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Months before gangs of men of North African and Middle Eastern descent sexually assaulted hundreds of women during New Year's Eve celebrations in Cologne, Germany, something similar happened during an city-sponsored welcome party for Middle Eastern refugees. German women attending the November party say male refugees surrounded them, groping them and trying to kiss them. The city official who organized the party says she was aware of the attacks but did not report them because she did not want to make a fuss.


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  1. You know who else was aware of attacks but didn’t want to make a fuss?

    1. Geo. Bush Sr.

      Oh, “attacks”. I thought you meant “a tax”.

  2. What’s the German word for othering cultural insensitivity? Those Kraut women shouldn’t be parading around with exposed faces if they didn’t want to be courted.

  3. It’s never pretty when reality starts groping idealism.

  4. wait till they see the St. Pauli’s girl at Octoberfest!!!

  5. The city official who organized the party says she was aware of the attacks but did not report them because she did not want to make a fuss.

    It seems that feminism plays second fiddle to multiculturalism. Feminists are worse rape deniers, apologists and rape culture perpetrators than any of the strawmen they construct.

    1. The problem is that there aren’t many actual feminists. The word has been co-opted, like the word liberal, by progressives. Progressives are intersectional, which is to say, the interests of women are subordinated to the interest of the movement. You can’t really be a feminist is that is your view. You can pretend for a while when there’s no major conflict between the different groups banded together. But thanks to multiculti, the progs went from an intersectional movement of small fish, birds, mice, and lizards, to an intersectional movement of small fish, birds, mice, lizards, and cats. In the end, that’s just going to be a movement of chubby little kitties.

  6. Boy was this anti open boarders piece hard to find…

    1. Yes, I did spell it right.

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