Brickbat: Thumbs Down



A German court has ruled that having a Facebook "Like" button on a commercial website violates German privacy laws if the site does not warns users that clicking the button logs their IP address.

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  1. I wouldn’t worry about it. No matter what NSA will be logging the IP address.

    1. Also, ‘liking’ one business is the equivalent of ‘not liking’ all the similar business which is equivalent to hate speech, which is really problematic.

  2. I laughed…

  3. You know who else wanted to track people who liked commerce?

    1. The Ming Dynasty?

      1. + 1 We have a winner!

    2. Jerry Brown and the California High-Speed Rail Coalition?

    3. The IRS?

      Oh, wait. Someone already said pirates…

    4. Bernie Grandpa Gulag Sanders?

    5. Google?

    6. Amazon?

    7. Somalians?

  4. A link within the article: Zuckerberg ‘hopes USA follows German example’. This is not the example he’s talking about. But I hope the brickbat here is that Germany has stronger privacy laws than the US.

    1. The E.U. has that right to be forgotten too. If you go on Face Book and other sites expect to be known.They are a business trying to make a profit.

      1. In the EU you have the right to be forgotten but that does not include being forgotten by the EU

  5. I have a reason for being up at this ungodly hour. What the hell are you guys up to?

    1. I’m up at 4 every morning.Have coffee,read the news and the get moving for the day.Always been a early riser.Must be the duck hunter in me.

      1. And people say it’s no fun to hang out with a drunk if you’re sober. Holiday here and I’m about a half a bottle through of this stuff.

        1. Damn,good luck with that.I had a client being me back a bottle of what he called mie jo from China once.Came in a bottle shaped like a grenade.Nasty stuff,strong.Took too Sam Adams to get the tase out of my mouth.I’ll stick to scotch.Enjoy your holiday.

          1. China is the deathbed of alcohol. Been there and choked down the slop they call “quality”. Japanese sake is awesome. NEVER compare it to that swill in China. *Cheers* and enjoy you’re week. 😉

            1. I found that out the hard way..I’ve never had sake.I don’t drink much liquor.A little scotch,a gin martini ( the only real martini ) Mostly stout,porter, Sam Adam’s lager..I do like dark red wine or a port.Drink some for me.

        2. It is not unheard of for me to have a cup of coffee and then refill my cup with vodka. Sadly, not this morning. Going to meet with a logger to examine some timber provided the road is passable. The timber is in the Brushy bayou (pronounced Bursley – go figure) basin and I don’t know if the water has gone down there yet. I will bring a snorkel.

      2. you have a duck hunter in you??? what are you practicing for, the turducken competition?

        1. I am a proud member of People Eating Tasty Animals.

          1. with a nice chianti?

            1. And some fava beans!

    2. Same as Adans. 3:30 – 4:00 a.m. I pop awake every morning. I haven’t set an alarm in decades.

      More coffee please…

      1. Live on coffee. Question, Walking Dead is coming on here in about an hour. I love it. Never here anyone talking about it. Fan? It’s the only American show I watch.

        1. Why are you in Japan?

          1. Rufus with the million dollar question. Short answer? I have no loyalty to my tribe. Especially when my tribe went nuts.

        2. Not a zombie fan.I do like Arrow.

        3. I’m a fan. It’s a good show. I catch it on Netflix (cut the cable cord a few years back), so I’m always about one season behind.

        4. I watch it but I wouldn’t call myself a fan. I am not really fan material.

      2. If I’m playing golf it’s Bailey’s Irish cream and coffee.

    3. I take my kid to school.

      She’s ruining my life.

      1. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ve got a daughter. Best thing ever to happen to me and I’d wager you, too.

        1. Pascal’s Wager?

          1. You saying you’d love her even if she didn’t exist?

            1. Hm. Never thought about it that way. Now that she’s here, sure why not?

              And. Never bet against God.

              1. In that case, never bet against a black God.

              2. Rufus, did I ever mention that you’re a cunt?

                1. So we’re clear. It’s pronounced ‘coont’, right?

                  1. I had a math professor from Turkey whose name was Kunt. He eventually got sick of saying, “It’s pronounced KOOONT!” and legally changed it to Koont. Still, we all giggled.

                    1. Ah, the old Igor vs. I-gor.

      2. With a son you only need to worry about his dick,with a daughter,most of them.Good luck.

    4. Up early no work on Mondays for me…watching yesterdays baseball games on MLB TV. Split the cost with my brother in law, BEST PURCHASE EVAR!!!

  6. I’m up early because I “free run” about 10 to 12 hours awake. About 4 hours sleep.

  7. 99% of the email in my Inbox is spam. Raising that percentage to 99.9% means that I’ll have to sift through 999 emails offering me porn, hotel deals, Hilton vacations, neighborhood alerts, Bernie Sanders events in Utah, and viagra before I can find my airline reservation. But I’m not worried. You know why? Because I know from Libertarianism 1.0 that my life can’t be affected negatively by anything other than something done by the dreaded government.

    +1 spam on

    1. 99% of the email in my Inbox is spam.

      It’s because you have no friends.

    2. And the spam filter that you could by using, if you were using an open source product, would likely clean up most of that spam for you. That spam filter that you’re obviously not using is not only non-governmental, it is non-commercial–as is most of the great Internet-age solutions. Your love of government and iconic computer companies (I assume that you’re using Apple) is your problem–not your saviour.

      1. Well shit. I guess refreshing the page is still a thing, huh?

    3. Your only friends are spammers.

    4. You could just, you know, adjust your spam filter settings like everbody else on the planet with email. No government intervention necessary.

    5. Yeah, having to delete some emails is exactly the same as getting hauled off to a rape cage by men with guns for, say, owning certain plant material.


      1. Well, it’s entirely too complex to create a second or third free email account to use for all of those websites that just have to have an email account. We should just get the gubmint to go to war with all of those Nigerian princes offering money. They can save some money by taking all of our guns. How hard was that?

  8. Government could solve this problem by requiring ISPs to reassign IP addresses regularly and randomly, but I don’t think their users would be happy when their cookies regularly and randomly fail. Maybe they’d regain some interest in familiarity.

    1. Government could solve it by banning commerce. No commerce, no spam. And probably no computer.

  9. It should be noted you don’t even have to click the button, just loading the graphic is enough for Facebook to log your IP, the page the button appeared on, and (if you haven’t deleted all your cookies since the last time you logged in) your Facebook account.

    *peers at the Facebook like button at the top of the H&R page*

    1. Yeah, I don’t get this. Every web page on the planet can record your ip address.

      1. And does. Pretty standard default logging for every web server software in existence.

      2. shhh, shhh, don’t upset the old folks

      3. And screen resolution.

        And user agent.


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