Police Union Boss on Tamir Rice: 'Act Like a Thug and You'll Be Treated Like One'

Will liberals denounce union bosses?


Tamir Rice

Javier Ortiz, the president of Miami's police union, thinks Tamir Rice got what was coming to him. According to the Miami New Times, he tweeted a screenshot of Rice with the caption, "act like a thug and you'll be treated like one."

His comment calls to mind those made by current and former heads of the Cleveland union, which represents the officers responsible for Rice's death. Former boss Jeffrey Follmer previously said on MSNBC that Rice was an imminent lethal threat who might have survived had he listened to police commands—even though the 12-year-old boy was given less than one second to react to purely hypothetical orders before he was fired upon. Current boss Steve Loomis had even worse things to say: he called Rice "menacing."

"He wasn't that little kid you're seeing in pictures," he told POLITICO. "Tamir Rice is in the wrong."

All three union leaders place the blame squarely on Rice's shoulders, although they fail to explain what he could have done differently in the moment to avoid being killed. If Officer Timothy Loehmann is always justified in killing Rice in every conceivable circumstance, then Rice was as good as dead the minute Officer Frank Garmback decided to drive right up to the teen.

But to say Ortiz, Follmer, and Loomis's statements are factually inaccurate is almost missing the point. They are much more than wrong—they are inhuman. They reveal that the heads of these unions have shockingly little empathy for a boy who died because a panicky and incompetent officer of the law killed him.

I hope left-leaning supporters of criminal justice reform are listening. Police unions are not allies of progressives—they are ironclad defenders of the most maddening aspects of the status quo. 

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  1. “He wasn’t that little kid you’re seeing in pictures,” he told POLITICO. “Tamir Rice is in the wrong.”

    I had heard Tamir Rice was injecting marihuana and corrupting virtuous white women.

    1. “Tamir Rice is in the wrong.”……….

      Yes, go on. Finish the sentence.
      Police district?

  2. Would chip … something or other.

    1. Hello?

  3. Grrrr, time to drink now.

  4. Jeffrey Follmer previously said on MSNBC that Rice was an imminent lethal threat who might have survived had he listened to police commands

    What the fuck?

  5. I’m 6′ 4″ and weigh in at about 250, so I suppose the cops had better shoot me on sight. If Tamir Rice was “menacing” to a cop I suppose I’d be downright terrifying.

    1. Maybe you should only enjoy 2/3rds of the normal amount of sandwiches you currently do. Just a thought. Though your instrinsic weight might be high, if you’re banging a thin enough girl you can deduct her total weight from yours to arrive at your effective weight.

      1. Don’t you dare bad-mouth Jack Reacher.

        1. perfect. when Tom Cruz was cast, I was like wtf. I know those measurements by heart.

      2. LOL my taste in women does run to the slender…

        1. Well, at least we know you aren’t John.

    2. Eat something, you skinny fuck.

    3. So you weigh as much as a typical cop, but are 3 inches taller.

  6. “Act like a thug and you’ll be treated like one.” Truer words were never spoken. In this case, however, they apply to union heads and officers involved in this travesty.

    1. As much as I hate it when Obama sticks his nose in these affairs, this would actually be a great moment for him to use his moral soapbox to do some good, but of course he won’t.

    2. Obviously that statement is wrong as the thugs were not indicted.

      1. And are now tweeting their lack of remorse and full intent to carry on thuggin’.

        1. Doubling down. It ain’t just a river in Egypt.

  7. “act like a thug and you’ll be treated like one.”

    Thugs play with toy guns in the park?

    1. Yes, the cop in the car (pig in a blanket?) was playing with his gun and not just acting like a thug, he was an actual thug.

  8. Swangin on da swang,
    Thug life 4 eva

  9. Is the union chief white?

    *checks name, sees ‘Javier Ortiz’*

    Hmmm, Hispanic? How white of a Hispan… oh, right, Hilary needs to win Florida, the man is as Hispanic as Bolivar himselr!

    Okay, so the union chief isn’t white? Then no, they won’t say shit. Why do you even fucking ask anymore?

  10. According to the Miami New Times, he tweeted a screenshot of Rice with the caption, “act like a thug and you’ll be treated like one.”

    If that were true, then there actually would be a War on Cops and it would be a well earned slaughter.

  11. “even though the 12-year-old boy”
    ” drive right up to the teen.”

    Was he twelve-teen?

    1. It’s like 18 year olds. If they’re the aggressor, they are ‘man’ or ‘woman’. If they are the victim, they are ‘teen’ or ‘child’.

    2. Once, Doce, Trece, Quatorce, Quince, Dieciseis, Diecisiete…
      Undici, Dodici, Tredici, Quattordici, Quindici, Sedici, Diciasette, Diciotto…
      Onze, Douze, Treize, Quatorze, Quinze, Seize, Dix-sept, Dix-huit
      Onze, Doze, Treze, Catorze, Quinze, Dezesseis, Dezessete, Dezoito…
      Unsprezece, Doisprezece, Treisprezece, Praisprezece, Cincisprezece, Saisprezece, Saptesprezece, Optsprezece…
      So…looking at Romance languages, the Iberians make you a teen at Sixteen; the French and Italians at Seventeen; and the Romanians don’t have them at all.
      Germanic teens (English for example) start at 13, lucky for them.
      Twelve-teen is a tween in modern portmanteau.

  12. “act like a thug and you’ll be treated like one.”

    So now we know how to treat cops.

    1. Yeah, i’m not sure Mr. Ortiz thought through the implications of what he was saying. Then again, he’s a cop, so of course he didn’t think through implications.

    2. “Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor.”

      1. I would like to consult with the fathers of Hiroshima to verify this statement.

        1. They’re strangely silent on the matter.

          1. Which speaks for itself.

      2. Measured how? I’d bet that there are billions more disputes that have been settled through negotiation or voluntary violent clashes. But many of those disputes are relatively minor.

  13. Act like a quivering, terrified pussy, on the other hand…

  14. although they fail to explain what he could have done differently in the moment to avoid being killed.

    He could have been born white, somewhere far, far from Cleveland.


    1. Know that certain police officers think they have a licence to kill and act like when confronting a grizzly bear, curl up and hope they go away.

    2. Actually cops kill 3 times as many whites as blacks. The black rate is higher but not the total.

      1. I’m going to go way out on a limb and suggest that if the kid were white, he’d be alive right now……….or maybe not dead so quickly.

        1. That may be true. But the racial element is a distraction from the greater problem – that cops frequently get away with shootings that would get a citizen tossed in prison.

          1. Absolutely.

          2. I agree.
            Police are permitted to lie, steal and kill without punishment, not unlike the Gestapo.

        2. Tell that to Kelly Thomas.

  15. I hope left-leaning supporters of criminal justice reform are listening.

    Haha, good one, Rico.

  16. I am getting ready to leave for the day, dammit!

    Robby couldn’t let me finish off the year without another *SLAP* to the groin.

  17. I hope right-leaning supporters of union busting don’t continue conflating that mission with criminal justice reform.

    1. You’re the only statist cock-sucker here.

    2. I hope proponents of Moar Gubberment will one day realize that the whole Tamir Rice thing is a direct consequence of Moar Gubberment.

      1. You are talking about consequences.

        Moar government types don’t like to discuss consequences.

        1. Only intentions have a moral component, actions and consequences do not.

      2. Clearly we should lower taxes on billionaires to prevent future Tamir Rices.

        1. Try again, there’s gotta be something more relevant you can copy and paste from the Being Liberal Facebook page.

          1. The best part is that Tony never acknowledges that he’s got fellow travelers on this issue and some others. Nope. If you don’t eat, drink, and sleep Team Blue, then the hostility must remain in place.

        2. Hey, look! It’s a man composed entirely of straw!

          1. BURN HIM!

        3. Who is proposing lower taxes on billionaires?

          1. *sheepishly looks at ground and kicks a pebble

        4. There are billionaires in Cleveland?

          1. Who do you think goes and see that world class symphony they keep talking about?

            1. Politicians and limousine liberals.

        5. You know what’s going to prevent future Tamir Rices? Gun control, that’s what! We can have cops working to make sure none of the evil wreckers keep their guns after we make them illegal, which would obviously require stopping people who look like they might have a gun and searching them, but that will never have any negative consequences ever. Also, if we tax and regulate desired goods to the point that black markets develop, well, the cops will handle those safely too I’m sure. Only a right wing nut job would suggest that someone could be, I don’t know, choked to death in an incident involving that sort of thing.

          1. Prevent future Tamir Rices: forced sterilization, hello?

        6. Of course not. Raising taxes on billionaires is sure to prevent future Tamir Rices.

    3. English, mother-fucker! Do you speak it!

    4. Yeah, we get. Union members get to shoot as many little black kids as they want.

      1. Forcing teachers to take lower pay and preventing humane working conditions for Amazon factory workers won’t save any black kids’ lives.

        1. The Sauce, it is weak with this one.

          1. As opposed to all his cogent arguments.

        2. I don’t misunderstand you at all, Tony. As long as a union finger is on the trigger, the dead black kids can stack up to the very sky.

        3. Who is forcing teachers to take lower pay? Not sure about your comment regarding Amazon factory workers

          Also Tony since you like to talk about a social contract. I am struggling a bit recently so was wondering if you could help me out by giving me some money? I see before you call on others to give and logically i would assume thus that you hold yourself to the same standard and walk the walk. Let me know, thanks

          1. Can you have some guys swing by Tony’s place and pick up the money at gunpoint? That’s the proper way to give, he believes.

        4. Wouldn’t forcing teachers to take lower pay involve taking some of the money they earned at gun point, you know, like unions and the government already do?

          1. But but but but that’s different

        5. Forcing teachers to take lower pay

          Now, if they were doctors, on the other hand…


        6. Who is “preventing humane working conditions for Amazon factory workers”?

          Recently, I was talking to a guy who works in the Amazon warehouse (which I assume is what you meant, even though you said “factory”) in Dallas. I asked him about the stories about the warehouse lacking air conditioning. He told me they were untrue – they do have air conditioning. Maybe it’s different further north?

          More likely, you and your ilk don’t really much care about the truth, so since Amazon is evil (since they make profits!), any lie about their working conditions is justified. The fact that the guy, and every other Amazon employee, could quit if they didn’t like the working conditions is irrelevant, right?

          1. They lie and when caught, just double down on said lie.

    5. Yeah, gotta let the police unions keep all their current power.

    6. Clearly the solution is to do like NY, and give their PD another billion $ when they choke unarmed people to death in the streets.

    7. Holy Shit, figuratively speaking, a bunch of guys just rolled up and emptied about 5 magazines into Tony.

      1. It was less than 2 seconds. The car didn’t even come to a complete stop yet.

      2. When it comes to thought-bullets, Tony is armorplated.

        1. It sorta seems like his heart’s not in the trolling game anymore. Poor little guy barely even rises to the level of an annoyance.

          1. Yeah, that taxes line was weak.

            Hey, Tony, is everything okay at home buddy? Did Mom forget to properly winterize the basement this year?

    8. Rounding up, 2/10
      “A hundred bucks says you slice it!”

      1. Gambling is illegal at Bushwood, sir… and I never slice.

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    Some of the slogans spray-painted on the building are reminiscent of the language of the Bash Back gay-lib movement:

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    1. Sigh, Justice Department press release:


    2. “” Visit our HTML tutorial””

      oh, snap.

      That’s like the squirrels bitchslapping you.

      1. No, it was me.

        I admit I use a tutorial site as a template for html links. Sometimes I copy it wrong.

        1. “I admit I use a tutorial site as a template for html links”

          Jesus man, that’s even worse. You should have just blamed the squirrels.

          Greasonable has an embedded link-quote button… but whenever i press it i tend to post blanks, like i was drinking too much cola.

          1. like i was drinking too much cola.

            Don’t you mean snorting?

            1. It was a popular myth back in the 1980s that Coca Cola caused infertility. – “coke makes you shoot blanks”

              i don’t believe it was ever confused with cocaine. if you’re geeked up on yayo, it would be seen as a beneficial side-effect if you could even keep a boner.

              I guess the reference is going to the way of “how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie-roll pop


  19. Scumbags are gonna scumbag.

    1. Scumbags bag scum. Get it right already.

  20. Act Like a Thug and You’ll Be Treated Like One

    The Police: shitting all over due process since forever.

  21. Will liberals denounce union bosses?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Oh, Robby. You’re such a cut-up.

    Seriously though, talk to any random progressive that you come across about this and they will act as though the police union is somehow an entirely different type of entity from all other municipal workers unions, gleaming paragons of virtue as they are. Some will absolutely jump through hoops to avoid using the word “union” when referring to the police at all.

    1. “It’s NOT a union! It’s a fraternal order!”

      1. Strangely, every gang of thugs refers to themselves as a ‘brotherhood’.

  22. Can someone please explain to me how the hell a little boy playing with a toy gun is “acting like a thug”? That statement makes no sense to me whatsoever. It’s like these guys have a canned response that they trot out regardless of the facts of the situation.

    1. Sounds to me like you have a clear understanding of how it works.

    2. Well, that is literally acting like a thug, isn’t it? But the proper police response would’ve been to act (i.e. play) along, not to use real guns!

      1. How so? I played cowboys and indians, soldier, and cops and robbers with toy guns when I was a kid. Does that mean I was acting like a thug?

        1. Is your skin darker than a paper bag?
          If so, yes.

  23. I hope left-leaning supporters of criminal justice reform are listening. Police unions are not allies of progressives?they are ironclad defenders of the most maddening aspects of the status quo.

    Traditionally blue-collar unions – pipe-fitters to Teamsters to cops – are going to be ‘Trump Democrats’ that foil the Restoration.

  24. ‘Act Like a Thug and You’ll Be Treated Like One’

    David ‘Police Cock Tattoo’ French approves of this message.

  25. Seattle policeman Ian Birk shot and killed John T. Williams some years ago walking down the street innocently carving on a block of wood. Video of the shooting indicates the deranged cop as hunting the city streets in search of prey. The prosecutor claimed it was impossible to prove the shooter didn’t feel “threatened.” Based on this construction of events any policeman on a public fishing pier has a license for massacre. Considering recent defenses employed in police shootings it seems that this shooter in Puerto Rico:


    can easily make the claim he felt threatened by cop colleagues and was justified killing 3 of them. The other edge of this sword has to cut sometime.

  26. TONY please help me with some of your money due to the social contract. You seem like a noble and caring individual looking out for others well being

    1. I’m a selfish misanthrope actually. I just believe in having a society run efficiently in service of maximizing human well-being and applying evidence-based policies to that end.


        Oh, shit, I started coughing. Wow. That is funny.

        I take it either you or the other TOP MEN get to decide how “human well-being” is defined, yes?


        1. Spare me your infantile slogans. You don’t even know what you believe.

          1. You are the one that stated exactly that. perhaps you could be clearer on what you mean regarding maximizing human well being via government

      2. What would maximum human well-being exactly be? What evidence-based policies do you support?

        Well you can help my well being by giving me money. Why do you advocate others to but yet when it comes to you…you wont walk the walk? I thought you were compassionate.

        No offense but i don’t consider wanting a 3rd party to take taxes from person A to give to person B as being altruistic, or benevolent, or compassionate for your part. Seems actually pretty lazy and more to feed your own ego. Perhaps a bit of a control freak?

        Also you seem to support a trickle down economic policy where the government takes a bunch of money and gets to be the gatekeeper of where it is distributed under the guise of it will really go to help the citizens. I think you are just looking to enrich corporations with taxpayer funding.

        1. If you don’t support taxation then you are an anarchist and thus safely ignored as a stupid dingbat.

          1. I am confused…you say i can be ignored but yet are responding to me. How come you wont tax yourself and help me since you support taxation? Where did i advocate anarchy?

            Would like to here how you plan to maximize well being and what evidence based policies those might be?

          2. If you don’t support taxation then you are an anarchist…

            Wrong, (as usual.) Ayn Rand and other Objectivists did not support taxation to pay for government, and they certainly are not anarchists.

          3. Kropotkin and Proudhon were smarter than Marx by orders of magnitude. Try again.

      3. Tony do you have low self esteem? Do you have desire to control others? Are you full of contempt for others? If so you may want to seek help. I am there for you big guy

  27. In other shitbag cop stories…


    I’m pretty well immune to being disgusted by these videos now, but this one got me. Maybe it’s because I have an almost 2 year old daughter, but I would think it’s tough to watch for anyone.

    1. In fairness to the cop, it’s pretty easy to mistake a Latino man holding a toddler for a black man holding a weapon.

      1. If you think about the potential destruction inherent in even a single latino baby….

        1. That’s why we gotta build that wall. TRUMP 016 MAKE AMURICA YUGE AGAIN

    2. Whoever CC Crimcops is, he or she is doing God’s work in the comments. In a discussion about whether or not the cops even had the right to search the vehicle:

      Once they determined Arenas-Alvarez did not fit the description of the suspect they had no reason to believe the vehicle contained any illegal contraband. Furthermore, they had yet to speak to the business owner, which meant they had no idea what they were looking for in the vehicle operated by a person they had no reason to suspect was engaged in criminal activity.

      This is the type of big government intrusion that is supported by those who like to play dress up, pretending they are small government conservative types and those who tout themselves as staunch defenders of the United States Constitution, but in reality have little use for anything beyond the 27 words of the 2nd Amendment.
      Most know them by their more common name, hypocrites.

      1. in reality have little use for anything beyond the 27 words of the 2nd Amendment

        Yeah not even those. Just look at the defenses of how the police acted with Rice.

      2. CC Crimcops was excellent in those comments. Frothing tulpae all over the place, fought with calm recitations of the law.

  28. That’s the pot calling the kettle black.

  29. It is attitudes like this pigs that are going to cause a war cops, And nobody’s going to lift a finger to help their sorry asses.

  30. Rice wasn’t acting like a thug. The cop is, and he certainly will be treated like one.

    1. Being that a cop is someone who seeks out a job that encourages them to use violence to get what they want, they are all thugs.

      By definition.

  31. I don’t know about you guys, but I have a LOT OF RESPECT for grown men who are scared of 12 year old boys.

  32. Can someone explain tony for me? Based on his posts before i thought he was compassionate, selfless and dedicated to helping others. I am in need of financial help but for some reason doesnt want to actually practice what he preaches

    1. He’s a lefty. The only thing they are liberal or generous with is other people’s money.

  33. Tony do you support the government’s employment of trickle down economics where the feds take a bunch of money, concentrate it at the top and then centrally plan where it goes saying it will be used to help us? And not going to things such as greedy green energy corporations or greedy union bosses or lawyers

  34. Police Union Boss on Tamir Rice: ‘Act Like a Thug and You’ll Be Treated Like One’

    Pity how that never seems to apply to the thugs in blue.

  35. I actually feel sorry for the cop in the passenger side who shot Tamir. The fault lies with his partner, the driver, who drove the car right up to the kid with a gun. He should have stopped the car a good distance away, where they both would have been safer. They could have then ordered him to drop the gun and put his hands up. But it didn’t happen that way…

  36. “Act like a thug and you’ll be treated like one,” says the union boss.

    “What he said.” — Dead Jimmy Hoffa, from an undisclosed location.

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