Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Hates the World's Poor, and Wants to Hurt Them

His socialism remains sadly nationalistic when it comes to trade, the surest way out of real poverty for the world.


As I tweeted once during a Democratic debate, "Bernie Sanders' socialism has always been sadly nationalistic." His politics, allegedly concerned with bettering the conditions of the nationally less well off at the expense of the more well off, always seems to cut off compassion at the water's edge.

phil dokas via / CC BY-NC-SA

And not just the compassion of "taking from some by force to give to others" but even the compassion of "allowing things to happen that will overwhelmingly benefit the less well off" around the globe, like doing business with them, buying what they have to sell. 

Bernie Sanders is pretty much against that as well, as he revealed in an interview for the New York Daily News conducted last week.

He started off with a pro forma "I'm not anti-trade. We live in a global economy, we need trade."

But he goes on to admit that his version of the only good trade—"fair trade"—has to be based on not trading with any nation whose wages tend to be lower than ours, "renegotiating all of the trade agreements that we have. And by establishing principles that says that what fair trade is about is you are going to take into consideration the wages being paid to workers in other countries….So if you are in Vietnam, where the minimum wage is 65¢ an hour, or you're in Malaysia, where many of the workers are indentured servants because their passports are taken away when they come into this country and are working in slave-like conditions, no, I'm not going to have American workers 'competing' against you under those conditions."

In other words, those whose productivity and standard of living make them really among the poor of the earth, President Sanders will make sure no freely chosen action of any American could possibly benefit them via trade, while he works hard to redistribute money from the global top .1 percent to the global 1 percent here in America.

This wicked man deliberately wants to make it impossible for Americans to do the thing that historically most guarantees helping the truly poor in the long term: supporting their jobs and economies.

Given that Sanders is a guy who thinks it's better that the government make you line up for rare and precious free bread than that a free and prosperous economy guarantees the wide availability of highly affordable bread in a free market, this should not be surprising, but it's still disgusting.

Elsewhere in the long interview, Sanders showed he pretty literally has no idea what he's talking about when it comes to "breaking up the banks" and "arresting financial executives" even though they are the absolute core of his appeal and message.

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  1. There’s no such thing as good socialism so…

    1. No good kind of compulsive socialism. I think there could be some benefits of a socialism where people are free to enter and exit it at their sole discretion. But that’s probably more communitarian by definition.

      1. If people are down with it why not. Outside of a marraige or small family probably going to be a struggle unless everyones already economically secure. Nothing wrong with shunning materialism. You have to eat though.

        1. You have to eat though.

          Apparently the attendant here doesn’t think I do. Because if he did, the hors-d’ouvres would be at the correct temperature.

        2. Materialism is not the opposite of Socialism, AlmightyJB. You needs to do yerself some studyin’ before you expose yourself like that. But hey, maybe you wanna be “Down” with that level of non-thought though… knock yerself out! Jeez… (forehead slap)!

      2. Better concentrate harder on the words, sloopy. They mean things, ya know.

  2. I thought Bernie was like the Pope – he loves the poor and wants millions more of them.

    1. He’s a fucking moron.

      Which in no way should be considered as me trying to differentiate the two.

      1. I’m not even sure which of them you meant

  3. Bernie Sanders aside, I could use a little intervention here. The fucking executive lounge in this Hilton is like fucking Auschwitz. The chafing pans aren’t keeping the hot hours-d’ouvres hot enough and the Brie is not even close to being up to room temperature. It’s entirely too firm although that is marginally offset by the tastiness of the bleu.

    Fucking. Auschwitz.

    1. Paging Godwin….

      1. Does,this “Godwin” know to put Brie out well before serving? Because if so, he’s needed in Houston.

        1. Fire everyone

          1. EVERYONE!!!!

    2. I’m outraged for you.

    3. You could always take a slab of Brie and melt it in your armpit. Might make it taste a little better.

      1. * I discovered Brillat-Savarin a couple years ago. OMG it smells like a dumpster, literally, but tastes sooooo good.

        1. All cheese that smells like dumpster feet is good.

        2. My favorite is Souka-Byllat from Ukraine I think?

          1. +1 Davai!

        3. I’ll have to look for that. I’ve been getting into some washed rind cheeses.

          1. I had never heard the term “washed rind cheese” so I looked it up. Thanks! That perfectly describes this cheese, and more that I will try now that I know what to look for.

      2. Brie smells pretty neutral and tastes wonderful.

        1. Never been able to get into it.

        2. I have some Fromager d’Affinois right now which is similar to a brie but creamier and buttery. I like it quite well.

        3. To me it tastes like butter. Pretty blah. It could be improved by spending some time is a shoe.

        4. Seriously, check out Brillat-Savarin. It looks like Brie, but it smells absolutely terrible. Like the bottom of a restaurant dumpster. But man, it tastes sooooo wonderful.

          1. Yeah, I’ll check my store. If they don’t have it, I’ll order some here:


            1. It is the most disgusting thing I have ever put in my mouth. And I’ll do it again.

              1. Oh I have no problem with stinky cheese. I’m looking forward to trying it.

                1. It was my first foray, so I have nothing to compare it to. But it was good.

    4. Check your privilege!

      /mainlines cheese whiz

    5. File under first world problems…?

    6. I bet there’s no free booze either. Domestic Hilton.

    7. Are you looking to hire a personal assistant?

    8. You sir are brilliant!

  4. “So if you are in Vietnam, where the minimum wage is 65? an hour, or you’re in Malaysia, where many of the workers are indentured servants because their passports are taken away when they come into this country and are working in slave-like conditions, no, I’m not going to have American workers ‘competing’ against you under those conditions.”

    Thanks, papa. You know what’s best for everyone.

    1. So he’s going to take away all those cumbersome onerous regulations and eliminate corporate taxes to make America a competitive place to locate jobs then. Goid to hear.

  5. “His socialism remains sadly nationalistic when it comes to trade”

    So . . . you’re saying he’s a Nazi?

    1. Or Stalinist, all about that “socialism in one country”

  6. You know who else was a nationalist socialist?

    1. Who?

      1. Yeah, I got nothing.

    2. The Illinois Nazis?

      1. Never heard of him!

    3. Clement Atlee?

  7. I think Bern may be pure evil

    1. Nah, that would be Hillary. Bernie is just an economic illiterate like most leftists.

      1. I don’t know the guy to me clearly wants a command economy where he is in charge.

      2. Bernie is just an economic illiterate like most leftists

        I thought that at first. But the guy seems to have a lot of hate. It’s not just ignorance.

      3. Hillary is just a vain criminal. Bernie is The Real Evil.

    2. And yet, this is the kind of thing that makes you realize a Trump/Sanders ticket would make totes sense.

      1. Yep, it would be like Old Elvis having Young Elvis as his running mate.

    3. I don’t understand people who call themselves Ron Paul supporters voting for Bernie. The closest Bernie is to Ron Paul is foreign policy even that is iffy. Everything else he stands for is the exact effing opposite. Fucking political hipsters is what they are.

      1. Crap. That is exactly what they are.

  8. President Obama has taken the authority for drone attacks away from the CIA and given it to the U.S. military. Some say that that has caused difficulties in zeroing in on terrorists, their ISIS leaders. Do you believe that he’s got the right policy there?

    Sanders: I don’t know the answer to that. What I do know is that drones are a modern weapon. When used effectively, when taking out ISIS or terrorist leaders, that’s pretty impressive. When bombing wedding parties of innocent people and killing dozens of them, that is, needless to say, not effective and enormously counterproductive. So whatever the mechanism, whoever is in control of that policy, it has to be refined so that we are killing the people we want to kill and not innocent collateral damage.

    Daily News: Okay. American Special Forces recently killed a top ISIS commander, after they’d hoped to capture him. They felt, from what the news reports were, that they had no choice at that. What would you do with a captured ISIS commander?

    Sanders: Imprison him.

    1. aily News: Where?

      Sanders: And try to get as much information out of him. If the question leads us to Guantanamo…

      Daily News: Well, no, separate and apart from Guantanamo, it could be there, it could be anywhere. Where would a President Sanders imprison, interrogate? What would you do?

      Sanders: Actually I haven’t thought about it a whole lot. I suppose, somewhere near the locale where that person was captured. The best location where that individual would be safely secured in a way that we can get information out of him.

      Daily News: Would it be in the United States?

      Sanders: Would it be in the United States? It could be, yeah.

      Daily News: Yeah. I mean, some of these places are lawless lands. You’ve got Libya, you’ve got Yemen. If Special Forces…

      Sanders: If the question is do I believe that terrorists could be safely imprisoned in the United States, the answer is yes.

      Daily News: Yeah. Okay.

      It has worked for the last seven years.

      1. In a for-profit prison?

        /bolts from room, trips over Crusty’s lava lamp chord on the way out

      2. Those old Assassination videos must be a real inspiration. =D

  9. Someone call John, the crosshairs are on the Sand Man. He’ll love this. He’ll be like, “Huzzah,” or some shit.

    Paging Mr. John

  10. This article doesn’t count as a Bernie hate piece unless it was written by $uderman.

  11. OldBird on the Sanders economics policies tried to link me to a bunch of claims he she or it was making regarding Sweden. The links were wikipedia and backed up none of he she or its claims. Then oldbird went on some tangent about education only to produce a link to salon (as a credible source lol)

    1. Mises on Sweden

  12. But is Reason gonna make a case for him?

  13. This wicked man deliberately wants to make it impossible for Americans to do the thing that historically most guarantees helping the truly poor in the long term: supporting their jobs and economies.

    Whoa, Doherty, go big or go home.

    It’s refreshing to see someone call his brand of politics out as what they are.

    Good article, Brian.

    1. Bernie isn’t an anti-establishment, contrarian hero. He’s a member of the parasite class full stop.

    2. Good article, Brian.

      I agree. I actually read the whole article and followed the links

  14. Finally !!! Reason posts an Anti-Trump article.

      1. DID I MISPELL ANYTHING 1111111

        1. TARZAN !!!!!! ??????

  15. I see Doherty didn’t attend Conor Friedersdorf’s little seminar on Bernie Sanders’ libertarianism.

  16. Sanders is the stupidest candidate in this race, bar none.

    1. I dunno about that, he is the craziest for sure, but listening to unedited Hillary is one wtf after another.

  17. Daily News: At what point in history, in the recent history of the United States, do you think the balance began to tip against the American worker?

    Sanders: In the early ’70s. I think it was in the late ’60s/early ’70s. I think Lyndon Johnson’s, maybe even earlier than that, the victory over Goldwater, in ’64 got the ruling class in this country very nervous.

    And I think there became a very organized effort, on the part of corporate America, and very powerful forces, to say, “Look, we are in trouble. And we’re going to have to fight back.” And I think what you have seen in a number of ways, trade being one way, attacks on trade unions being another way, to really reestablish and strengthen the power of the few against the many.

    Shit he is stupid. He thinks LBJ was a rogue and Goldwater was an establishment candidate!!!! And that businesses seeking out the least expensive labor so they can sell the cheapest goods is a conspiracy of “very powerful forces” to figh against labor.

    I don’t care if you call him a fascist, a national socialist, a communist, or whatever. He’s probably none of those things, exactly, but he shares a hell of a lot of qualities with them.

    Stupid, hateful, conspiratorial, and convinced of his own righteousness. Those are dangerous combinations.

    1. He’s your standard idiot

    2. Stupid, hateful, conspiratorial, and convinced of his own righteousness. Those are dangerous combinations.

      Shit, I was trying to figure out who Sanders reminded me of with his angry hectoring – he’s a drunk Jimmy Carter.

    3. ‘He thinks LBJ was a rogue and Goldwater was an establishment candidate!!!!’
      Does it surprise anyone? Rewrite history to fit your own twisted narrative. If Goldwater was the establishment then who the hell did Nelson Rockefeller represent?

  18. Excellent article. That Atlantic link…wow, Sanders is scary. He actually believes he has the power to dismantle private institutions. I don’t know what’s worse, Sanders or his minions. I’m just going to lump them all equally under “evil” and go from there.

    1. I think the minions are scarier.
      From the NYDN interview it seems like Sanders never expects to be the nominee. He has no policy answers even for basic things that he has been spouting from Campaign Day 1 like putting bank execs in jail yet he cannot name the law that let’s him do so.

      He is sowing the seeds to his gullible Berntards that they petition for the government to gain the powers it needs for his rhetoric to become a reality.

      1. He has no policy answers even for basic things that he has been spouting from Campaign Day 1 like putting bank execs in jail yet he cannot name the law that let’s him do so.

        He’ll just issue an executive order declaring them guilty of sabotaging or wrecking the economy and they’ll be put in jail.

  19. He loves America’s wealthy though. He’s counting on us to pay for all the free stuff for his voters.

  20. After all, what sells better with independent voters than a 50% government spending and tax hike?

    1. If President Sanders doubles government spending every year, just think what’ll do for our GDP!

  21. RE: Bernie Sanders Hates the World’s Poor, and Wants to Hurt Them

    The sign has it wrong.
    It should read, “Fuck Bernie Sanders.”

  22. “Bernie Sanders’ socialism has always been sadly nationalistic.”

    Wait, I think I see what you did there.

  23. From The Atlantic article:

    On the other hand, there’s Sanders, whose answers about the Middle East are often opaque?see his call for a “Muslim army” to defeat ISIS?but whose gut led him to the correct decision on Iraq.

    That’s playing into ISIS’s hand. They believe, based on ahadith from Sahih Muslim, that the West will unite with Islamic forces ? mostly Shi’ite and Ahmaddiya ? to fight ISIS and the combined Western/heretic Muslim army (under 80 flags) will be defeated at Dabiq in Syria.

    1. That’s only playing into their hands if the hadith is true. It isn’t.

  24. it’s not quite priceless, but confirms that he’s not that far removed from trump in simply making it up as he goes along.

  25. Dumb title Bernie Sanders doesn’t “hate the poor” its just his ignorant policies will increase poverty and hurt the poor he’s just to dumb to know any better.

  26. one part i liked is when he did his “free trade caused all this” spiel, and was then asked to narrow down when the tide started to turn against the workers. he said it was was probably 1964 or soon after. i’m not sure he realizes the inherent contradiction. then again, if he knew what an inherent contradiction is, he might not be the bernie we know and love.

  27. Bernie’s not evil, he wouldn’t recognize evil if it hit him in the face. Bernie is the dumbest piece of rope in the Socialist corral. That says everything you need to know about American Millennial Socialists.

    1. Socialism to the Millennials means free stuff received at some festival.

  28. As they say: In Socialist/Communist countries people wait in line for bread. In Capitalist countries, bread waits on shelves for people.

  29. Bernie Sanders is a steaming pile of rat shit.

  30. I am a citizen of the Third World corporate trade policies exploit our cheap labour not raise us out of poverty. What we know from the days of British Mercantilism is that you exploit our free labour trade us as slaves and steal our natural resources. You are not there to lift us out of poverty but to reduce your cost at the expense of other working people on this planet. Your response to Bernies truth is to pretend you are concerned with poverty in Third World nations, really? We are not drinking your coolade. As Bob Marley said “What we know is not what you tell us and we are not ignorant..” Bernie speaks truth to power and he would be good for the working people of the whole world. Greed drives these trade policies Corporations insatiable desire for more at the expense of all the worlds peoples is good only for corporations and we know it ,despite your sophistry.

    1. You did drink the kool aid, Freedom Street. Just not the kool aid you mention.

      What you’ve drunk is the leftist kool aid that pretends that everything in your world would be better if it weren’t for trade. Well, were it not for trade, you’d be living as a hunter/gatherer in some hut on the savanna. Without global trade there’d be no one to buy your natural resources or your goods and you’d have no income whatsoever. The trade that you complain about is what has kept you from starving to death at the first minor drought. It is trade and innovation that has raised humankind out of the wilderness. Your country is just missing the innovation part. Blaming others for that lack will get you nowhere.

      You need to read some Adam Smith and learn what the Industrial Revolution did for humans. Maybe then you’d take responsibility for your own poverty and start producing something that you can sell in the market. Otherwise you’ll just continue to complain and to blame others for your self-inflicted plight.

      1. ‘Well, were it not for trade, you’d be living as a hunter/gatherer in some hut on the savanna.’

        Without trade most likely he would not have the device needed to post his comment.

    2. The first part of your statement is true. But, somehow, I don’t believe Bernie is speaking to Power. He is speaking in favor of the Power of the American Military Industrial Complex. Bernie supports American jobs as long as they are provided by the defense industry making weapons to use in Bernie’s favorite wars around the world. Not all wars, just the ones that Bernie likes — the ones that wreck poor, resource-rich countries.

      If Sanders were the Democratic Party candidate, who would be funding his campaign?

  31. So to be clear on Bernie’s plan, we are going to set the highest minimum wage in the world (a separate promise he made), and then refuse to buy anything from countries with lower wages than us (all of them, after his wage hike)?

    But he’s totally not anti-trade, guys.

  32. Though I am no fan of the economically-ignorant Sanders, here’s the real story of what Sanders was referring to as far as his comment about bread lines in Nicaragua. (Someone on a Google+ comment thread informed me of this.):

    “This isn’t about America. Bernie was referring to what had improved in Nicaragua since the uprising, saying that having bread lines was better than people having no food at all. He’s not saying that bread lines are a “good thing” in general, as if he wants America to incorporate them, but that bread lines were an improvement for Nicaragua’s situation. The reason behind him saying all this was due to American journalists who wanted to depict Nicaragua as incapable of governing themselves, so they claimed that having bread lines was an indicator that Nicaragua needed our help, when in fact having bread lines meant that Nicaragua was actually progressing as a nation.?”

  33. Sanders is a hack and he’s made a career out of rage against the system. Ask him a question about anything other than “Bad Wall Street” and he’s flummoxed. If his name was Bernadette Sanders, no one would pay him any never mind.

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