Donald Trump

Watch Matt Welch Slag Trump, Hillary, Carson, and Romney on Red Eye

Tune into Fox News at 3 a.m. ET.


Donald Trump is an Establishmentscrambling sloganeer, Hillary Clinton is an imperious, negligent liar and alleged crook; Ben Carson is an incivil quitter, and Mitt Romney (contrary to what you might hear from him tomorrow) laid some of the groundwork for the presumptive 2016 GOP nominee four years ago. These and other political insults I intend to dispense on tonight's Red Eye w/ Tom Shillhue (Fox News 3 a.m.), where I co-panelize with the libertarian comic Dave Smith, progressive political commentator Christopher Hahn, and mirth-producing New Jersey ladyperson Joanne Nosuchinsky.

NEXT: FBI Beat Tor Anonymity Via Academic Research, According to Revelations from "Silk Road 2.0" Prosecution

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  1. Slag? All of those? It’s like Matt has discovered his crankiness in the face of inevitable evil.

    1. Acrimonious Matt is an enjoyable Matt.

      1. Less of an affectation than the glasses, I would presume.

  2. I’m sure you were great, “Nick.”

    1. Are we giving that life beyond the other thread?

      1. I’m sure it will die after my feeble attempt to call attention to the dip shits who can’t bother to actually read the articles, but still feel the need to voice their whiny, predictable opinions.

        1. Here, hear, heir!

        2. I’ll allow it, so long as you don’t Goodwhynne the thread.

  3. I always thought Red Eye was somewhat a crude show particularly in regard to women from my first exposure to it; and I have had a tough time getting myself to pay any attention to it πŸ™‚

    1. Crude in regard to women? I haven’t the cable, so I cannot reference. Please explain.

      1. Too much of the comments were what I considered sexually degrading to women in the jokes. The fact that I as a male was turned off by that is maybe unusual πŸ™‚

        1. No one forced those broads into the leg chair.

          1. That may be true …. but that isn’t an excuse for men to treat or thing or think these women as merely sex toys.

            1. I don’t think that show ever did, or does that. I think everyone involved knows it is one big joke, especially because the guests do not get paid , and if they do get paid it is most likely very little.

              You can have your opinion, of course.

              1. And I agree that is probably the contractual agreement …… that doesn’t mean it is the correct view for libertarians to adopt πŸ™‚

            2. Depends on the women?

              1. Is that a question?

              2. Yes, for them …. but what is acceptable to you ALWAYS depends on you regardless. πŸ™‚

              3. Lol, maybe my values explain why I scored less with women that the average male. πŸ™‚

                1. Well, women do like a sense of humor, so…

            3. Women make wonderful sexual playthings. Especially the hot ones. Just ask Hef.

  4. Will they talk about the DOJ giving immunity to the guy that set up Clinton’s email server?

    I’d like to hear that brought up.

    1. You and your hopes… manage your expectations.

      1. I’ve got…..YUUUUUUGE hopes.
        I’ve got…..YUUUUUUGE hopes.
        I’ve got…..YUUUUUUGE apple pie in the sky hopes.

      2. My hopes of screwing one of these women ? They are all very attractive… But I have my my fantasies pretty well-managed πŸ™‚

        1. One of what women?

          1. You want me to make a selection ? Megyn Kelly who has her own show is very attractive to me. First because she actually is and second because she is very intelligent and confident in her job πŸ™‚
            Many of the other women, though attractive, do not strike me as that intelligent πŸ˜€

    2. Mrs Hillary Clinton s e mail thing is only a tool by the Republicans to try to win the Presidential office. The republicans have no solutions to Help this Great United States of American so they turn to anything to direct attention away from their failed agenda. I will never ever vote for a Republican again.

      A real comment from the Washington Post article.

      1. I bet it is. I do often wonder though, when I get the tinfoil hat on, how many comments are threads like those (and these) are paid agents of various parties…

        1. I wonder if your comment is paid for by double-agents of those same parties as a kind of Serbian Jew double-bluff to change the subject.

          1. Great. Blowing my cover means I won’t get paid.

            1. +$1.05.

        2. Spencer|3.2.16 @ 11:15PM|#
          “I bet it is. I do often wonder though, when I get the tinfoil hat on, how many comments are threads like those (and these) are paid agents of various parties…”

          In SF, the local politicos have staff dealing with the ‘comments’ in the local rag, and by “dealing”, yes, shilling for them. They might be volunteers as opposed to paid,but the politicos see those comments as very valuable ‘social media’.
          Next time you see reference to Telsa here, watch how long it takes “Weapon” to show up with perfectly crafted responses to Tesla’s profitability, range, delivery problems, etc.
          No tin foil hat required; we’re the l’tarian end of ‘the social media’.

          1. I see a few kook aid drinking progtards on the Car & Drover boards that foam at the mouth if anyone criticizes Tesla. Several of us make great sport of them.

  5. If Trump becomes POTUS what’s to stop the Senate from impeaching him? They’ll need a reason, but given who he is that won’t be long in coming.

    There will be enough folks in both parties that despise him that getting 66 votes to impeach should not be a problem.

    Who(m)ever his VP is might be acceptable enough to escape impeachment but if he isn’t and goes down at the same time as Trump, Paul Ryan could walk right into the Oval Office.

    1. USA! USA!!!

    2. Clever.

    3. In my reading of the Constitution, “we despise you” is not a valid reason for impeachment.

      1. Should we finally be glad that the average American commits X number of felonies a day without knowing it?

      2. He’s Trump. He’ll do something that can qualify.

        1. You presume he’ll do worse than Obo? Who has not been impeached.
          Your newsletter; how do I get it?

          1. Obo and Clinton before him had the Democrats locked up. Trump won’t and if enough Republicans want him out he’s gone.

            Say the division in the Senate stays the same. That’s 46 Ds right there. Only 20 Rs would be needed to push the Trump bus off the cliff.

            Sure it might not be all the Ds but there would be a 34 R margin of error. I’m thinking the establishment could easily come together to do this.

            There would not be a single senator that would owe him anything so why wouldn’t they do it as long as whatever the reason is can stand up to just a little scrutiny? Won’t be to much scrutiny as I imagine all the major media would be all-in on the impeachment.

            1. __Warren__|3.3.16 @ 12:07AM|#
              “Obo and Clinton before him had the Democrats locked up. Trump won’t and if enough Republicans want him out he’s gone.”

              I’m gonna presume you didn’t see the Nixon melt-down.
              An R congress-critter may well ‘want him out’, but who has the control of the cash for the next election cycle, and what would support for impeachment do to that process?
              You think congress-critters operate because they think the other guy or gal isn’t real rational? Hell, Boxer’s been there for YEARS!
              Not going to happen.

    4. Same as over in the other thread:
      “Sevo|3.2.16 @ 11:19PM|#
      Uh, impeaching a prez isn’t something that happens ’cause a lot of folks don’t like him; too many others are subject to that standard to make it fly in the cesspool of the Fed gummint.
      Not going to happen.”

    5. Stole my idea. But I give it to the world.

      1. I found my impeachable offense – advocating violation of the Geneva Conventions.

        1. His offense, found by me.

  6. Did you hear that Trump is going to ban shredded cheese?

    He wants to make America grate again.

      1. Hey Sevo, there are calls for an SF H&R meetup. I am gathering emails. Suell, C. Anacreon, and new SF resident Protagoronus are on board so far. Don’t think I have yours. Please send it to my handle

        This invitation applies to any other Bay area lurkers reading this! I will gather emails for a while, then announce a date. Current idea: Thursday around 6:00 pm, at a place with a good happy hour and walking distance from a downtown BART.

        Write me, lurkers!

        1. Public transportation?

          ::rends garment::

          1. SF has an ongoing war against cars. They make it increasingly difficult to drive and park anywhere. I live near a BART station, and that makes it easier to zip downtown than to drive, and hassle with parking both downtown and when I come home. The buses (MUNI) suck, though.

            1. There’s a really, really chill bar at the end of Lombard street, catty corner from the library there, that’s a nice hangout… but I was touristing, so I could be wrong.

              1. Just go to Suppenk?che, like all decent people in that city do.

                1. sloopyinTEXAS|3.3.16 @ 12:20AM|#
                  “Just go to Suppenk?che,”
                  There was an earlier iteration there that went out of bizz; you couldn’t hear yourself think, let alone the comments from the people across the table.
                  We’ll give it a try; who knows?

              2. If that’s Liverpool Lil’s, it went up in smoke a while back.
                P-SF, my idea of ‘socializing’ in meat space is a discussion with one or maybe two people. Not a party guy.

                1. I doubt if we get more than 5-6 people. This won’t be a mob scene. Come on, let’s meet!

            2. The faggot cookies that fun the Spokane city council are half assedly trying the same thing. Their big thing currently is eliminating lanes of traffic on arterials, with the excuse they need to add bike lanes. On streets that no cyclist wants to share with automobiles.

              1. Yes, here they eliminate car lanes used by hundreds of cars a day, for bike lanes that are lucky to get 10 bikes a day.

        2. IT’S A TRAP!!

          1. Only if Cytotoxic shows up. In that case he gets wrapped in duct tape and sold to one of the local Mexican gangs.

            1. It’s always good to have some flapping headed, beady eyed Canadian telling me how many more illegals my country needs.

    1. What if the cheese was shredded but the package wasn’t marked shredded? That should excuse the people with the cheese from their crime.

      -Progressive cheeseeater

      1. I think that shits gotta go all the way to the person who sold the cow to the dairy farmer. I mean, the market must be regulated into reaponsibility. Someone needs to pay!

        1. What about the guys selling the sperm to the guy that breeds the cows to sell to the dairyman? If we’re going to the root cause.

          1. Of course! Let’s not forget the consumer who’s demand cause the whole shitstorm!

  7. Venezuala is about to solve it’s monetary woes! It’s going to print higher denomination bills!

    I don’t know why no one else has ever thought of this. It’s genius!

  8. Trivia = “Slagging a Trump” was actually a popular sex-act in Edwardian England.

  9. Welch slags presidential candidates! Now there is a fresh entertainment concept.

    The only thing interesting about a performance by that bespectacled twat is Gilmore reviewing his clothing.

  10. I was hoping for co-penalize.

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