterated skim milk to be "imitation skim milk." Sadly, a federal court appears to agree. In his ruling last week, U.S. District Court Judge Robert L. Hinkle refused to call Ocheesee's skim milk by its actual name, instead referring to the creamery's skim milk as "vitamin-deficient nonfat milk."

Ultimately, this case is about whether the government can use Orwellian logic to redefine the meaning of a traditional food like skim milk—whether they can mandate that "up" means "down." It's about whether government can force food makers to adopt a deceptive standard of identity and compel those same food makers to repeat that state-mandated deception time and again on their food labels.

"Mary Lou refuses to mislead her customers, so she will continue to dump this perfectly safe, legal, pure skim milk until the courts vindicate her right to tell the truth," IJ's Pearson told me this week. "We look forward to continuing this fight at the Court of Appeals."

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  1. It’s just like only calling some vegetables ‘organic’.. Their changing the meaning of a word to help a certain group of people. The truth does not matter.

    1. It’s more like forcing someone to label their cauliflower, pigment deficient broccoli.

      1. +1 albino veggies

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        2. Just call it “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Skim Milk!” and put an explanation right underneath explaining the situation.

          1. If not Government Almighty, WHO will SAVE us from lie-free skim milk!?!

            Scienfoology Song? GAWD = Government Almighty’s Wrath Delivers

            Government loves me, This I know,
            For the Government tells me so,
            Little ones to GAWD belong,
            We are weak, but GAWD is strong!
            Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
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            Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
            My Nannies tell me so!

            GAWD does love me, yes indeed,
            Keeps me safe, and gives me feed,
            Shelters me from bad drugs and weed,
            And gives me all that I might need!
            Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
            Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
            Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
            My Nannies tell me so!

            DEA, CIA, KGB,
            Our protectors, they will be,
            FBI, TSA, and FDA,
            With us, astride us, in every way!
            Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
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            Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
            My Nannies tell me so!

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              1. my co-worker’s step-aunt

                That’s reasonably creative … from an adbot.

      2. It’s more like forcing someone to label their cauliflower, pigment deficient broccoli.

        Close, but it is even worse than that, since cauliflower is basically pigment-deficient broccoli. It would be more like having Green Giant label their bags of pre-cut cauliflower as “imitation cauliflower” because it doesn’t include the stems and leaves around the head.

        Calling unfortified skim milk by the name “imitation skim milk” is just a straight-up lie. In fact, if you wanted to insist on labeling one of them “imitation”, the fortified version would be it.

        1. no, it would be more like if everyone got used to buying pre cut cauliflower and you had to sell whole heads as “imitation cauliflower product”. ‘And I don’t think it’s as simple as yes it’s true or no it’s false, it’s even simpler – no relation to reality at all!

          1. I can get behind that analogy.

            What i can’t understand is this: How can anyone, no matter how much an officious twit he might be, get behind this regulation? It is right up there with pop-tart gun art suspensions, except it is more deliberative and without hysterical parents as an excuse.

            1. “It’s for the children. If Vitamin A isn’t added to all the skim milk they will surely all die of scurvy. Oh, wait, that’s Vitamin C. Well, they’ll die of something. Or all the old people will. The legislature wouldn’t have passed the law if it wasn’t necessary.”

            2. It’s pretty simple. It’s because of what they would need to do if this ruling succeeded:

              They would need to tell all the other people that make milk in the ‘approved’ method that they need to rename their milk into ‘milk product’ thereby showing the consumer that what they’re drinking has been modified. They don’t want this being as obvious at the grocery store, so they crack down on the minority of businesses trying to sell what the word really is.

              That being said, adding vitamin A back into the milk is presumably done precisely because the ‘skim’ process removes it. This is some Grade A stupid all around though.

            3. maybe the people who do care about stuff like this care about it much more deeply than the people who don’t care about it? it only takes one idiot to decide that gun shaped pop tarts are problematic cuz who’s gonna come out in defense of your right to eat pop tarts the way you want? Most of my friends would probably think even having an opinion about this is stupid (they’re probably right), but hitler didn’t come to power by promising the holocaust.

              1. the people who care about it care about it much more vigorously than the people who don’t care about don’t care, if that’s any clearer

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  2. Do you realize that vitamin A is the most monstrously conceived and dangerous communist plot we have ever had to face?

    1. Its incredibly obvious, isn’t it?

      1. Fluoridated water is the biggest commie plot. Vitamin A(merica) is a home-grown plot. Vitamin C is the worst plot of all – it’s easy to suspect it of being a (C)ommunist or a (C)hinese plot – but it’s (C)anadia behind that one. Warty is of course responsible for the Vitamin D.

        1. ‘Light beer’ is the biggest,baddest plot of them all.

          1. Keystone Light has got to be high treason.
            “Mandrake, have you ever seen a Commie drink a glass of water?”
            “Well, no, I can’t say I have.”

    2. Vitamin A is all-American. You’re thinking of vitamin C. The only way to be safe is to drink only grain alcohol and rain water.

      1. I would remind everyone that just because something is American-born doesn’t mean it’s not communist.

          1. If you’re feeling the Bern, try some antibiotics. You probably have chlamydia.

      2. I finally watched that movie so I could get the references.

        1. The references aren’t the only benefit of seeing Strangelove.

          1. True. George C Scott does a somersault and Tracy Reed wears a bathing suit.

      3. But in the 80’s I was told the rain water was full of acid.

  3. Is there some sort of anti-skim milk cabal that’s paying these folks to be dunces?

    1. Is there some sort of anti-skim milk cabal that’s paying these folks to be dunces?

      The US Gov.

      I don’t think it’s really even Big Milk. This is what the Apparatchik State does. The wheels of Power turn, and grind us to dust. Everyone involved might grant the stupidity of the result, but rules are rules, and cogs are cogs, and the Machine goes kachunk kachunk.

      In a free market, you get an invisible benevolent hand. In a bureaucracy, you get Cthulu’s fist, crushing you in indifference.

      1. Why vote for the lesser of Evils? Cthulhu for President 2016!

  4. What I would like to know is why the health food junkies would be buying skimmed milk to start with. They don’t believe the government’s advice that they need more Vitamin A but they believe the government’s advice that they need less fat? And why is the creamery so fastidious about their naturalosity that they won’t add Vitamin A but they will skim the milkfat? How ‘natural’ and ‘pure’ is skimmed milk?

    1. Haha, I just came to say that if they are truly catering to the “health conscious” then why are they selling skim milk anyway?

      1. Some peopke who are health conscious don’t have gall bladders, and have trouble digesting fats…

    2. They skim the milk to get the cream. The skim milk is a byproduct.

      1. So they are selling “used” milk…

        1. Essentially, yes. Technically they’re selling whey.

          1. whey not?

    3. Just because the government says its a good idea doesn’t *automatically* mean its not.

      Just most of the time.

    4. Skim milk is as natural and pure as cream and butter.

  5. I need a citation that ‘skim milk’ is actually “food”. It strikes me as a non-food substitute for real milk.

    1. +1

    2. Real warriors drink from the red capped bottle

      1. Maker’s Mark.

      2. Nitric Acid.

    3. I know this is snarkiness but I think it’s interesting that cows milk has a higher percentage of solids than many fruits and vegetables, which is why it’s considered a food not a beverage. I don’t know about skim though

  6. Well, skim milk isn’t really milk as you’re trying to define it anyway. It’s not “straight from the cow”, it’s cheese byproduct that has had the fat and most of the nutrition stripped from it. A real label would be “milk flavored water”. It’s not milk.

  7. Completely OT: Halfway watching CNN and their religious explainer came on and explains the Pope’s latest remarks as more-or-less ‘the Pope’s saying you have to go out and meet people where they’re at, that it’s not up to the priests to decide if people are living in sin, that it’s up to their conscience as to whether or not they’re sinning, so you gotta go out and deal with them as they are and lead them into the fold rather than condemning them, a you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar sort of thing’. If this is true, I think the Pope has just abandoned Catholicism and embraced Protestantism. That’s sort of the essence of the dispute between Luther and the Pope – who decides whether or not you’re right with God? If you’re not right with God, how can you be trusted to judge that? It’s like asking a crazy person to judge whether or not he’s crazy. The whole purpose of the authority of the Church is that they’re the final word on whether or not you’re right with God, not you. And here’s this guy saying that no, your conscience is your guide, not the Church. I seriously doubt that’s what the Pope said.

    1. He doesn’t have that attitude when it comes to other peoples money and wealth though. His robes should be all red.

    2. I wonder if something’s getting lost in transmission – between the Pope, the ‘religious expert’ of theirs, you, and me.

      If you go out to meet these people and deal with them as they are and lead them into the fold – you *are* judging them, you are deciding if they are living in sin or not. Its why you went out to meet with them, if they were righteous you wouldn’t need to. And its *always* been the priest’s job to do that.

      The ‘condemning’ would be to judge them and then abandon them as unsalvageable.

      He may be urging a more . . . subtle approach to these sinners than ‘get right with God or you’re going to burn in HELL’ and spraypainting ‘burn in Hell sinners’ on the side of their house as a more successful strategy. Anytime you try to push somebody they tend to push back and it gets that much harder to get them to go along.

      1. CNN’s expert – a Fr. Beck – did actually say it’s not the priest’s job to tell people they’re sinning, that it’s their conscience that’s their guide. The context was his bit about “living in sin” being a poor way to describe people living in “non-sacramental” relationships. So yes, I think it may have been what he meant to say was what your last paragraph suggests – but what he literally said was that it’s not the priest’s job to judge people’s sinfulness. Hence my astonishment over the statement.

        Note – I was born and raised Catholic but I’m an old geezer who still remembers the old nuns getting a special early mass that was still conducted in Latin. I haven’t been to a church in forever but last time I was I didn’t even recognize what I am assuming is modern American Catholicism as being Roman Catholic. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised that an American Catholic priest denies a basic tenet of Church teaching.

      2. You know who else urged a more subtle approach?…

        1. Henry Kissinger?

  8. Would it be legal to label it as “Nonfat Milk”? Since that term is, I’m pretty sure, synonymous with “Skim Milk” in ordinary usage, using that synonym (if it’s allowed; I note that the judge used it) should be acceptable to both sides. It is of course ridiculous for the government to try to redefine ordinary words, like Lewis Carrol’s Humpty Dumpty, but that seems to be what things have come to. Best of luck to the Wesselhoefts in trying to change that.

    1. Skim milk is low-fat, non-fat is no fat. There are legal definitions and requirements for both.

      1. The government builds walls around common words, and monolithic gateways of legality through which we may pay the toll for access.

        This is to prevent others from confusing us.

  9. Ghostbusters.


    Now, this guy might be overstating the responses in the name of comedy – but given how many people have been responding negatively *not* to the quality of the performances in the trailer but to slam it for not being SJW enough – I have to wonder, who are they remaking this movie for?

    Who is the intended audience?

    Guys like me who were around when the first one came out? Because about 99.9% of us don’t think the movie needed a remake and don’t think this remake is bringing anything to the table to justify paying for it. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think it will be horrible, just mediocre. Four actresses who are not known for being able to give subtle performances, don’t seem to mesh well together, and an overreliance on gross-out gags is my prediction.

    The gender-swap seems to be a gimmick – eh, its not actually important and, in good hands, could be mined for comedy from the differences in intra-team dynamics between women and men teams. In good hands. But its been played more for the ‘look how progressive we are for daring to cast women in roles that were done by men a couple decades earlier’. Then they completely overlook how SJWs *work*. OF COURSE Jone’s role is going to be ‘problematic’ – even though she’s nominally filling the straight-man (SEXIST!) slot that Ernie Hudson did so well.

    Because you can’t win with these people.

    1. The trailer just looked bad. I don’t give a crap about any of the social commentary. It’s either funny or it’s not

    2. So many remakes are terrible–the intended audience is younger people who never saw the originals.

      Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes was so awful. And why dd they remake such an awful version of Willy Wonka?

      I’m surprised they haven’t tried to remake The Sound of Music, only this time, the von Trapp family is trying to escape the Christian South–and the children are all of different races.

      And gay. “I am 16 Going on 17” she be sung to one of the von Trap boys by his boyfriend. Because if none of them is gay then it’s all wrong. Morally wrong.

      1. The Willy Wonka movie wasn’t really a remake. They wanted to make a movie that was more true to the book. The original, and brilliant, film was a big departure from Dahl’s book. The so-called remake was not a reboot.

        Having said that, it was a turd.

      2. A good remake (e.g. True Grit) only happens when the creators are doing the remake because they have a specific artistic reason for wanting to make something different than the original (e.g. This story should really be about Mattie Ross, not Rooster Cogburn). The reason most remakes suck is because there is no motivation beyond “this made a lot of money last time, let’s just do it again to make more money”, and when you start out with no more ambition that to repeat the original, there’s no reason to not just go watch the original.

      3. “I am 16 Going on 17”

        They’d probably rewrite it as a rap song, too.

    3. I won’t see it because it looks like it is gonna be a piece of shit.

      Plus, it just won’t be funny when one of them refers to the EPA agent as “cuntless.”

      Who am I kidding? In this day and age, the EPA agent will probably end up being the hero and the Ghostbusters will end up in federal prison.

      1. “It’s true: this woman has no cunt.”


        1. I suppose they could redefine what passes for a woman and let some dude in a dress that considers himself a woman play the EPA agent.

          Then the line will be both true and “edgy”.

    4. Then they completely overlook how SJWs *work*

      Apparently so if Wikipedia has it correct:

      The film was criticized for its biased ethnicity view, amongst other aspects, by feminist writer Janessa E. Robinson, who saw the film as containing three clever, women scientists with the only black main character being Jones’s intellectually inferior transport worker. Robinson felt that trailer “ultimately pathologises the working class and blackness by making the two synonymous with a seemingly inept character”. Robinson felt that the film ignored “Latina, Asian and Indigenous women” and only fulfilled a black “quota” as a reference to the earlier films.

      1. Nice, she criticized the film before it’s even finished.

    5. lee um sen yor is troubled that the black ghostbuster is “just” street smart. Like “street smarts” are a less legitimate form of smartness than whatever the alternative is. or something.

  10. I’m not sure why people like drinking breast milk from a cow. That’s not a health food unless you’re a calf.

    1. Right.

      Don’t know why people are eating plant roots – they’re not health foods unless you’re a bug.

    2. Sea urchin testicles.

      It’s called “uni”.

      They eat sea urchin testicles.

    3. So you don’t eat butter, cheese or yogurt?

  11. Is Thomas Frank Steve Forbes son? (CNN)

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    1. Are you having a stroke?

  13. they should have just labeled it mayonnaise. The fucking government will let anybody label anything they want mayonnaise. It doesn’t even need to have egg yolk in it.

    ::serenity now::
    ::serenity now::

    1. Mayonaisse from cows? Naisse don’t come from cows, naisse come from horses.

  14. For one, it paints entirely natural skim milk as a milk product

    Skim milk IS a milk product. You take milk, and process it to remove things, resulting in something that’s no longer really milk.

    1. “You take milk, and process it to remove things”

      But like, it’s PROCESSED by industrial corporations, maaaaaaan! That’s not natural!!!!!!!111″

      /hippie luddite

      1. Next you’re going to tell me introducing stomach enzymes to the milk then manhandling and aging the resulting solids isn’t totes natch. I mean, it’s basically the same as what happens when the calves consume it.

      2. What does whether or not it’s “natural” have to do with it being a product or not? It’s made from processed milk; it’s a milk product.

  15. There’s only one thing I hate more than lying: skim milk. Which is water that’s lying about being milk.

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  17. Government regulators produce and enforce barriers to entry to protect the incumbents. It’s regulatory capture at its finest. Woe to the mindless voters who demand more government under the misguided premise it will protect them.

  18. Why not “Non-fortified Skim Milk”?

  19. “the government does not have the power to change the dictionary,”

    The Ministry of Love will be by with your very own copy of the Newspeak dictionary and some tutors to reeducate you in it.

    Big Brother be praised!

    1. Big Bother needs to be run though the woodchipper.

      (Yes, that was deliberate. Both the ‘misspelling’ and the chipper)

    2. You laugh, but Food and Drug Czar George Washington Wiley wrote of this in 1929:
      –As an illustration of the keen satire used by Attorney?General Bonaparte I quote the following closing paragraphs of his decision:? “The following seem to me appropriate specimen brands or labels for (1) “straight” whisky, (2) a mixture of two or more “straight” whiskies, (3) a mixture of “straight” whisky and ethyl alcohol, and (4) ethyl alcohol flavored and colored so as to taste, smell, and look like whisky.?(1) Semper Idem Whisky: A pure, straight whisky mellowed by age.?(2) E Pluribus Unum Whisky: A blend of pure, straight whiskies with all the merits of each.? (3) Modern Improved Whisky: A compound of pure grain distillates, mellow and free from harmful impurities.? (4) Something Better than Whisky: An imitation under the pure food law, free from fusel oil and other impurities. (Wiley 1929 113)

  20. “Chalk water”

    1. Not to be confused with soy milk, “imitation chalk water”

  21. Why can’t they just allow all milk which has the fat skimmed off to be called “Skim Milk”? I could maybe understand if the milk industry wanted to use this legal hammer to knock out some competition but does Borden really feel threatened Ocheesee Creamery’s “Milk Product”? The sort of person who is out to buy ultra organic X is probably going to avoid the average X sold in a supermarket because they don’t want all the additives or whatever is normally found in X.

    Are they afraid that if Ocheesee gets a pass on this then a bigger brand of milk might also “invisibly” skimp on the vitamin A that everyone feels they are supposed to add and undercut them? If you can’t have that then require “normal” milk to be sold with the tagline “fortified with vitamin A”, or they can make Ocheesee put “not fortified with vitamin A” under the logo. Either way, you’re educating consumers and everyone should be happy.

    I just don’t understand who benefits from all this lawyering. A simpler more permissive government hand would make all the subjects happier, do a better job informing consumers, and waste less money tying up the court system. It’s just government for the sake of government.

    1. Congress is 99 and 44/100% lawyers. Next time you see a law jailing teens for 20 years over a hemp seed and releasing serial murderers to make room, understand that the purpose of that law is to stir up trade for the legal profession that sets its own salaries, prohibits competition, writes the laws and orders cops to shoot you if you do not obey them smartly enough.

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  24. Jurisprudence began meddling in definitions with the well-intentioned Pure Food law that became effective in 1907 and was a major factor in the Panic. Questions like “What is whiskey?” “What is a sardine?” drew arbitrary answers backed by infinite levels of coercive and even deadly force. The primary purpose of the law had been to end fraudulent labeling. China was boycotting US trade because, for instance, U.S. jars of Mrs Winslow’s Soothing Syrup omitted mentioning that morphine was an ingredient–at a time when English syrup plainly listed morphine content on the label.

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  26. you know your job is a waste of tax dollars when you have to make up shit to inflict government pain on others. or your just a power hungry asshole. probably both

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  28. Remember that for the state, this case is not about accurate labeling. For the state, this case is about being defied. The state cannot afford to be defied too often, for word gets around. What is a normal day of doing honest business for Ocheesee is bending or breaking the rules for the state. From the state’s point of view, it has to enforce the entire rulebook to the letter, or it might lose control, entirely. Once a business entity bends one rule without consequences, other businesses start to think they can do the same thing. Then the whole structure of authority disintegrates.

    We have all heard of parents who are so strict, by the time their children are teenagers, they have lost them. I don’t say that businesses like Ocheesee are rebellious teenagers, but the comparison is not so far off if you want to understand why the state tries to maintain such tight control. If a state agency cannot coerce the businesses assigned to it, it might as well not exist.

  29. Conclusion of comment above:

    Judges understand this state of mind, so arguments about definitions, accurate labeling, safety, honest business practices and so forth will not impress them, either. The contest is about state control, not about other issues related to the way the law is written, or why the law was written. In this way, the conflict resembles the case where a parent lays down a rule, the child asks, “Why?”, and the parent responds, “Because I say so!” Neither the rule’s substance nor grounds for the child’s challenge have anything to do with the core of the conflict.

  30. government does not have the power to change the dictionary

    Well I guess that depends. If the word is ‘skim milk’, then it seems obvious that govt jerking around with the definition for bureaucratic/political purposes is Orwellian. If the word is ‘marriage’, then libertarians are in favor of govt jerking around with the definition for bureaucratic/political purposes.

  31. I’m pretty sure that the @Crime a Day twitter feed will run into forever thanks to pointlessly specific federal regulations that run along similar lines.

    Very good for some laughs and facepalms:

  32. RE: Federal Judge Rules Skim Milk Isn’t ‘Skim Milk’
    This is what happens when government regulators control definitions of words.

    This only makes sense.
    Who would know more about milk?
    An appointed political crony who got rewarded for their “campaign contributions” and got a seat on the bench, or someone who make a living producing milk?
    I think we all know the answer to that one.

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  36. “It’s also deceptive because it infers that all of the milk’s natural vitamins have been removed”

    That’s “implies”, son.

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