Congressman's Vaping Demo Fails to Deter New Airplane Ban

Duncan Hunter tries to show that vaping is quite different from smoking.


House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee

Yesterday, by a vote of 33 to 26, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee approved an amendment that adds vaping to the federal ban on smoking in airplane cabins. Members of the committee apparently were unswayed by a demonstration in which Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) tried to show that vaping, although it superficially resembles smoking, is actually quite different. Brandishing an electronic device that delivers nicotine to the lungs in a flavored propylene glycol aerosol, Duncan took a puff, exhaled a white plume, and announced:

This is called a vaporizer. There's no combustion. There's no carcinogens. Smoking has gone down as the use of vaporizers has gone up.

There is no burning. There is nothing noxious about this whatsoever. This has helped thousands of people quit smoking. It's helped me quit smoking.

Unfazed, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.), the amendment's sponsor, said the vaping ban is "in keeping with existing policy that there is no smoking on airlines today." Hunter's point, of course, was that the vaping ban is not "in keeping" with the smoking ban, because vaping is not the same as smoking. Not to worry. Norton's amendment says "the use of an electronic cigarette shall be treated as smoking for purposes of this section." Just as federal officials pretend that e-cigarettes are "tobacco products" even though they do not contain tobacco, Norton wants to pretend that vaping is smoking, even though it does not involve smoke.

The practical effect of the e-cigarette ban is unclear, since most airlines already prohibit vaping on planes. But at least the amendment provided an occasion for Hunter's demonstration, which may encourage people to take misleading official pronouncements about e-cigarettes with a large helping of salt.

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  1. Words mean whatever the government says they mean. If the feds declare that green is blue and blue is green, then the sky will turn green and trees will turn blue. Government is magical that way.

      1. I’d like a study on what color people say tennis balls are. Everyone calls them yellow, but to me they are more of a green. I’ve seen some that are indeed a lemon yellow, but most of them look to me to be green like a key lime pie.

  2. Can I chew nicotine gum on an airplane? Does the TSA check you for Nicoderm patches? What if I’m wearing a heavy splash of Eau d’Umanity cologne which just happens to smell a lot like burning?

    1. I would assume gum and patches are OK being that the FDA has approved them as an acceptable means of quitting the habit. Vaping looks like smoking, so it will never be approved due to animism.

    2. No, but you can bring up to FIVE POUNDS OF DRY ICE per passenger because there’s no way anyone could ever make anything dangerous out of that.

      1. Don’t give them ideas of what to ban next!

    3. Betel nut chewing is verboten on commercial flights in regions where people have such a habit. However, it’s airline policy not government policy and has mostly to do with cleanliness.

    4. Eau d’Umanity cologne which just happens to smell a lot like burning

      ok, that’s funny

  3. Well, of course. Once the BAN BONER becomes engorged, it must be satiated.

    1. Couldn’t it just be relieved with a tug or forty?

    2. If your ban boner lasts more than 4 years….

  4. Hunter’s point, of course, was that the vaping ban is not “in keeping” with the smoking ban, because vaping is not the same as smoking.

    *Halitosis*, OTOH ?.

  5. ust as federal officials pretend that e-cigarettes are “tobacco products” even though they do not contain tobacco, Norton wants to pretend that vaping is smoking, even though it does not involve smoke.

    She probably also wants to pretend she’s not a fucking slaver.

    1. She is absolutely one of the fucking worst in Congress – and SHE ISN’T EVEN FROM A FUCKING STATE!!!
      God almighty, that woman is a controlling fucking slaver if ever there was one. What possible fucking reason could you have to deny people the opportunity to vape unless you were a control freak of fucking BROBDINGNAGIAN proportions?

      And did you see the choad next to Hunter who, after he exhaled, made a big theatrical show of waving away the WATER VAPOR as if it were a fucking cloud of DIOXIN… wonder whose side that fuck was on?!?

  6. Rebel Rebel, you’ve torn your dress
    Rebel Rebel, your face is a mess
    Rebel Rebel, how could they know?
    Hot tramp, I love you so!

  7. Wow. I lost a lot of respect for Eleanor Holmes Norton.

    1. That would require respect for her in the first place.

      1. fuck you crusty.

      2. Or when she killed an automated car demonstration by hitting the kill switch?


        1. Congresscritter kills tech, what a shock

    2. “I lost a lot of respect for Eleanor Holmes Norton.”

      I’m ASSUMING this is sarcasm, but I may need to recalibrate my meter because its really not registering….

      1. It’s a sock, don’t bother.

  8. Smoking as defined in this bill seems a bit arbitrary and capricious to me. If they can call this smoking, which isn’t smoking, can’t they define damn near anything as such?

    “Scratching your balls, for the purposes of this section, will be considered smoking.”

    Just more proof that smoking bans are about control, not health.

    1. Second-hand manspreading

    2. My health plan also thinks vaping = smoking.

      It’s all about image, and yes control.

      1. Animism, animism, and more animism. Smoking is SUPER BAD, according to the various gods and spirits and shamans. Vaping looks like smoking and delivers the same drug, therefore it is also SUPER BAD.

        That’s as far as the thinking goes. Yes, animists are that stupid.

        1. Following that line of logic, scratching my leg through my pants pocket is the same thing as pleasuring myself (which, to be honest, I am actually doing about half the time).

          1. He’s masturbating in public! Get him! Sex offender registry time!

      2. Rhywun, is it any of their business? Unless they test you for nicotine, how are they to know? If they do, tell them you chew Nicorette. A relative of mine who never smoked chews it all the time and has for years bc, according to her, it helps her manage her ADHD.

        1. that’s why I shoot heroin.

          1. Hey, at least its a lot cheaper and easier to get than prescription opioids.

        2. Not sure exactly, but it looks like you need a doctor’s note so I’m sure some test is involved.

          1. I never tell the docs I vape, because I know a useless lecture will ensue. So far, the questionnaires only mention smoking, so I always check “No.”

    3. The complete wording is

      In this section, the term ‘electronic cigarette’ means a
      device that delivers nicotine or other substances to
      a user of the device in the form of a vapor that is
      inhaled to simulate the experience of smoking.

      At least they bothered to define some of their terms, but “or other substances”? So technically water vapor counts? And “to simulate the experience of smoking” seems incredibly vague. I also notice that under this definition, an “electronic cigarette” doesn’t have to be electronic or electrical in any way; it could be purely mechanical. Read technically, an asthma inhaler could just about fall under this law. Of course no one ever will be prosecuted for an asthma inhaler, but that’s the whole point: it’s got nothing to do with the definition of terms and everything to do with animism.

      1. Of course no one ever will be prosecuted for an asthma inhaler

        Unless, of course, they use one in school without having the proper forms filled out and following the proper procedures.

  9. Well people vape instead of smoking, so of course it’s exactly the same as smoking.
    Fucking retards. Also, what sarcasmic said about animism..

  10. I was waiting to board an AA flight a few months back and they made an announcement which I couldn’t hear very well, but sounded like “e-cigarettes must be stored in carry on baggage.” Of course, since banning the act of vaping on a flight isn’t enough, you know where they will go with this: no e-cigs on board at all, because you can still easily vape in the airplane lavatory, or stealth vape behind a newspaper. Another thing for the TSA to grope for…

    1. That’s because of the lithium battery thing. You can’t check your phone either.

      1. Zeb, this was at the gate. I think what they said was that e-cigs must be stored in your carry-on (not in your pocket, in other words) if the announcement was what I thought it was…

    2. I vaped carefully on my last set of flights no issues. The time before that an older woman noticed and called a flight attendant to chastise me. The flight attendant told me it was a federal crime while I just nodded “uh-huh” with disinterest.

  11. ‘How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?’

    1. Like a cigarette should?

  12. Pink Dragon Unicorn Mango Cum blended with a touch of Peachy Blueberry Shaven Kitten Pussy vape aroma will no longer be allowed to freely compete with body odor, sneeze clouds, projectile coughing, and leaky ass.

    1. I hope you’re jotting this down, Duncan Hunter.

  13. Duncan Hunter is actually my representative. Rare case of increase in respect for a politician.

    1. Whereabouts in SD do you live? My parents had him as their Congress person when they lived in RB.

      1. El Cajon

        1. Yeah, it has to have been. The current one is younger than I am.

          1. (replied to wrong comment. I’m rusty as shit at this chatroom stuff)

  14. Vaping has helped me quit an 20+ year, 2 pack a day habit. Fuck off slavers, you’ll have to pry my mod(ecig) from one hand and my gat from the other.

  15. I thought it said raping. I’m soooooooo disappointed.

  16. This guy was my parents’ Congresscreature back in the early 90’s. Is he aging in reverse???

    1. That was probably his father.

      1. Yeah, it has to have been. The current one is younger than I am.

  17. look, this is a largely useless ban as was previously stated and I am an avid vaper but not allowing it on planes just makes good sense. Nobody wants a big flavor cloud filling up an enclosed cabin, even if it’s “harmless”.

    1. to be clear i mean not allowing the use of them onboard only, banning the carrying as well would be total shit I don’t think that’s what this ban is about though

      1. “banning the carrying as well would be total shit I don’t think that’s what this ban is about though.” That will be next, no doubt. They will use the few incidences of e-cig explosions/fires to justify it. Or claim a terrorist could produce a vapor cloud of lethal gas.

    2. If you vape you’d know its possible to vape without filling up the cabin with a big vapor cloud. Why not just ban the idiots who don’t know how to do it discreetly?

  18. I use a vape pen to smoke hash oil. It’s not nicotine, so that should still be allowed, right?

    1. “How many other things in our daily lives have been distorted, deformed and destroyed by government regulations?”

      Showers, toilets, and light bulbs come to mind.

    2. Those “eco” gas cans are probably *the* worst design I have ever seen.

      For amusement you might check out customer reviews of Scepter’s “products”.

  19. Nothing stopping anyone form vaping in the lavatory. In fact, I think I may do that on my next flight, and take a selfie.

    1. I do it all the time, make a huge vapor cloud and it does NOT set off the smoke detector. Makes the lavatory smell a lot better for a few seconds too.

  20. “Norton wants to pretend that vaping is smoking, even though it does not involve smoke”


  21. I completely sympathize with those people who advocate vaping everywhere, but I disagree. When someone is addicted to something, their normal reasoning skills can be compromised. They really want to believe that their habit is not endangering or bothering other people, and there is a lot of advertising and lobbying out there. Always “it is not smoke, it is vapor”. I don’t know about everyone else, but to me, the issue was never the smoke. I personally like the smell of a wood fire. It reminds me of my Grandparents. What bothers me is the nicotine. And I am not alone. The “vapor” you are exhaling contains nicotine, glycerine, and other stuff. Even when the vapor goes invisible, the nicotine is still floating out there, slowly covering everything with a poisonous, yellow film. I understand that you have to have nicotine. Smoke or vape in your home, car , or outside. Please don’t huddle around the door to your office and make people walk through the nicotine when they come and go. If you need a fix on a plane or in public, use a patch or whatever. I don’t care if you get a syringe and mainline the stuff. Just don’t force other people to breathe it.

    1. People like you make me want a woodchipper.

    2. You must really enjoy the smell of jet fuel then, especially during take off.

    3. If you need a fix fart on a plane or in public, use a buttplug or whatever. I don’t care if you get a syringe and mainline the stuff just ate 3 Taco Bell value meals. Just don’t force other people to breathe it.

    4. Not sure if serious.

      You probably get more nicotine in your food than in 2nd-hand vape, & your body definitely produces more glycerine than you’d get. As for the film settling on things, more glycerine’s applied to surfaces in the form of cleaning products than would ever come from vape condensation.

      1. don’t tell him how much ethanol is produced in your gut after eating fruit.

    5. Dude you need to stay the fuck away from eggplants, cauliflower, tomatoes and potatoes then.

  22. I think the progs are going to give the so cons a run for their money. Not only will they be fiscally liberal, they will be authoritarians on the social side.

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