Police Abuse

Take a Bite Out of Crime



Henderson, Nevada, officials have agreed to pay $13,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by the family of a 17-month-old girl mauled by a police dog. Cops had pulled over Arturo Arenas-Alvarez because his vehicle looked similar to the description of one involved with a suspected robbery. They got him out of his vehicle and pretty quickly figured out he wasn't the tall black man they were looking for, but while they were trying to explain what happened to him, a canine officer pulled up and, apparently without speaking to any of the other officers, released his dog into the vehicle, where it attacked Arenas-Alvarez's daughter.


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  1. Mitchell is a father himself, Moers said, and was devastated when his dog injured a child.

    “His heart went through his throat when he finds out that there’s somebody inside the car,” the chief said.

    Over and over, Mitchell and other officers made one point: It could have been much worse.

    “The last forearm, the guy didn’t have anything left but bone,” Mitchell told a fellow officer.

    And, yet, the dog was released into an unknown situation. The a-hole is only superficially empathetic because it was a child. Had it been an innocent adult wetback mauled? Not so much.

    1. This sociopath probably called his union rep who advised him to go through the motions of empathy to avoid an unpaid vacation.

    2. The politics of feelings. Say you feel about your dog bit a baby.

      Yes, remorse is better than doubling down and saying the baby had it coming, but come on…

    3. He was devastated to learn there was anyone in the car. He says. They say. So why release a dog into an empty car? Was it time for the dog to take a dump and he figured that was as good a place as any?

      Fuck da police.

  2. Moers said Mitchell had good intentions ? trying to protect his fellow officers…

    I think the Bloods and the Crips have those same good intentions when their stray bullets hit a kid through a window while retaliating for a slight.

  3. And nothing else happened.


  4. [quote]After the bite, Mitchell expressed his relief Ayleen hadn’t been hurt worse, saying it was clear Doerak had backed off when he realized she was a child and not a threat.

    “Thank God the dog’s got a soul,” Mitchell said. “If anybody ever says they don’t, there’s an example that they do.”[/quote]

    Well, at least the dog has a soul.

  5. $13,000?!?!? That cop should be in prison for assaulting a child and the dog should be summarily executed as a dangerous animal.

  6. “His 4-year-old dog, Doerak, has been assigned to a new officer.”

    Which is exactly what would have happened to a “civilian’s” dog if it bit a baby – the dog would just have been given to a new owner.


  7. What an asshole. He should be hanged in the town square.

    1. the dog or the cop?

      1. In the dog’s defense, it has no ability or obligation to understand basic ethical rules like “don’t mutilate children”. But according to the government, neither do cops.

  8. None of this makes sense. The dog’s let off the leash & immediately runs into the vehicle some distance away, & bites the occupant? Why was the dog let off the leash, why did the dog run into a vehicle, why did the dog pick that vehicle, and why did the dog bite?

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