Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Just Beat Bernie Sanders in Nevada's Democratic Caucus

But the uncertainty surrounding the race in its final moments suggests the weakness of her candidacy.


Looks like Nevada isn't feeling the Bern. Hillary Clinton appears to have won the state's Democratic caucus.

With about 70 percent reporting, Clinton has 52.2 percent of the vote, and Bernie Sanders has 47.7 percent. CNN has projected that Clinton will ultimately win the caucus. 

Nevada, a much more demographically diverse state than either Iowa (where Clinton edged out barely ahead of Sanders in a virtual tie) or New Hampshire (where Sanders won decisively), and as a result, the Clinton camp had long considered it a "firewall" state where Clinton was highly likely to win, and in doing so put a stop to any momentum on Sanders' part.

Clinton beat Barack Obama in the Nevada caucus in 2008, and campaign manager Robby Mook, who engineered that victory and a young lieutenant in Clinton's campaign apparatus, was expected to make a similar push this time around. 

But over the last week or so, it became increasingly unclear whether that firewall would hold, as most indicators suggested that the Democratic race in the state was in a dead heat. 

Overall, the results do little to change the state of the Democratic race. The state's 35 electoral delegates will be split between the two candidates, with Clinton taking home the larger share but not enough to make a lot of difference in the long run. Clinton is still the overall favorite to win the Democratic presidential nomination, though, as Nate Silver suggests, perhaps only narrowly

Clinton's margin of victory here is not as close as in Iowa, where Clinton lost a 30 point lead before squeaking out a victory. This was a test for her campaign, and she passed it.

Yet even still, the anxiety about the race in the final hours is telling. The uncertainty of this victory as the caucus approached suggests not only that her campaign had overestimated the strength of her firewall, but that they may have overestimated the strength of their candidate as well. 

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  1. “We outperformed expectations!!!1!!”


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  2. Does this mean I have to pay back those student loans after all?

  3. I accidentally heard this morning NPR making the case that corporations shouldn’t be compelled to serve the public good.

    1. Like for real? Isnt that a good thing from them?

      1. Yeah, they have apparently discovered this new position regarding the Apple vs. FBI debacle. The commentator was essentially asking why a corporation could be compelled to serve the government. Sure the subtext is “in the furtherance of an investigation” but the subtext doesn’t change the angle.

        I have heard for a number of years from those left-of-center folks that all corporations should serve the public good instead of putting profits first. When asked what serving the public good means, the response is always whatever our elected officials define it to mean, because democracy. So I have to admit, if we can compel someone to bake cakes to stop bigotry or any number of things that I could come up with, I’m not sure why the government can’t compel Apple to develop this tool.

        1. Funny thing is they would never apply those standards to themselves

        2. I will never forget that Kagen, during her confirmation hearings, refused to say that it was unconstitutional for the gov’t to force you to eat broccoli.

          1. Damn that be crazy

          2. Was it here or Sotomayor who refused to rule out government censorship of political speech?

            1. Oh my….liberals in no way being liberal. Shocker

            2. Ahem, “Was it her…”

    2. Since NPR is a corporation it means they can continue not serving a public good but remain the voice of government bureaucrats and the Democratic Party

  4. Look, just tell me now, did anything result in a “Twitter Meltdown”?

  5. What about the Libertarian Momument?

    1. “Momument”? Is that anything like the Grand Tetons?

      1. Not just grand, they are magnificent!

  6. So back in 2008, as the favorite, Clinton won Nevada against the more progressive dark horse (dogwhistle intended) and how did that work our for her again?

    1. She got a job as a secretary.

      1. And pushed us to bomb Libya. Where we are still dropping bombs, according to today’s news. Yet she is so “beloved” that Bernie Sanders was the best the Dems could muster against her.

        1. I don’t think it’s so much “I love Hillary” as “I would *love* to keep my arms in my sockets and avoid IRS audits.”

        2. who doesnt love a cranky,self righteous old communist scolding them

    2. She is not running against a half-black young guy that speaks eloquently (hope and changey stuff) but is vague on details. She is running against a cranky old white socialist promising free candy.

      1. Don’t forget, he was clean, too. Just ask his VP.

        1. There’s a nice shine!

      2. The Bernie love among the youth, though, is something to behold. He’s absolutely their savior in their mind. It’s like they’ve forgotten The One has been in charge for the last seven years.

        Rather than learning from the idolatry of the past, they double down. Hahahaha

        1. The Bernie love among the youth, though, is something to behold.

          It doan WANNA pay back my student loan!

          1. Yep. Hell, I’ll run to left of Bernie-not only do you get free college, I’ll give you a million dollar incentive for completing each and every degree! Yippie!! Vote for ’30!!

  7. Led by 40 in Nevada not that long ago.

    That an old kook dismissed by his Senate colleagues is pushing first womynz president so hard tells you everything you need to know about her ability to resonate.

    Over/Under 12 states for her against “Pig’s blood” Trump?

    1. Over.

      I still predict Hillary, if she gets the nomination, will beat any Republican.

      1. Same here

      2. Since 47% of the population get at least some part of their income from the Government you are probably right.

        Or should I say correct. You may or may not be right.

      3. Nope. When is the last time either party won the Whitehouse after holding it for the previous two terms? (G.H.W. Bush and Truman managed it, but they were VPs).

        1. Look at who the pubs are running though…if trump or cruz i think hillary wins. They have a shot if rubio or kasich is nominee

          1. In any other election cycle, I would agree with you guys about Clinton taking it. It’s different this year. It doesn’t matter what Trump says—there’s a huge chunk of the population that will vote his way as a fuck you to the government. Add those people to the GOP who absolutely will vote Trump because they’re desperate, I think it’s all winding up for a Hillary defeat.

            Up is down and black is white this cycle. “Trump is a scary crazy guy” is no longer a valid excuse to predict his downfall.

            1. “Trump is a scary crazy guy” is no longer a valid excuse to predict his downfall.

              If it’s Trump vs Hillary, most of the GOP voters won’t care in the end. Hillary has been Public Enemy #1 with them for over 20 years now thanks to her abrasive, self-aggrandizing, power-mongering personality. Guarantee Republican turnout will go through the roof if it means keeping that bitch from realizing her life’s ambition.

              1. im so thoroughly sick of all the candidates already. I really dont wanna listen to any of their voices for the next 4 years

            2. That’s the feeling I get. I’m so g–damn mad at the liberals, I’m thinking of voting Trump of whoever is the Republican candidate. I’d still like to say I’ll vote the Libertarian…but then I remember how disgusted I am and don’t want to let Shrillary or Grampa Gulag have a chance to take this country any farther left. End rant.

        2. And Bush was essentially Reagan’s third term with a booming economy while Truman ran as the fifth term of the still-beloved FDR and not long after the triumph in WWII. HRC does not seem to want to run as Obama’s third term.

          1. Also, people hate Hillary. More than they hate Trump

            1. They really really hate her with an old and vengeful hate. The hate for Trump is a new and uncertain hate.

              1. No they don’t. She’s clearly ahead in the polls and Trump’s negatives dwarf hers.

          2. would obama even win a third term at this point?

      4. You vastly overestimate Hillary’s competence as a candidate. I think she can probably beat Trump, but ANY republican? No way.

        Fact is that for all the media fanboyism around Hillary, she’s a genuinely shitty candidate. She’s barely making it through the primaries. Sure, Sanders is tapping into a lot of grassroots energy, but much of her downfall is of her own doing. If she were better at this, Sanders would have been trounced a long time ago.

        Like I said, she has a chance against Trump, but only a chance. Cruz probably wins against her, but it would be a tough fight on both sides. But Rubio? No way. Rubio trounces her, especially if he picks Nikki Haley as VP.

      5. What if it’s vs. a Republican + Mike?

    2. Under

      Trump has to work harder to get the GOP nom than to win a general election against Hillary but he’ll work harder still to run up the scoreboard and claim a mandate for some vague thing he might decide to do.

      1. I think you may be right.

        1. I will bet the first person to take the offer $500 that Clinton wins at least 13 states if she goes up against Trump in the general election.

    3. My money’s on Trump. The economy will implode sometime from now until November. And if there’s a merciful God, she’ll be indicted.

  8. Fuck. Multiple redheads. My kryptonite.

    1. They have no souls JB. And they will eat yours.

      1. See. I read the comment as the kryptonite being the option to “kick multiple gingers.”

      2. They can have my soul.

    2. HMMMM, gingerpussy.

      1. Warren is nothing if not nuanced.

        1. He has the heart of a poet.

      2. Gingerpussy. Shouldn’t that be Andy Dalton’s nickname?

    1. Eddie, I sent money to that Ukrainian orphan thingy linked in your handle. When should I expect delivery?

      (I know it’s hard to operate a modern internet fulfillment operation in a war zone. But it’s been two months already.)

      1. More like orphantasms, amirite?

        1. You go be kinky in your corner of the internet. I will meanwhile continue to have a pile of unpolished monocles until the damn Fedex guy shows up and rolls the crate down the ramp off the damn truck.

          *drums fingers impatiently on mahogany table*

          1. Hmmm…for a really top of the line orphan-producing operation, Putin is probably your man.

  9. Did the people of South Carolina and Nevada not get the message that Hillary Clinton is a psychotic, crook of a horror, witch?

    Somebody, please throw her in prison already!

    1. Somebody, please throw her in prison already!

      Hillary for Prison 2016

      1. Hillary for Pris-resident 2016?

        1. Hillary for Trustee 2016!

  10. Well, at least her victory should help keep Bloomberg out. The bad news is that he is/was prepared to spend a billion on his campaign, which would be a billion less that he could spend on anti-smoking/anti-Big Gulp/anti-carbon shit.

  11. How much more is Hillary spending compared to everyone else? The last I saw, it was a LOT more, and she still is barely squeaking by….now I try to search and can’t find the data. This should be stupid simple to find in an election season.

    1. http://fec.gov/disclosurep/pnational.do

      Found it! Hillary shows 126.4 million compared to Bernie’s 95.4. Trump is at 25.2 and Cruz at 54.4. Wow. Who are rich one percenters now??

  12. She will win the nom and then probably the presidency.

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  15. RE: Hillary Clinton Just Beat Bernie Sanders in Nevada’s Democratic Caucus

    Hooray! Cyanide just beat arsenic!

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