Brickbat: Until Morale Improves


Anthony Robinson

Former DeKalb County, Georgia, police sergeant Anthony Robinson has been sentenced to two years in prison followed by eight years probation after being convicted of violation of oath of office, simple battery and simple assault. Robinson ordered other officers to beat a handcuffed teen suspected of burglary and ordered and took part in beatings of three other teen suspects.

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  1. Ok,they got him,what about the others? Just following orders?

    1. The case against Robinson stemmed from a November 2011 incident at police headquarters involving former officers Blake Norwood and Arthur Parker, who pleaded guilty last month to lesser charges in exchange for testifying against their former supervisor. Travarrius Williams, who was in custody over a suspected burglary, spotted Parker in the police station and accused him of wrongly arresting his brother.

      Robinson overheard Williams and told the 18-year-old suspect, “We don’t let people disrespect us like that in our house,” DeKalb Assistant District Attorney Buffy Thomas said in her opening statement.

      According to Thomas, Robinson then ordered Norwood and Parker to, “take (Williams) behind the shed and tighten him up.” The shed refers to the area where officers parked their off-duty vehicles.

      Parker interpreted that as a command to “beat him up,” the prosecutor said.

      Another officer spotted the beating and reported it to his commanding officer. An internal affairs investigation was promptly opened during which Robinson was alleged to have fed Norwood and Parker a narrative accusing Williams, the suspect, of spitting on them.

      Norwood eventually turned on Robinson and later told prosecutors about a 2010 incident involving three teens, ages 15 and 16, suspected in a car theft. Norwood said he and Parker, along with another officer, were ordered to handcuff the teens and beat them.

      1. If a suspect spits on a cop, it’s apparently grounds to take him out back and beat him since that was apparently a good cover story for an internal affairs investigation.

  2. I just turned on the news and see there was a bombing in Brussels.Looks bad.France and Belgium seem to be a haven for these Islamist..

    1. Early reports that there have been several explosions at the airport, and several at subway stations.

      1. Both countries have large Muslim populations that will not assimilate.Notice that we do not have that problem here.Seems like the crazies all head for this one area.Italy,Austria and and Germany do not have the same problems for some reason.Though Germany may in the future.

        1. Most of Europe subscribes to multiculturalism which dictates assimilation is wrong (even evil). These people have never been asked to assimilate.

        2. In the places where they aren’t setting off bombs the native population is still having plenty of problems with them.

          1. Europe has strict gun control ,but,these guys seem to have no problem getting plastic explosives.Then again,the Middle East and Africa was full of that and AK’s.The Soviets used to give them out like tic tac.

      2. Both countries have large Muslim populations that will not assimilate.Notice that we do not have that problem here.Seems like the crazies all head for this one area.Italy,Austria and and Germany do not have the same problems for some reason.Though Germany may in the future.

        1. The squirrels also refuse to assimilate

        2. Go to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn or Astoria, Queens to name just a few areas. There’s plenty of them that don’t assimilate.

          1. I lived in Bay Ridge for about 10 years. Most of the Muslims I ran into seemed reasonably well assimilated.

            1. Into which hive mind and/or collective?

    2. This won’t end well for Muslims in Europe…..

      1. No it won’t,and they are mostly grouped in certain areas.

    3. That Australian 60 Minutes bit were they went into a Muslim enclave in Sweden makes all the tales of no-go zones seem a lot more believable.

  3. as a GA native, I don’t know what’s worse, that there is a tag for Georgia when it comes to police abuse, or that there is a need for a tag for Georgia when it comes to police abuse.

    1. What we have here ,is a failure to communicate.’

  4. I presume they didn’t release his mug shot?

    1. Shit could get real in Europe…yeah, they are pussies but at some point they won’t accept what their govenments have done.

      Could get really ugly.

      A modern day civil war would be interesting, but Islamists in Europe will be job one..they can’t ignore this forever and it will get really ugly before it’s done. Isn’t freedom great.

      1. Have you seen the rent they’re asking for wall space over there? It’s downright heretical

  5. Telegraph live feed for Brussels attacks. Updated more quickly than American MSM

    Remember kids, the greatest threat to our security is climate change — John Kerry told me so.

    1. Here in the U.S it’s the government.

      1. Or according to Reason, it’s lightning strikes. Unless X kills more people than that, then it’s not a problem.

        1. Here near the Ohio your biggest threat is an accident.

    2. John Kerry, seriously one of the most egregious assholes ever to come out of MA…every time I see a picture of him, all I can think of is, what a douchebag!

    1. We heard about the engineers feeling guilt for what happened but what about the managers and NASA for deciding to launch despite warnings? Have they ever come out with anything?

  6. Hey. Wait a minute. Maybe it’s the lighting but….He’s black.

    Sumting wong.

    1. No, he was on the crew of that downed plane…

    2. Assholes come in all races and creeds.

      1. No. Only white cops do bad things.

        1. Hey, Rufus. Gave you a smart ass answer to your legitimate question yesterday. That was bad. That is all.

          1. I have a habit of giving serious answers to smart ass questions. This is bad. End of Line.

          2. What was that?

            I can’t remember. I was eating an Eggo.

            1. An Eggo? I am dissappoint. why no real waffles?

              1. I eat those too silly. But sometimes it’s nice to go all low class.

            2. Right on. BTW I hope that’s a euphemism.

              1. Eupha-what?

                1. Euphrates, it’s a river in Iraq.

      2. “Assholes come in all races and creeds.”

        Too many choices?

    3. BlackLivesMatter to whom?

  7. Oh and here’s a link to the Brussels bombing. Not sure if any of you miscreants can comment given:

    However, we will NOT condone the following:

    – Racism (including offensive comments based on ethnicity and nationality)
    – Sexism
    – Homophobia
    – Religious intolerance
    – Cyber bullying
    – Hate speech

    – Derogatory language
    – Comments inciting violence.

    1. So… it’s be easier to just turn the comments off if their commenting policy is “Shut the fuck up”.

    2. Well I was ok except for the religious intolerance thing, because we all know who is truly responsible. It was those damned filthy Amish, of course.

    3. how about egregious douchebaggery?

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