Lemmy is Dead, But Rock and Roll Partying Lives On With Andrew WK

Andrew WK, role model for fun, wants you to party in honor of the Motorhead frontman.


When beloved Motorhead singer and bassist Lemmy died of cancer at the age of 70 earlier this week, Twitter flooded with tributes from far and wide for the one-of-a-kind bandleader who created his unmistakable sound using elements of the blues, garage rock, punk and metal. Lemmy never turned his band into a nostalgia act, always writing and recording new material, touring relentlessly, and maintaining a stoic presence at the end of his favorite L.A. bar sipping Jack and Cokes while playing video poker. 

Writing at the Observer, Tim Sommer began his eulogy for Lemmy with this passage:

The myth is magnificent, and it casts such a magic shadow: a proto-Tarantino/post-Peckinpah porn-age Pan. Vince Taylor via Dennis Hopper. All the memorials underline the amazing leather-faced, leather-bound, leather-lunged legend. But do not let the myth obscure the music. The music he left is monumental. The music he left is even greater than the myth.

One of Lemmy's disciples, plainly inspired by his hedonistic joie de vivre, is the relentlessly positive "King of Partying," Andrew WK, who tweeted this to his fallen hero:

In 2014, WK told Reason TV's Nick Gillespie, "I never thought I would be a role model for anything. But a role model for fun, I can do that." You can watch the full interview at the top of the page, where the party god talks about human empathy, the cathartic joy of enabling a bunch of kids to blow up a school bus on TV, and the politics of partying.


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  1. You know who else just wanted to have fun?

      1. I think you spelled “Juliette Lewis” wrong…

      1. I see a sperm raping an egg. I hate Rorschach tests.

        1. The answer is always boobs

          1. You need to date younger women.

            1. I try but my wife keeps fucking it up.

              1. Yep. Alimony sounds like a form of jizya, but it’s more financially brutal.

          2. ( . )( . )

              1. Is that a sitting ass?

  2. When Ren & Stimpy makes his *second* (of only two) kills in the movie (both against unarmed old people) its on the only bridge in the movie that conveniently doesn’t have a railing.





    1. There’s a Ren and Stimpy movie? why was I not told. I’ve had it up to here with you people.. *holds palm flat at about navel level,looks around*.. oh sorry, I thought you were circus midgets.

    2. At least the bridge didn’t crash…

    3. Cytotoxic really took your summary personally this morning.

      1. I just assumed he was busting my balls – Abrams is just a director of movies. Ultimately of no importance whatsoever.

        He’s just not a very *good* one.

    4. Can I imagine you said AAAAAAA UUUUUGH! like this? (at 0:25)

    1. De gustibus non est disputandum

      I hope all the deceased canines are enjoying the blowjob from that song and band.

      1. It’s probably just as well I don’t get that joke.

        1. I get the Latin but not the joke.

          1. “sucks dead dog dicks”

    2. It’s a good song, but the singer’s voice is too perky

        1. It’s got a nice beat but would still be hard to dance to.

          1. It’s not for dancing, it’s for swishing your cape and moving in and out of shadow.

          2. If you can’t dance to that, it probably means that you’re horrible at sexy times.

            1. I thought she was referencing the old ‘rate-a-record’ segment on American Bandstand. That was the stereotype line.

              1. It’s possible. She’s smarter than me. But not hotter. I offered her a charity bang, but that train has sailed.

                1. If you offered a train, that would mean more than just you would participate, no?

                  1. I am the engine, she is the caboose.

                    2 cars make a train.

        2. Pretty sweet jam

    3. To be clear, you’re on drugs right now, right?

      Your friend Molly is over to hang out?

    4. Yeah, that’s totally head banging.

    5. I thought everyone around here liked growling Viking metal except me.

      1. I take my music like my coffee.

        1. Creamy and sweet?

  3. “any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”

    1. Who wants to live forever

        1. They’ll outgrow that eventually

  4. Who cares? It’s not like Lou Reed died or something.

    1. We never heard anything 2 years ago in Reason about when Chris Kelly of Kriss Kross died.

      That’s because Nick Gillespie is racist.

      1. That’s whiggety whacked!

  5. Some a-hole mounted a push on the social media to get Party Hard played at Consol Energy Center as the Pittsburgh Penguins goal song. And they’ve sucked ever since. Not that I want to blame the song, but the science is pretty settled on this.

    1. There is supposed to be some sort of Taylor Swift curse on teams after she plays a venue. First I heard of it was on a Blue Jackets slump after she played here. I’m like are you sure its not just because the Blue Jackets suck balls.

    2. Correlation is causation.

    1. Oh Hotsauce, will you ever change?

      BTW, that’s unconstitutional.

      $12 million bond for street racing? Nope. Fuck that.

      1. Corvettes? She keeps him on a short leash. My bitch wins I’m goin’ down for street racing Bentleys.

    2. What a couple of tards.

    3. His bonds are skyrocketing because the amount automatically doubles if a defendant breaks the rules of a pre-trial release

      Sounds like the Greek bailout by the EU.

    4. “Lamar (Hot Sauce) McDow, 31, is accused of…”

      It doesnt really matter what the next words are.

      Hot. Sauce. Yep.

  6. I like Motorhead. They’re what ACDC is to hard rock and what the Ramones are to punk. Only they’re that for metal. Good band.

  7. while playing video poker.

    Shit, here I’ve been thinking Lemmy’s was a life well lived. But… playing video poker? That’s not just wasting your life, that’s wasting your life in the most unimaginative way possible.

    1. He’s probably playing with some hot young girl he’ll be taking gome later.

      1. Or home

        1. Or gnome.

    2. I have heard of three guys named Lemmy now.

      Besides the departed, there’s also Lemmy Winks, and Lemmy Kissya

  8. Throwing rocks, bricks, and bottles at cops with guns doesn’t seem like all that great if an idea. But hey I’m not a councilman so what do I know.…..d=2as06U0y

    1. He didn’t say *he* would be throwing the projectiles, just that he wanted *other* people to do it. “Let’s you and him fight!”

      1. “thems fightin words”

      2. Who am I, to judge this elected official?

    2. I’m going to file that under “Nobody has ever said anything that stupid”.

    3. Definitely not.

      The best solution is to simply state that each police force is tied to its own geographical jurisdiction and remove any authority to chase *non-violent* felonies or misdemeanors into other jurisdictions.

      You hit the county line then its up to the cops chasing you to contact the and coordinate with the other county to pick you up.

      No more Sheriff’s Deputies giving speeding tickets in the city. No more College Cops patrolling off-campus. No Border Patrol searching for DUI’s.

    4. ” The Black Leadership”

      There is a cabal of the negros at hand! Fetch me my finest Tinfoil Hat and a new monocle child slave!

    5. Niven’s 1st Law: Do not throw shit at men holding guns

  9. “The one-of-a-kind bandleader who created his unmistakable sound using elements of the blues, garage rock, punk and metal.

    Saying that he mixed elements of punk and metal doesn’t really do it justice.

    He wrote this song while he was still in Hawkwind:

    That isn’t a mixture of punk and metal. That is the wellspring from which punk and metal later flowed.

    Hawkwind was when late ’60s Progressive was morphing into Glam.

    (Maybe NSFW–if Stacia gets naked in that, don’t blame me if you get fired anyway).

    He took that and created both the punk sound and metal sound with songs like Motorhead. He didn’t mix punk and metal. He created them. He was the precursor to both NWOBHM and punk and hardcore and Stoner Rock and . . . .

    1. bullshit, Dave Davies single-handedly created both of those musical genres.

      1. I’ll give you the Kinks for their influence on the Mods, and some influence on punk rock derived from that.

        But . . .no.

        Lemmy was playing with Sid Vicious and the Damned. I’m not just talking about influence, here. Motorhead was both a punk rock and metal band. Playing Motorhead songs straight up was extremely punk rock.

        It’s not an influence on punk rock. It is punk rock in some of its earliest form.

        Lemmy wrote the song Motorhead contemporary to The Stooges. Before the Ramones. Before the Sex Pistols before The Damned, he was writing punk rock songs while still in Hawkwind. And all those bands knew it!

        1. bullshit, Lemmy joined Hawkwind in ’72, at which time The Stooges were already done and the Kinks were legend, time passed a lot faster back in the early days. one year might as well have been a generation, five a century and a decade was the difference between rococo and postmodernism.

          1. I said he was writing it at the same time as Hawkwind.

            “Motorhead” the song he wrote while he was in Hawkwind.

            Most people don’t think of the Stooges as punk rock (or the MC5). They had a big influence on punk rock, but they weren’t punk rock.

            Lemmy was. He wasn’t an influence on Metal. He was Metal.

            1974 is Judas Priest’s first album. You go back much farther than that, and UFO and the Scorpions are still more progressive than anything else. You’re talking KISS. Well Lemmy was that.

            And he was Punk Rock, too.

            1. bullshit, if “I wanna be your dog” isn’t punk then apparently words have no meaning and the terrorist and/or socialist and/or rat fucking teabaggists have won.

              1. “Lemmy wrote the song Motorhead contemporary to The Stooges. Before the Ramones. Before the Sex Pistols before The Damned, he was writing punk rock songs while still in Hawkwind. And all those bands knew it!”

                I don’t even think you know what you’re arguing about anymore.

                Lemmy wasn’t listening to Black Sabbath and the Stooges and fusing them into something new. The song “Motorhead” owes nothing to Black Sabbath or the Stooges.

                Lemmy was just writing rock and roll (in 1972) that punks later identified as punk and metal bands saw as what became metal–both. Both punks and metal bands looked to Motorhead as a punk band and a metal band respectively–not as influences but as actual metal and punk.

                And if you don’t see why that’s distinctive and Lemmy’s legacy, then pull your head out of your ass.

                1. I don’t even think you know what you’re arguing about anymore.

                  I am selectively taking your statements and refuting them with my own highly subjective assertions, I know exactly what I’m arguing about.

          2. Who’s Metal before 1972?

            Blue Cheer?

            Saying that Lemmy mixed metal and punk rock to write a song like Motorhead is to say that Lemmy used the punk rock and metal–from before 1972?–to mix his sound together?


            What punk rock and metal was there before then that he mixed. Punk rock and metal came after that song. And yet that song is both punk rock and metal.

            1. pre ’72 punk – see above pre ’72 Metal – Black Sabbath N.I.B.

              1. The song Motorhead owes nothing to Black Sabbath.

                They’re not a psychedelic blues band at all.

                1. WTF? That’s exactly what they started out as.

                  1. The song Motorhead is psychedelic blues like Black Sabbath?

                    You’re outta yer mind. Listen again.

            2. Who’s Metal before 1972?

              3 fuckin’ Black Sabbath studio LPs

          3. in ’72, at which time The Stooges were already done


            February 9, 1974

            1. I meant “mostly” done, jeesh, hows about a little leeway here, It’s late and I’m drunk and it ain’t easy trolling like this.

              1. Link Wray basically invented heavy metal and punk in 1958.


                1. No, it was the Kinks.

                  That’s what we learned tonight.

                  Motorhead isn’t seen as a metal band by metal bands.

                  Motorhead wasn’t seen as a punk band by metal bands.

                  And both metal and punk owe it all–not to Motorhead–but the Kinks.

                  Listen to the Kinks as they are.

                  They’re already metal.

                  They’re already punk.

                  And all the punk and metal bands wanted to look and sound like them–not Motorhead.

                  That’s what we learned tonight.

                  These guys aren’t like Motorhead. They’re like the Kinks.


                  1. Fuck off, Ken. The Kinks are awesome. And Motorhead had a nasty slice of a corner of that pie which I fucking realize you never smashed your goddamn surburban pretty face into. Right? Yea. Fuck yea, Ken, is a light individualist with a solid handle on the shit that forms the fabrics but Ken never got down and dirty because Ken is a light lovely intelligent boy, right? Yea, well, I still love the bitch Ken, but unless you take your GODDAMN shirt off and sweat in the pit motherfucker how can you realize anything other than the lovely Kinks? Who are quite special by the way… but fuck it…. did paragraph Ken ever get naked and nasty with metal or did his little nipples under his tight polo only get lightly constricted by the lovely Kinks?

                    1. I went to my first shows in 1980. I was in elementary school.

                      I saw every band that every came to Fenders, the Olympic, or 9:30 when I was in DC.

                      I was there for everything that happened between 1980 and 1991.

                      I was bringin’ before you knew what a pit was.

                  1. GBH sounds like Motorhead.

                    That’s what street punk was.

                    This owes nothing to Black Sabbath and everything to Motorhead.


                    They don’t owe anything to the Stooges either–but they sound like Motorhead.

                    1. And these thrash metal stalwarts?

                      They’re not trying to sound like Motorhead.


                      They owe nothing to Motorhead.

                      It’s the Kinks and Black Sabbath.

                    2. Fuck off, Paragraph Boy.

                      Black Sabbath, the goddamn Kinks, and FUCKING Lemmy all deserve their motherfucking collapsing universes… JESUS FUCKING BUDDHA AND THE FUCKING ASSHOLE FATHER OF TERRORISTS, Ken….

                      Lemmy is a lovely metal god in his own lovely god corner where all the motherfucking rifts go to die and love forever…

                      Can you allow for this for one second Paragraph Boy?

                    3. Fuck off, Paragraph Boy.

                      Black Sabbath, the goddamn Kinks, and FUCKING Lemmy all deserve their motherfucking collapsing universes… JESUS FUCKING BUDDHA AND THE FUCKING ASSHOLE FATHER OF TERRORISTS, Ken….

                      Lemmy is a lovely metal god in his own lovely god corner where all the motherfucking rifts go to die and love forever…

                      Can you allow for this for one second Paragraph Boy?

                    4. Do you see me denigrating Black Sabbath anywhere?

                      Does Kerry King playing with Pantera sound like Black Sabbath to you?


                      That Victim of Changes interlude is one of the best metal moments on YouTube.

                      The metal that came after Black Sabbath was more influenced by Motorhead and Judas Priest than Black Sabbath.

                      Nobody looks at the NWOBHM and thinks, “Wow, those bands are just like Black Sabbath”. …because they weren’t.

                      Stoner Rock bands sounded more Sabbath than NWOBHM bands, but then stoner bands sounded more Sabbath than Sabbath.


                      And if you ask guys like the ones in Kyuss, even they credit Motorhead with being the roots of both punk and metal, which is basically what stoner rock was–people who listened to both metal and Black Flag.

                      Regardless, my point was that Motorhead wasn’t influenced by the punk and metal that came after them since the punk and metal that came after them was so heavily influenced by Motorhead. There wasn’t much of anything that sounded like Motorhead before Motorhead and after Motorhead, so much that mattered–both punk and metal–sounded like them.

                    5. My other point is that Motorhead wasn’t a precursor to the metal that came after them or the punk that came after them–they were metal. They were punk. Lemmy was writing what amounts to punk rock songs (exhibit the song Motorhead linked above) before the Ramones. …as contemporaries of the Stooges.

                      Why these FACTS are controversial is a mystery to me.

                    6. Hmm. It looks like for metalheads you have the Beatles/Stones question, but it’s Sabbath/Motorhead.

      2. Dave Davies single-handedly created both of those musical genres.

        Independent invention or really fast cultural diffusion? Almost simultaneous with the release of “You Really Got Me”

        1. Sure there were other dudes doing the Link Wray thing, but who DD took it to eleven.

            1. The Sonics who were performing on the same stages as The Fabulous Wailers who re-arranged and covered Richard Berry’s “Louie Louie” in 1962, scoring a huge regional hit, which was in turn covered to much more international success by the otherwise kinda lame “The Kingsmen” but which was the version Dave Davies based “You Really Got Me” on.

              There was all kinda punk in the early 60s with plenty of valid antecedents back into the 1950s (and arguably the late 40s). The defining moment of all the mid-70s American and English bands and the establishment of punk as a formal genre can be traced to when Johnny Thunders and Jerry Nolan got kicked out of The New York Dolls down in Florida, headed back to New York, copped, fixed and formed Heartbreakers in ’75. Played a bunch of shows at Max’s Kansas City and went to England to headline the Anarchy Tour with opening acts The Clash, The Damned and The Sex Pistols. The rest is history.

              1. Incidentally, I first heard of Motorhead when I bought Heartbreakers Live at Max’s Kansas City and the bass player, Billy Rath, was pictured on the back cover wearing a Motorhead T-shirt. I asked my high school metal head buddies who that was and the one who could afford $20+ import records in 1978 played one for me.

  10. Motorhead was okay I guess but they’re no Nickleback.

    1. Lemmy was no Fred Durst that’s for sure

    2. You know, Nickelback sucks, they really suck, but I don’t get how they became the representative for the shitiness of this era’s mainstream rock. There are a shit ton of bands that are just as shitty, I can’t name them (I think they have names like “Stained, Stone Sour and Saliva”), but I hear their music on the radio sometimes and it’s not the shitty singer from Nickelback singing, so I have to assume that there are a number of shitty bands.

      1. At the time Nickleback got big, it was before shitty bands became the norm on the airwaves.

        You’re right, though, that almost all shitty bands these days that get played anywhere are no better than Nickleback.

        They were just at the forefront of the shitty band as the norm trend.

        1. Nu-metal/post-grunge crap

          Weird, because I like other “post” genres…post-rock, post-punk

        2. At the time Nickleback got big, it was before shitty bands became the norm on the airwaves.

          Wait, what?

        3. Uh, dude – shitty bands have *always* been the norm on the airwaves. *Especially* the airwaves.

          90% of everything is crap and its what’s available 99% of the time from radio/TV.

      2. I’ll say it, Nickelback’s first two albums (Curb and The State) were pretty good. Back then their lyrics were metaphors, and not just random strings of words and phrases about sex. Staind’s first two albums (Tormented and Dysfunction) were also good (though by Dysfunction you could hear them more towards the whiny stuffy their other albums were), Stone sour was a less juvenile version of SlipKnot (Hey we wear masks and sing about evil stuff!) and Saliva always sucked.

  11. The stripper/lovely lady at 1:41 makes a head whip that will straighten your Frito.

  12. Lemmy bent a piano into a distinctively amorous shape and stuck his dick into this twisted piece of wood and song and when his sploodge shat from the keys a million whores were born singing guitar strings and pussy comets. Thus, all free societies should relish the mind kicking musicians and their fair rocket players. All verse and sound wand is sacred in spite of your FUCKING tremulous bullshit.

    1. This, this is what I was trying to explain to ken earlier, but he just didn’t get it, thanks for backing me up AC.

      1. Lemmy killed time and space by being fucking born. Now that the motherfucking sliver of old suns is fucking dead it is time to suck his dick and brains right from his ethereal parallels.

      2. Lemmy killed time and space by being fucking born. Now that the motherfucking sliver of old suns is fucking dead it is time to suck his dick and brains right from his ethereal parallels.

    2. Personally, I’m kinda partial to the Stones…

      1. That “greatest Rock and Roll band in the world” boast was more or less true for about 14 years.

        1. sure if you wanna ignore Mot?rhead.

    1. It’s OK, that’s a Hindu swastika. Dude’s like a hippie carnival freak with a criminal record even less offensive than the luckiest man alive, Hot Sauce.

      1. It’s not the swastika, dude….it’s the crown made out of forks.

        1. Relics of a distant class.

          1. That swastika means “vegetarian”.

    2. Man, if he ever wants to get a job, it’s gonna be expensive to clean up his face!
      Seriously, anyone is welcome to decorate themselves as they please, but don’t come to me in a lachrymose mode when Starbucks says ‘nope’. Even roofers would prolly think twice about this guy.

    3. “he entered a Kum and Go convenience store and refused to leave”

      If only he’d been masturbating, he’s have had a perfect performance-art piece.

    4. Kum and go. Really?

    5. . . . locking himself in a Kum & Go bathroom . . .

      No. Not even in OK. I simply refuse to accept that *any* business would name itself ‘Kum and Go’.

    6. The weirdest part of that story is that there’s a convenience store named “Kum and Go”.

  13. The gnashing keys of the clacking tinny-toned teeth of demons and angels form the guts of modern Libertarians. Let us embrace the cornucopia of pulp notes that has blessed our existences. Lemmy was but one giant among many, but Lemmy was a decidedly distinct giant among the spewing hells of gnashing throats. And Lemmy would not have existed as a portal deep cat striking tweaker except for a certain fucking sleazy fucking nasty shitty ass greasy fucking bunch of whores doing smack and whiskey under the goddamn moons, baby- the which I am FUCKING proud to be one of.

  14. Fucking peel back the goddamn ashes of the fucking volcano that spewed like a lonely ass fucking mother earth shitter for no good goddamn reason and I FUCKING guarantee you motherfuckers a goddamn master of music like Lemmy will make that FUCKING whore volcanoe rise up and be proud it blew a goddamn hole in the ocean under the driven sun, bro. The fucking driven nasty ass owner of the entire goddamn galaxy is the motherfucking sun. NOT YOUR GODDAMN GOVERNMENTS! THEY are peons to the sun and its picnic flames. The SUN can crush your motherfucking GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKING government with a lick of her tongue. And Lemmy understood this lovely dynabombastic. And nothing makes me happier than seeing government officials burnt to a crisp by the sun. Ok, cool.

    Fuck. I guess I will now put cocaine on a sandwich and eat that with a goddamn Dragons Milk and cry. For a fucking piece of living lightning has passed, bros.

  15. If I had a tank I would drive it smack fucking through American culture because it stinks like a FUCKING pile of rotting sheep heads. American culture has become weakified. Lost. Estranged. Yellow. FUCKING lame. socialist smarmy stripes are on everything. Sad American personal computing corporatization has infected everything. Mobile shit cell dick life is puke. Man, FUCKING nothing mainstream is worth a goddamn glance. In SPITE of the motherfucking belief I hold that the mainstream SHOULD EXIST. The mainstream… alright, I need my ears raped but this shit fucking Windows 10 is not allowing for this and I will FUCKING pull out the big guns right the fuck now, bitch ass lonely nude geek fuck dummy face bitch that created this crap, Gates.

    1. Fucking have to update a goddamn driver again. I also FUCKING have to realize that I can no longer play a motherfucking goddamn DVD in my motherFUCKING DVD drive in my computer because Windows 10 developers are hired because they are retards. Thank you, retards. I now have to FUCKING find weird fucking shit software to PLAY a goddamn fucking shitty ass thin piece of super old plastic on this BOX. Praise Gates, the billionaire. Thank you, moron. Your company sucks ass so hard the earth would die if it weren’t for reality, bitch. God, I FUCKING hate OS development companies that eat the entire world and suck the cock of the CIA.

  16. I consider myself a metalhead, but I just…don’t like Motorhead. There. I said it.

  17. Motor Head is better as an idea (or perhaps ideal) than an actual band.

    They always reminded me of an AC/DC minus the catchy riffs and a singer that had a voice several octaves lower, but similarly unintelligible.

  18. Well thank god that rock and roll partying can live on through Andrew W.K.

    Because that is all that rock and roll is, right? A soundtrack to an endless party?

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  20. WK is a cretin – what an insult to Lemmy.


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