Golden Globes Security Measures Cause Mile Long Traffic Jam

More security than last year.



Security measures at the Golden Globes have created a traffic jam more than a mile long, as police search every vehicle coming to the Beverly Hills Hilton, the venue for the awards show.

The Associated Press reports:

This year's heightened security is creating a mile-long traffic jam outside the site of the Golden Globes.

Each limo, SUV or other vehicle arriving for valet parking at the Beverly Hilton Hotel must stop while authorities check the contents of the trunk. Mirrors are being used to check underneath vehicles.

The new restrictions also bar guests from being dropped off by cab and walking in.

The heavy security presence around the hotel and the Globes' red carpet includes SWAT officers, dogs and representatives of multiple police agencies, including the FBI.

Security at the Golden Globes was advertised to be increased this year, as the Beverly Hills Police Department (BHPD) told Deadline last week. A spokesperson told Deadline that the department would work with "federal partners" on security but wouldn't say which ones; only that it was not a new arrangement. The FBI's involvement with security has been reported previously, despite the BHPD's secrecy.

Security measures from previous years have even been described. Nevertheless, not only did the BHPD spokesperson decline to explain which federal agencies they were working with, he told Deadline it wouldn't have been "prudent" to explain what security measures would be taken tonight.


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    1. No. I’m pretty bored actually.

      1. Bored? Turn on the Globes! Ricky Gervais is going to say something kind of, sort of mean about someone.

        1. I’ll read the summary in THR sometime next week when I poop.

    2. I’m still too up from the playoff games.

  1. Nevertheless, not only did the BHPD spokesperson decline to explain which federal agencies they were working with, he told Deadline it wouldn’t have been “prudent” to explain what security measures would be taken tonight.

    This kind of secrecy would be pretty disturbing if any of those agencies were the least bit accountable to the public in any way.

  2. I never really understood what the Golden Globes awards are for. Oscars are for movies, Emmies are for TV, Golden Globe seems redundant.

    Anyway, if it puts the various celebrities and Hollywood types through what most people go through via the TSA, then good.

    1. The Golden Globes allow furriners a say in the Murican movie bidness. A commie plot, I tells ya.

    2. You can never have too much self congratulation.

    3. Actors and Actresses are the most valuable and important people in the world, and these sorts of events are but an insufficient attempt to adequately express humankind’s collective debt of gratitude for their selfless contributions. If we are lucky, some may even use this opportunity to deign to offer their perspective on matters like World Hunger, Civil Conflict, the eradication of Disease, or other matters with which we mere mortals must contend. I can think of no more important purpose for public broadcasting, and am shocked that you fail to grasp its obvious social necessity.

      1. That, and side boob.

      2. “Actors and Actresses are the most valuable and important people in the world, and these sorts of events are but an insufficient attempt to adequately express humankind’s collective debt of gratitude for their selfless contributions.”

        And like vegans, they’ll be more than happy to tell you so if you don’t know!

    4. Those backs aren’t gonna pat themselves.

  3. If there is any question that terrorists have won, just look at the way we have tied ourselves in knots.

    1. this guy knows what you mean!

      1. I can do that.

    2. The origin of the phrase was a reference to Frank Pierson saying that Oscars should go on by the way.

  4. I hope none of those security folks will have icky guns.

  5. Related: There was a Pilatus registered to DHS circling the Rose Parade for hours on New Years.
    This one:…..sacre.html

    1. I see no N-number on that…

      1. Do government aircraft have to have N-numbers?

        1. Yes, with limited exceptions. Or tail numbers for military planes.

        1. Where’d you find it?

          1. I saw it on as it was happening.

            I take my kids plane watching at LAX at least once a week, and I visit that website before we go so that we know if something good is coming in, like an A380

            1. You mentioned that site before, but I’d forgotten it.
              Several years ago, I chartered into Rialto (and got a couple hours of dual time). That would have been handy since the traffic notifications were thick and fast after we cleared Mt. Wilson.

              1. That’s right in the middle of LAX approach about 330 days a year.

                Bad news about Rialto

                1. We were in a C-206; there were limits in getting into the basin and I wasn’t PIC. It was revealing flying along the west face of the San Gabes; the debris basins were quite obvious.
                  Yeah, Rialto was pretty ‘used’ when we landed (a coyote was patrolling the field), but I got from SF to my appointment in the IE without having to get groped!
                  Is it being developed into residential? Didn’t look like the market was there in, uh. 2012 (?).

  6. The one place in the US where a terror strike might actually be a net positive for the country and they actually have security?

    1. What about Washington?

      1. They’ll just elect more. Matt Damon, or as I like to call him, “The Borne Supremo”, may well be irreplaceable. Thankfully.

  7. I wonder about the odds of a major terror attack here this year. I’ll admit I thought al Qaeda would have follow-ups to 9/11, but they didn’t do much afterwards, at least in the US. But surely ISIS would love to provoke things before the elections.

    1. I thought this immediately after San Bernardino, but jeez, nothing for any of the Thanksgiving, Xmas, or New Year’s celebrations? Or the sporting events like bowl games around them? You wouldn’t think that bombs were that hard: U.S. soldiers couldn’t drive a truck down Route Irish without eating a few explosively-formed projectiles along the way, but our home-grown terrorists can’t figure out anything more complicated than re-purposed fireworks?

      Maybe, just maybe, ISIS isn’t as far reaching as the fear mongers would have you think. Maybe we’re not in the position of Israel during the Intifada, but rather we’re dealing with a mild crime wave caused by some very confused, albeit dangerous criminals? When home grown jihadis become a problem that the police, and an armed aware citizenry, can’t handle, then I think we can start worrying about which civil liberties we need to trade to feel safer. (Note, I don’t count deciding to not let in the destitute of the 3rd World as a traded-away civil liberty)

      But we’re nowhere near that point at this time.

    2. If al-Qaeda were competent, they would simply call in a bomb threat, sit back, and watch the pants-shitting.

      1. Or just run through an airport security checkpoint.

  8. The new way police are surveilling you: Calculating your threat ‘score’

    But perhaps the most controversial and revealing technology is the threat-scoring software Beware. Fresno is one of the first departments in the nation to test the program.

    As officers respond to calls, Beware automatically runs the address. The searches return the names of residents and scans them against a range of publicly available data to generate a color-coded threat level for each person or address: green, yellow or red.

    Exactly how Beware calculates threat scores is something that its maker, Intrado, considers a trade secret, so it is unclear how much weight is given to a misdemeanor, felony or threatening comment on Facebook. However, the program flags issues and provides a report to the user.

    Holy shit.

    1. In promotional materials, Intrado writes that Beware could reveal that the resident of a particular address was a war veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, had criminal convictions for assault and had posted worrisome messages about his battle experiences on social media. The “big data” that has transformed marketing and other industries has now come to law enforcement.

      Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said officers are often working on scant or even inaccurate information when they respond to calls, so Beware and the Real Time Crime Center give them a sense of what may be behind the next door.

      1. Why do they want this? They want everything to be a threat so they can shoot to kill.

        1. Suppose their argument is that by knowing everything about everybody they can drop the hammer on only the most violent. “It’s a balancing act”. Um, not really. A police state lite is not balancing shit.

        2. It won’t be used to reduce violence. All cops will go into situations the same. But if they get a high threat they’ll be even more likely to shoot. Threat level will only increase their shit-panting.

        3. If some vet gets shot by cop panic-fire, I want to see a few fireteams of his buddies do a little punitive expedition to the offending department. Let’s see what happens when actual soldiers take on wannabes no-holds-barred.

          1. ^This.

            The one tangible benefit of the last 15 years’ misadventures in the desert has been the creation of a much larger proportion of combat-trained citizenry. Some of those always seem to gravitate back to being cops (where presumably they can get their rocks off by cracking skulls), but a great many are now just pissed at their government for putting their country in worse shape than it was when they left to go fight for it. Quite a useful resource if the “war on cops” actually happens.

    2. If we’re paying for it, we have the right to know how they’re calculating threats.

  9. Just noticed a TV ad pimping New York State.
    Now we know (since we’ve been told) that taxes have no effect on where business locate, so why waste time claiming ‘the lowest taxes in decades!’?

    1. I’ve seen those ads for a while. I was reminded of the abused woman that goes back to her man. “He’s really changed this time!”

    2. The amusing thing is we get those ads in NYS too. You’d think Cuomo wouldn’t let the mask slip in front of his subjects like that.

    3. They are not even permanently low rates, they have a baked in expiration date.

  10. A Ricky Gervais Golden Globes joke that made me laugh:

    ? “I’m going to be nice tonight. I’ve changed ? not as much as Bruce Jenner. Obviously. Now Caitlyn Jenner, of course. What a year she’s had! She became a role model for trans-people everywhere, showing great bravery in breaking down barriers and destroying stereotypes. She didn’t do a lot for women drivers. But you can’t have everything, can ya? Not at the same time.”

    1. #TranniesDrivingTrannies

      1. #TranniesRidingInCarsGettingCoffee

    2. Excellent.

    3. It took a man to be “Woman of the Year”

    4. Nice. I like Ricky Gervais. Not enough to watch the Golden Globes however.

      1. Especially when the final season of Downton is airing

      2. I only watch the Cable Ace awards.

      3. I like Ricky Gervais. Not enough to watch the Golden Globes however.


  11. Watching The Expanse. Wanting to call somebody a welwala.

    1. I’m really digging that show. And Thomas Jane’s goth hair.

      1. Should I read the books?

        1. No idea – never heard of it previously. But I think it’s the first show on Syfy that’s coming close to the quality of BSG.

          1. OTOH 12 Monkeys is quite good too.

          2. But I think it’s the first show on Syfy that’s coming close to the quality of BSG.

            So I will be annoyed by the ending?

            1. Cole is really an angel. There, now you don’t have to watch.

              1. Oh crap, that was a 12 Monkeys joke, not The Expanse. Oh well. Carry on.

                1. You, keep being you.

  12. This year’s heightened security is creating a mile-long traffic jam outside the site of the Golden Globes line of sitting ducks.

    1. It’s really the threat of Borat, IMHO.

  13. Why is everyone talking about The Golden Girls so much today?

    1. BTW, tulpa came back to the football thread with yet another handle, hoping, I guess, that his stench wouldn’t leak out.

      1. Yeah, he’s been at it for 3 days straight.

        Did you see this from Thursday?

        1. I checked and saw you caught the new fake, but yeah, the UGH handle stank from post #1.
          But I’m still waiting to see why you presume commie-kid is a sock; tulpa’s socks have a particularly obnoxious stink quite different from commie-kid’s odor.

          1. He has short cons and long cons. And, when he gets caught, he gets really bitter and doubles down.

            His American Socialist sock has claimed to have lost his house to foreclosure in the Bay Area, but when he stated the numbers this weekend, he was off by a factor of 10. The home price he gave is one that only a loser high school math teacher in the rust belt could come up with. I called him on it, and he replied in his “Tulpa” voice.

            You know how it is. He’s desperate for someone, anyone, to respond to him. So he’ll continue on with a sock until he can’t possibly continue, and Am Soc is one of those. People here are very fond of being right, and can’t resist responding to that sock. It’s not real, and nothing it says is true.

            And for the record, Tulpa (I know you’ll read this), it doesn’t take intelligence or talent to do that. Just pathetic desperation. I could imply that the earth is flat in the AM links tomorrow, and it would result in dozens of responses.

            1. Are…are you saying it isn’t flat?!

            2. “The home price he gave is one that only a loser high school math teacher in the rust belt could come up with. I called him on it, and he replied in his “Tulpa” voice.”
              So the stink became obvious? I missed it, but it sure shows a warped personality if s/he could keep it up that long.

              “People here are very fond of being right, and can’t resist responding to that sock.”
              Who, ME? Yeah.
              In the island-hoping effort in WWII, various Jap garrisons were left to rot and also used as training targets since they had no defenses; commie-kid could easily be named “Rabaul”.
              But then so could Jackand Ace; a liar of similar proficiency.

    2. Rob Lowe is awesome, so I am okay with that.

      1. I know, right? Spin City, The Outsiders, The GRINDER…

        1. No mention of Youngblood?

          Rufus just lost his citizenship.

          1. You’re all wrong. His best work was his fake saxophone playing in St Elmo’s Fire

            1. Ahem. Who could forget this performance?


              1. This five seconds from Parks and Rec was pretty magnificent.

          2. DEEEAAAAN!

    3. They look really…focused.

  14. My ballsack doesn’t give a shit about this article, Ed. Not a single FUCKING pile of broken fingers. And, I wish that battalion of curious aliens would land their motherfucking spaceship on top of your house and fuck all your orifices with their odd metallic instruments. THIS is how much I FUCKING care about how inconvenienced all those shitty shitpies are in Hollywood this eve, babe.

      1. Growl.

        1. Kahk, kahk, kahk.

            1. Per… no, I don’t do that anymore.

    1. Agile, my lovely babe lovely, if you were cool like me and were inspired to shave your testicles after watching Youngblood, your ballsac would be too smooth and too chill to care about anything. There is nothing like a shorn scrotum. I suggest you try it.

      1. I am not FUCKING nearly ass cool as my lovely CJ. Not nearly. But, slamaliciuos man, I shave my wolverines, love.

  15. Enjoy some Americana bluegrass folk country whatever. I was never any good at musical zoology. When you’re done there look up Do Wrong Right, which is catchier but lyrically I like For Good Again better.

    1. fucking deep stream bluegrass scrapes up the ashes of an angered lost America, man. Beneath the bridges of the Appalachians fish the bedrock of the most powerful nation on earth that skips along the boardwalks of fucking rich elitist assholes and their cardboard skyscrapers where the quakes gather, love.

      1. I like bluegrass (too?).

    2. I really dig this – will check them out. Thanks

      1. 🙂

        Old Crow Medicine Show is another good one.

        1. I’m reminded that someone here got me into “Turnpike Troubadours” – was that you? I’m not at all a “country” person but I always dig a good melody.

          1. Not me, but I’ll be checking that out.

            1. They’re really good. “Before the Devil Knows We’re Dead” is insanely catchy.

  16. SWAT officers, dogs and representatives of multiple police agencies, including the FBI

    So… same as living in NYC for the last 14 years. Way to catch up, dudes.

    1. We don’t have that multi-state bullshit. Yet.

      Port Authority Police Department of New York and New Jersey? Fuck that.

      1. I was referring mainly to the police-state feel of, say, passing thru lower Manhattan like I do every day. On my way to New Jersey 😛

        1. I get little tastes of that here and there, but nothing like lower Manhattan.

          1. Passing through a gauntlet of military types with the local yokels occasionally pawing through your stuff is the new normal.

  17. The lost clay of the alleys of the Indians are hardened by tears of the braves under the tall granite screams to the moon.

  18. The avengers of the souls are not wearing suits and ties and on your favorite fucking tv screen ass puke into your brain.
    The avengers of the souls are living and breathing amoung the souls of alleys of cultures hidden behind the fucking tv screens.
    The avengers of the souls are wisps travelling among the lightning and mobile parks. The avengers of the soul is soft philosophy giants gliding into the back alley swamps.
    The avengers of the souls tap on the doors of the powerful and demand salvation for the lost brothers and sisters and as always the avengers are rebuffed but… could erase but won’t.
    The avengers of the souls ride the waves of the dank blank dungeons and remain charged
    The avengers of the souls lift the sweep fusion engines where the engines glow quietly but rise into the deepness of lost stars, bro.

    1. So, the guys on CarTalk?

      1. I love my Q comet.

  19. You touch a surface and look at the fucking keyboard or goddamn switch on the wall and THIS exchange is ‘real’. Reality is not ‘real’. Reality is fucking ‘now’. NOTHING about being alive is real. ‘REAL’ is the ‘now’.

    Get trapped outside your streams of normalized consciousness one time… get educated on how reality is not really ‘real’. Everyday that you live is a temporary experience that was lived a looooong fucking time ago.

    We are all dead. We are all reflections, bros. A long lost light bantering its way past solar suns and shitty asteroids.

    We died a long time ago.

  20. Every fucking thought you think was thought a millenia ago, man. We ARE sharing a parallel picnic.

  21. When you look at that rectangle on the wall and hold your wife or girlfriend’s hand she is a dust creature. She doesn’t exist. Man, no one is telling us this. We are all NOT existing. We are a rebound reflection of quantum ultra-refractions.

  22. The universe is a trillion dreams wide and your dream is but one picnic table wide on the park of reality. So is mine. We are actually connecting as reverbrations, man. That is why music is so powerful because the deep old holes sweep up the angry sounds of our histories behind the black warping sweeps where comets go to die.

  23. Reality is the frail demand of genetics to beat the ass of space.

    1. That should be on a plaque orbiting Saturn.

  24. We prance only because human genes are demanding enough of survival to brave a trillion angry miles of deep space.

  25. If the tunnels of teeth behind the alley of the moons
    vaptured the lofts of slippery demons at the fucking noons
    falling into the lost streams of floating neon kittens
    smashing gunbelts on the goddamn smitten
    queens of the metal floating ships where the goddamn
    stars twist reality like my MOTHERFUCKING FUCKED up shit brain.

  26. An adventure was embarked upon one green night,
    and I called all my friends in on this one green night,
    and a dog, a large human, and an accountant showed the fuck up
    so I told my team that some shit was going down.
    And, I had a fucking key to fix some shit on the planet and all…
    Like I was fucking rolling through acid space and found a fucking key
    and shit and all… yea… all the fucking acid broke down some
    goddamn irons and shit.
    so this adventure we all went down into this fucking lightning hole
    but before we went I demanded that we clear minds and go
    ass bitch and metal titan on the fall down… and we did…
    fall into a pile of flames and shit and the walls of space fall upon us as we descended where the air screamed like old angels and we collapsed on the iron grates of our minds waiting to break past into the billowing arms of ancient space and we did….
    One of our dudes was out, Dan and I stood at the edge of boiling horror of our realities and the whispers horrified us so that we scrabbled and cringed and died.

    I am a dead, babes.

    Living from beyounds. THe niche clefts of behind times. very complicated shit that if you want to live a goddamn long life. yea, I am a ghost. So, fuck off if you don’t like dead people.

  27. Glad to see you still at it, AC. Some were concerned.

  28. Totally OT:
    Maybe you’ve run onto this guy, but it’s worth another look if you have; his skills have improved drastically over time
    I have been acquainted with some skilled model makers, but he manages to do better (and improve more) than any I’ve known.

    1. Nice, but have you seen this?: a 1/4 scale 54 cc DOHC air-cooled horizontally opposed 12-cylinder engine with twin turbochargers and direct-port mechanical fuel injection that does 24,000 rpm. More on the builder.

  29. So it seems David Bowie just died…

    1. Millenials hardest hit. Nick can pen a piece to help them cope with their loss

    1. Sad. He had an amazing songbook.

      “Smiling and waving and looking so fine,
      don’t think you knew you were in this song”

  30. David Bowie has died.

    And all the colored girls say Shoop de doop.

    1. Lou Reed too?

  31. Stayed at the Beverly Hilton in 1969. There was no swimming pool, so we swam in an outdoor fountain. Hey, at least we didn’t soap it, permanganate it, etc.

  32. It’s really the looming threat of a new Borat film, and it’s requisite guerrilla marketing.

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