Bernie Sanders

Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders: Separated at Birth?

Rolling Stone article on Sanders lists his high points as two things exactly matching big things Ron Paul fans loved about him.


In its recent cover feature basically about how great both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton would be as president, Mark Binelli at Rolling Stone gives a couple of details about why Bernie's fans find him so irresistably awesome. 


They might seem familiar to people who remember the long, long ago (it seems) "Ron Paul revolution" of 2008 and 2012, from vaguely rockin' rocker Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend:

This is the first time I've really been in the mix with a campaign," Vampire Weekend singer Ezra Koenig told me backstage. Koenig didn't use the word "authenticity," but he pointed, again and again, to the decades-long consistency of Sanders' message.

"Go back and watch his old speeches on YouTube," he said. "It's amazing. The one in '91 he gave during the Gulf War gave me chills. In retrospect, it's like he's unveiling a prophecy. Or when [during a congressional hearing] he yelled at Alan Greenspan – Ayn Rand's ex-boyfriend! It's 2003, the economy is quote-unquote 'good,' and Greenspan comes to Congress to brag, thinking it's going to be a softball. And Bernie just rips into him, five years before the collapse."

Not exactly Rand's "ex-boyfriend" there Mr. Koenig but I think I guess I get what you think you mean.

Now, Ron was not in Congress in 1991, so his prophetic speech much lauded by his fans was from 2002.

Here is the Christian Science Monitor assessing the high accuracy of Ron's dire predictions about foreign policy and domestic travails.

And of course Ron Paul also famously made an enemy of Alan Greenspan (for all the background on that read my 2009 Reason feature "Fed Up"), as many, many YouTube videos attest.

For more on the eerie links between the outsider libertarian presidential candidate and the outsider socialist presidential candidate, see from February "The Ron Paul/Bernie Sanders Connection."

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  1. Greenspawn was FED up with Paul!

  2. Haven’t read that Rolling Stone article, but I’m sure it was carefully fact-checked by their crack staff of howler monkeys.

    1. There’s an infinite number of monkeys outside who want to talk to us about this script for Hamlet alternate progressive reality they’ve worked out.

    2. I don’t have sound on this computer, but I believe this link has crack, staffs, death metal, and howler monkeys. If that doesn’t relate to your comment, I don’t know what does.

  3. Or Bernie is the Mirror Universe Ron Paul. Minus a beard.

    1. Agonizer burns aren’t covered by BernieCare.

      1. How about goatee glitter?

      2. The illogic of waste, Mr. Sanders. The waste of lives, potential, resources, time. . .I submit to you that your government is illogical, because it cannot endure. I submit that you are illogical to being a willing part of it.

  4. And Bernie just rips into him, five years before the collapse.

    Would it be lazy of me to never investigate and assume that Bernie did not criticize Greenspan for his inflationary monetary policy and the disastrous bubbles it spawned?

    1. Efficiency is not laziness.

    2. Mistakes were made.

      In the first minute, Bernie complains about Greenspan’s failure to support a higher minimum wage. It’s all downhill from there. I particularly like that he complains about the development of cartels in the cable industry, then says that it’s a consequence of the government being too lax in enforcing anti-trust regulation.

      1. In the first minute, Bernie complains about Greenspan’s failure to support a higher minimum wage.

        Surprise, surprise: sounds like Bernie doesn’t know the difference between fiscal and monetary policy.

  5. Alan Greenspan ? Ayn Rand’s ex-boyfriend!

    More like her very diplomatic nephew.

    Whatever his flaws, Greenspan was an exceptionally tolerant and tactful man to have lasted under Rand and Clinton both.

    1. Even though you never really develop a taste for it, after enough exposure you get used to turkey jerky.

      1. It’s fowl.

  6. I’m not sure about Sanders being consistent in the war department there, he seems to be Hillary-light.

  7. So both have a myriad of kooky conspiracy theories about the Federal Reserve? That’s about it.

    And college students think they are cool.

    1. How’s my stagnant stock doing?

      1. You’re the king of obscure Australian biotechs, I admit.

        1. The ADR is most likely rolling over to NASDAQ in the next year.

        2. So Butt Plug.

          That 19th century money order you supposedly sent to pay off your debt in a world of electronic transfers.

          What’s the order number on it ? You wouldn’t mind if we Reasonoids checked up to see if you were truthful would you ?

        3. You’re the king of obscure Australian biotechs, I admit”

          But you thought you were until you were proven stupid didn’t you ?

          Do you make a living advising 80 year olds on their portfolio investments with an upfront fee ?

          Sounds about right for you.

  8. I see a lot of Toyotas and Hondas around here with Bernie stickers. I wonder why, if they are so concerned about preserving high paying, middle class, union jobs, they don’t buy American cars. Ford and GM offer hybrids and plug-in electrics, so why the Prius? Sure, those cars are largely built in other countries, but if people would buy American, the car companies could jack up the prices and keep the jobs in the US.

    C’mon Bernie supporters, trade in the Prius for a Focus or Fusion Hybrid. Buy a Volt. Same goes for flying. Refuse to book a flight on an Airbus. They tell you the plane model right there when you book your seats.

    Oh wait, that means paying more money for a possibly inferior product or inconveniencing yourself in some way to back up your alleged principles. Now I get it. They want others to foot the bill for their hobby horses.

    Note that I have no nativist loyalty in my car-buying choices or flight choices and don’t really care about preserving UAW jobs.

    1. The Prius with the Bernie sticker is part of the uniform.

      1. Most Bernie supporters can’t afford a car to put their stickers on. Cars and stickers should be free!

        1. Prius is should be free. The fight the global warming. Why should they be forced to buy cars to save the planet, when someone else should pay them to save the planet? That’s called conscientious problem-solving right there.

          1. note to self: Siri sucks.

    2. A Honda can be more American made than a car with an American corporate badge.

  9. 2 brothers, separated a birth. One got real job, the other did not.

  10. Rep. Ron Paul (R., Texas), the chief critic of the Federal Reserve on Capitol Hill, used his five minutes at a House Financial Services Committee hearing this morning to explore the central bank’s role in Saddam Hussein’s reign and Watergate.

    That’s right ? Watergate and Saddam Hussein. Rep. Paul was airing allegations that the Federal Reserve has been used to funnel money for various nefarious causes. That’s why the Fed needs wider audits by Congress, Mr. Paul said. His bill to audit the central bank’s monetary policy ? a measure the Fed opposes ? would include a lag of six months. Today, he sought to win a commitment to audit the Fed after 10 or 15 years. “Why couldn’t we open the books up 10 years back and find out the truth of these matters?” Mr. Paul asked.…..l-reserve/

    Nutbags – both of them.

    1. Lick them cankles!

  11. OT, but going back to the Emory story:

    I think WaPo posters for once, may have even us beaten with this link. This is great:

    Cry Bullies

    1. going back to the Emory story

      Please don’t.

      1. Don’t uneneact his labour.

    2. That is magnificent!

      1. I’m printing it out right now, so I can get it blown up to giant proportions and post up copies of it all around town.

        1. That’s a clear violation of other’s safe space.

          You could go to jail for macro micro aggressions.

    3. Is that a copy of Reason in the burning book pile?

      1. It does say Reason on it.

      2. Should we consider this image an act of violence against anyone who comments here? Quick, to the safe space!

    4. That’s pretty good. Guy on radio on my way home said he wants to rent one of those airplane banner dudes to fly over Emory for an afternoon with Trump 2016 in 10 foot letters just to mess with them.

      1. They’ll be able to smell the shitty pants in the next state over.

      2. You can drive around and through the campus on public roads.

        1. Yet you are still subject to Campus Police.

          Don’t invade their safe space you micro aggressor.

      3. If you did that at graduation, I bet they’d evacuate.

        1. That would probably be worth the cost to watch.

      4. I want to upset them, but I don’t want to promote Trump. I’m thinking more like “fuck you, snowflake!”, but I’m open to other suggestions.


    5. It’s not looking good for Reason!

  12. Wait a minute here… Bernie is bae! Is Ron bae? Did the millenials say that Ron is bae? How could they be separated at birth and Bernie got all the bae? It’s not fair!

    1. There was no bae in 2008, grandpa.

      1. Get off my lawn, snapper!

  13. This is exactly what I’ve been saying. The reason why my generation is so enamored with Sanders is the same reason we were enamored with Ron Paul. It’s refreshing to see an honest politician with conviction. Especially after all the scumbags the previous gens have supported. And quite a few of us no longer trust Obama, I mean with continuing the Patriot Act, signing the NDAA with articles 1021 and 1022, getting us into more conflicts, and being in support of the NSA.

    But sadly I see the Democratic Party is trying to do the same thing to Sanders that the Republican Party did to Ron Paul.

    It’s why I now vote Libertarian, because back in 2012 I could no longer stomach either Major Party, with their liars and establishment candidates. I’m voting for Gary Johnson again this election, and I implore my fellow millennials to do the same if they marginalize Sanders. Punish the Democratic party and show them your disdain by voting for Gary Johnson this November, the only third party candidate that is going to be on all 50 ballots.

    1. Bernie is an addle-headed enemy of American business.

      You must never want a job.

      1. Lick them cankles.

      2. You think I support Bernie Sanders? I pointed out why millennials flock to him. Read the whole post, please.

        1. Why is it “sad” to see the Democratic Party marginalize Crazy Bernie? He does not tell the truth like you imply. He rants about “criminal banksters” when he cannot name a single law they broke. Apparently repossessing some deadbeats house after default is a “crime” to him.

          If you don’t support him then good. I believe you.

          But you were sure as hell defending him. He should be mocked and ridiculed if you can’t instill some logic in his supporters.

          And he is opposed to free trade. What a Trump like asshole he is.

          1. He certainly seems, genuine, and he’s been standing by his convictions for a long time. If he’s a liar it doesn’t surprise me, but too me he seems honest. However I really don’t care enough about him to fully look through everything about him. I have a 70% with him on isidewith but every Libertarian candidate is ahead of him by over 10%.

            I know he’s socialist, I’ve seen how talks, and he reminds me of Ron Paul – socialism. Both of them have a way of firing up my generation.

            And about the criminal banksters, well I just don’t agree with the bailouts. I don’t know how I feel about arresting them, while I feel like they may have done wrong, I can’t point to single law they broke either. Of course we have so many laws, that I’m sure they’ve broken quite a few, hell we have so many I probably broke 3 today alone. I just wish the government didn’t bail them out with taxpayer money, they should have fallen of their own accord.

            1. Blame the government and Bush/Paulson for TARP – not the banks. Of course they let their capital wither away so much that they required TARP loans.

            2. Ron Paul and Bernie are not cousins.

              Ron Paul never promised free anything to get people to vote for him.

              He tried to expose the true costs of things.

              The exact opposite of Bernie.

              If someone wants to read about Bernie’s early life pre politics they will find he bears a remarkable resemblance to Marx. He was a failure in life. He hated to work. He was a bum who lived off of others and complained about others having more things and a better life than he did. He claimed to be a carpenter but was not only a failure because he refused to work he was also incapable of doing the most simple of carpentry jobs.

              Bernie was perfectly content sleeping on the couch of a worker and his family and when eating at their dinner table telling them how stupid they were for slaving for the man.

            3. The sad truth is that a politician can passionately believe what they say but if the things they say run completely contrary to reality you have to write them off. Especially when the things they believe are not only insane but are actively destructive to everything they want to put their grubby little socialist hands on.

    2. Sanders isn’t honest. At all. He’s reversed course on a number of issues. He’s legitimately dumb, but he’s not so dumb that he doesn’t pander and lie. It took him months to admit he would have to raise taxes on the middle class. He reversed course on immigration where he was little different than Trump before running for office. Guns? Foreign policy wise he’s supported every crooked leftwing government that ever existed and was completely anti-American (the term suits him) until the end of the Cold War where he decided to become a ‘pragmatist’ which is code for vote with Democrats on their wars.

      He’s used his political connections to funnel money to family and friends.

      No, Bernie is SOLD like any other tool as genuine by components of the leftwing media that were either desperate to get a progressive candidate to beat Hillary, or simply wanted to drag her farther to the left.

      1. What was this money funneling?

        And agreed I don’t get why people think he is honest. Especially his pandering to minorities.

        He is a demagogue

    3. STFU and VOTE TRUMP

  14. Old white men are the worst.

    1. Get off my lawn!

      1. Yeah, get off his lawn, snapper!

    2. That’s why you pay them extra

    3. Thank you. But can you please refer to us properly as Privileged CIS Shitlords of the Patriarchy?

    1. I’d love to spend a day hanging out in his garage, listening to him talk about those old cars. I saw on some show going over one of his steam engine cars. It was really cool

  15. Bernie Sanders is nothing more than projection and the natural fallout of 8 years of leftwing stupidity allowed to reign under Obama in a post-Cold War political environment where progressive politics were allowed to become the norm in the Democratic party for the first time in a generation.

    The left saw Hillary as their only option, and scrambled for someone to the left. Any warm body would have done. A half-dead socialist who can’t comb his hair was the best the Democratic party had left. Their dream candidate is a fraud of a woman who had to lie about being Native American to get a job.

    There’s nothing to Bernie himself. He has no charisma, intelligence, or actual success. He’s not even genuine. The second you scratch beneath the surface, you discover the same sort of hypocrisy, lying, and cronyism you would expect to find in an old-school Fabian socialist who has spent his entire adult life in politics.

    1. Lots of folks need a messiah.

    2. If you listen to Sanders you can tell he’s full of hate.All socialist are.

      1. No, silly, it’s right-wingers who hate, left-wingers are simply passionate, or righteously angry.


        1. Yep,those 100 million people killed by socialism are a myth. I would included the NAZI’s in that number too.

          1. Just a bunch of bad harvests and typhus epidemics.


          2. Eventually they’ll make an omelette. / they won’t

            1. Just one more 5 year plan!

            2. Just one more 5 year plan!

              1. Oh what the hell, make it a 10 year plan!

              2. Oh, yeah? Hold on while I whip this out.

                *Pulls out 10 year plan*

          3. It’s Kulak under every leaf.

            At least those leaves that weren’t eaten for dinner.

    3. Progressives hate Obama – thus you are sadly misinformed.

      They see him as a deficit-cutting, free trade, military hawkish, corporate tax cut friendly centrist who is too supportive of US business. And all that is true – thus why he would easily win a third term over any of these imbeciles currently in the presidential race.

      1. No one believes any of that shit. To include you. Stop crediting Obama for the results of split government/the GOP obstructionism, you cunt.

        1. Fuck you, you dumb cracka.

          What do Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., President Barack Obama and all the Republican presidential candidates have in common? They all want to fundamentally reform the corporate income tax. President Obama proposed cutting the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 28 percent.


          Right on Reason’s front page as I write this.

          You have to BELIEVE your own lies because —- TEAM!!!

          1. Right. It’s pro-corporate stance, not simply recognition of reality that Obama is powerless to extract more from corporations who continue to move overseas:

            Obama has talked about this in the past. You continue to talk about him cutting spending despite his desire and constant appeals to up federal spending. Because you are a mendacious cunt. This site needs a better class of troll.

        2. Educate yourself, he continued the Patriot Act, Signed the NDAA articles 1021 and 1022, got us into more conflicts, as well as supports the NSA. In case you forgot what he ran on in 2008, you may want to go look at old videos on youtube.

          Don’t be another lockstepping Democrat, wake up and get out. I did, better than compromising my values for a party that doesn’t support them. I’m not saying the Republicans are any better either, especially their dumbass members who think they are for limited government.

          I suggest a third party like the Libertarian Party if you’re Pro-Peace, Pro-Civil Rights, and Pro-Privacy.

          1. I said “military hawkish”. I am well aware of his centrist tendencies.

            I know damn good and well (better than you) what he has done. As a Senator he voted for the surveillance heavy FISA Amendment Act of 2008. I never thought he was a libertarian. Of course neither is Rand Paul.

            1. Yes Proggies hate Obama.

              Is that is why you say he would win a third term ?

              While Obama is posing under a Che statue and doing the samba during the latest terrorist bombings he is solidifying his position as a centrist.

              Is that what you are saying ?

      2. How’s the view up Obumble’s ass, shriek?

    4. My post comes off like a drunken and/or retarded rant with the run-on sentences, but the points I made stand.

      1. Never apologize for being drunk.

        1. That’s like the AA motto, isn’t it?

          1. We call people in AA quitters

            1. And poor company.

            2. I’m a drunk, not an alcoholic. Alcoholics go to meetings, drunks go to parties.

              1. “You’re not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on.” –Dean Martin

                1. Or if you can still post replies here.

                2. Ford Prefect: Preparing for hyperspace. It’s rather unpleasantly like being drunk.
                  Arthur Dent: What’s so wrong about being drunk?
                  Ford Prefect: Ask a glass of water.

      2. Your drunk?Your among friends then.

  16. AFAIK, Ron Paul believes in freedom of association, private ownership of the means of production, and a greatly reduced role for all levels of government.

    Bernie believes the opposite. Therefore, the two are miles apart.

    1. Yes,this is a stupid comparison.

      1. He’s just Trolling us with that headline.

        1. I would hope so,but,with some of the articles here you never know.Any way,I’m have a couple Heineken’s .It’s the first import I tried when I was ,oh,19.Still enjoy it.

          1. Yeah, I used to drink those quite a bit. Haven’t had one in a long time. Used to do quite a few Calgary and Mooseheads as well as far as imports go. Mostly we just played quarters with Old Milwaukee, sometimes even cheaper swill.

            1. Back then,we drank Mickey’s Big Mouths and Little Kings. Spent 2 weeks fishing in Canada when I was 18 with 5 other friends.Learned to like Labatt 50 and Moose Head.

              1. Yeah, we likes to cruise around with the Little Kings. Easy to stash. Sounds like a great trip.

                1. liked:) in the past

                2. Yeah,6 guys,ages 18 to 21 with nothing to do but drink beer,fish and smoke cigars.And we caught a lot of fish.The exchange rate was 35% then too.I beet store at the other end of 3 connected lakes.Have to take a boat to pick up the cases.

                  1. Beer store,Heineken kicking in.

                    1. Beets are good too !

                  2. nice:)

  17. If only youd give Bern all your money you would be better off!

    1. Like he would give me a choice in the matter.

      1. If he gave you a choice you may spend your money on things that won’t help ‘the greater good’.

        1. Might help them have a job, but then if they had jobs they would no longer need him to steal my money so we can’t have that.

          1. Bern has a high paying job,great insurance and a big,fat ,government pension.

      2. I’ve had this conversation recently.

        “If we just jacked up taxes on the middle class, healthcare would be free!”

        “How is it free, if you’re paying 50% of your income in taxes.”

        I was told that I didn’t understand economics.

        1. I also like the “taxes are voluntary” argument

        2. Yep; Swedish-style socialism requires Swede-level taxes.

          1. Do we get the Swedish babes with that?

            1. I hear men who assert their masculinity do really well there. The context is a British reporter who occasionally spends time in Sweden covering something or other, and finds himself pursued by remarkably aggressive Swedish women despite being in his forties and a little portly. Apparently, Swedish men are just that feminized and metrosexual that a bit of manly brusqueness goes a long way.

              The source is James Delingpole’s podcast, which is perhaps a little unreliable because he’s super down on Europeans and pro-Brexit. But I like the idea.

              1. Oh, and anti-feminist and hated by greenies. He’s a hobgoblin of the fascist English left.

                1. Can’t they just arrest him for ungoodthinking now?

                  1. Christ, they’d love to try. Our progressives are scary but mostly confined to college campuses and the editorial pages of the New York Times and similar missives. Theirs, as far as I can gather, are pretty much the mainstream, and rushing to overrun even that weak prison. Delingpole spent his most recent podcast talking about a horse-riding accident that resulted in a major cardiac event, and I can imagine these loonies masturbating to his account. Literally wanking and/or fingering themselves to the thought of a man dying from an entirely unrelated event, because they are that committed to the progressive cause. Scary.

                  2. They’d like to, but they’re such sissies that they can’t bring themselves to use force against him.


                    1. The government aren’t sissies – they just arrested someone there for a very obliquely “anti-Muslim” tweet. Maybe they’re just short-handed.

        3. I always find it funny when they want to jack up corporate taxes. I’m like you know who pay’s those taxes? You do, every time you buy something. You know why companies move overseas? So they can compete by selling you cheaper shit because there are less taxes and regulation cost. But yeah, go ahead and jack up taxes on yourself and take away more of your job opportunities cause you want “free” stuff that you’ll eventually run out of other peoples money to pay for.

          1. “Why is GE leaving here for another state?”

            “It’s the high taxes and regulatory burden here.”

            “Fucking republicans!”

            1. They call it predatory tax rates. I am not kidding

              1. And if they can find a way to call the Governor of Texas an idiot, they can sleep at night.

          2. They are just morons. They have no idea how corporations operate. Raise taxes and corporations just cook the books to show less profit. And what good is the profit until someone claims it as income? Income is taxed you fucking half wits.

            1. A corporation is not a group of people with a shared goal,but,a alien being that sucks life and wealth from the poor,old,women and people of color.It rises from the ashes of Z’ha’dum.

              1. They are not people you evil nihilist tea bagger

            2. I don’t know how anyone thinks that increased taxes on corporations are going to come out of senior managements’s just another sneaky way to raises taxes on everyone like printing money.

              1. Yeah,seeing salaries are a tax deduction and don’t come out of profits.

        4. I’m already paying 50% of my income in taxes.

  18. I spent all day shoving something hard and unbending into something relatively pliable and yielding, and then drilling it with countless tiny little suckers. But I spent it listening to Dan Carlin’s amazing “King of Kings” breakdown of the Persian empire, from the brutal Assyrians through the incredible Cyrus the Great, so it wasn’t a bad day.

    1. That ain’t a masturbation euphemism! Well done! High five!

    2. That’s a lot of euphemisms.

      1. Would be better with pics.

          1. No No No,can’t ya take a joke?I’m not clicking that.

            1. I don’t blame you. I’m no expert, but splicing studs sounds like a good way to fail your inspection.

              1. And we may have given Warty a idea to boot.

          2. Why metal studs? Is it commercial construction?

          3. Disappointed.

            1. Why? That’s some mighty fine craftsmanship!

    3. If we’re doing hardware assessments today: I find Chinese knockoff ammo superior to the American made stuff for my trusty, well abused handgun.

      1. Our work is commercial construction, so all steel and screws. This is my weapon of choice.

  19. By this logic Hitler and Coolidge were similar because they both hated Roosevelt. If Trump rips into Greenspan will he be like Ron Paul too?

    1. No,he is the dark lord,pay attention.And I’m a little buzzed.

      1. And I’m a little buzzed.

        I can’t tell the difference.

    2. Did Hitler actually hate Roosevelt?


      1. Once the US got into the war, yes. Before that who knows about Hitler. FDR most certainly thought Hitler was a swell guy up until the war.

  20. ‘Appear weak when you are strong’,see it works.

  21. Bernie and Paul are complete opposites. Bernie was horrible at everything he did. What happens when you can’t hold a real job, hold political beliefs that require force, theft and violence, yet don’t have the balls to go out and rob your neighbors yourself because you are afraid you might face dire consequences??? You become a politician, or go out and vote for politicians who espouse those views.

    Socialists/Liberals/Progressives are the epitomy of whimps. I wouldn’t compare them to the female vagina, because that is something awesome. They could never go out and force people to bend to their will, they either become, or hide behind those politicians who in turn hide behind their standing armies.

    Free college??? Free (insert whatever here)?? It’s not free, someone has to pay for it. Go try a scientific experiment. Attempt to ring your neighbors bell, then tell them you want to tax them in order to pay for the area kids to go to college. What will you do when they say no? Hit them, gather your friends to beat them up? What if it is a successful elderly lady, of whose success you might be jealous of? That lady might have guard dogs, or a means to repel your aggression.

    1. The thought of you not making it out alive after trying to deny her liberty keeps you scared shit of the possible consequenses (hence the desire to disarm individuals). That is why you hide behind politicians who hide behind a standing army, and have the nerve to even call yourselves compassionate, when you are really just a bunch of knaves that support violence against others so long as your hands remain clean.

      1. And that is why the comparison to Bernie and Paul being cousins is absurd.

  22. End the fed vs. Fed board made from a lottery.

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