San Bernardino Shooting

Bizarre Cable News Scene as Reporters Enter the Home of Suspected San Bernardino Attackers


The strangest scene just unfolded live on cable news: MSNBC and CNN, along with  other news agencies, crowded into the rented apartment home of Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, the husband and wife who are suspected of killing 14 people in San Bernardino on Wednesday, and broadcast live from the scene as they rifled through the couple's belongings.

On MSNBC, reporter Kerry Sanders encountered children's books and toys, stacks of photos, including some of children, as well as a photo identification of someone who appears to be Farook's mother, which was shown in unredacted close-up, complete with her address. 

You can see a bit of the MSNBC broadcast here, via Adam Goldstein's Twitter account.

Media crews entered the property after the landlord used a crowbar to tear off the boarding on the front door. According to CNN, the landlord gave media permission to go inside.

As the footage from inside the apartment aired, lots of people wondered whether law enforcement had authorized media presence in the apartment. And there seemed to be some confusion.

Reporters on CNN noted during a broadcast following the initial search of the home that there were some law enforcement present nearby, and they made no attempt to stop the media from going inside.

Joe Serna of the Los Angeles Times reported on Twitter that local law enforcement was uncertain about why the media had been let in, quoting a San Bernardino sheriff's deputy as saying that federal authorities "told us it's still an active investigation…I don't know why there's people in there."

But when asked about the presence of media on the scene, a spokesperson for the FBI in Los Angeles told Greg Sargent of The Washington Post that "our search is over. We released the scene yesterday." The Los Angeles Times has additionally reported that the FBI has a policy of turning properties back over to their owners following a search. 

The highly unusual broadcast definitely left a lot of people upset, however, including several CNN's on-air analysts, who said that it looked like a massive failure by law enforcement to secure a critical scene in what is being treated as a possible (and at this point likelyterrorist attack. (See update below.)

I'm not entirely sure what to think about this. The interest and potential for news value seem fairly clear here. It would be extremely difficult for any news organization covering this story to turn down the opportunity to go in and examine the scene. Restraint becomes even more difficult once a competing organization has gone in. 

At the same time, there's also the possibility that media presence will contaminate the scene. As one of the analysts on CNN noted, it's often the case that crime scene searches weeks or even months after the fact turn up new material. 

In any case, it seems like it was probably a mistake to broadcast the search live, especially given the presence of so many unidentified photos. 

At this point, however, it's too late to do very much. The residence has been boarded back up, but the interior has already been pretty thoroughly ransacked. The images have been broadcast, and the damage has been done. 

Update: The FBI confirmed just moments ago that they are investigating the attack as an "act of terrorism."

Update 2: At the same press conference this afternoon, and FBI official responded to questions about the presence of media inside the apartment by saying, "Once we turned that location back over to the occupants of that residence, or once we board it up, anyone who goes in at that point, that's got nothing to do with us." 

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  1. It’s kind of a shame that the cops cleared out all of the bombs.

    1. As far as they know….

      1. If a missed bomb had gone off and blew those weasels to hell, I would not have shed a tear.

    2. The reporters won’t be laughing after the cops bust them for the PCP they dropped in their pockets on the way in. PWND

      1. Why would the cops target some of their main supporters/coverer-uppers?

        1. Cops gonna cop, yo

          1. Good point. The rank and file occifers probably don’t think that far ahead…

        2. teh lulz, duh.

    3. The best way to find an active bomb is to have idiot reporters trample all over the place. It’s a win win, if there is a bomb they only blow up reporters, if there isn’t the place is clear.

  2. As one of the analysts on CNN noted, it’s often the case that crime scene searches weeks or even months after the fact turn up new material.

    Let’s not assume that the FBI actually wants to find more material, since everything that turns up does more damage to the administration narrative.

    1. WTF: yep.

    2. So, what is the narrative supposed to be at this point? The Obama administration has been waging war on ISIS for some time now (how effectively may be debatable). Now that terrorist ties of the attackers are becoming apparent, I’m not sure how downplaying their terroristicalness is helping anyone’s narrative.

      1. He has been waging war on daesh, but those evil republicans keep getting in the way of his climate change proposals.

        1. “Daesh”? What are you, John Kerry?

    3. Good point, they must have stopped when they realized it wasn’t work place violence, or that it wasn’t a trigger from the christmas party those evil christians like to throw.

      1. christmas party those evil christians like to throw.

        Like the ones at the White House?

        1. Racist !!!1!

  3. via Adam Goldstein’s Twitter account.

    “Showing photos of children with an unknown connection to a story and unredacted Government ID cards is not OK


    1. Well, if the mother is in any danger, at least she has plenty of people to sue.

      1. And sue she should.

  4. What’s with the snowflake decorations? I NEED TO KNOW.

    1. War on Christmas.

      1. Or did they secretly love Christmas?

        1. Yes, I said it before and I’ll say it again because I’m lame like that. Blowback for the War on Christmas

          1. Or maybe they were really christians but were offended that he party’s name was changed from a christmas party to a holiday party. Those damn christians, they’ll use any excuse to kill people.

        2. Everybody loves Christmas. The internal tension between Islam and the love of Christmas is probably what set them on their path to murder and death.

          1. Islamists hate cornflakes.

      2. Targets, obviously.

    2. Wow – I live in Michigan and this triggered me. That’s straight up cultural appropriation from these Left Coast ragheads!


      *What CNN hopes will happen

      1. This was a trigger? Quick, get in your emotional safe space.

        1. Will Steven Seagal and Vin Diesel be there too?

    3. Snowflakes in Southern California? Can only be a reference to nuclear winter.

      1. +1 The Day After

  5. First you complain the media shirk their responsibilities digging into things like Hillary’s scandals or the Import-Export Bank scam. Now you complain they’re being too aggressive investigating a story. MAKE UP YOUR MINDS.

    1. Not sure if serious…

      I think this is one of those cases where everyone is either incompetent or an asshole.

      1. Not mutually exclusive.

        1. + 1 and/or

      2. Unserious incompetent assholes.

      3. It’s Fist. When has he not ever been 100% deadly serious? He’s like Abbott to our Castello.

        1. I really thought he was going Costello on this.

      4. Where does the incompetence end and the corruption begin? The government has a narrative to protect.

  6. I suspect they have more than enough evidence to convict the shooters. Having said that, allowing personal information of non-suspects to be broadcast is a nasty move.

    1. Both of the shooters are dead, right?

      1. This is why no one likes you, Hugh.

        1. It’s also why I like him.

          1. Tell me you two clink glasses together while playing Sudoku puzzles into the wee hours and listening to “Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me!” podcasts.

            1. clink glasses together

              If by glasses, you mean Giger-esque genitalia, then, yes. Yes, they do.

              1. “If by glasses, you mean Giger-esque genitalia….”

                If my memory serves me well, HM, Giger said that that painting had as its inspiration his wife, as in “I was thinking of my wife when….”.

            2. :looks over shoulder:

          2. This is why no one likes me.

          3. Not surprising, you are the worst.

            1. I though that honor went to Nikki? And on a side note, aren’t you supposed to be off raping Leo DiCaprio or something?

      2. Ah, sorry. I turned off the news early yesterday.

        1. Please stay where you are. The appropriate authorities will be by shortly.

        2. news is watching Lacy get zero action and Rogers throw a bomb to end all bombs. That shit was CRAZY!

    2. Except for the plea that there could have been exculpatory evidence. And the fact that the shooters are unlikely to be put on trial in this world.

      1. If they have “con-conspirators” … they could claim spoliation of evidence.

        1. Yep. At this point, with so little actually known about who they may have been in contact with , it is simply unsafe to assume that there is nothing further of evidentiary value to be found in the home.

          Known unkowns that are now lost forever.

          And it wasn’t like family or anyone else with a legitimate claim to the property was demanding access. There was no remotely valid reason to allow this to happen as it did. Other than slamming every potential investigative door shut.

          The FBI does not want anyone else to know what they didn’t know.

  7. The strangest scene just unfolded live on cable news: MSNBC and CNN, along with other news agencies, crowded into the rented apartment home of Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik

    Terrists to the left of me,
    Vultures to the right,
    Here I am,
    Stuck in the middle with Who.

    local law enforcement was uncertain about why the media had been let in

    Meet the new boss,
    Same as the old boss.

  8. Welp. I can’t do anything to protest this gross invasion of the privacy of innocent people (their kids, the mom, any others who may be IDed), so I refuse to watch any of this.

    Jesus Christ, this is fucked up. Stay classy, newsdorks!

    And way to be SUPER on your game, all LEOs involved!

    #NewProfessionalism all the way around

    1. Except privacy doesn’t work that way. Privacy does not adhere to the items, it is a shield provided by the person(s). Someone has a picture of you that is their private material. Once they are dead and gone the material is no longer protected by their right to privacy.

      None of which is an argument that the media had any legitimate reason to be broadcasting it all out like that. It was pure voyeurism – death porn to be specific – and therefore totally irresponsible and immoral. If also not unsurprising.

  9. Better or worse than Al Capone’s vault?

    1. The Standard For The World?

    2. At least Geraldo (Jerry) got the dirt.

    3. ROAD MAPS!

      1. I feel a sudden need for a Twinkie-Wiener Sandwich.

        1. sorry, not that familiar with gay slang, what is that?

          1. UHF (a Weird Al movie)

  10. “The highly unusual broadcast definitely left a lot of people upset, however, including several CNN’s on-air analysts, who said that it looked like a massive failure by law enforcement to secure a critical scene in what is being treated as a possible terrorist attack.”

    So the CNN analysts are outraged that the police didn’t interfere with the other CNN reporters and attempt to make them comport to some shred of integrity and decorum.

    1. “Once news crews were allowed on the scene it would have been dereliction of our journalistic duties to not treat the place like a Target on Black Friday.”

    2. Did the CNN studio people say anything to their idiot camera crew and reporter(s) on scene?

      “OMG get out of their!”

      “WTF are you showing?!”

      1. Get out of their what?


        1. I…I…suck at typing….

          *breaks down sobbing*

          1. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


              *shakes fist*

      2. “Don’t. Stop. Don’t! Stop! Don’t Stop! DON’T STOP!”

    3. Well isn’t what they’re doing illegal? Although I doubt what they mean is the failure of law enforcement to arrest the trespassers

    4. No, they’re pissed because it could have made some reporters actually have do some work instead of relying on the interweb and hearsay.

  11. as well as a photo identification of someone who appears to be Farook’s mother, which was shown in unredacted close-up, complete with her address.

    Also social security card, complete with SSN.

    1. “On MSNBC…”

      Lean Forward

      1. “On MSNBC…”

        At least no one saw it.

        1. MSNBC get more people viewing their content from it being shown on any other network. Sad, but very pathetic and funny too.

  12. The Los Angeles Times has additionally reported that the FBI has a policy of turning properties back over to their owners following a search. ”

    Whaaaat ? The FBI turns people’s properties back to them after they search ?

    What a lost revenue opportunity.

    1. The property belongs to The People.

      1. And the property, after all, participated in a crime.

        1. Aided and abetted WTF – aided and abetted.

    2. There wasn’t anything worth taking.

  13. I am sorry, what is the expected news value of doing this?

    1. Ratings.

      Meanwhile, they’ll continue to knock “Faux Noize” on both outlets for not being a legitimate news outlet.

      1. Speaking of which, did Fox even have any of their people there?


  14. The landlord should be in deep shit. He has no right to enter the premises of a tenant without their authorization or after giving notice to do maintenance agreed-to in the lease. California is pretty strict in that respect.

    Also, until the renters are deemed to have broken the lease, which must be done in a court, he cannot take possession of the property. Therefore, he will be subject to a lawsuit by the estate of the two terrorists or anybody whose personal information was released to the public through his illegal actions.

    What a fucking dumbass.

    1. Tenants are dead. Can’t have leases with dead people.

      1. The owner can’t take possession of the property without the court being involved declaring the legally binding lease terminated.

        1. “These fists are going to declare your lease terminated*

          1. “You’re terminated, motherfucker!”

            1. “It’s just been revoked.”

              1. Yippie-kay-yay, Mr Newsman!

    2. How do you manage getting authorization from or giving notice to a couple of corpses?

      1. It goes to their kids, which as a minor means it goes to the grandmother or eventual legal guardian.

        1. didn’t you just deport her like a few minutes ago?

        2. have none of you heard of probate? Seriously, Sloop is right. The landlord can and probably will be in deep shit for this but more likely the news agencies will be sued. They will get some weird illogical support from the judiciary based on flawed legal reasoning and at most will settle for very little out of court but the landlord is just rich enough to go after and just poor enough to get creamed.

          1. It seems to be beyond some people’s comprehension that a deceased person has rights to their possesions until their estate has been legally disposed of. Apparently they think the dead’s stuff is finders/keepers.

          2. My grandfather had a problem with his probate, it was huge, had to have an operation.

            1. Fucking statists!

      2. I’d have to see CA law, but I imagine their estate. Otherwise you could have landlords just rummaging through the places or popping open a place of a dead person and let anybody help themselves to whatever?

        Let me go see, if I can.

        I know sloopy has some experience, due to his line of work (?)

        1. “Exigent circs.”

          1. That works for a search by LEOs – not press.

            1. Same diff.

              1. “Freeze! MEDIA!”

                “STOP RESISTING…our questions!”

                “I saw a furtive movement and….zoomed in!”

                1. If I could bludgeon you with a narrowed gaze I would.

                  1. And I would deserve it.

                    *hangs head in shame*

        2. “California Tenants?A Guide to Residential Tenants’ and Landlords’ Rights and Responsibilities
          was written by the Department of Consumer Affairs’ Legal Affairs Division….

          Tenant’s Death
          Suppose that a tenant who has a tenancy
          for a specified term (for example, a one-year
          lease) dies. The tenancy continues until the
          end of the lease term, despite the tenant’s
          death. Responsibility for the rest of the lease
          term passes to the tenant’s executor or

          268 Joost v. Castle (1939) 33 Cal.App.2d 138 [91 P.2d 172]; Brown, Warner and Portman, The California Landlord’s Law Book, Vol. I: Rights
          & Responsibilities, pages 366-369 (NOLO Press 2011).

          1. The la flood can move to terminate the lease on the grounds that they used it for criminal purposes. But there is a process for that. And ripping the OSB board the cops put up and opening the door isn’t the first step in that process.

            1. I smell a lawsuit!

        3. “Otherwise you could have landlords just rummaging through the places or popping open a place of a dead person and let anybody help themselves to whatever?”

          Oh come on. That’s ridiculous. That would never happen.

          1. Could be a spin off of “Storage Wars” right?

            “Landlord Openings” or such?

            1. “Landlord Openings”…………..sounds like REALLY bad porn.

      3. You go to the court and have the lease terminated because one of the parties is dead. And you notify whoever is handling their estate and have them remove any property, probably on orders from the court.

        If you died, would your landlord have the right to your personal property inside the house you were renting, or would the trustee of your estate have the right to remove everything before the property was returned to the owner?

        1. He didn’t give the property away though. He let people enter the house. Those two things are different.

          1. He took possession of the house and/or entered it for purposes not outlined and agreed-upon in the lease.

            You can’t, as a landlord, enter a tenants property any time you want. You have to have an approved purpose and the tenant has to be given notice. That’s the law and it’s very plainly written into every single lease I’ve ever seen in California.

              1. +1 marmot

    3. The landlord says he did not let them in.

      1. FTA: Media crews entered the property after the landlord used a crowbar to tear off the boarding on the front door. According to CNN, the landlord gave media permission to go inside.

        So which is it? Wasn’t the landlord on video ripping the OSB off of the front door? Didn’t the media immediately enter the property while he was standing there?

        1. Might have been someone claiming to be the landlord. I bet these agencies offered a lot of in cash payments to get inside. Could have just been an enterprising neighbor.

        2. He says that he opened the door and the media “rushed in.”

          1. He had no right to open the door unless he was performing maintenance and had given notice to the tenants, or if he had received authorization from the court to take possession of the premises.

            1. If the media really did rush in without his permission like he said, he might be able to get away with claiming he was attempting to survey the damage done by the FBI’s search for maintenance purposes. Those guys aren’t gentle, and I heard something about a controlled explosion when they first went to search the house. Checking for damage that might spiral if left alone is a legitimate reason to be there.

              1. I would buy this for a dollar and would use it in my lawsuit defense as the landlord…the media not so much.

              2. Eh, if he really did not give consent, why wasn’t he trying to kick them out?

    4. Sloop, the landlord basically committed burglary in CA, on camera. Right? And since if this site‘s right, (IANAL, nor a criminal lawyer, and not a CA lawyer either) since it’s a residence, it’s first degree burglary, which makes it a felony punishable by 2-6 years imprisonment?

      1. Or if Nikki’s right, and not the landlord, than whoever was wielding the crowbar?

        I mean, it’ll be like Gregory bloviating on TV with that illegal DC magazine: nothing will happen to him. But something really should.

        1. whoever was wielding the crowbar

          Colonel Mustard….in the library?

          1. Swiss Servator… with a *narrowed gaze* …in the comments.

        2. I mean, it’ll be like Gregory bloviating on TV with that illegal DC magazine: nothing will happen to him. But something really should.

          I think you nailed it, right there.

          1. Yep, progressive elites are usually above the law.

    5. If he is charged, I’m sure NBCUniversal and Time Warner will help the landlord with his legal expenses and such.

  15. FBI aren’t the only LE entities with jurisdiction. Per this tweet from Matthew Keys (not sure who he is), SB Sheriff still thinks the apt was an active crime scene.

    I cannot fathom the FBI being done with the place in less than two days. Nor can I imagine them leaving the things that were found by the media just now, given how vacuum like and expansive their typical evidence haul is when serving a search warrant.

    For those posters with LE or criminal justice backgrounds, is this how its normally done for a case like this? The FBI saying, “Nah, the criminal’s house is all yours, have at it.” after two days?

    1. I was only a state level guy….but if this happened where I was, people would be fired, at the least. SSN being broadcast?!

    2. typical great job by all law enforcement involved.

      procedures were followed.

      We are WINNING!




    3. Remember Richard Jewell? The FBI was in that dude’s house for weeks, pulled carpet from several rooms, and after a few months of thinking about it decided to let him back in his house. No fucking way they could comb through a dead terrorists’ apartment for a couple days and leave that much shit lying around.

  16. Bullshit the FBI was done with the property this quickly. The paperwork to release the property back to its owner alone would take a month.

    1. Exactly. Landlord is gonna be in deep shit. As are the newsies that entered a crime scene with him.

      1. Maybe the landlord. Newsies will be fine.

        1. Be nice if they went down for this, but yeah, no one is stupid enough to piss off every media station ever by arresting all of their reporters at once.

          1. I think I’d actually vote if a Sheriff pledged to do just that.

            1. That would be the coolest cop ever. High fives and free drinks would ensue.

      2. Nothing will happen to them. Laws are for the peasants.

  17. What we have heeeeeere is……failure to communicate….

  18. They let TV reporters into the perps’ apartment?

    Shhright! And the moon landings were real!

    And Scott Weiland’s dead!

    *yuks it up with Lou Reed*

  19. How do you manage getting authorization from or giving notice to a couple of corpses?

    Um, because, “Fuck you. That’s why!”

    Just spitballin’ here….

  20. I’d like to see the news people call it what it is. A Religious War.

    1. whut?

      did the terrys hurt little baby jesus when i wasn’t looking?

      1. Well OK. One side in the war thinks they are fighting for religion. But terrism.

        Because if it was called a religious war….

        And Islam. Or some variant(s) of Islam. Jihad. Hajji’s Well Saudi Arabia.

        Most inconvenient.

        1. Yeah, that isn’t much clearer.

    2. Do you mean the progressive’s war on Christianity, or the Islamic war on everyone else?

  21. I cried when Geraldo invaded Al Capone’s basement. Or whatever that one was. The media all went downhill from there.

    1. *mouses over to click*
      *sees that it’s HM*

      Hmm… what to do…

      1. Click….if you are not at work…

    2. I think they should post one like this and call it good

      if you like that hiphop bhangra stuff, you should check out the 2 “Bombay the Hard Way” albums (DJ shadow & others remixed a bunch of bollywood soundtracks)

      1. I have the first one within arm’s reach of me, actually…

        1. right on.

          The vinyl version came in a transparent Yellow, which i always enjoyed.

      2. Eh, she looks more like Crusty’s tastes.

        1. I’d let her radicalize me.

  22. We are Rome.

    1. Not all of us.

      The virus will pass; how long it will take, remains the question.

      [Gentlemen and ladies: my first post. Huzzah.]

  23. “At the same press conference this afternoon, and FBI official responded to questions about the presence of media inside the apartment by saying, “Once we turned that location back over to the occupants of that residence, or once we board it up, anyone who goes in at that point, that’s got nothing to do with us.” ”

    Alright, that sounds like the FBI finished up their initial search and then failed to inform the local cops that it was their crime scene now. They are going to try and get as far away from responsibility for this spectacle as possible.

  24. ‘Just give me something, something I can use’

    1. +1 bubbleheaded bleach blonde

    2. People love it when you lose.

  25. OT: Interesting article re: William MacAskill’s “Effective Altruism” philosophy.

    1. You shouldn’t be any more altruistic than your relationship calls for.

  26. While this wacky shit is going down, apparently Turkey is posting troops near Mosul.

    1. Link, plz.

      I am starting to be glad I retired from the Army…

      1. Apparently revised to 120, there to train peshmerga. So, no big deal.

        1. That is even more bizarre, considering the Turk view of Kurds.

          1. John Kerry: “We will let you shoot down Russian planes and fuck with Russian ships through the Bosporus, but you are going to have to send a few guys to train the pesmerga.

            Turkey: “Done.”

            1. And the Turks’ training will go something like, “Just push that little red button on the bottom of the gun there to make it work.”

              “No, no! It’s better if I train you from way over here.” (Behind this berm, in this concrete bunker…)

  27. Illustration #infinity that a disturbingly large number of reporters are complete fucking imbeciles. By seventh grade, most reasonably with-it people have learned about things such as active crime scenes, trespassing, making public the sensitive information of third parties, landlords can’t just kick down tenant doors, etc. This was a stampede of idiocy.

    1. Do you think CNN and MSNBC reporters give a shit about law and ethics? If so, none of that is present in their broadcasts.

  28. This is just par for the course. I haven’t heard so much drivel in a 24 hr period since Obumbles last campaign as the commentary being farted constantly since the shooting.

    It is both frustrating and amusing watching people tying themselves in knots to keep from saying the obvious.

    *Refering to what I have heard on tee vee, not commenters here.

    1. Oh, commenters here haven’t helped, Suthen.

      1. “Let’s wait two friggin days for some actual information beyond Muslimy sounding names” seems like a pretty reasonable (ha) position.

        Anyone trying to tiptoe around the terroristical motivations at this point is a dimp.

        1. Yeah, it does sound pretty September 11thy, doesn’t it?

  29. OK, so now we won’t sell guns to pregnant (I assume she bought her guns prior to delivery) pharmacists duskier than Edgar Winter. I can live with that.

  30. Seems to me that the landlord is obligated to prepare the property for a future tenant. If he decided to allow the press access as he evaluated the requirements to prepare the property for its next occupants that’s his call. Whatever asshole relatives want to claim the belongings should be in the crowd too if they want their stuff. I imagine the property owner could throw it all in a dumpster today and be within his rights. Most leases would terminate if the property were used for illegal purposes. I’m surprised the cops haven’t started the asset forfeiture shtick yet.

    1. They don’t terminate at the whim of the landlord though. They terminate o fe the tenants have either been convicted or a civil court judge issues an order to vacate (usually with a three day notice). Then the landlord has a right to enter the premises with a sheriffs deputy there and remove the property of the tenant.

      That takes more than two days, I can assure you.

      1. That takes more than two days….

        Fuckin lazy ass lawyers .

    2. The landlord will just leave it empty and charge admission to the public to view the inside.

  31. Somewhere, Playa smiles and nods.…..2015-12-04

    1. I blame the ecoligists.

    2. mmmm…organic free range gluten free not trans fat e-coli…
      /drools like homer simpson.

  32. I’m having a hard time understanding how the FBI — the FBI! — turned over what appears to be ISIS-related terrorist attack on American soil back to the landlord in a mere two days ago. Even more, they leave his computers and stuff there?

    Wouldn’t like every single thing in that apartment be photo’d, catalogued and taken somewhere for evidence and analysis?

    Or was this just an episode of Law & Order – Special Victims Unit?

    1. Duke, not if your theory of the case is that these two did this entirely on their own, inspired by Inspire magazine, and had absolutely no help whatsoever, or any co-conspirators. In that case, the perpetrators are dead, the criminal case is closed, so why not release the scene? (Ignore any pesky CA law that requires the shooters’ property to be released to their heirs or representative, and that at the direction of a court.)

      It’s total bullshit, of course. And damned near dereliction of duty—or whatever the LE equivalent is—if the shooters were working with someone else, that someone else causes another shooting or bombing, and evidence in that house could have helped apprehend their co-conspirators before that next terrorist act happened.

      1. How would you know they acted alone within two days of the crime? That could take months or years. I’d expect a liquor store holdup to have better control over the crime scene than this.

        The apartment was apparently So. Cal Jihad HQ for these two and possibly the other middle easterners who frequented the place. There could be DNA evidence, fibers, fingerprints, etc all over that place or in hidden compartments — who knows.

        Unless, of course, the Feds do not want anyone to find out what really happened…

        1. This smells to high heaven.
          dons tinfoil fedora
          perhaps this was another one of those manufactured ones that got out of hand?

          1. It would explain why the explosives failed to work, and why they aren’t looking too hard for the other people that were seen hanging around their house. /tinfoil hat.

          2. ^This

            Sorry, but it seems more and more to me that this is a cluster fuck where the couple was being strung along by an FBI rat and they went crazy before they could be nabbed.

            Now the FBI is praying that the scene is contaminated so they can blame any evidence that shows up on some journalist planting it.

          3. False flag operation?

  33. Has anyone mentioned the possibility that these people were working for the FBI? Maybe for once the FBI found some informants that actually were terrorists.

    I have no particular reason to believe this, but it seems worth putting out there.

    1. Honestly, I would believe anything at this point other than what the administration says. I mean, is there anything we could really put past the Obama administration? It wasn’t five minutes after the shootings that they trotted out gun control and their media sycophants tried to claim it was related to Planned Parenthood.

      These are the same thugs that ran AKs into Mexico that were used to kill Americans — and that’s just one of their deeds we know about. They lied about Benghazi and on and on. And we know for a fact the feds have been trying to set up “homegrown” terrorists for years.

      I feel like I live in the Soviet Union and MSNBC is the TASS.

      1. As I said, I don’t have any evidence or reason to believe that particularly. But it wouldn’t surprise me at all either.

      2. Given who is president, and who is handling most of the news, you DO live in the Soviet union, and MSNBC IS TASS.

  34. So…the FBI just allowed a media circus to destroy evidence in the name of humanizing these killers. Got it.

    1. I would have thought showing their home full of baby gear and family photos made them look all the more monstrous. People who abandon their baby and family to go on a murderous rampage aren’t terribly sympathetic. If they were angry, single young men I’d have more sympathy for them.

      1. I know. If people who basically have everything in life – spouse, cushy job, newborn baby – and are willing to give that all up to go on a killing spree in the name of Islam, well, how can you fight an ideology like that? (Not that we are actually trying to fight that ideology)

        1. Actually we are fighting it. But it is asymmetrical. Youtube Youporn iPhones, Androids. The attacks are insidious and unstoppable. Counter warfare – jihadis sending messages – is problematic.

          1. Hey now! Leave Youporn out of this!

  35. Each and every one of them should be prosecuted for destroying evidence, obstruction of justice, and Felony Stupid.

    1. Should be and will be are worlds apart.

  36. The reporters’ behavior seems pretty inexcusable to me. If there was anything in there related to the crime or its motives, it needed to be secured. If there *wasn’t* anything left in there related to those things, then why go in at all?

    Let’s get real: the reporters were hoping to find something juicy, i.e. something the cops missed. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  37. Re the “media entrance” described, what’s what here, another bureaucratic fuck up??

  38. The reporters took the opportunity afforded them by someone plausibly the owner. They’re probably off the hook.
    The owner would probably not have torn the osb off without permission from the kings men.
    If the bad guys didn’t pay December rent yet, (many have till the fifth or sixth of the month) the landlord will post a 3 day pay or quit claim and a 30 day pay or quit claim. The landlord will have to make reasonable attempts to locate family for dispensation of bad guys belongings. After 30 days, He or she regains control of the property (and it’s belongings) unless the family picks up the stuff or continues to pay the agreed upon rent.
    That is what happens in cases where no mass murderers vacate a property, just regular folk.

  39. Sounds like multiple felonies to me, not just crime scene tampering. Law enforcement didn’t secure the apartment? Stinks to high heaven.

  40. I saw only people taking video of everything that was lying in plain sight. I saw no tearing into anything! Ransacking is what cops do during their raids, for perps or, innocent victims! They don’t care what they tear up!

  41. Funny thing is right wingers bash Obama for not going after Asssad(who would actually be a counterweight to islamic looneys) but wont; say a word about Saudi Arabia where both husband and wife got radicalized. A lot of bad stuff with Islam seems to have origins with Saudi Arabia. Yet, I have heard words like allies when people like Fiorina make mention of middle eastern countries.

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