Sex Trafficking

DOJ Report: 'Males, Whites, Republicans' and Porn Watchers Hold 'Incorrect Beliefs' About Sex Trafficking

Don't worry, the feds will fix those for you.



Americans think that addressing human trafficking should be a "high" or "top" priority for the government, according to public opinion research commissioned by the U.S. Justice Department. In a survey of some 2,000 American adults, 80 percent said they have "some" or "a lot" of concern about human trafficking in America and 51 percent think that thwarting it should be a government priority. 

Only 45 percent of those surveyed said they have "some" or "a lot" of concern about U.S. prostitution. 

The research was conducted in the spring of 2014 and released as part of a large report on "legislative, legal, and public opinion strategies that work" to combat sex and labor trafficking. The first two sections of the report examined state strategies, arrests, and prosecutions for human-trafficking offenses from 2003 through 2012. The third section was aimed at identifying "what the public knows, thinks, and feels about human trafficking," as well as "factors that may cause people to change the way they think about and engage with the issue."

This section is especially interesting because—based on both the questions asked and the way researchers discuss responses—you can see how the federal government prefers to frame the issue of human trafficking and what rhetorical ploys they're hoping will catch on. For instance, most survey respondents had "a solid understanding that human trafficking is a form of slavery," the researchers state, brandishing this idea—human trafficking is modern slavery—as simple fact rather than an emotionally charged frame. 

Overall, the public still holds many "incorrect beliefs about human trafficking," researchers say.

Many of these "incorrect beliefs," however, describe what were previously (and in many places still are) common and legally accepted notions about human trafficking: that it is "another word for smuggling immigrants," that it "always requires threats of or actual physical violence," and that it "requires movement across state or national borders." Others are only "incorrect" if you use an incredibly expansive definition of human trafficking (i.e., one that includes all prostitution as sex trafficking).

For instance, researchers note with seeming dismay that while most people (73 percent) say human trafficking is widespread or occasional in the United States, few believe it is widespread in their own states or communities. But there is no evidence to suggest that human trafficking is "widespread" anywhere in America, let alone in every community. The majority of these people are probably correct.  

The report also cautions that "the public has not made the connection between how their own attitudes and behaviors can either help or hinder the movement against human trafficking." Yet it offer no further information about what this alleged "connection" is. 

Republicans, men, and whites were the least likely to be concerned about human trafficking in America or to say it should be a government priority. Democrats, older adults, racial minorities, and women were the most likely to be concerned and to want the government to take action. Meanwhile, "sex related behaviors" such as having visited a strip club or watched porn within the last year corresponded to greater knowledge about human trafficking but less concern and less belief that it should be a government priority.

The researchers recommended "public awareness campaigns directed toward reticent groups, which includes males, whites, Republicans, those that consume pornography, and those that visit strip clubs."

Other messages the government would like people to take away include that that people "who knowingly enter prostitution can still be trafficked" (73 percent of respondents agreed to this) and that helping a minor engage in prostitution is always sex trafficking (78 percent concurred). 

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  1. Government study recommends more government intervention. Film at 11.

  2. Meanwhile, “sex related behaviors” such as having visited a strip club or watched porn within the last year corresponded to greater knowledge about human trafficking but less concern and less belief that it should be a government priority.

    The researchers recommended “public awareness campaigns directed toward reticent groups, which includes males, whites, Republicans, those that consume pornography, and those that visit strip clubs.”

    *Next up on the stage is the lovely Jasmine. Jasmine to the stage. While we wait for the lovely Jasmine, I would like to speak to you about the dangers of human trafficking…”

    1. You forgot the, “we are legally required to” part.

      1. That’s the beauty of it — they can prohibit the strip club from mentioning that they are legally required to do it. Just like gas stations can’t tell their customers how much of the price per gallon is due to government taxes.

        1. My employer requires me to “work” before I get paid…

          Help! Help! I am an abused victim of trafficking!!!! Only the protection of Government Almighty can SAVE me!!!!

        2. In utah the taxes are printed on the pump

          1. I’ve seen this in CA too. But not in a long time. IIRC, it was when the government was bashing big oil for “gouging” at the pump. It was done in retaliation for such propaganda.

    2. So, the real reason they want back doors onto apple devices is to push human trafficking notices when your phone is in a stop club.

      1. a “stop” club. Is that the NewSpeak word for strip clubs?

        1. It’s my phone not recognizing strip as a word. It has been fixed.

          1. Ducking autocorrect.

            1. A guy sends a text to his next-door neighbor:

              “Bob, I’m sorry. I’ve been riddled with guilt and I have to confess: I have been helping myself to your wife when you’re not around, probably more than you. I know it’s no excuse but I don’t get it at home. I can’t live with the guilt any longer. I hope you’ll accept my sincerest apology. It won’t happen again.”

              Feeling outrage and betrayed, Bob grabs his gun, goes into the bedroom, and without a word, shoots his wife.

              Moments later the guy gets a second text: “Really should watch that auto correct! That should be ‘wifi’.”

      2. O.K. Freud would have a field day with this:

        “back door”
        “in a stop club”


    3. “Jasmine comes to us all the way from…, ah goddamnit.”

        1. Welcome her to a whole new world!

  3. The researchers recommended “public awareness campaigns directed toward reticent groups, which includes males, whites, Republicans, those that consume pornography, and those that visit strip clubs.”

    “Well handsome, normally it’s $20 per song for a lap dance. But you get a $5 discount if you let me correct your beliefs about human trafficking!”

  4. ‘Males, Whites, Republicans, [Strip club patrons]’ and Porn Watchers Hold ‘Incorrect Beliefs’ About Sex Trafficking

    I’m just going to assume that as a libertarian, the DOJ would consider me a Republican and give myself a perfect score here.

    1. Do they really need to list all those other things once they include “porn watchers”? Aren’t we all, at some level, just a subset of porn watchers?

      1. I had been thinking basically all men. But it basically boils down to those who were honest, as stated below.

        1. BUSINESS IDEA!! Fair trade porn. Anti trafficking guarantee. Guilt free porn for the masses.

          1. “all actors – both male and female – seen in this production have been vetted by the proper authorities to ensure non-coersion and honest enthusiasm for the roles they portray”

      2. “We are all porn watchers now”

      3. No some are porn listeners, fuck you for being insenstive to the plight of the visually impaired you cishet shitlord.

  5. “Pornhub and strip club DJs combine their resources to take up the fight against human trafficking.”

    /ENB twelve months from now.

  6. So a population sub-set (sex related behaviors) that is more aware about it than the rest of the public at large, is less concerned about it than the public at large. The natural conclusion from that? We need to raise awareness!

    When the only tool you have is a hammer…

    1. In other fields, they would refer to these people as experts and the cite them in a report that calls for government action.

    2. I saw what you did there (even if you didn’t mean to).

    3. When the only fool you have is a hammer.

      1. …you can expect him to be hammering it?

    4. Cops are more aware of police corruption, violence, and perjury than the general public, and less concerned about it. Does that mean that these issues are not important?

  7. Just wait till they see a green male point of view…

    1. If you thought Orion slave GIRLS were salacious…..

      1. My species has a phrase for mammal kidnapping, transportation, and exploitation…

        Cattle farming

        1. We are tax cattle.

          Say it with me now: moo!

        2. Dairy cattle.

          We are the only species that drinks the milk from another.

  8. “such as having visited a strip club or watched porn within the last year”

    Ie people who answered truthfully?

    1. If truthfulness was required, they would realize the strong correlation between porn watching and breathing.

  9. I think Onion is leaking all over the innertubze.

    1. Meanwhile, The Onion was purchased by Haim Saban, and re-purposed for Clinton campaign propaganda.

      Consider the following “humorous” “article” from The Onion:

      “Right now, voters are looking for a candidate who stands for real societal change, someone who can stir something inside them,” said media advisor Jim Margolis, urging the woman?who overcame entrenched societal biases to build a successful legal career, became the first female senator elected in the state of New York, oversaw the Department of State during a period of widespread international tumult, and, if elected, would be the first female president in American history?to appear more uplifting to voters. “Many young people have completely lost faith in the political process, and they want to believe that true progress is actually possible. They want someone who embodies progressive ideals.” Margolis added that Clinton was too much a part of the establishment she spent decades breaking down barriers to enter.

      1. When you’ve lost The Onion

        1. I thought real life was The Onion now, sort of like all political systems are now Idiocracy


      3. That was a low point, but it does appear that they will still let some of their writers write about Hillary in a style more fitting to the Onion. This was published after that article you linked to. Sample: “Addressing a crowd of supporters at a victory rally in Nevada Saturday afternoon, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton credited her triumph in the state to the baleful, pitch-black tide of fate from which no man, woman, or child could ever hope to escape.”

      4. Muscular article. Bravo.

        1. Steroids were definitely involved.

      5. After “stir something inside them” my mind jumped to some great porn. I was right there with you.

        Then you had to throw that hag into it.

        Thanks for that. I’ll never be able to get that image out of my mind. I’ll probably never watch porn again either. ;-((((((

  10. I look forward to the first prosecutor who charges a prostitute for trafficking themselves. I mean, if you apply the kiddie porn laws that way, why not trafficking?

    1. Please stop providing ideas. After all, we know that AUAs frequent this site.

    2. Didn’t this already happen, or am I misremembering a post?

      1. I believe teens who sext have been charged for exploiting themselves.

      2. I was sure I read here that it has happened.

      3. I’ve heard about an underage male being charged with child porn for having pictures of his underage girlfriend. Is that close enough?

  11. Alright, government wants “awareness” campaigns, rather than “knowledge campaigns”. Funny, raising awareness, raising consciousness, not raising true beliefs.

    Also, I feel very framed, as a discrete and insular minority (fewer white males than males of color + the rest — not to “other” them by uttering this). Man, I wish the government were more discrete. And insular. Any sex-trafficking re-education seminars planned for guys? Would fit right into diversity, sexual harassment and sensitivity “training”.

    1. Brought to you by The Partnership For A Truth-Free America…

  12. All, I nominate making ENB an honorary white man for her alt-text above.

    1. except that 90% or more of men wearing a “fedora” on the internet are actually wearing a Trilby.

      1. You can’t just drop that here and not explain. What do you want us to do, go to Wikipedia or something?

        1. The short version is that a Trilby has a short brim whereas a Fedora has a wide brim. The prototypical “fedora guy” is actually wearing a Trilby:

          1. That’s what I’m talking about. Perfect for those of us with a short attention span.

          2. And they got them that’s like a fedora but with a broader brim. They was selling them at the feed store for a while.

            For what it’s worth, I never seen any body in the flesh that was wearing a motherfucking trilby.

      2. Needs moar top hat, tailcoat, ascot, cane and monocle.

        1. I forgot cape and boots

          1. Yeah, right. You gonna leave the spats in the closet or what?

        1. Actually I’ve seen an entire article about the trilby not fedora complaint.

          1. Here’s one


            1. Whew. My hat is indeed a fedora.

              *breathes a sigh of relief*

    2. Yeah, careful. “Fixing men” sounds very castrating-y.

      1. When my dog got “fixed” I walked funny with my knees crossed for days. My wife thought it was hilarious and made all sorts of snide remarks about my lack of masculinity.

        Did she see what they did to that poor little dog?

  13. The report also cautions that “the public has not made the connection between how their own attitudes and behaviors can either help or hinder the movement against human trafficking.”

    Behavior is action, attitude is thought. How much plainer do they need to make it that they’re not out to control just your actions but your thoughts? These people are declaring a war on human trafficking and your argument that “human trafficking” does not mean what they say it means is nothing less than giving aid and comfort to the enemy. These people think you need a serious attitude adjustment and they intend to give it to you good and hard.

    1. “the movement against human trafficking”

      From their lips to God’s ears!

  14. The researchers recommended “public awareness campaigns directed toward reticent groups, which includes males, whites, Republicans, those that consume pornography, and those that visit strip clubs.”

    Forget strip clubs, Buffalo Wild Wings is about to become even more depressing.

    1. Don’t forget sports clips.

      1. stop clips.

  15. Sounds to me that “human trafficking” has come to mean any employment of other humans for purposes that do not advance the interests of the state, or in violation of its laws, or in any manner that does not strictly comply with all regulations promulgated by the likes of OSHA, EEOC, EPA, IRS, etc., etc. Obviously any employee who is not represented by a NRLB-recognized bargaining organization is quite likely to be a victim of human trafficking.

    1. But of course! And it is completely coincidental that the union types vote Team Blue.

    2. Anyone stuck behind a Japanese family on the sidewalk of 5th avenue is a victim of human trafficking.

      Thanks to my aggressive stride and pointy elbows, I divide and conquer these groups, anointing myself the human traffic king.

  16. What is the going price for an 30 year old Ukranian?

    1. Oh and orphans. The orphans in my cellar are aging out.

    2. 30? That’s like like wanting to buy brown bananas.

    3. More than you can afford.

    4. A headscarf and a bucket full of sunflower seeds.

  17. “Males, Whites, Republicans, [Strip club patrons]”


    1. Democrat men don’t need strip clubs, they have orgy island

      1. (considers switching party affiliation)

      2. Decent chance of turning into Doctor Moreau’s island.

  18. How about that? The Obama Justice Department finds a brand-spanking-new War on Women meme just in time for a Presidential election. Who would’ve thought?

    1. The coincidence just boggles the mind.

    2. and its backed by scientific survey provided by the government itself so you know its valid and un biased that Repubs are whats wrong with everything.

  19. You should regard anything I say about Robert Stacy McCain with skepticism, because I hate him.

    My loathing for him is sincere and entire. My revulsion for him is both conscious and subconscious, like a Donald Trump perforated with asymmetrical holes

    Why is Ken White such an asshole? Seriously. what about Stacy McCain would cause White to spend and an entire paragraph explaining how much he loathes him.

    At some point someone needs to explain to White that he is not that fucking special. He is a lawyer. He can explain his specialty. Big fucking deal. The guy claims to be a 1st Amendment lawyer. I would hope he could write a few paragraphs about the subject once in a while. And by the way the subject is not that difficult.

    1. He needs to distract from the fact that twitter’s new policies were enacted under pressure from the FBI and Chancellor Merkel. That way he can still insist they are well within their 1A rights to ban. Why? Perhaps he sees the end of the road here and turns back, a common foible among social justice warriors on both sides. It’s fine, probably a good sign overall.

      1. White claims to be a Libertarian. And I take him at his word. I just don’t understand why he feels the need to be such a jerk.

        1. OK well yes you should always take a jerk at his word, as long as he claims to be Libertarian. You are a good party apparatchik. (Ugh, now they will complain about why AddictionMyth has to be such a jerk.)

        2. Is this a type of defensive narrative I.e. “I really hate X BUT I’m going to defend X’s right to say/do…”

          1. And virtue signaling.

          2. Don’t get me started on that Voltaire dude, who said, “I disagree with what you say but I will fight to the death to defend your right to say it.” What an anti-free speech poseur.

            1. “Disagree with what you say” v. “hate, loathing and revulsion”. If you can’t tell the difference, you may be an SJW.

              1. It’s a difference of degree. Are supporters of free speech not permitted to hate or loathe anyone and say so?

        3. You are having trouble understanding why someone would write cruel and extended diatribes against their political allies when those allies fail to live up to the writer’s moral standards?

          Next you’ll be telling me that you have difficulty comprehending hour someone could be pro-life.

          1. How does McCain not meet White’s moral standards? I ask my question again, just what hte hell did McCain ever do?

            1. For a start, he’s a vocal opponent of miscegination. He’s also an obnoxious loudmouth who goes out of his way to conform to most of the lefty caricatures of conservatives.

              Frankly it doesn’t matter why White doesn’t like the man. He doesn’t, and you should understand perfectly well how tempting it is to throw in an insult or two when speaking of someone you don’t like or don’t approve of.

    2. At least I thought those were conservative views. I mean, how can you argue that a bakery shouldn’t have to make a gay marriage cake, but Twitter should have to offer a platform to someone they think (not unreasonably) is a total douche?

      His argument here is a bit irrational. Demanding someone act is not the same as arguing about how Twitter should act. By should, I mean how we as consumers would prefer them to act. Being a libertarian doesn’t mean you have to blithely accept every non-government action with a shucks. He talks about taking business elsewhere, but apparently doesn’t recognize the ability of conservative consumers to try and exert pressure back on Twitter – a service many used and enjoyed apparently.

      Libertarianism doesn’t mean I have to give up a voice in Kulture Kampf. It just means I’m against government action and interference in it.

      At the end of the day, I don’t see libertarians arguing that Twitter must behave a certain way or some politician should make them. I see libertarians rightly arguing that other libertarians and those who support free speech should do so in areas besides when it involves the state.

      1. Twitter has something close to a monopoly in their “industry”, so the old “take your business elsewhere” advice rings hollow. They do have the effective power to silence speech.

        1. I strongly doubt they’ve anything close to a monopoly when you consider Skype alone for their SMS. Probably a lot of other SMS I don’t know about.

          1. They have close to a monopoly on broadcasting short pieces of text to a large user base. If you switch to one of their competitors in that arena, you drastically shrink your audience.

        2. Twitter came along ten years ago. Before then we had nowhere to go to speak out?

          1. We didn’t have anything that allows you to speak out to millions of people at once.

  20. OT: Human foot found at Vancouver Island

    The discovery is not the first time a human foot has washed up on the shores of British Columbia.

    Including the foot found this week, 13 feet have washed up along the coastline since 2007, the statement said. Authorities were able to identify 10 of those feet, which belonged to seven individuals.

    This is Cytotoxic’s work, right?

    1. They’ll be great for the economy

    2. Sounds plausible.

    3. well at least those 7 people must feel a lot better now

    4. It *is* a form of immigration.

      1. Immigration by parts!

        Can’t believe I didn’t think of that geek joke at first. Dammit.

        1. are ‘anchor feet’ a thing now?

    5. Cytotoxic insists somebody else commit violence on his behalf.

    6. Someone voted with their feet. Alas, it’s not clear for what.

  21. So are we going to have a Department of Erotica?

    1. Isn’t that the Secret Service? Or are they the department of prostitution?

  22. Central to the hysterical panic is the dynamic of denial – “I didn’t realize I was a victim.” It’s exactly the same with drug addiction – addicts claim that they didn’t realize their drug/alcohol use was a problem until “Looking back, it seems we drank more than we wanted to.” It’s easy to reinforce the ‘denial’ narrative:

    Reporter: Why did you sell your body repeatedly for years even when you didn’t need the money?
    Human Trafficking Victim: Because I didn’t realize how wrong it was.
    Reporter: Were you in denial?
    HTV: Yes, yes I guess I was in denial.

    Once the denial narrative is established all sorts of mischief and shenanigans results. E.g. ‘support groups’ and ‘raising awareness’ and ‘victim blaming’ etc etc.

    1. This. The entire goal of the regressive people leading these charges is to make more victims. They spend their entire time convincing half the people that they are victims without knowing it, and convincing the other half that they are destined to be a victim any day now. Win-win.

    1. the “pretend-ethical consumerism” thing is pretty gross and pathetic.

    2. this person really gets it =

      “zil?rd Bogd?nffy ? 4 days ago

      That is why I buy my trousers from Triple Aught Design. They’re made in San Francisco by transgendered Peruvian former sex-workers.

      1. I buy all my clothing here. Made by orphans. I special order my jackets to be made from Manatee skins.


        1. Thats pretty awesome that exists.

          Although i’m not really down with the steelo

          This is more my jive

          1. Stylin’

          2. OT, RE Gilmore, diversity

            What about having guest writers who address matters based on a different philosophy and worldview? Was that ever done, perhaps in the style of a debate?

            1. “Jane, you ignorant slut!”

    3. “buying less by buying better”

      I wouldn’t be forced to buy those high heeled open-toed studded neon frankenstein boots if clothing manufacturers focused more on quality

      1. You’re saying the selection of women’s shoes is not large enough. What in the…?

  23. The cited study seems to be suspiciously lacking a “definitions” section.

    Human trafficking
    Sex trafficking
    Labor Trafficking

    Does the government even have standard definitions for these terms?

    1. Yes, check under the “Politically Expedient” and “FYTW” sections of the dictionary.

    2. Sure, it’s the “reasonable trafficked person” standard: if a person feels he or she* has been trafficked, it’s tafficking. Failing that, it’s the “reasonably panicked government official” standard: if a government official fells a person has been trafficked, it’s trafficking.

      1. Working for a living is being trafficked.

    3. All lot of commenters around here pimp their mothers. I think that falls under the category.

    4. Doesn’t mention sexttrafficking, which is like sex trafficking but with text messages.

      1. can yo please provide the link? 🙂

  24. Unsurprisingly, as weed legalization takes a fair amount of wind out of the sails of the drug war, a nice new hysteria is being whipped up and integrated into the government’s consciousness. It always has to have something like this, something to justify spending vast amounts of money to employ legions of parasites to interfere in people’s lives and prey on anyone who seems weak and vulnerable enough to not fight back. Wonderful.

    1. It’s almost as though they want to keep the “war” going on forever!


    1. People with Special Abilities?

  26. change the way they think about and engage with the issue

    Way to beg to the question there, DOJ

  27. So…

    Looking at data between 2003 and 2012, researchers identified 3,225 human trafficking suspects in America, including state and federal cases.

    That’s 358 arrests per year and half of those were dismissed before going to trial. So that’s about 179 trials and that’s not even looking at convictions.

    179 Human Trafficking trials per year in a country of what 310M? In a country with roughly 9000 murders per year? And this is a problem? I’m thinkin the white, Republican pornwatchers have a point.

    1. *FdA now added to government re-education list*

    2. Not only is it a big problem, but it is so huge that it demands more officers be hired to combat it. At least that’s what the governor in my state has to say about it. Same with heroin. It’s just an excuse to put more cops on the street and give them more power to intrude into our personal lives. It never ends.

    3. Not to mention the questionable state definitions of human trafficing.

      1. *humus fracking.

  28. The government wants to change public opinion so the public will accept more cops and more intrusion into our personal lives?

    I’m shocked! Shocked I tell you! Shocked!

  29. Ironically, male white Republican porn watchers who hold incorrect views on sex trafficking are a huge turn-on for me.

    1. That sounds more homosexual than ironic.

  30. New Google extension edits every page to change pro-life to anti-choice. The possibilities here are endless. I want one that changes deep-dish pizza to Chicago casserole and TNG to The Abomination.…..ti-choice/

    1. The author of that piece doesn’t seem to understand that Google is not responsible for every extension written for their browser.

      It would be interesting to see if public libraries and college labs start installing that extension to skew opinion.

      1. Yeah I caught that

  31. DoD has mandatory annual human trafficking training (online) – but it’s exclusively focused on overseas aspects.

    ie. If you go into a club and all the girls are nervous, being watched by bouncers, bars on windows, etc….there might be trafficking going on and you should report it to someone.

    Of course, since the 90s, paying for sex is verboten under UCMJ even in a jurisdiction that allows it (Europe, etc). – includes contractors, DoD civilians and dependents.

    1. Contractors are covered by UCMJ? First I’ve heard of that.

      Wasn’t there a big kerfuffle a few years ago about murders by Blackwater goons in Iraq being unprosecutable?

      1. Overseas


        (11) Subject to any treaty or agreement which the United States is or may be a party to any accepted rule of international law, persons serving with, employed by, or accompanying the armed forces outside the United States and outside the Canal Zone, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands.

        (12) Subject to any treaty or agreement t which the United States is or may be a party to any accepted rule of international law, persons within an area leased by or otherwise reserved or acquired for use of the United States which is under the control of the Secretary concerned and which is outside the United States and outside the Canal Zone, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands.

        1. So, what happens inside the U.S. stays in the U.S.?

    2. Someone like Soros should take pity on them & buy for them.

  32. Bummer: No more imported stuff in the champaign room.

  33. Obviously we need that old stand-by of progressive, fascist, and socialist regimes: reeducation camps, so that the people hold only correct beliefs! And those who can’t be reeducated must have mental health issues, so they need to be institutionalized! But increased mental health spending and universal health care will make that easy!

  34. I’m just amazed that they were so direct in saying that Republicans hold incorrect beliefs.

    1. Honestly, why?

  35. In a survey of some 2,000 American adults, 80 percent said they have “some” or “a lot” of concern about human trafficking in America and 51 percent think that thwarting it should be a government priority.

    Their concern couldn’t have anything to do with the government’s propaganda blitzkrieg, could it? The government saw that the average American now doesn’t view prostitution as necessarily coercive, so he/she may be open to decriminalization. But the government can’t have that! Instead, it plays up the occurrence of sex trafficking – a coercive act by definition – in the minds of the public, turning the public off to decriminalization.

    This is why the government is evil.

    1. Re-read that quote, and tell me that it isn’t so nebulous as to be meaningless. What does it mean to have “some” concern about an issue? On a scale of 0 to 100, my “concern” might rate 0.01, but it would still count as “some” concern. And the fact that half the people questioned think that fighting a crime should be “a” government priority is hardly a surprise.

  36. I care as much about human trafficking as Democrats,older adults, racial minorities and most importunately women care about ending genital mutilation..i.e. infant male “circumcision”

  37. I, as a white male, do believe there’s a bit of human trafficking going on in the U.S. and that it should be stopped.

    However… I don’t believe at all that the solution is to outlaw pornography and prostitution. That’s like saying we have to ban all arcades and video games because some of the games might be pirated software. (Remember those “conversion kit” arcade games that had the message “If you are playing this outside of Japan you are involved in a crime! Stop!” in demo mode?)

    Maybe if prostitution, strip clubs and pornography were properly regulated instead of being treated by local governments as an embarrassment to the virtuous, God-fearing communities they serve, the supposed traffickees would be more empowered to speak up about their condition.

    1. Agreed. However, I seriously doubt that any strip clubs or pornography productions in the US are involved with human trafficking. There may be some of it going on in prostitution, but that’s due to it being illegal.

      Banning something makes it hide, not stop.

  38. Overall, the public still holds many “incorrect beliefs about human trafficking,” researchers say.

    Many are using out of date Newspeak dictionaries.

  39. For instance, researchers note with seeming dismay that while most people (73 percent) say human trafficking is widespread or occasional in the United States, few believe it is widespread in their own states or communities.

    Where they have more firsthand knowledge – their own communities – they believe it is less prevalent, whereas where they have lest firsthand knowledge, and have to rely on media reports, they believe it is more prevalent.

    1. Maybe it’s more prevalent in low-population areas.

  40. We don’t own our own bodies. That’s the statist view on the Left and the Right. Therefore we must be regulated such that no black market profits will escape being taxed.
    1 The problem with *illegal* immigration is that perps mostly work and feed underground economy.
    2 drug sales mostly escape taxation
    3 on line and illicit gambling also escapes taxation
    4 add sex work. They don’t get their cut from the lap dance or the massage.

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  43. Philosophical question:

    If I don’t fap to it, is it porn? If I do fap to it, but it isn’t naked women/men, is the sale or purchase of it “sex trafficking?” Because there are lots of weird fetishes out there.

    Asking for a friend.

  44. If anything, the ignorant masses have too wide of a belief of what is human trafficking. I have sat in committees and listened to government agents using human trafficking and sex trafficking interchangeably. Here in Ohio, a child trafficking incident was brought up to help justify a bill sold to the public as a way to reduce “sex trafficking.” However, the case in Ohio was a labor trafficking issue, not a sex trafficking issue.

    Now that we’ve created this fantasy world where no prostitute ever chose her profession, we are seeing an “increase” in “suspected sex trafficking.” Gee, you don’t actually think that hookers are so stupid, they can’t see given the coice between jail and a criminal record and proclaiming victimhood to keep a clean record and free government assistance, they’d choose jail instead? Even a crack-addicted protstitute understands the benefits of claiming she is a sex trafficking victim as opposed to being a willing participant.

    Part of the problem is in the government’s definition of trafficking, but the victim industry has played a huge role in all this.

    I think the victim industry is running the same gameplay it did 30 years ago with the rise of Walsh and the NCMEC– declare a widespread panic and push for crazy legislation while people are still in panic mode. The populace still hasn’t caught on to this scheme yet.

  45. Democrats, older adults, racial minorities, and women were the most likely to be concerned and to want the government to take action.

    In other words, groups that are being rejected as sex/romantic partners, and are latently jealous that the dominant group (white males) is choosing more desirable “trafficked” exotic women.

    Maybe if the “Democrats, older adults, racial minorities, and women” lost weight, stopped looking like tired old water buffaloes, dressed better, wore some shoes that wouldn’t be suitable for oil rig construction, bothered to style their hair, STFU for a few minutes together instead of thinking everyone needs to hear their opinions and constant conflicts with others at top volume every minute, stopped braying like donkeys when they talk, didn’t drink to the point of embarrassment every time they’re out in public, and actually hired babysitters instead of dragging their kids around everywhere and forcing them on everybody, they might get laid.

    But until they do, bring on the teenage Thai girls. Viva trafficking.

  46. Guys. We aren’t going to win this propaganda battle with the government and this newfound emphasis on so called “human trafficking”. It’s got legs and is getting the emotional response that the various branches of government want (i.e. police) to justify their existence, their funding and their salaries. It seems to have more emotional response with no substantive proof than almost any other government program I can remember since the campaigns against drunk driving. It’s that powerful.

    Ask me how I know. I work in government. We can spin any tidbit, no matter how unrelated to our mission it may be, into something we can use to justify our existence and our requests for more funds.

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