Election 2016

Watch Matt Welch Talk 2016 Politics with Al Sharpton!

Political predictions for the New Year at 8 a.m. ET Sunday on MSNBC


At 8 this morning my bright and shiny countenance will be joined by Nation correspondent Joan Walsh and Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page to make a bunch of political predictions for the New Year with the Rev. Al Sharpton on MSNBC. That's a sentence you don't read every day, so see you there!

NEXT: Lemmy is Dead, But Rock and Roll Partying Lives On With Andrew WK

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  1. 8AM ET is 5AM here. Matt, I luv ya, but sorry…

    1. Time diff or not. It’s 1am and I’m still not in bed. I’m too lazy to stop watching ‘The Wedding Singer’.

    2. Sevo, the lovely bunting monster slithering and obviously noticing in the old lost nights dropped directly off the motherfucking cliffs outside Mr. Draculas estate.

  2. All you assholes are sleeping like fucking dummy monkeys.

    I know we all love Welch. I do at least. Or sort of and so on. He is a lovely counterpoint for all the fucking handsome demons shivering below his and those lovely queens/dudes of their chosen universes penning the fucking columns and shit and all but so here the fuck goes.

    2000 fucking 16 will be a great year to smoke tons of pot in, drink tons of craft beer in, fucking fuck my wife’s pussy with her lovers and mine, build some shit, disentangle odd philosophies snatched on awkward emerging sciences, pen graphic novels, write manuals, lick a new year, always enjoy a edgy snatch of drugs, embrace the musings of people who write crap on this site I wish I was friends with, explode shit because I like loud noises, and suck the dead asshole of Bertrand Russell.

  3. Al Sharpton is now directly interacting with FUCKING Lemmy of Motorhead.

    Al Sharp: Why do fucking sing punkass shit like that, sir?

    Lemmy of MH: Because I like to fuck tons of pussy and run around in front of tons of
    people that love me, you silly bloody fool

    Al Sharpton: Sir, I am concerned about your excessive enjoyment of this thing called existence, sir.

    Lemmy of Motorhead: Well, since I have had a million miles of pussy, and a million faces of adulation, and a million
    angels in your Christ heaven not only enjoying my music but constantly fucking my Lemmy cock for fucking years while
    you have to deal with shitty IRS crap and maybe fight off 11 girls that think you might have some money they can fuck you with….

    I am super confident , dude,… Jesus fucking Christ would be jealous of my lifestyle- enough so that if perchance a
    fucking tunnel existed none of us planned on.. he will pull my shit into his town… I am THAT badass Sharp

  4. Lemmy is so FUCKING alive right now that my fucking booze is wearing heaven and hell cocaine wings. Right in front of me. actually

  5. “That’s a sentence you don’t read every day…”

    You know *another* sentence you don’t read every day?

    “Officer Jones, you have been found guilty of abusing the rights of a citizen, I sentence you to four years in prison.”

  6. So, I suppose you came on Sharpton’s show because David Duke’s show was already booked solid?

    I’m just kidding, there’s no comparison, David Duke is an anti-Semite who tries to go around stirring up trouble.

    1. It’s good to see some of you mammals don’t waste good meat.

  7. I thought I’d never have something good to say about Al Sharpton.

    But I find myself happy that at least he’s not polling at 35% for either party? That’s sorta about him, right?

  8. Might as well ask Sharpton why he puts so much faith in a violent coercive monopoly that enslaved, forced jim crowe, and the drug war upon his people, and why is it he’s so ready to give up more of everyone’s rights to it????

  9. Perhaps Matt could ask for comments about this bit of savagery


  10. Militia standoff in Oregon, anyone?


    1. I was just about to post this from a different link. So much for pardon-season.

    2. Could we get some background info on this? Why were they tried under a terrorist law instead of the laws that were on the books much longer? Why were they c minimally tried rather than civilly if it is a landlord/tenant dispute? And why were they not afforded the luxury of having their sentences honored (or the state’s appeal heard before the sentence was carried out)?

    3. The militia yahoos are wrong but so are the people who seem to really want this to turn violent so some white people get killed.

      The Feds are handling the situation very well: let them cool their heels and then talk them down to defuse the situation.

  11. Posted without comment: http://www.nydailynews.com/new…..-1.2463795

    1. We have seen that one before, but my god, it won’t get old.

      We aren’t supposed to point out that people like that are crazier than shit-house rats because according to the progs insanity is the new normal. Bullshit, the guy is fruitloops…and his adoptive parents are just as bad.

      1. Fruit Loops? I beg to differ. He went from having to be a parent and raise seven kids to being able to play with coloring books all day and have people wait on him hand and foot. He’s a fucking genius!

        Just kidding. Yes, he’s probably clinically insane.

    2. “Stefoknee”? Seems legit.

      1. Sounds like the makers of “Ja’mie” might be able to go after him under IP laws.


    3. Question: are we to refer to this “person” as a woman, as a man or as a child? And if we’re referring to the person as a child, since they identify as one, should we refer to the child as a he since seven year olds aren’t mature enough to determine a sexual identity? Or should we refer to the child as a female even though she has balls?

      Ooh, and is xe required to pay child support? Because imposing that on a seven year old seems like it would border on crazy.

      1. He is no more or less of a child than Bruce Jenner is a woman. This guy while certainly more repulsive than Jenner is in principle doing the same thing. If it’s possible to be a woman trapped in a man’s body, isnt it also possible to be a child trapped in an adult body?

        The entire concept of being transgender is insane.

        1. Lots of things are insane. I’m just not sure if denying the laws of genetics are more insane than the laws of time.

        2. If someone has sex with him are they a pedo?

        3. Can’t the trans community at least get better prominent examples? Jenner kills someone and this guy/girl abandons his family. Identity politics seem like a great strategy for escaping responsibility.

          1. Btw I suppose the part of childhood where you learn how to be an adult is out of the question for him. You know, the main point of childhood.

            1. Maybe “Xe don’t want to grow up. Xe’s a Toys R Us Kid.”


              1. Nice. Also I imagine some sjw asshole pointing out all of the kids who don’t grow up because they stepped on a landmine or died of cancer. I am just imposing my age-normative views.

                1. OT: my YouTube link landed me here. The Dutch are awesome.


      2. If xe gets arrested, should xe be housed with the juveniles?

        1. Of course. What a stupid question. Xe deserves to be in a safe space with others of Xis own and and Xer own sex. How else would you expect Xe to reform and once again become a productive member of society?



  12. Angels suck! Harper’s better!

  13. New Year’s Nut Punch: http://www.nydailynews.com/new…..-1.2437263

    1. “If you visit a prison you will see the worst that humanity has to offer. You will also see prisoners.”

  14. Three big gov progs and one’s from the Nation,the complete opposite of Reason. Would anyone here want to be in the same room with these three people.Have fun Matt.

  15. I imagine Page (his answer to almost everything = “I have carefully determined the cause of this is….racism”) and Sharpton will have to have spent a lot of time either agreeing or one upping each other. Walsh can nod along vigorously, and maybe throw in a “sexism” once in a while.

    1. I wish they’d get Toure on the panel and go for the trifecta of race-griefers. If you’re going down this road, may as well at least attempt to go full-retard.

      1. Hire Coates away from Slate and go for the Grand Slam.

        1. Oh dear God. I had forgotten about that turd. He’s quite possibly the worst commentator in widely circulated media today. He’s David Duke in blackface.

          1. He is a minstrel for his white Prog employers.

            1. I noticed he didn’t stop cashing the checks those white oppressors keep sending him.

    1. *facepalm*

    2. An aircraft the size of a small building hitting the side of the building at 500 mph of course had nothing to do with its collapse.

    3. Tards gotta tard. I can’t believe it,took two days for the 9/11 conspiracy dickheads to come out of the woodwork.

  16. Interesting article on the guy who won the draw Muhammad contest ISIS attacked in Garland, Texas. Too badReason is too PC to actually write about this issue beyond saying violence is bad but bigots are not good either


    1. As listed at the bottom of the page, you can send news tips to Reason.

  17. I can’t wait until 6’2″ 200 + lbs Stef-on-knee has a 7 yr old tantrum and beats the ever loving shit outta xer douchebag adoptive “parents” because they won’t let her play doctor with her sister…

    1. Wait, are you implying that Xe only “transitioned” so Xe could be a pederast?

      ::strikes Dave from cosmo list::

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