Police Abuse

Photo of Sanders Getting Dragged By Cops in '60s Protest Supposed to Win Him Black Votes or Something

Sanders has been a consistent supporter of police unions, which resist reform.


Chicago Tribune

The Sanders campaign confirmed a photo from the Chicago Tribune archives depicting a young man struggling as cops drag him way was indeed Bernie Sanders when he was a student at the University of Chicago.

Sanders is making a lot of out of his civil rights activism in the 1960s as a reason Democrats should support him in the 2016 presidential primary. "A picture is worth a thousand words," said Jane Sanders, Bernie's wife, while responding to perceived attempts by Hillary Clinton "to cast him as not having much of a civil rights record."

A picture may be worth a thousand words but the 1994 crime bill, which set in motion many of the "law and order" policies that have contributed to the problems of mass incarceration and criminalization of marginalized communities in the last two decades, was far longer than a thousand words. Sanders, a member of the House of Representatives at that time, voted for the bill, which was supported by Hillary Clinton and signed into law by her husband Bill.

And the 1994 crime bill wasn't the first time Sanders adopted political positions that aligned with the interests seeking to expand the police industrial complex. When he ran for mayor of Burlington in 1981, he received the support of the city's police union. I am, in fact, unaware of any public statement made by Bernie Sanders to acknowledge the role police unions play in perpetuating problems in the criminal justice system, one of the (oft underreported) lynchpins of the Black Lives Matter critique of police violence.

The Economist covers Sanders' most recent efforts to appeal specifically to African-American Democrats—he's enlisted the help of actor Danny Glover and rapper Killer Mike and launched a tour of historically black colleges and universities. The idea that members of any demographic group should vote the same way denies marginalized people agency, marginalizing them even further. There is, however, a widely understood racial disparity in the criminal justice system. And while Sanders and Clinton may acknowledge that racial disparity, their policy proposals are similarly bereft of an analysis that could actually dismantle the system of police violence. Victims of that system know this no matter how many pictures or endorsements come out.

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  1. looks like he’s having fun

    1. Looks like the Alpha Betas got the Adams College campus police to finally drag Skolnick off campus. That ain’t right.

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  2. Look at me everybody! I’m just like the negros!

    1. oh god, it hurts because its true

    2. Weird… My ex-in-laws includes a few incredibly white college-age lefties who try to awkwardly use black slang around us. I guess that’s a thing.

        1. It’s even more awkward than that scene from 40 Year Old Virgin. One of them called a white-haired senior relative “homie”.

      1. Just how incredibly white are they ?

        Really really incredible or just kind of incredible ?

        1. They are so incredibly white that albinos say, “Damn.”

  3. Arrested protesting as a college student?

    The downtrodden can really relate to that!

    1. He didn’t even get his white-pants dirty! And who protests in white-pants, really

      1. That can’t be Bernie. His hair is combed and he’s not disheveled.

        1. The comb he owned in those days has lost a few teeth.

          I’ve read some about Bernie’s pre politician days. It’s actually scary stuff. He was a failure as a carpenter. He refused to work. He lived in poverty much of his early life because he just wouldn’t work and depended upon others for his existence. He began his political life by endorsing the idea that if one didn’t want to work they should not have to because there was already enough wealth in this country to support everyone. His ideas were that it was just a matter of dividing that wealth around so that those who didn’t want to work shouldn’t and did not have to, work.

          That reminds me a lot of what I’ve read about Marx as well. Would Bernie be willing to bring out the guns to force redistribution at that kind of level ?

          It seems like Bernie might believe that each country is allocated a certain amount of wealth based on some criteria. Maybe their borders or past history or their natural resources or some metric yet unexplained determines the amount of wealth a country possesses.

          Those without wealth have been denied their fair share by evil doers.

          1. A socialist who turns out to be a deadbeat…?! Whaaaaaaa…?!


          2. Sounds to me that Bernie is a straight-out Narcissistic Personality Disordered sociopath.

            The men that I have known that refused to work and lived off the generosity of others were all NPDs. They feel like they’re too good to work and that others owe it to them to support them. Their grandiosity leads them to champion pie-in-the-sky ideals that gain them praise and worship.

            So, to answer your question: YES, Bernie would be willing to bring out the guns to force redistribution. NPDs/sociopaths have no sense of guilt when imposing their will upon others.

            (BTW, Hillary is a confirmed and easily-confirmable NPD.)

  4. “Photo of Sanders Getting Dragged By Cops in 60s Protest Supposed to Win Him Black Votes or Something”

    I think this headline qualifies as Abuse on twitter.

    Because its just soooooooo mean.

    Also, i can just imagine the twitter comments to the photo along the lines of

    “Man, white people can’t even get their asses whooped when they TRY”

  5. ——“The idea that members of any demographic group should vote the same way denies marginalized people agency, marginalizing them even further.”

    Yeah, where would such an idea have come from, anyway? Somebody really went WAYYYY out in left field to think most Black voters all vote alike. Why if that were true then one would think that the Democrats could just take those votes for granted!

  6. It’s so sad to see a politician with no respect for the rule of law and democracy. I wish the cops had shot him.

    The circumstances for that sentiment to be high-minded political discourse are all applicable here, right?

  7. #commielivesmatter

  8. Dang, just saw that Umberto Eco died yesterday. The Name of the Rose was a very strange book when I first read it because of all the side bar material but the main story made a very good movie. I’m not sure I ever finished Foucault’s Pendulum, it was too much. But the guy was an interesting author.

    1. “the main story made a very good movie”

      “I’ll take Monk-humping for $200 Trebec”

    2. In college I carried around but didn’t read Foucault’s Pendulum simply to one-up all the D-bags who were carrying around and not reading Gravity’s Rainbow.

      His essays on the other hand were often very funny, they are much more accessible than his novels.

    3. I’m trying to wade through Foucault’s Pendulum now. It makes my reading muscles hurt.

    4. The Prague Cemetery was a great novel.

  9. In all fairness to Bernie on this one, his competition is HIllary. Pointing to 90’s era tough on crime rhetoric when that’s his competition is almost meaningless.

    Also, I have to give Bill props for subtly arguing that he really was the first black president and that Obama being mixed wasn’t anything special. I have come to enjoy his constant jabs at Obama.

    1. “Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) introduced Clinton Friday at a Memphis campaign rally for Hillary Clinton by saying that while he clearly was not the first black president, he was a “heck of a stand-in.””

      Uh huh.

  10. I can’t wait to live in a country run by unions. It is going to be sooooooooooooooooo fun.

    1. Have you ever been to England?

      1. No, But I kinda like the Beatles
        Well, I headed for Las Vegas
        Only made it out to Needles

        1. i really should have pre-empted that

        2. They tell me I was born there.

          1. You don’t remember?

            1. What does it matter?

  11. I think this photo was more of a response to the following. Kudos to Bernie, if so. Especially if what I read yesterday is true, i.e. that Lewis is on record in previous interviews as saying he’d not known either Clinton until many years later.

    Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., hit Vermont Sen. Bernard Sanders’ past activism during the civil rights movement while throwing his support behind former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.
    Lewis was participating in a press conference on Thursday announcing that the Congressional Black Caucus Political Action Committee was endorsing Clinton. In response to a question from Roll Call about Sanders’ previous work on civil rights, Lewis, a civil rights leader who chaired the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and spoke at the 1963 March on Washington, said he did not work with Sanders.
    “I never saw him. I never met him,” Lewis said. “I was involved in the Freedom Rides, the March on Washington, the march from Selma to Montgomery and directed the Voter Education Project for six years. But I met Hillary Clinton. I met President Clinton.”

    1. I don’t trust anything out of either of their mouths. Especially Bernie’s — hell, Gloria Steinem’s strap-on could’ve made it in there

  12. “Hey! What are you doing? Where are you taking me? I’m on your side; solidarity, man!”

  13. The idea that members of any demographic group should vote the same way denies marginalized people agency, marginalizing them even further is idiotic.

    End of story.

    1. But pink people always vote Communist.

  14. I don’t know how much *any* minor detail of a political campaign matters to normal people who have lives. But you never know, sometimes people latch onto small things, perhaps just as a rationalization for how they feel about the candidate, as was discussed here recently. For example, my dad voted against Obama because of Jeremiah Wright and 4 years later for him because he killed bin Laden. He’s not the most rational decision maker.

    Anyway, knowing, as I do, a good number of actual black people, this could actually help Bernie. They all fucking hate the cops. Even the hot chicks I was trying to pick up smiled widely when I said the only reason I have my phone protected with a pin was so cops couldn’t look in it.

    1. Cops kill people for no reason because that is what the laws passed by Dem and GOP looters order them to do and pay them for. Most would be decent citizens if the function of law were the preservation of individual rights–rather than the enforcement of racial collectivism and superstitious paranoia.

  15. “The Economist covers Sanders’ most recent efforts to appeal specifically to African-American Democrats?he’s enlisted the help of actor Danny Glover and rapper Killer Mike”

    Danny Glover and Killer Mike, huh? The actor best know for being #2 to Mel Gibson, and a rapper best-known for being #2 next to El-P.

    Yeah, that should really convince the ‘black community’. Especially all the black readers of The Economist. Why, he just might pull an endorsement from Colin Powell.

    1. If Sanders picks up Bill Cosby’s endorsement does that somehow counteract Bill Clinton on the other side? I don’t play chess often but I think the white side has one rapist and the black side has one too. So it would be like that.

  16. Lot of threads for a Saturday.

    1. Nobody needs more than three Saturday threads.

  17. all the black readers of The Economist.

    Robert Mugabe and Bernie are kindred spirits.

    1. THIS^

      Mugabe is now begging people with money to come back to his country who bailed because of his criminal redistribution policies. Turns out the economy is failing apart. Oh the irony!

  18. Now if we could get a picture of Hillary being dragged away by police….

    1. All in good time, my pretty. All in good time.



  19. Tell me Jane Sanders has at least met a comb she liked.

    1. Didnt she screw some Vermont college out of a million or something?

  20. Straight up pandering. I thought this guy wasnt a demagogue and didn’t pander? Per his supporters

    1. Free educated immigrants for everybody!

      1. Haha but yet he is the one that hates trade and thinks open borders is a Koch conspiracy.

  21. criminalization of marginalized communities

    What sort of cod-Marxist bullshit is this? Sometimes Reason writers get so into their Cops Are Bad schtick that they become indistinguishable from “social justice” idiots.

    I defy anyone to explain how the 1994 crime bill “criminalized a community,” “marginalized” or not. Unless you consider crack users a “community.”

    1. Don’t judge my community lifestyle, square.

    2. There are entire nations of coca chewers and smokers who used to live in relative peace until Creation Scientist William Jennings Bryan toured South America for prohibition in 1910. Bryan preached the virtues of sending men with guns to force people to smoke tobacco and dip snuff like God intended. Now everywhere from Nuevo Laredo to Magallanes fanatical bigots are paid US dollars to kick in doors, shoot inhabitants, and pile up property as asset-forfeiture tithing for Jesus. Small wonder all anyone has to do to be elected is hate America. Because “Religious Right” is associated by constant repetition with (get this!) free markets and capitalism, looter socialist parties abound thanks to hillbilly mystics defining what is and is not a community.

  22. So, Bernie went to UC, where he could have learned from Milton Friedman, but decided to be a commie rat bastard instead.


    1. And then was a deadbeat

      1. He could have learned enough from Friedman to become a libertarian candidate. Either way he would be reviled and hated by the DemoGOP.

  23. Just waiting for him to claim he was in Selma…with Obama’s parents.

    1. Ugg, nasty foursome that.

      1. “There I was, observing Bernie Sanders dictating the “I have a dream” speach to Dr. King.”
        – Brian Williams

        1. HAHAHAHA!

          Thank you that was brilliant!

  24. It’s like trying to fix an abusive relationship without recognizing that he beats you bloody every Saturday evening.

    “Well, he could buy me more flowers! And listen to my feelings while his belt goes across my face for the 63th time…”

    Unrealistic and unhelpful to suggest “criminal reform” without union reform as well.

    1. “Unrealistic and unhelpful to suggest “criminal reform” without union reform as well.”

      If you say, “Union Reform” you find a horse’s head in your bed

  25. Cops back then had billy clubs and revolvers, that was it. You can thank the “first black president” and his crime bill, which Bernie voted for, for the current killing machine. If a similar protest happened today, Bernie most likely would have been tased and tossed in prison for 5 years minimum (25 years if the cops found a joint on him).

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  27. Why not have Ed search through some of the old DemoGOP platform planks of the sixties? I remember both parties kidnapping teens to Vietnam, their cops kicking in doors to bust brown-skinned and long-haired youths for minding their own business. “Both” parties were shot through with mystical bigots, Southern Dems mostly the Klan and Republicans mostly the John Birch Society. The Bernie and Trump campaigns are the chink in the armor libertarians could exploit. If liberals were to learn the definition of liberal as contrasted with socialist and communist, they’d flock to our banner. And there surely must be some republicans interested in reducing soft machine looting of GDP, rather than forcing women to increase the juvenile crime rate 16 years hence. One gets spoiler votes by suggesting alternative parties.

    1. Winning “liberal” (in the modern sense) or “progressive” voters over to the libertarian tent may be a fool’s errand. You’re just not going to convince people that libertarianism is the way to when those people believe that setting out to make a profit is inherently evil; when they believe that one person earning more money than another person requires “equalization” by government force; when they believe that government is just the will of the people and that everything they do is OK (unless it’s done by non-Democrats).

    2. If liberals were to learn the definition of liberal as contrasted with socialist and communist, they’d flock to our banner.

      I absolutely love when these people say things like ‘our’.

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  31. “police industrial complex?” Get out of the ’60s much?
    Good theatrics for liberals, stupid policy for life. Idiots like you constantly demand government control of everything and everyone. Something happens? Pass a law to “stop it.” After all, laws passed by a benevolent government are for your own good, right. Well, sweetcheeks laws have consequences. People mostly do not care to obey the law unless a) there is a very good chance of being caught and b) the punishment is worth more than the crime. If you don’t want the law obeyed or enforced, don’t pass it. If you don’t want to get arrested, don’t break the law. If you don’t want the sh@t kicked out of you, don’t fight with the police, whom you expect to enforce said laws. “Police Industrial complex” HAH. YOU HIRED THE POLICE TO DO A JOB that you really don’t want done.

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  36. #ThuglifeSanders?
    This is so pathetic it’s almost funny.

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