Political Correctness

Yoga Banned from Georgia School: Blame Christian Conservatives, Not Political Correctness

Turning kids against Christianity? That's a stretch.


A Georgia elementary school was forced to suspend aspects of its in-class yoga routine after parents complained that administrators were indoctrinating their kids into a different religion—proving once again that Christian conservative are just as easily offended as the politically-correct left.  

Yoga, the Buddhist practice of mindful stretching, is under attack everywhere from people on the left who claim it amounts to cultural appropriation. The student-government at a Canadian university successfully forced an instructor to cancel a free yoga class for disabled students, and a Native American activist convinced a county government to shut down a Florida woman's private yoga practice (she didn't have the right permit). 

But Christian conservatives in Kennesaw, Georgia, have their own issues with yoga. According to The Washington Post

Parents were concerned about yoga's spiritual origins. 

"No prayer in schools. Some don't even say the pledge of allegiance," Cobb County mother Susan Jaramillo told NBC affiliate WXIA. "Yet they're pushing ideology on our students. Some of those things are religious practices that we don't want our children doing in our schools." 

Christopher Smith, whose sons attend Bullard, shared a similar sentiment onFacebook

"Now we can't pray in our schools or practice Christianity but they are allowing this Far East mystical religion with crystals and chants to be practiced under the guise of stress release meditation," he wrote. "This is very scary." 

Is letting kids learn some de-stressing techniques really "very scary"? In any case, the school's principal assured worried parents that no one at the school will be teaching them to say "Namaste," so the anti-Christian brainwashing is at an end. Maybe these over-worried parents should try yoga for themselves—to calm them down.