Ted Cruz Is a Threat to Your Citizenship Rights

His Expatriate Terrorist Act is a mischievous bill that'll endanger all Americans


If you think that's hyperbolic you should take a look at his Expatriate Terrorist Act. It's a terrifying piece of

Ted Cruz Clown Car
DonkeyHotey / Foter / CC BY

legislation that would jeopardize the citizenship rights of ALL Americans under the guise of preventing 12 ISIS fighters from returning to the country. That's why Sen. Rand Paul, who had himself previously called for revoking the passports of Americans who join ISIS, is opposing the Cruz bill. So should all civil libertarians of all political persuasions.

 I note at The Week that Cruz's bill is dangerous because it is so unnecessary:

If the government has evidence that these folks [the alleged ISIS fighters] are indeed terrorists, then why should it merely strip them of their citizenship and stop them from returning home (or leaving if they are already here)? Why shouldn't it also prosecute them? And if it doesn't have evidence, then why should they face any consequences at all?

The only way to understand Cruz's bill is that it aims to give government the power to take away the citizenship not of Americans against whom it actually has hard evidence — but against whom it doesn't.

Go here to read the column and fully understand the awfulness this bill is.