Before You Puke out Your First St. Patrick's Day Guinness, Take a Visit to Bordertown

Listen to Matt Welch, Kmele Foster, and Gustavo Arellano on Sirius XM channel 121 at Noon ET


Have you watched the yeah-let's-go-there new Fox animated series called Bordertown? Set in the possibly fictional city of Mexifornia, it's the heartwarming tale of a disgruntled white Border Patrol agent who is coming to grips with being surrounded by goddamned Mexicans, including his best friend and next-door neighbor. Here's a trailer: 

Points alone for generating such Newsbusters headlines as "'Bordertown' Claims the Only White People Having Sex Are Rapists, Rednecks and Racists." One of the show's main writers is friend o' Reason Gustavo "Ask a Mexican" Arellano, and he'll be with me and Kmele Foster today on SiriusXM's Insight Hour (channel 121) at noon ET. We will also be discussing the awful and wonderful American assimilation/alcoholism ritual known as St. Patrick's Day.

Last year, in a more innocent age, Arellano sat down with Reason TV to discuss whether Republicans were having their Latino moment: