Tina Fey Is Done Apologizing for Offensive Jokes

Internet outrage culture is killing comedy.


Tina Fey

Comedian, actress, and producer Tina Fey recently gave an interview in which she said "steer clear of the Internet and you'll live forever." Her observation, it seems, was that social-media-generated outrage toward perceived offensiveness has gotten out of hand.

Case in point: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, a Netflix show created by Fey, drew criticism for revealing that actress Jane Krakowski's character is Native American, even though Krakowski is a white woman.

Fey had this to say on the subject:

We did an Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt episode and the internet was in a whirlwind, calling it 'racist,' but my new goal is not to explain jokes. I feel like we put so much effort into writing and crafting everything, they need to speak for themselves. There's a real culture of demanding apologies, and I'm opting out of that.

I haven't seen any of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, so I have no idea whether the choice to make Krakowski Native American was funny, offensive, or a mix of both. Perhaps Fey made a bad call in this case. But she's right that a lot of critics—and a lot of people on the Internet—seem ready to leap down comics' throats every time they run across a joke they don't like. Think of the attacks on the brilliantly funny Amy Schumer, who largely caved to public pressure to renounce her heresies.

If Fey is serious about opting-out of outrage culture, she might want to follow the leads of Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld and steer clear of college campuses.

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  1. If Fey is serious about opting-out of outrage culture, she might want to follow the leads of Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld and steer clear of college campuses.

    Why steer clear? Go right into the 9th level of hell and troll the fuck out of them. Then laugh at them and refuse the little infantile shitheads request for apologies. Who the fuck is beholden to these little punks outside of spineless university administrators?

    1. Should she just read The Great Gatsby?

      1. She would best spend her time doing some light reading, and let’s hope that she really does steer clear of college campuses and confine her “humor” to late-night talk shows. If she goes too close to them she could end up getting arrested, as indeed she should be for her inappropriate jokes, offensive trigger-speech and persistent micro-aggression. See the documentation of America’s leading criminal “satire” case at:

    2. Proglodytes: it’s what they do.

    3. Except that the leftist/progressive “micro-aggression” warrior crowd has a penchant for and no qualms about getting physically violent with their perceived enemies. If she does troll them, she could very well be assaulted and battered, and then she would have to carrying a gun just in case, but she’s anti-gun, so she’s screwed and has to keep her mouth shut…

      1. So, how many comedians have been assaulted for not apologizing for offensive jokes? I’m not sure that’s much of a worry, really. Especially if she steers clear of college campuses.

        1. I would guess her greater fear is becoming Michael Richards. These SJW wackadoodles are the heir apparents to Joseph Mccarthy. Until someone stands up and proves the emperor has no clothes or until they really go too far they will continue to have inexplicable control over public and semi-public figures.

          1. There is that. But vague outrage about cultural appropriation, or whatever this was, is still pretty far from the level of outrage a white dude gets for actually calling someone “nigger”.

            1. “That’s Super Nigger to you, boy.”

            2. True but people are being punished for far less than that nowadays.

          2. Except, as the Verona Papers proved, Joseph McCarthy was absolutely RIGHT about communists infiltrating the Departments of State and Defense…at the very least.

            1. Tailgunner Joe could never produce an accurate list of who was supposed to be a red, and therefore actually hurt his anti-communist cause. Anti-anti-communism became the default attitude of “respectable media” and the academy.

              Kevin R

            2. Maybe he was right, but his actions were wrong. Destroying people’s lives because you think they have certain political beliefs (whether they do or not) is the action of a moral thug.

        2. Not many in recent decades but both Mort Sahl and Lenny Bruce spring to mind from years gone by.

  2. Indeed, cast an Indian woman (red dot) to play an indian woman (squaw) who thinks she is a black transgendered female to male business owner of a fusion cajun-icelandic bistro which rents space out to a Israeli grad student humas dealer.

  3. Oh, look. Another entertainer “discovers” that, yes, some people are idiots who are easily offended! I guess she’s now ready to become (yet another) dangerous rebel against the PC elites. Actually, it’s Fey seeing her career begin to decline and now trying to get the “edgy” publicity to keep interest up.

    1. Hey, whatever it takes.

      1. That’s show biz, alright.

    2. It’s very hard to read the minds of people you know, but how did you ever learn to read the minds of people you’ve never met?

      1. Observation, cogitation and reflection.

        1. I respect that answer. Even if I don’t believe it.

      2. Guessing other people’s true motivations from their words and actions is a basic skill that non-autistic humans develop as children. No mind reading required.

        When you’re shopping for a car, do you assume that the dealer honestly thinks the cars are worth the prices on the sticker, because you’re not a mind reader?

        1. You say that it’s a basic skill that non-autistic (Everyone is autistic according to the Internet.) humans develop as children, but most people seem to be pretty bad at it. It’s just that they only notice when they turn out to be correct; they don’t count their numerous failures.

          It never ceases to amaze me how often people will try to tell others what they think or feel. It reminds me of how some theists try to tell atheists that they really believe in god in their hearts. It’s pure arrogance.

          When you’re shopping for a car, do you assume that the dealer honestly thinks the cars are worth the prices on the sticker, because you’re not a mind reader?

          I don’t need to pretend to know what he’s thinking, because it doesn’t matter. What does matter is what I believe the cars are worth.

    3. Granted, the hit sitcom she starred in is off the air, but she has a new movie out and “Kimmy Schmidt’s” getting another season. I don’t think her career is declining.

  4. She’s been a card-carrying proggie for as long as she’s been a celebrity.

    Maybe she’s smartening up. /quixotic

    1. More likely she continues being a prog as long as it’s not her ox being gored. If Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush makes a joke that is later interpreted as being racist, she’ll be standing shoulder to shoulder with the crybullies.

      1. Still, it is fun watching the nitwits reap the whirlwind.

      2. Fey is quite beloved by feminists; I’m sure she has no qualms about decrying every man on earth as sexist to get a few political laughs.

        It is only, precisely as you say, when her ox is being gored that she cares.

    2. She’s been a card-carrying proggie for as long as she’s been a celebrity.

      All the top talent is liberal/prog.

      Conservatives are easy targets for their stupidity which skews the imbalance further. Even when the conservative is funny (like an Archie Bunker) the actor and writers are liberal/prog.

      1. Palin’s Buttplug|12.20.15 @ 11:07PM|#
        “All the top talent is liberal/prog.”

        Turd has a problem with posting anything that isn’t a lie.
        Fuck off, turd.

        1. That’s trollier than usual for him. Just ignore it.

        2. Sorry to offend you, Sanctum Santorum.

          1. Palin’s Buttplug|12.20.15 @ 11:16PM|#
            “Sorry to offend you,”‘

            And when turd runs out of lies, he turns to misdirection.
            Hey, turd! Go fuck your daddy!

            1. Tell us some jokes conservatives like, Sanctum Santorum.

              1. “Tell us some jokes conservatives like”

                And then turd returns to more lies!
                Hey, turd! Go fuck your daddy! And tell us some jokes blue-team like! How about how Obo is truthful? That’s always good for a laugh

                1. You guys get trolled way too easily.

              2. “Tell us some jokes conservatives like”

                Did you know Christopher Columbus was the first Democrat? When he left for the new world he didn’t know where he was going. When he got there he didn’t know where he was. And he did it all on a government grant.

                1. Didn’t he also kill a bunch of the natives while he was there? If not, he missed a lefty full-house!

                  1. He was doing his part to curb overpopulation. Also he took that gold from the 1%er natives to decrease income inequality

                    1. I’m sure turd approves!

              3. Two Lesbians in pantsuits walk into a bar…

                1. One says they had to walk into it to find out what was in it, the other blames it on a video?

              4. Sweater vest.

                1. Me: How many feminists does it take to………
                  Her: That’s not funny!!!

                  (above joke circa 1980).

                  Kevin R

              5. John Kerry walks into a bar… the bartender says “hey guy, why the long face”.

      2. All the top talent is liberal/prog

        Says the proglodyte who imagines himself to have even a smidgen of talent. When in fact, his only talent is getting laughed at.

      3. Comfort with massive cognitive dissonance is a big plus for acting, writing fiction, and comedy. It’s hard to maintain that as a conservative.

        Then again, we also don’t know how many conservatives and libertarians there are in the entertainment industry who keep their mouths shut out of fear of destroying their careers.

      4. her and Pohler are so funny that NBC’s Today Show had to keep insisting how hilarious the NBC pair were on NBC’s SNL.

      5. Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman not a Prog/Leftist in the bunch. Super talented though a bit immature.

      6. OR….Liberals are further executing their Nazi tendencies by eliminating anyone in the field by any means necessary.

      7. It does seem pretty near everyone on television and in movies turns out to be Leftist when political commentary comes up. If I enjoy an entertainer, I don’t really care about their politics. If someone only used television, comedians, and news shows to gauge the American political climate, they’d think the whole country was near split between old school Democrats and the younger crowd of socialists who call themselves “Progressive” (because they’re not from Europe and have that cultural stigma ingrained in their heads.) I swear if I read a product review from Home Depot and people started arguing “that’s exactly the sort of review I’d expect from a stupid Libtard/Teabagger!” it wouldn’t surprise me. Turning everything in your world to a Republican vs Democratic showdown is somewhere on the level of pro wrestling (it’s real!) stupid.

      8. It’s funny that you would cite the prevalence of progressives in Hollywood as saying something good about progressivism. You may as well proudly declare that your kind dominate the mental hospitals.

        Btw, arguably the best actor alive today, Gary Oldman, is right of center.

        Go read the article about how liking the Beatles is racist and tell me how progressives are so much harder to lampoon.

    3. She’s also been pretty good at making fun of the more ridiculous aspects of the SJW/proggie world.

      Unless they are obnoxiously in your face about it in an unfunny way, I’m not going to judge entertainers on their politics. That really limits one’s options.

      1. I would have to agree; Shawshank Redemption stars Tim ‘Red’ Robbins, Obama-groupie Morgan Freeman, and is based on the apparently raving socialist Stephen King’s short-story.

        These prog-clowns, quite inadvertently, cranked out a classic tale about wrongful imprisonment, rampant corruption of government institutions, and the triumph of self-reliance over an immoral control system run amok. The intrinsic dissonance of progs to believe what they do, yet make a story like Shawshank, is incredible.

        1. I agree. I love Wagner and Cark Orff, irrespective of the fact that the former was an anti-semite and the latter a card-carrying Nazi; I love Jacques Louis David despite him being a Jacobin. I like great artists for their art. I tolerate their idiotic politics.

          It would just be nice if more of them remembered that it is their art that matters, and to stop trying to use what they are good at as a means to get a platform for what they aren’t good at. No one wants to hear Michael Jordan sing or watch Maria Callas play basketball.

    4. No, by Hollywood standards Fey is hardly a proggie. Did you ever watch “30 Rock”? Probably no mainstream comedy has been as subversive of standard progressive racial tropes or had as many sympathetic “conservative” characters. Instinctively and temperamentally, Fey seems like a typical sceptical upper middle class Northeast Republican. Nowadays that puts you in the Hilary Clinton camp to be sure, but it used to be a center-right position in the 1970s.

  5. the brilliantly funny Amy Schumer

    Can somebody link me to a specific video (preferably under 10 minutes) that demonstrates this woman’s comic genius? Because I tried going to Youtube and searching for myself to see what the hype is, and maybe she was just “off” on the result I happened to click, but I wasn’t very impressed.

    1. Yea I don’t get it either. Seems like some of the people that are part of the “outrage culture”, are putting her on a pedestal.

      1. That’s true. But that’s also not her fault.

      2. She’s too fat. Would accept oral/anal. though.

        1. So, with a strap-on or what?

    2. I caught some of her standup channel surfing a few weeks ago and I thought she was funny. Not “brilliant” but better than average. (I’m not a huge stand-up fan despite seeing Kinison live being a freakin’ highlight of my college years.)

      1. Can you imagine the outrage Kinison would generate today if he were alive?

    3. You don’t have to be impressed. She doesn’t do what she does to impress you. She does what she does because people pay her very well to do it, and it comes so naturally to her.

      Also, unlike people like, say, Dane Cook or Gallagher, there are lots and lots of professional comedians who are very, very impressed with Amy Schumer. They don’t care whether or not you’re impressed, either.


        1. What about Black Gallagher?

          1. Maybe Gallagher is actually the White Whatever-the-Black-Gallagher’s-Name-Really-Is!

      2. Wow man. Way to kill the room.

      3. So do Michael Moore, David Brooks, and Chuck Schumer. Must we praise them too?

      4. Nice. Amy Schumer Super-Fan decides to reply, but can’t be bothered to do what I asked (direct my attention to a short vid where she’s at her best), and instead just feeds me the equivalent of “smart people think she’s funny.”

      5. This is funny–

        ” there are lots and lots of professional comedians who are very, very impressed with Amy Schumer.”

        Yeah. They’re called ‘the competition’.

        Know what? They don’t pay Amy Schumer. It’s Mint Berry Crunch who’s gonna buy the seats, or watch the ads–not other comedians.


    4. Ahhh … she’s kinda funny, at least to me. Sorta like Sarah Silverman, but not quite so impressed with her own shocki-ness.

      But then again, she has one line about how she gets hit on by guys who say “Hey, I like you. Yure STURDY”. And I am totally that guy. So maybe I’m biased.

      1. I’ll grant that she’s funnier than average for a stand-up; but that I hate 99% of stand-up comedians; Schumer isn’t as bad as Silverman, imo. But I still only deign to watch Norm McDonald and maybe two others.

    5. I thought her show was pretty funny from the little I have seen. Not the world’s most sophisticated humor. Lots of fart jokes and cheap sex jokes. But makes me laugh.

    6. I listen to standup on satellite radio fairly regularly. I haven’t heard her do anything I thought was funny. Don’t get it.

  6. Schumer is brilliantly funny? Robby, your taste sucks.

    1. Robby mischaracterized Amy Schumer as “brilliantly funny”. That’s not OK.

    2. Maybe he meant to say ‘Sarah Silverman” instead.

      1. Did your daddy chase you off, turd?

      2. So he was mocking the concepts of “brilliant” and “funny”?

      3. Sarah Silverman is funny.

      4. Ha! That twat is worse than carrot top. Get some taste, son.

  7. the brilliantly funny Amy Schumer

    Lena Dunham is the voice of Robby’s generation.

  8. If we take the show at its word, we are laughing at a Native American woman who felt so uncomfortable in her skin and in not being a member of the dominant culture, she sold her soul to look the way she thought she should. That’s not funny; it’s disturbing.

    As opposed to, say, The Rachel Dolezal Show.

  9. So Fey is only in favor of jokes the left finds funny?

    1. Lefty-affirming jokes been her shtick since her Sarah Palin days. Now that the left has no sense of humor anymore she’s got to try something else to stay in business.

  10. “I haven’t seen any of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, so I have no idea whether the choice to make Krakowski Native American was funny, offensive, or a mix of both. Perhaps Fey made a bad call in this case. “

    Maybe its all of these things and none of these things because its entirely @#$%^ subjective

    call me crazy.

    everyone’s free to be a critic… but i really don’t know where anyone got the impression that anyone else in the world is supposed to *give a shit*

    never mind that the loudest whingers about this aren’t themselves Unemployed Native-American Actresses. But they still act like being horribly pissed off totally makes sense because darnit, they’re just such *really good, moral people* and the world must know of their indignation ASAP.

    Ostentatiously, loudly hooting about being offended is just a form of public moral self-aggrandizement.

    I really don’t know how a generation of people emerged that not only fails to recognize it for what it is, but don’t seem to understand why anyone should be embarrassed by it.

    Its like no one anywhere got the point of #KONY2012

    1. Maybe its all of these things and none of these things because its entirely @#$%^ subjective

      Yeah, no shit. It is ridicuous to talk about offensiveness as if it is some characteristic inherent in a thing rather than something to do with people’s perceptions. Even worse is saying “that’s not funny”. People got offended, so it was offensive. People thought it was funny, so it was funny. It’s not even a mix. It’s both at the same time.

  11. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are awesome.

    I was kind of forced into seeing ‘Baby Mamma’ and it turned out to be hilarious.

    1. Shutup butthead, you’ve got cankles to lick. Now get at it.

    2. I guess by bringing up Fey, it sort of brought up Palin in an obtuse way. However, I seriously think even the right-wing has given up on Palin. Why can’t you?

  12. So I saw an episode of Scorpion taking place on a college campus where they mocked the SJWs in the drama department. Is the Hollywood Left realizing that the SJWs aren’t their friends?

    By the way for all the bootlicking the Hollywood Left gave FDR, the New Deal and the National Recovery Act they got the Production Code.

    1. Maybe it’s because most people majoring in Drama are all drama and no talent?

  13. Love it when the progressive theocracy eats its own.

    1. Wing nut religious folk can’t help themselves. Delusion is part of the human condition. Perhaps global warming is a scourge sent by Gaia.

      1. More likely global cooling will be a scourge sent by Gaia in a decade or so to punish the cult of global warming. Otherwise known as a Maunder Minimum.

        1. I think it’s better to reward the deluded with thinking they were correct. Why get in a pissing match with hubris. It’s pointless.

  14. Speaking of the Production Code I’ve been looking at a website of a Pre-Code film buff who is pretty SJW. His cognitive dissonance is something.

  15. ‘Nother lefty actress hits a milestone!
    “Jane Fonda turns 78: Then and now”…..tgfeatures

    1. Another year closer to taking her place in Dante’s lowest circle.

  16. This is how bullshit anti 1st Amendment is: fucking Kendrick Lamar puts a sign up that says, ‘Never trust a n*gga with cornrows’. That’s fucking rich. Self-censoring a provocative statement. Holy shit. Kendrick, your peeps are being oppressed and it ain’t white folk in general. NWA got it better: it’s the Police. Fuck the police. Know your enemy.

  17. It sucks to eat crow. But go further, Tina, honey, and admit that the environment you helped create sucks and fight for your cred.

    1. I call for a cage match cat fight between Caribou Barbie and Tina Fey. It’s the only right solution.

      1. The plastic doll is manufactured in China. That’s unfair.

      2. Palin would kick her ass, though. You know just walking around in Alaska is a chore…and great exercise.

    2. New troll alert….fuck off troll, you are not good at trolling.

      1. I’m not trolling. I’m writing in a sardonic manner. We used to do that around here.

  18. File Under = YOU HAD ONE JOB!! ONE!!

    Steve Harvey, Host of Miss Universe Pageant, Announces Wrong Winner

    “”Nobody feels worse about this than me,” he said.

    A mystified Wurtzbach appeared stunned as she walked to the front of the stage alongside the crown-wearing Arevalo before last year’s Miss Universe from Colombia removed the crown and placed it on Wurtzbach’s head.

    Wurtzbach later said she felt conflicting emotions as the mistake happened: joy when she was told she had indeed won, concern for Colombia contestant Ariadna Gutierrez Aravelo and confusion at the whole situation.””

    I blame Patriarchy.

    1. Do you watch NFL? It’s gotten to the point that you cannot even get a play by play guy who can even remember the name of the QB on either team for the entire game, let alone knowing a first down from a touch down.

      1. “Do you watch NFL? “

        No. College ball only. Sunday is God’s day.

        If hangovers are a God.

        1. Shitchya

      2. Well, Phil Simms is one networks top color guy, so it is not like the producer’s think that skill is in any way important.

    2. And then when he apologized on twitter, he spelled both countries incorrectly.

  19. Star Wars = Mildly Problematic, or Proof that America is Worse Than Hitler?

    Strong contender for “Most Retarded Self-Promoting Complaint*” of 2015

    (*an example of exactly what i describe above)

    “…. lingering in the back of my otherwise highly entertained mind was an unease about those Stormtroopers in their white plastic body armor and helmets, toting weapons that look an awful lot like the armaments United States soldiers carry into battle.

    While there are moments in the new movie that absolutely recall Riefenstahl’s Nazis and equate the enemy and Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren with something akin to fascism, the Stormtroopers themselves move and fight exactly like U.S. military deployed in Afghanistan and the Middle East.

    It wasn’t long into the movie before I felt uncomfortable, seeing the “dark side” as a blend of Lucas’ originally blatantly Nazi-modeled bad guys and our nation’s current armed forces.

    In one particular scene involving a genocidal massacre, the blended enemy depiction momentarily shook me out of the entertainment and into thinking of the many battle-hardened military officers I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with at the Council on Foreign Relations, the Pentagon and in the Ebola fight in Liberia. “”

    …and really, who *doesn’t* use Star Wars into an opportunity to plug one’s foreign-relations resume?

    1. Wait, you’re saying the Council on Foreign Relations is responsible for Star Wars?

      Wheels within wheels, man…

    2. Laurie Garrett needs a week on “exile island” with a few creepy crawly things. What a dumb cunt…for the record I am in favor of cunts in general.

  20. Hey, do you know how copper wire was invented?

    Wait, how come we’re going to commercial?

  21. I dunno man, sounds pretty legit to me dude.

  22. It might help if she was funny.

  23. Jane Krakowski’s character wouldn’t happen to be a Senator, would she…?

  24. The fact is that it wouldn’t be funny if it weren’t true…Your easiest way around the problem is to just make fun of White Guys. We can handle the truth.

    1. i dunno about all or most, but a whole lot of stereotypes are true. it would be awfully hard for a false idea to become popular enough to be a stereotype. it happens, but it can really only happen about people or things we havent had any personal experience with, and things like that are becoming scarcer because the internet.

  25. Could she at least apologize for not being remotely funny?

  26. The PC monster, birthed by progs like Fey, is starting to eat its parents.

  27. Well her Sara Palin impersonations were what fueled her success, not because she was funny, but because she was bashing Palin which endeared her to Hollywood. It’s not hard to be unapologetic when the mob is cheering you on.

    1. Exactly. She’s popular because she insulted the right people. Fucking high school mentality on the left.

    2. I’m not even a big SNL fan, but they’ve always brought their A games when it comes to mocking political candidates. Phil Hartman was amazing as Clinton. Tina Fey didn’t do anything her male co-stars wouldn’t have done, except that she also looked so much like her in addition.

    3. I’m not even a big SNL fan, but they’ve always brought their A games when it comes to mocking political candidates. Phil Hartman was amazing as Clinton. Tina Fey didn’t do anything her male co-stars wouldn’t have done, except that she also looked so much like her in addition.

  28. “I haven’t seen any of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, so I have no idea whether the choice to make Krakowski Native American was funny, offensive, or a mix of both. Perhaps Fey made a bad call in this case.”

    It seems that whenever a Reason writer addresses these types of issues, they always insert some sort of disclaimer to distant themselves from the joke or comment in question. I’m not sure Mr. Soave actually gets the point.

    Btw, I did see that episode and it was one of the funniest bits in the series. The Native American actors’ dialogue was self-deprecating, feeding into the stereotypes, while also portraying them as the more sensible characters in the show. These gags always have a positive read-between-the-lines message about stereotypes but it takes some basic intellect to appreciate it.

    By inserting apologies or disclaimers, Reason, you’re not really enlightened, but part of the problem.

    1. it’s Robby. at this point a quick lick of the offended’s taint is his schtick whether it’s ironic or not.

      1. I like Robbo but this taint comment is “spot” on.

  29. Tina has the benefit of being a woman and a feminist, which mean she has a special entitlement privilege absolving her of responsibility, accountability and consequence. I don’t know why she seriously felt like an apology was expected of her when we all know its only men who have to apologize for offensive remarks, jokes, or ideas unsanctioned by feminist totalitarian women. I mean its not like, unlike men, Tina will lose her job, livelihood, reputation and public support no matter what she say’s or does. Its ironic that she’s complaining about the culture of outrage when she and her fellow feminists created it in the first place.

    1. Women have special entitlement regarding sexist jokes, this is racial and she’s white.

    2. Women have special entitlement regarding sexist jokes, this is racial and she’s white.

  30. What about all those dead characters? Shouldn’t they be played by dead people?

    1. Abe Vigoda needs the work.

      1. Amazed he’s still alive and Hal Linden isn’t.

  31. i didn’t see the episode either, but it may be a reference to Elizabeth Warren.

  32. I didn’t think it was an offensive ep. It felt like if it was making fun of anyone, it was shallow white people. You should definitely watch the show; it’s great! Don’t give up if you don’t like the pilot — I didn’t so I didn’t watch. After many whose tastes I respect said I was wrong to not watch it AND hearing of a Baby-Sitters’ Club plotline, I gave it another chance and absolutely loved it. And I like the pilot now too; there was just a lot that needed to happen in it.

  33. Wow, surprised to see so many comments deriding “the left” and “feminists.” Did I stumble into The Hill or Fox News on my way to Reason? Surprised no one’s mentioned “Obummer.”

    1. Why don’t you take the NYT route and just imagine the Reason HnR comment section is “rife” with such comments? Doesn’t it just fit neatly within your ‘narrative’, in which you see confirmation that the Teabaggers, Rethuglicans and libertardians are all more or less the same? I mean, I’m sure you and all your friends can see what a bunch of stupid, stereotyping, uncivil, ugly, amoral, lockstepping…namecallers they are!

      (yes, yes, 3-day-old post, but sheee-it, man)

    2. Why would you expect a libertarian magazine to be friendly toward an ideology that seeks to abolish due process for half the human population?

      Why is feminism a sacred cow we’re not allowed to criticize again?

  34. Easy for someone inoffensive and bland to say…

  35. Her shtick is all mocking republicans , never a democrat. It amounts to a huge campaign contribution. She is a party activist.

    1. Clearly, we need to limit the amount of money that can be spent broadcasting her act, as it is clearly political speech. Down with Citizens’ United!

  36. In one regard, I tend to agree with Fey on the issue. I AM a “native American” and don’t have a drop of American Indian blood in me. I was born in 1942 in Indianapolis, Indiana, of two parents who were born in Kentucky in 1918 and Indianapolis in 1921 respectively. I can trace my ancestry back to 1657 when my first ancestor came to the New World from England, on one side and from pre-Revolutionary War times on the other. I am directly related to Ethan Allen’s younger brother, in fact. In ANY country, that makes ME a “native American.” “Native Americans” aren’t ALL Amerinds.

  37. How many of the people complaining about Krakowski in this role would vote for Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren over any Repub running for president?

    99% or 99.5%?

  38. So, in the show, the character is, in fact, a white woman. It’s never stated that she’s NOT adopted, though. I assumed that maybe she was. In either case, the whole joke revolves around her wanting to be this super white woman who does ultra rich white people things, and her parents trying to get her to live in the lifestyle they request… Some of the time that is a more traditional NA lifestyle, but other times it’s actually a troll and ends up being something that you didn’t see coming, but she still rejects it. It’s a bit hit-or-miss, really. But the show never says she’s not adopted or is adopted, as far as I can remember, so it’s a silly complaint anyway.

    Though it might suggest that, as, at one point, she does talk about dyeing her hair blonde and getting blue contacts.

  39. Fey’s offensiveness lies in that she isn’t funny. Her idea of literature, based on her writing, appears to be the various “Lucy” shows that aired in the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

    Kimmy Schmidt is just another example. Tina Fey is extremely lucky to be precisely as mediocre as the broad swath of broadcast TV’s audience. The worst episode of Breaking Bad is a master class in fine art next to the best of TF.

    So she gets scalped on the Internet by the outrage industry. Who the fuck cares?

    1. 30 rock was brilliant, you’re an idiot.

  40. Lololol, what irony . . . what irony.

    She has been a big supporter of the left wing, in all of their pursuits, including the victim mentality they so love to play.

    Now, she’s pissed off at her own work where she took part in helping them to get to that level of brainwashed and emotional-compulsion that they can be so easily put into a victim-mentality and thus hyped into a frenzy of whatever Democrats want.

    Now, she’s suffering from that same thing that helped to create.

    LOLOL, as far as I’m concerned, it’s what the Atheist left calls Karma because reaping what you sow is in the Bible, another taboo for the left wing victims of the world.

    1. if you actually pay attention to her work her politics are a little more ambiguous. there’s one thirty rock episode where shes trying to convince jenna to vote for obama in 2008 and she says something like “we need another four years of… whatever obama’s been doing… I think there was something with a guy…”. my take is yes she leans left but really what interests her is being funny. she doesnt seem to get wrapped up in politics like sean penn or bono. I think both her shows are hilarious, so that may be coloring my judgement.

  41. “Perhaps Fey made a bad call in this case.”

    Oh do fuck off.

  42. I am not sure why any comedian should care about political correctness. Comedy is a niche market so all you really have to do is write for your audience.

    Andrew Dice Clay, Chris Rock, the Redneck Comedy tours, the Blacks Kings and Queens of Comedy, and everybody else has and builds their own audience.

    Tina can ignore any screaming jerks if she wants, she is rich and insulated from them.

    All entertainment is this way, from TV, Movies, Books, Sports and the rest. I do not watch Cop Shows like Crimianl Minds,,, I saw it once and thought it gross… So I never have watched it again… this is the way all people decide what to CONSUME.

  43. It’s funny — nay, it’s hysterical — that the leftist politics of Fey, Schumer, etc. contributed to this intolerant atmosphere. Like campus academics, suddenly they’re upset that their actions had foreseeable consequences.

    Sow, reap, BANG.

    1. They don’t see it that way.

  44. Comedy is not a Safe-Space. . .

  45. I was offended when Elisabeth Warren, was played in a farce by a white woman. even though the character is 1/16th Native American.

    1. Damn straight. That’s 62.5 microaggressions!

  46. There are people who get to do/say what they want on TV. Why should she be any different? If people don’t like to hear what’s on TV/radio, etc… (there are a lot more things being said lately that are MUCH MORE offensive really) Then change the channel.

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