Bernie Sanders

Here's What's Bringing Bernie Sanders Voters to the Polls in Nevada

Free education! Taxing Wall Street! Medicare for everyone!


Early results from today's Democratic caucus in Nevada show a very close race between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, in a state that the Clinton campaign had long considered a sure thing. 

But Sanders has pulled the race close to a tie thanks to a wave of support and backing from labor groups like National Nurses United, which endorsed Sanders all the way back in August. 

The nurses union has pretty high expectations of Sanders. Here's a picture of a flyer the group is apparently passing around in Nevada today making the case for their preferred candidate (via Nancy Cordes of CBS News). 

It's certainly ambitious.

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  1. End racism. Lol.

    1. + calorie free pizza and ice cream

  2. Money Out of Politics

    Does that include the money National Nurses United spent printing those flyers?

    1. They don’t mean union money.

    2. Dows it include tge money for free education and medicare for all?

      1. Amazing. That poster’s last line is “money out of politics.” Yet it also lists “free education”, “medicare for all”, “tax Wall Street”, and “Expand Social Security.” Do they not see just a teensy bit of conflict here?

        1. They are barely sentient, so no.

          “Free shit? Steal money from da rich? Sign me up!!”

        2. Yeah, the irony of all those expensive vote-buying bribes capped off with “Money Out of Politics” is a little mind-blowing. (Then again, Bernie voters don’t have much of a mind to blow.)

        3. And no doubt “immigrant rights” means “free shit for anyone in the entire world who can make it to the US, legally or illegally.”

        4. Of course, “money out of politics” just means stifle dissent. How is Sanders supposed to fleece the wealthy if they have the ability to effectively object?

  3. What a joke

  4. All I’m going to say is this.

    The time seems to be fast approaching.

    1. In light of the ‘preps’ advice, I’ll just leave this here.

      Link is to latest (Feb. 18) Quinnipiac national poll showing Sanders beating all Republican contenders head to head. Some by less than the margin of error of the poll, but he beats all of them by 4 to 10 points. At least in this one poll.

      I can’t even imagine a world where that crazed clown wins the Oval Office.

      1. I can’t even imagine a world where that crazed clown wins the Oval Office.

        A world whereKeeping Up With The Kardashians has been on the air for eleven seasons exists, and you probably live in it.

        1. 11? 11?!
          (rushes to wiki) 2007, so not quite 11, but fuck me, over eight years this t.v. show’s been a thing?

          It probably will go to 11.

          Damned if Kim et al, aren’t absolute geniuses for how they’ve been able to hammer out a Mesa Verde-sized niche in our popular culture.

      2. We are so screwed

      3. I don’t believe it. The US is not that far gone. If Bernie is the nominee, the gloves will come off and people are going to find out what a pinko he is. “Senator Sanders, at one point you advocated nationalizing the entire broadcasting industry in the United States. Every radio and TV station would be run by the government. Do you still believe that’s a good idea?”

        1. Realistically, how would that be different than what we have now? Except no Fox News?

        2. I can’t find a source to corroborate that he ever held this position, and from his website it seems like he doesn’t currently advocate this.

          So I suspect that if any reported asks him that, he will simply say “No, I don’t favor that”. And most of his supporters will hear the question and think: “You see, the corporate media is trying to discredit Bernie because they know that he is really for the people instead of just fat cats like them”.

  5. Here’s a picture of a flyer the group is apparently passing around in Nevada today making the case for their preferred candidate (via Nancy Cordes of CBS News).

    GODDAMMIT! There’s that phrase again. Not “global warming”, not “climate change”, but “CLIMATE JUSTICE”. ARRGGGGHHHH!!!!

    1. Well, who could be opposed to justice?

      Only a MONSTER.

  6. I like the red star in his logo.

  7. I have a family member who is a nurse. She was a huge fan of Obama and the ACA. She ended up hugely disappointed. Now she’s all in on Bernie. Basically, same old story – people never learn.

  8. My wife is a nurse and recently got a Nurses for Bernie brochere from this group in the mail. She wasn’t amused.

    Nursing is a profession but unionization turns nurses into just another group of wage earners constantly fighting against management. It’s not good for the patients and few nurses want to do something bad for the patients.

  9. “End racism”

    They want to end/punish people’s thoughts/words?

    1. I long for the day that government enforced racism, such as Affirmative Action, is a thing of the past. And we judge people, not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

      1. I was being born while that speech was being given.

        1. At that exact moment? Neat.

          1. yeap, my dad was watching it while mom was hatching me

            1. while mom was hatching me

              So it’s true–you are a reptile, or maybe a foul.


              Cool story.

              1. So it’s true–you are a reptile, or maybe a foul.

                How would you know how he smells?

                On the internet, nobody knows you’re a chicken .

                Kevin R

  10. Bernie Sanders: So what if he couldn’t build a cabinet, and never held a real job. Cause FREE SHIT!!!

    1. I shudder to think what his Cabinet would look like.

      1. I think it’s going to involve a lot of screwing.

      2. Perhaps Dr. Caligari might serve. Or Jan Svankmajer?

    2. You know who else quit carpentry and could perform miracles?

        1. That looks hilarious. I even laughed at the “standing my ground” part, it was just so over the top.

      1. Karen Carpenter?

  11. Free education – we already got that. And it sucks.

    Security for Veterans – there’s no other demographic that has more security. The guys who get in the military are already of higher average quality than the national average, are better educated going in, receive better education while in, and have extensive post-service support programs. Hell, there’s even a government incentive program to hire vets within their first three years of leaving the service.

    Immigrant Rights – they already have rights. The same rights as everyone else.

    Climate Justice – what the hell does this even mean. Is Bernie saying that Yuma needs to export sand and hot weather to Vermont? Because, while its better than bitter cold and snow, sand and 120+ temps ain’t exactly a picnic.

    1. Tax Wall Street – what? Streets don’t pay taxes Bernie. Do you mean tax the businesses that are officed on Wall Street? Because, moron, financial businesses are some of the most mobile forms of capital in existence. Why do you think London is a European financial powerhouse? Because morons like you fucked with the ‘fat cats’ a generation ago and they closed up shop and moved. How much tax do you think you’ll get from Wall Street when those offices are empty?

      Jobs to rebuild America – JOBS ARE A COST NOT A BENEFIT YOU MORON. When you say ‘rebuild’ what do you mean? Do you mean hiring a bunch of neo-Chekists to impose ideological conformity on the masses at gunpoint?

      Expand Social Security – To do what? We already have 62 year olds leaving the workforce to bum around the country in their RVs on my dime.

      Money out of politics – Except everything you’ve proposed does nothing except *increase* the incentives for those with assets to protect to meddle in politics to . . . protect their assets.

      End Racism – you *do* mean to impose ideological conformity on the masses at the point of a gun then.

      1. I don’t think Bernie has released any details but he may be thinking a Wall Street tax would be on every share traded (which means the customers pay the tax, not the broker). There were more than one trillion shares sold just on NYSE last year, so a $.25/share tax would bring in $250 billion and probably fund his “free college” for the 20 million students who go to college. This seems like such a piddling tax that those who don’t actually own stock outright would probably get behind it.

        1. Would it be a per share tax or a tax levied as a percentage of the total value of each trade?

          A tax of $0.25 is actually a significant percent of the price for some stocks. And in any case it makes no sense to do it that way.

          Suppose you have two companies, Company A and Company B. They are in the same industry and their financials are identical, except that A has 1 billion outstanding shares at $25 each and B has 10 billion shares at $2.50 each. What rationale could there be for taking only 1% of the sale price when shares of Company A are sold but 10% of the share price for shares of Company B? At least if they made it some fixed proportion of the share price it would be more even-handed in allocating the tax burden.

          In any case, I doubt either form of tax will pass in Congress, but especially not the per share tax.

        2. But taxing a trade doesnt mean they have money to pay it necessarily right?

          1. Presumably, they could make it mandatory for brokers to collect the tax from the seller, so that some of the revenue from the sale of that stock would go to the government. They could, in principle, do this even if the seller is losing money on the trade (i.e. selling shares for less than he or she initially paid).

            So there would always be revenue with which to pay the tax. That is, unless the tax is levied as a per-share amount and the sale price is so low that is below the tax amount.

            1. The tax would have to be much more than brokerage commission for it to be worth anything nationwide. It’d serve as such a disincentive to trading that it’d not only kill brokerage, it’d lead to a lot of market distortion. IPOs would be especially hard hit. There’d be less public ownership.

              1. Yes, they would probably want to set it so that it is more than a brokerage fee for the average trade. For example, it may be 1% of the total value of the stock sold – which would mean it is more than an online brokerage fee except for very small trades (around $500 or less).

                But that is only if they are able to get any such tax through Congress at all, which strikes me as unlikely.

                1. Betcha they won’t apply it to the sale of government bonds!

                  Kevin R

        3. God that’s an even fucking worse idea.

          Let’s make the stock market *less* fluid so those bubbles get bigger and the the busts deeper. Fucking politicians.

  12. Posters like this is why i hope the guy flames out. His supporters do not think thru any of his proposals. That card is basically a bunch of buzzwords

    1. That is because his supporters do not think, they emote.

  13. Why not just parade around with a “MORUNS FOR BERNIE” sandwich sign?

  14. Free Educashuns!!! dERP.

    It’s called google, get to learning.

  15. Climate Justice?

    We get “climate justice” in this country, and there’s gonna be a civil war.

    1. Yeah, whaddya mean we’re hogging the heat? You’re hogging the rain!

  16. All of these are pretty bad, but I’m laughing quite hard at “end racism”.

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