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Kurt Russell Defends Second Amendment, Violent Entertainment on The View

Hateful Eight star explains that gun rights are particularly important in an age of terrorism.


The last time we checked in on actor and self-described libertarian Kurt Russell, he was defending his (and your) right to own guns while promoting The Hateful Eight, the new Quentin Tarantino movie.

"If you think gun control is going to change the terrorists' point of view, I think you're, like, out of your mind," Russell told an interviewer. "I think anybody [who says that] is. I think it's absolutely insane."

A couple of days ago, he appeared on the morning show The View, where he was again asked about his views on the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms. In a civil yet intense discussion with hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and others, Russell introduced his comments by noting that he hates when entertainers spout off on politics and then said:

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  1. It almost seems as though he’s talking about the South when referencing the Civil War and defending one’s way of life against the government.

    1. He certainly was, I don’t see how you can parse what he said any other way. That the congenitally offended haven’t jumped all over this is a minor miracle.

      1. And the Whoopi and gang just sucked it up.

      2. Lol, as if those dumb cunts eve know who fought in the Civil War.

    2. Or he could have mis-spoken and meant Revolutionary War. After all, the folks who fought the Revolution were defending their way of life against the government.

      Or not.

      There’s a reason the Psychic Friends Hotline went bankrupt. I can’t read minds either, so I don’t really know.

      1. I think you may be right, It makes more sense if he meant Revolutionary not Civil War. Still that kind of gaff usually doesn’t get a pass from those on the “wrong” side of an issue.

  2. I’m sorry, I can’t watch that. Those screehing harpies are way too annoying for my level of tolerance.

    1. Agreed. Text please; I can scan/filter the harpies.

      1. /\ /\ /\ THIS /\ /\ /\

        I learned to read for a number of reasons.

  3. Joy Behar’s sweater offends me. A mature woman should have better sense than that, appropriating the spirit of christmas for her lurid fantasies.

    1. Ho, ho, ho.

      1. Ho’, ho’, ho’!
        Did I get it this time?

  4. I just saw Star Wars at the Imax in 3d. It was fucking awesome. Here is a spoiler…. Luke, he…..

    Just kidding.

    1. This is why it is awesome. You know the feeling you had and the end of An Empire Strikes Back. Luke has been defeated, Han has been taken away, and the rebels were on the run. You were thinking “now what? I have to wait three more fucking years”.

      You get that same feeling where you can’t wait until the next installment. I can’t wait to see what happens to the characters.

      1. I’ll save you the suspense. It’s going to be a retread of ESB with more advanced special effects, just like this was of ANH.

        1. You’re so much cooler than everyone else.

      2. We’re talking JJ Abrams here, don’t forget. The next sequel could be as awesome as Star Wars Into Darkness.

        1. Thankfully JJ’s involvement with the new trilogy is over. Rian Johnson, auteur director and Beethoven to JJ’s Justin Beiber, is directing the next one. He is responsible for the excellent Breaking Bad episodes “Ozymandias” and “Fly”, as well as the film Looper. I have high hopes for VIII.

    1. Have you ever tried to pull a grilled cheese sandwich apart?

      1. You mean that time with the chainsaw? Well, they were apart, right? What problem?

      2. Eewww!!

  5. “I don’t give a fuck about your war — or your president.”

  6. So Mrs. Oneout is visiting her parents up in PA.

    She texted me just now to tell me that her nephew is reading Lone Survivor.

    He isn’t allowed to read it or to bring the book to his school though because the book has guns in it.

    That’s right Wilson Area Intermediate School in Easton, PA will not allow this kid to bring the book Lone Survivor on campus because it has guns in it.

    I told her the kids parents should yank their kid out of that school as fast as possible because he is obviously not being educated he is being indoctrinated in lefty politics.

    I asked her to get his arents ot ask the school how they were ablle to teach kids about the founding of our country or the history of WW1 or WW2 if they don’t allow books with guns in them on campus.

    Hell, how can they teach history at all ?

    1. Are there actually pictures of guns in the book? If so, that’s stupid, but at least it makes sense from a totemist point of view.

      1. They have pictures of the guys mentioned in the book. And those guys have guns. Because they are pictured as they were mentioned in the book.

        1. That’s probably the reasoning then. I wouldn’t be surprised if the current history books have no pictures of anybody with a gun in them. (Tanks, battleships, and bombers are OK because only the government has those)

          1. Yeah… I’m definitely a dinosaur on this issue. I remember carrying M-14’s – and being marched around campus with them – in my high school ROTC class.

            I recently saw a US Amry poster of an honor guard soldier (one of the soldiers tasked with the duty to march alongside another soldier bearing the US flag) in which the rifle (a bolt action Springfield A1) he is carrying has obviously had the bolt removed. I hope I’ve retired from the Army before they start handing out cardboard cut-outs for rifles.

            Either that or I should start a company producing those cardboard cut outs… If you can’t beat them, profit from their stupidity.

    2. He isn’t allowed to read it or to bring the book to his school though because the book has guns in it.

      I had to get an old-fashioned illustrated family Bible (KJV, of course) to fit my 1911 in.

      Sword of truth, indeed.

    3. C.B. Colby spins in his grave.

      Wait a sec, I thought the American Library Association maintains a list of “banned books” that consists of titles parents questioned or asked that their children be excused from reading because no books are actually banned from schools libraries anymore. I don’t think Lone Survivor, much less the excellent C.B.Colby books, which were hands down the most popular among male children in 1970s elementary schools, are anywhere on it.

      1. I remember going through one of his books with my grandfather, who showed me all the different tanks and other vehicles that he piloted in WWII

    4. I remember reading Rifles for Watie in 5th grade.

      That was 19 dickity nine though.

      1. Carter sold our word for 70 to the Saudis for heating oil.

        1. Did you chase him dickity miles with an onion on your belt, as was the style at the time

    5. I’m guessing “Last of the Mohicans” is not well looked up there.

      How about Johnny Tremain? I’m sure there must have been some guns on both sides there.

    6. Wow, I’m about an hour north of Easton. That’s really a shame.

  7. I should mention how glad I am to see that more than a few big-name movie stars feel comfortable enough to talk sense about gun-ownership in public these days. Brad Pitt came out of the closet on this earlier this year (last year?) with respect to his role in Fury.

    1. He built a shooting range for Angelina as a wedding gift. Apparently, she loves to do her own fair share of target shooting.

      The only problem with the idea I can think of is it was on property in France. But then, they are wealthy which I’m sure makes them somewhat special in the eyes of the Gov over there.

      1. I had heard that and thought – “OK, yeah, whenever I saw her handling firearms in a movie she really seemed like it was a totally natural, comfortable movement for her.” where most actors and actresses seem to be struggling to keep the weapon pointed where it should be both Brad and Angelina seemed to have been doing it for years… and it’s because they have.

    2. I rather suspect that being able to publicly express a sensible position on RKBA has a lot to do with the views among the general population which since the 70s/80s have shifted strongly away from control.

      30 years ago, a celebrity publicly supporting RKBA would be shocking because it was ‘wrong’
      Nowadays its shocking because it doesn’t fit the stereotype many people have of hollyweird.

      1. There’s an acronym for it now?

  8. What a class act. I hate when celebritis get preachy too but don’t mind when they tread lightly on topics and are humble about it.

    1. He wasn’t terribly articulate, but non sequitur is king now anyway. If he’d been to lucid, the viragos would have made a horrible nonsensical spectacle that would have somehow made sense to Would-be Clinton voters.

  9. Kurt Russell is so freakin’ awes–he destroyed the mustache? Where’s the stache? WHY!???

  10. “What’s that thing next to Kurt Russell?”

    “I don’t know but it’s weird and pissed off.”

  11. I hope Kurt Russell has some money…

  12. From everything I’ve seen, Kurt seems to be a standup guy. One of the few people in Hollywood I’d enjoy having a beer with.

  13. The computer wore tennis shoes.

  14. Hey, do you know how copper wire was invented?

    Wait, how come we’re going to commercial?

    1. Oops, that was supposed to be the Tina Fey thread.

  15. Sometimes man you jsut have to rol with it. Wow.

  16. Joy Bahar said it perfectly, that it’s not a problem with the second amendment, it’s the “boom boom boom guns, that’s it.”

    These are people whose views on gun control matter, clearly.

  17. Seems like he missed a chance to defend his views, a shame

  18. I second Nick Gillespie’s assessment of the danger of terrorism– essentially that the risk of dying from a White Supremacist, anti-abortion zealot, or Islamist (in that order) is so close to zero that I don’t worry about it. Therefore, I don’t own a gun to counter it. By analogy the risk of dying from a lightning strike is pretty close to zero. I suppose I could wear a Faraday Cage (and some may find me foolhardy not to wear one), but I don’t.

    1. Better to have a Faraday Cage and not need one…

      1. An antenna hat and copper shoes are WAY more stylish.

  19. Kurt has brains, cojones and integrity–unlike Clint and Ahnilt…

    1. Tell it to the chair.

  20. My high school library had a subscription to guns and ammo.

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